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Seinfeld on new fatherhood initiative: “Being there” matters

by Carder

SeinfeldIt’s such a gigantic piece of life for the man, and even more so for the child, because the lack of a father in the child’s life is a very big factor in perpetuating the poverty cycle….

Fathers always think, ‘Well I have to know a lot,’ and what they have to know is that the biggest part of it is being there.

~ Comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld (pictured with actress Gwyneth Paltrow), who “helped spearhead the Baby Buggy Fatherhood Initiative to provide resources to new fathers and to encourage their continued participation in their children’s lives,” People, June 21

Bruce Jenner wanted ex-wife to abort daughter

Casey Jennerby Carder

Bruce Jenner wanted his first wife to get an abortion when she found out she was pregnant during the middle of their divorce in the late 1970s, his daughter said.

In the same interview where Jenner made his debut as “Caitlyn,” Casey Jenner (pictured) told Vanity Fair the story of her birth.

Jenner married Chrystie Crownover in 1972, and the two had a son, Burt. They found out she was pregnant with Casey halfway through their divorce, and Casey said her mom told her that Bruce first suggested getting an abortion but “rejected it after 30 seconds.”…

But Chrystie once said the plan for the abortion went a lot further than just “30 seconds.” In a 1981 interview with People magazine, she said she came close to going through with the abortion simply because Bruce wanted it, even going as far as to pay for it.

~ The Daily Caller, June 2

Questions surround artist Frida Kahlo’s “El Aborto” lithograph

frida-kahlo-untitled-installby Carder

Kahlo depicted herself mourning with tears rolling down her cheeks. At the bottom left, she drew a healthy fetus attached to her by an umbilical cord, suggesting her unfulfilled role as a mother. On the right, an arm holding a heart-shaped palette for paint emerges from behind her body, as if to assert her role as an artist.

~ The Detroit Institute of Arts gallery description of a lithograph by artist Frida Kahlo usually referred to as “El Aborto”, Hyperallergic, April 29

Pro-choicer: Hollywood abortion portrayal hasn’t changed enough

by Carder

Road to RuinHollywood has long been reluctant to offer realistic depictions of what it’s like to end a pregnancy, despite the fact that roughly 1 in 3 American women will have an abortion before age 45. When it does summon the courage to address the issue at all, Tinseltown has too often distorted the facts or reverted to misogynist stereotypes — like the helpless damsel or the hysterical mistress.

That’s not to say we haven’t made progress since 1928’s Road to Ruin, one of the first films to include an abortion storyline. In that film, a teenager gets an abortion and subsequently, as a form of cosmic punishment, is mysteriously burned alive in bed.

~ Dionne Scott introducing the “Best & Worst Depictions Of Abortion In TV & Film”, Refinery 29, April 22

Pro-choice documentary nominated for College Television Awards

Shannon Carrby Carder

They considered featuring several doctors who travel across the country to areas where access to abortions is limited, but some doctors were reluctant to be publicized. Others were not available in the students’ timeframe. Ultimately they focused on just one, Dr. Shannon Carr….

They interviewed “lots of legislators,” “a woman who traveled 100 miles to get an abortion,” pro-life supporters they met through a Christian radio station in Texas and Sarah Weddington, the attorney who represented Jane Roe in the Roe v. Wade case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

~ The Chicago Tribune reporting on the student-produced, pro-choice documentary The Provider, April 20

Dad does the math: Stay-at-home moms should earn $74k/yr

enhanced-25841-1428431271-3Steven… delved into online research and even consulted some experts to figure out how much his wife’s work would actually earn her. The amounts were pretty staggering:

Cleaning Service: $50 to 100 per visit at least once a week.

Personal Shopper: $65 per hour at four hours a week.

Chef: $240 a week.

Laundry: $25 a week at the bare minimum.

PR Assistant when she accompanies him to work functions: $75 per hour.

With those and other estimates, Steven calculated that the total earnings for all of his wife’s work should $73,960 per year.

~ BuzzFeed, on research done by new dad Steven Nelms regarding the financial value of his wife Glory staying home to raise son Ezra (all pictured above), April 7

Snoop Dogg makes joke about Justin Bieber and abortion

snoop-dogg-roastby Carder

Now when your mama was 17-years-old and got pregnant, everybody told her to get an abortion, right?

And they still trying to convince her right now.

~ Rapper Snoop Dogg poking fun at singer Justin Bieber on Comedy Central’s Roast of Justin Bieber, as quoted by Newsbusters, April 1

Pro-lifer kidnaps a pregnant woman in abortion play

keelyandduby Carder

Keely is a pregnant woman, kidnapped outside an abortion clinic and secreted away to a place where she is to be a prisoner until her unwanted child is born.

Du is the nurse who watches over Keely — for a number of reasons that become more disturbingly clear as time goes on.

~ Tulsa World, announcing the performance of the abortion play Keely and Du at the Tulsa Community College Theatre Department, April 5

Note: This “abortion battle” play has been circulating since the early 1990’s. Read a 1994 review from the New York Times here.