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MSM reports on forced abortion but omits abortionist’s name; I don’t

UPDATE, 11/24, 12:25p: Flint MI’s Operation Rescue] 11/23, 11:26a: Over the weekend the Flint Journal story, although it avoided naming the perpetrator…

Late-term abortionist Hodari faces divorce, liquidation, malpractice lawsuit, back taxes

UPDATE, 5p: Pro-lifer Lynn has found the Southgate abortion mills advertised online. Clicking on their names will take you to the real estate ad with both exterior and interior photos. Most interesting is they try to conceal the fact these are abortion mills. The waiting rooms are so sad, knowing what patients were waiting for. […]

Hodari to be arraigned on 12 counts

The Oakland Co., MI, Prosecutor’s Office has issued a 12-count warrant against our favorite dumpster abortionist, Freep.com, which adds…

Funeral for Hodari’s babies

From the

Hodari’s trashed babies to get Christian burial

This Saturday, May 3, the Archdiocese of Detroit will provide a funeral Mass and burial for 25 aborted babies retrieved from the trash dumpsters behind late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari’s here. In a nutshell, in February and March pro-lifers led by Monica Miller,director of here….

Hodari’s babies

We’ve talked much the last couple weeks about MI late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari, in the news for tossing aborted babies and medical records into his dumpsters. Read my Hodari archives

Abortionist Hodari: $0 fine; Pro-lifer Miller: $1100 bill


A Hodari save born this week

On July 18, 2007, a mother named Taffiney entered late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari’s Flint, MI, pole barn abortion mill (pictured right, with 1 of Hodari’s classic cars on display; click to enlarge) to abort her 4th baby, about 6 weeks old. She told me last night, “It’s a day I’ll never forget.” Taffiney and her […]

Hodari parades new trash cans

That would be me

Fox News Hodari archive. From the Fox story: Monica Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society… stored what was found in her garage until authorities could investigate…. Miller turned patient files over to police, but she made copies of “representative samples of what was found in the trash” and allowed a reporter to peruse […]

Dr. “Parental Consent?” Hodari

Michigan law requires a girl under 18 to bring written permission from 1 parent or written permission from the court to her abortionist. In the 200+ medical records pro-lifers recovered from late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari’s trash over the course of 4 Saturdays at 3 of his 6 mills, there was not 1 permission waiver from […]

Dr. “Confidential” Hodari

Found in late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari’s dumpster in the piles of 200+ patient records (click to enlarge)…. Interestingly and as an aside, it looks by the price change on the form below as if Hodari cuts deals, like a used car salesman….

Video of abortionist Hodari’s trash

Dr. Monica Miller shot video of the trash as they were removing it from MI abortionist Alberto Hodari’s dumpster, a story I have been chronicling for 3 days now (read here). This 6-minute video is very disturbing. The last 2-1/2 minutes show the babies. I am horrified that so-called medical professionals would throw needles, drugs, […]

Hodari investigation news video

Click on the graphic below to link to last night’s WDIV newscast, indicating authorities searched Hodari’s clinic yesterday as well as the dumpster. Also see Monica Miller interviewed near the end:

200+ medical records, baby parts found in abortionist’s dumpster

Yesterday the Detroit News

In Hodari’s dumpster

Everyone certainly remembers Alberto Hodari, the MI abortionist caught on videotape at Wayne State University 4 months ago bragging that he lies to patients, yadda yadda. Well, Alberto is lying to authorities now. I spoke with Dr. Monica Miller within the hour, one of the pro-lifers mentioned in the following

Breaking News: Hannity to profile Hodari tonight

Just received a call from Kristan Hawkins of here. Kristan said Fox Cable News’ Hannity & Colmes will be profiling Hodari on its show tonight, based on that video. Excellent.

Linked to Washington Times blog

Just got a note from the Washington Times that Hodari post today. Thanks, WT!

Hodari’s “license to lie”

I blogged here that Wayne State University’s Medical Students for Choice invited late-term MI abortionist Alberto Hodari to speak November 9.

Abortionist Hodari protest at Wayne State today

Citizens for a Pro-Life Society is planning a protest today of late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari’s scheduled appearance at the behest of Wayne State University’s Medical Students for Choice for an unappetizing “lunchtime seminar”:

Abortionist Alberto Hodari to speak at Wayne State Friday

Hm. A late-term abortionist speaking at a “lunchtime seminar.” Doesn’t sound digestionally conducive to me. But of all who could stomach it, I expect it would be Medical Students for Choice, the group sponsoring abortionist Alberto Hodari Friday at

Per UPI, abortionists are “health officials”; mills are “agencies”

The first two paragraphs of the July 30 UPI WomanCare. Whoops. Hodari is WomanCare’s “medical director,” i.e., lead abortionist. (A July 30 Detroit News Northland Family Planning Centers, another group of late-term MI abortion mills; Kate Palmer, “a health care advocate at a local abortion clinic”; Janet Crepps, an attorney with the Center for Reproductive […]


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Here’s the third in the repeat of my Sunday series during the month of December of the fascinating abolitionist history behind some of our most beloved Christmas hymns. Pro-lifers identify closely with those 150 years ago who fought to free another oppressed class of people. Last week I posted the story behind “O Holy Night,” and the week before, “Go Tell It on the Mountain.” This week…

“I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”

In December 1863 poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was still grieving the death by fire of his wife Francis 2 years before when receiving word their oldest son Charles had been seriously injured as a Union soldier in the Civil War.

A fierce abolitionist, Longfellow awakened in despair that Christmas morning, unsure of both the fate of his son and his country. It was against this backdrop Longfellow wrote the melancholy poem “Christmas Bells” when hearing church bells peel throughout Boston proclaiming the birth of Christ. Two of the middle verses were later dropped to adapt the poem into a Christmas carol, which composer John Caulkin set to music. Those 2 verses give the current verse 3 (the last verse below) much more context:

Then from each black, accursed mouth
The cannon thundered in the South,
And with the sound
The carols drowned
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

It was as if an earthquake rent
The hearth-stones of a continent,
And made forlorn
The households born
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

And in despair I bowed my head;
“There is no peace on earth,” I said:
“For hate is strong,
And mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!”

Read more on the history of “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” here and here.

I’ve also posted two memorable but very different renditions of this classic.

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