Our surprising journalistic power

I mentioned this verse a couple weeks ago in the Sunday quote, but in case you missed it:

Thank the LORD, my rock, who trained my hands to fight
and my fingers to do battle. ~Psalm 144:1

victory fingers.jpgI love that Scripture, 1st because it demonstrates the timelessness of the Bible. David was thinking of physical hand-to-hand combat when he wrote that verse, at a time when, of course, there was no concept of typing and the Internet and blogging. Yet it applies to what we online pro-life fighters do today.

The verse is also a reminder that we're gifted and impassioned by God to do what we do. And it is also a comfort that we will be the ultimate victors.

But on a day-to-day basis I sometimes don't feel like a victor. The pro-life battle appears so uphill, with money, political power, and MSM all against us....

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40 Days for Life Fall preview

40 days banner 2.jpg

I think David Bereit and Shawn Carney have some of the best pro-life stuff going on with their 40 Days for Life ministry.

40 Days has just released a great promo video for its Fall campaign, which will run September 22 through (fittingly) October 31. Applications will be accepted July 21-31...

Conceived only 6 years ago in 2004, 40 Days went national and international in 2007. Since then 40 Days has spread to 307 cities in all 50 states, 6 Canadian providences, 3 Australian states, Denmark, and Northern Ireland....

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Video of Jimmy Kimmel's rent-a-cops posing as active duty cops

Read backstories here, here, and here.

In my last post I said Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust would soon upload video of retired and off-duty rent-a-cops posing as on-duty cops at the Jimmy Kimmel stunt shoot, when cameramen turned their spotlights on a teen pro-life protester. Following are a couple.

In this 1st video Troy Newman of Operation Rescue realizes the pretense and calls the posers on it. They sheepishly do not deny Newman's claim....

In this next video Jeff White, founder of the Survivors, asks one of the film crew cops point blank several times, "Are you LAPD?" He attempts to deflect White's questioning before wilting away as the same younger rent-a-cop as in the 1st video steps in....

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Pro-life activists disrupt Kimmel show taping

Read backstory here. Huffington Post and FishbowlLA have also now picked up on this.

kimmel show 1.JPG

I ended my post yesterday with the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust staging a protest in front of comedian Jimmy Kimmel's studio on Hollywood Blvd in LA. I should mention the Survivors have been holding their annual pro-life boot camp since June 21 (ended today), so these protests have all numbered nearly 100 kids....

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Randall Terry serenades Elena Kagan

This from Christina Bellantoni at TalkingPointsMemo yesterday:

randall terry darth.png

The lone protester from Elena Kagan's confirmation hearings was back at it this morning, tormenting Hill staffers on their way to Senate office buildings with a mock "serenade" to Kagan.

Randall Terry, dressed as he often is in a "death" robe, sang a rendition of Only You, to Kagan through a bullhorn. Presumably this was to suggest that she's death's favorite person since she's pro-choice. Or something.

Terry's frequent antics on Capitol Hill have been well documented. He told TPM's Evan McMorris-Santoro that other protesters are wimpy for not showing up to the confirmation hearings....

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Pro-life activists vs. Jimmy Kimmel thugs

7/2, 4:23p: Read Part II here.

7/1, 11:11p: The Survivors forwarded photos of their protest this afternoon, of "youth holding their ground and practicing their right to free speech where the arrest took place just days before." Click all photos to enlarge...

survivors kimmel 12.png survivors kimmel 10.png survivors kimmel 11.png

7/1, 1:46p: The youth pro-life activist group Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust is picketing comedian Jimmy Kimmel's Los Angeles home as I type (read to end) and will be picketing his studio on Hollywood Blvd later today.

The group is demanding an apology, and here's why....

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Coming to college campuses this fall: Big screen abortion videos in commons area

Thumbnail image for GAP, Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, abortion, North Carolina State University.png

I've written several times about the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform's Genocide Awareness Project, which it describes in a nutshell...

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Controversial "Black and Unwanted" pro-life billboards cause stir in Arkansas

black and unwanted arkansas.jpgLast week AR Right to Life joined forces with the Radiance Foundation, as has GA Right to Life, to erect 6 "Black and Unwanted" pro-life billboards in high traffic locations in the Little Rock area.

And just as in GA, the billboards are causing a stir, yeah. Here's a June 22 Fox16.com news report...

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Pro-life message "silenced" at Ichthus Christian Music Festival

ichthus logo.png

The word "ichthus" is Koine Greek (the language in which the New Testament books were written) for "fish." It was used by ancient persecuted Christians as a secret symbol so they would know one other.

ichthus art.jpgThe Greek letters spelling ichthus - ΙΧΘΥΣ - formed an acrostic for Jesus, Anointed, God, Son, and Savior, meaning "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior." Today you'll see the ichthus fish symbol all over the place in Christian art, bumper stickers, etc.

So it is ironic that this year's 40th annual Ichthus Music Festival, which ran June 17-20, would force pro-lifers to go underground with their message....

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Baby killers advise baby savers on proper parenting

everysaturdaymorningkid-1 2.jpg

Wenches at the Everysaturdaymorning blog dedicated a post yesterday to her concern for the children of pro-life abortion mill sidewalk counselors and prayerful protesters....

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Pastor arrested in public property dispute at Planned Parenthood

I wrote last week that Rev. Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition was planning to challenge the constitutionality of a fence Planned Parenthood located 4 blocks from the White House in Washington, DC, had erected around what is thought to be public property.

The City denied Mahoney a permit to protest and pray in front of the mill today, but he went anyway...

rev mahoney 1.png

Next, according to Congress.org this afternoon...

