The anti-human connection between the great hoaxes of the 20th and 21st Centuries

Beliefs in global warming, environmentalism, and overpopulation are all united around the core belief that human beings are bad.

The theory of evolution is related because it maintains humans are not special. They are not created in the image of God. In fact evolution tries to explain how God may not have had anything to do with anything.

piltdown man.jpgThe 1st 3 beliefs connect to abortion by rationalizing it and the latter by lessening its significance.

Pat Buchanan wrote a great column on March 2 entitled, "Hoax of the century." In it he explains how Darwinism was the great hoax of the 20th Century, and global warming is the great hoax of the 21st Century. (In his piece Buchanan describes the Piltdown Man hoax, a model of which is pictured left.)...

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Did baby mammoth die in Noah's flood?

baby mammoth 2.jpg

I wrote 2 years ago about a remarkably preserved baby mammoth discovered in Siberia. Here's an update from, May 4:

At first Lyuba's well-preserved body suggests a mystery: scientists have determined that she was in good health and well fed when she died - so how did she end up frozen in time? Lyuba's stomach contains important clues, as The Telegraph's Richard Gray explains...
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The Year of Darwin

Two historical figures provided major abortion triggers, IMO.

The 1st was Thomas Malthus, who proposed at the turn of the 19th century that the solution for starvation and poverty was not providing the poor with food an shelter but was creating less poor. Malthus was the father of the overpopulation theory. Until Malthus, fertility was good.

year of darwin.jpgThe 2nd was Charles Darwin, who proposed the theory of evolution about 50 years later, which rejected God as the creator of Man in His own image.

In fact, Malthus's theory influenced Darwin's theory, which I didn't know until studying for this post. The 2 dots are connected.

Not only was Abraham Lincoln born 200 years ago on February 12, 1809, so was Charles Darwin.

So evolution followers have proclaimed this the Year of Darwin.

Even while the theory of evolution is being forced fed in our public schools as fact, and disbelievers scoffed, Gallup has found in a new poll that only 4 in 10 believe in the evolutionary theory.

darwin evolution.jpg

About this, Citizen Link reported:

This follows an earlier Gallup poll on the issue, conducted in May 2008, that found 44% believe God created human beings within the past 10,000 years.

For more information go to Discovery Institute and Creation Museum websites.

[HT: reader Travis M.; graphic courtesy of Science magazine]

Expelled vs. Yoko and flat earth descendants

First, according to Box Office Mojo, Expelled is already ranked the #12th top grossing documentary after only 3 weeks out:


Expelled should break the top 10, although Moore fans can rest easy it will never beat any of his his top 3 atrocities. (Did not know Roger and Me was a Moore film until corrected by a reader Bystander.)

The highlighting was Mojos, indicating films currently out. So Expelled is beating the Rolling Stones, and I see another rock icon, John Lennon, at #21.

Speaking of, Yoko is suing Expelled's makers for using 15 seconds of John's song Imagine without permission....

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Expelled opening today

The movie I've been writing about for months, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, opened today.

Los Angeles Times headline today:

lat headline expelled.jpg

From the story...

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Bonus: Extras from Expelled producer interview

expelled 5.jpgThis week I interviewed Expelled producer Mark Mathis for my WorldNetDaily column.

The interview lasted an hour, and reading comments to my column from Darwinian apologists, I see Mathis covered many questions and misinformation: What exactly is Expelled about? Were Darwinian academics/scientists hoodwinked into being interviewed for the film? Did the film purposefully misinterpret their thoughts? What about that Scientific American review? Does teaching Intelligent Design violate the separation of Church and State? Is teaching ID just a backdoor attempt to teach religion in the schools?

Mathis has been conducting Q&A after Expelled screenings across the country and said the experience has been eye-opening. What was the biggest surprise, I asked?

Read his answer to that and all other questions on page 2.

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