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UK pro-choice Left “can accept no opposing view”

by Kelli


The failure of this very modest amendment says a lot about the state of abortion politics in Britain.

The Left-wing establishment could not let it pass because it cannot tolerate the concept of any limit on access to abortion whatsoever. It proclaims that it wants abortion to be safe, legal and rare. But it regards abortion as a fundamental human right if not a positive assertion of a woman’s freedom to control her own destiny – and any attempt to constrict a human freedom is, obviously, a betrayal of that freedom in principle.

In trumpeting the right of abortion over any wider concerns about, say, its effects upon society, gender relations or (Heaven forbid) the welfare of the unborn child itself, the establishment Left has made its position as plain and bold as possible.

UK writer: Pro-lifers should fix misogyny before banning abortion

by Kelli It seems to me that there are better ways to tackle the issue of why some women feel they have to terminate otherwise healthy pregnancies; namely, by targeting the communities in which such misogyny is not just tolerated but encouraged, often with threats of violence. It is unacceptable that leaders of these societies […]

What does China’s impending weapons dominance have to do with abortion?

File photo of soldiers from Chinese PLA Special Operations Forces marching in formation during training session on the outskirts of Beijing

From Investors Business Daily, January 29:

Arms Buildup: A senior weapons developer tells Congress that Beijing’s massive defense buildup, emphasizing precision-guided and other advanced weapons, has placed the U.S. and its shrinking military at serious risk.

Model: I smoke and drink because I’m pregnant with a boy

by Kelli The evening I found out the sex of the baby was when I lit up my first cigarette. I’m not proud of it – but I couldn’t stop myself. It changed everything. Once I’d finished the cigarette I found it difficult to focus on anything positive, so I had a small glass of […]

Feminist says “absolutist” pro-choice stance harms preborn girls

We must be careful not to make a fetish of choice. If the technology allows and a woman wants a blue-eyed, blonde baby, do we support her because we are pro-choice? While we must be vigilant about the “pro-lifer”-infested waters, we must be prepared to refine our pro-choice position; it must be circumscribed by context. […]

Gloria Steinem ignores biggest reason for missing girls

Gloria Steinem

During her speech at a Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma fundraiser on September 21, liberal feminist icon Gloria Steinem broached an uncomfortable topic for abortion proponents: the pandemic of missing girls.

Columnist: Sex selection abortion “the Achilles heel of feminism”

Sex-selective abortion is the Achilles heel of feminism. A systematic culling of embryos on the basis of sex ridicules the very notion of “choice,” particularly since it is well known that abortion according to cultural prejudices often leaves no practical choice to the pregnant woman at all. She takes her abortion orders from her patriarchal […]

Abortion advocate to pro-lifers: Ignore sex-selective abortion; fight sexism

“We have a couple coming in for a sex-selection abortion,” [my clinic director] said. “The fetus is a girl, and their culture prefers boys. I want to know if you will be able to work with them without judging or being negative. Be honest. If you can’t be their advocate, I will. I need to […]

Forced, sex-selective, or elective: Abortion always destroys children

We’ve been told we have to allow abortion even if that thing in the pit of our stomachs won’t leave us in peace. We’ve been told to disregard that voice in our heads screaming that it can’t possibly be okay to kill a child. We’ve been told abortion is a good thing for women and […]

Photos of forcibly aborted late-term baby in China spark worldwide outrage

On May 30, 20 local Chinese officials dragged 23-yr-old pregnant mother Feng Jianmei from her home and held her three days for a 40,000 yuan ($6250) ransom before killing her seven-month-old baby en utero by lethal injection and delivering her tiny corpse after family failed to come up with the cash.

Hawaii Planned Parenthoods promote serial, government-funded sex-selection abortions

Today Live Action released its fourth video investigating sex-selection abortion at nationwide Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation clinics.

This sting focused on two Planned Parenthoods in Hawaii, and just as with the others, staff condoned sex-selection abortions.

Breaking: New investigative video shows two abortion clinics breaking AZ sex-selection law

This morning Live Action released undercover video showing two National Abortion Federation clinics in Arizona agreeing to break state law and commit illegal sex-selection abortions.

Are Democrats okay with gay-selective abortions?

