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The Personhood split, Part II: Strategy

2935348.largeRead The Personhood split, Part I: Structure for background.

Aside from their structural variations, Personhood USA and National Personhood Alliance at first seemed to have similar goals – until the November 4 election.

At that time both the Colorado “Definition of Person and Child” Initiative and  North Dakota “Life Begins at Conception” Amendment failed, by 65% and 64%, respectively.

The Personhood split, Part I: Structure

988-BreakupOn June 14, 2014, came the news:

Georgia Right to Life President Daniel Becker today announced the formation of a new national pro-life organization, the National Personhood Alliance, a confederation of faith-based, pro-life organizations and leaders who believe pursuing Personhood is essential to protecting all innocent human beings in the 21st century.

Reading that I became confused, because last I knew Becker was working for Personhood USA, a group that sounded an awful lot like this new group.

Thoughts on National Right to Life severing ties with GA Right to Life

imageOn March 29 the National Right to Life Committee announced it was disaffiliating Georgia Right to Life.

In the same statement NRLC announced it was credentialing a new state pro-life organization, Georgia Life Alliance.

Read NRLC’s press release here, but its rationale for severing ties with GRTL boiled down to insubordination: GRTL had publicly attempted to thwart two pieces of NRLC’s “top-priority federation legislation,” the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act last year, and the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act this year.

In its statement, NRLC subtly responded to GRTL’s reason for defying its parent organization, which was that GRTL opposed the rape/incest exceptions in the aforementioned bills:

Colorado Planned Parenthood blames personhood initiatives for two clinic closures

roe-and-colorado-blogWell, God works in mysterious ways.

Poor planning by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, ironically due to two successful attempts to preserve its bottom line, has resulted in overextending itself to the point it has to close two of its 23 clinics. At least that’s PPRM’s claim. From the Colorado Springs Independent, August 14:

It’s been widely reported that in 2008 and 2010, opponents of personhood greatly outspent supporters.

And they won easily. In 2008, Amendment 48 failed 73.2% to 26.8%. In 2010, Amendment 62 failed 70.53% to 29.47%.

But the victories have come at a cost, particularly to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, which is gearing up for another fight should Brady backers get enough signatures by early September to qualify for the ballot. PPRM spokesperson Monica McCafferty notes that her organization led the funding in both campaigns, which together cost about $3 million.

Pro-life leader’s home vandalized in wake of Newsweek article

Warning: Vulgarity ahead.

I wrote last week that a Newsweek article favorable to the personhood movement and personhood leaders Keith and Jennifer Mason had “riled abortion proponents.” Little did I know how much.

Newsweek article on Personhood movement riles abortion proponents

A June 25 article in Newsweek about the Personhood movement is shaking up the pro-abortion community. Just read a sampling of the 315 comments and counting that have poured in since it was crossposted on The Daily Beast since yesterday.

Warning to pregnant pro-choicers: Stop treating fetuses like people

But if you really want to out-pregnant all the rest, the Daily has your trend: Pregnant woman are Photoshopping sonograms onto their naked stomach glamour-shots. (Picture Demi Moore’s famous and oft-repeated Vanity Fair cover pose. Now picture Demi’s smooth and tanned belly with a fetus on it.)…

Canadian MP: If we declared fetuses “human beings,” abortion would be homicide

If the legal definition of when one becomes a human being were to be adjusted so that a fetus is declared to be a legal person at some earlier stage of gestation, then the homicide laws would apply. As a necessary consequence, aborting fetal development anywhere in the potentially new adjusted period would be considered […]

New animated video shows personhood’s link to Native Americans, slaves, disabled, and preborn

This compelling new video just released by ProLifeWisconsin includes shocking statements about “savages,” the “manifestly unfit,” and the “benefit” of slavery to the “Negro,” all made by ignorant U.S. Supreme Courts past. Someday the ignorance of the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court, which legalized the slaughter of 55 million preborn children and counting, will also be […]

The Embryonic Jesus Story

Merry blessed Christmas, everyone! Am reposting my WND Christmas column from 2004, The Embryonic Jesus Story… At this time of year, we focus on Christ’s birth, but there is a fascinating incident the Bible describes near the beginning of Jesus’ human life, several months prior. It is the Embryonic Jesus Story. Luke 1 tells about […]

Breaking: Three Four Republican presidential candidates sign Personhood Pledge

UPDATE 12/15, 6p: Rick Perry became the fourth Republican candidate to sign the pledge today. 12/14, 12:04p: Personhood USA announced this morning that three Republican presidential contenders have signed its Personhood Pledge. Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum have all signed the pledge, which states: I stand with President Ronald Reagan in supporting “the […]

Taking misleading media to task on personhood

In 1989, the Supreme Court ruled… that language alone cannot be used to justify the regulation of abortion. In other words, calling unborn human beings “persons” under the law does nothing to prevent the legal abortion of these “persons.” … If Roe were overturned, it would not have the effect of making abortion illegal. It […]

Five reasons Mississippi’s personhood initiative lost (aside from the other side’s whopping lies)

As the dust settles after the defeat of Mississippi’s personhood initiative  last week, here are five reasons I think it lost. These  have nothing to do with the whopping lies the other side told. In other words, these are constructive criticisms. I ran my thoughts past Keith Mason of Personhood USA, who took them well. […]

A person’s still not a person no matter how small in Mississippi

Three weeks ago Mississippi’s Initiative 26, or the “personhood amendment,” enjoyed 80+% support. Last week internal pro-life polling showed it was still up by 18 points. Yet Initiative 26 ended up losing last night 58-42%. There were two simple reasons for the loss:

