Planned Parenthood unaccountable to Government Accountability Office

gao-seal.jpgFrom a July 30 Washington Times piece by Rita Diller of American Life League:

Where's the money? That's the question on everyone's mind after reading the recently released Government Accountability Office report. The GAO numbers on money paid out to Planned Parenthood between 2002 and 2008 reveal an unaccounted-for $1.3B.

No answers have been forthcoming. In typical Planned Parenthood style, the abortion giant has done nothing to shed light on the question. In fact, it has done just the opposite....

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Most misguided people on the planet: Pro-abort youth

max 2.jpg16-yr-old Max Kamin-Cross appears to have a lot on the ball.

The Rochester, NY, teen writes about himself, "I am an avid rock climber and race for my school's alpine ski team. I also shoot on a Junior Olympic Archery competition team and participate in Model United Nations, while taking several AP classes."

But for such a smart kid, Kamin-Cross is sure headed in a foolish direction, because Kamin-Cross is a budding pro-abort....

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New video: Planned Parenthood lies about fetal development, abortion risks

Interesting that the other side persistently fights state laws forcing them to give correct information about fetal development and the risks of abortion.

It's no wonder.

Today released the 3rd video in its Rosa Acuna Project series, which "document[s] Planned Parenthood's use of unscientific and fabricated medical information to convince women to have abortions."

rosa acuna project logo.jpg

In this video, taped September 11, 2009, at the now-closed Indianapolis Planned Parenthood located at 8847 Commerce Park Place, the "counselor" farcically states a baby's heart doesn't begin beating until "the 8th or 9th week," when it actually does on Day 22 or 23 - i.e., at 3 weeks for all those PP counselors who can't count....

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Pro-abort bakes bloody fetus cookies

Imagine had Michael Vick been discovered not only to be into dog torture but braggadociously into baking cookies of mutilated dogs. We'd say he had an extra dose of sick in him.

No doubt pro-abort Rachel Joy Larris will clap her hands in glee by the attention I'm giving the bloody fetus cookies she cleverly baked and decorated. Rachel won't get it because she has an extra dose of sick in her.

Rachel posted these photos and captions on twitpic yesterday (click to enlarge):

bloody fetus cookes 5.png

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New York pro-aborts bicker over bill authorizing late-term abortions

10% of all U.S. abortions are committed in the State of New York. (Guttmacher's latest figures have the US at 1.21 million abortions annually, and the NY Dept. of Health's latest figures have it at 118.381 abortions annually.)

ny reproductive health act.jpgBut that's not enough. Even though pro-aborts consistently downplay the number of late-term abortions, NY pro-aborts want the gateway opened for more.

Although the US Supreme Court in 1973 basically ordained abortion on demand throughout all 9 months of pregnancy by writing a health exception through which a Mack truck could drive, preexisting NY State law only allows abortion after 24 weeks to save a pregnant mother's life. Plus, abortions after 24 weeks must be attended by a 2nd physician to care for the potentially viable child.

The Reproductive Health Act take NY law even beyond the loose confines of Roe v. Wade by making it a "fundamental right, and therefore completely unregulatable....

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Physicians for Reproductive Choice: 2010 Abortion Provider Awards

Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health held its 2010 Abortion Provider awards ceremony on May 24. I always find pro-abort events creepily intriguing.

Winner of this year's William K. Rashbaum, MD, Abortion Provider Award (which "honors a physician who provides outstanding abortion services and serves as an inspirational leader for colleagues, residents, and medical students") was abortionist Carolyn Westhoff, presented by late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart...

PRCH westhoff carhart.jpg

I concur Westhoff was well-deserving of this award, and partial birth abortion bud Carhart was just the guy to give it to her. Both were plaintiffs against the ban. Westhoff testified there was "usually a heartbeat" when she started suctioning a baby's brain out and on the topic of fetal pain acknowledged, "I certainly know based on my experience that the fetus will withdraw in response to a painful stimulus."...

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Planned Parenthood to offer "insemination services," marketing lesbians

Just spotted this announcement on Twitter by Planned Parenthood St. Louis Region:

ppslr insemination services.png

The link takes you to PPSLR's Facebook page, and the announcement is this...

ppslr insemination logo.jpg

As far as I can tell - after checking PP Federation's site and then PP Golden Gate, which would seem the 1st logical PP to offer stud services - this is the only PP nationwide offering this service so far.

Lovely. PP now specializes in aborting natural pregnancies and inseminating unnatural pregnancies - breaking up natural families and bonding unnatural families.

Up on Drudge: "Planned Parenthood's missing millions"

drudge all.png

Currently up on Drudge is a link to a Washington Times op ed by Rita Diller, national director of American Life League's Stop Planned Parenthood. Excerpt...

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Third "urgent" appeal issued to save Mississippi abortion clinic

UPDATE, 6/19, 6:51a: 2 blog commenters made points worth posting about the tidbit in FMF's alert, "Our legal team is now working to retain legal council."

Praxedes wrote, "So they need more money to pay lawyers to advise the lawyers they already have?" And Mary added, "Shouldn't that be counsel?"

Both excellent.

6/18, 7:44a: I don't know if Mississippi's last standing abortion mill really is in financial trouble of if the Feminist Majority Foundation has simply stumbled on a good fundraising tactic.

Thumbnail image for jackson women's health organization.jpgWhatever, yesterday came FMF's 3rd "urgent" and "emergency" appeal in 3-1/2 weeks to save the Jackson Women's Health Organization (pictured right). See previous 2 here and here. This alert included a new tidbit, "Our legal team is now working to retain legal council."

As I reported last week, there has been no mention of an "anti-abortion extremist" intruder in the press, but had such an "invas[ion]" actually taken place we can rest assured MSM would have been all over it. Click to enlarge...

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Planned Parenthood's CEO Cecile Richards: Military abortion clinics "a sign of the times"?

burris gotcha.jpgI wrote a couple weeks ago that pro-abort Democrat US Sen. Roland Burris had introduced an amendment to the defense authorization bill that would force all military medical facilities to make privately financed abortions available.

The amendment passed in the Senate Armed Services Committee along party lines (except Ben Nelson) and is now headed toward a showdown on the Senate floor.

The defense authorization bill passed without any such amendment in the House, meaning if the abortion amendment remains intact, a House/Senate conference committee will decide its fate....

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Planned Parenthood abortionist central to UW late-term abortion scandal to teach at Harvard

The University of WI Madison has been embroiled in controversy for over a year, since pro-lifers learned of its plans to begin committing late-term abortions.

caryn dutton pp.pngPlanned Parenthood of Wisconsin's Associate Medical Director, abortionist Caryn Dutton, was central in attempting to bring abortion to UWM in her simultaneous capacity as doctor and assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at UWM.

Ironically, it was only because PP Federation of America's "confidence in our ab service provision was very LOW," according to an email from Dutton (retrieved via the Freedom of Information Act from the Alliance Defense Fund), that the idea to commit abortions past 18 weeks at UWM rather than PP was even conceived....

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Alabama abortion mill closes; 2nd "emergency" appeal issued to keep last standing Mississippi mill open

summit locations abortion.pngOperation Rescue is reporting this afternoon that Beacon's Women Center in Montgomery, AL, has closed.

An AL Dept. of Public Health source informed OR that Beacon, one of Summit Medical Center's chain of 7 mills, decided to shutter its doors rather than face a revocation hearing after being placed on probation in 2007 for numerous violations.

OR reports this leaves only 6 abortion mills in AL, which is great news.

Meanwhile, recall I reported May 30 that the Feminist Majority Foundation had issued a strange email requesting donations for the last standing abortion mill in MS, Jackson Women's Health Organization, claiming "Extremists are trying to shut down this vital women's clinic," and that half of any donations received would "go directly to the clinic to help pay for enhanced security measures."...

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Abortion activist complains, "There aren't enough of us"

serena freewomyn 2.jpgOn the Abortion Gang blog today activist Serena Freewomyn (pictured right) wrote a post entitled, "An appeal to the silent majority."

At 1st I was confused. We're not so silent. And what in the world could Serena want from us?

Oh, wait, Serena was speaking to her own peeps? She must not have gotten 2 years worth of memos showing more Americans are pro-life than pro-abortion. Actually, Serena got it half right. Abortion advocates may not comprise the majority, but since 1973 at least 1/3 have indeed been silenced.

But I'll let that slide since Serena's post was otherwise insightful...

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Pastor arrested in public property dispute at Planned Parenthood

I wrote last week that Rev. Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition was planning to challenge the constitutionality of a fence Planned Parenthood located 4 blocks from the White House in Washington, DC, had erected around what is thought to be public property.

The City denied Mahoney a permit to protest and pray in front of the mill today, but he went anyway...

rev mahoney 1.png

Next, according to this afternoon...

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Planned Parenthood does two-step on telemed abortions

Read the backstory here.

On May 21 IA Public Radio reported:

telemed abortions ifrl.jpg

... Clinics around the country have been inquiring about the [abortion telemed] system, and already Planned Parenthood of East Central IA will also be signing on, making abortion available for the first time at their clinics in Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, which lack full-time physicians on staff.

[PPECI] Dir. of Patient Services Barbara Chadwick says it's the goal of PP to expand abortion services at its clinics nationwide over the next 5 years....

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Pro-aborts stumble into sinking sand while seeking "common ground"

In June 2009 the Ted Turner funded pro-abortion website RH Reality Check launched "On Common Ground," an attempt to bridge the abortion divide.

Its impetus, penned by then editor Scott Swenson, speaks of a naive time that seems so long ago and far away, although it was only last year:

obama hope and change logo.jpg

In so many ways, the election of President Obama is viewed through a lens of its healing potential....

President Obama is asking Americans to seek common ground on one of the most controversial issues of our time, abortion....

Is it possible that in President Obama's election, Americans have a chance to heal the body politic from the divisiveness the abortion issue has caused for a generation or more?...

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Update on Cedar Rapids Planned Parenthood's worse than thought dismally attended event featuring pro-abort rock star Cecile Richards

planned parenthood cedar rapids 1.jpg

Read backstory here. Also read Eric Scheidler's detailed May 27 report at the Pro-Life Action League blog.

30th anniversary logo cedar rapids planned parenthood.pngI wrote on May 21 it was pretty pathetic that Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa told the press it only expected "about 200 people" at a 30th anniversary celebration of its Cedar Rapids affiliate, featuring PP CEO and pro-abort rock star Cecile Richards, no less.

Seriously? Worse, I said that likely translated to a reality of 150-175 attendees, although a pro-abort spy reported after viewing the name tags the number looked fewer than 100.

She was only able to get a blurry picture, but it turns out she was spot on. Pro-lifer Allen T at the Is Anybody There? blog. found photos of the event at PP of E Central IA's Facebook page and here's a clear shot of the sign-in table...

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Controversial abortion ad airs on UK television

On May 24 British television began airing its first abortion ad, sponsored by international abortion organization Marie Stopes International:

The ad never mentions abortion, but the message is clear: If you find you're pregnant but are just launching a career, or already a harried mother, or still in school, call us to get rid of the problem. If you're late! you're late! for a very important date - abort!...

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Pro-lifers rain on Planned Parenthood's dismally attended "celebration"

pp collection.jpgUPDATE, 5/22, 6:35a: Results of the baby shower, from Sue of Coalition for Life of IA:

The baby shower was very successful. The complete back end of my Ford Ranger was full. I had to ask a friend to help; we filled the back of her van. I dropped off at the local crisis pregnancy centers today. They were very appreciative.

5/21, 4p: They say all publicity is good publicity, but I'm sure that was small consolation yesterday to both Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa and the Cedar Rapids Marriott when all the news crews pulled up to cover the Cedar Rapid PP's little 30th anniversary celebration, featuring CEO Cecile Richards....

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"Extraordinary security" in place for Planned Parenthood event with Cecile Richards tonight

cecile richard planned parenthood iowa 3.pngI've reported a couple times about the pro-life presence planned for Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa's 30th anniversary event tonight featuring CEO Cecile Richards at the Cedar Rapids Marriott (pictured below left).

Several pro-life groups are coming together to protest, organized by Pro-Life Action League. Operation Rescue has sent a Truth Truck from KS. Dubuque Co. Right to Life is bringing a busload of pro-life protesters, etc., etc., etc....

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NYC premiere of movie exposing abortion industry canceled allegedly due to threats

blood money abortion.jpgHere we have another example demonstrating that "choice" and free speech only go one direction in the minds of pro-aborts. What are they so afraid of?

The film BloodMoney, an exposé exposing the underbelly of the abortion industry (which I've previously discussed), was scheduled to premiere in New York City at Spectrum Theatres May 5.

But Spectrum management abruptly canceled the screening last week, apparently due to pro-abort threats, according to

Roman Jaquez, a Troy filmmaker and producer of BloodMoney, said that Keith Pickard, an owner of the Spectrum, called him last week to say that he had canceled the screening after receiving phone calls from people threatening to picket outside the theater if the film was shown. Jaquez had rented the theater for 4 screenings Wednesday and Thursday and sold tickets himself....

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New Planned Parenthood mega-mill in St. Paul will be eco-friendly!

minnesota mega planned parenthood.jpg

I've reported previously on the massive pro-life protests and prayer vigils at a St. Paul, MN, Planned Parenthood abortion mill as well as PP's annual "Good Friday solidarity event."

Well, PP of MN, ND, and SD is closing that mill and building a 46,000 sq. ft., 3-story mega-mill in an industrial park....

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Komen giving to Planned Parenthood down by 10%

UDPATE, 12:20p: Someone on Facebook asked if Komen's overall revenue was down in 2009. Good question. Here's what I found, from it's 2008-09 annual report (click to enlarge):

gross revenue 2008 2009 komen.png

Komen brought in almost $22 million less, or 6% less, in 2009 than it made in 2008. So Planned Parenthood took a slightly bigger cut from Komen than Komen did from donors....

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New revelations in latest Live Action undercover video

On April 20 released a new undercover video, this the 1st from a non-Planned Parenthood abortion mill, EMW Women's Center in Louisville, KY.

life escorts 3.jpgIf EMW sounds familiar, it's because I've written a couple posts on it before, 1 about pro-lifers donning identical vests as deathscorts (a practice pro-lifers have apparently now modified) and another with video showing the place had become a war zone....

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Pro-lifers to help celebrate Iowa Planned Parenthood's 30th anniversary dinner with special guest Cecile Richards!

Congrats to Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa on its 30th anniversary!

PPECI is celebrating with a dinner on May 20 at the Cedar Rapids Marriott, and pro-lifers are planning to join the festivities with a welcome picket, more so because PP CEO Cecile Richards will be PPECI's keynote speaker! Click on the graphic below to link to view Cecile's video...

cecile richard planned parenthood iowa 2.png

Dubuque Co. Right to Life is initially spearheading the pro-life welcome to Cecile and commemoration of PPECI's 30 years of killing preborn Iowans. Email or call 563-556-5960.

O'Reilly spotlights pro-life undercover video of Milwaukee Planned Parenthood

Read backstory here.

2 nights ago Bill O'Reilly spotlighted's latest undercover video, this one showing a Milwaukee Planned Parenthood "counselor" not only dispensing false information about a 6-8 week old developing baby but also attempting to push the pregnant mother to abort.

I'm glad O'Reilly agreed with the obvious.

Planned Parenthood caught on tape misinforming, pushing abortion

Pro-aborts attack pregnancy care center counselors for trying to dissuade mothers in crisis pregnancies from aborting, as if that's so bad, and for supposedly dispensing misinformation. Yet, over and over they demonstrate they're the ones giving out the bad info.

Planned Parenthood today released the 3rd in its Rosa Acuna series of videos, a "multi-state undercover audit documenting Planned Parenthood's abortion counseling," according to its site.

All 3 released videos are of PPs located in WI, this 1 at 5380 Fon du Lac Ave., Milwaukee, pictured above right.

In this video the PP counselor states a preborn baby at 6-8 weeks of age has "no legs, no arms, no head, no brain, no heart," which is false, false, false, false and false. She makes the nonsensical statement, "The fetus is the developing embryo inside you," which would normally make me laugh if we weren't talking life or death here....

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Closing! Planned Parenthood, Monticello, IA

Planned Parenthood Monticello Iowa, abortion.jpgIt was just a Planned Parenthood satellite "express" and only open 2 days a week, but still. The PP in Monticello, IA, has announced it will be closing, yeah!

Steve Brody, Exec. Dir. of Dubuque Co. Right to Life (where I'll be speaking April 16) forwarded me a newspaper clipping from the teeny tiny Monticello Express. Other than that, no word anywhere else. PP wants its satellite to die silently, how it prefers all its deaths. Sorry, I'm not finding any online copy - Monticello Express's website hasn't been updated since October 2009. Click to enlarge...

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St. Paul Planned Parenthood's annual "Good Friday solidarity event"

UPDATE, 3/13, 10:55a: Facebook friend Brian G. has provided the Facebook link to the pro-life event at this PP mill.

UPDATE, 3/12, 11:21a: Wonderful moderator Carla has forwarded the link information on the pro-life prayer vigil at this PP, here. It runs from 8:30a to 4p. "Please come for as long or as little time as your schedule allows," the flyer reads. It also states 2k pro-lifers attended last year, not 1k as PP claims. Cool.

Turns out Carla attended last year. Here's a photo of Carla's group telling an inconvenient truth about abortion. Carla is 2nd from right...

Carla, Planned Parenthood vigil 2009, abortion.JPG

And here's her video...

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Planned Parenthood of Houston plans posh grand opening gala for huge abortuary

Click to enlarge...

Planned Parenthood of Houston gala, abortion, slide 1.PNG

The board of Planned Parenthood of Houston is planning a very expensive grand opening fundraiser gala on April 30 in scale with the massive size of its new 6-story, 78k new abortuary, which will be the Western Hemisphere's largest. Click to enlarge...

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Live Action exposes 10th case of child abuse cover-up at Planned Parenthood

UPDATE, 2/24, 10:27a: Milwaukee's had some interesting quotes when reporting this story. Contrary to Huyck's contention, PP counselor Sonia expressed quite clearly she was willing to help the alleged 14-year-old cover up the rape by her 31-year-old boyfriend:

Planned Parenthood, Milwaukee, abortion, rape.png

However, Planned Parenthood WI's president and CEO [Teri Huyck] said the case could not be reported to police because Rose would not disclose her name or any identifying information when she went to the clinic....

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Breaking: Kelly and O'Reilly to both cover AL Planned Parenthood probation story today

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgYesterday I reported that the AL Dept. of Public Health had placed Planned Parenthood of Birmingham on probation as a result of an undercover video shot by Lila Rose and

The video showed this PP was willing to help a 14-year-old girl cover up her rape by her 31-year-old boyfriend.

This is a developing story. The ADPH report, garnered by the Live Action team yesterday afternoon, shows other gross violations found at the Birmingham PP.

This is all tentative but as it stands Fox's Megyn Kelly, who now has her own 2-hr show beginning at 1p EST, is going to run Lila's original video and cover the story. Lila may or may not appear. Likely not since time is too short.

Then, Bill O'Reilly also plans to cover this story tonight. Again, not sure whether Lila will appear. Details are being worked out now.

This could all change, of course. I'll keep you posted.

Be My Bloody Valentine: Cards for abortionists

I love pro-choice doctors, abortion.jpg

Our good friend Valerie MK at 2 Seconds Faster got wind of this one.

Jodi Magee, CEO and prez of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health, sent an email to the group's list encouraging friends to send VD cards to their favorite abortionists:

Let pro-choice physicians know that you appreciate them. With the stigma and harassment our doctors face, they deserve to know that they make us proud.

