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Feminist says “absolutist” pro-choice stance harms preborn girls

We must be careful not to make a fetish of choice. If the technology allows and a woman wants a blue-eyed, blonde baby, do we support her because we are pro-choice? While we must be vigilant about the “pro-lifer”-infested waters, we must be prepared to refine our pro-choice position; it must be circumscribed by context. […]

Gloria Steinem ignores biggest reason for missing girls

Gloria Steinem

During her speech at a Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma fundraiser on September 21, liberal feminist icon Gloria Steinem broached an uncomfortable topic for abortion proponents: the pandemic of missing girls.

Columnist: Sex selection abortion “the Achilles heel of feminism”

Sex-selective abortion is the Achilles heel of feminism. A systematic culling of embryos on the basis of sex ridicules the very notion of “choice,” particularly since it is well known that abortion according to cultural prejudices often leaves no practical choice to the pregnant woman at all. She takes her abortion orders from her patriarchal […]

Abortion advocate to pro-lifers: Ignore sex-selective abortion; fight sexism

“We have a couple coming in for a sex-selection abortion,” [my clinic director] said. “The fetus is a girl, and their culture prefers boys. I want to know if you will be able to work with them without judging or being negative. Be honest. If you can’t be their advocate, I will. I need to […]

Forced, sex-selective, or elective: Abortion always destroys children

We’ve been told we have to allow abortion even if that thing in the pit of our stomachs won’t leave us in peace. We’ve been told to disregard that voice in our heads screaming that it can’t possibly be okay to kill a child. We’ve been told abortion is a good thing for women and […]

Photos of forcibly aborted late-term baby in China spark worldwide outrage

On May 30, 20 local Chinese officials dragged 23-yr-old pregnant mother Feng Jianmei from her home and held her three days for a 40,000 yuan ($6250) ransom before killing her seven-month-old baby en utero by lethal injection and delivering her tiny corpse after family failed to come up with the cash.

Hawaii Planned Parenthoods promote serial, government-funded sex-selection abortions

Today Live Action released its fourth video investigating sex-selection abortion at nationwide Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation clinics.

This sting focused on two Planned Parenthoods in Hawaii, and just as with the others, staff condoned sex-selection abortions.

Breaking: New investigative video shows two abortion clinics breaking AZ sex-selection law

This morning Live Action released undercover video showing two National Abortion Federation clinics in Arizona agreeing to break state law and commit illegal sex-selection abortions.

Are Democrats okay with gay-selective abortions?

So, I wonder if the gay community can count on the Democrat Party that they’re so beholden to, to protect defenseless babies if it can be discovered that they’re homosexual in utero. Rush Limbaugh has already made this point that the gay community will become very pro-life then. And I myself reckon they would find […]

Abortion movement will lose by supporting sex-selective abortion

To the cynic, the wrangling over a bill that would ban abortions based on the sex of a child is all about politics…. Yet abortion remains an emotional issue, particularly at the edge where late-term abortions and murky motives reside. While many sympathize with parents faced with health risks for mother or child, choosing to […]

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Jill Stanek is a nurse turned speaker, columnist and blogger, a national figure in the effort to protect both preborn and postborn innocent human life.

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We do come here to judge the unconscionable greed behind the doctors, nurses and supporters of Planned Parenthood, who, for 30 pieces of silver, offer a quick fix to such women, rather than helping than helping them find a real solution to their problems.

~ St. Paul and Minneapolis Archbishop John Nienstedt, at the annual Good Friday prayerful protest at Planned Parenthood in St. Paul.

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