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Santorum slams Romney for refusing to sign pro-life pledge

This past Monday night at the Republican presidential debate, I was asked about Gov. Romney’s pro-life conversion, and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I apparently spoke too soon. It is incredibly disappointing that Gov. Romney chose not to defend those who cannot defend themselves. ~ Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, responding to […]

Republican Candidate Michele Bachmann: “I am 100% pro-life.”

I am 100 percent pro-life. I’ve given birth to five babies, and I’ve taken 23 foster children into my home. I believe in the dignity of life from conception until natural death. I believe in the sanctity of human life… And I think the most eloquent words ever written were those in our Declaration of […]

SBA List cohosts RNC chairman’s debate today

I am annoyed that media outlets on our side inexplicably appear to either be  ignoring or lowlighting the fact that the pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List is co-sponsoring today’s RNC Chairman’s debate. Heck, even People for the American Way noted this with disdain 4 weeks ago. But this afternoon at 1p EST viewers will […]

Breaking: House Pro-Life Caucus co-chairs announced

A press statement has just been issued announcing the new Bipartisan Congressional Pro-Life Caucus co-chairs for the 112th Congress, which I am pleased to report. They are U.S. Reps. Chris Smith (NJ-04) and Dan Lipinski (IL-03).

Upton wins, Pitts wins

Read my previous posts here, here, and here. The GOP Steering Committee voted for chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee tonight, and the bad new is pro-abort Fred Upton won.  The good news is Upton promptly appointed Joe Pitts as the Health Subcommittee chairman. Upton has been as liberal as they come on the […]

Couple risks miscarriage while taking votes whether to abort; also generates a profit

Read backstory here. The mother taking votes whether to abort her 17-wk-old baby, Alisha Arnold, appeared on KSTP ABC News out of Minneapolis on November 18. The news video was ok, but I found the uncut interview (below) more enlightening – and troubling. It appears the Arnolds’ entire impetus for pulling this stunt was to […]

About that couple taking votes whether to abort…

I got a heads up about the blog BirthorNot.com about a month ago. A pregnant married couple is taking votes whether to abort their baby boy or carry him to term. The last day of the pregnancy they say they can  legally abort in their home state of Minnesota is December 9, a day before […]

Breaking: Driehaus withdraws complaint against Susan B. Anthony List

On October 5, pro-life Democrat Congressman Steve Driehaus filed a complaint with the Ohio Election Commission, accusing the  Susan B. Anthony List of planning to erect a fraudulent billboard in opposition to his reelection campaign. Driehaus claimed the healthcare bill he voted for in March, sans the Stupak Amendment, did not allow taxpayer funding of […]

Pro-life Democrat Shuler vying to replace pro-abort Pelosi as House minority leader

Pro-life Democrat North Carolina Congressman Heath Shuler announced on CNN yesterday he would challenge renown pro-abort Nancy Pelosi for the position of House Minority Leader: Well, obviously if she doesn’t step aside then I’m fully aware, I’m going to press forward. You know, I can add and subtract pretty well. I don’t have the numbers […]

Aborted Party of Death staffers ask for “compassion”

We don’t know whether the axed Democrat staffers quoted in the following Politico story this morning work(ed) for a pro-life or pro-abortion boss. Whatever, the Democrat Party, leadership, and agenda are all pro-abortion. So the metaphors to abortion in this article are rich. Jobs were aborted as the powerful became powerless:

2010 Election: Significant pro-life gains in the states

The states are where it’s at as far as passage of pro-life laws are concerned as well as legal and regulatory enforcement. Several judicial appointments are also made by state elected officials. Pro-lifers made significant gains in the states yesterday. Americans United for Life Action has just released a couple great lists. Pro-life gubernatorial pick-ups:

2010 Election: Majority of pro-life Democrats who supported Obamacare gone

UPDATE, 3:45p: You’ll recall Bart Stupak never released the names of his supposed “Stupak Dozen” bloc, so we’ve always been left to piece the list together ourselves. Battleswarm Blog has posted a slightly different configuration of the bloc you might find interesting, with his count being 8 gone and 3 remaining.  If you combine Battleswarm’s […]

