UT KKK controversy: Crystal ball into the future of abortion supporters

Thumbnail image for cecile richards and margaret sanger.pngPro-lifers often say pro-aborts are on the wrong side of history and will someday be viewed with as much disdain as those who 150 years ago supported slavery.

Someday descendants of Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards will be ashamed she is part of their family tree.

And already, even though she was majorly responsible for legalizing abortion, which is still popular in avant-gard American circles, PP founder Margaret Sanger is sinking in public opinion as her eugenic view of blacks becomes more widely known.

So I read a June 1 story at AOL News this morning and thought this is how it will be for Sanger et al someday, 50 or 100 years from now. Their pasts will haunt them from the grave and sully any other good they did, just as does William Stewart Simkins's past...

In 1954, the University of Texas named a dorm after William Stewart Simkins, who taught law there for 3 decades. Simkins has been dead for more than 80 years but now his past - as a leader of the Ku Klux Klan - has come back to haunt the school....


The disclosure of Simkins' past in a recently published article has the UT administration considering whether to remove his name from the dorm - Simkins Residence Hall.

"Simkins was a mask-wearing coward, a night-riding Klansman who admitted committing violence against freed slaves," legal historian Tom Russell told AOL News.

Russell, a former UT law professor, wrote the scholarly article, which was published on March 22 in the online journal, Social Science Network.... His article describes Simkins as a Klansman who boasted to UT students about his activities and how he assaulted African-Americans....

It is not too late for pro-aborts reading this to regain control of their legacy, which will otherwise be ruined.

Someday to be remembered as a pro-abort will be as disgraceful as to be remembered as a Nazi.


Folks, this is off-topic, but remember how Jill posted the article about the young woman in Philadelphia who was allegedly pressured to have an abortion? Here is a followup denying the story:

Letters: DHS gets state sen.'s approval on abortion
Philadelphia Daily News

ON MAY 2, the Daily News ran an article alleging that a young woman in foster care was coerced by a worker at the Department of Human Services into having an abortion.

The allegations were attributed to her foster mother. The next day, the Daily News reported that the young woman, her child and another foster child and her baby who lived in the same household were all removed from the care of this foster mother in retaliation for what she told the Daily News.

As head of the Senate Aging and Youth Committee, I wrote a letter to DHS Commissioner Anne Marie Ambrose expressing great concern over these allegations and indicated I intended to investigate the matter.

On May 11, I met privately with the young woman and her lawyer. In our discussion, the woman was clear and forthright in saying that the decision to terminate her pregnancy was hers and hers alone.

She was adamant that the DHS worker did not in any way influence that decision. In fact, she views her DHS worker as a supporter and advocate. I was impressed by this young woman's thoughtful consideration of this important decision and found her to be mature, responsible and deeply concerned about her future and the future of her year-old child.

I'm convinced she had strong and independent legal counsel in two separate proceedings related to her foster placement - where she said she is content - and decision to have an abortion. Honoring her privacy, I won't disclose any more information about our meeting.

Although my inquiry into this matter did not need to go any further than my conversation with this young woman, I also took the opportunity to meet with DHS worker Cynthia Brown and her supervisor, Sharea Paris. It was evident that Ms. Brown is a dedicated DHS employee who works hard and is supported by her boss.

I am satisfied that DHS carried out its duties in an appropriate and legal manner.

As a legislator - and as an adult who was abused as a child - I take very seriously allegations of physical, sexual or emotional abuse of children.
I have often been a critic of DHS. But in this case, I found the allegations against DHS to be untrue.

Because its duty to protect this young woman's confidentiality prevents DHS from defending itself from these unfounded accusations, I felt compelled to not only investigate personally, but also to speak out.
State Sen. LeAnna M. Washington

I'm sorry for the length of this, but this is distressing to me, as I work for DHS, which pays for abortions for girls in placement. This young woman was six months pregnant. Would she have earned such praise if she had carried her baby to term? Remember, this wasn no "blob," or "collection of cell;," babies have been born at six months gestation and lived."

I guess I'm a lousy social worker, but I would NEVER take any part in procuring an abortion for someone unless their life was at stake. I've been on interviews where I was asked point blank if I would take someone to have an abortion, and of course I said no. And of course, I didn't get the job.

This whole story makes me sick and sad and ashamed to work here.

Posted by: phillymiss at June 2, 2010 11:13 AM

That means you have a heart, and compassion, phillymiss....making you the BEST kind of Social Worker! :)

Posted by: Pamela at June 2, 2010 11:18 AM

Having an abortion at 6 months is inconceivable. I don't know how anyone could sit back and let this go on.

