Thumbs up for Kevorkian movie from pro-lifer portrayed in it

UPDATE, 4/23, 10:35a: Both and anticipate a sympathetic portrayal of Kevorkian in You Don't Know Jack, which may well be. points out even Kevorkian likes the film. We can certainly review it here after it airs Saturday night.

Pro-lifer Lynn Mill's view after screening the movie on April 21 was that it portrayed him otherwise, telling me, "HBO did a beautiful job with this. I don't think they glamorized. Him. I think they made him look like a nut. I did not think he came off looking good. I think he came off as a pathetic little freak."

So we'll see. Lynn added that while Kevorkian anticipated great public support and an eventual Supreme Court altercation, he got neither, which the film depicts.

4/22, 2:38p: Well, glory be. I was beyond skeptical that the upcoming HBO movie, You Don't Know Jack, airing this Saturday night at 9p EST, would portray him fairly....

you don't know jack poster.jpgThe movie, of course, is about the infamous Dr. Death, Jack Kevorkian, who gained notoriety in the late 80s and throughout the 90s for promoting and committing physician assisted suicide. Convicted of 2nd degree homicide in 1999, Kevorkian spent 8 years in prison.

But I anticipated Kevorkian's story in the hands of Hollywood, particularly in a movie co-starring Susan Sarandon, to glamorize him. So I was not really interested in watching You Don't Know Jack, even if Al Pacino played the lead role.

Until today. A little while ago I received an email from MI pro-lifer Lynn Mills, who many here know gives us many of the inside scoops on MI late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari.

It turns out Lynn played quite a part in bringing Kevorkian down (who killed his patients in MI) by good old fashioned pro-life dumpster diving.

ana reeder.jpegLynn is positively portrayed in the movie by actress Ana Reeder (shown right at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival).

I called Lynn for the backstory. In 1993 as part of a group protesting Kevorkian, Lynn spotted Kevorkian's drug supplier taking out some trash. "It was a natural instinct for this pro-life activist to go dumpster diving," said Lynn.

Lynn found Kevorkian's report on the death of Hugh Gale. She also found Gale's EKG strip that went from beating to flatline.

Kevorkian wrote in his report that Gale asked twice to have the mask removed containing the death drugs he was inhaling. Kevorkian complied the 1st time but not the 2nd. He charted he left the mask in place. In other words, Kevorkian killed Gale against his will.

Lynn said the movie portrays the death of Hugh Gale as "absolutely horrible" - realistically, in other words.

Kevorkian whited out that segment of his report and retyped it to sound better.

The end of the movie shows the actor portraying Oakland Co. Prosecutor Dick Thompson holding the report up to the light and spotting the whiteout.

What Lynn found was eventually discarded as evidence, but she played a part in bringing Kevorkian down nonetheless. And she is portrayed in the movie as normal, imagine that.

So there is one pro-lifer insider's review of You Don't Know Jack, and now I'm much more inclined to watch it. Here's a longer trailer...

We're proud of you, Lynn!


Wow, miracles never cease. I first started reding this and thought, "Here we go again ..." but was pleasantly surprised to find out the opposite.

Posted by: Bill at April 22, 2010 3:47 PM

Center City Race Has Candidate 'Outed' As Straight
By Thomas Fitzgerald


Veteran Rep. Babette Josephs (D., Phila.) last Thursday accused her primary opponent, Gregg Kravitz, of pretending to be bisexual in order to pander to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender voters, a powerful bloc in the district.

"I outed him as a straight person," Josephs said during a fund-raiser at the Black Sheep Pub & Restaurant, as some in the audience gasped or laughed, "and now he goes around telling people, quote, 'I swing both ways.' That's quite a respectful way to talk about sexuality. This guy's a gem."

[It would be an overstatement to suggest that Babette is a 'diamond in the rough'.]

