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BREAKING: Pro-lifers announce sit-in at Speaker Boehner’s office to #FreeTheBan


On March 25 it will have been just over TWO MONTHS since Republican House leaders reneged on their promise to vote on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act on January 22, when hundreds of thousands were participating in the March for Life.

If GOP leaders thought we might forget, they were mistaken. More than enough time has passed for them to right their wrong.

Today, I joined pro-life activists Rev. Pat Mahoney and Troy Newman in announcing a peaceful protest and sit-in at Speaker John Boehner’s office on March 25 at 11 a.m.

Abortion advocates definitely do not like the word “dismemberment”


Bloomberg journalist Esme E. Deprez was tasked with informing readers about the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Act, which last month was introduced in both Kansas and Oklahoma.

The writing experience obviously wasn’t pleasant for her.

Pro-choicer: Telling women of abortion risks is “mansplaining”

by Kelli If House Bill 124 passes, women in Missouri must watch a documentary created by the state health department with information about abortion 72 hours before they can access the procedure. The new proposal, sponsored by Desloge Republican representative Linda Black, would add a third method of mansplaining abortion methods and risks to patients. […]

NRLC ups ante and pushes new “Dismemberment Abortion Ban” of 12-wk-old babies


You may have heard of the barbaric medieval practice of drawing and quartering, as described by historian William Harrison in 1557:

The greatest and most grievous punishment used in England for such as offend against the State is drawing from the prison to the place of execution upon an hurdle or sled, where they are hanged till they be half dead, and then taken down, and quartered alive; after that, their members and bowels are cut from their bodies, and thrown into a fire, provided near hand and within their own sight, even for the same purpose.

This is how Scottish leader William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson in Braveheart) was put to death.

And it pretty much describes a Dilatation and Evacuation abortion, wherein the abortionist reaches into the uterus blindly with forceps and starts grabbing and twisting off body parts of a living baby. Click to enlarge…

Abortion extremists storm Tennessee capitol… because it worked so well for them in Texas?


Yesterday was the first day of session for the new Tennessee legislature.

It was particularly notable for those involved in the abortion issue because it symbolized a new day for the Tennessee pro-life movement in the wake of Amendment 1’s passage last November.

BREAKING: House to vote on 20-week abortion ban Jan 22: Roe anniversary, date of March for Life

March For Life participants make their way to U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington

From Politico this morning, in an article entitled, “GOP hopes it’s cracked the abortion code: Republicans unite around a push to ban the procedure after 20 weeks of pregnancy”:

… GOP leaders plan to vote on a federal 20-week abortion ban on Jan. 22. That’s the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade and falls on the same day as the March for Life….

Politico: New pro-life regulations could help falling abortion numbers “fall even faster”

Priscilla Smith, a Yale Law professor and former attorney with the Center for Reproductive Rights, said…“they’re passing regulations that shut down abortion clinics.”… The court battles are raging as fewer women than ever are seeking abortions since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalized the procedure. The abortion rate has reached its lowest point since […]

Hey AHA, like Rod Serling said…


… a risky assumption to begin with.

Two significant pro-life bills introduced during 1st week of new Congress

capitol-sun-575Representative Diane Black just issued a press statement announcing that she, along with Reps. Bill Flores, Jackie Walorski, Chris Smith, Joe Pitts, and over 80 House cosponsors, have reintroduced the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act,” which would prohibit any organization that provide abortions from receiving Title X Family Planning dollars.

Surprising pro-life wins in CROmnibus

House Speaker John Boehner Holds Weekly News Conference

You’ll recall that in August the California Department of Managed Health Care issued a mandate requiring all insurance issuers to immediately add surgical and RU-486 abortion coverage to their plans, even those for nonprofit religious institutions and churches.

GOP-controlled Senate “trouble for reproductive rights”?

by Carder A Republican-controlled Senate with McConnell as majority leader could spell serious trouble for reproductive rights. McConnell has been vocal in his support for a national 20-week abortion ban, which he is likely to try to bring to the floor for a vote. Democrats would probably filibuster such a bill, and President Obama would […]

Country singer Gretchen Peters worried about pro-life legislation

by Carder What scares me about what is happening in the mid-terms in Tennessee is that the amendment that’s on the ballot would actually not provide for abortion in the case of rape or the potential death of the mother. That is extreme…. I got some really quite ugly hate mail, but to me country […]