Posted by: Ashley Herzog at June 2, 2010 11:36 AM

"I was impressed by this young woman's thoughtful consideration of this important decision and found her to be mature, responsible and deeply concerned about her future and the future of her year-old child."

What an evil generation we live in when we mentally condition young women to betray their own consciences and kill their own children.

And then compliment them calling them "mature and responsible".

Pure evil, satanic.

Posted by: Ed at June 2, 2010 12:04 PM

"It is not too late for pro-aborts reading this to regain control of their legacy, which will otherwise be ruined. "

Methinks this is an oxymoron or just sarcasm, Jill...

What "legacy" is there for pro-aborts (aside from the usual one)?

Posted by: RSD at June 2, 2010 12:44 PM

Hopefully one day children will ask, "Mommy, what was Planned Parenthood?".

* * *

Regarding the University of Texas dormitory named after a Klansman, the university should rename the dorm but add a footnote to the naming plaque with an explanation about its past namesake and history so people will never forget.

* * *

Interesting -

Concerned Women of America article by Tanya L. Green, 5-01-2001
"The Negro Project: Margaret Sanger's Eugenic Plan for Black Americans"
In 1987, a group of black ministers, parents and educators filed suit against the Chicago Board of Education. They charged the city's school-based clinics with not only violating the state's fornication laws, but also with discrimination against blacks. The clinics were a “calculated, pernicious effort to destroy the very fabric of family life [between] black parents and their children,” the suit alleged.87

One of the parents in the group was “shocked” when her daughter came home from school with Planned Parenthood material. “I never realized how racist those people were until I read the [information my daughter received] at the school clinic,” she said. “[They are worse than] the Klan ... because they're so slick and sophisticated. Their bigotry is all dolled up with statistics and surveys, but just beneath the surface it's as ugly as apartheid.”88

Posted by: Janet at June 2, 2010 1:09 PM

"This whole story makes me sick and sad and ashamed to work here.

Posted by: phillymiss at June 2, 2010 11:13 AM"

Phillymiss, I admire your courage and share in your disgust with the situation...but from another point of view, maybe THAT's why you were brought there at DHS.

To be the flicker of hope for these young women living in the system.

To be the voice of the unborn in those dark and dreary situations.

To give courage and witness to life.

*you might be ashamed of working there, but without somebody like you..what happens to the rest of these young women?

Posted by: RSD at June 2, 2010 1:10 PM

Just like Stewart perhaps Planned Parenthood believed they would always be granted a "pass" but today that is not the case. A new documentary exposes their evil and racist founding beliefs by documenting from their own founders, their works, and their papers what Planned Parenthood's real agenda is. The stunning and well documented film is called Maafa21 and it is creating a shock wave among the pro-choice elite in this country. African Americans are learning that they are the target of the elites who want to eliminate so-called undesirables. Get Maafa21 and see how the US Government including Republican Presidents are well linked in this evil eugenic plot. One day as Jill stated all these baby killing eugenic elites will hang their heads in shame. Help speed that day along - pass out Maafa21 to everyone you know- get it here : http://www.maafa21.com

Posted by: Anonymous at June 2, 2010 1:53 PM

Posted by: Leslie Hanks at June 2, 2010 3:00 PM

Has anyone got any linkable evidence that Margaret Sanger is sinking in public opinion? Because yesterday I was looking through one of my mom's magazines and she was on a list of "women who changed the world" (for the better), so I'd love it if this were true.

Posted by: Marauder at June 2, 2010 6:22 PM

Dear Ms. Stanek,

Thank you for mentioning my work with regard to the Simkins dorm matter.

Your point is very provocative. Although my views are different than yours, I am humble enough to know that history may prove me wrong. I therefore make your point when I teach the history of slavery and the history of abortion in my American legal history class. Who knows how things will look in 100 years time?

As regards the Klan and slavery issues, though, I think that you should distinguish them. Klan activities were always illegal, whereas slavery had the full support of the law. The slavery/abortion parallel, then, is better for your argument than is the Klan/abortion parallel.

Simkins was not a slaveholder, and if he were a slaveholder but not a Klansman, I would not be pushing UT to remove his name from the dorm. I know that is something of a fine line.

I have created a page that collects media references to the Simkins dorm issue at http://simkins.houseofrussell.com

Best regards,

Tom Russell

Posted by: Prof T Russell at June 2, 2010 6:24 PM

I've established a formidible Sanger folder of articles, extensive eugenics quotes, 1 hour interview video with Mike Wallace, free online pdf of her book "Pivot of Civilization", as well as the scalding biography "killer Angel", also free in pdf.


