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Is Amazon selling black market Plan B?

Plan B on AmazonYou won’t hear me say this often, but the pro-abortion website RH Reality Check has posted a well done article today, “Buyer Beware: Can we trust cheap Plan B One-Step on Amazon,com?”

This week some on the Left have heralded the discovery that one can purchase Plan B, the name brand for the morning-after pill, on Amazon for a much cheaper price than one can buy it at a pharmacy or clinic.

For whatever reason, RHRC took a second look at something that would seem almost too good to be true.

Pay no attention to how great Planned Parenthood thought Plan B was 5 minutes ago

Just notice its sparkly new (and expensive) Plan C

2013-12-10_1105In 2005, after the FDA under President George W. Bush resisted liberal pressure to make the hormonal emergency contraceptive Plan B available over-the-counter, Planned Parenthood was furious, claiming unfettered access to hormonal ECs would cut the number of abortions in America by a whopping 67%, from 1.2 million annually to 400,000:

Insane: Judge orders OTC emergency contraception to all ages nationwide

FE_PR_081204_pills_540425x283One round of emergency contraceptives contains four to 12 times the dosage of a birth control pill.

The long-term effects of emergency contraception on the bodies of girls and women are as yet unknown.

At present we do know the Pill is composed of synthetic female steroids that are environmentally toxic, increase the risk of breast cancer, alter phermones, kill libido, and cause depression, anxiety, and mood disturbances.

Is AAP’s “routine Plan B Rx for teen girls” step too far for Obama?

During Thanksgiving week the American Academy of Pediatrics announced its recommendation that “morning after” prescriptions be issued to adolescent girls as a matter of course…. This approach, besides being deeply insulting to the human dignity of adolescents, exposes the reality that when we talk about sex these days, we all too often put good health […]

BPAS: Planning for sex like planning for rain

Our Just in Case kit means you have a back-up there when you need it, wherever you happen to be…. If you carry an umbrella in your bag or a spare tyre in your boot no one would suggest you are hoping for rain or planning on a puncture. Having the morning-after-pill to hand is […]

Is it true the morning-after pill does NOT cause abortions?

Yesterday The New York Times posted the article, “Abortion qualms on the morning-after pill may be unfounded.”

Before quoting the NYT piece let me make clear it makes no such claim about hormonal birth control pills, only Plan B, advertised to be taken up to three days after unprotected sex, and Ella, advertised to be taken up to five days after unprotected sex.

In a nutshell:

The problem with making the morning-after pill as easy to get as a candy bar

Fox News reported today that a Texas high school coach faces felony charges after giving the morning-after pill to one of her underage 16-yr-old students. There’s the first reason not to make the morning-after pill easily available to adults: Just because an adult buys it doesn’t mean an adult will take it. Shippensburg University in […]

Plan B: Where liberals and Big Pharma make strange bedfellows

[W]hat makes my liberal friends believe a child at 11 years old, or even 16, wouldn’t use the convenience of condom-aisle Plan B as an excuse to use it instead of condoms, or to skip the hassle of seeing a doctor to get birth control pills, even though the drug is explicitly not supposed to […]

Free morning-after Christmas sex “jingle pill”

We already know there is nothing left sacred. Now all there is to report are the deepening degrees of blasphemy. Here’s one, with some irony thrown in. Bearing in mind Christmas celebrates the birth of world’s Savior, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service launched a campaign offering free morning-after pills through the month of December to […]

Plan B advocate: Young victims of sexual abuse need it most – so they don’t have to tell

Most alarmingly, keeping Plan B behind the counter especially affects cases of sexual abuse. If a young girl needs birth control at the age of 11 or 12, she may be the victim of the crime. While getting a prescription would alert the doctor and other adults to the abuse, it would not be fast […]

Obama opposes free access of minors to morning-after pill but supports it for abortion

In a press conference today President Barack Obama was asked whether he agreed with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ decision yesterday to overrule the FDA and block the sale of the morning-after pill (abortion pill) to minors without a prescription. Obama responded, “As the father of two daughters, I think it is important for us to make […]

Pro-choicer fumes over Sebelius decision against Plan B for children

If nothing else, the decision reveals the power anti-choice activists have over the Obama administration, which has a history of cowing to political pressure from anti-choice activists who want to restrict access not just to abortion but to emergency contraception and conventional birth control. Fortunately, girls of all ages will still have access to over-the-counter […]

Why did Sebelius do it?