The “undue burden” of a regulated abortion clinic

~ RH Reality Check’s Andrea Grimes, itemizing the “undue burden” placed on pregnant mothers who have to travel further to get an abortion at a regulated abortion clinic in Texas, as opposed to a closer unregulated clinic. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of these regulations on October 2, effectively shuttering 13 unstandardized […]

Abortion’s new underground railroad

According to the Guttmacher Institute, in 2009 the median cost of a first-trimester abortion was just under $500. Add the bus travel or gas and up to three nights in a hotel, and the cost can jump by several hundred dollars. That’s the impetus behind Clinic Action Support Network, which was founded last summer in […]

Moral of the story: Don’t depend on abortion for birth control or have sex with creeps

drive long distance abortion andrea grimes rh reality checkOn June 3, RH Reality Check’s Andrea Grimes wrote about the “abortion access crisis” in East Texas where, due to clinic closures, women are being forced to “travel hundreds of miles roundtrip to Houston, Dallas, or Shreveport for legal abortion care.”

Save one, the examples Grimes gave to draw sympathy didn’t, at least from me:

South by Southwest: Pro-life laws eradicating abortion clinics

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.08.53 AM

There is a mesmerizing time-lapse video at the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois, that in four minutes shows the North’s four-year takeover of the South during the Civil War (screen shots above – view a video clip here).

I was reminded of that video when viewing this GIF from Planned Parenthood. Click on the image to launch…

Muslims offended by Taliban/abortion law comparison

by Carder The ad ran in Sunday’s paper in the Knoxville News Sentinel and the Times Free Press in Chattanooga. It’s a cartoon of a man in a turban standing over top a woman with his foot pinning her down. In the man’s folded arms is a rolled paper saying ‘Amendment #1′, which is a […]

Override of 20-week abortion ban veto in West VA “imminent”

Earl-Ray-Tomblin-at-White-House (1)A remarkable feat in and of itself, West Virginia became the first Democrat-controlled state to pass a 20-week abortion ban this past March.

Until then all 1w other 20-week fetal pain bans (Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, IdahoIndiana, KansasLouisiana, MississippiNebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas) had been passed by Republicans.

West Virginia’s supposedly pro-life Democrat Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, pictured right, went on to veto the ban, claiming it was unconstitutional. This although nine of the aforementioned state bans* have never been challenged in court.

Now stage has been set for an even more remarkable feat to take place: a Democrat-controlled override of Tomblin’s veto.

Number of states with waiting periods before abortion jumps by 225%

thinking-woman (1)On May 21, the Missouri General Assembly passed legislation tripling the length of time an abortion-minded pregnant mother must wait in that state before killing her baby, bumping it up from 24 hours to 72 hours.

Unknown is whether Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon will sign or veto the bill.

Is he does, Missouri will join two other states, Utah and South Dakota, with a three-day waiting period.

Abortion happy Huffington Post lamented such common sense laws. Supposed pro-“choicers” appear to fear mothers might change their minds if given any breathing room whatsoever to ponder the immensely consequential decision they are making. HuffPo added this interesting chart…

BREAKING: Louisiana legislature passes Texas-style pro-life mega-bill

Katrina Jackson HB388 pro-life billThe Louisiana House voted this afternoon 88-5 to join the Senate in passing a pro-life omnibus bill, which Governor Bobby Jindal promoted and has already promised to sign.

But unlike Texas, there was no pink tennis-shoed legislator trying to hold up the process. HB388 received bipartisan support, even sponsored by a Democrat – Rep. Katrina Jackson, pictured left.

Depending on the source, the enacted measure is anticipated to close either three or four of the state’s five abortion clinics. Good riddance. Quoting nola.com:

Planned Parenthood drops Kansas defunding challenge

Planned Parenthood drops Kansas defunding challengeHere’s news so good I couldn’t let the weekend pass by without mentioning it. From the Associated Press, May 9:

Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri dropped its legal challenge Friday to a Kansas law that stripped two of its Kansas clinics of federal money for family planning….

Abortion biz CEO: Hard to find good help in Texas

by Kelli I can’t find anyone to deliver water or resurface the parking lot, because they’re against abortion. I can’t get someone to fix a leak in the roof. ~ Amy Hagstrom Miller (pictured right), CEO of abortion facility Whole Woman’s Health in Texas, lamenting the widespread closing of abortion clinics in the state, where […]

We are winning the war against abortion in America on all measurable fronts


You may (or may not!) have noticed I’ve been out-of-pocket a few days. I was in Dublin, Ireland, where I was asked to speak at the National Convention for Life 2014 on April 12.