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Week 14 pro-life picket at First Assembly of God Church in Ventura, CA

Read backstory here.

ventura first logo.pngTodd Bullis and his merry band of pro-lifers have prayerfully protested in front of the Ventura First Assembly of God Church in Ventura, CA, from 7:30a-11a for 12 of the last 14 Sundays.

They are protesting because while the church says it is pro-life, it has no works demonstrating it is pro-life - no support of pregnancy care centers or preaching against abortion, for instance.

Around the corner from First Assembly are 2 other churches, Ventura Missionary Church and the Church of the Foothills. And in between First Assembly and the corner is a Jewish synagogue, Temple Beth Torah....

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Pro-life activists to challenge new fence around Washington, DC, Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood at 1108 16th Street NW in Washington, DC is the abortion mecca-mill where pro-lifers by the hundreds pray and protest during the annual March for Life every January, for instance in 2009...

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Gory imagery

Blogger placenta sandwich at the Abortioneers blog posted a rant against pro-life violence on May 10 and inserted the following picture in the middle of it. So I've stared at this photo for 2 days and just don't get it. Perhaps someone can explain?

gory imagery.jpg

Placenta sandwich called our graphic images "photoshopped fetus posters" anyway, even while claiming to be an abortion provider. So, placenta, why not take some of your own pictures and show us what aborted babies really look like?

Pro-lifers to protest Planned Parenthood event featuring Cecile Richards

planned parenthood east central iowa.pngI reported 3 weeks ago that Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards is planning to help Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Richards is scheduled to keynote PPECI's celebration dinner on May 20 at the Cedar Rapids Marriott.

Yesterday Eric Scheidler of Pro-Life Action League announced his group is joining forces with IA pro-life groups beginning at 4p that day for a rally, press conference, and protest outside the Marriott. Pro-lifers are also asked to contribute to a parking lot baby shower....

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Neighbors block pro-life Truth Truck

todd bullis with abortion sign.pngOn March 25 pro-life activist Todd Bullis launched the Church Project, an effort to educate congregants of Ventura, CA, churches of the reality of abortion through signs of graphic abortion images. Todd and his crew intended to prayerfully protest at 1 Ventura church a week, beginning with mega-church Reality Ventura....

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"Rock star" embryonic researcher protests his photo in pro-life display at UCI

uci 6.jpg

The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform conducted its Genocide Awareness Project at the University of California, Irvine, on April 19 and 20.

There was an interesting flare-up. UCI is professional home to Dr. Hans Keirstead, co-director of the Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center. According to Wikipedia, Keirstead is spearheading the first FDA approved human trial of injecting embryonic stem cells into spinal-cord patients.

So Keirstead is all about human embryo experimentation, which is also his claim to fame.

Enter CBR with a provocative sign that included Keirstead's photo (click to enlarge)...

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Pro-lifers to help celebrate Iowa Planned Parenthood's 30th anniversary dinner with special guest Cecile Richards!

Congrats to Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa on its 30th anniversary!

PPECI is celebrating with a dinner on May 20 at the Cedar Rapids Marriott, and pro-lifers are planning to join the festivities with a welcome picket, more so because PP CEO Cecile Richards will be PPECI's keynote speaker! Click on the graphic below to link to view Cecile's video...

cecile richard planned parenthood iowa 2.png

Dubuque Co. Right to Life is initially spearheading the pro-life welcome to Cecile and commemoration of PPECI's 30 years of killing preborn Iowans. Email dcrtl@dcrtl.org or call 563-556-5960.

Cyber dissidents conference

UPDATE, 4/20, 8:13a: A couple take-aways from yesterday's conference.

~ Oppressive governments don't necessarily block access to the web to surmount digital insurgents. Sometimes they create a number of their own opposition blogs or t.v. programs/channels, etc., to try to overwhelm opposition chatter. This was a tactic I recognized from the Obama campaign, which was rumored to have hired 400 bloggers to propagandize.

~ The same tool for good can be used for bad. Example: A government (I forget which) realized protesters were using text messaging to gather, so it sent texts falsely stating snipers had been spotted on rooftops, which kept a particular protest from mounting.


4/19, 9:57a: Coincidentally, I'm in Dallas on the day the George W. Bush Institute is sponsoring a conference on cyber dissidents, people who risk their lives around the world to expose oppressive regimes and attempt to spread freedom via cyberspace. (More than blogging and use of social media on the Internet, this includes text messaging by mobile phones, smuggled USB devices, and other emerging digital media.)

President and Mrs. Bush just welcomed this diverse, brave group....

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Pro-Life Action League's Spring Truth Tour

Pro-Life Action League held its 2010 Spring 1-day Truth Tour Tuesday - beginning at a busy intersection (under construction) - in my hometown!

truth tour 2010 my town.jpg

But boo hoo, I was MIA speaking in NY, a rare occasion when I could see a merit of cloning... :) PLAL's Corrinna Gura made a special sign just for me...

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The partial-birth abortion of America's churches

by Tom Ambrose, exclusive to JillStanek.com

Tom is the former commentary editor for WorldNetDaily.com (who gave Jill her start there!) and a former US correspondent for the Singapore-based Business Times. Additionally, he has written for NewsWithViews.com and other publications, and has been a guest on various radio programs.

todd bullis church repent 5.jpgAfter Jill wrote about Todd Bullis' encounters at First Assembly of God Church in Ventura, CA, I made the effort to contact the church office to try to understand their perspective.

In particular, I wasn't entirely sure I agreed with Todd's actions, and I also wanted to believe the best about the people of the church, i.e., that they were telling the truth and really were helping the pro-life cause....

