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Does Carhart have a friend on the inside?

a470b078-5ece-4f99-8bca-4830b5722440On February 7, 29-yr-old Jennifer Morbelli, pictured right, died at a Maryland hospital the morning after LeRoy Carhart completed the abortion of her 33-wk-old baby in the Germantown, Maryland, mill at which he worked.

Ironically, the day before Morbelli died the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene issued licenses to all 17 abortion clinics in the state without ever having inspected them, even though abortion clinic regulations had been enacted in November 2012.

Would Feinstein oppose abortion if they used guns to kill babies?

imageLast week Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz got Democrat colleague Dianne Feinstein’s “dander up,” as she later described her temper tantrum, when during a Judiciary Committee meeting he questioned the constitutionality of an assault weapons ban she had introduced. Feinstein snapped:

Obama on Obamacare vs. Obama on Partial Birth Abortion Ban

Vote tally on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010

House: 219 aye (all D) , 212 no (178 R, 34 D)

Senate: 56 aye (all D) , 43 no (40 R, 3 D)

Vote tally on Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003

House: 281 aye (218 R, 63 D), 142 (4 R, 137 D, 1 I)

Senate: 64 aye (47 R, 17 D), 34 no (3 R, 30 D, 1 I)

Responding to a question on Obamacare during an April 2 press conference, President Obama admonished the U.S. Supreme Court not to take the “unprecedented and extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress”…

Stephen Colbert creates partial-birth abortion drinking game

For quite some time elements of the Left have been mocking that which they think the Right holds sacred, from burning the American flag to sticking a crucifix of Jesus in urine. Lately the The Crass Ones have landed on abortion, laughing about aborted fetus cookies and abortion Christmas ornaments while tweeting #abortionclinicplaylistsongs. Worse, they […]

CLOSED: Infamous Los Angeles late-term abortion clinic

The website now reverts to a listing of Los Angeles area abortion mills. (I only got the above screenshot via the wayback machine.) The 800 number has been disconnected, and the local number rings to a message stating, “Our office is closed. We no longer accept patients.”

NPR affiliate: Banning partial-birth abortion a waste of time

[P]artial-birth abortion has been illegal under federal law for years. Congress passed a ban 8 years ago that was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2007. There have been no legal partial birth abortions in Michigan or anywhere else since that time. So why are the legislators wasting time doing this, in a […]

Scandal: ACOG’s collusion with the White House to rewrite objective medical opinion to fit subjective political script

UDPATE, 1:09p:

Perfect for Halloween: new FRC ad reminds voters of Obama’s ghastly support of partial birth abortion

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