2010 Election: Major pro-life political shift

UPDATE, 11:05a: Let’s put our victory another way.  Planned Parenthood’s endorsed winning House candidates indicate it believes there are only 151* strong abortion proponents out of 435 representatives, or 34.7%. *That number excludes 5 House races that are still uncalled. 10:12a: Here are the rough stats…

Pro-life election results watch list

UPDATE, 6:45p: Dont’ forget to keep an eye on NRLC and SBA List sites, linked below. So far, so good. UPDATE, 4:55p: Here are links to Politico’s 3 live blogs, live maps, and election results: House Live Blog: http://www.politico.com/blogs/house-races-2010/ Senate Live Blog: http://www.politico.com/blogs/senate-races-2010/ Governors’ Live Blog: http://www.politico.com/blogs/governors-races-2010/ Results: http://www.politico.com/ Maps: http://www.politico.com/2010/maps/ 2:11p: Election results will […]

I voted for the right to kill the baby I decided not to kill

This entire post is an interesting, contradictory, happy/sad read, but here’s the start… Pro-lifers are voting today to save babies like Jessica’s daughter from mothers like Jessica who sometimes prefer to kill them rather than bear them. Pro-lifers are also voting today to save Jessica’s grandchildren from the same fate. And pro-lifers are voting today […]

Final hours to donate to candidate’s graphic abortion ads

Read backstory beginning here. District of Columbia pro-life congressional candidate Missy Smith called this morning to say the buy for her graphic abortion television ads is up to 355, which is absolutely amazing. Federal law forces network tv stations to run Missy’s ads through close of polls tomorrow. That will be 7-8p EST, depending on […]

Weekend question: Will loss of Democrat pro-lifers in Congress help or hurt movement?

An October 28 Christianity Today article entitled, “The death of pro-life Democrats,” included this sobering observation: Thanks to pro-life groups and backlash over health care reform, the Democratic pro-life vote in the House of Representatives is likely to halve on November 2, making abortion even more of a partisan issue. The actual decrease according to […]

WashPo: DC candidate Missy Smith’s graphic abortion ads “ingenious”; to air 200+ times

When I first posted about DC pro-life congressional candidate Missy Smith 2 weeks ago, she had enough money in her coffers to air her 2 graphic abortion ads 15 times. Since then money has poured in from pro-lifers around the country, enabling Smith to force network television stations by law to run her ads showing […]

Star Parker fundraising ahead of incumbent opponent

by Carder According to an October 22 press release: Star [Parker]’s campaign has raised a substantial total of $1,173,106 with $854,979 raised during the 3rd quarter alone. As of September 30th, Star’s campaign reported $243,460 cash on hand. By comparison, Richardson’s campaign has raised only $528,540 to date, leaving only $160,748 raised in the third […]

Democrat mailers bash Christian clergy

A furor erupted in Catholic circles 2 days ago over a campaign postcard the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party mailed this week. Click all images to enlarge… On its face the postcard appears to accuse Catholic priests of ignoring the poor, a charge even politically unsavvy people would find weird, I think.

NARAL releases Pro-Choice Voter Guide

Thought you’d be interested in checking out NARAL’s newly released Pro-Choice Voter Guide. As an aside, I see NARAL has apparently expanded its definition of “choice.” See graphic right, taken from its home page. Now “anti-choice” apparently also means “anti-healthy pregnancies.” So I guess this means pro-lifers  oppose abortion and proper prenatal care. That certainly […]

AUL launches new website holding Obamacare supporters accountable

See Americans United for Life’s new ad on the right side of my home page announcing its new voting initiative . I’ve donated to AUL’s campaign and look forward to receiving my “I’m Voting for Life” bumper sticker so I can personally advertise on my car that I vote for Life.

Mother Jones: Only one member of Stupak bloc may survive election

From Mother Jones, this morning (a liberal mag, if you didn’t know, hence its interjection that it is false to say Obamacare includes taxpayer funded abortion): Remember Rep. Bart Stupak? The MI Democrat was a source of immense frustration for liberals during the health care debate. He spent months leading a small group of pro-life […]

Donations, news coverage surge for DC candidate’s graphic abortion ads

Since we began publicizing pro-life DC congressional candidate Missy Smith’s graphic abortion ads, donations have been pouring in, she told me this morning. You’ve helped by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, and to your lists, and I’ve been made aware other blogs and pro-lifers like Jack Ames and Randall Terry have been doing the […]