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Pro-life activists revisit police hoser's church

UPDATE, 4:27p: Todd Bullis needs more video cameras to document his pro-life church efforts. "As long as they are digital cameras, they are good." Todd emailed. "They can even be old used ones as long as they can connect to a usb drive." Can you help? Email Todd at todd@abortionWoes.com

todd bullis church repent 5.pngUPDATE, 1:34p: Todd has posted video of his group's protest yesterday. With the song in the background, it's haunting.

At about 3:30 you see church leaders guarding against their flock seeing the reality of abortion.

At about 5:30 you see that man Todd wrote about in his email approach them, and Jim Deck try to turn him back.

This is an example of so much of America's church. So disturbing. I think this video will used as an historical example of the church's silence on the holocaust of abortion.

9:29a: Read backstory here and here.

Pro-life activist Todd Bullis and his troupe took Easter weekend off for personal family and worship time.

But they were back at the First Assembly of God Church in Ventura, CA, yesterday to admonish its leaders to more proactively educate their congregation about the abortion issue as well as support the pro-life effort through such actions as financially supporting the local pregnancy crisis center, for instance....

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National pro-life t-shirt week

NPLTW10a1.jpgAmerican Life League's National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week is Tuesday, April 27 - Monday, May 3, 2010.

ALL's plan:

... to increase awareness of abortion and the reality of how many innocent babies are murdered every day.

Primarily, we are concerned with getting people to think of the child as a person from the moment of creation. It is much harder to murder a person than it is to "remove a lump of tissues," and it is only when we finally get the nation thinking in those terms that we will be able to make abortion a crime, as it should be....

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Pro-life grad pride: Put a sticker on your cap

From Students for Life of America comes an easy and affordable way to take a pro-life stand. Just pop this sticker on the top of your graduation cap:


Each sticker is trimmed around the letters, so it will match all cap colors. SFA thought of everything: "There's even a hole for your tassle!" says the site....

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Defacing pro-life posters A-Ok with pro-aborts

Last month the organization Abortion Changes You launched an ad campaign in the NY subway system with 2,000 posters affirming feelings and offering help to hurting post-abortive mothers and fathers.

These were considered "heinous" by at least one hardcore pro-abort, worthy of defacing.

The side that murders preborn babies says it's our side that's hateful. The side calling itself "pro-choice" says it's our side that is intolerant. Oh, really? Here's what became of at least 2 of the posters.

ClinicEscort linked to the following photo with this comment...

abortion changes you 2b clinic escort.png

abortion changes you defaced 2b.png

And the next photo, introduced by pro-abort AmandaMarcotte...

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KTLA covers police hoser incident; DA will not press charges

Wow. KTLA in Los Angeles ran an excellent story last night about this past Sunday's police hosing incident at Ventura, CA's, First Assembly of God Church.

The story accurately portrays Ventura police officer ("and a member of this church") Jon Hixson as a major jerk, showing all the right clips from pro-life activist Todd Bullis's video. (The backstory about the pro-life picket begins here.)


I think KTLA got Todd's mission pretty much right in its 1-sentence summary of why his group was there in the first place....

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VIDEO: Off-duty policeman assaults pro-life activist at a church

UPDATE, 3/30, 6:55p: The Ventura County Star has posted an article about the incident, along with Todd Bullis's video. The piece states hoser police officer Jon Hixson faces a "misdemeanor battery charge."...

ventura star.png

UPDATE, 3/30, 3:53p: Ventura Police Dept. Internal Affairs notified Todd Bullis that Officer Jon Hixson has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. He also admitted to Internal Affairs he put vinegar in at least one of the spray bottles (which they have retrieved as evidence)....

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Off-duty policeman assaults pro-life activist at a church

UPDATE, 3:55p: See video here.

todd bullis with abortion sign.pngUPDATE, 12:59p: Just spoke with Todd, who just spoke with a Ventura Police Dept. internal affairs officer. Todd got the name of the person wrong. I'm sorry I posted it.

It turns out, however, the person who did the face spraying and hosing was a police officer who attends that church and apparently functions in a voluntary capacity there....

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Pro-life activists reach settlement in federal lawsuit against city

No picketing sign aurora.JPG

The sign you see above may already be down, the result of a settlement reached yesterday between the City of Aurora, IL, and the Pro-Life Action League....

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Pro-lifers launch graphic abortion pickets at 100 churches in Ventura, CA

I wrote in February that stalwart pro-lifer Todd Bullis was soon to spearhead what he calls the Church Project, an effort to educate congregants of Ventura, CA, churches of the reality of abortion through signs of graphic abortion images.

warning abortion photos ahead.pngTodd reported in an extended version of the video below that of 100 area churches, only 10 currently support pregnancy care centers. Todd's mission is to rouse churches in his Jerusalem - where he lives - to become more proactive in opposing abortion.

Todd launched his effort this past Sunday at his own former church, Reality Ventura, a mega-church, where he had previously picketed with nongraphic signs and also met several times with church leaders....

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College retracts ban on distribution of pro-life magazine with graphic images


Officials at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, NY, didn't like what pro-life student Joseph Hayon was distributing on campus, the Winter 2009/10 issue of The Advocate, produced by LiveAction.org, which is headed by courageous Lila Rose.

I have a feeling they were uncomfortable with this...

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UCLA caves to pro-life group re: graphic display of aborted babies

GAP, Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, abortion, North Carolina State University.png

On March 11 I posted a letter from Center for Bio-Ethical Reform's Exec. Dir. Gregg Cunningham to UCLA representative Pam Cysner.

The title of my post was, "Pro-life group plays hardball with UCLA over graphic display of aborted babies."...

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Hitler/abortion billboard defaced on final day

hitler, poland, abortion defaced 1.JPG

Read backstory beginning here....

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Post-abortion outreach ads in NYC subways invoke vitriolic response

Click to enlarge...