Handily, PRCH sells the cards, along with other trinkets for abortionist fans.

[HT: Susie Allen]

Birmingham Planned Parenthood placed on probation

Here's the backstory. From the Associated Press today:

PLanned Parenthood, Birmingham, abortion.png

A Birmingham abortion clinic that was targeted in an undercover sting by anti-abortion activists has been put on probation by the state.

State health officials tell The Associated Press that the Planned Parenthood clinic has until next week to present its plan to correct violations involving minors receiving abortions....

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MA abortion mill neighbors: How's that buffer zone working out for you?

Brookline abortion mill, massachusetts.jpg

Last April abortionist Laurent Delli-Bovi attempted to quell concerns of prospective new neighbors on Harvard St. in Brookline Village, MA.

Brookline, Lolly, 2009, abortion.jpgDelli-Bovi (pictured left at a 2009 "Champions for Choice" MA NARAL event) owns the last of 3 abortion mills in town since their heyday in the '90s.

"Lolly," as Delli-Bovi is known to friends, said she had to move from a more isolated location to the Harvard St. spot - which is next door to a day care center, and near an elementary school, other day care centers, grocery store, dry cleaner, other small businesses, and homes - or close.

"If it doesn't work out, we won't exist," said Delli-Bovi according to, to which neighbors said fine but town officials didn't....

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James O'Keefe's "race problem"?

Crossposted at

James O'Keefe, Planned Parenthood, abortion, Max Blumenthal.jpgOn February 2, the Left moved to its next predictable attack of James O'Keefe from its playbook, charging him with racism, including the disparaging graphic, right.

But the Left accusing O'Keefe of being racist against blacks is the equivalent of accusing Oskar Schindler of being racist against Jews....

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Planned Parenthood uses black athletes as pawns in vapid Tebow response video

2/6, 9:35a: Les for Life at the Passionate Pro-lifer thinks the black athlete ad is going to boomerang. I agree that at some level great or small the Planned Parenthoodsponsored video rebuttal to the Tebow ad has afforded us the opportunity to point out how abortion is decimating the black race in America.

2/4, 11:13a: Ack. I've decided there is nothing Planned Parenthood does that doesn't make me sick. How's that for a double negative?

PP has produced a 1:07 video in response to Tim and Pam Tebow's upcoming Super Bowl ad, which I've reported on extensively.

CBS, abortion, Tebow, Planned Parenthood, RH Reality Check, pro-life, Focus on the Family, National ORganization for Women.jpgLet me 1st acknowledge PP is attempting the right PR tack, unlike other pro-abort groups such as Ms., NOW, and RH Reality Check, which combined forces to wage a counter-productive public war against CBS to try to stifle pro-life free speech.

I note neither PP nor its CEO, Cecile Richards, were part of that mob. Smart.

Now PP is jumping in, 1st with a well-written introductory video by Richards. Note she respects and lauds Pam Tebow, then seamlessly segues to promote abortion, of course without ever saying the word...

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The Battle of Fitchburg begins: Planned Parenthood getting federal stimulus money to open new shop

UDPATE, 1/30, 7:02a: Hot Air has a good post on this growing controversy.

1/29, 11:44a: Of course. Why am I not surprised?

On January 23 and 25 I posted the following as our Quote of the Day:

Dianne Luby, Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, abortion.jpg

Once we have a chance to meet with people and discuss how we are part of a solution, we win friends and supporters. I think it is common that people don't want protesters and those types of things that sometimes occur when we go into a community, but as soon as anti-choice folks realize we don't provide abortion services there, they don't protest.

~ Oh? Planned Parenthood League of MA CEO Dianne Luby (pictured right), commenting on the controversy surrounding the move of a Fitchburg PP to a "highly visible location at 391 Main Street," according to, January 23

I had no direct knowledge that pro-lifers would pitch a fit, I just knew no pro-life group anywhere would ever let an aborting or feeder PP into their community without raising the roof.

But I had no idea of the backstory. Kudos to bloggers The Other McCain and Da Tech Guy for staying on top of it....

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Women on Waves gets graphic

I've written previously about the online peddler of the RU-486 abortion cocktail, Women on Waves. WoW specializes in selling medical abortion pills to pregnant mothers in countries where abortions are illegal.

Reader Martha kindly emailed me the link today, unaware I was already aware. So I thought I'd check out the site for anything new and spotted this (click to enlarge)...

Women on Waves, abortion 2.png

I thought, what the heck is that a picture of? Here's the enlargement...

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National abortion funding group out of money

The National Network of Abortion Funds bills itself as a "network of over 100 grassroots groups that raise money to directly help women cover the cost of abortion." So last night when it tweeted...

Abortion funds tweet, Hersey, abortion.png

... my ears perked up. Sure enough (click to enlarge)...

Hersey, abortion.png

So due to a shortage of donations, Hersey is confining itself to helping cover up underage rape and incest via minor abortions and eugenic abortions of handicapped or ill babies, which make up the bulk of late-term abortions. According to Hersey's hierarchy of needs, these are the most critical kills to fund.

Planned Parenthood the abortion humanitarian; 5,000 to protest

UPDATE, 1/19, 4:50a: Here's MSM coverage of yesterday's event. Note both news orgs interviewed repentant post-abortive mothers, which is good. First, from

Then from

From the Houston Chronicle, 30 minutes ago:

planned parenthood houston rally.jpg

Thousands of people from across the country are protesting at anti-abortion rally this morning near the site of a large Planned Parenthood facility on the Gulf Freeway in Houston.

The protesters are gathering for a prayer march targeting the facility which they describe as an "abortion supercenter."...

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Buy a "gorgeous" coat hanger pendant

Yesterday ClinicEscort bragged on Twitter about her fashionable, new coat hanger pendant...

coat hanger necklace clinic escort.png

The link describes the coat hanger pendant as "gorgeous and touching"...

coat hanger necklace model.jpg

I thought the coat hanger was supposed to symbolize death, so I'm not getting how coat hanger jewelry is "gorgeous and touching." I guess the pro-life equivalent would be aborted baby photos, but I've never heard them described as "gorgeous and touching."

I guess that's just the pro-abort, pro-death mentality.

BTW, it appears the DC Abortion Fund is no longer hawking the gorgeous and touching coat hanger pendant as a fundraising gimmick. This was just apparently a special holiday offer.

So interested parties will have to find another source, sorry.

NARAL to host DC "celebration" on anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Rats. If my flight out weren't at 8p - and, ok, if I weren't already planning to have a post-March for Life beer at The Dubliner - I'd go to this. It's way creepy to attend a pro-abort function but valuable recognizance.

Maybe some pro-lifers not worn out from the March can picket to help NARAL "celebrate"...

NARAL, DC event, roe v wade, abortion.png

What is the Coathanger Project? It's a film, and here's a preview, a little dated...

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Video: Mom brings "kid" along for abortion

Last week I posted on a new pro-life tactic at the EMW Women's Surgical Center abortion mill in St. Louis of wearing vests similar to those of deathscorts when trying to reach mothers going into clinics to abort.

The same pro-abort who documented that with photos and video shot new video January 9 that I found both fascinating and disturbing.

It is disturbing 1st because obviously we're witnessing a mom on her way to kill her baby. 2nd, this particular mom, along with a significant other, brought a (born) child along, which should be considered child abuse or something. The deathscort 1st slips and rudely calls the little girl "kid" before recovering to the more courteous "child." She suggests the abortion mill might not be a good place for the little girl. She should know. But then she offers for one of the deathscorts to watch her? Puke.

Oh, well, I know the deathscort didn't shoot the video for me to scrutinize her. She shot it for us to scrutinize the pro-lifers. But I found them respectful, caring, and even angelic... a chorus of soft voices calling on the mom not to do it. We don't know if she did, but either way I doubt she'll ever be able to get those voices out of her head.

Strike 3 for TN Planned Parenthood affiliates

2009 was not a good year for Planned Parenthood affiliates in TN, and 2010 isn't starting out well either.

three lightning strikes.jpgRecall that late last spring the TN legislature basically defunded PP, giving 1st priority to $1.1 million previously earmarked to PP for family planning to all other public health agencies 1st.

Credit for instigating the financial freeze by shooting undercover video at a Memphis PP, wherein a counselor instructed Lila Rose, posing as a 13-yr-old, to lie to a judge about her adult "boy"friend impregnator....

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NARAL's Hall of Fame and Shame winners and losers

thumbs up and thumbs down.jpgRH Reality Check blogger Robin Marty couldn't decide whether she was amused or aggravated by pro-life interest in NARAL's Hall of Fame and Shame nominees.

In particular, Personhood USA really wanted to win NARAL's Hall of Shame award, considering such a distinction a badge of honor.

I wondered if NARAL, obviously bereft of scruples, would deny Personhood USA the plum prize out of spite, even if it polled the winner. I suspect it did.

At any rate, here are NARAL's winners. Congrats to late-term abortionist Carhart! Perfect choice for NARAL's Hall of Fame. And - shock! - pro-lifers agree with NARAL that Ben Nelson is a good Hall of Shame choice. Click to enlarge...

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Pro-abort PAC EMILY's List founder and prez stepping down after 25 years

Ellen Malcolm, EMILY's List, abortion.png

The feminist Old Guard continues to hobble off into the pro-choice sunset (where facing death panels in old age would be quite just).

The latest to go is Ellen Malcolm, who founded the pro-abort PAC EMILY's List (Early Money is Like Yeast) in 1985....

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Planned Parenthood board member portrays Mary in Nativity scene

Ann Straley 2, planned parenthood, abortion.png

From the Telegraph Herald out of Dubuque, IA, December 20...

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Abortion mill deathscorts fume when "Life Escorts" don identical orange vests

Well, this is good. Pro-life activists are an imaginative bunch.

At the EMW Women's Surgical Center abortion mill in St. Louis Louisville, those who pro-lifers call "deathscorts" - volunteers or staff paid to navigate abortion-minded mothers past pro-lifers - are angry because pro-lifers have started wearing the same orange vests they do.

life escorts.jpg

The deathscort blogging at EverySaturdayMorning, who took these photos on January 2, called the pro-lifers "lurking liars," but their vests are clearly marked...

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Vote! Personhood USA vies to win NARAL's Hall of Shame Award

personhood usa.png

I know the feeling. Winning Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person in the World" award earlier this year was one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me in my capacity as pro-life activist.

naral logo 2.gifSo when earlier this week NARAL announced nominees for its "Hall of Fame and Shame," Personhood USA was proud to make NARAL's "Shame" short list.

Now the group is vying to win! So hold your virtual nose and go vote at NARAL and then spread the word. Help Personhood USA achieve this badge of honor....

... although NARAL, not known for scrupulousness given it promotes baby killing after all, will likely spite Personhood USA and give the award to someone else, even if Personhood gets the most votes.

Oh, whatever, this is fun.

NARAL's 2009 Hall of Fame and Shame nominees

NARAL has posted a list of prospective 2009 inductees into its Hall of Fame and Shame.

This being opposite world, whoever NARAL lists as good is bad and vice versa, making its nominees particularly interesting to pro-lifers. Click to enlarge...

NARAL Hall of Fame, abortion 2.png

Translating the Baltimore City Council kudos, in November it became the 1st in the nation to pass an ordinance requiring pregnancy care centers to post signage indicating they do not commit abortions, refer for abortions, or provide contraception....

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Planned Parenthood's "Choice on Earth" holiday fundraising drive

I think Cecile Richards did this just to make me happy. It was only a week ago I noted with disappointment that Planned Parenthood wasn't peddling its "Choice on Earth" Christmas cards this year.

Then, voilà, today I get a fundraising email from Cecile with a "Choice on Earth" logo. How sweet! I also loved the email subject heading, "Hope is not enough." Cecile's right, if she's places her hopes in a person, such as Barack Obama. But hope is indeed enough if placed in Jesus Christ, whose birthday we will celebrate next week. Click to enlarge...

cecile richards, planned parenthood, obama, healthcare, choice on earth, hope is not enough 2.png

Chelsea Clinton speaks at pro-abort luncheon

This is all the information I can find, posted today...

chelsea clinton, emily's list, abortion.png

and the linked photo's obviously no close-up...

chelsea clinton, EMILY's list luncheon.jpg

... but if it's true Chelsea Clinton has become an abortion advocate like her parents, it's really so sad. What a legacy.

What, no Planned Parenthood "Choice on Earth" cards this year?

It's getting late for Planned Parenthood to begin promoting its annual "Choice on Earth" holiday cards, but the abortion behemoth hasn't done so yet this year, hm.

Could it be the gross gimmick was a financial loser? Or perhaps PP decided it can't handle any more negative publicity at the moment and prefers to lay low?

choice-on-earth.gifWhatever, the Evidence for God blog has graciously gone ahead and designed a "Choice on Earth" card for PP this year, left.

I stated in a 2007 post that PP began marketing its "Choice on Earth" cards in 1994, but now I can't find where I got that date.

As far as I can tell PP has for sure been selling its blasphemous cards since 2002, apparently skipping 2006.

This year all I see PP hawking this holiday season are gift certificates, once again offered by PP of IN (click to enlarge)...

Planned Parenthood of Indiana, gift certificates, abortion.png

Planned Parenthood cookies, abortion 3.png... and PP cookies offered by PP of Northern FL (click graphic for enlarged view).

Interestingly, it looks as if PP Golden Gate's store has shut down. Too bad. The flamboyant PPGG previously brought us "A Superhero for Choice," a cartoon depicting violence against pro-lifers that included decapitation, and its own Hanukkah styled "choice" card.

Live Action releases 1st in new Planned Parenthood disinformation investigative video series

This morning released the 1st video in its new "Rosa Acuna Project" investigative series against Planned Parenthood. The focus of this exposé is PP's disinformation tactics when "counseling" abortion vulnerable mothers about their pregnancies.

First, bear in mind, as per LA's press release, "WI informed consent law requires that women receive medically accurate information before undergoing an abortion." Whoops, this WI PP must have missed that memo....

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Live Action to launch new Planned Parenthood investigative video series tomorrow Wednesday

UPDATE, 12/08, 6:15a: According to Live Action's Facebook page, the premiere of its new investigative video series against Planned Parenthood has been delayed until Wednesday at 2p, not sure what time zone. planned parenthood, abortion logo.jpg12/07, 11:23a: Tomorrow, according to a Facebook announcement, will begin releasing videos in a new investigative series, "Investigating Planned Parenthood: An undercover look at medical lies, manipulation and murder."

I asked my friends at LA to give me a teaser on what it's about, but true to form, they are remaining tight-lipped. So I had to investigate the investigators for hints... :)

This was originally billed as follows: rosa acuna.png

Who is Rosa Acuna? In a case that went all the way to the US Supreme Court (which declined to hear it in October 2008), plaintiff Rosa Acuna sued abortionist Sheldon Turkish for giving her false information about her preborn baby's development.

So there's at least one hint, also alluded to in the title. planned parenthood, abortion, lila rose logo.jpgLA and its leader Lila Rose have been responsible for a several major hurts to the abortion industry.

Their focus in recent years has been PP, which it exposed via its Mona Lisa Project of covering up underage rapes and its Racism Investigation of willingness to receive financial donations to target preborn black babies for abortion.

I'm looking forward to the newest exposé.

Planned Parenthood loses request for injunction against former director Abby Johnson

I'm in Austin, TX, at the moment, preparing to speak at the Austin Coalition for Life banquet in a few. Most exciting is I'm told Abby Johnson is attending the banquet, too, and I'm very much looking forward to meeting her! Coincidentally, there's great news about Abby this afternoon.

According to a 40 Days for Life press statement:

Abby Johnson, Planned Parenthood loses, abortion.jpg

A district court judge denied a request for an injunction against Abby Johnson, who resigned as director of a Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas abortion facility in Bryan/College Station last month. The judge also denied a similar request directed at the Coalition for Life, the local pro-life organization that started the 40 Days for Life campaign in Bryan/College Station 5 years ago. adds...

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Pensacola abortion mill with sordid past shut down

UPDATE, 3:10p: has news video about the Pensacola mill closing, including interviews with local 40 Days organizers, as well as its history of bombings and shootings.

[HT: Michael B.]

Community Healthcare Center, Pensacola, abortion, clinic, pro-life, 40 Days for Life.jpg

The FL Agency for Health Care Administration has shut down the Community Healthcare Center in Pensacola, FL, after it couldn't cough up $413k in fines for failing to renew a lab license for 413 days.

The AHCA served ample notice to the 25+ year old abortion mill in January, but when it hadn't settled its bill 10 months after the fact, the clinic "voluntarily" closed its doors October 30, according to AHCA via, after AHCA paid it a shakedown visit on October 20.

Too bad, so sad, also reports:

The closure leaves AMS of Pensacola... as the only abortion clinic in Escambia County.

40 Days for Life was keeping vigil at the mill during that time. What great news to learn on Day 38!

As an aside, this particular mill has a sordid history. It's where Paul Hill in 1995 killed abortionist John Britton and deathscort James Barrett.

[HT: David Bereit of 40 Days]

Planned Parenthood had abortion quotas, says former director

Bryan Planned Parenthood abortion, Abby Johnson, RU-486.jpg

I previously reported that Bryan, TX, Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson quit earlier this month after seeing an abortion on ultrasound and being forced to push abortion to increase profits....

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CNN profile: Late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart vs. "his No. 1 foe"

CNN, LeRoy Carhart, abortionist, abortion, George Tiller, Troy Newman, Operation Rescue.jpg

On October 27, CNN profiled Operation Rescue's Troy Newman and NE late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart in a lengthy article, along with "Perspectives on abortion" video vignettes.

Newman's analysis: "Not a perfect article. But it better than what I thought CNN would do."

There are 6 videos, and I've uploaded Newman and Carhart's to YouTube...

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Planned Parenthood closing shows why PP is pushing nationalized healthcare

From KFBB in MT, October 12:

kalispell pp.jpg

One of the state's 5 Planned Parenthood clinics is closing its doors for good. The announcement came today, as officials say the Kalispell clinic will shut down, due to a decline in patients.

The clinic plans to close on November 20th. Officials say the decision is purely financial, as the Flathead area has been hit especially hard during the economic downturn....

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Planned Parenthood Naples began aborting today

This morning dawned with security guards and deathscorts ready and willing to usher mother in to the Naples, FL, Planned Parenthood to abort their babies....

deathscorts naples.jpg

Today was the 1st in 13 years that abortions were made available in conservative Collier County, courtesy of PP. An article entitled, "Heavy security for abortion clinic opening," reported that FBI and Justice Dept. officials would also be on hand to ensure safe killing of preborn babies....

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Inside Planned Parenthood Golden Gate's building design

I love architectural design, and I love finding everything out about Planned Parenthood I can.

So today when I stumbled on 2 architect's videos discussing design of a PP facility, I felt like I'd won the "lot-to," as Chicago politician Mel Reynolds would say.

Friend John forwarded me a link to these videos, posted recently on the McGraw-Hill Construction Home Library website, about the 2003 remodel of 1 of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate's 7k sq ft Oakland, CA's, mills.

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Get ready to rumble: Carhart's mill is da place to be this weekend

Earlier this week the Feminist Majority Foundation sent out an email alert (click to enlarge)...

fmf carhart.jpg

I'd say if FMF donates money to elevate the look of Carhart's mill from slum dwelling to low-rent shack it will be well invested....

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Workers detail complaints against late-term abortionist Carhart to newspaper

The Omaha World Herald reported August 21 that Bellevue, NE, late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart had fired 4 of his 10 employees, which became "the subject of a complaint filed with the state about possibly unsafe conditions." Carhart's explanation for the terminations, according to OWH:

carhart closeup 2.jpg

Carhart wrote in a letter to his former employees that the layoffs were the result of "the recent decrease in patient numbers and income."...

