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Abortion Barbie’s replacement in TX Senate to wear “Stand for Life” boots when sworn in


Who can forget the pink Minuzos former Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis wore when in 2013 she filibustered an omnibus pro-life bill for 13 hours?

Attempt to hide abortion behind contraception an epic fail

abortion contraception

In a November 26 Washington Post essay, political scientists John McTague and Melissa Deckman reported news of epic proportions to pro-lifers while dissecting why the “war on women” meme bombed in the 2014 Midterms:

Pro-abortion “firewall” gone in the Senate?

NARAL has posted this interesting graphic:


Midterm election results not necessarily pro-life culture change

by Carder In 2016, more liberals, more culture-of-death voters will be getting up off their couches and voting for the anti-life, anti-family candidate for President. They will try to convince the one third of of the so-called conservative ranks to join them–and in all likelihood, enough of them will. We hate to be bursting these […]

BREAKING: Opponents of TN Amendment 1 file lawsuit to have vote invalidated

breakingUPDATE, 4:55p: Tennessee Right to Life is saying that Amendment 1 still has enough votes, even if this far-fetched lawsuit goes anywhere.

9:37a: This is insane logic, but who knows if it will work, what with the crazy liberal judges out there. From the Associated Press, last night:

Record number of pro-life women headed to Congress

The Congress that convenes in January will have at least 21 pro-life women, breaking a high of 18 following the 2010 elections. ~ Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser, National Review Online, November 6 [Photo of newly elected IA pro-life Senator Joni Ernst via The Des Moines Register]

Pro-life Republicans should “go on offense” on abortion

by Kelli

… [E]very time an anti-abortion candidate opens her mouth on abortion, she can expect her words will be twisted and spun in the worst possible way. This creates an understandable reluctance on the part of many conservative candidates to talk about abortion….

So, what should high-profile, anti-abortion candidates do?

Rocker Joan Jett panics over elections and “women’s rights”

by Carder Holy smokes. The right-wing is medieval. It just cannot be in charge. In a second, they’ll be dragging out the stocks… Because if you care about women’s rights to control our own bodies and our own paychecks, then you’ve just got to care about this midterm election. ~ Rock musician Joan Jett, panicking […]

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