They hadn't even seen them yet but hated them. From Metro.us, March 8, with the objective headline, "Don't look now: You may not like the ads you see"...

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Pro-life group plays hardball with UCLA over graphic display of aborted babies

I love hanging around with pro-lifers who don't take crap.

Gregg Cunningham, Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, abortion, UCLA.jpgGregg Cunningham, executive director of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, is 1 of those.

If you're blessed to be a friend or colleague of Gregg's, he blind copies you on emails he writes to detractors and opponents of CBR's work. Gregg's wit always cracks me up, and his chutzpah always inspires me.

Yesterday Gregg copied me on an email he sent to Pam Cysner, Student Affairs Officer at UCLA.

The administration at UCLA has been jerking CBR's student co-sponsors around for a year trying to keep CBR from reserving space for a huge Genocide Awareness Project abortion photo display on Bruin Plaza....

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Well, duh: Planned Parenthood protests cross display because it "likens abortions to killing"

church crosses, cemetery abortion.jpg

On this National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers let's spotlight 1 of their finest, Planned Parenthood of Roanoke, VA.

The Roanoke Times reports today PP of Roanoke is upset with Rainbow Forest Baptist Church for erecting 729 crosses to represent the # of babies killed in 2008 in Alleghany and Roanoke Cos....

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Hitler/abortion billboard up in Poland

UDPATE, 7:26a: Our Polish pro-life friend has just sent photos of morning rush hour...

Hitler, Poland, abortion, 6.JPG

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Never mind: Pro-abort OH House Speaker to let pro-life teen receive honor after all

elizabeth trisler 2.pngPerhaps it was because even the ACLU came to young Elisabeth Trisler's defense, I don't know.

Whatever, Democrat pro-abort OH House Speaker Armond Budish has had a change of heart.

On February 3 Budish blocked the OH teen from being honored on the House floor for winning National Right to Life's 2009 teen oratory contest....

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VA pro-aborts take a stab at selling those wildly unpopular "Choose Choice" license plates

Virginia, abortion, license plate.jpg

The Associated Press reported February 8 about a dispute in the VA legislature over the approval of a pro-abort specialty license plate to counter a pro-life plate....

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Two more pro-life Super Bowl ads

Focus on the Family's Tebow ad got all the attention. But eagle eyes on our side found pro-life messages in standard fare Super Bowl ads.

Dove ad sperm meets egg.jpgAbout Dove Soap's Super Bowl ad, David Schmidt at the LiveAction.org blog noted:

It is good to see that Dove is pro-science and understands the biology of when human life begins. Their Super Bowl ad correctly captures [that] scientific understanding....

Troy Newman at Operation Rescue blog chose Google's Parisian Love Story as his pick for the "best pro-life Super Bowl ad."

This ad had already received 2 million views in the 2-1/2 months it was on YouTube before the Super Bowl. I've watched several times because it's so romantic...

Troy wrote...

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Feminist hysterical rant Round II: Focus on the Family promotes violence against women

First, a Super Bowl commercial break by Snickers...

And now back to our sponsor, me.

In Round I of the liberal feminist rant against Focus on the Family, our counterparts set the women's movement back 50 years by behaving hysterically and, as it turns out, without warrant, in advance reaction to the anemic pro-life ad starring Pam and Tim Tebow.

In Round II we see the feminists trying to distract the audience as they wipe the egg off their faces by displaying another stereotype, that they have absolutely no sense of humor and walk around with corncobs up their patooties....

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Reactions to Tebow ad

Posting good ones as I read them...

Gerard Nadal at Coming Home provides excellent analysis, catching a good comment by Christina at this blog, "When you're reduced to pitching a hissy fit that a mother brags about her baby, you're screwed."

Cleveland.com, abortion, focus on the family, pro-life.png


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Super Bowl Sunday pro-life extras

Truth Truck, Operation Rescue, Super Bowl.jpg

  • Yesterday afternoon Americans United for Life Action issued a press release stating its Facebook page, Support Tebow's Super Bowl Ad, cosponsored with LifeNews.com, had "explode[d]" with "more than 200k people and is growing every second." This morning that number is up to almost 225k.
  • Pro-life activist presence will be seen today at the Super Bowl via Operation Rescue, which has had its Truth Truck traversing Miami for some time pulling double duty...
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    Breaking: Focus quadrupling down, airing 2nd Tebow ad 4x during pregame show

    Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgHot Air says USA Today's alternate headline on this story could have been: "White House Super Bowl party now to feature two awkward moments." Here's that story:

    There's a new Super Bowl surprise from Focus on the Family: a 2nd ad.

    The evangelical group that bought ad time in the CBS game telecast will announce today that it has bought time in the pregame show to air a 2nd ad 4 times....

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    Vanity Fair writer's "anti-Tebow" ad script

    Well, here's the 2nd time in 2 days I'm using this word: Ack.

    vanity fair logo.jpgPro-abort Vanity Fair writer Andrea Buchanan scripted her dream anti-Tebow ad yesterday.

    It's quite inspiring if you like to be depressed, which pretty much sums up the meaning of abortion, aside from death. Not to mention the fact Buchanan stereotypes, misleads, wildly exaggerates, and appears cynical, angry, clichéd, and bitter. Is this really the only way abortion proponents can sell their product?

    My commercial would open with a wide shot of abortion protestors (many who are members of Focus on the Family) marching in front of the doors of a non-descript abortion clinic in anywhere U.S.A. I would show them shouting "baby killer" and "devil worshiper," and depict images of them throwing holy water on the women who are attempting to walk through the doors and see a doctor. I would cast the commercial starting with the anti-Tebows: the unattractive, the unfit, the look of stark raving mad....

