Feministing: "The pro-choice movement would fail without young women"

Richer irony comes on the heels of the Newsweek piece that lamented the lack of abortion support among abortion survivors.

Jessica at Feministing, aggravated by pro-abort warhorses complaining that young people aren't engaged, wrote a response entitled, "The pro-choice movement would fail without young women."

gendercide 100 million economist.jpgWhere to begin? I could remind Jessica that half of those aborted are female, sharply cutting into her prospect list.

But wait, I'd be wrong. As The Economist reported March 4, there is a worldwide war against baby girls, most often waged via abortion. The Economist estimates the current shortage is at 100 million.

If Jessica really cares, she could fight female gendercide.

But then Jessica would have to convert to pro-life.

Otherwise Jessica is stuck in a movement slowly committing hari kari.

burka.jpgBy her pro-abort activism Jessica is also aiding and abetting the sex trafficking epidemic, caused by the shortage of women, as well as enabling a male-dominated world that will likely frown on feminism.

How do you feel about the burka look, Jessica?

[Graphic via The Economist]

"Black children are an endangered species" billboard campaign

So here's how I found out about this, while trolling pro-abort tweets (click to enlarge)...

black children are an endangered species, abortion, 2.png

... so I knew it had to be good.

Sure enough, GA Right to Life and the Radiance Foundation announced at a press conference today the launch of their "Endangered Species Project."

Already, according to GARTL prez Dan Becker, with whom I spoke on the phone, 62 of the billboards below have been erected in 2 majority minority GA counties (Dekalb and Fulton), where most (67%) of GA abortions are committed (click to enlarge)....

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Jewish leaders launch anti-abortion campaign; "Our enemies are multiplying"

Next week's Torah reading will begin the book of Exodus.

hebrew midwives.jpgIn conjunction with the treasured story in Exodus 1 of the brave Hebrew midwives who saved babies rather than killed them as ordered by Pharaoh, Israel's chief rabbis are launching a campaign against Jewish self-extermination: abortion.

The Jewish pro-life group Efrat estimates 50k Israeli children are killed by abortion annually, 30k of which are illegal.

The rabbis say this plays into the enemy's hands, according to the Jerusalem Post on December 29...

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Breaking news: China loosens one-child policy

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgFirst, before you get too excited, the parameters, from The New York Times, today:

China is not doing away with the one-child policy, which still largely applies to urban residents, but is allowing more exceptions to the rule. Shanghai, one of China's biggest cities with 20 million residents, is leading the effort.

Now the full story, from the Times Online, today...

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NAACP convention attendees in NYC see black genocide

naacp convention 2009.jpg

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People held its national convention in New York City last week.

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and Pastor Clenard Childress of Blackgenocide.org also came to educate convention attendees (and NYC) on how abortion targets blacks for genocide, since the NAACP leadership is unwilling.

naacp convention 2009 1.jpg

(More photos on page 2.)

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Durbin: DC abortions are high because residents are black

Am in DC at the moment and learned more today about the political super-underhandedness to lift a 15-year-old ban on taxpayer funded abortions in DC.

One for instance: A rule introduced on the House floor last night to lift the ban was losing when time ran out. But Democrat leadership refused to lower the gavel, holding the vote open until they had twisted for arms to switch (Berry, Dingell, Minnick, and Peters), and the rule passed 216-213.

bart stupak.jpgOne person on the scene said s/he had never seen Democrat Pro-life Caucus co-leader Bart Stupak so angry. The silver lining is the Democrat communist rule is coalescing pro-life Democrats into a stronger, more determined bloc.

On the Senate side, there was this interesting exchange, as reported by David Freddoso of The Washington Examiner July 16:

In a committee markup last week, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said that residents of the District of Columbia have a disproportionately large number of abortions because DC is disproportionately African-American....

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Pro-life protest at NAACP convention

Hoyes & Okoh NAACPOver 50 people demonstrated at the NAACP's Freedom Fund Dinner on May 3 during its annual convention in Detroit, MI. (Click to enlarge all photos.)

