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Holes found in “study” claiming ultrasounds don’t stop abortion

by Kelli [A recent] study… claimed that the vast majority (over 95%) of women who elected to see the sonogram (they had a choice whether or not to see it) chose to have abortions anyway. This seems to fly in the face of everything that pro-lifers have experienced…. One of my best friends… once drove […]

NCIS star overcome by 3D sonogram of preborn son

When they handed me the 3D sonogram and I saw Sarah’s perfect lips and that little Norwegian nose just like mine, I was overcome with a sense of clarity in the world that I can only imagine is beginning of fatherhood. We’re so excited and can’t wait to meet him. ~ Eric Christian Olsen, star […]

Pro-aborts fume about ultrasound legislation that mirrors Planned Parenthood’s protocol

up_7fr0lnUPDATE 3:50p: From Huffington Post, today:

Indiana state senators have dropped a requirement that would force women to undergo an ultrasound procedure both before and after having a medication-induced abortion, after the legislation attracted national criticism.

Could it be legislators added that second ultrasound to have something to compromise on and still get what they really wanted? Or maybe it was accidental. Still, an ultrasound bill moves forward.

10:09a: I read a piece last week by RH Reality Check’s Robin Marty complaining about pending ultrasound legislation in Indiana, which…

Pro-aborts succeed in making ultrasound legislation radioactive – NOT


Last year abortion proponents attempted to make ultrasound legislation radioactive by portraying the method used for early pregnancies, transvaginal ultrasound, as “rape.”

Vaginal probes,” as the other side menacingly tagged them, are “a very invasive procedure,” according to NBC’s David Gregory.

Real reason abortion providers oppose ultrasounds: 78% change minds

In Planned Parenthood’s world, allowing a woman to see an image of her baby on the ultrasound screen is a “dangerous agenda.” Many women who have abortions do not know the truth about fetal development…. The language of abortion counselors is often crafted carefully to avoid any reference to the baby. Even the term “fetus” […]

Disabled baby’s smile during ultrasound saves him from abortion

If he could smile and play and feel then despite his disabilities he deserved to enjoy whatever life he had left, no matter how short. Just because his life would be shorter or different, didn’t mean he didn’t deserve to experience it. ~ Katyia Rowe who, after viewing her severely disabled baby “smiling, blowing bubbles, […]

Disgusting, racist, pro-abortion magazine cover

In his Life Links today, Jivin J links to a story that calls an ultrasound a “torture machine” if turned toward abortion-minded mothers to show them their baby.

The Texas Observer calls laws mandating that mothers receive informed consent via ultrasounds (which they do not have to view) “torment.”

All of this hyperbole in the name of giving mothers the freedom to kill their babies.

And its April 2012 magazine cover more than implies a racist, sinister agenda, showing faceless white men up in a dark-skinned woman’s business.

Pro-choice pol: Pro-life women really “men with breasts”

I do not understand how a woman in this Legislature can say to herself: “I’m not capable of making my own health decisions… but I can get elected and make them for somebody else.”… What is wrong with these women? What are they thinking about? Are they women? Or are they men with breasts? ~ Democrat […]

Doonesbury ultrasound “rape” cartoon series stirs controversy; newspapers spike

Click to enlarge… The last time newspapers spiked leftist Gary Trudeau’s political cartoon series Doonesbury was in 1985 when he parodied the pro-life film documentary, The Silent Scream, which showed an actual abortion. Now that one must have been a hoot. But Trudeau maintains passing up the transvaginal ultrasound = rape meme “would have been […]

WashPo: Ultrasound/rape strategy a “pretty big blunder”

Advocates had used emotional, highly charged language to rally supporters against a mandatory ultrasound law that had already passed in seven other states with little backlash or fanfare….. The abortion rights movement’s strategic success could, at this point, also be read as a pretty big blunder…. The abortion rights movement did have a victory in […]

The feminists who cried rape

  I wrote yesterday that Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell basically pulled a Bart Stupak. McDonnell blew an opportunity that comes along only rarely in public life, to be an honest-to-goodness hero. Like Stupak, McDonnell more than squandered it. He ended up hurting the pro-life cause by weakening sound, proven ultrasound legislation. But what about feminists? […]

The ramifications of McDonnell’s retreat on Virginia’s ultrasound bill

Three weeks ago Virginia Senator Jill Vogel’s ultrasound bill, SB484, had passed in the Senate and was on its third (last) reading in the House, thisclose to moving from the General Assembly to pro-life Governor Bob McDonnell for his signature. Meanwhile feminists, incited by their recent bludgeoning of Komen, had launched a campaign to defeat the bill with the histrionic […]

Virginia delegate makes coarse joke about wife and transvaginal ultrasounds

To Delegate Albo, women’s health is not a serious issue, but a punch line, and the floor of the House of Delegates is a locker room, where men can swap jokes about their wives. ~ The Fairfax County Democratic Committee on Virginia Delegate Dave Albo and his joking on the floor of the House over […]

Abortion proponents equate vaginal ultrasound – not abortion – with rape?