National Right to Life crashes Catholics United call supporting pro-life Obamacare Democrats

Oh, this is rich! I can’t tell you how much this sort of chutzpah warms my soul! I’ve always thought highly of Doug Johnson. Now I’m a groupie. From the Washington Independent, moments ago: With a US District Court slated to rule today on the Susan B. Anthony List’s lawsuit over an Ohio law outlawing […]

Breaking: ACLU backs up pro-life group against Democrat’s attempted censorship

In an amicus brief filed today, the ACLU took the side of the Susan B. Anthony List in a federal lawsuit it filed on October 18. SBA List’s lawsuit attempts to stop the Ohio Election Commission from blocking billboards it planned to erect in Democrat Congressman Steve Driehaus’s OH-1 District stating he supports taxpayer funded […]

Pro-life group files federal lawsuit against Democrat for attempting to block ads

I wrote last week that embattled Democrat OH-1 Congressman Steve Driehaus filed a complaint with the Ohio Election Commission to block the Susan B. Anthony List from erecting the above billboard (click to enlarge) several places in his district. Driehaus is currently losing badly in the polls to pro-life Republican Steve Chabot, from whom he […]

New Stanek poll: Do you plan to vote in 2010 or sit this one out?

Here’s my new poll question: What are your voting plans for the 2010 elections? Based on your party affiliation, let us know whether you’re going to let your political voice be heard or sit this one out. Vote on the lower right side of the home page. Here were the results of my previous poll […]

Colorado Personhood Amendment’s new video

Personhood Colorado has released a new video to encourage support of the only pro-life initiative on any US ballot this November, Amendment 62, the Personhood Initiative. I spoke with one of Amendment 62’s masterminds this morning, Keith Mason, who said internal polling looks significantly better than in 2008, when the personhood initiative was defeated 73% […]

Help fund pro-life congressional candidate’s graphic abortion ads

Pro-lifer Missy Smith decided to run against pro-abort Democrat DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton for one reason: To air graphic abortion ads on tv. Norton is an entrenched incumbent in an overwhelmingly liberal district. But the political contest is beside the point, although Missy has run a serious campaign, she tells me, making inroads at […]

Pro-life Democrat who voted for Obamacare accuses DCCC of abandonment

Rep. Steve Driehaus was one of Bart Stupak’s bloc* of 11 pro-life Democrats who caved to pressure from above and voted for Obamacare, hiding behind Obama’s worthless executive order to do so. I wrote a week ago these Democrats now have nowhere to turn for help, with pro-life groups out to get them and Democrats […]

And who will “wipe out” those pro-abort women politicians? Women

Oh, really? The above not-so-vintage photo was taken during President Obama’s nomination acceptance speech at the Democrat National Convention in August 2008. A short 2 years later a Politico article today reads like a Who’s Who of pro-abort feminist mostly Democrat ideologues who are in danger of losing their congressional seats. And a related Politico […]

Politico: “Democrats fear wipeout for women;” pro-abort women, that is

The Politico story today never mentions the word “abortion” when bemoaning the potential loss of mostly Democrat women in Congress. But it reads like a Who’s Who of radical feminist pro-abort ideologues who are in danger of losing their seats. And the biggest loser of all would be EMILY’s List, that dastardly PAC that only […]

Pro-life Obamacare Democrats try to block attack ads by pro-life groups

Read my previous post, “Targeted pro-life Obamacare Democrats: “Nowhere to go for help,” for backdrop. Pro-life groups have been targeting several self-identified pro-life Democrats who nonetheless voted for Obamacare, which allows taxpayer funding of abortions. And 2 are fighting back. On October 5 OH Rep. Steve Driehaus filed a complaint with the OH Election Commission […]

Targeted pro-life Obamacare Democrats: “Nowhere to go for help”

* Make sure you read on to the 2nd article for the shockingly low amount of money Democrats for Life is contributing to its candidates this election cycle. From Time’s Swampland blog on October 6: … At the same time, there has been a parallel movement within the pro-life world this cycle. Just as Tea […]

Alan Grayson: Hates children, hates seniors, loves satan

Read my previous posts on the Alan Grayson/Daniel Webster congressional race here and here. Now Townhall is turning the tables on Grayson with its “Alan Grayson: Hates children, hates seniors, loves satan” ad, explaining: “In context, out of context, whatever.” In light of Alan Grayson’s false attack ads against his Republican opponent Dan Webster, the […]