Sanger was a nymphomaniac that bagged half of British and American upper class men in her decades-long transatlantic adulterous affairs.

She lived out her final years a senile, drug-addicted, alcoholic who took to wandering the streets at night. She was satanic ad paid the bitter price for throwing herself headlong into 20th Century eugenics: Madness.

God alone knows whether or not she repented of her dear, dear sins and crimes against humanity. Foe her sake, I pray that she is today in Paradise, and begrudge her not an ounce of God's mercy, the same mercy to which I appeal for my sins and failings.

However, present wishes for the well-being of her soul must not beget forgetfulness of her toxic legacy, and the billions aborted because of her singular eugenic vision and life's work. It should be every pro-lifer's obligation to learn all that we can about the satanic priestess and make the very mention of her name on earth synonymous with raw malevolence.

If this sounds harsh, check out all of the posts in that link. Read her book for yourselves, read Killer Angel as well. Watch her interview with Wallace.

Prediction: In 30 years, Margaret Sanger will be remembered in league with Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and the rest of the 20th Century villains.

Posted by: Gerard Nadal at June 2, 2010 11:59 PM

Hopefully, one day children will ask " Mommy what was Planned Parenthood?"

I think that is prophetic. And when their doors close, I'm believing something that is good and of real value to women opens.

Posted by: myrtle miller at June 3, 2010 11:20 PM

Mr. Russell, while I agree that slavery/abortion parallel is greater than an abortion/Klan parallel, I think you missed an important distinction.

I would challenge you to do some honest digging into Margaret Sanger's bigoted belief in eugenics and how those views formed the very foundation of her work, much lauded as it is today.
The Sanger/Simpkin,KKK parallels are very clear, to those who have taken the time to inform themselves about Sanger.

Posted by: DeputyHeadmistress at June 3, 2010 11:32 PM


I read with great interest the post on Ms. Sanger, and I watched the interesting video. I teach a bit about eugenics, always with a warning that we academics and our students should have enough humility (or suspicion) to know that the social science of today may turn out to be the eugenics of tomorrow. Before I teach this course again next Spring, I will incorporate the new information that I have learned about Ms. Sanger.

That said, I don't think it's right to equate Ms. Sanger with the Klansman Simkins. Professor Simkins was a night-riding Klansman who admitted--proudly--his violence against freedpeople. The Klan group that he led was among the most murderous and violent in Florida.

What Simkins did as a Klansman was illegal as well as immoral. Although the distinction may be too facile, Sanger did not act illegally so far as I know. We can--and should--debate her morality.

For more on this issue, including a KUT-Austin interview that aired today, please see the blog that I created in order to organize all the media and blog posts. http://simkins.houseofrussell.com


Tom Russell

Posted by: Prof T Russell at June 5, 2010 10:24 PM

Dr. Russell, Margaret Sanger broke numerous state and federal laws, in addition to violating postal obscenity laws by mailing out sexually explicit magazines that violated community standards and legal codes of the time. She also broke laws against dispensing medical advice and treatment without a license (and offered bad advice- she suggested douching with Lysol).

She was arrested for breaking Federal laws and released on bail, but she jumped bail and sailed for England under an alias. In England she violated England's laws, and returned to the US to avoid arrest in England.

One might argue that perhaps at least some of the laws she broke needed to be overturned, but then, there is an appropriate way to accomplish that provided for in the Constitution. It is interesting that Planned Parenthood, in keeping with the Sanger legacy of lawbreaking and disregard for human life, has been caught on multiple occasions violating laws mandating they report child rape, dispensing dishonest medical advice, and they have lobbied to allow Physician's Assistants and nurses to be permitted to perform the surgery of abortion, which would place women at even higher risk for perforations, sepsis, and resulting complications and death.

One cannot accurately argue that she did not deliberately and knowingly violate numerous laws at both state and federal level.

Posted by: DeputyHeadmistress at June 5, 2010 11:30 PM

That's very interesting information and relevant to what I teach. As I said, my plan is to incorporate more discussion of Ms. Sanger into my American legal history course when I teach it again next Spring.


Tom Russell

Posted by: Prof T Russell at June 6, 2010 9:48 AM

Prof T Russell,
Thank you for the link.

To voice an opinion on whether the hall should be re-named, email can be sent to:


I would suggest naming the hall:

Posted by: Janet at June 6, 2010 1:26 PM

Correction to 1:26 PM

Forgive my misspelling, that should say Simkins, not Simpkins.

Posted by: Janet at June 6, 2010 1:27 PM