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Renegade employee transports minor for abortion in Catholic children’s services vehicle


On January 31, pro-life hero Cal Zastrow was standing vigil in the biting Michigan winter cold at the Women’s Center of Saginaw abortion clinic when an SUV bearing the insignia, “Holy Cross Children’s Services” pulled into the parking lot. According to Cal in an email update:

An abortion Christmas present for a teen

My niece is pregnant but her parents don’t know yet and she doesn’t have a lot of money. Is it a good Christmas present to pay for the abortion myself or should I just pay for it and get her something more traditionally “Christmas-y”? ~ Alex, Yahoo Answers, December 22

Obama opposes free access of minors to morning-after pill but supports it for abortion

In a press conference today President Barack Obama was asked whether he agreed with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ decision yesterday to overrule the FDA and block the sale of the morning-after pill (abortion pill) to minors without a prescription. Obama responded, “As the father of two daughters, I think it is important for us to make […]

MSM credits Joe Miller’s AK GOP primary win to pro-life vote

Even though liberal MSM types like Ron Elving, senior Washington editor at NPR, don’t understand what’s going on, they are giving credit for Joe Miller’s AK GOP Senate primary (apparent) victory to pro-life voters. But the title and opening paragraph of Elving’s August 26 piece not so subtly tell us he thinks Alaskans have gone […]

13 Planned Parenthood affiliates blew $638k to lose on Alaska’s parental notice initiative

Final figures at the AK Dept. of Administration site aren’t in, so the amount of money 13 Planned Parenthood affiliates wasted in their unsuccessful attempt to stop the Alaskan parental notification Ballot Measure 2 is likely higher. But receipts submitted thus far indicate they blew a lot as it is, together spending $638k. This is […]

Breaking: IL judge rules in favor of parental notification law

UDPATE, 2:30p: From press release by the

Clandestine minor abortions in Seattle: Why the shock?

I read a couple days ago about the Seattle, WA, 15-year-old who got a clandestine abortion with her school’s help but without her mother knowing. Here’s a

IL parental notification law again blocked

Read my previous posts for the backstory here. The other side’s resolve for the completely unfettered right to kill babies knows no bounds. From the

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