Abortion proponents are going berserk over a bill in the Virginia General Assembly that would require abortionists to determine the gestational age of babies about to be aborted by ultrasound.

WashPo blogger: Informed consent before abortion “sexist” because “father of the fetus” doesn’t participate

Experts agree that there’s usually no medical reason for an ultrasound in the first trimester of a pregnancy. Rather, such a requirement is a naked psychological ploy to assault the mother with feelings of guilt and play on her emotions to stop her from going not go through [sic] the procedure. Even though abortion is […]

Ron Paul supporter: Informed consent is “belittling”

When I asked her personal view on the sonogram law, she said: “It’s kind of invasive. It’s belittling to sit in a doctor’s office” waiting to hear “what’s going on in my body.” ~ Lori Stahl and Mary C. Curtis, noting the remarks of mother, college student, and Ron Paul supporter Kayla Crisp regarding Texas’ […]

North Carolina judge: Viewing ultrasound can psychologically harm women

At least 20 states have passed laws that require ultrasounds for women seeking abortions. [U.S. District Court Judge Catherine] Eagles, who was nominated by President Obama last year… said the North Carolina abortion law “goes well beyond” requirements that patients give informed consent to medical procedures. The ultrasound provision could compel “an unwilling speaker to […]

Don’t show sonograms because fetuses “look vaguely like babies”

There is no one on the planet who believes a tumor has the right to life. When one is shown an image of his brain tumor, it is not to see if perhaps the tumor is worth keeping around – if its cute little tendrils of malignancy won’t awaken some parental compassion in the patient’s […]

Stop Charlie

6/14, 4:25p: Coming soon to FL via Truth Trucks on the highways and byways and aerial displays along coastal beaches (click to enlarge): Donations to USA Today…

Jesus ultrasound picture used in Christmas campaign

UPDATE, 6/11, 12:50p: Not really a surprise, at least one National Secular Society,” according to the National Post. So what do they care? [HT: Cliff and Nicole] 6/10, 1p: Love it. From UKs’ ChurchAds.net image, with the words ”He’s on his way” is the latest in a series of Christian Christmas advertising campaigns and follows […]

Rape by ultrasound?

Yesterday an OK judge Associated Press…

New technology creates life-size models of preborn children

The UK’s

Show me the money

by Valerie Ryan A Miami Heraldstory is about abortionists being legally required to show a women an ultrasound picture if she wants to see it. It is not required otherwise: “Rep. Joyce Cusack, a Democrat… noted that not every abortion clinic has ultrasound equipment and those that do will have to charge patients more to […]

Halle Berry promotes fetal ultrasounds

It was an odd promotion, but I’ll take it, Halle Berry’s October 12 appearance on TV’s Top 5! today: Powered by AOL Video Berry also had this answer to the question, “What beautiful discoveries are you experiencing [about pregnancy]?” in an

Big bad ultrasound

by Valerie Jane Watch out! It’s evil. It’s horrible. It will invade your body! It will destroy your life forever! Yes, it’s the horrible Ultrasound machine. According to the Associated Press earlier this month: Women seeking an abortion in South Carolina would be able, but not required, to view an ultrasound first under a compromise […]

Frightening photos

South Carolina’s ultrasound bill, which we’ve

Informed consent or intrusion?

Several states have laws mandating that abortionists offer mothers planning to abort the option of viewing ultrasounds of their babies. South Carolina legislators are considering legislation that would require abortionists to review ultrasounds with mothers about to abort. Or, as LifeNews.com. So it appears knowing the truth about their babies turns mothers away from abortion. […]

Ultrasounds hurt women… because we say so…

New York’s New York Daily News used Feb. 28 to relay this news: “Abort-foe RV gives sonograms, but critics say it ‘hurts women’.” I read the article to see how pro-aborts could possible maintain ultrasounds showing photos of what women are about to abort would hurt them. Here is the total and complete explanation of […]

Ultrasound photos “squick” her out

Here’s an interesting Feb. 8 blog post by pro-abort Suisan: I keep getting pictures of my soon-to-be twin nieces/nephews from my proud mother-in-law. The latest batch was ultrasound stills of them at 13 weeks. I know I’m supposed to gurgle with glee when I see proof of their existence…. But I can’t open more than […]


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