So, I wonder if the gay community can count on the Democrat Party that they’re so beholden to, to protect defenseless babies if it can be discovered that they’re homosexual in utero. Rush Limbaugh has already made this point that the gay community will become very pro-life then. And I myself reckon they would find […]

Abortion movement will lose by supporting sex-selective abortion

To the cynic, the wrangling over a bill that would ban abortions based on the sex of a child is all about politics…. Yet abortion remains an emotional issue, particularly at the edge where late-term abortions and murky motives reside. While many sympathize with parents faced with health risks for mother or child, choosing to […]

Why PRENDA won but lost… but won

Yesterday the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, a bill that would ban sex-selective abortions in the U.S., garnered an overwhelming majority vote in the House, 246-168.

But PRENDA still failed. Why?

Simply, the vote procedure used (“Suspension of the Rules”) required a two-thirds majority to pass.

Why not go for majority vote?

If such an overwhelming number of congresspersons were known to support PRENDA, why didn’t Republican House leaders follow a route to passage that only required a simple majority?

PRENDA fails

UPDATE 7:25p: A breakdown of the votes:

  • Voting yes: 226 Republicans and 20 Democrats (Altmire, Barrow, Boren, Cooper, Costello, Critz, Cuellar, Donnelly, Garamendi, Holden, Kissell, Lipinksi, Lynch, Matheson, McIntyre, Peterson, Rahall, Reyes, Ross of AR, and Shuler)
  • Voting no: 161 Democrats and 7 Republicans (Amash, Bass of NH, Bono Mack, Dold, Hanna, Hayworth, and Paul)
  • Absent: 8 Republicans (Burton, Fortenberry, Guinta, Lewis of CA, Mack, McCarthy of CA, Roby, and Young of FL) and 9 Democrats (Chandler, Doyle, Ellison, Heinrich, Napolitano, Pascrell, Rangel, Slaughter and Velazquez

2:37p: The heartbreaking, infuriating bottom line: The Prenatal Discrimination Act has failed. Vote tally:

PRENDA vote today: Call these reps

This afternoon the House will vote on the Prenatal Discrimination Act, a federal ban against sex-selection abortion. A two-thirds majority vote is needed.

Following are Democrat congresspersons to focus on. If you live in their district, your call is urgently needed to request support for PRENDA:

BREAKING: New undercover video reveals Planned Parenthood flagship New York clinic facilitating sex-selection abortion

Today pro-life group Live Action released a new undercover video showing Planned Parenthood’s flagship Margaret Sanger Center late-term abortion clinic on Manhattan Island in New York City help a pregnant mother determine if her baby was female so she could have a sex-selection abortion.

The video is second in a new series titled “Gendercide: Sex-Selection in America,” exposing the practice of sex-selective abortion in the United States and how Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry facilitate the selective elimination of preborn baby girls.

Pro-choice pol: Anti-sex-selection abortion bill doesn’t provide “resources for… babies”

Michigan Rep. John Conyers [pictured], the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, said the bill “tramples (on) the rights of women under the guise of nondiscrimination, while doing absolutely nothing to provide women with needed resources for their babies, female and male.” Citing opposition to the bill from groups such as the American Congress […]

Three abortion groups admit sex-selective abortion a problem in U.S.

Until now pro-abortion groups have opposed state and federal bans against sex selective abortions by simply denying they exist, for instance Jezebel only six days ago:

[I]n the U.S., there’s no evidence or noteworthy numbers to indicate that women are having abortions based on the sex of the infant….

Apparently, abortion industry leaders have decided they can no longer carry on the ruse. Public opinion is so persuaded against sex-selective abortion, the other side must have decided they have to enter the conversation in order to remain players and try to influence the outcome.

The first to fall was Guttmacher Institute in its Spring 2012 Policy Review, published sometime after May 1:

Pro-Planned Parenthood website forgets cardinal rule in politics: Never ask a question you don’t know the answer to

Yesterday the pro-abortion website Jezebel posted a hit piece against an investigative video released by the pro-life group Live Action that showed a Planned Parenthood employee helping facilitate what she thought was a sex-selective abortion.

Jezebel’s (lame) hit was to be expected. But the headline must have slipped by editors…

“Rascals”? Lol. But the bigger faux pas was asking whether Live Action could prove Planned Parenthood facilitates sex selective abortions. We now know that answer is yes. Oops.