Alan Grayson’s “Taliban” ad backfires

That’s not my headline, that’s Politico’s. To refresh (read my previous post here), here is an ad Democrat pro-abort FL 8th District Rep. Alan Grayson began running last week: And here was opponent Daniel Webster’s “submit to me” line in context:

November’s coming: 39 days

Caleb Howe at RedState.com wrote this morning: Normally at RedState we post a brief description of any videos we post. But this one… you just have to watch it. I agree. Rep Pete Sessions wrote at RedState.com yesterday:


We have to keep an eye on the future even as we work in the present. Here’s one of those times. In anticipation of Democrats losing control of one or both houses of Congress, we can expect them to push their abortion agenda even as the American people are pushing their leadership out of their […]

Pence urges activists to ‘demand’ social conservatism from GOP

UPDATE 9/20, 3:05a: From the Washington Post, September 18: [Christine] O’Donnell pushed back against the notion that at a time when voters are focused on the economy, social issues should take a back seat. And a few politicians with longer résumés and national profiles expressed their own righteous indignation. [Sen. Rick] Santorum told the crowd […]

MSM credits Joe Miller’s AK GOP primary win to pro-life vote

Even though liberal MSM types like Ron Elving, senior Washington editor at NPR, don’t understand what’s going on, they are giving credit for Joe Miller’s AK GOP Senate primary (apparent) victory to pro-life voters. But the title and opening paragraph of Elving’s August 26 piece not so subtly tell us he thinks Alaskans have gone […]

Susan B. Anthony List vs EMILY’s List in mother of all political battles for feminist mantle

Tuesday’s primary election results made it a banner day for pro-life female candidates.

Democrats losing the “God” vote

When you look at “tickling the ears.”) But now they’re back, as the aforementioned and following polls indicate, but it’s not a phenomenon pro-lifers should take for granted. Part of our strategy must be to cement the fickle pro-life beliefs of the mushy middle. Obama has also given us an opening to attract liberal Jews….

(Results of) four races to watch on Semi-Super Tuesday

UPDATE, 5/19, 6:23a: Results: Obama: 0-4 (has now lost endorsed races in MA, NJ, VA, PA) AR Democrat US Senate primary: Incumbent Blanche Lincoln faces run-off against Bill Halter, since neither got 50% of the vote KY Republican US Senate primary: Tea Party-supported Rand Paul beat establishment-supported Trey Grayson PA Democrat US Senate primary: Joe […]

Pro-abort (and fake pro-life) Democrats on the run

Wall Street Journal today…

Pro-abort group EMILY’s List takes heat for Coakley loss

by Carder Aftershocks abound from the Scott Brown victory in MA last week. Not to be excluded are The Daily Caller, January 23: EMILY’s List, one of many progressive activist groups recovering from Tuesday’s coup.. in MA… has left some Democrats questioning the group’s coordination with candidates and its narrow focus on pro-choice women. [JLS […]

Scott Brown wins!

UPDATE, 1/20, 4:05a: Received this note: Fantastik, Jill! Today is a great day. I prayed that Scott Brown would win and he did. I am following all you pro-lifers, and I wish you all well. Keep up the good work Jill. Best wishes from Denmark. UPDATE, 1/19, 10p: Statement from Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch […]

CBR targets voters of five four vulnerable Democrat districts with mobile billboard campaign

UPDATE, 1/9, 8:50a: The The Herald on January 7 carried this quote…

Pro-life takeaways from last night

I thought this American Life League wrote in a press release entitled, “Planned Parenthood fail: Endorsement ‘kiss of death’ for Deeds, Scozzafava, Corzine”: What do Dede Scozzafava, Creigh Deeds and Gov. Jon Corzine have in common? All were endorsed by abortion mammoth Planned Parenthood. All 3 candidates were virulent supporters of abortion rights and opponents […]

“Pro-lifers sabotaging pro-life laws?”

Steve Waldman of the liberal Christian website WND column this week. Purist and incremental hardliners have taken theory to reality and directly sabotaged a ban that would have outlawed 97% of all abortions in 1 state, sentencing real – not theoretical – South Dakotan children to their deaths. What I find most interesting is the […]

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