And that complaint?

"This is nothing new," he said. "They are always making stuff up, and they aren't very credible."

The NE Attorney General's office confirmed to Operation Rescue (1 of the groups spearheading the complaints) that it had forwarded it to the NE Dept. of Health and Human Services, "which would be the appropriate regulatory agency," wrote OWH.

Turns out there was a little more to things. According to OWH today...

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Group announces ad campaign against Dubuque Planned Parenthood

stop pp in dubuque.gif

One year ago Planned Parenthood opened an outlet in Dubuque, IA, despite warnings from the pro-life community it would create "an abortion pipeline to our town," according to a statement released yesterday by Dubuque Co. Right to Life, as well as provide a haven for child sexual predators and construct a firewall between parents and children.

Yesterday Dubuque Co. RTL announced Phase II of an educational campaign launched when PP opened its doors in Dubuque by near constant prayer vigils (3,000 hours logged by volunteers since last August 21) and educational talks before numerous groups.

Phase II, reported Dubuque Co. RTL Exec. Dir. Steven Brody in an email to me...

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Newsweek journalist reports, "Watching my first abortion"

1st trimester abortion.jpgI wrote this morning that showing the reality of abortion tosses "pro-choice" platitudes out the window.

Newsweek reporter Sarah Kliff wrote a nice pro-abort puff piece about late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart but in a related piece reported running into emotional trouble when actually watching him commit the dirty deed:

... But I'd never actually seen an abortion; I'd never watched the procedure that activists vehemently defend or deplore.... I wasn't sure I would. I confess I was hesitant to step into Carhart's operating room....

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Newsweek profiles lauds late-term abortionist Carhart, "The abortion evangelist"

In today's Life Links, Jivin J mentioned the August 15 Newsweek profile on NE late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart.

The pro-abort bent of the piece was obvious from the provocative title, "The abortion evangelist." I can think of no other reason for such verbiage other than to insult and incite pro-life Christians.

Here was the accompanying video. There were no interview questions, just cutting back and forth between pro-aborts (Carhart, staff, and the clip of a Charlie Gibson newscast of George Tiller's death) and pro-life activists. Pro-aborts got 3:34 air time; pro-lifers got 1:17...

Some choice quotes from the article...

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How pro-lifers kept Planned Parenthood from expanding in Knoxville

pp tn logo.jpg

TN pro-life groups have been working behind the scenes several weeks to keep Planned Parenthood from renting larger space to expand into a surgical abortion business in the Knoxville area. On August 8 announced success...

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Breaking news: Planned Parenthood recruits staff on Craigslist to keep abortion in Obamacare

This ad popped up on Craigslist yesterday (click to enlarge):

healthcare pp chicago.jpg

While Planned Parenthood has been swearing up and down abortion isn't in Obamacare, here's an ad placed by PP Chicago stating quite the contrary....

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Pro-life display destroyed at huge European rock festival

Przystanek Woodstock, translated "Woodstock Stop" in English, is billed as "the biggest open-air festival in Europe." Held annually in Poland since 1995 to commemorate America's 1969 Woodstock, it draws 200-400k people.

Here are some of the tamer photos from this year's event, held July 31-August 2, to give you an idea of the magnitude and type of people Woodstock Stop attracts, all courtesy of Reuters:

woodstock stop 2.jpg

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Carhart plans slumdog abortion mill expansion to Wichita

carhart 7.jpgAccording to the Medical News Today, today:

In the wake of the shooting death of abortion provider George Tiller, physician LeRoy Carhart says he plans to open a facility in KS that will provide abortion services later in pregnancy....

Carhart - who operates an abortion clinic in Bellevue, NE [pictured below]- is one of the 4 physicians who performed abortions at Tiller's Wichita clinic before it closed following his death on May 31....

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Federal judge: Oakland City's abortion mill bubble ordinance constitutional

walter hoye contra costa times.JPGI've written several times about Pastor Walter Hoye, who violated Oakland City, CA's, ordinance creating an 8-foot bubble around mothers entering abortion mills (at present only 1, Family Planning Specialists Medical Group) that pro-lifers couldn't pop when distributing literature.

For his crime Hoye chose in March to spend 19 days in jail over a judge's offer of community service. Hoye went on to challenge the bubble ordinance in federal court. On August 4 came work Hoye lost his first round. According to the Contra Costa Times:

A federal judge on Tuesday upheld an Oakland city law that bars people from approaching within 8 feet of women entering abortion clinics, dismissing a constitutional challenge brought last year by anti-abortion activist Walter Hoye....

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Pro-life (but weird) subplots in pilot of ABC's sci-fi "Defying Gravity"

defying gravity.jpg

When reading pro-abort complaints about Fox's cancellation of an episode of Family Guy involving abortion, I also read laments about pro-life themes in ABC's new show Defying Gravity. Feministing's Jessica fleshed that out (pardon the pun) a little more yesterday.

Backdrop of Defying Gravity, in an August 2 review by Todd VanDerWerff of A.V. Club, when the 1st 2 episodes aired...

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Breaking news: IRS grants nonprofit status to pro-life group; drops Planned Parenthood demands

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgI wrote July 8 that the IRS was refusing to grant nonprofit status to the Coalition for Life of Iowa unless the group and individual members of the group pledged not to picket the local Planned Parenthood.

Just received this press release:

Yesterday attorneys from the Thomas More Society, a national public interest law firm based in Chicago, finally received an official "Determination Letter" from the Internal Revenue Service granting tax exempt status to the Coalition for Life of Iowa, a newly formed grass roots pro-life citizen group based in Cedar Rapids....

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Laws, lies and videotape

The cleverly named pro-abortion group National Advocates for Pregnant Women has become alarmed at the number of personhood initiatives popping up in various states.

So it has produced 4 attack ads attempting to show how giving preborn babies legal status as persons usurps pregnant mothers' legal rights, forcing them through the courts to maintain pregnancies even if doing so kills them and forcing them to deliver babies via c-section against their will, etc.

The latest American Life League video report shows the ads, dissecting their lies and adding doses of truth. This report shows how pro-aborts twist, turn, and omit factual details to make their false points....

Randall Terry planning hostile takeover?

The Washington Post featured an interesting profile on pro-life activist Randall Terry July 15. Here are excerpts:

Leaders of the antiabortion movement are cringing at Terry's sudden return. They say his incendiary rhetoric and showy tactics turn off ordinary Americans and reflect Terry's struggle to regain his glory years.

randall terry 7.jpg

"It's sad in a way," said Fredericksburg antiabortion activist Patrick Mahoney, who was close to Terry at one time but, like others in the movement, is now estranged from him. "It's almost like a heavyweight boxer who's past his prime. The movement has gone by him."...

"The pro-life movement is getting its hind end kicked," [Terry] said, "because we think that we can literally upend the social order as it is now with a few phone calls, letters and 'We're going to sell a rose once a year and march once a year on the Capitol.' It's ludicrous."

He laughed. "I drive them crazy."...

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40 Days for Life gears up for largest campaign ever; accepts apps in 1 week


On July 22 40 Days for Life will begin accepting
applications for the fall campaign, to run September 23 through November 1. National Director David Bereit expects this to be big, writing in an email alert...

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Lila Rose exposes AL Planned Parenthood on The O'Reilly Factor

I previously posted about Live Action Films' latest video exposing Planned Parenthood's cover-up of statutory rape in yet another city and state, this time Birmingham, AL.

On July 10, LAF's Lila Rose went on Fox's O'Reilly Factor with AL Attorney General Troy King to discuss the Birmingham PP sting, which revealed PP was not only willing to cover-up underage rape but also to help minor girls avoid AL's parental consent law by getting false permission signatures:

King requested and got a copy of LAF's video to investigate PP's intent to break the law.

(FYI, late last week YouTube inexplicably censored LAF's undercover investigative video of the Birmingham PP without explanation, despite the fact LAF carefully followed their terms. In fact, YouTube has now removed all 8 of LAF's video exposes against PP.)

Special offer: "Abortion Healing and DNA Clearing Session" only $77.95

abortion healing.jpg

This special offer comes from YaMa'EL at There is no mention of discounts, such as for multiple abortions.

But included in this offer are "recodes [of] your DNA" so you're restored to your "I AM" god self, a statement so blasphemous I am pained to type it. Here's what else you get for the low price of $77.95 (click to enlarge)...

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Hatch leaves Mikulski stuttering on Planned Parenthood health care funding question

mikulski emily.jpgWhen last I saw MD Democrat Senator Barbara Mikulski, she was introducing Hillary Clinton at the pro-abortion EMILY's List "gala" (no food, no seats) in Denver during the Democrat National Convention last August, and she sure wasn't speechless then.

But the cat got Mikulski's tongue yesterday during a Senate Health Committee hearing after she introduced a murky amendment that caught the eye of Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT)....

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RH Reality Check: "Jill Stanek doesn't want to prevent abortions"

jill stanek doesn't want to prevent abortions.jpg

Where to begin...

I've been writing quite a bit on the new pro-abort tactic of wanting to find "common ground" on abortion.

One initial problem is the "common ground" parameters pro-aborts unilaterally set (kind of a "common ground" deal breaker from the get-go, I'd say) disallow any conversation on abortion when discussing "common ground" - on abortion. The closest they will allow is discussion of "reducing the need for abortion," but that cannot mean "reducing the number of abortions," no.

malachi.jpgI say we discuss what Americans would consider "common ground" on this topic, such as banning 3rd trimester abortions, sex-selection abortions, and race-based abortions.

Americans by-and-large agree those are bad. Americans also by-and-large agree parental involvement laws are good as are laws mandating informed consent before abortion.

Americans would be surprised to learn the abortion lobby disagrees, which is why we can't discuss abortion when trying to find "common ground" - on abortion. Americans would be shocked to learn hard core pro-aborts even disagree that aborting a baby who would otherwise be born under the wrong zodiac sign is wrong.

But I digress....

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Abortion "common ground" suggestion: emulate NYC anti-smoking campaign

RH Reality Check has launched a new "common ground" site, inviting pro-life and pro-abortion thinkers to explore areas where we can work together.

obama irreconcilable.jpgOf course, the upper echelon of the abortion movement has no intention of finding common ground, which Obama himself recognized in his Notre Dame speech as ultimately "irreconcilable," as The Guardian headline from that date indicated.

The tag on that headline reveals why the push for "common ground" by Obama and his minions: They're losing the PR battle. As I've said before, only those losing appeal for compromise. Winners don't have to and shouldn't. At any rate, pro-lifers never will.

Nevertheless, I have a "common ground" suggestion, inspired by New York City's planned anti-smoking campaign. Obama said yesterday in a meeting with Catholic reporters...

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7 Planned Parenthood clinics shut doors

PP El Paso.jpg

In fact, Planned Parenthood Eastside is 1 of 7 PP clinics now closed in El Paso, TX.

Apparently chopped and dropped by the non-mother ship, the first sign of trouble came in early June...

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Tiller, terror, and tv tilt

American Life League's new video report, released yesterday, focuses on the ludicrous accusation by pro-aborts and their friends in the media of corporate pro-life responsibility for the shooting of late-term abortionist George Tiller. ALL shows many tv clips to make its point, including one by Keith Olbermann lambasting yours truly.

ALL then turns the tables, exposing liberal media hypocrisy that ignores vast pro-abortion threats and violence.

This is a great report....

Breaking News: Lila Rose exposes 7th Planned Parenthood in undercover sting

UPDATE, 7/1, 6:30p: Do you trust 'em? Surrrre. According to, PP plans its own internal audit in the wake of the release of Lila's undercover video. Here's PP's statement:

Planned Parenthood of Alabama provides high quality health care and takes any allegation of this nature very seriously. An essential part of our mission is to protect teens, and to make sure that they get the counseling and medical care they need. We will conduct an internal, fact-based review to ensure that all our high standards of care have been met. PP of AL is committed to following all laws, and regularly makes reports to law enforcement officials. The health and safety of our patients is our top priority and we know that parents trust their teens to get accurate information and quality care at PP health centers. We will continue to work exceptionally hard to maintain that trust.


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgLila Rose and Live Action Films today exposed yet another Planned Parenthood stung in its undercover investigation and video series.

This time it's a PP abortion mill in clinic in Birmingham, AL, caught 2 ways: for covering up rape of a minor and circumventing parental consent laws. According to an LAF statement...

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PETA's lack of tact

by intern Heather B.

Thumbnail image for peta.jpg

Recently, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a VA-based animal rights activism organization, proposed that 2 billboards promoting vegetarianism be erected in Wichita, KS, in the wake of the late Dr. George Tiller's death. Tiller, an extreme late-term abortionist, was shot to death May 31 while working as an usher at his church in Wichita.

The Wichita Eagle reported the explanation by PETA's campaign manager Lindsay Rajt...

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EMILY's List: Promoting the opposite of what it is

EMILY's List is a PAC with 1 sole goal: Elect Democrat pro-abort women to Congress (click to enlarge):

emilys list mission 2.jpg

That's all EMILY's List is about. That's all it does.

Which is why I found it strange when attending the EMILY's List reception at last year's Democrat convention that speakers - from EL prez Ellen Malcolm to Hillary to Michelle - barely alluded to the word "choice," never mind "abortion." In 1.5 hours of speeches, the topic about which everyone was in the room got no more than 3 minutes total.

I find this so totally strange. Imagine attending a pro-life banquet and having speakers talk about everything else under the sun. I'd think the organization had lost its way. I'd want my money back.

But pro-abortion organizations avoid the topic all the time! More than that, they pretend they're about the opposite of abortion.

Case in point. I got an email from Ellen yesterday bragging on one of EL's candidates Kirsten Gillibrand, who replaced Hillary as US senator from NY. She is supported, may I remind you, solely because she's a raving pro-abort.

Ellen put together a nice photo album for us of Kirsten's daily life. And here was the album cover...

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NOW rift: Gandy vs. old vs. new

The Feminist Majority reported June 22:


The National Organization for Women elected Terry O'Neill to be its next President in a tight race this past weekend at their national conference in Indianapolis, IN.... O'Neill's ticket won by a razor-thin margin over Latifa Lyles, who currently serves as Membership VP, and her team.

How innocuous. But here's the backstory - indicating dissension in the ranks - from the New York Times...

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NARAL peddling Tiller wristbands @ 900%+ profit

NARAL wristband pitch.jpg

I reported June 11 that the Feminist Majority Foundation restrained itself a whole 10 days before soliciting donations off of late-term abortionist George Tiller's dead body....

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Shots fired

On Saturday, commenter and friend HisMan alerted me to a story and photo of a baby being delivered by emergency c-section after being shot and killed en utero through his mother. The shooting supposedly occurred during the rioting in Iran over the election of Ahmadinejad.

baby shot.jpg

By Sunday morning the photo had been removed...

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Politically correct visual of carnage

Reported the Daily News June 21:

They call her Neda, which means 'voice' in Farsi, and her death has become the central rallying cry of the Iranian rebellion.


The pretty teenage girl killed by what appears to be a single sniper shot on the streets of Tehran Saturday is now a potent symbol for pro-democracy protesters battering the Islamic regime.

Her quick and brutal death in the arms of her howling father was captured on close-up video, posted to Facebook and sent to computer screens across the world....

Iconic posters of her dead face, open-eyed and bloody, were carried by demonstrators in Los Angeles and NYC within hours....

The expat said her name was Neda Soltani, a 16-year-old philosophy student....

One of the many other videos... captured Neda in the last moments of her life, standing on a curb with her silver-haired father, simply watching the protesters go by.

Neda's martyrdom has the potential to be a galvanizing event....

WARNING: The following :40 video is gruesome....

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Jill Stanek aggravates Nancy Keenan

amanda carpenter hot button.jpgAmanda Carpenter from The Washington Times contacted me for a quote today following a liberal conference she attended where she said NARAL's Nancy Keenan spoke my name in vain several times. Amanda later reported:

Media Matters, a liberal organization that tracks conservative bias in the media, gathered like-minded advocacy group leaders Thursday to discuss how the right-wing media had "mainstreamed the fringe."...

Fox News was the biggest target of the panel's criticism with panelists bashing hosts Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and others for what they called reckless rhetoric designed to incite extremist audience members. Media Matters also singled out talk radio titan Rush Limbaugh....

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Pro-aborts raise money and menace on Tiller killing

It is what it is. In the Obama administration the abortion industry has a powerful accomplice to attempt to intimidate and silence pro-lifers.

Even as the House Homeland Security Committee launches an investigation into how the Department of Homeland Security came to label pro-life activists as potential domestic terrorists, we already know. We already knew, actually. They're just saying it.

And kudos to Eleanor Smeal for waiting 10 whole days before attempting to raise money off the death of late-term abortionist George Tiller.

Click to enlarge:

smeal donate tiller.jpg

Breaking news: Tiller's mill closed permanently

Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgJust received the following article from Operation Rescue's Troy Newman with this note:

Dear Friends, It is a bittersweet moment. Operation Rescue was just 2 months away from getting Tiller's medical license revoked and that would have accomplished the same goal.

From KWCH this morning:

Lee Thompson and Dan Monnat, attorneys for the family of Dr. George Tiller, issued the following statement today:

tiller sign.jpg

"The family of Dr. George Tiller announces that effective immediately, Women's Health Care Services, Inc., will be permanently closed. Notice is being given today to all concerned that the Tiller family is ceasing operation of the clinic and any involvement by family members in any other similar clinic.

We are proud of the service and courage shown by our husband and father and know that women's health care needs have been met because of his dedication and service. That is a legacy that will never die. The family will honor Dr. Tiller's memory through private charitable activities.

The Tiller family wishes to assure Dr. Tiller's past patients that the privacy of their medical histories and patient records will remain as fiercely protected now and in the future as they were during Dr. Tiller's lifetime."

There will be no more statements or comments on behalf of the family on this matter.

[Photo attribution: New York Times]

Carhart compares Tiller to MLK, pro-lifers to KKK

From the Washington Times today, some remarkable statements by sloven late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart:

crosses kkk pro-life.jpg

Dr. LeRoy Carhart, one of the nation's few providers of late-term abortions, called on the federal government to treat as hate crimes all activities by "anti-choice domestic terrorists," compared the slain Dr. George Tiller to Martin Luther King and said planting crosses was equivalent to actions by the Ku Klux Klan.

"This is the equivalent of Martin Luther King being assassinated," Dr. Carhart said of the May 31 slaying of one of America's best-known late-term abortion providers. "This is the equivalent of Pearl Harbor, the sinking of the Lusitania and any other major historic event where we've tolerated the intolerable for too long."...

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Murder in church = martyrdom?

Patrick O'Hannigan wrote a good piece in yesterday's American Spectator. When pro-aborts want abortion to be a constitutional rather than a religious right, it is so. When they want it to be a religious rather than a constitutional right, it is so.

... I do not write to speak ill of the dead. My argument here is with the living.

More specifically, I have a quarrel with Rev. Katherine Ragsdale and those others who imply that anyone killed on church property automatically becomes a martyr. It presumes too much to hint that the crime scene tape used by police officers has sanctifying power, yet this muddle-headed version of "murder in the cathedral" seems to be the prevailing view...

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Missing from George Tiller's eulogy

Tiller casket.jpg

Of everything I read about the June 6 funeral of late-term abortionist George Tiller, I thought this was the most telling, from the New York Times:

But for the most part, Dr. Tiller's funeral focused less on his work than on his life with his family and friends. The word abortion was never uttered....