Kravitz, 29, said that he is sexually attracted to both men and women and called Josephs' comments offensive. [As his mournful eyes overflowing with tears left a trail of mascara tinted tracks across his ruggedly handsome cheeks.]

"That kind of taunting is going to make it more difficult for closeted members of the LGBT community to be comfortable with themselves," Kravitz said. "It's damaging."

"I've been doing this for 40 years, and I never have heard of this kind of charge in any race in the nation," he said. "I take that as flattery. It shows how far we've come."...said Mark Segal, publisher of the Philadelphia Gay News and a pioneering civil rights advocate.

In an interview, Josephs said she stood by her comments about Kravitz. She said her opponent told her he was gay, then showed up at a campaign event with a woman who introduced herself as his girlfriend. [shocked, I am SHOCKED!]

..."he [Kravitz] is out there talking to my friends, my supporters, my constituents, and saying, 'She's entrenched. She's part of the problem.' And I've been told he's even said, 'She's old.' " [Now that is a low blow!]


The really good news in all is these are two tolerant progressive/liberal/humanist democRATS savaging one another.

What next?

"My gay father can beat up you gay father?"

"My opponent has terrible taste in clothes and even worse taste in companions."

yor bro ken

Posted by: kbhvac at April 22, 2010 6:00 PM

Ken, you seem obsessed with gay people lately. (and way off topic too) Want to share your feelings?

Posted by: Hal at April 22, 2010 8:04 PM

Ugh. I can't stand watching Susan Sarandon. She brags, BRAGS about her abortion. She is going to be on that NBC show "Who do you think you are" that traces family ancestry. All I will be able to think is that she prevented a member of that family tree from being born.

And Kevorkian. Talk about death with dignity. He put plastic bags over his patients heads and they suffocated to death. Thats a horrible way to die. Where is the "dignity" in that? My great Aunt died just two weeks ago. 99 years old. She died peacefully in her sleep. Thats the way to go!

Posted by: Sydney M. at April 22, 2010 10:04 PM

Wow-- 99 years old! Beautiful, Sydney. I'm interested in seeing this movie now, too. So sad about Susan Sarandon's abortion.

Posted by: Faith at April 22, 2010 11:54 PM


What I find noteworthy is that few if any self identified gay/homosexuals have complained about my comments.

It seems it only progressive/liberal/humanists obsessed with 'political correctness' who have taken exception or been offended by my remarks.

These artificial flowers get indignent when anyone refuses to comply with their contemporary brand of 'puritanism'.

If there are any homosexuals who feel they have been slighted or slandered by my remarks then they should be man/woman enough to speak for themselves and not have to hide behind the skirts of their liberal brethren/sistren.

Actually I just love pointing out the absurdity, hypocrisy, and duplicity of the left.

Though there are, relatively speaking,'few' homosexuals who are conservative fiscally or socially, the vast majority are progressive, liberal, humanist and democRATS.

Birds of a feather do flock together.

You will find that my posts and comments are primarily directed at the 'left' regardless of who they choose to copulate with and how they choose to do it.

The base of the left, which includes many of these gender challenged people, are particularly non-sensical.

I guess it is OK for the 'left' to attempt to falsely demonize 'tea party' participants as racists, homophobes and violent terrorists, but when I cut and paste articles from journals of record, I am obsessing with homosexuals and being insensitive, insulting and offensive.

Rush Limbaugh has a staffer who is abundently pigmented. His moniker is Bo Snerdly. Every now and again Snerdly does some commentary about b.o. and describes himself as 'athentically black enough to criticize' our first Irish-Kenyan president.

I am a flaming heterosexual.

Does that automatically disqualify me from commenting on homosexuality and homosexuals or do have I have to pass some arbitrary litmus test to determine if I am 'gay' enough to comment on the gender confused and challenged humans who are not the 'fringe' of the left but are the 'base', both in term of numbers and, especially, in terms financial support.