Yuille & Hoye NAACP National Black Pro-life Congress sponsored the event, with special guest Pastor Walter Hoye, just freed from jail for holding a sign, "God loves you and your baby," in front of an Oakland, CA abortion mill.

The groups Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and Rock for Life also participated. See YouTube video of speeches.

Setting up at Cobo Hall - NAACPMany of the thousands of convention attendees were exposed to the truth that the African-American community is being decimated by abortion. The NAACP not only ignores the fact that millions of black babies have been disproportionately targeted for abortion, it supports candidates who encourage abortion.

No Detroit media news outlet covered the protest.

[HT and photos: Denise Gabryel; pictured top right: Pastor and Mrs. Walter Hoye and Fr. Philemon Okoh; pictured left: Pastors Yuille and Hoye]

Sunday funnies

by Chuck Asay...

cartoon 7-29b chuck asay.gif

by Eric Allie...

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(Prolifer)ations 7-17-08

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Colleen W.

On the blogs today...

  • The Montgomery Advertiser reports a woman has been charged with manslaughter for causing the death of her unborn child. Jennifer Darlene Johnson, who was 26-30 weeks pregnant, said her water was broken when she went to the hospital. Her child was pronounced dead on delivery, but professionals determined the umbilical cord had been severed on purpose before the child was delivered. She was later arrested....

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  • CNN: Alveda King says Nobama due to pro-abortion position

    CNN interviewed Dr. Alveda King, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, niece, today as one African-American voter who does not support Barack Obama due to his pro-abortion position.

    Alveda is a formidable black spokesperson on the pro-life issue, and I'm glad this angle got CNN coverage. Alveda's interview comes 50 seconds in:

    (Prolifer)ations 7-16-08

    Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Colleen W.

    On the blogs today...

  • Forest Nymph links to a Wall Street Journal editorial on the NAACP and abortion. William McGurn says:

    Just imagine if this institution used its voice and resources to ensure that, beside all those Planned Parenthood clinics located in our minority neighborhoods, African-American women could find another kind of place. A place not unlike Good Counsel - where a scared young pregnant woman could carry her baby to term, complete her education, train for a new job, and be treated with the love and respect that a mother needs and deserves.

    Read more about the Cincinnati NAACP protest here.

  • Following up on a previous (Prolifer)ations post as well as a post by Jill, this from Monica Miller at Citizens for a Pro-life Society...

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  • Billboard welcomes Obama to Flint today

    Just a few minutes ago doors opened to the Kettering University auditorium in Flint, MI, where Barack Obama is scheduled to give a speech at 11:45a EST on jobs and the economy.

    Little did Flint Right to Life and Black Americans for Life know when they co-sponsored this billboard in front of the college awhile back that it might be read by such a prominent promoter of black genocide:

    abortion kills black babies 2.jpg

    [HT: Judy Climer, president of FlintRTL]

    China's one-child policy quaked

    slide 2 chinese earthquake.jpgFrom the International Herald Tribune, today:

    China: In response to inquiries from grieving relatives, local officials announced Monday that parents whose only child was killed or grievously injured in the May 12 earthquake would be exempt from the country's one-child policy.

    The exception... said qualified parents could apply for legal permission to have another child....

    Thousands of parents have openly challenged the government over why so many schools collapsed during the earthquake. An estimated 10,000 students are believed to have died....

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    Black pastors accuse Planned Parenthood of genocide

    laura.gifI'm told that tonight at about 8:35p EST Laura Ingraham, filling in for guest on Bill O'Reilly, will spotlight a press conference held yesterday in front of a Planned Parenthood Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington in DC by black leaders and pastors, calling on Congress to defund PP for overt racisim.

    This in large part was in response to the secret audiotapes made by UCLA's The Advocate, led by Lila Rose, Parts I and II of which I've previously posted.

    Students for Life of America sponsored the event.

    Fox covered the event last night. Click on the graphic for a link to the video...

