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College students begin to embrace idea of killing born children

what-makes-us-humanby Kelli

Kristina Garza, spokeswoman for Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, a pro-life organization that often sets up anti-abortion displays on campuses along the West Coast, said her group also frequently encounters college students who accept infanticide.

Blogger: Silence on Gosnell says “all you need to know” about Obama

by Kelli


… [W]hen it comes to commenting on domestic scandals, President Obama will never live down his cowardly refusal to speak out against Kermit Gosnell.

Here was a man who, for thirty years, murdered black infants in his Philadelphia abortion clinic, while his activities were allowed to continue because of the complacency and tacit approval of local, state, and federal agencies.

Megan Huntsman, 4th trimester abortionist


News broke April 13 of a gruesome find in a Pleasant Grove, Utah, garage: the remains of a dead newborn infant stuffed inside a box.

The owner of the home, Darren West, called police, who found six more babies, also hidden inside boxes. Of the seven, one was apparently a stillbirth, but the rest were murdered after delivery.

West’s estranged wife, Megan Huntsman, readily admitted to killing her children. According to the AP:

Does God want Noah to commit infanticide in the upcoming movie?

noahI’m reading the new book, Noah: The Real Story, my interest piqued on the topic in large part due to all the chatter about the upcoming movie, Noah, opening March 28.

The movie has a blockbuster budget of $130 million and features a stellar cast: Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins, and Emma Watson.

Very few people have read the script or seen the movie, but the book I’m reading includes a summary by movie critic Brian Godawa of a script he read in the fall of 2013.

Potential spoiler alert…

So in that version of the script there was an infanticide element. Quoting from the book:

Gloria Steinem ignores biggest reason for missing girls

Gloria Steinem

During her speech at a Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma fundraiser on September 21, liberal feminist icon Gloria Steinem broached an uncomfortable topic for abortion proponents: the pandemic of missing girls.

Woman leaves baby to die, rejoins friends to watch WWE SummerSlam

“I cannot get inside this lady’s head,” Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said of [a] potential motive. “I have no clue.” The premature baby was a few weeks premature, but still could have survived, authorities said…. After giving birth, [Amanda] Hein [age 26, pictured] allegedly smoked a cigarette and rejoined friends, gathered to watch […]

Lopez: The soul of our nation depends on ability to “nourish life”

Kathryn_Jean_Lopez_by_Gage_SkidmoreThe frightened teenage girl. The single inner-city mom who has made some bad choices and doesn’t quite know what she can do. The 20-something on a career track whose boyfriend is not up to the task of fatherhood. The busy young couple that determines it is not the right time. These are all real scenarios, involving real fears, influenced deeply by a culture that pretends abortion is a quick fix, a solution to a problem.

The health of not just our citizens but our national soul demands that we do a better job, that we work hard to foster and nourish life, both in the womb and outside of it. It’s the only way to ensure a society that lives up to the ideals it was founded upon….

Bioethicists upset that “non-academics” dislike eugenic infanticide

[Bioethicists] Giubilini and Minerva [the same authors of a paper last year supporting infanticide for Down syndrome] are expressing surprise that the Down syndrome community opposes their agenda of eugenics and infanticide…. They would like to dismiss anyone who disagrees with their conclusions as being irrational because we don’t appreciate the opportunities of what they […]

Four reasons why media isn’t covering Gosnell mass murder trial

UPDATE 4/16, 9:50a: The Atlantic has posted 14 possible reasons for the media blackout.

UPDATE 4/14, 5:10p: The Gospel Coalition has posted eight reasons for the media blackout, which are good.


4/11, 4:34p: Living in Chicago, I’ve observed press coverage up close on three of the most notorious mass murderers ever apprehended: Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, and Richard Speck.

Speck tortured, raped, and murdered eight student nurses in Chicago in 1966. Dahmer murdered 17 boys and men in the Milwaukee/Chicago area between 1978-1991, keeping and eating some of their body parts. Gacy raped and murdered at least 33 boys and men between 1972-1978, burying many in the crawl space of his Chicago suburban home.

In each case the press tripped over themselves to recount every morbid detail, anxious to feed the public’s fascination with the macabre (click to enlarge)…

MSM ignores Planned Parenthood rep’s (and Obama’s) infanticide endorsement

… [A] government-funded organization just sent a representative to testify that she is not entirely sure a mother does not have an inalienable right to murder; the president whose administration funds her organization has expressed the exact same sentiments, and in fact voted on them — several times. An honest culture, an honest media would […]

State Senator Barack Obama, consensus builder on infanticide?