Mississippi Personhood Amendment fails

So let’s keep this “personhood” stuff to a minimum, OK? It’s been repeatedly shut down because cuckoo-bananas politics simply doesn’t work. Get over it! And to the freedom fighters out there, remember that Mississippi is far from being out of the woods (remember their one little abortion clinic in the entire state?!). Keep up the […]

Mississippi personhood vote on razor’s edge

A new poll underscores just how close Mississippi is to passing the country’s first “personhood” law, which would define life as beginning at conception. Public Policy Polling finds that, hours before tomorrow’s vote, 45 percent of voters supported the amendment, while 44 percent opposed it. “Things can definitely go either way tomorrow,” said Public Policy […]

Mississippi governor demands abortion front group stop deceptive robo-calls about personhood initiative

They deceived from the moment of their conception, pardon the pun, by stating they were Mississippians for Healthy Families. In actuality two of the group’s three organizing officers were CEOs of Planned Parenthoods in other states, and the third was the executive director of ACLU of Mississippi, certainly not family-oriented. Since then the lies they’ve […]

Personhood: Do abortion proponents only have themselves to blame?

… [T]he campaign to define personhood is a strategy of desperation.  America’s cultural and political elite has spent years promoting abortion by means foul and fair.  Abortion advocates value sexual freedom more than the life which may result from sexual freedom.  For many of them, life is cheap and disposable, with an “unwanted” baby but […]

Why they’re really, really scared about the Mississippi Personhood Amendment

A potentially game-changing date for the pro-life and pro-abortion movements is quickly upon us, only 10 days away. (Make sure to read the money line at the end of this post.) On November 8 Mississippi voters will decide the fate of Initiative 26, aka the Personhood Amendment, which states: The term “person” or “persons” shall […]

Breaking: Live Action to release new undercover investigation exposing opponents of Mississippi Personhood Amendment

Developing, a press statement just released by Lila Rose and Live Action: JACKSON – Live Action, the pro-life group responsible for recent undercover stings showing Planned Parenthood’s institutional tolerance for child sexual abuse, will release a new investigation on Monday showing how opponents of recognizing the right to life of unborn children in Mississippi, backed by […]

Sooo, Rachel Maddow, you’re admitting The Pill kills newly conceived humans?

Liberal MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow attempted to combine the topics of gay marriage and the personhood movement on her September 29 show, only for her talking points to collapse into a blob of inconsistencies. Rationalizing why citizens in over two dozen states have voted to ban gay marriage, which Maddow, a lesbian, supports, she said, […]

What’s wrong with this picture? Pro-life groups join pro-abortion groups to oppose the Ohio Heartbeat Bill

For the first time I can think of, pro-lifers are divided into three camps on a pro-life bill. Usually it’s just two, which is bad enough. I wrote on September 14 that both Ohio Right to Life and the Personhood people were actively opposing the Ohio Heartbeat Bill, which would ban abortion in Ohio from […]

Ron Paul: The right to life precedes liberty

There is something that precedes liberty, and that is life. If we are to defend liberty… you have to understand where that liberty, and where that life comes from. It does not come from the government, it comes from our Creator. ~ Pro-life GOP presidential candidate and physician Ron Paul, as quoted by The Hill, […]

1662 pro-slavery law sounds remarkably pro-abortion

This law says that an organization, another entity, or another individual can determine your worth before you’re even born…. Where does that exist today in our society? Who said it? Abortion. Derived from the same mindset as the law that sanctioned and recognized the institution of slavery, the ultimate form of tyranny. ~ Tea Party […]

Personhood: A history of getting it wrong

It’s a favorite talking point for abortion apologists, but I know of few pro-life people who are single-issue minded. As if having a singular focus on a human injustice is something to be ashamed of, anyway. Abolitionists had a singular focus to abolish the inhumanity of slavery. Perhaps they should have first worried about housing, […]

Questioning personhood to justify homicide

… It is so clear that someone only questions the personhood of a human she wishes to harm. It’s not a logical debate, it’s a way to justify homicide. ~Commenter Lauren, Stanek post “Human life begins with personhood,” May 30 [Photo of 8 week fetus by Lennart Nilsson, 1965]

Postmortem on 2010 Colorado personhood amendment

I can’t find more complete election results than 97%. The CO Secretary of State’s office won’t release its final tally until November 26. I’m interested because I’d love for Amendment 62’s “Yes” count to reach 30%. Whatever, I’m relieved Personhood Colorado’s 2nd ballot initiative to define “personhood” as beginning at fertilization fared better than 2008, […]

Judie Brown rebuts Clarke Forsythe on personhood initiatives

I recent column by Americans United for Life’s Clarke Forsythe. Clarke made the case that they wouldn’t. Now American Life League’s Judie Brown has rebutted Clarke in

Lila Rose, Pastor Walter Hoye to launch CA Human Rights Campaign today

UPDATE, 1:30p: Per Keith Mason, who heads up Bella Movie guys” (don’t know which ones) will be present to launch the

7 states pursue personhood rights

UPDATE, 2/24, 4:55p: Word on the street was wrong. I have it on good authority that the ND Catholic Conference and ND Right to Life do NOT support the ND personhood legislation but are maintaining a neutral stance. _______________ UPDATE, 2/24, 10:45a: Word on the street is Christopher Dodson and the ND Catholic Conference as […]

ARTL crashes NRLC’s party

Last year members of CO Right to Life openly challenged National Right to Life’s support (among others) of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban by taking out newspaper ads and ousted as an affiliate. That led to the American Right to Life, which is now focused on establishing personhood at conception through state and federal legislative […]

Pro-lifers vs. Pro-lifers and Pro-aborts

On citing reasons given by the Archdiocese, AUL, and NRLC….


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