This shows they all knew. Tiller was unjustly murdered for his "life's" work by a mentally unstable person, but the reason was not mentionable? Very sad. Even in death George Tiller's "vocation" was anathema.

Imagine eulogizing anyone else murdered for a cause without lauding that for which they were slain. It would be a travesty....

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Olbermann names Stanek "Worst Person in the World!"

UPDATE, 11:20p: I'm bestowed my honor beginning at 2:00 on the tape...

[HT: reader Janet]

In a small slew of emails calling me the c-word I read the news that MSNBC's Keith Olbermann named me the "Worst Person in the World!" tonight. Sure enough!

002.JPGMy award comes for supposedly making the supposedly last 2 late-term abortionists in the free world sitting ducks for Tiller copycat killers by posting their addresses and photos of their mills.

Never mind that I didn't actually post the addresses of LeRoy Carhart and Warren Hern (see posts here and here), had I done so it would have been akin to posting the address of President Obama and being accused of making him a target for nutcases.

Libs, get a brain. These guys both advertise on the web. They want people to know where they operate, pardon the pun.

Tomorrow Keith had best make Google the "Worst Search Engine in the World!" for posting a map and directions to Carhart's Abortion & Contraception Clinic of Nebraska and Hern's Boulder Abortion Clinic....

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Pro-lifers push back against intimidation attempts

Well, well. With a unified voice pro-lifers are condolent but refusing to cower and accept blame for the murder of late-term abortionist George Tiller by a noncompliant schizophrenic.

This is such a surprise it's newsworthy. According to The Washington Independent yesterday, which apparently reads this blog:

... [A]nti-abortion activists have begun to push back against the news that Department of Justice dispatched federal marshals to protect abortion clinics that requested extra, temporary security....

washington independent logo.gif

And the murder of a military recruiter in Little Rock - Muslim convert Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad is the suspect - has prodded activists to portray coverage of Tiller's murder as unfairly slanted and overblown. Jill Stanek, an anti-abortion blogger and activist ... responded... with a simple, unsubtle question: "Where are Obama and Holder?" Gary Bauer... told TWI that the "benefit of the doubt" was given to Islamic terrorists but not to anti-abortion extremists....

By the close of Tuesday, anti-abortion activists had moved from messages of condolence for Tiller to aggressive pushback on any use of the murder as a political issue....

Pro-lifers are also refusing to sidestep who Tiller was, what he did. Ann Coulter's column yesterday on Tiller was quite the back-atcha...

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Late-term abortionist Carhart wants to continue Tiller's "mission"

From the Associated Press, June 2:

carhart news conference.jpg

Physician LeRoy Carhart wants to continue providing third-term abortions after the brazen slaying of his friend and colleague George Tiller, but the NE doctor doesn't have anywhere to perform them - and he's one of only a handful of providers who will....

Carhart, 67, is one of a handful of remaining doctors in the United States who perform third-trimester abortions....

Ok, blech, let me pause here and say third trimester abortions are never medically necessary....

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Where are Obama and Holder on jihadist shooting yesterday?

According to today:

jihadist storefront.jpg

A suspected "Jihadist" killed one US Army recruiter and wounded another during a morning attack in Little Rock, AR, yesterday.

According to the NY City Police Department's Intelligence Division, the suspect, a black male, drove his SUV by the Army/Navy Recruitment Center located at the Ashley Area Square Shopping and opened fire on 2 recruiters standing outside of the military recruitment offices....

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Abortion mill replaces Christ with rubber chicken

women's center chicken.jpgLast April, I wrote about pro-abort shenanigans at the Northern Illinois Woman's Center in Rockford, IL (here and here), where staff hung a lynched rubber chicken in the window, displayed dolls in coffins, dressed like satan, and threatened pro-lifers, all with no notice from MSM.

It appears the noosed chicken turned off many of the mill's African-American clients, so staff recently hung it instead on a cross and also made other aesthetic changes. These came as a result, according to pro-lifer on the scene, Kevin, who also took the following pictures as recently as last Friday:

It seems these pictures were this abortion mill's response to the success of the Rockford 40 Days for Life campaign. We know of 19 moms who chose life, and that upset the abortionist and clinic owner.

WARNING: Blasphemy and graphic language follow...

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Correcting the record: Abortions went down under President Bush, not up

During last night's "discussion" between pro-life/pro-Obama Prof. Doug Kmiec and pro-life/anti-Obama Prof. Robert George, Kmiec repeated a false statement.

Kmiec said the number of abortions went UP under President George W. Bush. On Fox News Sunday May 17 Fr. Richard McBrien, a pro-Obama Notre Dame theology professor, made the same erroneous claim in a debate with Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life.

President Bush with child.jpgMy friend, Professor (and statistical analyzer) Michael New, wants to correct the record:

The data do not bear this out. In fact the most recent data from both the Centers for Disease Control and the Alan Guttmacher Institute (research arm of Planned Parenthood) indicate that abortions fell during George W. Bush's presidency.

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute between 2000 and 2005 the number of abortions declined from 1,312,990 to 1,206,200 (a decline of 8.1%, data obtained from all 50 states)....
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UW Madison responds to WIRTL ad: admits it may force pro-life employees to get hands dirty

The University of Wisconsin Madison Hospital sent an email to employees last night responding to Wisconsin Right to Life's ad in today's Wisconsin State Journal.

uw email.jpg

Christman does not dispute any of the points in WIRTL's ad except that employees will have to help in the event of an abortion emergency. Then Christman inexplicably concedes employees will indeed have to help in the event of an abortion emergency....

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WI RTL releases final ad in campaign against UW Madison Hospital

Wisconsin Right to Life is publishing its 3rd and final ad today in the Wisconsin State Journal as part of 3 week ad campaign against the UW Madison Hospital for planning to introduce late-term abortions as part of its patient care. (Be sure to check out WIRTL's excellent 1st and 2nd ads.)

The new ad is a killer, pardon the pun. It features information gleaned from emails between UW officials. View the pdf here. Click to enlarge:


Absolutely fabulous ad.

KS Planned Parenthood's paltry pep rally

Last Friday KS state Sen. Tim Huelskamp's amendment to defund Planned Parenthood was sent to the desk of pro-abort Gov. Mark Parkinson (who took Kathleen Sebelius' place) to sign.

Parkinson has less than a week to make his decision.

Don't forget PP of of KS and Mid-MO is currently charged with over 100 criminal counts of illegal late-term abortions, tampering with evidence, and other typical PP offenses. Yet the State of KS still funds PP handsomely, to the tune of $300k annually.

Yesterday pro-abort blogger Kansas Jackass issued a rally call! Count 'em, 4 pro-abort groups were co-sponsoring an event on the steps of the state capitol today to show support for PP! Click to enlarge...

ks jackass.JPG

When I heard about this rally, I knew it would be impotent. It's hard to get rah-rah abortion supporters unless they're paid....

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WI RTL releases 2nd ad in campaign against UW Madison Hospital

Wow, what a fantastic ad Wisconsin Right to Life is having published this week in the Wisconsin State Journal as the 2nd in its 3 week ad campaign against the UW Madison Hospital. (See 1st ad here.)

UWM is having a hard time realizing its dream to begin committing late-term abortions, and ads like this aren't going to help. Click to enlarge...


Pro-life pressure is stopping late-term abortions at UW Madison Hospital

I wrote several times in February about the University of Wisconsin Madison Hospital's plans to commit late-term abortions because the city's late-term abortionist was vamoosing.

These plans were hatched privately, but when made public all hell broke loose. Today Wisconsin Right to Life launched the 1st of 3 ads in the Wisconsin State Journal aimed at what it now knows are UW Madison's soft spots. Click to enlarge:

WIRTL ad.jpg

WIRTL knows UW Madison's pressure points thanks to internal emails gotten with difficulty by Matt Bowman of the Legal Defense Fund via the Freedom of Information Act. In a nutshell, the hospital system is afraid with good reason of losing staff, doctors and patients ($$)....

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Tacky Judy Blume Planned Parenthood pitch makes LAT

judy blume 5.jpgControversial children's book author Judy Blume took such a hit in the pro-life community (read here and here) for making a Mother's Day fundraising pitch for Planned Parenthood - double couthless - the Los Angeles Times has even taken notice. Wrote columnist Meghan Daum today:

But in seeing this saga unfold in my inbox, I was struck by a troubling question. Even though Blume may not be associated with abortion in and of itself (none of her protagonists ever got one), is there something about her persona that signals a lack of dispassion about its ramifications? Is she reminding people of a time when, in the relief of Roe being decided, there was a cultural perception that abortion was a simple procedure that needn't come with attendant emotional baggage?...
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LA Times misleads on Planned Parenthood funding cut

Here were the April 29 headlines...

LAT misleading slide 1b.JPG

LAT misleading slide 2.JPG

And here were a few of the actual facts, according to Mercury News, April 28...

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Lila calls Memphis Planned Parenthood's bluff

Last week Barry Chase, CEO of Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region, sent state legislators an email complaining, "We have asked, unsuccessfully, for an unedited copy of the video" Lila Rose shot in his abortion mill showing a worker offering to help cover up underage rape.

Thumbnail image for live action.gifIn fact, neither Lila nor Live Action Films received such a request. They released an edited version of the video April 20.

Well yesterday Lila called Barry's bluff, emailing him links to the 3-part unedited video series and alerting him...

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Backlash against children's book author's support of Planned Parenthood

Yesterday, I reported controversial children's author Judy Blume is this year's celebrity Planned Parenthood's Mother's Day pitch(fork) woman.

Well, today PP CEO Cecile Richards issued a surprising pity plea for Judy (click to enlarge):

pp judy blume III.jpg

I find this development very interesting. It could just be a cynical ploy by PP to get more money, which you'll note Cecile did do.

judy blume photo.jpgBut I think the situation must be serious for Cecile to admit pro-lifers are getting to Judy.

By so doing, Cecile draws even more attention to the fact a children's author is inexplicably recruiting support for the United States' largest abortion provider.

Cecile is also admitting PP has a growing stigma attached to it, which may give other celebrity PP supporters pause.

Verrry interesting.

2009 Planned Parenthood Mother's Day fundraiser

Last year Planned Parenthood used the mother-daughter pro-abortion team of Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow as its Mother's Day
pitch(fork) women.

This year it's children's book author Judy Blume. Not that Judy was considered harmless and child friendly before now, despite her target audience. Wikipedia reports, "She is recognized as one of the most banned children's authors in the United States.... Forever was the second most challenged book of 2005, according to the American Library Association."

We now know Judy means to target her audience yet another way, by supporting the US's largest abortion provider.

Sometimes I think PP does these things just to aggravate us. "There is no organization that I know of that supports motherhood and all that it means more than Planned Parenthood"? This is so ridiculous I have to laugh. Click to enlarge...

pp mothers day judy blume.jpg

Breaking news: KS Planned Parenthood caught on tape THIS WEEK helping cover up adult rape of minor

Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgA press conference was just held by KS state Sen. Tim Huelskamp (below top right) and state Rep. Lance Kinzer (below bottom right) releasing an audiotape made this week exposing Planned Parenthood of KS and Mid-MO's Overland Park abortion mill as participants in underage rape cover-up.

Can't believe they were so stupid after all the negative press and law enforcement interest in Lila Rose's videos exposing PPs nationwide of similar intent to help adult sexual predators hide the sexual abuse of young girls.

Details from the press release...

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Inside the late-term Madison Abortion Clinic

UDPATE, 7:35a: Friend Patte S. tells me these clips are from the movie Lake of Fire. Ah, ok.

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Southwest posted this rather incredible video April 11.

I don't know how CBRSW got permission to film or got hold of this film, taken inside the Madison Abortion Clinic in WI and showing a 20-week abortion by abortionist Dennis Christensen. Christensen is at the center of controvery involving the University of WI Madison starting to commit late-term abortions, about which I previously wrote.

I'd never seen how abortionists actually prepare baby parts to piece back together, and I didn't know they measure chopped fetal extremities like a foot with a ruler to determine age. You see all that beginning at 1:22 on the video.

The mothers' stories are also tragic: abandoned, foolish, selfish.

People need to see this stuff to know what we're talking about behind the ambiguous word "choice."

[HT: Facebook friend Drac]

Planned Parenthood Memphis digs hole deeper

Many if not all TN state legislators received an email from Planned Parenthood Memphis Region on April 24 attempting to respond to the release of Lila Rose's undercover video showing a PPMR employee perfectly willing to help who she thought was a 14-year-old girl cover up her rape and pregnancy by her 31-year-old "boyfriend."

In its email PPMR blamed the misinformation on these points:

  • Lila was a walk-in
  • PPMR was very busy that day
  • The rapist-enabling worker was actually an interpreter, not a counselor

    These raise even more questions. Is PP so inept it doesn't know when to stop accepting patients? Or is it more concerned about getting $$ rather than providing safe patient care? Is PP saying it does not train its interpreters on TN law? How many other girls did this interpreter "counsel"?

    PPMR Ceo Barry Chase also incorrectly identified TN's minor parental involvement law as "notification" when it is actually "consent." Big difference. He is unaware?

    In addition, after 1st acknowledging the authenticity of Lila's video and what was told her by the PPMR employee, Chase incredibly stated PPMR's employees don't break the law and all receive "knowledgeable, professional" counseling. Huh?...

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood Memphis digs hole deeper"

  • Lila Rose on Glenn Beck

    I received word too late Friday to let you know Lila Rose of LiveActionFilms was appearing on Fox News' Glenn Beck show to discuss its 6th Mona Lisa Project undercover video released.

    All videos have been shot at Planned Parenthoods across the country, this one in Memphis, showing the organization institutionally covers up child rape.

    Lila is just excellent in this interview! One of her best quotes: "These little girls aren't being looked at holistically, they're being looked at as plumbing problems."

    Note Lila consistently calls these young victims "little girls," which is savvy use of terminology.

    Note Lila also states PP gets "a third of a billion dollars in tax money," which is much more descriptive than "335 million."

    On April 26, The Los Angeles Times also published a combination feature story about Lila and expose of PP's cover-up of child rape. It is surprisgingly fair. PP comes out looking bad, as it should...

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    Breaking news: Sebelius vetoes late-term abortion regs

    sebelius tiller.jpgUPDATE, 6:30p: Want to know exactly what Sebelius vetoed? Kansans for Life spelled out the bill:

    HB218 increased physician accountability. It:

    1) clarified late-term abortion medical diagnoses be reported instead of phony answers

  • must report medical method used to arrive at fetal gestational age
  • amplified description of medical diagnosis required on KDHE form
  • gave KDHE additional rule-making authority needed for reporting
  • allowed lawsuits for intentional physician misreporting
  • gave prosecutorial authority to AG or DA where constituent criminal acts occurred...

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  • TN legislators move to defund Planned Parenthood in wake of Lila Rose videos

    TN legislators on defunding PP.jpg

    UPDATE, 4/23, 1:20p:
    Lila Rose will be on the Ed Morrissey Show today at 3pm EST.

    [HT: Moderator Carder]

    Yesterday afternoon TN Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey (speaking in photo), who is also the Senate President and thus extremely powerful, held a press conference with 3 other pro-life legislators calling on colleagues to support a bill streaming the $1.1 million currently going Planned Parenthood's way elsewhere. From the TN Right to Life press release...

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    Planned Parenthood Memphis caught covering up underage rape

    UPDATE 4/21, 9:20a: I've been informed by someone at TN Right to Life of the irony of the following photo I posted yesterday. This was taken April 7, 2009, during Planned Parenthood's lobby day and posted on PP Greater Memphis Region's myspace page. The legislator at the desk is state Sen. Ophelia Ford (who was appointed to replace her brother John after he was indicted for accepting bribes and thrown in the slammer). The flowers on Ford's desk? TNRTL gave them to Ford, urging her to defend life. There they stand as silent witnesses...

    TN pp defund lobby day.jpg

    UPDATE, 4/21, 8:50p: Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region has responded with PP's now typical we-want-to-see-unedited-video-and-are-unsure-of-real-facts-but-will-conduct-staff-training-anyway response to Live Actions undercover videos.

    UPDATE, 12:50p: TN Right to Life has released a visual demonstration of the ridiculosity of the supposedly pro-life controlled TN legislature twice now refusing to pull $1.1 million in funding to rape-protecting PP while other important programs languish during TN's budget crisis. Click to enlarge...

    TN pp defund.jpg

    Will the 3rd try be the charm? State Sen. Jack Johnson and state Rep. Dr. Joey Hensley have introduced PP defunding bills this session.

    PP just gave them more ammo.

    live action.gifLila Rose and Live Action have just released video #5 in their Mona Lisa series of undercover investigative sting videos of Planned Parenthoods across America....

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    4 TX Planned Parenthoods ordered to "cease and desist"; funding threatened

    pp sananton 2.jpg

    According to the April 14 Houston Chronicle, 4 San Antonio PP clinics began dispensing the RU-486 abortion bill regime in 2004 without a license. The CEO of PP San Antonio, Jeffrey Hons, now says a state official he contacted by phone said no license was necessary since these aren't surgical abortions....

    Continue reading "4 TX Planned Parenthoods ordered to "cease and desist"; funding threatened"

    Tiller started PAC with $200k to elect Sebelius guv; Brownback: "troubling"

    Recall KS Gov. and HHS Secretary nominee Kathleen Sebelius greatly misunderestimated the amount of $ late-term abortionist George Tiller contributed to her. From the New American, April 15 (click to enlarge):

    new american.jpg

    tiller sebelius 3.jpg("Familiar"? C'mon, Kathleen. Don't you remember the party you threw Tiller at the mansion in 2007?)

    Despite this news, pro-life turncoat Sam Brownback is still standing by his endorsement of Sebelius, but there may be a crack developing: Reported the Associated Press yesterday:

    ... Brownback... said recent questions about Tiller's past political support for her are "very troubling." But he told the AP at an anti-tax rally in Wichita that he's not backing away from his endorsement of Sebelius' appointment....
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    The Prom Season Sexual Health Quiz vs. Planned Parenthood's new scam

    Just in time for prom season, the Concerned Parents Report has released a sexual health quiz for teens. I scored 93%, getting 14 of 15 right. Here are the first 2 (click to enlarge)...

    sexual health quiz.jpg

    CPR includes other informative charts, like these (click to enlarge)...

    Continue reading "The Prom Season Sexual Health Quiz vs. Planned Parenthood's new scam"

    NARAL nervous: Recruiting phone bankers to bolster Sebelius, Johnsen

    Is NARAL worried about the Senate confirmations of Dawn Johnsen and Kathleen Sebelius?

    Clearly, yes, since NARAL is recruiting supporters to do phone banking in support of nominees who "are having a tough time being confirmed by the Senate" on April 15, 16, 20, and 21. Listen to NARAL's voicemail here.

    dawn johnsen.jpgPresident Abortion nominated Johnsen to head the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, but Fox News reported April 7 Republicans are chattering about filibustering Johnsen due to her radical comparison of pregnancy to "slavery" when a NARAL attorney.

    And we all know the trouble Sebelius is in, first for revelations she underpaid taxes and then that she underreported the amount of donations late-term abortionists George Tiller has given her or her PAC. Here's Laura Ingraham on Fox & Friends this morning discussing Sebelius' trouble....

    Continue reading "NARAL nervous: Recruiting phone bankers to bolster Sebelius, Johnsen"

    Records won't be sealed in Hialeah abortion survivor murder case

    Read my previous posts on this story here.