16668_606486482773510_604782369_nThe daylong event was more than sold out. Many came who hadn’t registered, and although there were dozens of chairs added, some of the 600 attendees still had to stand.

The life issue is huge in Ireland, which was abortion free until the tragic death in 2012 of Savita Halappanavar and her 17-wk-old baby, which abortion zealots exploited and lied about to push through a law legalizing abortion for medical emergencies and suicidal ideation last year.

In that light, NCFL organizers asked me to encourage our Irish counterparts by describing how we are winning the war against abortion in America. You can view my speech here, but I thought I’d post the statistics I showed – many compiled by abortion proponents – demonstrating that we are indeed prevailing in just about every measurable way. Click all slides to enlarge.

Big Abortion’s big lies about the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

taxpayer funding abortionWorld Magazine gives the backdrop:

President Barack Obama last year told Americans he was sorry after it became clear that his oft-repeated claim, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it,” was demonstrably false.

Obama has been much slower, however, to admit fault for another dishonest claim: He secured the final votes for the Affordable Care Act from pro-life Democrats with the promise that federal funds would not be used to pay for abortions.

Phenomenal Mother Jones graphic on those “creeping” pro-life laws

Here’s a nice graphic posted at Mother Jones today:

835726006 (1)

It correlates with Guttmacher’s January 2 report indicating that “more state abortion restrictions were enacted in 2011-2013 than in the entire previous decade”…

How to upset pro-aborts: Empower women to sue abortionists

by Kelli “All the work in getting pro-life legislation passed can be lost if there are no tools for enforcing them,” [AUL’s Charmaine] Yoest said by e-mail. “The enforcement module, for the first time, equips ordinary Americans to file a complaint, and expands the potential for people in their own communities – in addition to […]

Obama group: ABQ’s 20-wk abortion ban “pretty scary” and “extreme”

Something pretty scary is happening in Albuquerque right now. Voters will cast ballots on November 19th on an initiative that would ban abortions after 20 weeks with virtually zero exceptions. This is a serious attack on women – and it’s a deliberate attempt by extreme interest groups to test their latest anti-women strategy…. The groups […]

Noise intensifies as early voting on ABQ 20-wk abortion ban begins

GreetingsFromAlbuquerqueEarly voting on the first local ban in the country on abortions past 20 weeks began in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on October 30. It will run until November 15, with Election Day on November 19.

Albuquerque is currently a late-term abortion magnet, as it is home to abortionist Curtis Boyd’s Southwestern Women’s Options, where elective abortions are committed “through 28 weeks” and “later” for maternal/fetal indications.

This ban would set a dangerous precedent for abortion supporters. They are already fighting a losing battle in their attempts to extinguish pro-life fires among the states, but their troubles would grow exponentially were they also forced to deal with hundreds or thousands of local municipalities.

Perhaps this is why Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action has gotten involved:

Texas 20-week abortion ban goes into effect

You wouldn’t know it by the following Washington Post headline and photo, but the ban in Texas on abortions after 20 weeks, signed into law by Governor Rick Perry on July 18went into effect on October 29…


The 20-week ban was but one part of a powerful package of four anti-abortion provisions infamously filibustered by state Sen. Wendy Davis.

Past three years have taken a “dramatic toll” on US abortion clinics

This kind of change is incredibly dramatic. What we’ve been seeing since 1982 was a slow decline, but this kind of change … [is] so different from what’s happened in the past. ~ Elizabeth Nash, state issues manager at Guttmacher Institute, commenting on a Huffington Post report (“Anti-abortion laws take dramatic toll on clinics nationwide”) […]

Not part of the plan: 21 states ban private abortion coverage

What they’re trying to do make abortion more difficult to access and unaffordable for women, and this is one of the ways they can do that…. It’s part and parcel of the larger effort to make abortion harder for women to get…. Abortion should just be part of the comprehensive plan that women get because […]

Saving the 1%: Pro-life bills lose the rape/incest exception

Set aside the spin and snarkiness, and the August 27 New Republic article, “Pro-lifers aren’t even trying to make abortion restrictions sound nice anymore,” contains exciting news: The year 2011 was “The Year of Abortion Restrictions,” when states enacted more new laws narrowing abortion rights than in any other year since Roe v. Wade…. The era of warm and […]

Radical pro-abortion professors push for more hospital abortions


In a statement set to be published in the September issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 100 ob-gyns condemn new state restrictions on abortion as a “political regression.” The article… criticizes hospitals for relinquishing abortion to stand-alone clinics that are easily targeted by abortion activists, and calls on the medical community to integrate the procedure into women’s-health services and medical training.