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    Drudge covers Planned Parenthood racism

    drudge2.jpgDrudge today has picked up the story of UCLA pro-lifers who set up a sting to investigate whether Planned Parenthood would take donations specifically to abort black babies.

    Although PPs in 7 states were willing to take the genocide $, focus now is on Planned Parenthood of Idaho, whose director of development Autumn Kersey said on tape "absolutely" such a donation could be earmarked and that she was "excited" by the request.

    UCLA's The Advocate has released an extended play video, posting their actor's entire conversation with Kersey (at 1:30 on on video) along with a follow-up call to Kersey (at 4:40) wherein she denied it ever happened....

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    China's one-child ad campaign updated

    China Daily reported October 11 and 12 that the government's kindler, gentler ads promoting its forced one-child per family policy have replaced 76% of its hard sell ads since late July. (76?)

    china%202.jpgCD reported the minister of commission thought the previous "vulgar and harsh" slogans "stoked great anger among the public and probably led to misunderstanding and even objection to the national policy."

    But I thought they were actually quite catchy, like the one pictured left, courtesy of Laogai Research Foundation, which reads in English, "Those who refuse to use birth control, have a ligation, and pay the extra birth fine will be severely punished."

    Here are a few other "coarse" ads disappearing from the Chinese landscape....

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    Mixing it up

    jordin.jpgThis is slightly off the beaten path, but I do wonder how many mothers abort babies because they are mixed race?

    A July 13 Daily Mail column by Lowri Turner entitled, "I love my mixed race baby - but why does she feel so alien?" prompted the thought.

    The piece is refreshingly candid but another one of those "What was she thinking?" writings. Doesn't Turner realize her daughter will grow up and read it? I am editing it for space constraints, but the entire article is worth reading....

    [Photo, courtesy of American Idol, is of Jordin Sparks, 2007 winner, whose father is black and mother is white.]

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    US News & Incorrect World Report

    tragedy.jpgThe Jan. 29-Feb. 5 issue of U. S. News & World Report included this in an article by Lewis Lord, "A conqueror more lethal than the sword" :

    Experts believe that in 1492 perhaps 10 million people lived above the Rio Grande - twice as many as may have inhabited the British Isles at that time. The hemisphere's population possibly exceeded 15th-century Europe's 70 million. But by 1650, records suggest that only 6 million Indians remained in the New World. The catastrophic loss of native life, wrote Alfred Crosby, author of The Columbian Exchange, "was surely the greatest tragedy in the history of the human species."

    That is incorrect. With regrets that they in actuality win the title of Greatest Tragedy in the History of the Human Species, babies aborted worldwide have surpassed the one billion mark.

    This according to the Guttmacher Institute, research arm of Planned Parenthood, which estimates 46 million babies are aborted around the world each year. So this statistic is just for the past 20 years. The U. S. Census Bureau estimates the world's current population is almost 6.6 billion, so no other comparison can possibly come close.

    [Painting: Picasso's "Tragedy"]

    What's wrong with sex selection?

    From today's Chicago Tribune:

    BADHOCHHI KALAN, India -- This is the land of the vanishing girl, where 14 boys and seven girls attend 1st grade, where educational plays warn of a future with no women. A nearby midwife delivers one girl for every five boys.

    Villagers do not talk openly about why the number of girls is so low here--how couples use ultrasound tests illegally and then abort female fetuses. But everyone knows the reason....

    The village is a typical one in Fatehgarh Sahib district, a focus in India's fight to stop couples from aborting female fetuses, largely a phenomenon of the elite and educated. In the 2001 census, this district in the northwest state of Punjab had the most skewed sex ratio in the country. For every 1,000 boys younger than 6, there were 754 girls. That was a precipitous drop from 1991, when the census showed 874 girls for every 1,000 boys.

    In Badhochhi Kalan in 2001, the ratio was even more disparate, 651 girls for every 1,000 boys. A nearby village had only 440 girls for 1,000 boys, the worst in India....

    Sex selection abortions are also epidemic in China. They're causing quite a few problems for adult women, such as sex-trafficking, rape, and wife sharing.