    I'm guessing posts on this blog and my WorldNetDailycom columns were included as reasons by the defense to keep evidence and photos secret. Of course the Miami Herald attorney would label these as "fairly obscure websites." Sniff, sniff. From the Miami Herald, today:

    belkis gonzalez 5.jpg

    The public has the right to view evidence in the case of a woman accused of illegally providing healthcare during a botched abortion at a Hialeah clinic, a judge ruled Thursday.

    Lawyers for Belkis Gonzalez, 44, citing extensive media coverage and harsh commentary in Internet postings on anti-abortion websites, had asked that evidence be kept secret to ``assure a fair trial.''

    Gonzalez fears ''physical and mental harm after receiving anonymous threats,'' said her lawyers, who also asked that prosecutors be barred from speaking to reporters about the case....

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    Planned Parenthood unfazed by tanking economy: Cleared another $1 billion 07-08

    UPDATE, 1:05p: Here's another good chart, received from the same friend. PPFA stands for Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Click to enlarge:

    pp adoption.jpg

    UPDATE, 1p: I heard a good proverb yesterday: "If you want more of something, you subsidize; if you want less, you tax."

    Here's an example of the former. I received the following chart from a government friend on PP's funding as it correlates to the number of abortions it commits. Click to enlarge...

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood unfazed by tanking economy: Cleared another $1 billion 07-08"

    2 mothers notified complaints against Tiller moving forward

    I previously reported that on March 27, immediately after a jury found KS late-term abortionist George Tiller not guilty of 19 misdemeanor charges, the KS Board of Healing Arts issued a statement it was proceeding with more serious charges, including fraud.

    Operation Rescue reported today it has been made aware KSBHA has notified 2 women who previously levied charges against Tiller that their cases "remain open and are progressing through the system," according to OR.

    One complaint by a woman identified as Shaye is Tiller's office lowered the gestational age of her baby after 1st arriving at an age by ultrasound too advanced for TIller to abort without getting a 2nd opinion and breaking the law.

    Compelling details of Shaye's case are in this OR video:

    patient s.jpgThe 2nd mother hearing from KSBHA, known as Patient S., apparently suffered cardiac arrest during her abortion but was taken to the hospital after being revived by TIller in his personal car and told to keep her IV bag out of sight.

    Read more of her story here.

    [Photo of Patient S. courtesy of OR]

    Epilogue: Tiller found not guilty

    UPDATE, 3/28, 10:15a: Although written a few hours before the Tiller verdict, this post by National Review Online's Denis Boyles in The Corner, which should be read in its entirety, sums up what happened:

    I've spoken to several people who are very close to this case, and the expectation is that Tiller will be acquitted.


    The state's lackadaisal case, one knowledgeable observer said, was "embarrassing." The state assigned a single prosecutor to the case. Tiller has a 5-member team, including a former US Attorney. The state called one witness - Kristin Neuhaus, the doctor who signed off on Tiller's near-birth abortions. She was given immunity by [pro-abortion Attorney General Steve] Six and, not surprisingly, was an extremely hostile witness....

    Continue reading "Epilogue: Tiller found not guilty"

    Breaking news: KS Board of Healing Arts charges Tiller with 11 disciplinary counts

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgYou read that right.

    As opposed to the 60,000 babies he has aborted, George Tiller's legal troubles have lived to see another day.

    Immediately after a jury yesterday cleared the KS abortionist of 19 charges of breaking KS law by getting a 2nd opinion for late-term abortions from an abortionist with whom he had financial ties, the KS Board of Healing Arts released the following statement (click to enlarge)...

    Continue reading "Breaking news: KS Board of Healing Arts charges Tiller with 11 disciplinary counts"

    Hillary Clinton to receive Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger Award tonight

    sanger clinton.jpgThe Washington Post reported today:

    Recently back from Mexico, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton... spends the day in TX.....
    In the evening, Clinton attends a gala in Houston to receive the Margaret Sanger Award from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America for her advocacy of "women's health and rights throughout her public service career."

    Added the National Journal:

    HRC accepted the invite well before she became Sec/State, but her appearance is a stark reminder of the big role HRC has played in abortion-rights politics ... and the bigger role women played in her '08 campaign.

    Can't respond to this any better than Family Research Council did last night:

    Of course, the question remains whether this award is even an honor. If "no one is pro-abortion," as Barack Obama insists, then why agree to be celebrated by the number one supplier of abortion in America?...
    Continue reading "Hillary Clinton to receive Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger Award tonight"

    Don't worry, AZ Planned Parenthood has investigated itself

    When last we left Planned Parenthood of Arizona , Lila Rose and had released a 2nd video of employees at a 2nd and 3rd PP in the Grand Canyon state showing a willingness to cover-up underage rape.

    The 1st video showing the 1st cover-up, released February 3, resulted in a whole bunch of nothing happening.

    This likely had to do with the fact that AZ Attorney General Terry Goddard was coincidentally scheduled to give the keynote address at a PP event that night, obviously in the bag for the US's largest chain of chop shops.

    The 2nd video released resulted in an interesting denial by Goddard to the Arizona Republic that his office was investigating PP despite a letter from the Pima Co. attorney to the contrary (click to enlarge)...

    pima co letter.jpg

    Goddard must have decided not to worry because, as AR reported, PP AZ has conducted an investigation of itself, and things amiss are now fine...

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    Tiller trial Days 2 and 3 recap

    See previous posts, "Tiller trial opens to abortionist fatigue," and "Tiller trial Day 1 recap."

    Day 2 of the trial of KS abortionist George Tiller, accused of breaking KS law by getting a 2nd opinion for late-term abortions from an abortionist with whom he had financial ties, saw that abortionist, Ann Kristin Neuhaus, retake the stand.

    ann kristin neuhaus.jpgIMO, the most interesting Neuhaus factoid was that she wore the same jacket as the previous day and looked "disheveled," according to Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue, twittering from inside the courtroom. Tacky.

    But maybe Neuhaus is just broke after several medicinal practitioner malfunctions. Despite her protests, prosecutor Barry Disney reminded the court Neuhaus has been disciplined by the KS Board of Healing Arts once for failing to keep proper records of controlled drugs dispensed and another time for failing to provide informed consent, failing to properly monitor aborting patients, and forcibly aborting a mother against her will - for which her license was revoked.

    So Neuhaus had her license back but no patients when taking Tiller's gig to rubber stamp his post-viable abortions.

    But enough about Neuhaus. On to Day 3 and Tiller's testimony. On the stand Tiller appeared zombielike. Perhaps he accidentally lobotomized himself when trying to suction brains out of a half-born baby....

    Continue reading "Tiller trial Days 2 and 3 recap"

    Tiller trial Day 1 recap

    See previous post, "Tiller trial opens today to abortionist fatigue."

    tiller 6666.jpgYesterday the trial of late-term KS abortionist George Tiller opened.

    Tiller is accused of 19 counts of violating KS law by seeking a mandated 2nd opinion for late-term abortions from someone with whom he had financial ties, Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus.

    Yesterday on the stand Neuhaus came down with Hillary Clinton I Don't Seem to Recall Syndrome, even though the prosecution has granted her a wide swath of immunity.

    First, this little nugget, from the Los Angeles Times...

    Continue reading "Tiller trial Day 1 recap"

    Pro-life pastor begins 30 day jail sentence

    I previously reported that pastor Walter Hoye had been handed a 30-day sentence for violating a new Oakland, CA, law creating a free speech buffer zone around abortion mills. Well, the sentence has begun. Reported the San Francisco Chronicle on March 21:

    pastor hoye.jpg

    A pastor at a Berkeley church was jailed Friday for 30 days after unsuccessfully arguing that an order requiring him to stay 100 yards away from an Oakland abortion clinic violates his right to free speech.

    Walter Hoye, 52, of Union City was the first person convicted under an Oakland ordinance barring protesters from coming within 8 feet of anyone entering an abortion clinic.

    In February, Judge Stuart Hing of Alameda County Superior Court sentenced Hoye to three years' probation and 30 days in jail, and ordered him to pay $1,000....

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    Tiller trial opens today to abortionist fatigue

    UPDATE, 12:05a: Operation Rescue is twittering the Tiller trial. (Say that 3 times.) Follow oprescue.

    UPDATE, 11:05a: Kathy Ostrowski, state legislative director for Kansans for Life, discusses the anticipated Tiller defense at as well as reminds us Tiller was outted for committing illegal late-term abortions by the very mothers he aborted in a 2005 LA Times puff piece.

    Per the LA Times:

    For activists on both sides of the debate over legalized abortion, the criminal trial of Dr. George Tiller, which begins Monday in a Wichita courtroom, is an oddly unfulfilling culmination of a struggle that has wrenched KS for years....

    tiller 666.jpg

    Although neither side will discuss the evidence, the state is expected to contend that Tiller's relationship with Ann Kristin Neuhaus, the 2nd doctor who signed off on the 19 abortions in question, violated the physician independence provision. Each count carries a maximum penalty of as long as a year in prison and a $2,500 fine....

    "The attorney general's office is not very excited about this case," said Joseph Aistrup, a political science professor at KS State University....

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    Pedophile protecting Planned Parenthood caught again

    Live Action Films today released video #4 in its Mona Lisa Project. This is a series of short films secretly shot at Planned Parenthoods around the country last summer exposing mill workers perfectly willing to help underage girls who had been statutorily raped by adult men get abortions without notifying authorities.

    First, let's review.

  • LAF released its 1st 2 videos (read here and here) exposing 2 IN PPs in December. These resulted in a sacrificial firing of 1 staffer, resignation of another but most importantly an attorney general investigation.

  • Video #3 showed a Tucson, PP aiding and abetting underage rape. PP of AZ said they would investigate. Big whoop. That was 6 weeks ago with silence since.
  • Video #4 continues the exposure of PP of AZ child sex abuse. It captures PP workers at 2 Phoenix chop shops engaging in yet another rape cover-up.

    The LAF press release reminded us PP of AZ has a history...

    Continue reading "Pedophile protecting Planned Parenthood caught again"

    KS Supreme Court leak?

    Jury selection began yesterday for the long delayed trial of Wichita, KS, late-term abortionist George Tiller, accused of getting nonobjective 2nd opinions from business associate Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus.

    The charges, though far less than they should have been, vindicate relentlessly maligned Phill Kline - again, who got the evidence.

    Meanwhile Kline is being punished - again. Recall the words of rabid pro-abort, Sebelius-picked, KS Supreme Court Justice Carol Beier (former National Women's Law Center attorney), who strangely wrote Kline deserved "sanction by this court" when handing down a verdict clearing him of complaints filed by Planned Parenthood. She was really, really mad about that, as I previously indicated.

    Beier got what she wanted when the Supreme court-appointed Disciplinary Board for Attorneys notified Kline and 2 subordinates in February regarding complaints of ethics violations, as yet unnamed.

    This is where it gets interesting. Two reporters got tips about the secret ethics complaint, John Hanna of the Associated Press, and Ron Sylvester of the Wichita Eagle. Here's his story...

    sylvester 2.jpg

    The Disciplinary Board previously wrote it was immune to open records requests, i.e., fishing expeditions. Click to enlarge...

    Continue reading "KS Supreme Court leak?"

    Congressional doctors fight Obama plan to overturn healthcare conscience rights protection; Comment email address DEFUNCT

    3/10, 11:10a: Although the proposed rescission was posted online March 7, the official printed publication date is today, March 10. Staff for the Department of Health and Human Services has informed our people that the email address for comment,, is now active. Deadline for submitting comments is April 9.

    3/7: Read yesterday's post for background.

    I received word yesterday that the email address provided by HHS for comments to Barack Obama's plan to overturn enforcement of healthcare providers' conscience rights - which only last 30 days - was no good. Day 2, and it's still no good:

    hhs dead address.jpg

    The rule change request was dated March 5, 2009, and it stated...

    Continue reading "Congressional doctors fight Obama plan to overturn healthcare conscience rights protection; Comment email address DEFUNCT"

    LeRoy Carhart, pick up the phone

    In January NE late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart had to close his mill for damage after an accidental fire.

    carhart closeup.jpgCarhart reopened to brisk business this past Saturday, according to pro-life activist Larry Donlan on the scene. And Carhart aborted yesterday, too - a Sunday. (Does this mean he skipped church?)

    But Carhart forgot one thing, to get his occupancy permit.

    This morning Donlan notified Bellevue building inspectors. I just called Steve Carmichael of the City Planning Dept. and asked if Carhart was shut down.

    "I left him a voicemail," Carmichael told me, "because he wouldn't answer the phone. I said he could not open until his deficiencies were completed and he got a final permit for occupancy."...

    Continue reading "LeRoy Carhart, pick up the phone"

    Black church invites White Planned Parenthood

    The ignorance of blacks - even black churches - to the eugenic underpinnings of Planned Parenthood could not be any more epitomized than as described in today's Virginian-Pilot:

    At New Light Full Gospel Baptist Church, congregants' benchmark on most topics is "the Word," meaning the Bible.

    But on a recent night, more than 50 New Light adults and teens opened up to words from an additional source - Planned Parenthood, on stopping teen pregnancy.

    Among many faith-based groups, few organizations are less popular than Planned Parenthood, a provider of women's health services, sex education and abortions.


    Yet on this night, teen pregnancy was something Planned Parenthood speaker Margie Rashti [pictured left] and New Light members all agreed was troubling and preventable.

    "We come together as a team, working to try to pass down wisdom to the young ladies and young men who are part of this pandemic we call teen pregnancy," Elder Frankie Fells said in his opening prayer....

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    Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards pushes universal abortion care at Summit

    Yesterday President Obama hosted a health care summit at the White House. It has already been noted no pro-life healthcare groups were invited.

    wh health 2.jpgBut pro-abortion groups were present in abundance. Following is Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards' statement.

    Listen carefully. Richards wants universal health care because the "millions of women who come to us are primarily low income." PP's clientele keeps it from raising its prices, which have increased only slightly over the decades. PP needs government intervention to increase its profit. This is one of 2 reasons why PP wants mandated taxpayer coverage for all PP's services, including, of course, abortion.

    (Richards also stated that within her 887 clinics 97% of services are for "preventative health," i.e., not abortion. I've previously explained how this largest abortion provider in the US skews stats. Interesting, btw, is the fact Cecile never mentioned the A-word in her statement.)...

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    Free Coburn! II

    free coburn2.jpgOur pro-abort friends at RH Reality Check were kind enough to upload this interview I saw on Fox with US Senator Tom Coburn on March 3 and hoped would end up on YouTube.

    In the interview Coburn discussed not only the harm that would befall women if the US restored taxpayer funding to the United Nations Population Fund but also his response if, as a doctor, he were compelled to abort.

    The latter is lately in the news since President Obama plans to lift enforcement of healthcare providers' conscience protections.

    Coburn: I'll never do it. Never do it.

    Megyn Kelly: You'd rather go to a jail cell.

    Coburn: You bet. Anytime.

    I love Tom Coburn!

    Also see previous entry, Free Coburn!

    Stanek and "guerilla warfare"

    newsweek jill.jpg

    Because I was on vacation in January I never got a chance to mention Newsweek quoted me in a piece it did on the anniversary of Roe v Wade:

    "He's [Obama] got the House, he's got the Senate, so I think we may go more guerilla warfare, or go back to working harder on your own turf, protesting at your abortion clinic in your town," says Jill Stanek, a prominent pro-life blogger.

    There was more, but that was the germane part to this post.

    So pro-aborts have taken my "guerilla warfare" statement and run with it. Again, because I was on vacation, I didn't get a chance to post this NARAL email alert either...

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    Breaking news: Belkis Gonzalez arrested

    UPDATE, 3/4, 4:15p: Attorney Tom Brejcha of the Thomas More Society, lead firm in the aborted baby's mother's civil lawsuit, has just issued this statement:

    While we most certainly welcome the bringing of criminal charges against Ms. Gonzalez, whose abortion business represents nothing less than a serious public health hazard, we must express our grave disappointment, indeed our outrage, that no homicide charges have been brought on account of the wrongful death of this little girl.

    Not only the coroner's report, but also eyewitness testimony, prove that this infant was born alive then brutally killed. That constitutes homicide under the law of FL and treating it as anything less than that ignores fundamental legal principles and offends simple human decency. We demand that Dade County's law enforcers add a homicide charge, or at least an attempted homicide charge, without any more delay.


    UPDATE, 3/4, 10:30a: Drudge is carrying this story, top of the fold (click to enlarge)...

    drudge miami2.jpg

    I find the title of the Associated Press story interesting, given there were no murder charges...

    [HT: Colleen]

    UPDATE, 3/4, 6a: Here's a CBS News video report...

    Continue reading "Breaking news: Belkis Gonzalez arrested"

    Free Coburn!

    Jivin J reported last week the Obama administration plans to overturn an HHS rule implemented by the Bush administration that protects medical professionals. Tthe Wall Street Journal explained what this rule does:

    [The rule] says hospitals, pharmacies and other entities that be charged with discrimination and lose federal funds [Medicaid, Medicare, SCHIP, etc.] if they pressure employees to take part in treatments to which they object on religious or moral grounds....

    Still... Obama in August criticized the then-proposed rule and said he was "committed to ensuring that the health and reproductive rights of women are protected."

    In other words, Obama doesn't want federal medical worker/entity conscience protections enforced. Obama considers it "protect[ion]" to force health care providers to participate in abortion.

    free coburn2.jpgYesterday CNS News reported US Senator Tom Coburn (R-TN), an ob/gyn, is telling Obama, "Go ahead. Make my day."

    Coburn... [said] many medical practitioners, including himself, will go to prison before agreeing to engage in medical practices they morally oppose, such as abortion....

    The Obama administration's "review" is considered the precursor to rescinding the regulation.

    "I think a lot of us will go to jail," Coburn told when asked what would happen if the administration reverses the policy. "Let's see them prosecute the first one of us for not doing that."

    [Graphic work by John Francis Borra at Veritatis: The Cartoon]

    The Fight "Fight FOCA" campaign targets Catholic Church

    fight foca logo 2.jpg

    Ok, after reading this February 26 Washington Post piece it's clear to me.

    Putting that together with Amy Sullivan's February 19 Time magazine article calling the Freedom of Choice Act a "mythical abortion bill," here are the pro-abort talking points to counter the mounting surge against FOCA:

  • Pro-lifers are on hallucinogenics. FOCA isn't happening.

  • Pro-life groups are using FOCA to raise money.

  • Conservative Catholics are at the bottom of the Fight FOCA frenzy.
  • It appears the long knives are out against Catholic US Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS)....

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    Pro-aborts to protest pregnancy care centers

    UPDATE, 2/27, 6:40a: Many pro-choicers have complained in the comments section about my characterization of pro-contraception, pro-abortion young women as being easy marks. I have to say it was comedian Chris Rock who was my inspiration. I watched the following video a couple years ago, and it made total sense. In fact, if you can get past Rock's foul mouth and sexual explicitness, you'll see many truths in what he has to say. WARNING: R-rated...



    2/26: Attempting to turn tables on pro-lifers, the Feminist Majority Foundation is encouraging college feminists to protest their local pregnancy care center. Interesting concept.

    While pro-lifers around the country now gather twice annually at abortion mills for 40 days, often around the clock (aside from thousands of other times annually), FMF can only rally its femitroops 1 day, April 13, strangely a Monday. I guess college women who advertise they're pro-birth control and pro-abortion are much in demand on weekends.

    So anyway, here's video of one recent protest, held across the street from a Planned Parenthood protest, which looked fun....

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    Sebelius' HHS nomination to be aborted for her fringe abortion views?

    The White House has made it no secret pro-abortion KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is in the running for HHS Secretary.

    tiller sebelius.jpgSebelius is closely linked to Wichita late-term abortionist George Tiller, trying to clog any prosecutorial wheels of justice against him and even hosting a secret soirée in his honor at the mansion.

