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Did pro-life protesters settle with Notre Dame too soon?

Click to enlarge… I just watched the latest video by Michael Voris of RealCatholicTV, and wow, it’s great. Voris is my kind of pro-lifer.

Notre Dame president to attend 2010 March for Life

UPDATE, 2:08p: As noted in some of the comments, Fr. Jenkins has yet to drop charges against the ND 88, the protesters who trespassed Notre Dame’s property during the President’s commencement address.

Pro-abort suspicious over Obama’s Notre Dame “common ground” speech

by Carder Not all pro-choicers are embracing President Obama’s call for “common ground.” The Rev. Dr. Carlton Veazey, president of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, laments in RH Reality Check whether common ground is merely code for appeasement: My experience of 13 years in the pro-choice movement is that “common ground” has become another […]

Abortion images get attention at Notre Dame

The Notre Dame archives tab to view all my posts, photos, and video leading up to and throughout Obama’s appearance there.

Crying baby repeatedly interrupts Obama’s speech during abortion segment

Edwin Mora of

Video of nun arrested at Notre Dame

I reported in a couple spots (here) on arrests I witnessed Sunday near the Joyce Center on the Notre Dame campus. These occurred when 15 pro-life activists from Citizens for a Pro-life Society incurred over $6,500 in expenses for its various Notre Dame initiatives. Donations to defray costs would be appreciated. Information on how to […]

What’s (Who’s) gotten into Notre Dame?

by Carder Ever wondered how the darling of Catholic higher education arrived at Sunday’s disgrace? Notre Dame alum

Notre Dame’s other commencement honoree


Notre Dame update 5/18, 7:45a: Photo reflections

Click all photos to enlarge. IMO, this was my best, most clarifying shot of the day… These good people just showed up at the protest staging area to give away thousands of t-shirts…

Notre Dame update 5/17, 9:50p EST: At the Grotto

Leslie Hanks and I trekked to the alternative service held today at Notre Dame’s Grotto for graduating seniors not willing to sit through a commencement honoring a supporter of child murder. The service was led by Priest for Life’s Fr. Frank Pavone… Leslie and I wandered to the back to get shots of the audience. […]

Notre Dame update 5/17, 8:30p: The 2 mile pro-life protest at Notre Dame

Today thousands of pro-lifers converged on South Bend, IN, to protest Notre Dame’s selection of radically pro-abortion Barack Obama as its commencement speaker and honoree. The

Notre Dame update 5/17, 7:35p EST: Obama’s speech

I was at the Notre Dame Grotto this afternoon watching Fr. Frank Pavone speak to pro-life graduates who refused to attend their commencement honoring radical pro-abortion Barack Obama when I got a call from friend Fran that Obama had begun his speech on the other side of campus. So I listened to Fr. Pavone with […]

Notre Dame update 5/17, 2:15p EST

The big update from my end is Monica Miller and 6 pro-lifers got arrested in the parking lot of the Joyce Center where Obama is speaking. We were this close to grads and families entering the Center…

Notre Dame update 5/17, 10:48a EST

The 8 buses from Chicago and MI have arrived… This is one staging area. Eric Scheidler of Pro-Life Action League is holding the bullhorn…

Notre Dame update, 5/17, 9:40a EST

Am at house across the street from Notre Dame a grad rented to pro-lifers for today. Just learned there will be live feed from teapartylive.tv. Already spotted abortion plane. We pretended we were lost and drove in the parking lot next to Joyce Hall, where Obama will speak….

Notre Dame update 5/17, 7:40a EST

Turns out Norma McCorvey, the Roe in Roe v. Wade who is now pro-life, wanted to get arrested with Fr. Weslin yesterday and was insulted when police pushed her aside to grab the frail old guy. (Above photo shows Norma to Fr.’s right just before the arrest.) Norma attended the Fox News, yesterday…

Notre Dame update 5/16, 10p EST

After finishing my last post, Leslie and I drove to the main entrance of Notre Dame and saw news crews starting to assemble in the neighborhood directly outside the campus… This was 6p, and there were a couple dozen pro-life protesters still hanging around the entrance of ND. They came with a busload from St. […]

Notre Dame update 5/16, 4:30p EST

Got into town a couple hours ago and went straight to Best Buy to purchase a little pocket video camera I read about on the plane that lets one post directly to YouTube. Also got a much needed phone upgrade so I can now post from anywhere on my computer through my Blackberry’s Internet access. […]

Video of elderly priest Fr. Norman Weslin’s arrest at Notre Dame

This is heartbreaking… [HT: reader Mary Q.]

Weekend pro-life events at Notre Dame

Saturday, 5/16… 8a – 1p+: Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s “abortion plane” will fly truth banner around Notre Dame campus 12p: NDResponse.com (Notre Dame student group) – All night Adoration begins at Alumni Hall (on-campus) Chapel Sunday, 5/17…

Randall Terry on Hannity last night

Randall Terry was on Sean Hannity’s show last night discussing the Notre Dame debacle. He appeared in the place of Alan Keyes, who

Pro-lifers, including elderly priest, arrested at Notre Dame

UPDATE, 2:35p: Am adding stills from

Obama’s connections on Notre Dame Board of Trustees

The love of money is indeed still the root of all evil, even at Catholic institutions. On May 10

Buses added for Notre Dame protests

UPDATE, 5/13, 10:10a:I’ve just received word from Steven Brody, exec. dir. of Dubuque Co. Right to Life, that the here and here for time travel details….