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    National Football Post chats abortion

    A Focus on the Family rep mentioned yesterday that the Tebow ad has stirred conversation about abortion in very unlikely places.

    Case in point, a National Football Post piece today.

    Tebow, National Football Post, FOcus on the FAmily, abortion.jpgIt's quite interesting to read thoughts about abortion on venues that likely have never articulated an opinion about it. Love it love it love it.

    I'm also entertained by the witty writing style. Maybe there's more to sports pages than I knew. My goodness, this Tebow ad is dawning all sorts of horizons....

    Still more good news came this week when CBS... announced Monday it had sold all commercial slots available at yet again record average rates. This time, the rate was just north of $3 million per 30-second spot on average. Knowing that the economy still figured to be tight, CBS started selling early and finally closed out the broadcast's slots this past week.

    The bad news, however, is that this doesn't include any advertising from some traditional staples of any football broadcast, including the Detroit automakers, and... Budweiser dramatically scaled back its media buy...

    Which brings us to Heisman QB Tim Tebow....

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    Planned Parenthood uses black athletes as pawns in vapid Tebow response video

    2/6, 9:35a: Les for Life at the Passionate Pro-lifer thinks the black athlete ad is going to boomerang. I agree that at some level great or small the Planned Parenthoodsponsored video rebuttal to the Tebow ad has afforded us the opportunity to point out how abortion is decimating the black race in America.

    2/4, 11:13a: Ack. I've decided there is nothing Planned Parenthood does that doesn't make me sick. How's that for a double negative?

    PP has produced a 1:07 video in response to Tim and Pam Tebow's upcoming Super Bowl ad, which I've reported on extensively.

    CBS, abortion, Tebow, Planned Parenthood, RH Reality Check, pro-life, Focus on the Family, National ORganization for Women.jpgLet me 1st acknowledge PP is attempting the right PR tack, unlike other pro-abort groups such as Ms., NOW, and RH Reality Check, which combined forces to wage a counter-productive public war against CBS to try to stifle pro-life free speech.

    I note neither PP nor its CEO, Cecile Richards, were part of that mob. Smart.

    Now PP is jumping in, 1st with a well-written introductory video by Richards. Note she respects and lauds Pam Tebow, then seamlessly segues to promote abortion, of course without ever saying the word...

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    Raging Grannies get nasty with CBS about Tebow ad

    raging grannies logo.jpgI wrote last week about a Raging Grannies pro-abort uprising in Los Altos, CA.

    Now the SoFlo Raging Grannies in South FL have posted a video condemning CBS for airing a pro-life ad featuring Tim and Pam Tebow during this Sunday's Super Bowl.

    The only problem is - I can't post it! It's too profane! View it here.

    These ladies look and sound nasty. I can't imagine being one of their children or grandchildren, knowing how pro-abortion they are.

    On a bit of a lighter note, Char Wendel, President and CEO at Planned Parenthood of Collier County (also in FL, strangely) has produced her own anti-CBS video as well. This one I can show...

    Wendel thinks the $3 million invested for the Tebow ad would have been better spent to "strengthen American families" by purchasing 600k "cycles" of hormonal contraceptives.

    The problem there is, according to Guttmacher, The Pill has an 8.7% failure rate in its 1st year. This means 52,200 women would become pregnant in Wendel's group. No worries, of course. PP of Collier Co. offers abortions. And so the "cycle" continues.

    One bit of advice for Wendel. Use some of your PP abortion profits to invest in a better fitting bra.

    [HT for Raging Grannies video: RH Reality Check]

    What next, bar pro-lifer Phil Simms from covering the Super Bowl?

    UPDATE, 5:49p: Katie Walker, communications director for American Life League (which produced the 1987 pro-life Giants' video discussed in the post below) has a great op ed in today's Washington Post, "Tim Tebow, pro-life and what women want."

    Giants, Super Bowl, 1987, abortion, pro-life.jpg11:52a: The Washington Post op ed I spotlighted earlier today by former NARAL president Kate Michelman and former Catholics for Choice president Frances Kissling contained a fascinating section worthy of its own post. I had no idea...

    Tebow is not the first football star to look into a camera and talk about birth, life and choices. In 1989, Wellington Mara, then the co-owner of the NY Giants, helped produce a 9-minute video featuring members of his 1987 Super Bowl championship team....

    Continue reading "What next, bar pro-lifer Phil Simms from covering the Super Bowl?"

    New York Times editorial: Pro-abort protest against Tebow ad "puzzling and dismaying"

    Tim Tebow, abortion, Focus on the Family, Pam Tebow 2.jpg

    One of my weekend questions was, "Which advocacy group is the ultimate winner of [the Tebow ad] controversy, pro-lifers or pro-aborts?"

    All signs are pointing to Tebow PR breaking against pro-aborts. The latest evidence is the January 30 New York Times editorial calling pro-aborts to task....

    Continue reading "New York Times editorial: Pro-abort protest against Tebow ad "puzzling and dismaying""

    Former presidents of NARAL & Catholics for Choice: "Picking on Tebow and mom not the way to go"

    Following are excerpts from a pretty remarkable op ed in the Washington Post on January 31 by Frances Kissling, former president of Catholics for Choice, and Kate Michelman, former president of NARAL.

    Tim Tebow, Heisman, pro-life, abortion.jpgKissling and Michelman basically tell pro-aborts to buy their own ad or shut up. Much of their op ed could have been written by a pro-lifer:

    Next Sunday, when millions of people tune in to watch Super Bowl XLIV, they'll see a football star off the field, too. Tim Tebow, the University of FL's Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, is set to appear with his mother in a 30-second advertisement to be aired during the game....