Jezebel editors quickly realized the strategic sin and unpublished the post, although not before one of Live Action’s astute bloggers captured it. Here was Jezebel’s liberally correct redo…

O’Reilly exposes Planned Parenthood’s involvement with sex selective abortion

Last night Live Action’s Lila Rose appeared on The O’Reilly Factor to discuss her group’s new video investigation into sex selective abortions.   Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com   After viewing a cut from Live Action’s first exposé, which showed an Austin, Texas, Planned Parenthood employee helping facilitate what she thought was a sex-selective […]

BREAKING: Planned Parenthood fired employee following sex-selection sting

UPDATE 2p: Planned Parenthood has issued a statement disclaiming any culpability. It states the now terminated employee was “entry-level” and “did not follow our protocol.” So what exactly is the protocol of an organization that claims “[g]ender bias is contrary to everything our organization works for,” yet not wanting (lucrative) sex-selective abortions “curtail[ed]” in any way?

1:26p: See previous post here.

According to the Huffington Post, Planned Parenthood says it fired the staffer involved in Live Action’s new video investigation into sex selective abortions almost immediately after LA conducted its sting.

A Live Action source told me today the sting at that Austin, Texas, Planned Parenthood was conducted April 11, so the employee was fired April 14, 6-1/2 weeks ago:

Congress to vote on federal sex-selection ban TOMORROW; make calls TODAY

In a surprise move, House Republicans announced this past Friday they would call for a vote on a federal ban against sex-selective abortion, aka the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, H.R. 3541*, tomorrow, May 30.

PRENDA will be considered under “suspension of the rules,” meaning no amendments can be added. The bill must be voted on as is, straight up or down, and a two-thirds majority will be needed to pass it.

BREAKING: Planned Parenthood busted in new undercover sting on sex selective abortions

UPDATE 7:42a: Sign the new petition at ProtectOurGirls.Com, which calls for an immediate ban on the horrific practice of sex-selective abortions in the U.S.

6:45a: Pro-life group Live Action has just gone public with the first video from  its latest undercover investigation: sex-selective abortions.

This first sting was conducted at a Planned Parenthood in Texas.

The Daily Caller broke the story a few minutes ago:

Scraps thrown to the dogs: India’s treatment of preborn woman

A person even saw a foetus being fed to the animals…. This is known to everyone in Beed, but the police are not taking action as [abortionist] Munde [is] influential. ~ Varsha Deshpande of Lek Ladki Abhiyan, an Indian anti-sex selection organization, discussing the heinous practice of feeding aborted female fetuses to dogs in order […]

Planned Parenthood fears it has been stung again – this time on sex selective abortions

Planned Parenthood thinks it has been the target of another pro-life undercover sting, this one on sex selective abortions.

On April 23 Planned Parenthood’s Vice President of Education Leslie Kantor and Senior Medical Advisor Carolyn Westhoff coauthored an attempt to preempt an exposé they think may be coming in an RH Reality Check op ed:

UK media conducts undercover sting of abortion clinics

As I’ve said numerous times, the British press is refreshingly forthright in its reporting on abortion. This is as it should be. We see the opposite in the U.S. Not only does MSM turn a blind eye toward the abortion industry, it jumps to protect or excuse the industry when improprieties are discovered by citizen […]

Planned Parenthood exec: Female gendercide is bad for the world, but we must trust women

I wrestle with gender-based abortion more than any other reason [a person might give for choosing to abort]… Gender? Geez…. From a macro perspective, I don’t think it’s a very good idea for us to be eliminating women. But if you look at it at the individual level, which is what we do, I don’t […]

Siding with Sanger: NAACP opposes bill that would make race-based abortion illegal

On March 14, 1875, in her famous speech “Social Purity,” [Susan B.] Anthony listed, among other things, “abortions and infanticides” as part of a “monster evil of society.” [Democratic Rep. John] Conyers scoffed that “I’ve never heard or read about [abolitionist Frederick Douglass] saying anything about prenatal nondiscrimination,” but Douglass said on October 22, 1883: […]

Counter-culture: Star Bollywood couple celebrates new daughter

In India, there’s still a huge preference for sons. That’s why sex determination is banned. Despite the ban, there are fewer little girls here than boys and the numbers keep getting bleaker. It’s tempting to think the buzz around one little girl will change this. In a Bollywood film, it might have. But the real […]

Putting a positive spin on sex-selective abortions

Pro-abortion ideologues are fretting after one of their own went off the reservation and publicly decried sex-selective abortions. On September 22 feminist columnist Laurie Penny (pictured right) could almost have been mistaken for a pro-lifer when writing at New Statesman: [A]ll over the world, from eastern Europe to India, millions of baby girls are missing. […]

Joe Biden’s macabre support of China’s forced abortion/sterilization one-child policy