An Associated Press article from late 2007… stated that his legislative career was “focused more on building consensus to improve the justice system and aid the poor” than fighting opponents on hot-button issues….

“That strikes me, from what I know of Barack Obama’s time in the state senate, as just being pure mythology and pure public relations invention,” [Eric] Kohn [former Cook County GOP Communications Director] told TheDC….

WashPo readers protest absurd “fact check” of Obama infanticide ad

On September 10 Washington Post “fact checker” Josh Hicks (pictured right) picked apart the Susan B. Anthony List ad featuring abortion survivor Melissa Ohden, which called out Barack Obama for voting against the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act four times when state senator. The ad:

When he was in the Illinois state Senate, Barack Obama voted to deny basic constitutional protections for babies born alive from an abortion – not once, but four times. I know it’s by the grace of God that I’m alive today, if only to ask America this question: Is this the kind of leadership that will lead us forward – that would discard the weakest among us?

Bizarrely, the only point Hicks could find to quibble with was the word “discard.” Was Ohden claiming she was “discarded”? Hicks pressed, apparently expecting late-term abortionists to cuddle babies they just aborted.

Huckabee: The only evangelical on the ticket supports infanticide

I want to clear the air about something that has been said. People wonder whether guys like me, an evangelical, would only support a fellow evangelical? Well my friends I want to tell you something, of the four people on the two tickets, the only self-professed evangelical is Barack Obama. And he supports changing the […]

Photos of forcibly aborted late-term baby in China spark worldwide outrage

On May 30, 20 local Chinese officials dragged 23-yr-old pregnant mother Feng Jianmei from her home and held her three days for a 40,000 yuan ($6250) ransom before killing her seven-month-old baby en utero by lethal injection and delivering her tiny corpse after family failed to come up with the cash.

Does pro-choice logic extend to infanticide?

… [I]t isn’t pro-lifers who should worry about the Giubilini-Minerva proposal. It’s pro-choicers. The case for “after-birth abortion” draws a logical path from common pro-choice assumptions to infanticide. It challenges us, implicitly and explicitly, to explain why, if abortion is permissible, infanticide isn’t…. The challenge posed to… pro-choice absolutists by “after-birth abortion” is this: How […]

Ethicists: Magicians who can make people “disappear for real”

Here’s the thing – they’re right. If you accept their premises, they’re absolutely right. The second we allow ourselves to become the arbiters of who is human and who isn’t, this is the calamitous yet inevitable end. Once you say all human life is not sacred, the rest is just drawing random lines in the […]

Obama’s support of infanticide takes center stage in Republican presidential debate

2/24, 6:40a: Conservatives are ripping Politico’s Alexander Burns for incorrectly identifying the object of Newt Gingrich’s criticism as Barack Obama’s opposition to a partial birth abortion ban rather than the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Read this Newsbusters piece and this Red State piece. I’m also heartened by the volume of commenters who called Burns […]

Joe Biden’s macabre support of China’s forced abortion/sterilization one-child policy

Vice President Joe Biden is known for his foolish gaffes and inappropriate statements – not positive attributes, particularly in a politician. But what Biden said in China on August 20 was beyond foolish and inappropriate. It was macabre, it was sick… I never thought anyone could match Barack Obama’s penchant for abortion. As you know, […]

Rosie O’Donnell’s producer’s childhood plan: Murder baby if unable to abort

When I was a kid, I thought, ‘If we lose this right, I’m leaving this country.’ I had plans [in the event of pregnancy]… I’m gonna wear a tent dress while I don’t eat so I can get big and I can go in the woods, have it, kill it, and bury it, ’cause I […]

Aljazeera infiltrates Chinese hospital to report on macabre forced abortion of 8-mo-old baby

Somehow the story of the ongoing forced abortion of a Chinese couple’s 8-mo-old preborn son made it to the Internet last week, and Aljazeera picked it up: There is the possibility that someone in the government, aware of their situation and sympathetic, quietly released information about them on a popular Chinese website which works in […]

Pregnant mom to be charged with killing her preborn baby if DUI

Of course, the inconsistencies in American law become glaring in tragedies like this. Say Jessica Bruce had been on her way to abort her baby. Killing her preborn child 15 minutes later under that circumstance would have been perfectly legal, while in this case Bruce faces up to 15 years in prison. Here we see […]

Update: University of WI Health denies AG report it has abandoned plans to commit late-term abortions

Read previous post and background to this story

UW Madison Hospital abandons plans to commit late-term abortions

I’ve written WI Right to Life ran 3 ads in the WI State Journal aimed at UW Madison’s weak spots after getting hold of some of their inter-office emails. Here’s 1 (click to enlarge): Well, today the

