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Irish voted for gay marriage… legal abortion next?

So where to next for Ireland? The progressive elite already have their next target in sight – the repeal of the eighth amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees the right to life of the unborn. While the effectiveness of this amendment is compromised due to the 1992 Supreme Court decision in the “X case,” it is […]

Pro-choice activist: Don’t stigmatize very non-traditional families

by Carder Queer and trans folks have been making babies for a long time, and it’s rarely ever easy. Even when we create biological children, we have to fight to be recognized as their parents…. What can you do? You can visit MamasDay.org for messaging and amazing visuals that reflect the vast beauty of families […]

Elton John hits back at gay adoption criticism

by Carder How dare you refer to my beautiful children as “synthetic”. And shame on you for wagging your judgemental little fingers at IVF – a miracle that has allowed legions of loving people, both straight and gay, to fulfil their dream of having children. Your archaic thinking is out of step with the times, […]

Meet the “Doula Dude”

by Carder As a male embodied birth worker and intactivist, reproductive rights are at the forefront of my advocacy and beliefs… As a full-spectrum doula, I’ll advocate for whatever birth outcome the reproductive person chooses. A cesarean section, elective termination, homebirth, or an hospital birth with an epidural. Whether they choose parenting or adoption. I’ll […]

Activist: Like being gay, abortion a “matter of personal identity”

by Kelli On the left, it has become a source of frustration that the swift acceptance of gay rights has not been accompanied by a broader liberalization of sexual attitudes, particularly around reproductive issues. “That’s where the anti-abortion side has succeeded,” says [gay activist Dave] Fleischer. “They’ve made people feel that to speak up and […]

Lesbians sue sperm bank over accidentally mixed-race baby

by Carder On August 21, 2012, Jennifer gave birth to Payton, a beautiful, obviously mixed-race baby girl. Jennifer bonded with Payton easily and she and Amanda love her very much. Even so, Jennifer lives each day with fears, anxieties, and uncertainty about her future and Payton’s future…. Though compelled to repress her individuality amongst family […]

Transgender world excluded from pro-choice slogans

10299863_643046945782168_2130286851_nThe narratives most often used to spread reproductive justice awareness always center the discussion on “Women’s Rights.” But since I’m not a woman, I’ve felt very disconnected from the spaces I work in….

I was twenty when I had a medicinal abortion, and I have been on some form of birth control since that time. Even though the ability to reproduce hasn’t always been a factor with the partners I have had, I like knowing that I have a back-up plan and hormonal regularity….

Even the intake forms at my local Planned Parenthood are incredibly trans-exclusive! When I went to Planned Parenthood to get birth control I wasn’t given the option to state my preferred name or personal pronouns….

Learning sex of baby “pushes toward ‘traditional gender roles'”

by Kelli “These results suggest women who choose not to learn their baby’s sex may not worry about having clothes, toys and colors for their child that match traditional gender expectations,” said Letitia Kotila, lead author of the study, which will be published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. Finding out your child’s sex […]

Claim: Rise in STDs caused by… homophobia?

by Carder With most of these populations, having a sexually transmitted disease from having sex with another man is highly stigmatized. They’d rather not get tested for HIV, syphilis, or whatever. They don’t want it to show up on their records. ~ Professor George W. Rutherford, claiming that homophobia in the South may contribute to […]

Catholic hospitals under fire

by Carder What we have heard from the private Catholic systems is that they are going to be respectful of LGBT people, and we actually don’t doubt that… but here’s the question for us — it’s different if a person goes in with a broken arm. We know they’ll be treated with respect. The question […]

Elton John: Lady Gaga a “great role model” and godmother

She’s a great role model…She’s been a great godmother to Zachary. She came to bathe him in Las Vegas. She was already dressed to go to the show, and she was sitting there and she bathed him, and she was like dressed like Audrey Hepburn… and she fed him…. We’re all bonkers in this business, […]

Divorced gay couple raising twins separately

We can’t pretend like this doesn’t exist for them — that’s completely selfish. It is our responsibility to do the right thing for our children… We’ve exchanged photos. The mudslinging has ended. And I hope that one day, Ryan and I will be friends. I think we all envision ourselves married and in a relationship. […]

Reproductive justice should include transgender community

How do we adequately address and include those who have abortions but are not women? We must acknowledge and come to terms with the implicit cissexism in assuming that only women have abortions. Trans men have abortions. People who do not identify as women have abortions. They deserve to be represented in our advocacy and […]

Sex educator writes children’s book about “what makes a baby”