    Sebelius has committed many more anti-life dastardly deeds, which Operation Rescue has extensively chronicled here, including orders from her Catholic bishop to walk on by the Eucharist without partaking.

    Now comes this tidbit from CBN News:

    A senior Obama administration official [says]... concerns voiced by pro-life groups about... Sebelius have come up in high level White House discussions but it has not disqualified her from the job....
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    Breaking news: Late-term abortionist George Tiller to stand trial

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgThis from the Associated Press within the hour:

    A judge has refused to toss out the criminal case against a doctor accused of violating KS' late-term abortion law.

    Sedgwick Co. Judge Clark Owens on Wednesday denied a defense request to dismiss charges against Dr. George Tiller of Wichita or throw out evidence because of the conduct of former prosecutor Phill Kline.

    Owens found that Kline's conduct during the investigation of Tiller did not warrant such action.

    Tiller is scheduled to go to trial on March 16 on 19 misdemeanor charges alleging he failed to obtain a second opinion for some late-term abortions from an independent physician, as required by KS law.

    [HT: Operation Rescue, which also has a link to Judge Owens' written decision]

    What Obama should say tonight about abortion

    When pro-lifers occupy the White House, we pro-lifers ponder what they should say during their State of Union addresses about our issue (and we're usually disappointed).

    obama state of the union.jpgNow it is the other side's turn. President Obama isn't giving a State of the Union speech tonight, but it will look an awful lot like one. So pro-aborts are weighing in.

    I frankly hope Obama says nothing about abortion. Whatever he might say would infuriate me, particularly if he sympathizes that this is a tough issue (why?), but he trusts women and doctors to make the right decision. In reality Obama is so hard-core cold and calculatingly pro-abortion he is pro-infanticide if letting abortion survivors live would get in abortion's way.

    Aspen Baker at RH Reality Check has made a pitch for Obama to address post-abortive mothers, which I find surprising. Baker thought Obama "should acknowledge the unique and legitimate moral and emotional experiences of women who have had abortions." In fact, Baker went so far as to write Obama's doing so could "reframe the whole debate...."

    Baker listed suggestions to Obama from pro-abortion post-abortive women, a group she is apparently a member of....

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    Breaking news: Congress increases "family planning" budget by $95.5 million to whopping $852 million

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgYesterday the Democrat-controlled Congress posted its Fiscal Year 2009 funding plans online.

    The Omnibus Appropriations Act includes this:

  • Title X Domestic Family Planning increase of $7.5 million to $307.5 million (2.5% increase from $299 million in FY08)

  • International Family Planning increase of $88 million to $545 million. (19% increase from $457 million in FY08)

  • A provision allowing Planned Parenthood and university clinics to buy contraceptives at a cut rate....

    Continue reading "Breaking news: Congress increases "family planning" budget by $95.5 million to whopping $852 million"

  • Update on Hialeah abortion clinic baby murder case

    UPDATE, 11:05a: Read Operation Rescue's statement condemning Katherine Rundle's response to FL legislators. It makes very good points.

    I reported last week that members of the FL House of Representatives sent a letter to Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Rundle urging her to prosecute the July 2006 murderer(s) of baby Shanice Williams.

    renelique gonzalez.jpgShanice was allegedly zipped, moving and breathing, into a biohazard bag in the now defunct A Gyn Diagnostics abortion mill by owner Belkis Gonzalez after she survived her late-term abortion. Gonzalez still operates 2 other Miami area mills. She is pictured on the far right, with Shanice's abortionist, Pierre Renelique, to her left. The FL Board of Medicine revoked his license February 6.

    FL pro-lifer Ed Brophy sent me a photo copy of this letter and Rundle's quick response....

    Continue reading "Update on Hialeah abortion clinic baby murder case"

    Pro-life pastor faces sentenced to 30 days in jail

    by Carder and Jill

    hoye 2.jpgUPDATE, 2/20, 7a: San Francisco Chronicle, today:

    A pastor at a Berkeley church was sentenced Thursday to three years' probation and fined $1,000 after becoming the first person convicted under an Oakland ordinance barring protesters from coming within 8 feet of anyone entering an abortion clinic.

    Walter Hoye could have faced up to 2 years in jail after a jury convicted him last month of 2 misdemeanor counts of unlawfully approaching patients at the Family Planning Specialists Medical Group....

    The case was an emotional one, and pro-choice and anti-abortion advocates jammed the Oakland courtroom for the sentencing hearing. Dozens of people unable to find seats filled the hallway outside....

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    Stop them from getting the money II

    UDPATE, 2/18, 4:15p: The official attempt to get sign-ups has been completed, with 171 on board. But now as Jordan/Shuler physically get signatures, which will take a few days, Members can still squeeze in if they want to. The goal is to get 200. The list of prospects is on page 2.

    UPDATE, 2/12, 3:25p: And again, the list keeps shrinking. (Good job on the calls!) I have a new updated list of congressional pro-life nonsigners on page 2.

    And hey, what's up with Jim Oberstar, former co-chair for the Pro-life Caucus, and Nathan Deal, ranking member on the Health Subcommittee, not signing?! MN pro-lifers should verbally prod Oberstar (202-225-6211), and GA pro-lifers should poke Deal (202-225-5211).

    UPDATE, 2/12, 8:25a: The list keeps shrinking. See an updated list of congressional pro-life nonsigners on page 2. Keep on calling.

    I wrote yesterday that pro-aborts are focusing less on ideology (passing bills) than on getting money from willing political accomplices. Americans United for Life has issued an email alert with an interesting take: Pro-aborts plan not only to get money by dropping pro-life riders from appropriations bills but to also gain stealth pieces of FOCA at the same time. I hadn't thought of it that way. Good point....

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    Incest victim sues Planned Parenthood for rape cover-up

    From, February 13:


    A Warren Co. [OH] woman sued Planned Parenthood Friday, accusing its staff of ignoring training and procedures by not reporting her suspected sex abuse when she was a minor, resulting in her being sexually abused for an additional 1½ years....

    The suit accused PP and 5 of its employees of ignoring obvious signs of suspected sexual abuse instead of reporting them as OH law requires....

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    Happy Condom Week!

    My goodness, the celebration has expanded! Not too long ago, there was only National Condom Day, celebrated in conjunction with Valentine's Day (i.e., "VD," get it?). Now the sexual balloon fest lasts an entire week. Reported Planned Parenthood in an email alert February 14:

    pp condom week.jpg

    Here's the greatest condom commercial ever, in PP's opinion, promoting casual sex with a caveat: "You gotta use a ticket if you want to ride the ride"...

    Continue reading "Happy Condom Week!"

    Sycloria's story of aborting her baby alive

    I've written many times about the murder at an abortion mill in Hialeah, FL, of an abortion survivor in July 2006.

    Now the baby's mother, Sycloria Williams, has told her story to Florida Catholic.

    Read Sycloria's story in its entirety at Florida Catholic.

    [Photo of Sycloria courtesy of Florida Catholic]

    The latest from Lila Rose and Live Action Films

    live action map.jpg

  • Live Action Films, led by UCLA pro-life spitfire Lila Rose, has put together a fabulous map spotlighting Planned Parenthood's criminal activity around the country. Click on the map, right, to go to the link.

  • Live Action Films issued a press release yesterday stating it "has provided the full, unedited footage from a recent investigation of a Tucson PP clinic to the offices of the AZ Attorney General and the Pima County Attorney. The tapes show PP covering up a reported case of sexual abuse of a 15-year-old girl, and were made public last week. Read my blog post and view the video here....

    Continue reading "The latest from Lila Rose and Live Action Films"

  • The "Early Pregnancy Care" abortion project

    by Carder

    Lila Rose is not the only whistleblower out of CA. Enter State Sen. Sam Aanestad who has blown the cover off the inaptly named "Early Pregnancy Care" project.


    He writes in The American Thinker today:

    The purpose of this experiment? "Demonstrate the role of advanced practice clinicians in expanding early pregnancy care."

    That's Orwellian for "training non-physicians to perform first trimester abortions."

    In the pilot project, approved in 2006 without legislative oversight, Planned Parenthood sites in three CA cities suspended state regulations to use Nurse Midwives, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to perform surgical abortions by suction aspiration.

    Never mind committing abortions by nonphysicians is prohibted by one CA professional code and the Nursing and Medical Boards of CA. Planners hijacked a 30-year-old pilot project to combat the aging workforce by asserting, according to Aanestad, that "the access to early abortion services is an important public health goal."...

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    Stop them from getting the money

    There are ideological pro-aborts, and there are fiscal pro-aborts. You saw them split in the 2008 election when ideologues supported Clinton and abortion big business supported Obama.

    Having now taken over Washington, they have the ideological goal of changing law (FOCA, etc.), and the financial goal of getting more tax money.

    show me the money.jpgAbortion big business supported Obama obviously because they expected him to come through with more money than Hillary, which he has done already by overturning the Mexico City Policy, adding "family planning" to his faith-based initiatives office, and promising to sign for taxpayer funding of human embryo experimentation, to name 3 we know....

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    Ashley Judd: Wolf crying wolf

    UPDATE, 2:30p: On The View this week it was fine for Whoopie Goldberg to bring up Ashley Judd's disengenuous ad blasting Sarah Palin for supporting predatory wolf thinning. But it was not fine for Elizabeth Hasselbeck to query why someone like Judd could then be so pro-abortion. Not sure where Elizabeth got her abortion figures but appreciate the comparison...


    By now you've seen the ad...

    Michelle Malkin points out in her column today all the misleading contentions in the ad and adds this...

    Continue reading "Ashley Judd: Wolf crying wolf"

    Breaking news: Hialeah abortionist's license REVOKED

    UPDATE, 2/7, 7:30a: A press release from the Thomas More Society has expanded on the hospital instruments side story I mentioned in my initial post:

    During today's hearing, Renelique was asked by one of the doctors on the FL Board of Medicine to identify various types of medical equipment and whether he had them in his clinic. Renelique responded that he had and the doctor proceeded to inform Renelique that the instruments were from her antique collection and are no longer used.

    UPDATE, 2/6, 11:05a: The Associated Press has issued a short story on Renelique's license revocation.

    Here are the ABC and CBS stories.

    Here's a Tampa Bay Online story with an interesting quote:

    Renelique's attorney, Joseph Harrison, told the medical board, "His record of a lifetime of practicing medicine does not warrant revocation."

    The patient, Harrison said, "came in for an abortion. This patient came in to have the fetus rendered and terminated."

    In other words, by infanticide the mother got what she originally intended, so what's the prob?

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgThis morning the FL Board of Medicine revoked the medical license of abortonist Pierre Jean-Jacque Renelique.

    Just spoke with Tom Pennekamp driving on his way home from the hearing.

    Pennekamp is the FL attorney who filed a civil lawsuit in conjunction with the Thomas More Society on January 27 against Renelique, abortion clinic owner Belkis Gonzalez, and 11 others on behalf of Sycloria Williams for the homicide of her daughter, Shanice.

    Read yesterday's Associated Press backstory here....

    Continue reading "Breaking news: Hialeah abortionist's license REVOKED"

    Obama slips money to abortion industry thru "faith-based" program

    obama prayer.jpgPresident Obama speaking at today's National Day of Prayer breakfast in DC:

    There is no God who condones taking the life of an innocent human being. This much we know.

    Oh, really?

    Directly afterward, Obama signed an executive order redirecting the focus of the faith-based initiatives program launched by his predecessor. According to NPR:

    The program departs from President Bush's by focusing on family planning and Muslim outreach.

    Obama renamed the program the White House office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

    So here we see another way Obama is slipping money to the abortion industry, audaciously through "faith-based" taxpayer-funding on the National Day of Prayer after admitting God would not condone the taking of innocent human life.

    [Photo of Obama at the National Day of Prayer courtesy of AFP]

    Overseas abortion funding least popular decision by Obama

    mexico city 65.jpgUPDATE, 2/4, 11a: According to Family Research Council, Americans aren't the only ones who are unhappy with President Obama for overturning the Mexico City Policy, which kept international abortion groups from getting U.S. tax dollars. FRC reported yesterday:

    Countries across Latin America have lashed out at the new White House for contaminating their laws with anti-life policies. Congresswoman Martha Lorena de Casco of Honduras said she felt "sorrow" that one of the President's first acts was to threaten her country's pro-life law. Representatives from Argentina, El Salvador, and other countries echoed de Casco encouraging Americans to follow their example and respect the right to life in national law.

    As I've [Tony Perkins] said before, President Obama's election was the result of an economic mandate, not a social one. The further he deviates from that mandate, the more likely he is to lose it.


    UPDATE, 2/3, 10:30a: The Republican National Coalition for Life has listed specific ways for pro-lifers to apply pressure in opposition to Obama's repeal of the Mexico City Policy, which received a 65% disapproval rating in the Gallup poll below...

    Continue reading "Overseas abortion funding least popular decision by Obama"

    Breaking news: AZ Planned Parenthood covers up statutory rape

    Press release from Lila Rose and Live Action Films just out:

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpg

    New hidden-camera footage from Tucson, AZ, implicates a 3rd Planned Parenthood clinic in a multi-state child abuse scandal. In the video, UCLA student Lila Rose and her friend Jackie Stollar enter a Tucson PP clinic where Rose tells the nurse that Stollar, posing as a 15-year-old, is pregnant by her 27-year-old boyfriend. The nurse disregards the age difference and even cautions Stollar not to bring her "boyfriend" before the judicial hearing required in AZ to waive parental consent for an abortion....

    See video on page 2.

    Continue reading "Breaking news: AZ Planned Parenthood covers up statutory rape"

    Guttmacher "research": no logic allowed

    circular reasoning.gifGot a note from Dr. Michael New this morning:

    A couple weeks ago something exciting happened. The Alan Guttmacher Institute attacked my recent Family Research Council study which demonstrated the effectiveness of pro-life parental involvement laws. This means I am making all the right enemies.

    Their criticisms were not exactly persuasive. In fact, they even cite a 2006 New England Journal of Medicine study which very strongly supports my position.

    Read New's full response here.

    My first thought: If Guttmacher and the abortion industry don't think parental notification laws work, why fight them?

    Guttmacher admitted teen abortions were down but explained...

    Continue reading "Guttmacher "research": no logic allowed"

    Top 10 abortion stories of 2008

    photo late term.jpgOperation Rescue has posted its top 10 abortion stories of 2008. All are good, but one caught my eye that I'd wanted to report at the time but couldn't get to, OR's #8:

    Late abortions in KS decrease by 54% since Operation Rescue's arrival

    Statistics for 2007, released by the KS Dept. of Health and Environment this year, show that since Operation Rescue relocated to KS in 2002, late-term post-viability abortions have dropped an amazing 54%. That includes a 28% decrease in 2007, a year in which OR hosted three major prayer events, and continued to expose Tiller wrong-doing.

    A most interesting statistic to me was that late-term abortions dropped 23% in KS from 2006 to 2007, indicating Tiller is being much more cautious about committing late-term abortions with OR dogging him and the ongoing investigations that were launched 5 years ago by Phill Kline....

    Continue reading "Top 10 abortion stories of 2008"

    Planned Parenthood subpoenas Phill Kline for 6th time

    I wrote in my column yesterday that part of Planned Parenthood of KS/George Tiller's strategy to beat Phill Kline's rap against them is to file nuisance lawsuits and subpoenas to persecute their prosecutor.

    phill kline flag.jpgThe ink is barely dry on the KS Supreme Court's latest decision against PP and in favor of Kline, and the Associated Press is reporting PP plans to file its SIXTH subpoena against Kline to go over the same issue: the working copies of records he has. The goal is, obviously, to trip Kline up and accuse him of perjury. From the AP article:

    [PP attorney Pedro] Irigonegaray said he wants to force Kline to testify and to produce a detailed accounting of the records in his possession and who's had access to them.

    I repeat, if the court allows this, it would be the SIXTH interrogration of Kline by PP on the SAME ISSUE. The premise of the subpoena is PP's concern Kline will take the records with him when he leaves office, which is absurd:

    Irigonegaray acknowledged he's received no complaint or notice that Kline intends to take materials with him when he leaves office.

    I understand the subpoena cites no case law or statute. It has been filed without legal precedent. A hearing is scheduled for December 18 before the very same judge, Stephen Tatum - who has yet to schedule a hearing to decide whether Kline has enough evidence against PP to go to trial!

    [HT: Susie A.]

    Breaking news: Judge upholds Scheidler libel charges against Planned Parenthood

    UPDATE, 12/15, 7a:The Chicago Sun-Times covered the story on December 13.

    [HT: reader Susie A.]

    UPDATE, 1p: Read the libelous open letter PP ran in the Daily Herald here.

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgI reported in September 2007 that Eric and Joe Scheidler and the Pro-Life Action League were filing a $7.5 million lawsuit against Planned Parenthood of Chicago and its CEO Steve Trombley.

    Attempting to change public opinion after they lied their way into Aurora with a mega-abortion mill, PP/Trombley placed an open letter in the Chicago Daily Herald on September 7, 2007, accusing anti-abortion activists opposing PP's mill of having a history of violent behavior....

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    Planned Parenthood employee "no longer employed" is reporting today the Bloomington Planned Parenthood nurse caught on tape advising a supposed 13-year-old impregnated by a 31-year-old how to avoid the law and get an out-of-state abortion is "no longer employed." is reporting she has been "fired."

    I can't find the PP of IN press statement to read the wording to clarify if she indeed was terminated (a word more appropriate for PP than "fired," I think) or quit.

    But there you go. "She gone," as the White Sox's Hawk Harrelson would say.

    Read background posts here and here.

    Aiko the fembot


    All right, this is creepy. From The Sun, today...

    Continue reading "Aiko the fembot"

    WSJ: "Abortion foes open new front"

    pp protest.jpg

    The Wall Street Journal today (complete article on page 2 for WSJ nonsubscribers who have trouble accessing it) covers pro-lifers' attempt to shut off the Planned Parenthood spigot. (Don't know the context of the photo WSJ included of pro-life Latin actor Eduardo Verastegui (of Bella fame) talking to a reporter in front of an unidentified PP, but hey, we'll take it.)...

    Abortion opponents are pressing state and local governments to stop sending taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood, arguing that the nonprofit group has plenty of cash and shouldn't be granted scarce public funds at a time of economic crisis....
    Continue reading "WSJ: "Abortion foes open new front""

    Weekend extra: Phill Kline wins KS Supreme Court decision

    You wouldn't know in the immediate aftermath of the KS Supreme Court's decision yesterday that it ruled in Johnson Co. District Attorney Phill Kline's favor on all merits of a lawsuit launched against him by Planned Parenthood and the KS Attorney General's office. Here is a sampling of MSM/liberal blog headlines...

    sample 5.jpg

    But, here is what really happened, from

    Continue reading "Weekend extra: Phill Kline wins KS Supreme Court decision"

    Students for Life on Hannity and Colmes

    One reason I think Alan Colmes is leaving Hannity & Colmes is he must be tired and disgusted with himself for the part he is forced to play as a liberal defending morally bereft liberal positions and actions....

    Continue reading "Students for Life on Hannity and Colmes"

    Hannity & Colmes tonight: Another Planned Parenthood cover-up

    The bad press continues for Planned Parenthood.

    Tonight Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, will appear on Hannity & Colmes to discuss SFL's secret video taken in June exposing yet more PP employees, these in NC, aiding and abetting another minor rape cover-up.

    SFL's sting had an adult SFL volunteer pose as a 15-year-old girl who had unprotected sex with her mother's 30-something live-in boyfriend. The girl told clinic workers he suggested she buy the morning-after pill....