    Continue reading "Former presidents of NARAL & Catholics for Choice: "Picking on Tebow and mom not the way to go""

    Why are feminists trying to abort the Tebow ad?

    Crossposted at BigJournalism.com...

    Pro-abort blogger Jenna Henry Hansen at the Huffington Post is typical of many in her dwindling tribe who feel the need to add this caveat when discussing abortion:

    Every time I discuss abortion I find it necessary to mention that pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion. A person identifying her or his self as pro-choice supports a woman's right to choose whether or not to be a parent at that time.

    Were that statement actually true, a pro-abort would spend 50% of his or her time supporting the sanctity of preborn human life and 50% supporting the killing of preborn human life.

    Pam and Tim Tebow 2.jpgOf course, that's not what happens. And I don't know why pro-aborts are so defensive about it. Abortion kills a blob of tissue at worst or a parasite at best, so they say; big deal. The fact is that pro-aborts abhor any and all support of preborn human life. That includes conversations... for even 30 seconds.

    Case in point, the ad featuring Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Tim Tebow of the FL Gators that Focus on the Family plans to air during this weekend's Super Bowl....

    Continue reading "Why are feminists trying to abort the Tebow ad?"

    Filipino university pro-lifers stand in solidarity with American pro-lifers

    Last week pro-life students at the University of Asia and the Pacific in the Philippines erected a Statement of Solidarity on campus for supporters of the US March for Life to sign....

    This photo is of UAP faculty member Abby de Leon signing the tarpaulin...

    UAP, March for Life, abortion 1.jpg

    The Statement reads...

    Continue reading "Filipino university pro-lifers stand in solidarity with American pro-lifers"

    Pro-aborts use kids they didn't kill as props at marches

    UPDATE, 1/25, 9:40p: This comment and photo come from reader xalisae:

    Here, I figured since one of her kids was holding a sign for abortion, we should get the other one in the picture. Now the gang's all here!

    i was a choice, too, abortion.jpg______________

    DCish, March for Life, abortion, toddler 1.jpg

    1/24, 3:28p: Blogger Kriston Capps wrote on DCist January 23:

    Evidently the right-to-life or anti-choice movement is made up of cute young people and cranky-looking old men. Oh, and toddlers....

    Kriston was referring to 20 photos she posted, although as an aside I only spotted one subject in all of them who might possibly qualify as a "cranky-looking old m[a]n." Kriston, yet another lemming.

    But what really got my attention were the photos of toddlers carrying pro-abort signs, which is honestly disgusting....

    Continue reading "Pro-aborts use kids they didn't kill as props at marches"

    Los Altos pro-lifers march against Raging Grannies

    The Los Altos, CA, business community calls its city "one of a kind." I'll say. Here's an interesting tradition, as reported by the MercuryNews.com, January 22:

    Los Altos, abortion, march for life.JPG

    For a few minutes on a drizzly Friday afternoon, quiet downtown Los Altos became a hotbed of protest over one of the most heated political issues of recent decades: abortion.

    Every year on Jan. 22, the anniversary of the US Supreme Court's 1973 decision legalizing abortion in Roe v. Wade, anti-abortion and abortion rights activists march down opposite sidewalks on Main Street....

    Continue reading "Los Altos pro-lifers march against Raging Grannies"

    Randall Terry street drama enacts Pelosi and Reid agonizing in hell

    Randall Terry photo 2, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, abortion, healthcare.jpgYesterday morning as staffers exited the Metro station near the Cannon House Office Building in DC, they were welcomed to their work day by a ghoulish street drama: Randall Terry and followers enacting Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi being tortured in hell.

    According to Talking Points Memo the group shouted: "Staffers, Hill rats, join Nancy Pelosi in hell!" and "Kill the bill, not babies."

    Terry's press release (with contact person Catherine Veritas, clever), stated they were warning Pelosi and Reid of a "wrath to come" for pushing the "child-killing in healthcare." Here's video:

    Terry's presser further stated his group planned to take their street play to Pelosi's office. Don't know if that happened.

    What I find troubling in all this is while the other side scoffs at Terry, and we pro-lifers back away in embarrassment, the day may actually come when Pelosi and Reid find themselves in hell and remember this. Then it won't be so funny.

    Jivin J reported earlier this week on Terry's Pelosi/Reid Halloween "Burn in hell" video contest.

    Victory: Abortion/Obama graphics displayed at liberal bastion Berkeley

    Center for Bioethical Reform, Genocide Awareness, abortion, Berkeley 1.jpg

    Yesterday was a landmark day for abortion awareness. The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform was finally able to launch its Genocide Awareness Project at one of America's most liberal universities: University of CA at Berkeley.

    In addition to this feat, GAP unveiled a new set of 28 signs "that not only show the truth of abortion, but also highlight the hypocrisy of our current President, who talks about justice but denies it to the most helpless of all," according to an email from CBR's Fletcher Armstrong. Click on all photos and signs to enlarge...

    Continue reading "Victory: Abortion/Obama graphics displayed at liberal bastion Berkeley"

    One million protest abortion in Spain in massive weekend rally

    From the Christian Post, October 18...

    Continue reading "One million protest abortion in Spain in massive weekend rally"

    Chicago bubble zone pushback/backfire

    Last week the Chicago City Council approved an abortion clinic bubble zone "at the behest of Planned Parenthood," according to the Chicago Sun-Times, that:

    bubble zone.jpg

    ... creates a protection zone within a 50-foot radius of the entrance to any hospital, medical clinic or health care facility. Within that zone, no one could get closer than 8 feet to pass materials, display signs, protest, educate or counsel another person without their consent.

    Mayor Richard Daley, a Catholic pro-abort, says he'll sign the ordinance...