What Makes a Baby is a 36-page picture book, lovingly produced in full colour and illustrated by the award-winning Canadian artist, Fiona Smyth. What makes it new is that it’s a book about where babies come from that actually works for every kind of family and every kind of kid…. Most books tell one kind […]

Alternative “Mama’s Day” ecards feature gay, transgender, incarcerated parents

High schoolers brainstorm crude pro-choice ideas to reduce abortion

Erickson and his students reasoned that any serious quest to reduce abortions would not focus exclusively on women, and so they satirically brainstormed potential roles that men might play in such a push. They came up with such ideas as a “Mandatory Sex Savings Fund,” which would require men to pay $25,000 into an account […]

Limbaugh: Legalization of gay marriage could be the new Roe v. Wade

…’Cause if gay marriage ends up becoming legal all across the country without a corresponding vote of the people, we’re going to have as roiled a society on that issue as we do on abortion. ~ Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, predicting the consequences if the Supreme Court rules broadly in favor of […]

Man raised by lesbians: Gay families causing “human rights crisis”

rolopez1I published some articles about being the product of gay parenting and received hundreds of e-mails from around the world pleading with me to fight against a growing human-rights crisis caused by the LGBT movement….

[T]hey were children of sperm donors, troubled adoptees, people agonized by the baby-farming in India and elsewhere, gays horrified at what is being done in the name of “gay families,” religious people, atheists, people who know for whatever reason that buying babies and erasing fatherhood or motherhood is not the fruit of love….

American College of Nurse Midwives lends support to “gender variants”

Anyone else feel like it really is a tide that is turning these days? The American College of Nurse Midwives issued a statement in support of working towards quality, competent care for trans and gender non-conforming people. Woo-hoo! ~ Radical Doula Miriam Zoila Pérez, January 17, excited over a recent statement issued by ACNM that […]

Jillian Michaels surprised by support after coming out, then adopting

I was surprised. People were pretty supportive. We’ve got it all going on in our household – two moms and a black daughter – so I thought we were going to get it from every angle. But for the most part, people basically said, “God bless. Congratulations!” ~ Celebrity personal trainer Jillian Michaels on the […]

Transgender father wants to be breastfeeding counselor

While we don’t know yet what LLL will decide about Trevor and other parents like him, it highlights some of the challenges brought up by our shifting understanding of gender and identity for the women’s health movement. For LLL, the question becomes whether gender is really the most important identity marker through which to be […]

Democratic hypocrisy in denying human rights

So in democratic tradition, Robert doesn’t acknowledge the personhood of certain people. I guess in this case he’s angry about certain conservative blacks and their position on marriage. He tells his readers that we need to understand that this isn’t a gay marriage issue, it’s a “human rights issue”. Okay, first: virtually all you liberals […]

Pro-choice activist wonders where the LGBTQ support has gone

In this spirit, I’m asking where the Black LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) community is on Black women and abortion? This is an important question for me. My identity is as a Black lesbian feminist who has worked with Black gay and lesbian organizations and who works on women’s rights from a reproductive justice […]

New documentary gives voice to adult children of sperm donors

Flipping channels several weeks ago, I stumbled on a deeply disturbing Style channel special, “Sperm donor: 74 kids and more on the way.” It told the story of 33-yr-old Ben Seisler, pictured right, whose sperm donations (why do they call them that? he made $150 per deposit) to date have spawned over 70 children – […]

Sooo, Rachel Maddow, you’re admitting The Pill kills newly conceived humans?

Liberal MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow attempted to combine the topics of gay marriage and the personhood movement on her September 29 show, only for her talking points to collapse into a blob of inconsistencies. Rationalizing why citizens in over two dozen states have voted to ban gay marriage, which Maddow, a lesbian, supports, she said, […]

Planned Parenthood holds fundraiser at gay nightclub

LOL, isn’t this the wrong neighborhood to be protesting in? I mean, it’s not like we have a huge pregnancy rate amongst the GLBT population. ~ Isaiah Walter on Facebook, as quoted by San Diego Gay & Lesbian News on July 29, commenting on a pro-life protest of  a Cocktails for Choice fundraiser held by […]

New footage: pro-abort and gay militants protest in the gutter at Scheidler tribute

Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society has just posted footage from inside the pro-abort and gay protest of the pro-life tribute on April 2 to Joe Scheidler on April 2. The 1st 6 minutes are of their side and the last 3 of ours. You’ll see quite a difference. Warning: vulgarity, including the […]