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    Fox News Special Report: Planned Parenthood Christmas "stocking stuffers"

    Last night Fox News Special Report spotlighted Planned Parenthood's Christmas gift certificates.

    The PP spin that gift certificates are necessary in these dire times when women may neglect their own health care to provide for their families is good. That they "allow[] you to give the gift of life to your loved ones," according to PP's press release, is so audacious it makes me laugh....

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    ABC News: "Controversial" Planned Parenthood gift certificates

    On last night's ABC World News, Charlie Gibson spotlighted the "unusual... controvers[ial]" story of IN Planned Parenthood offering Christmas gift certificates for all services, including abortion.

    IN PP, yes, where employees help sexual predators get away with raping minor girls, as Lila Rose exposed only yesterday. Since these gift certificates can be used for all services, rape felony cover-up must also be included.

    Read my previous post on this here.

    The story reported:

    "It's about basic health care. It's about annual exams, it's about pap smears, it's about birth control," said [IN PP CEO Betty] Cockrum. "I would be amazed if a dime of it goes toward an abortion."

    Why? What's wrong with using a Christmas gift certificate for abortion?

    The story concluded...

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    Breaking news: The Mona Lisa Project, video 1

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgToday Live Action Films released the 1st in a series of video stings of Planned Parenthoods across the U.S., conducted this summer by UCLA student Lila Rose.

    Lila posed as a (blonde!) 13-year-old who had been impregnated by her 31-year-old boyfriend.

    In this video a PP nurse in Bloomington, IN - a college town - not only ignores the felony, she coaches Lila how to lie about her boyfriend's age and shows Lila how to get an abortion in IL, where there is currently no enforceable parental involvement law.

    In other breaking news, the PP nurse, "Diana," has now been suspended. According to Bloomington's Herald Times...

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    Dubuque Planned Parenthood sets record straight? Ha

    Notice anything missing from this ad the Dubuque Planned Parenthood ran for 3 days the end of November in the Telegraph Herald? It's called "Let's Set the Record Straight." RIght. Click to enlarge:

    PP Dubuque.jpg

    Well, Dubuque PP would have really set the record straight if it acknowledged it refers for abortion. According to a press release by Dubuque Co. Right to Life...

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    U.S. Coalition for Life


    I received this press release today:

    The United States Coalition for Life announced today it is opening up its vast pro-life archives to the public.

    Established in 1972, the PA-based USCL is the oldest pro-life research organization in the United States. Its research files span more than 35 years and cover all areas of pro-life concerns, which includes population control, abortion, contraception, eugenics, sterilization, euthanasia, vital organ transplantation, homosexuality, classroom sex instruction, and fetal experimentation....

    I'm a relative newbie in the pro-life activist world. Have only been involved for 9 years. So I'd never heard of USCL. But I nosed around its archives and found interesting stuff, like this rude flyer from Planned Parenthood circa 1970s...

    Continue reading "U.S. Coalition for Life"

    Breaking news: Planned Parenthood offers Christmas gift certificates

    breaking.jpgAnd just when you thought you could no longer be shocked. Well, sit down. Planned Parenthood of IN is selling Christmas gift certificates. And yes, they can be used toward abortion.

    Can't respond any better than Matt did at

    ... celebrating the most important crisis pregnancy of all time by selling gift certificates, perfect for the woman who has everything but moral fiber.... And it's so much easier than finding the perfect "Baby's First Christmas" ornament.

    Here's the story, from WISH-TV...

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    NARAL's free.will.power I

    On November 13, NARAL launched a new campaign "to build on young people's historic levels of engagement in the political process and to bring their passion and energy to secure the future of our pro-choice America," according to its e-mail announcement.

    The website was hip and attractive. But I thought the introductory video, "Free," was too vague. I got a little of it, but felt like I missed the Big Message. I decided I wasn't cool.

    Today, NARAL released its 2nd video, "Will," and this one had the same impact on me. I got some of it, but felt like I was the only nonhigh person in a Beatnik coffee house....

    Continue reading "NARAL's free.will.power I"

    Why I decided not to be an abortionist

    Yesterday, there was a long human interest story in the Washington Post describing how staunchly pro-abort Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine med student Lesley Wojick determined to abandon her aspiration to become an abortionist to instead be an anesthesiologist.

    Lesley's reasoning was honest, although, despite what she did and saw, she's still pro-abortion. 'Don't get that. But here's how she decided, after helping commit a 2nd trimester abortion:


    "It was definitely gruesome," she said. "You could make out what a fetus could look like, tiny feet, lungs, but it didn't look like a person." She knew this abortion was an act that her friend Litty considered tantamount to murder. She herself expected to be very upset....

    But this was different. She didn't regard the fetus as a person yet. She said she was happy to help the woman: "I feel like I was giving [her] a new lease" on life....

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    Capturing the glorious moment: Obama and NARAL

    obama naral.jpg

    Windy City Times is a gay Chicago publication. It posted a couple snapshots of those on hand, apparently in a reception tent near Grant Park, to celebrate Obama's victory.

    And there she was, NARAL prez Nancy Keenan, to smile with the "I want to reduce abortion" president-elect....

    Continue reading "Capturing the glorious moment: Obama and NARAL"

    Racist Margaret Sanger featured at the Smithsonian

    American Life League has an excellent new video out taking the taxpayer funded Smithsonian to task for celebrating Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger as one of the "Women of our time."

    ALL exposes Sanger in this video as a eugenicist focused on contracepting and sterilizing those she considered inferior, including the "Negro."

    "Fractures within antiabortion movement helped doom ballot initiatives"

    This is just scandalous. Not only did pro-life actions against the SD abortion ban stop it, but they likely stopped all future efforts. Reported Medical News Today yesterday:

    house divided.jpg

    The defeat of abortion ballot measures across the country - such as SD's Initiated Measure 11 to ban virtually all abortions in the state - may have been the result of divisions among antiabortion groups, the Tennessean reports.

    Opposition to the measure in SD came from the antiabortion groups American Life League and SD Right to Life. The groups did not support the measure because of its exceptions to the abortion ban - cases of rape or incest or in narrowly defined instances "to preserve the health or life of the woman."...

    Continue reading ""Fractures within antiabortion movement helped doom ballot initiatives""

    "Note to Jill Stanek: 'Tri' = 'Three'"

    feministing tri.jpg

    A couple days ago Kim H. at Feministing wrote a critique of my column last week, which I ignored frankly because it was foolish and not very original.

    Silliest of all was Kim's inability to grasp the meaning of my hyperbolic ("a figure of speech that is an exaggeration") use of the terminology "4th trimester" abortions in the 1st paragraph, to describe, as I explained in the 2nd paragraph, Barack Obama's support of "abandoning abortion survivors to die."

    Kim had to let me know, "'Tri' means three."

    I was disappointed Kim didn't appreciate my creative flair (although I must give credit to Fr. Frank Pavone for 1st coining the "4th trimester" term) but could only comprehend the dimension in front of her, the black and white on the screen.

    But now I'm getting heckled by some of Kim's like-nonminded friends who don't understand what I meant either, even though I was kind enough to explain it for crowd densities. For instance, Lauren A. of Michigan Technological University emailed me this morning to wonder, "What, pray tell, is a fourth trimester?"

    And then came a not very nice note from Rosie W.-G....

    Continue reading ""Note to Jill Stanek: 'Tri' = 'Three'""

    The good, the bad, and the sad

    I mentioned yesterday I had been inundated with responses to my column Thursday, most in agreement or close to it but some hostile. I wrote I would try to address the haters today.

    abortion ban no.jpgI still may do that, although I know they just want to spew, not dialogue. Or I may just post some of their emails to give glimpses into their souls.

    But my mind since Thursday has been on one particular email from a "no exceptions" pro-lifer that has made me very sad, broke my heart actually, particularly since I count this person as a friend....

    Continue reading "The good, the bad, and the sad"

    It's not easy being conservative on the Left Coast

    A conservative filmmaker friend in Hollywood sent me this report and photo:

    Hi Jill,

    As sad as it is, I thought you might get a kick out of this. Here is a sign I made with the kids Saturday morning.

    I had to because "they" keep stealing our McCain signs. So, I made this and nailed it to the tree.

    Already, the flag has been ripped off and I had to replace it.


    Kudos to my friend for staying strong in the face of adversity and even retribution for the stand he and his family take. They may not see it in the short run, but they are making a difference.

    Halloween at the Hornadays

    halloween at the hornadays.JPG

    Back in January CO pro-lifers warned Weitz Company executives if they persisted with helping Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains build its mega-abortion mill, pro-lifers would place them on permanent collaborators status and picket them until the mill they helped construct stopped aborting children.

    Weitz refused to stop, the mill was completed in July, and the rest of the story began.

    Here's one example. Reported pro-lifer Jo Scott from the scene...

    Continue reading "Halloween at the Hornadays"

    Abortion survivor's funeral

    On Oct. 14, little Shanice Osbourne was finally laid to rest 27 months after she was allegedly killed on the day she was aborted alive, July 20, 2006, by abortion clinic owner Belkis Gonzalez at A Gyn Diagnostics Center in Hialeah, FL.

    Read the details of baby Shanice's death here.

    Following is Miami's NBC6 news coverage of the funeral...

    Planned Parenthood exec crashes press conference

    Yesterday afternoon the Alliance Defense Fund and CO citizen Mark Hotaling held a press conference at the State Capitol to announce an $18 million lawsuit against Gov. Bill Ritter, Planned Parenthood, Boulder Valley Women's Health Center, and the CO Dept. of Health and Environment for illegal taxpayer funding of abortion.

    shell game.jpgThe lawsuit came within days after plaintiffs learned the state had given $9 million to the 2 aforementioned abortion groups presumably for breast cancer screening, despite the fact the CO Constitution states no public funds can be used "directly or indirectly" for abortion.

    According to the press release, as recently as 2001 PP and BVWHC were stripped of over $1 million in taxpayer funding "after an independent audit found and PP recently admitted that it's impossible to separate their abortion activities from their taxpayer subsidies."

    But a surprise guest crashed the conference. When Leslie Durgan, Senior VP of PP of the Rocky Mountains and former mayor of Boulder, walked in, journalists recognized her and asked for comment. The cheeky child killer proceeded to take over the podium when the ADF attorney had finished his presentation. Her talking points fit nicely into the Rocky Mountain News article about the event.

    The state contends the funds allocated were federal, so it's not violating the Constitution. Durgan disputed the amount listed in the contracts altogether.

    Flaws found in liberal Catholic abortion study

    UPDATE, 10/31, 8:20a:Dr. New's longer analysis of the CACG study is available here.

    During this election cycle a study on abortion released by Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good has received plenty of attention from Democrats and Barack Obama supporters.

    cacg.jpgThe spin is that state pro-life laws only have a small impact on abortion rates, and increasing welfare expenditures is the superior way to reduce abortion.

    But in today's National Review Online, Professor Michael New of the University of AL and the Witherspoon Institute identified - surprise - errors in the study's methodology.

    New conducted a proper analysis of the exact same data used by CACG and found pro-life laws - specifically public funding restrictions and informed consent laws - are effective at lowering abortion rates.

    New also found the amount of money spent on welfare appears to have only a marginal impact on the incidence of abortion.

    Breaking news: Planned Parenthood admits infanticide

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgStudents for Life of America has just released video on YouTube (and Eyeblast in the likely event YouTube yanks the video) of a counselor at the Freehold Planned Parenthood in NJ describing the induced labor abortion procedure to a prospective client, so she thinks.

    The SFLA press release states...

    Continue reading "Breaking news: Planned Parenthood admits infanticide"

    Campaign for Healthy Families busted on tape for voter fraud

    The bad guys are trying to get votes the old fashioned Chicago Way in SD's abortion ban referendum. But they lack the gravitas of the Windy City's vote fraud gangstas: They were caught on tape.

    Reported the Argus Leader, October 27...

    Continue reading "Campaign for Healthy Families busted on tape for voter fraud"

    Med student's "freaked out" day at Planned Parenthood

    Dawn Patrol caught the following disturbing blog post early yesterday and fortunately captured it, because not only was the post removed by late morning, by late evening the entire blog, PuduOverload, was gone.

    About the blog name, Dawn noted:

    The one writing... is a first-year medical student who loves baby animals - she named her blog Pudu Overload as a tribute to the world's smallest deer. She is also a supporter of legalized abortion.

    Pudu wrote, according to Dawn, that she removed her original post due to "complain[t]s of receiving 'hate-spam' from 'the whole antiabortion crew.'" Dawn asked Pudu to forward any hate comments, but she did not respond. Click to enlarge...

    pudu 1.jpg

    Continue reading "Med student's "freaked out" day at Planned Parenthood"

    Words of Choice

    words of choice.jpgApparently there is a long-running play called Words of Choice that has pro-aborts bonding in group hugs.

    Yesterday's Words of Choice blog gave us a peek into their world when excitedly recounting a performance before world renowned abortionist George Tiller in way off-Broadway Wichita:

    On October 9, the cast of Words of Choice... presented the premiere performance of Words of Choice II in the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Wichita....

    Wichita, of course, has some of the serious highs and lows of the fight for reproductive freedom.

    The highs include Dr. George Tiller, one of the nation's most accomplished and dedicated ob-gyns and abortion providers. He performs difficult surgeries that many women are unable to access elsewhere. Women travel from throughout the country to see Dr. Tiller and his incredible and caring staff. Other highs are the members of NOW that carry forward the ideals of reproductive freedom, and the Maggot Punks, a group of mostly-young people who unmask and bark back at the virulent elements of the Religious Right....

    Continue reading "Words of Choice"

    Aborted Hialeah baby finally to rest in peace

    I have reported on this poor baby several times. Finally she will be laid to rest...

    maggot baby.jpg

    Continue reading "Aborted Hialeah baby finally to rest in peace"

    Students for Life catches 2 Planned Parenthoods covering up statutory rape

    Watch this one quick, because Planned Parenthood has been getting to someone at Google/YouTube and getting them to take down these videos...

    From the Students for Life of America press release today...

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    DHHS asked to investigate spike in Medicaid funded abortions for rape

    The following letter and chart were just publicly released.

    The Hyde Amendment restricts federal taxpayer funding for abortion under Medicaid only for cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. In FY2007 the number of funded abortions more than doubled - attributable to an increase in abortions paid for under the rape exception, entirely concentrated in 1 state, IL. Abortions funded under that exception in IL increased from 20 in FY2005 to 84 in FY2006 and 363 in FY2007

    Word is IL Department of Public Health officials are dragging their feet on the DHHS investigation, the cause for DHHS's delay in response to congressmen. IDPH is now saying it'll have the requested info in December - conveniently after the election. I have 2 guesses where the spike in "rape" abortions will be found: either among Planned Parenthood mills or Cook Co. Hospital. Click to enlarge:

    dhhs slide 1.JPG

    dhhs slide 2.JPG

    Planned Parenthood's "Take care down there" videos removed!

    JivinJ and I have been writing since the end of July about Planned Parenthood's vulgar "Take care down there" website.

    On that (full) front(al assault), good news from the American Life League this afternoon:

    Score one for the Good Guys!!! Because of the wide-spread attention you gave our ALL Report on Planned Parenthood's DISGUSTING website, the story made its way onto the main-stream media.

    take care down tehre 2.gif

    You can see our ALL report on it here: and here. The resulting bad publicity forced PP to remove ALL of the offensive videos!

    This is the New Media in action! When you draw as much attention as you did to the nastiness of PP, the drive-by media can no longer ignore what's going on. Kudos to all of you for making this a big deal, and Glory be to God for His grace, aiding in our struggle....

    Keep up the good fight. We forced the enemy to retreat, now let's press on!

    Tonight on Larry King

    larry king 3.jpgTonight on Larry King will be a discussion of the women's vote now that Sarah Palin is in the race.

    Featured will be pro-lifers MN Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Bush advisor Karen Hughes, and pro-aborts Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards and Huffington Post editor Hilary Rosen.

    Pro-aborts go for world record recycling same threatening press release

    How many times will Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and EMILY's List get MSM to fall for the same repackaged and recycled press release? Silly me, I forgot MSM and the 3 hags are in cahoots. The Hill breathlessly reported today:

    Three major advocates of abortion rights are planning to spend nearly $30 million to defeat John McCain's run for president, citing his new running mate as the core reason.

    recycle dumpster 2.gif

    NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood and EMILY's List have Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) in their crosshairs....

    NARAL Pro-Choice America plans to raise and spend $10 million....

    Planned Parenthood... plans to spend $10 million....

    Ramona Oliver, communications director for EMILY's List... could not divulge the program's total cost but noted that the group spent between $7 million and $8 million in the last election cycle.

    Now let's go back in time to September 2007 and the duped or duplicitous The Hill again...

    [HT: for NYT story, reader Quinn; for WSJ story, Fran from IL Review]

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    Protesters force abortion mill out

    Kudos to Green, OH, pro-lifers for making life (pardon the pun) so unbearable for all associated with G&H Healthcare, a "nonsurgical abortion provider" according to, i.e., an RU-486 medical abortion mill, that it is leaving town.

    green 2.jpgThe trouble began earlier this summer when G&H made the mistake of setting up its chop-shop in an abortion-unfriendly city. Pro-lifers immediately started picketing the location and protesting to whomever would listen.

    At a July 10 Green City Council meeting, Mayor Dick Norton announced, according to Akron Ohio News, that while the city was legally helpless to oust the human grist mill...

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    CO Springs Gazette: Pro-lifers rocked, all other protesters flopped at Democrat Convention

    I'm so proud of all the pro-life activists from around the country who sacrificed to protest and pray at the Democrat National Convention!

    An editorial in the CO Springs Gazette, August 28:

    Regardless of where one stands on the issue of abortion rights, one thing became perfectly clear in Denver this week: The election of Barack Obama stands to energize anti-abortion activists more than anything since Roe v. Wade, the 1972 Supreme Court decision that forced all states to legalize abortion.

    dnc truth truck road.jpg

    Activists throughout the city characterized Obama as the most pro-choice member of the Senate, because he voted against a bill that would require medical treatment for babies that survive late term abortions. Hillary Clinton voted for the bill.

    Far left activists who promised convention mayhem mostly made fools of themselves. They had no coherent message and couldn't even seem to organize chants and clever signs. When riot cops stared them down with rifles at the ready and "bring it on" body language, most of their gatherings had less energy than the average cemetery internment....

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    Breaking news: Departing Dem delegates to get final view of gigantic pro-life protest sign

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgTonight, just as radical pro-abortion Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama begins his acceptance speech at Denver's Invesco Field, American Right To Life will display for the second and last time the world's largest protest sign.

    The location for the final unfurling of the 353,000 square-foot sign (530x666 feet) is still secret but will maximize the likelihood Obama and thousands of delegates will see the sign with their own eyes.

    dnc destroys.jpgOn August 26 ARTL spread this sign on a grassy mountainside public knoll:


    Beginning tonight the sign will read:


    ... to expose Obama's repeated opposition as state senator to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, a bill to protect abortion survivors from being relegated to death. In fact, Obama took a leadership role in defeating the bill, the identical version of which passed overwhelmingly on the national level and was deemed not threatening to abortion by NARAL....

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    NARAL DNC give-aways

    naral giveaway.jpg

    Hey, I only got condoms. From, today...

    Continue reading "NARAL DNC give-aways"

    Democrat National Convention: Day 4

    schumer 1.jpgNY Senator Chuck Schumer was just in the house. I went to get a photo of him and found myself sitting in on his conversation with the Daily Kos bloggers.

    A few points.