Vice President Joe Biden is known for his foolish gaffes and inappropriate statements – not positive attributes, particularly in a politician. But what Biden said in China on August 20 was beyond foolish and inappropriate. It was macabre, it was sick… I never thought anyone could match Barack Obama’s penchant for abortion. As you know, […]

Pro-choice hypocrisy: Sex selection abortion worse than abortion of convenience

When it comes to abortion, I thought “pro-choice” meant giving women the freedom to choose to terminate a pregnancy for reasons that make sense to them. Not always, apparently. It turns out that some of the staunchest pro-choice advocates in New Jersey are shocked when adults overseas practice abortion for reasons that make sense there […]

Ridiculous responses of abortion supporters to gender tests and sex selective abortions

As reported by CNN on August 16 in a post entitled, “Is gender selection of a fetus ethical?”: A new maternal blood test can determine a fetus’ sex as early as seven weeks into a pregnancy…. But this technology is igniting a heated ethical debate before it is even clinically available. Many fear… fear parents […]

Abortion proponents “silenced by choice” on sex-selective abortions

But the embrace of “choice” presented a quandary, which was not all that clear at the time. “Choice” as a value meant that all choices were equal in terms of morality: not only the choice to give life or take it, but all the reasons for which the choice of abortion were made. Reasons of […]

Terminate narcissism, not the preborn

To be sure, banning abortion in the U.S. wouldn’t fix the [gender imbalance] problem in China and India. South Korea seems to have restored a gender balance by restoring girls to “an honored place.” I would note, however, that the greatest moral progress over the last two centuries has been generated by recognizing the natural […]

New 10-year India census: Sex ratio “worst in recorded history”

From Eurasia Review, April 14, come the “grim” results of the 2011 census. I’ve excerpted the lowlights. Notice the push for population control – lowered family size – has only worsened the plight of women. Also note that greater wealth and education surprisingly add their demise. Also note  sex trafficking, “bridetrafficking,” and sex crimes against […]

Sexploitation symmetry: Come here to conceive, go there to incubate

From Slate, August 23: Reproductive tourism in India is now a half-a-billion-dollar-a-year industry, with surrogacy services offered in 350 clinics across the country since it was legalized in 2002. The primary appeal of India is that it is cheap, hardly regulated, and relatively safe. Surrogacy can cost up to $100,000 in the US, while many […]

Palestinian woman murdered for being pregnant with girl


China’s abortion-induced gender imbalance

To the right is one of AOL’s headline stories this morning. The “practice” is, of course, abortion. Even the liberal Aljazeera are noting a

Hm, Hillary opposes sex selection abortions?

From the

Swedish parents keep child’s gender secret

New Zealand the latest to encounter sex-selection abortions

by intern Andy M. Pro-life groups throughout New Zealand are IntelliGender test kit will be made available as soon as June 22. The kit can apparently be used from 8 weeks after conception and is already selling well in Australia, just a month after its introduction to the market there. It is sold for ~$125 […]

Breaking news: Oklahoma becomes 1st to pass sex-selection abortion ban

It’s hard to find news in MSM on this Tulsa World today: [Gov. Brad] Henry also signed a measure banning abortion based on gender. That’s it. But I’ve checked with 2 national pro-life groups this morning, and to their knowledge this is the 1st sex-selection abortion ban to pass in the country….

New pro-life frontier: Battle sex selective abortions and sex trafficking

I was shocked the other day to read the father of Slumdog Millionaire child star Rubina Ali had been caught in an undercover sting by

Proposition K

In 2006 the Council of Europe reported worldwide sex trafficking had reached “‘epidemic proportions’ over the past decade,” according to the Boston Globe. It is widely acknowledged that legalized prostitution exacerbates the problem. Explains the 2005 report,”San Francisco Chronicle in 2006…

Hindu group cites funeral practices as leading driver of female feticide

A Navya Shastra called on Hindus to “allow daughters to impart final rites at the funerals of their parents.” A NS rep explained, “One religious reason why boys are favored among Hindus is because of the anachronistic belief that only a son can formally conduct this ceremony, so a girl is totally worthless in this […]


By Bethany Kerr: From News Weekly, Austrailia, Mar. 31, 2007: “Every year in March, the United Nations has a two-week Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) session on women’s issues. The session usually concludes with an interminable debate about “reproductive rights”, and this year’s (the 51st) was no exception. Radical feminists subscribe to an […]


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