Pro-choice extremism: Opposing public opinion, science and medicine

abortion-protesters-550x374Looking at Gallup over the years, opposition to abortion after six months has never dropped below 80 percent. Even at three months, the numbers are still impressive: Over 60 percent of Americans consistently oppose abortions after the first trimester, and in 2011 they rose to 71 percent.

If these were election results, you’d call it a landslide….

MSNBC host wears tampon earrings to protest new pro-life law in Texas

I just have to show these. My producer Lorena made for me last week some tampon earrings because, of course, you’ll remember that the Texas state legislature said that you couldn’t bring tampons in, when they were going, these women, to, in fact, stand up for their own reproductive rights. You weren’t allowed initially to […]

Abortion activists “nervous” about SCOTUS review of abortion pill law

All of this is making abortion rights advocates nervous, because the restriction was struck down, and to revisit it brings into question what might be permissible around medication abortion restrictions. ~ Elizabeth Nash of the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute on the US Supreme Court’s decision to review an Oklahoma Supreme Court’s decision striking down a 2011 […]

New pro-life legislative efforts extend to local municipal level


As desperate abortion proponents employ the “run around the country like chickens with their heads cut off” strategy to try to stop unprecedented pro-life legislative advances in the states, they should know those advances are on the cusp of exponentially exploding to local municipalities.

Actor Jason Patric donates sperm, seeks legal rights to son

No child should have to endure a painful separation from a parent who loves that child because the other parent is no longer willing to share the child and asserts a legal technicality…. I just pray and I try to do everything I can legally, legislatively to have justice come. ~ Actor Jason Patric of […]

Feces, urine, used tampons confiscated from pro-abortion TX protesters

From the Huffington Post, July 12: Some opponents of the bill reportedly had items such as feminine hygiene products confiscated by state troopers while attempting to enter the state Senate gallery. While these items may have been innocuous, the Department of Public Safety later reported that it had found one jar suspected to contain urine, 18 jars suspected to […]

TX pro-abortion bus tour cancels last stop; orange uprising was staged

1069210_142490549283765_1461451263_n (1)

So today’s the big day, the culmination of recent pro-life efforts in Texas to ban abortions after 20 weeks and enact stricter abortion industry regulations. From the Associated Press:

BREAKING: IL Supreme Court upholds 18-yr-old parental notification law

breakingToday, in a unanimous ruling, the Illinois Supreme Court issued a decision to uphold a parental notification law enacted way back in 1995.

This is FABULOUS news, since Illinois has become known as the abortion dumping ground of the Midwest – the only state without any parental involvement law in force, while all surrounding states have such measures.

Thomas More Society, the pro-life legal team based in Illinois that has been pushing enforcement of this law, has posted a synopsis of this incredibly drawn out court battle.

“Bro-choicers” boohoo: Texas abortion bill could curb our casual sex

For those of us guys who like girls – you know, like them like them – and want to have relationships with them that may last anywhere from a few minutes to many years, we need to think about how this bill, by curtailing the bodily autonomy and sexual freedom of women, hurts us, too. […]

July 9, blue sky day for pro-life movement


Of course, we can never really wake up to blue skies as long as the dark cloud of abortion hangs over us.

Nevertheless, yesterday brought lots of good news for the pro-life movement from many sides.

Don’t mess with Texas pro-lifers

First, last night the Texas House provisionally passed (formal ceremonial vote today) pro-life bills a pro-abortion mob previously blocked on June 25. The tally, 98-49, was four votes higher for our side than the vote taken after pro-abortion Rep. Wendy Davis’s filibuster. Sweet.

At the time of the vote, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards was inexplicably rallying in Houston, as if she forgot the state capital is Austin. Cecile turned from festive to angry after the vote, tweeting, “Tonight the TX House passed a bill that will take women back decades–and we’re not going,” adding this photo to scare us. She apparently missed the memo instructing late-term abortion supporters to wear orange. Click to enlarge…

Texas abortion supporter wishes her uterus was a gun

The Washington Examiner has posted “20 bizarre pro-choice signs protesting the Texas abortion bill.”

I already posted one of them, but here’s another that caught my eye, bringing new meaning to the term, “concealed carry”:


The woman was obviously wishing she could quife a round at pro-life legislators. Perhaps she was responding to Texas Congressman Steve Stockman’s tweet…

Feminists urged to sharpen “talons of vengeance” to stop slew of pro-life bills

shutterstock_123153736-199x300Ladies, the battle against anti-choice, anti-women, anti-cool white dudes has now reached critical mass: within mere hours of each other, both Texas and North Carolina have advanced bills to restrict state reproductive rights. Read along while you file your nails into talons of vengeance and feminism.