It is these gay leftists who make homosexuals look bad.

yor bro ken

Posted by: kbhvac at April 23, 2010 10:40 AM

UPDATE, 4/23, 10:35a: Both and anticipate a sympathetic portrayal of Kevorkian in You Don't Know Jack, which may well be. points out even Kevorkian likes the film. We can certainly review it here after it airs Saturday night.
OF COURSE JACK LIKES THE FILM, IT'S ABOUT HIM. HE DIDN'T KNOW WHEN TO STOP. HE THOUGHT HE WAS ABOVE THE LAW AND THAT THE PEOPLE WOULD STORM THE JAIL TO GET HIM OUT. Has Steve seen the film? Then why does his "Vision" count? I have been in the pro life movement for over 1/4 of a century and my opinion should be treated be with respect. Just because the movie was about Kevorkian does not mean it has to be a bad movie. I lived and breathed this era, I was there and knew what was going on. With that being said, again, my comment on this movie is from first hand experiences. Granted perhaps a lot of what HBO produces is not "proper", they have gone out of their way to depict this story of Jack as accurate as possible. The writer treated me with respect and listened carefully to everything I said, was very appreciative of any information I could provide. The HBO folks went out of their way to be kind and helpful to me AFTER THE FACT!!! In fact they were so concerned about my feelings re: the movie, they arranged to have a private screening (one day before the Detroit premier) of the movie for me at a suite at the Book Cadillac hotel. I was greeted with smiles and kindness and they even provided food and beverages for me in the suite. They made special arrangements so that I could attend the premiere with my three daughters, and still asking me at the event if there was anything I needed and stated I could contact them in the future! Pro-lifers don't come off as idiots.
But Steve E. will nitpick because this is the nature of the beast. He doesn't know when to be quiet or how to say he's wrong or that he is sorry.
They could have made Dick Thompson or I look like idiots at any point and they didn't. They used the evidence I found against Jack that proved he murdered. WORD FOR WORD. They show Jack in stupid costumes. They show their egos and fight and the demise of Jack. But Steve will review it for all of us without watching it himself. Go figure. Just because Jack likes it???? "You Don't Know Jack" squat, Steve.
So let’s talk about the bad now. They have me use the word CHOICE. It never passes through my lips. Big deal. The pro-life picket lines are a bit aggressive in my opinion. So what. They show people, real footage, in pain. This happens EVERY DAY. It's tough for all of us. After every scene Jack should be embarrassed. But he's not so Steve and his ilk think this means the show is good? Get a grip Steve. Steve, YOU DON"T KNOW JACK, I do. He loves any attention, even poor attention. I sat 2 rows in front of Jack while on screen he ripped his sister apart over her daughter. That daughter Ava/Eva was right next to him last night and he should have been full of shame. But he's Jack. They show Jacks morbid paintings and him taking his own blood to paint them. They show a painting of Santa stepping on a baby. (Fool) That's glowing, isn't it? They talk about the fun times of cadaver blood transfusions and getting hepatitis. More HBO glamour! He's a ghoul and it comes through with great cinematography! Pacino botches Jacks’ Midwest accent. Call the cops.
So Steve, let’s just keep attacking fellow pro-lifers. This is why RTL is killing itself.
I'm done. Steve, I'll expect flowers on Monday.
Do I have to remind people about the Tiller episode on Law and Order, not a friend of life issues? I do believe they did a decent job with that.

Posted by: Lynn Mills at April 23, 2010 3:58 PM

Ken, I'm neither offended nor amused. Mostly I was just wondering why you connected the comments in this post to the issue of homosexuality. I was too dense to see the connection, but you've clarified your point. Thanks.

Liberals = Bad, Gays = Liberals. Therefore, Gays = Bad. Brilliant

In all seriousness, however, I think I am as saddened by your world view as you probably are with mine. I used to believe that as Americans we had more things in common than those that we disagreed about. Now, I'm not so sure.

Posted by: Hal at April 23, 2010 7:06 PM

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