First gay fertility clinic in Britain

‘We wanted to set up something where we would act as a go-between and where couples could meet potential donors face-to-face to work out how they would work things out. We also want to save people from having to explain their situation: that they are gay and using a donor.’ ~Natalie Drew explaining why she […]

The fetus and transsexual appendages as parasites and STDs

And no, abortion does not harm anyone (when done properly), as a fetus is imposing itself on a woman’s body, without permission (unless the woman was trying to get pregnant, in that case – it was a desired result). A woman has a right to try to get rid of it, just as she has […]

The gay abortionist who can’t find a baby to adopt

On November 20 the Toronto Star published an in-depth look at the shortage of abortionists in Canada, using pseudonymed Dr. Evan James, pictured above, as its focal point. There are a few stories inside this article, which is worth reading in its entirety. But I’m pulling excerpts that focus on the psyche of this particular […]

Transgender student attacks graphic abortion display on campus

On November 1 and 2 The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Midwest set up its Genocide Awareness Project exhibit at the Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne campus. The GAP display not only shows the reality of abortion in large full color photos, it also compares abortion genocide to other historical genocides. On the 2nd day student […]

Weekend question: If Obama thinks gays are born that way, will he sign legislation making it illegal to target them for abortion?

Time magazine says the “most dramatic” question asked of President Obama at the October 14 MTV townhall event was: “Do you think being gay or trans is a choice?” Obama’s response: I don’t think it’s a choice. I think that people are born with a certain makeup, and that we’re all children of God. We […]

New Stanek WND.com column, “Sex and consequences: Link between pro-gay and pro-abortion agendas”

Homosexual and AIDS activists heckled President Obama during a Democrat fundraiser in New York on Sept. 22, complaining about the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy and inadequate AIDS funding.

Neil Patrick Harris and gay partner “expecting” twins

Well, some of the headlines are certainly unique…

Kiddie condom capital is also queer capital

A couple updates on my Wikipedia…

Chaz Bono now legally a man

Read my previous post on this topic The Daily Mail, May 7…

World’s 1st official genderless person

From the

Pregnant “man” expecting 3rd baby

See previous posts People magazine, February 14: Thomas Beatie gained worldwide attention 2 years ago when he became the 1st known transgendered man to give birth. Now Beatie and his wife, Nancy – who have a daughter and a son – are expecting baby No. 3, according to momlogic.com. Beatie, born a woman, underwent a […]

Runner is a hermaphrodite

I’ve been watching this story with interest, because feminists immediately took up the cause of 18-year-old South African

Chastity Bono becoming Chaz

Those of us who grew up watching Sonny and Cher would never in a million years have envisioned this sad, confused future for little Chastity Bono. From

Lesbian attempts “rape” by insemination

Well, this makes for a nice lesbian companion to my previous post, “Berkshire Eagle, March 12, located in MA where homosexuals can legally marry: A woman who allegedly intended to artificially inseminate her wife with her brother’s semen has been charged with domestic assault and battery…. Jennifer Lighten, 33, told police that Stephanie Lighten [pictured […]

TV star and “wife” switch embryos


Blagojevich’s lesbian sister-in-law pushes mandatory infertility coverage

Former IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s Deborah Mell (who I met once in Springfield when we were lobbying opposite sides of a bill – I forget which) was elected state rep in November. Mell has the distinction of being the HB4331 – Illinois Home > Illinois > HB4331 Chief Sponsor: Deborah Mell Latest Update: Monday, March, […]

Accidents won’t happen

My husband and I watched the documentary AOL Entertainment. Ellen DeGeneres was asked about having children with “wife” Portia de Rossi, and answered…

Irish twins for “pregnant man”

The world’s first so-called pregnant man, in actuality a half-sex changed woman, will appear tomorrow night on ABC’s 20/20 with Barbara Walters. According to

Birth control pill: the new pollutant

One chapter in Iain Murray’s recently released book, The really inconvenient truths: seven environmental catastrophes Liberals don’t want you to know about – because they helped cause them, is “The pill as pollutant: and other environmental menaces the Left ignores.” I’ve written several times (here, and great piece on all this August 1: … Murray […]

Another bend

On July 23 People magazine

“Pregnant man” gives birth

According to

The Alfred Kinsey cover-up

Sex researcher Alfred Kinsey is credited with “revolutionizing” American sexual thought and practices in the 1950s and 60s, including normalization of homosexuality, porn, pedophilia, and abortion. In reality, Kinsey was a pedophiliac homosexual sado-mashocist who likely died of self-inflicted wounds at age 62. His “ground-breaking” books, Dr. Judith Reisman has been at the forefront of […]


This morning Oprah’s show will be on

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