Merry Christmas, abortion style

Were abortion illegal, pro-aborts would be trumpeting the case below as evidence abortion should be legal. Otherwise desperate mothers are driven to dangerous acts, they’d say. But abortion is legal. And its legality has only resulted in increased access to dangerous acts of abortion. Because this abortion was committed at 7 months gestation, and all […]

Nationalized healthcare behind letting 22-week UK preemie die

I Daily Mail story has been updated from yesterday. Its intro now reads…

Terminating Kate

Steve Waldman of Washington Times only today: “God gave that fetus a ‘guardian ad litem’ when he chose the mother that fetus is born with,” he said. “That mother, I feel, has been charged by God to make the right choices for that child during its unborn and early born years.” Waldman described the video […]

Media Matters: Obama’s infanticide support? “Fevered dreams” of Stanek/Limbaugh

Barack Obama’s venture one step beyond unencumbered and taxpayer-funded abortion support to radically support infanticide of abortion survivors was the straw that broke the camel’s back for many pro-lifers….

Texas bill would decriminalize infanticide

Democrat pro-abortion according to her website. Ferrar sponsoring a bill that would force Catholic hospitals to dispense the morning-after pill. And Ferrar maintains a HB 3318….

Records won’t be sealed in Hialeah abortion survivor murder case

Read my previous posts on this story Miami Herald, today: The public has the right to view evidence in the case of a woman accused of illegally providing healthcare during a botched abortion at a Hialeah clinic, a judge ruled Thursday. Lawyers for Belkis Gonzalez, 44, citing extensive media coverage and harsh commentary in Internet […]

Those risky toilet abortions

From 22Weeks? There’s a more detailed story The Sun News]

Statement by BornAliveTruth.org

Statement released November 5 by Jill Stanek, Executive Director of

Abortion survivor’s funeral

On Oct. 14, little Shanice Osbourne was finally laid to rest 27 months after she was allegedly killed on the day she was aborted alive, July 20, 2006, by abortion clinic owner Belkis Gonzalez at A Gyn Diagnostics Center in Hialeah, FL. Read the details of baby Shanice’s death

Obama caught on tape arguing against giving medical attention to aborted babies

The IL General Assembly destroys audiotapes of its floor debates after transcripts have been written. That is why there is precious little audio, if any, of Barack Obama as state senator making any speeches. But a pro-life sleuth has found a short audio clip on the Chicago Tribune website of Obama arguing on the IL […]

Obama: No survivors

This one can’t wait until Sunday, by my favorite political cartoonist Operation Rescue]

Mother starves newborn to death

Here we see a segue between the abortion and euthanasia mentalities. There is no difference between a 9-month-old preborn and a 9-month, 2-day-old postborn except location and how she breathes, is hydrated, and is nourished. Nor are the mental capabilities between a disabled person like Terri Schiavo and a newborn any different. Yet in both […]

CNN: Obama’s opposition to Born Alive Act

CNN’s Carol Costello did a good deal of research and fairly reported Barack Obama’s opposition to the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act when he was state senator. Bill Bennett added important info in a follow-up debate against James Carville. Costello’s follow-up should be to answer the question she closed with: Did Barack Obama reject […]

Americans want to talk gas, not infanticide

Wrote Mark Finkelstein at

How far for “hope for the cure”?

According to the

Mad World of Barack Obama

I received a heads up on the following video from CreativeMinority, its maker. He selected the perfect name for himself. His work is excellent… literally gave me chills. In only 1:50 mins CM nailed Obama’s depth of depravity in opposing the Born Alive Infant Protection Act along with providing tiny heartbreaking reminders of who Obama […]

Sunday funny

by Glenn McCoy,

I can’t help wondering…

By Mary Kay Hastings Star Tribune, April 12, 2007: “A 17-year-old Oakdale girl told police she gave birth on the laundry room floor early Monday, then panicked and stabbed the baby girl after seeing her move a finger. The baby, found by investigators in a bloody garbage bag outside the teen’s home, had 135 stab […]

Dead baby found in FL abortion mill

This is horrible. I KNOW this stuff goes on every day in abortion mills. Finally, corroboration. Dead Baby Found In Hialeah Abortion Clinic Clinic Has Been Closed Dave Malkoff Jul 28, 2006, 11:06 p.m. EST (CBS4 News) HIALEAH Hialeah Police Homicide Detectives are investigating the gruesome discovery of a dead baby’s body inside of an […]


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