  UPDATE 12/9, 11:45a:  A sixth theory, by Steven Ertelt at LifeNews.com: “The Obama administration’s track record on protecting Planned Parenthood raises the likelihood that the FDA decision is less about safety and more about making sure that Planned Parenthood retains a substantial share of the Plan B market,” Indiana Right to Life president Mike […]

Breaking: Sebelius overrules FDA – morning-after pill will NOT be made available to kids without a prescription

Here’s the letter from FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg. Excerpt: I reviewed and thoughtfully considered the data… and I agree with the Center that there is adequate and reasonable, well-supported, and science-based evidence that Plan B One-Step is safe and effective and should be approved for nonprescription use for all females of child-bearing potential. However, […]

WA State Board of Pharmacy reversal: Will not force pharmacies to dispense emergency contraceptives

I read this tweet on Steph Herold’s IAmDrTiller account this morning: “Fill prescriptions w/o discrimination” is code for forcing pharmacies and pharmacists, even if against their moral convictions, to dispense emergency contraceptives. ECs may kill newly conceived humans. Sure enough, great news – and x2. 1st we see an anti-life decision being reversed; and 2nd […]

Pro-life group challenges Senate candidate’s support of forcing hospitals to dispense morning-after pill

In June I applauded Washington Life Coalition for spotlighting supposedly pro-life US Senate candidate Dino Rossi’s rape/incest exception. So many pro-life groups give candidates a pass on the rape/incest exception because the general public at this point is uneducated and thinks such an exception is compassionate, when it really isn’t. But particularly in primaries we […]

Woman uses emergency contraceptive to kill wrongly implanted babies

Bunnies tell FDA to make morning-after pill available w/o prescription for minors

Yesterday the Center for Reproductive Rights posted a cute bunny video encouraging the FDA to make the morning-after pill available over the counter to minor girls…. Currently pharmacies must check photo IDs, because the law states no one under 17 may purchase the MAP without a prescription, although pro-abort Amanda Marcotte wrote, “There is no […]

Plan B easy availability to minors will increase rape

by Kelli From

Breaking news: FDA rolls – will approve morning-after pill sales for 17-year-olds


Judge issues restraining order against State of IL to stop forcing pharmacists to sell morning-after pill

On April 2, former IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich was American Center for Law and Justice press statement today: In issuing the Order, Judge John Belz found that… Luke VanderBleek and Glenn Kosirog – 2 pharmacists who own 5 pharmacies between them – were “likely to succeed” on the merits of their claim that the regulation […]

Breaking news: IL Supreme Court rules for pharmacists/against Blagojevich

emergency rule” that year forcing IL pharmacists and pharmacies to dispense the morning-after pill even if against their religious beliefs. The MAP can stop a young embryo from embedding into the wall of the uterus, i.e., cause an abortion. Of course, you wouldn’t know any of this by the tricky wording of Blagojevich’s statement (click […]

Back Up or Primary Birth Control Day?

Yesterday was Back Up Your Birth Control Campaign Day of Action to promote the morning-after pill, according to a NARAL email alert. The 2-pill MAP regimen contains 8-20x the potency of 1 birth control pill (see chart below). It has never undergone long-term studies. No one knows how these mega-doses of female steroids will impact […]

“The one-year anniversary of hell breaking loose”

On testified before an FDA committee against making the MAP available over-the-counter. My focus was on the danger to underage girls. To celebrate the one-year anniversary, Christina Page at RH Reality Check

Well, then, what do they cause?

Pro-aborts are trying to force all Iowan pharmacists to stock the morning after pill. Faye Waddington at RH (Reproductive Health) Reality Check Plan B, website admits: Plan B… prevents pregnancy mainly by stopping the release of an egg from the ovary, and may also prevent the fertilization of an egg (the uniting of sperm with […]

Losing the MAP battle: crippled over contraceptives

NARAL used

ISMS opposes pharmacies dispensing emergency contraceptives without prescription

As a perennial Top Five PAC contributor to political campaigns, the Illinois State Medical Society is one of the most influential lobbying groups in the state. ISMS’s 2006 candidate questionnaire includes its position against pharmacists dispensing the morning after pill without a prescription. To read the question in its entirety, see page 2. ISMS’s position […]

Irresponsible sex constitutes a “medical emergency”?

Regarding the blog post, ILLINOIZE: It’s a Job, Not a Choice, Yellow Dog Democrat claims that even if pharmacists are protected by IL’s conscience clause law, they would still be mandated to dispense morning after pills even if morally opposed because of this section of the law: Nothing in this Act shall be construed so […]

So much for “choice” in Illinois

KSDK reported last night that Walgreens suspended four Illinois pharmacists without pay November 28 for refusing to dispense the morning after pill. Walgreens said it was forced to take this “drastic action” due to “a new law relating to this type of emergency contraceptive.” Not remarkably, the mainstream media obfuscated what really happened: Earlier this […]


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