    It's logical to presume sex selection abortions are also committed in the U.S., even if only among sexist immigrants.

    This phenomenon presents many interesting questions....

  • Would feminists/abortion proponents support or oppose a U.S. ban on sex-selection abortions? (If the feminist movement is to promote the advancement of women, wouldn't opposing a sex-selection ban result in a loss of constituents?)

  • If it is only blobs of tissues that are aborted, can proponents even broach the topic of sex-selection abortions? Haven't they chosen a course of ignorance of cause and surprise at result?

  • What if certain abortions prove sociologically harmful to born women, as has been demonstrated with sex-selection abortions?

  • Does it matter that the female fetuses being aborted are late-term? Is there a difference between early and late abortions?

  • What if a late-term female fetus survives the abortion? Female infanticide is also a problem in India and China. So what?

  • If, as the Trib stated, Indian sex-selection abortions are "largely a phenomenon of the elite and educated," should states perhaps take the opposite approach of passing a law to ensure sex-selection abortions are available to poor women via taxpayer funding?
  • A sacred choice?

    The most recent Lakota Times included details from a press conference Oglala Sioux president Cecilia Fire Thunder held re: her plans to build an abortion mill on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The name of her mill will be Sacred Choices Clinic.

    The Times also included an opinion piece from the writer who started it all, Tim Giago, when he printed Fire Thunder's now infamous quote:

    To me, it is now a question of sovereignty. I will personally establish a Planned Parenthood clinic on my own land which is within the boundaries of the Pine Ridge Reservation where the State of South Dakota has absolutely no jurisdiction.

    There's some major back-peddling going on.

    Given Fire Thunder's original statement, she flatly contradicted herself during the press conference by "repeatedly stat[ing] this was not a sovereignty issue, but about women and their rights."

    Could it be Fire Thunder threatened government funding and help by declaring her reservation was an island?

    Giago attempted to rewrite history as well. He stated in his op ed:

    Let's stop for a minute and look at what Fire Thunder had in mind. First of all and foremost, she wanted a Planned Parenthood Clinic that would help the women of the reservation find treatment for the myriad of problems they face, problems that include rape, incest, teen pregnancies, AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases, and terrible spousal and boyfriend abuse. And, as a last resort, the opportunity to obtain an abortion in a case of rape or incest.

    No, that's not what she said. Abortion was her first thought, not her last. Fire Thunder could have launched a pregnancy care clinic way before now that would have addressed all the concerns Giago brought forth aside from abortion. No, abortion is her focus, also demonstrated by the fact she is devoting precious time to procure signatures for a referendum against the abortion ban.

    Giago also attempted the logic that it's better to kill children than risk their being born into poverty or adopted by non-Indians:

    There are far too many children on Indian reservations that have been abandoned and left to be raised by their grandparents, or worse, left in the hands of social welfare agencies. Until the Indian Child Welfare Act came along these unfortunate children were often adopted out to non-Indians, especially to white church groups who then passed them on to members of their parish.

    Also note that churches are apparently damned if they don't and damned if they do:

    The Times also included a great pro-life guest editorial by Thom Little Moon, countering Fire Thunder and Giago.

    Hat tip: Stacy

    More responses to WND column

    As promised, although a couple days late, see more letters on my latest WND column, "Sioux tribe plans to scalp its own," on page 2.

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    Responses to yesterday's WND column

    I received many responses via email to yesterday's WorldNetDaily.com column, "Sioux Tribe plans to scalp its own." Some follow below; I'll post more tomorrow.

    Many respondents appear intent on carrying on the theme of yesterday's piece - stupidity. I'm not surprised but have no patience for pro-aborts who will say anything to detract from a discussion of abortion.

    In this case, I presented factual and I think compelling reasons why the Oglala Sioux should reject their president's plan to place a Planned Parenthood in their midst, which will undoubtedly do more harm than good.

    But instead of discussing abortion and genocide, some would rather discuss Custer and Bush... or even my "deranged" photo.

    See page 2 for letters.

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