    Continue reading "Chicago bubble zone pushback/backfire"

    Beating pro-abort vandalism

    pro-life sign.jpg

    M. Susan Pine, president of FACE Life, reported that pro-lifers at Mary Mother of Light Maronite Catholic Church in Lake Worth, FL, have just replaced - for the 3rd time - a pro-life banner facing the Planned Parenthood next door.

    Susan reported the others were all stolen, by whom I wonder? Of course, MSM doesn't report these sorts of pro-abort malfeasance

    But this sign is bigger and more securely attached. "If they steal this one it will require a pick-up truck!" reported Susan.

    "Abort Obama not the unborn" sign invokes Secret Service call

    UPDATE, 2/20, 9:20a: Here's video of the disputed sign as well as an interview with sign owner Chip Harrison...

    [HT: Fran at Illinois Review]

    2/19, 5p: This is rich. Aborting preborn babies is not killing. It is a sacred right. But mention you'd like to abort Obama, and law enforcement considers it a threat to his life. Reported NewsOK today:

    The police officers who stopped Oklahoma City motorist Chip Harrison and confiscated a sign from his car told him he has a right to his beliefs, but the U.S. Secret Service "could construe this as a threat against President Obama," according to the incident report released this morning. The sign, which read "Abort Obama Not the Unborn," was returned to Harrison later that day....
    Continue reading ""Abort Obama not the unborn" sign invokes Secret Service call"

    The Red Envelope Project

    I've received many forwards about the Red Envelope Project. To recap, as LifeNews.com reported:

    red envelope.jpg

    Inspired during a prayer, [Christ] Otto came up with the idea of sending red envelopes to President Barack Obama to protest his pro-abortion policies.

    As he tells LifeNews.com, what started out as an email request to 120 of his ministry friends and supporters turned into a nationwide phenomenon that could result in hundreds of thousands of pro-life envelopes heading to the White House.

    Added Catholic.net...

    Continue reading "The Red Envelope Project"

    Update on September 28's Pulpit Freedom Sunday

    Moderator Chris reminded me to check on the outcome of the Alliance Defense Fund's Pulpit Freedom Sunday. Read my previous posts here, here, and here.

    adf 4.jpgADF planned a coordinated effort by pastors on September 28 to defy the IRS gag rule dating back to 1954 disallowing them and churches from taking political stands. Around the nation pastors purposefully violated the gag rule, such as by endorsing a political candidate. They planned to submit transcripts and video/audiotapes of their sermons to the IRS. The hope is to invoke action by the IRS, get this into court, and overturn this 54 year old First Amendment violation.

    I emailed Erik Stanley, ADF's lead attorney on the project, who gave me this update...

    Continue reading "Update on September 28's Pulpit Freedom Sunday"

    New DHHS conscience protection rule

    The New York Times published an article yesterday, "Abortion proposal sets condition on aid," which I thought sounded promising. Loved the definition of abortion!


    The Bush administration wants to require all recipients of aid under federal health programs to certify that they will not refuse to hire nurses and other providers who object to abortion and even certain types of birth control....

    Such certification would also be required of state and local governments, forbidden to discriminate, in areas like grant-making, against hospitals and other institutions that have policies against providing abortion....

    The proposal defines abortion as follows: "any of the various procedures - including the prescription, dispensing and administration of any drug or the performance of any procedure or any other action - that results in the termination of the life of a human being in utero between conception and natural birth, whether before or after implantation."...

    Continue reading "New DHHS conscience protection rule"

    Will pro-lifers resurrect free speech McCain-Feingold killed?

    free.jpgYesterday the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Wisconsin Right to Life v. Federal Elections Commission, which challenges the abysmal McCain-Feingold campaign finance law.

    A large coalition of groups, including the ACLU and AFL-CIO, filed briefs supporting WIRTL.

    The legislature passed McCain-Feingold in 2002 to kill free speech before elections. It bars corporations and labor unions from broadcasting ads mentioning the name of a federal candidate 30 days before a primary and 60 days before a general election. Strangely, President Bush signed the bill into law while saying he thought it was unconstitutional. Almost all were surprised when in 2003 the Supremes upheld the law on its face.

    In 2004, WIRTL attempted to run ads prodding Senate members to approve Bush judicial nominees. The ads were blocked by McCain-Feingold, and the court battle began....

    Continue reading "Will pro-lifers resurrect free speech McCain-Feingold killed?"

    Pro-choice scare tactics

    By Mary Kay Hastings

    Gene Forros has been an active pro-life supporter in Flint, Michigan, for 20 years. Recently, without his knowledge, the director of an abortion clinic obtained a personal protection order against him, which prevented him from conducting his peaceful protests and counseling outside the facility. The Thomas More Law Center in Ann Arbor intervened on his behalf, and the illegal order has been lifted -- which means the activist can resume his pro-life ministry.

    Attorney Edward White says this is just one of the scare tactics that pro-abortion forces often use....

    Continue reading "Pro-choice scare tactics"

    Pro-Choice "tolerance"

    By Bethany Kerr:

    I realize most of the commenters who replied last night are very young, and therefore are going to be childish at times. (Sometimes I am childish myself, I agree).

    However, what happened last night does kind of prove what we've been saying all along...that pro-abortion supporters despise free speech.

    I realize I am using a generalization, so here is my disclaimer: I do realize there are those of you that are fair in debate, so please know that I am not speaking about you when I write this. (example:PIP can be very fair and courteous in debate). For those who are kind enough to participate in fair debate, thank you.


    Hisman's article, which was posted last night, was an "opinion" article, expressing HIS opinion about abortion, and why abortion is wrong from a faith standpoint. He expressed clearly in the beginning of the post that it was going to be from his faith's perspective, and he did not at any time express otherwise.

