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Man’s blood saves more than two million babies

by Carder Never once have I watched the needle go in my arm. I can’t stand the sight of blood, and I can’t stand pain… A number of mothers have come up to me and said, “Thank you very much for what you’ve done, because I now I have one, two, three healthy children.” ~ […]

Kwanzaa’s political roots

by Carder While taking the “best of early Chinese and Cuban socialism” — excluding, one hopes, mass murder, forced abortions, imprisonment of homosexuals and forced labor — Karenga said Kawaida practitioners believe one’s racial identity “determines life conditions, life chances and self-understanding.” There’s an inclusive philosophy for you! ~ Conservative pundit Ann Coulter exposing the […]

China: Woman tries to sell daughter to help hospitalized husband

by Carder Please buy my daughter. My husband is waiting for surgery fees in the hospital as his boss ran away. I would like to see my daughter and save my husband. Boss fled after industrial accident and we don’t have the money for treatment. I’m willing to sell my child to save her father. […]

Babies dressed as turkeys: Gobble, gobble

by Carder Putting your baby in a turkey costume: The Thanksgiving tradition that should definitely exist if it doesn’t already. Here’s proof…. ~ Huffington Post featuring babies dressed as Thanksgiving turkeys, November 27 [Photo via Jimmy Fallon on Instagram]

Mom of child with Down syndrome to Disney: Feature disabled characters

by Carder Disney does a great job of depicting right from wrong. It has long providing wonderful moral lessons that teach our children to be good people — but sadly, the company comes up short in one critical area. Its movies have almost no representation of disabled people, those often bullied and looked down upon […]

Adorable Easter baby pictures

by Carder Completely oblivious to the fact that he’s covered in plastic eggs. Perfection in a basket. ~ Dynamom, posting pictures of “12 adorable babies ready for Easter”, via MSN Living, April 20 [Photo via gonnaphoto.com]

Darling Thanksgiving card from 25-weeker

Brad Fischetti sent me the most darling little photo from a close friend of the family, who wrote: Meet baby Anthony, who was born November 25 at just 25 weeks 2 lbs. 2 oz. He is doing well. Take a look at the Thanksgiving card he even made! God is great and so is life! […]

Bird abortions now legal

Following the Bird Supreme Court’s decisive 7-2 ruling to overturn the avian world’s longstanding anti-abortion law, millions of birds across the nation were granted reproductive rights Thursday, prompting thousands to forego parenthood by fatally pushing eggs from their nests…. The landmark ruling, avian law experts confirmed, ends the long-established ban on procedures that involve the […]

Emmanuel Bishop, Down syndrome advocate

Given my experience at Christ Hospital, I have a particular soft spot for people with Down syndrome.

I remember meeting Emmanual Bishop at a pro-life conference 10 years ago when he was five years old. I have enjoyed receiving periodic emails about Emmanuel’s progress from his father, Victor, ever since.

Well, I received one yesterday that blew me away. It had to do with a keynote address Emmanuel, now 15, gave at the Trisomy 21: Down Syndrome in the 21st Century Conference in Houston, Texas, in February.

2012 Twenty hottest conservative women in the new media

Welcome to the 4th annual 20 Hottest Conservative Women in the New Media… Do keep in mind that this list only covers women in the new media. That means no Fox News babes, no congressional aides, and no think tankers – unless they have a new media presence as well. ~ John Hawkins, announcing this […]

Yours has the suffering been, The memory shall be ours

Your silent tents of green We deck with fragrant flowers; Yours has the suffering been, The memory shall be ours. ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Pro-life hairbows

Each bow has a precious feet heart medal on a red satin bow. 50% of each sale of Precious Life Hair Bow will go right back into saving those precious feet! ~ Hairbows 4 Life, in honor of the Roe v. Wade anniversary

4th of July Extra

Apple pie, hamburgers, hot dogs, and the Muppets! What are you doing for the Fourth of July?

2011 Twenty hottest conservative women in the new media

Welcome to the 3rd annual 20 hottest conservative women in the new media… The judges voted on over 40 contestants. After dropping the low score for each woman, the highest remaining scores made the list. Do keep in mind that this list only covers women in the new media. That means no Fox News babes, […]

Hi Carder!

My husband, mom and dad have created some vacation time around a speaking engagement I have in Naples, FL, on March 31. So this morning I got to meet up with moderator Carder! She was kind enough to drive a little ways to visit with me. Carder has been a faithful, witty moderator on this […]

DC Rally Bus organizing March for Life trips in 34 states/Ontario

Check out our newest advertiser, DCRallyBus.com, if your group is planning to attend the March for Life on January 24 in Washington, DC. DC Rally Bus is organizing bus charters from cities in 34 states and Ontario, a wonderful pro-life service. Minimum group size is 40. If your group is smaller, DC Rally Bus will […]

Little Star

My friend and best selling author Anthony DeStefano has written a beautiful book for children, published just in time for Christmas, Little Star. The plot: A king is about to be born! The stars in the heavens are competing to shine the brightest to celebrate his birth. But when they see the poor family, the […]

Glenn Beck did NOT sit here

Last night the United Republican Fund hosted RightNation2010, a conservative convention on the northwest side of Chicago featuring Glenn Beck. An email went out asking if anyone had a stool that Beck could sit on, and I responded, sure! I was excited to think that forever more I could point to my bar stool and […]

Mark calendars for pro-life protest at NAACP convention, Ginsburg vs. Hallmark

Earlier this month the Los Angeles NAACP engaged in utter foolishness and time wastage, claiming a Hallmark graduation card that had been on the shelves for 3 years was racist because of “black holes” verbiage, when the theme of the card was clearly about the solar system, not “black whores”…

Haitian earthquake

UPDATE, 9:13a: Almost the entire leadership team from my son and DIL’s church, Samaritans Purse is one organization I would recommend giving to. Billy Graham’s son Franklin is president and CEO of SP, and the organization has proven trustworthy through the years. You’ll be taken directly to the Haitian relief donation web page

Parkview Christian Church worship band performs “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo”

This was the prelude to the 2009 Christmas Eve worship services at my home church,

EPA/GE destroy remains of historical fort

This is off-topic, but this idiocy makes me SO MAD. From the


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