Breaking news: Fr. Pavone urges student boycott of Notre Dame commencement; will offer alternative

UPDATE, 8:45p: Fr. Pavone has made a YouTube video explaining his plan for Sunday: _______________ Fr. Frank Pavone of Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes on campus. Seniors not attending their commencement honoring radical pro-abortion President Barack Obama invited Fr. Pavone to offer this option, called the Class of 2009 Vigil for Life. Fr. Pavone’s […]

Slightly edited anti-Obama billboards near Notre Dame are up

I Pro-Life Action League had purchased 2 billboards on IN Tollroad I80/90 within 20 miles of Notre Dame to the east and west, protesting Obama’s appearance at its May 17 commencement. This is what the billboard was to look like: The billboards were to go up April 27. But there came a problem. The sign […]

Notre Dame’s just desserts

The title of this piece on great dessert finds in the South Bend area, published in Notre Dame’s student newspaper,

Buses to board in Michigan for Notre Dame protest

On May 1 Pro-Life Action League was taking reservations for 3 buses to depart for South Bend from Chicago’s north and south sides and Aurora early May 17 to protest Barack Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame. Now prolifesociety@execpc.com or call Judy Parran at 517-546-3092 to sign up. Fees: Single adult: $27 High school/college: $20 Family […]

Win Notre Dame “abortion plane” contest

The A case for life.

Notre Dame pro-life student group announces commencement weekend plans; to include boycott


All systems go: Pro-Life Action League gets permits to protest at Notre Dame

previously posted the planned protest route. Buses will leave from 3 locations May 17: NORTH SIDE CHICAGO: Departs League Chicago Office, 6160 N Cicero Ave, Chicago, 7a CST SOUTH SIDE CHICAGO: Departs St. Thomas More Church, 2825 W 81st St, Chicago, 7a CST WESTERN SUBURBS: Departs from Aurora Central High School, 1255 N Edgelawn Dr, […]

Randall Terry arrested at Notre Dame

UPDATE, 3:40p: Just received a link to this Operation Rescue’s name, such a pathetic waste of energy and money. Recently I added to my list Terry’s Pastor Hoye), and then there is Terry’s reason: attention. He gives pro-lifers a bad name when he pulls stunts like this. From

Libs go nuts, really nuts, about “abortion plane” flyovers at Notre Dame

The title of liberal blogger here and

CBR: Abortion no longer trivialized in South Bend


Obama to wear robe with cross and Virgin Mary prayer at Notre Dame commencement

UPDATE, 10:33a: CNSNews.com, April 28: President Barack Obama is expected to wear the traditional doctoral robe featuring the cross and prayer of the Virgin Mary when he speaks at… Notre Dame next month, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told CNSNews.com White House Correspondent Fred Lucas on Monday….

CBR launches “Obama awareness campaign” at Notre Dame a wk early

I wrote last week the last week, CBR is unveiling 3 more. Click to enlarge:

Breaking news: Mary Ann Glendon declines Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal

UPDATE, 2:20p: American Papist] _______________ UPDATE, 9:57a: From David Brody at

What does it profit a Catholic college?

by Carder Add these schools to the growing “Catholic-institutions-who-forfeit-their-souls-in-order-to-gain-the-whole-world” list: Georgetown University

Update on Notre Dame’s Fr. Jenkins’ trip to DC

UPDATE, 4/23, 7a: Per FlightAware: Aircraft Cessna 560 Citation 5Origin Washington Dulles IntlDestination South Bend RgnlDate Wednesday, Apr 22, 2009Duration 1 hours 24 minutesScheduled Actual/EstimatedDeparture 09:58PM EDT 09:58PM EDTArrival 11:22PM EDT 11:22PM EDT An AmP reader wondered if the prodigal son were returning home. The prodigal son in Jesus’ parable only realized he was a […]

In the air and on the ground: CBR to show Obama Truth at Notre Dame

Click to enlarge these specially made Obama Truth signs the

Ad with photos of an aborted baby to run in Notre Dame school newspaper

On April 22 Notre Dame’s student newspaper, The Observer, will feature a full page color ad placed by found in late-term MI abortionist Alberto Hodari’s dumpster 13 months ago….

Anti-Obama billboards purchased on I80/90 E and W of Notre Dame

appreciate donations. Also, PLAL is renting 3 buses, leaving to picket ND early May 17th, 1 from the South Side, 1 from Aurora, and 1 from the PLAL office on Chicago’s north side. Call to reserve your spot now at 773-777-2900. There will be a charge, but PLAL doesn’t know how much yet. PLAL plans […]


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