The Texas State Affairs Committee – the special session Governor Rick Perry called together after Senator Wendy Davis’ legendary filibuster – voted to approve HB 2, a heinous anti-abortion bill, on a party line vote. The bill is now sent to the full House for consideration next week; if approved, it will go through the same process in the Senate….

Powers: Maybe the real bullies are women like Wendy Davis

One can assume I am also not the only woman in America who is really tiring of the Wendys of the world claiming to represent “women’s rights” in their quest to mainstream a medical procedure — elective late-term abortion — that most of the civilized world finds barbaric and abhorrent. In many European countries, you […]

TX abortion backers chant “Hail, satan!” Mob cheers for late abortions

Click all photos to enlarge…

Abortion Restrictions Texas.JPEG-0b121

UPDATE 7/7, 7:50a: Some have complained that the “Hail, satan” in most post yesterday is only chanted once at the end by by kooky mocker.

Yet tweeters wrote it was being chanted all day. Thanks to commenter Lrning for providing a link to another video, posted by Bryan Preston at PJMedia.com, who noted, “This incident apparently occurred earlier than the other ‘Hail Satan’ chant that was caught on tape.” Between 5:15-5:50 on this video, and you can clearly hear the eerie chant, “Hail, satan.” Incidentally, it comes midway through the compelling testimony of a post-abortive mother….

Those pro-abortion bullies are actually on the defensive

602963_501699629869499_1560075935_n (1)

Back in the day abortion proponents had all the mojo and pro-lifers were on the defensive. The photo above, via PBS, is of pro-abortion rally demanding a repeal of pro-life laws in Washington, D.C.,  circa 1971.

At the same time, feminists were pushing the Equal Rights Amendment in all 50 states. The photo below, via illinois.gov, is of feminists writing the names of ERA opponents in pigs’ blood on the floor of the Illinois State Capitol on June 24, 1982…

Perry calls 2nd special session; won’t let pro-abortion anarchy rule

imageI’m on vacation but have been following the drama in Texas, which this afternoon took an upturn after a scandalous pro-abortion cabal illegally disrupted democracy last night.

The Houston Chronicle’s lede is so misleading, but what else should we expect from MSM? In actuality it was a pro-abortion mob that blocked common sense, public supported pro-life bills, not a “fail”ure of the Texas Senate to pass “strict abortion restrictions.”

And where is a description of the illegal disruption from the gallery? But whatever, Governor Perry is ensuring democracy, not anarchy, rules:

Sebelius: Abortion between woman, doctor – and priest

I’m alarmed about restrictions being passed by various legislatures that take out of the control of women, and their partners, and their doctors, and their priests, their own decisions about their healthcare. ~ Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius asserting that abortion restrictions “interfere with a woman’s relationship with her priest,” via Gateway Pundit, […]


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by Kelli


At Carafem, staff members plan to greet clients with warm teas, comfortable robes and a matter-of-fact attitude.

“We don’t want to talk in hushed tones,” said Carafem president Christopher Purdy. “We use the A-word.”…

Because Carafem will offer only the abortion pill, not vacuum aspiration or other surgical procedures, prospective clients must be no more than 10 weeks pregnant….

After receiving counseling and some basic tests, Carafem clients will take an initial pill at the clinic. Purdy’s team expects to get them in and out quickly, within about 60 minutes. They will be sent home with a second set of pills to take the next day. The second dose induces the abortion, which resembles a miscarriage, typically within six hours.

By offering only pharmaceutical abortions, Purdy says, he can avoid purchasing expensive surgical equipment and keep prices low for clients. The average pharmaceutical abortion cost about $500 in the United States in 2011, Guttmacher figures show; Purdy plans to charge around $400.

Another striking aspect of the project is the design: The clinic will have wood floors and a natural wood tone on the walls that recalls high-end salons such as Aveda. Appointments, offered evenings and weekends, can be booked online or via a 24-hour hotline.

“It was important for us to try to present an upgraded, almost spa-like feel,” said Melissa S. Grant, vice president of health services for the clinic.

If the project is successful, Purdy says, he hopes to expand his model to other states.

“It’s fresh, it’s modern, it’s clean, it’s caring,” he said. “That’s the brand we’re trying to create.”

~ Sandhya Somashekhar, The Washington Post, March 30

[Photo via essence.com]

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