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Stanek weekend Q: Better to pass “radical” anti-abortion laws, gradual, or both?

imageThis weekend’s question taps into the re-percolating immediatist vs. incrementalist debate.

In its pro-abortion way, ThinkProgress.org, gets much of the controversy right:

Stanek weekend question: Is it helpful for a pro-choice mom to tell kids about her abortion?

Sometimes pro-life post-abortive mothers or fathers decide they can help stop abortion by sharing their testimony, in which case their children usually have to find out. But it is presented as a tragedy. Sometimes pro-life post-abortive mothers or fathers sit their children down and tell them. But it is presented as a loss to the […]

Stanek weekend question: When does “anti-choice bullying” cross the line, if ever?


Let’s start this conversation by taking violence off the table. Both pro-lifers and abortion supporters agree that violence emanating from either side is wrong and committed by outliers.

Beyond that, where, if ever, can pro-lifers cross the line? The U.S. Supreme Court is currently considering the constitutionality of a Massachusetts buffer zone law, the decision of which will have implications across the country. Can a state or municipality erect an unseen red line of whatever distance it decides to keep pro-lifers from reaching out to mothers going into abortion clinics to kill their babies? The other side, of course, calls this harassment.

A couple days ago pro-choicer Robin Marty (by now a friend, in actuality) took me on for outing Minnesota businesses that are supporting an abortion fundraiser:

Stanek weekend question: Who’s to blame for abortion regret?

160061588.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-largeThis weekend question comes via abortion apologist Amanada Marcotte, who wrote at RH Reality Check on March 3:

Iowa is now considering a bill that would allow abortion patients to sue a doctor for abortion regret, even if they received counseling and signed informed consent forms prior to the abortion. The bill gives women a ten-year window to come to the conclusion that they regret their abortion and to sue. Since none of us really knows where we’ll be in ten years, this opens abortion providers up to all sorts of unfair lawsuits, since there’s no way to know that the 21-year-old women’s studies major with a pro-choice button on her bag getting an abortion today is going to get married and join a fundamentalist church and decide she must produce “abortion regret” in penance before she’s 30.

Stanek weekend question: Your response to Planned Parenthood CEO’s contention that life begins at delivery?

peek_a_boo_baby_wallpaper-1024x1024Barack Obama said that answering the question of when life begins was above his pay grade.

Not so for Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, although it took a persistent interviewer three attempts to drag it out of her.

Richards appeared on Fusion Channel’s America with Jorge Ramos on February 27 and first tried to say such a question was not “really relevant” to the abortion debate, although the American public would disagree.

Stanek weekend question: Do you view your time online as an opportunity?

I’m formulating a piece on online activism and have several questions for you. When it comes to your opposition or support of abortion, do you view your time online as a place to say or do anything about it? What I mean is, do you view the Internet as a forum to engage in pro-life […]

Stanek weekend Q: Is it “dishonest gain” to forego having children until we think we can afford them?


Prefer loss to the wealth of dishonest gain; the former vexes you for a time;
the latter will bring you lasting remorse.

~ Chilo

Nancy Leigh DeMoss wrote in her devotional book The Quiet Place for February 11:

Weekend Q: Is the secret pro-life agenda really to control women?

Perhaps this charge has been around forever and I’m only now noticing it a lot lately: "Increasingly, anti-choicers are dropping the pretense that they’re motivated by ‘life’ and admitting…" http://t.co/6p2QcorwNQ — RH Reality Check (@rhrealitycheck) February 1, 2014 A lame Shreveport Times editorial yesterday, which appears to have been written by a 22-year-old new college grad […]

Stanek wkend Q: Is 2014 the year “war on women” comes back to bite Dems?

267-Le08p.AuSt.91On January 22 the Republican National Committee issued a strongly worded resolution telling pro-life candidates it would support those “who fight back against Democratic deceptive ‘war on women’ rhetoric by pointing out the extreme positions on abortion held by Democratic opponents” and back away from those “who stay silent in the face of such deceptive rhetoric.”

So game on. The RNC has learned, quoting the resolution again, that “[c]andidates who stay silent on pro-life issues do not identify with key voters, fail to alert voters to the Democrats’ extreme pro-abortion stances, and have lost their elections.”

Like we said.

This past Wednesday the March for Life in Washington, D.C., saw RNC Chairman Reince Priebus speak from the rally podium as well as House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (pictured above right) – physically backing up the resolution.

More on the Republican pro-life surge from telegram.com:

Stanek wkend Q: Is it wrong to compare abortion to other mass deaths?

fallingGood friend Josh Brahm has posted a piece, “4 reasons pro-lifers need to stop doing this.” ”This” is:

One of my colleagues at Students for Life of America recently asked me for an example of pro-lifers doing things that appear weird to our society. The first thing that came to mind was something that my brother Timothy and I call FTV: “Fetus Tunnel Vision.”

fetus tunnel vision
   1. the inability to see and/or acknowledge human rights injustices without equating or comparing them to abortion.

Josh listed four reasons, in short:

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by CarderSnooki and JWoww

She loves being pregnant right now and I f–king hate it….

I’m not a fan of pregnancy right now with my thighs touching and my boobs changing but I know it will be worth it and hopefully I get back to that really quickly.

~ MTV’s Jersey Shore star  Jenni “JWoww” Farley talking about her friend Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s and her own pregnancy at the MTV Movie Awards, US Magazine, April 14

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