    The attacks started early last night, and continued until this morning, when I disabled further comments from coming. I was in disbelief that there were actually over 600 comments attacking him for his beliefs!

    Where is the tolerance and love the pro-choice side supposedly promotes towards faiths and religions of all kinds? I didn't see ANY tolerance last night or this morning when I read the comments again. Here are a few examples of what I'm talking about, although if you want a better idea, you can go back and read the comments in the article Hisman posted:

    1. Most people reading this blog have to wonder if you are the most qualified person to judge what is rational and what is not, HisMan

    2. If abortion is murder, you are a cranberry.

    3. This one directed at momof3: MOM: please spare us the dumb crap g** argument you use then...

    4. Hey Daughter of His Man!!!
      Sup Sugar??

    5. ohhh what happened to Jesus' bo (His Man)??

    6. For a second there, I thought Jesus' bo was transgender... then His Daughter... whew!!
      His Dauther (sic),
      Have you asked your father if your a an in-vitro left over... adopted for the purposes of being a pro-life poster baby? Seriously... your pa's got some zeal, and you should consider...

    7. well everyone going into pp is a murdering whore...i mean they are using pp which sometimes provides abortion, so they are condoning it by going there...
      OH NO! I am a murdering whore...

    8. Listen, HisMan, we get it that you have issues with people who believe differently from you. I think you need to grow up now, though. It's childish and petty.

    9. HisMan
      I doubt your daughter is a warrior. I think she is brainwashed to believe what you think.
      Your sons will probably never find a strong woman who would love them. If they are anything like you a strong woman would see that they are simply trying to control her, they would leave him,
      Hope your sons have fun with their meek and mild wives and I hope your daughter has fun with the guy who will control her life. Thats what she is used to with you right?

    10. As the daughter of a religious leader, I have learned at his feet what the proper way to teach a child is and what the wrong and abusive way to teach a child is. Brainwashing is wrong, immoral, abusive, disgusting, harmful, destructive, and on and on. I hope you're proud of yourself.

    11. LOL... OH ya? My daddy's bigger than yours... I guess even your righteousness has limits...
      ... assault and battery has likely been on your mind long before I knew you had a daughter.

    12. Why do you believe in Jesus? Because Daddy told you to and that if you didn't, you would go to Hell, or because you have gone on a life-long spiritual journey examining the gospel and the history, learning as much as you could about it, before settling on your beliefs?
      I highly doubt it's the latter. Your anger at the suggestion supports my doubt.
      And I find it laughable that you think you can tell me, "I haven't been brainwashed." How are you supposed to know if you've been brainwashed or not? That's the most abusive part of it. You don't even know you're being abused. I feel very sorry for you.

    13. Congratulations, HisMan. You are an abusive father.

    14. If I were HisMan, I wouldn't let my daughter even use the computer. Too many Satanic influences for her to get caught up in on the big scary internet.

    15. HisMan, I also think you are probably an abusive father, not physically but emotionally and mentally.

    16. I have to wonder why HisMan hates women so much.

    17. Just the fact that he needs to write a list of her accomplishments shows that even he doesn't think he's as strong as he's claiming she is. I could list my accomplishments, but I don't need to prove anything to anyone. He feels like he has something to prove. It's so amusing.

    18. Lindsey:
      He would make her have it, no matter what kind of emotional stress he put his daughter under. Under all his caring pretenses he honestly doesnt care about anyone but himself and his personal beliefs.

    19. HisMan is a delusional, cult-brainwashed dupe. And so are his kids.

    20. HisMan, if you can choose to be gay, please try it.

    21. She [hisman's daughter]will most likely end up with a man that beats and forces himself on her. She is being raised to believe that the man is always right and you must obey him at all times. I feel so bad for her.

    22. I have never in my life been so disgusted by another human being. The sheer ignorance and uneducated mind it takes to make such a statement as you did hisman is obviously just as ignorant and uneducated in life.

    23. See, HisMan, we know how to love those who have opposing views from our own (sic). You should try it one day.

    24. He has to be playing his ignorance up cuz this is on the net or something...

    25. You, HisMan, are guilty of being one of the most blasphemous men I have ever encountered. You are only a man. You do not speak for God.

    26. I think you fancy yourself Jesus Christ. That's very sad.

    The list goes on and on but I think this is enough to give you the idea.

    If these people really think Hisman is crazy, then why are they so threatened by him that they have to resort to all these types of replies instead of just ignoring him?

    I don't even believe they were trying to reason with him. They were attempting to silence him. As they were STILL arguing at 5:40 in the morning when I awoke. As soon as I saw this, I disabled comments for that topic. It was getting beyond ridiculous. bully.jpg

    If you don't agree with Hisman's words this much, and you obviously can see you're not getting anywhere by arguing with him, why not let it go? He is not forcing you to believe what he says. If you weren't threatened by what he said, then why stay up all night, why not just leave it with a few comments, then leave..... There were at least 12-15 of you insulting and ganging up on one person who is alone? Is that really fair debate?

    Pro-aborts suppress pro-life free speech

    Two events this week spotlighted the truth: People calling themselves "pro-choice" aren't that at all. They are pro-abortion. They are anti-choice. They do all they can to suppress the free speech of pro-lifers.

    At a March 27 rally sponsored by liberal feminists in Washington, D.C., to promote the reintroduction of the Equal Rights Amendment, one pro-abort ripped up a sign held by a pro-lifer with the simple message, "Abortion hurts women." See video here:

    And members of a pro-life student group at Indiana's Purdue University had to spend the night of March 28 defending their display against pro-abort vandals. According to the student newspaper, The Exponent....

    Continue reading "Pro-aborts suppress pro-life free speech"