  • Schumer said he just learned big money conservative/
    Republican 527s will be aiming not at the presidential race but at senatorial races, which he said worries him. Of course.

  • Schumer thought McCain's Britney Spears/Paris Hilton ad was "very powerful", because it appealed to that segment of voters who are uncertain of Obama because "they don't know who he is".

  • Schumer said he personally scolded Lieberman that it would be "very wrong" if he began to support Republicans, i.e., join the McCain ticket.

  • Schumer still thinks Obama can win with 300 electoral votes, if he convinces uncertain voters he understands their problems and can "get things done" for them.

    Meanwhile there's this, just out from Gallup...

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  • Democrat National Convention: Day 3

    It is into the wee hours of Day 4 actually, and I'm only now able to recap yesterday. It has taken awhile to edit and upload the video at the end of this post.

    First, some popular booths spotted, including the Goodnight Bush booth, selling a parody of the classic Goodnight Moon (click to enlarge)...


    Here's an excerpt (yes, I bought the book; it's really pretty funny):

    Goodnight ballot box
    Goodnight FOX
    Goodnight towers
    And goodnight balance of powers
    Goodnight Constitution
    And goodnight evolution...

    You get the drift.

    I attended a standing room only Democrats for Life press conference this afternoon. PA Senator Bob Casey, who gave a speech at last night's convention, was on hand, as was Congressman Heath Shuler of NC...

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    EMILY's List "gala reception"

    emily's list.jpgThis afternoon, I attended the pro-abortion PAC EMILY's List so called "gala reception", with special guests Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Nancy Pelosi.

    I purchased my ticket online weeks ago yet had concerns of being turned away at the door or having my video equipment and computer confiscated.

    Neither happened. I picked up my ticket with no interrogations and aced security.

    But, surprises were still in store....

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    Democrat National Convention: Day 2

    DNC day 2-4 i love pro-choice boys.jpgTo the right, an interesting t-shirt I spotted on the way to The Big Tent this morning.

    I cannot fathom why girls would knowingly hook up with boys who, they know ahead of time, would encourage them to abort their child after an oopsie. Pro-life boys, at least, would accept responsibility.

    And what difference does it ultimately make? Fathers have no say in the life or death of their preborn children anyway. Pro-life boys will lament the death of unique human offspring created together; pro-choice boys will not only celebrate finding perpetual free sex, but also excapism from fatherhood.

    Seems to me this girl is a walking advertisement for a good time at the DNC....

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    Breaking news: Pro-lifers unfurl world's largest sign at DNC

    UPDATE, 12:15p: Here's coverage by Fox News CO:

    Continue reading "Breaking news: Pro-lifers unfurl world's largest sign at DNC"

    Democrat National Convention: Day 1

    UPDATE, 12:30p: Bobby Clark, the man in charge of The Big Tent, just searched me out and gave me his card if I need anything. Very nice. He said they encouraged other conservative bloggers to attend but there may be only 1 other.

    Meanwhile, a Planned Parenthood rep gave me my own "Protect Yourself from John McCain" condom, 1 of 10 varieties listing the "10 things everyone should know about John McCain" (click to enlarge, pardon the pun):

    DNC condom 1-2.jpg

    Continue reading "Democrat National Convention: Day 1"

    Democrat National Convention: Prequel

    dncc.jpgPro-life activists from everywhere have descended upon Denver to remind Democrats what their party stands for.

    I've never seen so many activist groups in one place. It's wild. Truth trucks everywhere. Aborted baby signs everywhere, some in stationary groups along streets, some on small banners carried by 2 people along sidewalks. Lots of young people.

    truth truck dncc 1.jpg

    See more photos and news on page 2....

    Continue reading "Democrat National Convention: Prequel"

    Hannity on Planned Parenthood's Take Care Down There

    UPDATE, 7:15a:While trying to figure out the problems on the site yesterday, I removed this post in case it contained html language or something else that was upsetting the system. So sorry, the three comments made before I took the post down are also gone. Am reposting now....

    On August 17, Hannity's America ran an expose segment on Planned Parenthood's sexually explicit and downright creepy Take Care Down There internet site.

    Hannity wondered if Barack Obama really wants to brag about his association with PP...

    Ratio of births to abortion in NYC - 4:3

    Here's the shocking opening line in this August 9 Crain's New York Business article:

    In most of the United States, 24 abortions are carried out for every 100 live births. In New York, 72 abortions occur for every 100 live births.

    nyc condom 4.jpgThis is the same New York that rejected federal abstinence funding last year as well as conducted a campaign to distribute 26 million condoms FREE. Workers even handed them out at subway stations.

    This is the same New York that offers free taxpayer-funded abortions to poor women and boasts 56 taxpayer-funded programs to distribute contraceptives free or cheap, according to the Crain's piece.

    NY touts everything liberals say must be done to curb abortion. The answer to the increasing problem, according to the article?...

    Continue reading "Ratio of births to abortion in NYC - 4:3"

    Take care down there

    JivinJ wrote on July 30 about Planned Parenthood of Columbia Williamette's sexually explicit website,

    take care.gifStudents for Life of America has confirmed that this PP is taxpayer funded.

    So you and I are paying for this website that features two men having unprotected oral sex with the punch line, "I didn't spew," and a girl telling friends she's choosing masturbation over partying with them that night. And that's just the start.

    SFL released a video today wherein a PP rep confirmed the location sponsoring the site receives Title X funds.

    SFL also shows a clip of the oral sex couple asking in its release, "[since] the teen servicing his partner is African-American and the teen being serviced is white... [i]s this one more example of PP's tendencies towards racism?

    JivinJ's Life Links 7-31-08

    web grab.jpgby JivinJ

  • Scientists in CA are whining about not being able to buy human eggs for human cloning experiments:

    But researchers argue that a shortage of eggs fueled by the payment ban is what's kept them from making the advances that prove their technique's real potential.

    "You need to have enough eggs to make this thing work, and when you have enough eggs it does work," said Dr. Sam Wood, chief executive of La Jolla-based Stemagen Corp....

    Continue reading "JivinJ's Life Links 7-31-08"

  • (Prolifer)ations 7-30-08

    Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Colleen W.

    From the blogs and elsewhere today...

  • Dawn Eden comments on American Life League's report on Planned Parenthood's new site, [JLS warning: vile], arguing it is important that people know just how disturbing and graphic this new kid-targeted website is. Dawn says:

    But, because TakeCareDownThere is a taxpayer-funded site that targets children, I believe it is important to have an idea of just what Planned Parenthood is promoting. The site's pro-promiscuity agenda is truly degrading to human beings in general and children in particular. It presents the pedophile's dream of an omnisexual kiddie "cuddle puddle" as though such activities were normative teen behavior.

  • Warren Throckmorton writes...

    Continue reading "(Prolifer)ations 7-30-08"

  • Status of abortions in South Dakota

    I reported last week that SD's only abortion mill, Planned Parenthood of Sioux Falls, apparently did not commit abortions last Monday, the first day a new law took effect forcing abortionists to tell mothers they planned to snuff a human life and may suffer psychological consequences.

    The status now? The Catholic News Agency reported yesterday:

    In an interview with CNA on Monday, July 28, Dr. [Allen] Unruh said there were still indications that no abortions were being performed at the Sioux Falls clinic. Sidewalk counselors had told him that none of the women who were apparently scheduled for abortions had showed at the clinic by 9:30 am.

    PP SF.jpg

    But SD's Voices Carry blog cautions...

    Continue reading "Status of abortions in South Dakota"

    Kline trounces Howe in fundraising

    kline logo.jpg

    Many here have helped Phill Kline financially in his primary race against Steve Howe for Johnson County, KS, District Attorney. The election is one week from today!

    Kline, of course, is the stalwart trying against all odds to enforce KS's late-term and underage abortion laws.

    There is still time to financially help.

    Meanwhile, some have been asking for a fundraising update. Financial reports were just submitted, and here's the status today from the Associated Press...

    Continue reading "Kline trounces Howe in fundraising"

    Students for Life sues Wayne State

    When last we left Detroit's Wayne State University in November 2007, Medical Students for Choice was hosting infamous late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari to speak words of wisdom.

    You remember that speech, secretly taped by Students for Life infiltrators who caught Hodari on video stating he had a "license to lie," among other gems.

    Then, of course, Hodari went on to achieve national recognition for being caught trashing aborted babies in a couple of his mill dumpsters.

    But I digress.

    The Detroit News reported July 24:

    flag baby.jpg

    A student group at Wayne State is suing the university, its top officials, and the student council, alleging the group was denied funding and the use of university facilities because of its anti-abortion stance.

    Wayne State University Students for Life filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Detroit....

    Continue reading "Students for Life sues Wayne State"

    Abortionist killer pleads "not guilty" of manslaughter

    Laura Smith's mom Eileen forwarded this video of yesterday's court proceedings where a Cape Cod DA charged Laura's abortionist Rapin Osathanondh with manslaughter for "willful, reckless conduct," according to, leading to her death:

    Read previous posts on Laura's death here, here, and here.

    Planned Parenthood's McCain-Viagra ad based on myth

    This is related to my July 23 WND column, "McCain and Viagra."

    Newsweek yesterday reposted an article by Jess Henig of about this Planned Parenthood ad currently airing in DC and battleground states including CO, IA, MN, NM, OH, and WI, according to Henig:

    Henig determined, in fact...

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood's McCain-Viagra ad based on myth"

    Something 'WIC'-ked this way comes

    UPDATE, 9:15a: Michelle Malkin has linked to Dawn's post, adding her own choice thoughts.

    Credit for post title goes to Dawn Eden of Dawn Patrol, who also revealed this maddening information on her blog today:

    WIC 3.jpg

    Visit the USDA's WIC Learning Center, the official Web site for the U.S. government's Women, Infants and Children program, and you will find a link to the home page of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

    WIC is supposed to be a low-income nutritional program!

    WIC provides nutritious foods, nutrition counseling, and referrals to health and other social services to participants at no charge. WIC is effective in improving the health of pregnant women, new mothers, and their infants....
    Continue reading "Something 'WIC'-ked this way comes"

    Action needed NOW on DHHS conscience protection regs

    act now.jpgA fierce fight was launched last week over a proposed Department of Health and Human Services regulation that would attach financial strings to laws that have been in place for 35 years guaranteeing health care providers and institutions the right to practice medicine without violating conscience.

    See my previous post for backdrop.

    If you've paid attention to the news, you've seen the other side has inundated MSM outlets, the White House, and DHHS with ferocious protests.

    Pro-lifers must fight back, and today....

    Continue reading "Action needed NOW on DHHS conscience protection regs"

    New Stanek WND column, "McCain and Viagra"


    Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett-Packard CEO, has been touted as one of John McCain's potential vice-presidential picks.

    But on July 7, Fiorina exposed herself as either a political airhead or saboteur by handing pro-aborts a wider opening to attack McCain than they could possibly have fantasized....

    Since early this year, NARAL has been sounding the alarm that its polling showed independents and pro-abortion Republicans have taken McCain's "maverick" reputation to mean he bucks his party's platform and is pro-abortion.

    But recently, pro-abortion groups have adopted the deceptive strategy of portraying McCain as anti-contraception.

    mccain fiorina.jpg

    Apparently, their follow-up polls showed McCain's simply being anti-abortion has not raised the dander of targeted voters, particularly in light of mounting evidence that Barack Obama is an abortion extremist....

    So Fiorina could not have played more perfectly into pro-abort hands.

    On July 10, a reporter asked McCain about Fiorina's mother of all verbal gifts to pro-aborts.

    This prompted "some of the most riveting campaign footage of the entire year so far," reported MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. You can view it in its entirety online here....

    Continue reading my column today, "McCain and Viagra," on

    [Photo courtesy of RTTNews]

    Breaking news: South Dakota abortion-free yesterday

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgKELO News reported that the only abortion mill in SD, Planned Parenthood of Sioux Falls, did not abort yesterday in response to a newly enforced 2005 abortion law, which I reported on July 18.

    Yesterday was the 1st day mill workers were to read a script to mothers at least 2 hours before a scheduled abortion stating "the abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being," and "abortion increases the risk of suicide ideation and suicide." The law also states mothers must sign that they understand.

    Here is the KELO video report on yesterday's non-goings on...

    Continue reading "Breaking news: South Dakota abortion-free yesterday"

    O'Reilly on Viagra vs. birth control

    On July 17 Bill O'Reilly took on "the Planned Parenthood fanatics" for an ad they are running against John McCain for his votes against forcing insurance companies to fund contraceptives, even if Catholic, for instance, and in violation of their beliefs.

    I was glad O'Reilly took the position he did but winced at his rationale, which was a bit ill-informed (stating this was a taxpayer funding issue) and I thought sexist....

    Continue reading "O'Reilly on Viagra vs. birth control"

    Not so smart: Planned Parenthood holds Truth Truck hostage

    Here's a good one, as reported by Operation Rescue Saturday:

    Operation Rescue's Truth Truck, driven by Mark Gietzen, caused a stir the St. Louis Planned Parenthood abortion mill on Saturday, July 19, when he drove onto their parking lot and parked near the front door as abortion-bound women entered the facility.

    truth truck 1.jpg

    Security guards for PP immediately rushed to close the parking lot's iron gates to prevent the Truth Truck from leaving while they summoned the police....
    Continue reading "Not so smart: Planned Parenthood holds Truth Truck hostage"

    SD to enforce law that abortion "ends a human life"

    From today's Rapid City Journal:

    South Dakota will begin as early as Friday to enforce a 2005 law that requires doctors to tell women seeking abortions that the procedure ends a human life....

    12 week old embryo.jpg

    An order issued by a federal judge means that as of Friday, there will no longer be any court order preventing the state from enforcing the law....

    Planned Parenthood, which operates SD's only abortion clinic in Sioux Falls, will comply with the law....

    "We will do what the law says, but clearly the law is extreme and flawed and wrong,"
    [spokesperson Kathi] Di Nicola said.

    PP believes the courts will eventually strike down the SD law....

    Continue reading "SD to enforce law that abortion "ends a human life""

    Please stand with Phill Kline

    The KS primary election is in less than 3 weeks.

    The most watched and important race is for Johnson Co. District Attorney Republican nominee: Phill Kline vs. the establishment opponent who will drop the only criminal case in the U.S. against Planned Parenthood.

    kline 17.jpgAs many of you have followed, Kline filed 107 charges against Comprehensive Health of PP of KS and Mid-MO in October 2007.

    Since then, PP has wielded all its influence in a state run under pro-abortion Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to delay the evidence from ever getting before a jury. PP's plan: run out the clock on Kline's term in office. Kline has courageously fought against overwhelming odds to enforce the law against this $1 billion abortion cartel.

    Now, Kline needs the help of the nationwide pro-life community. There is no one else but us. The only way Kline can get his message of truth out is to go around the Kansas City Star with a final days, aggressive, multi-faceted ad campaign. (Recall KCS has pounded Kline since the day he took office, re-earning the "Maggie Award" PP gave it in 2006 for helping unseat Kline in the Attorney General's race.)...

    Continue reading "Please stand with Phill Kline"

    Breaking news: Abortionist indicted on involuntary manslaughter

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgI received the following email this afternoon from Eileen Smith, mother of Laura Smith, who died at the hand of MA abortionist Rapin Osathanondh on September 13, 2007:

    It is with great joy that I announce an indictment has been handed down by the Barnstable County District Atty's Office Today for "involuntary manslaughter" on the dr. that killed Laura. Nothing can ever bring Laura back to us but today's actions by the DA brings comfort in knowing that justice will prevail....
    Continue reading "Breaking news: Abortionist indicted on involuntary manslaughter"

    The Factor confronts Sebelius

    Yesterday I blogged on KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' chances of getting the VP nod from Barack Obama due to her scandalous support of Wichita late-term abortionist George Tiller, which includes hob-nobbing with him at the guv's mansion as well as hobbling numerous investigations.

    Would an Obama/Sebelius ticket prove too pro-abortion for the American people, I wondered?

    Last night The O'Reilly Factor featured a segment of various on-the-street interviews by Factor producer Jesse Watters (who always does a great job on these things) with governors attending a conference in Philadelphia over the weekend. Most of the governors confronted were from states that have not yet passed Jessica's Law, which would increase the criminal penalty for child rapists.

    But the last governor confronted was Sebelius, for her support of Tiller. Click on the link below to view the video. You will then have to click on the "Demanding answers: The Factor confronts lax governors" tab. Sebelius' portion starts at 3:45:

    jesse watters.jpg

    [HT: reader Susan C.]

    Breaking news: Exposed Tiller enabler quits

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgOnly this morning Operation Rescue outted Burtram Odenheimer, M.D. as "one of the physicians currently providing the second signature for patients of abortionist George Tiller that is required before they may receive post-viability abortions."

    Continued the OR press release...

    Continue reading "Breaking news: Exposed Tiller enabler quits"

    Will Sebelius' abortion stance abort her chance as Obama VP?

    On June 11 CBS News moved pro-abortion KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to the top of the list of Barack Obama's prospective running mates.

    vp hot sheet.jpg

    Pro-lifers await the day, as a Kansas City Star editorial columnist surprisingly got right on July 10. Recall Planned Parenthood bestowed its Maggie Award to the KCS in 2006 "for editorials supporting reproductive justice, family planning, and the right to confidential health care." So KCS is no friend, making this candid assessment of an Obama-Sebelius ticket remarkable....

    Continue reading "Will Sebelius' abortion stance abort her chance as Obama VP?"

    Internet back alley abortions

    Imagine selling illegal drugs that trigger an illegal, abnormal, potentially life-threatening bodily function with a 10+% failure rate requiring unguaranteed surgical intervention.

    i need an abortion.jpgI sounded the alarm 3 weeks ago when reading that Women on Waves sells the RU-486 abortion cocktail (mifeprostone with a misoprostol chaser) over the Internet in countries where abortion is illegal.

    Now, according to several sources today including Sky News:

    Women living in countries where abortion is restricted... are using the internet to buy abortion pills that allow them to have a termination at home.

    More than one in 10 customers on one of the most well-known websites needed a surgical procedure after taking the medication, a medical study has found....

    Continue reading "Internet back alley abortions"

    Abortions rationed in Canada

    The utterly subjugated Canadian pro-life contingent is breaking through the silence barrier (what we'd see in the US without 1st Amendment rights) to protest its Parliament's July 1 announcement to present abortionist relic Henry Morgentaler Canada's highest public award, the Order of Canada.

    Liberals and the media are rallying around their hero. That's the backstory to this sad tidbit in a pro-Morgentaler puff piece today - a vision of abortions to come if the US ever nationalizes health care:

    Until last February, an abortion cost $350 at the Montreal Morgentaler clinic, and the clinic did more than 2,000 a year, or 10 to 15 a day. But things changed in February, after the Quebec government finally agreed to cover the cost of fees in private abortion clinics.

    henry m.jpg

    It had always covered the doctor's fee, but it drew the line there. Now, Quebec is one of seven provinces in Canada where the full cost of abortions in public hospitals, as well as private facilities, is covered.

    "Now that abortions in private clinics are free, a lot of women who couldn't afford the $350 before are now calling us," [clinic manager France] Desilets said. "Calls have quadrupled since February."...

    Continue reading "Abortions rationed in Canada"

    Gloria Feldt: "Why I didn't write a check for Obama last night"

    Relevant magazine must certainly be enjoying its 15 minutes. The backlash continues re: statements Obama made in a July 1 interview with the liberal Christian publication. I've previously dissected his "mental distress" and "Born Alive" comments, but Obama touched on 2 other topics that has pro-aborts fuming: partial birth abortion and abstinence education. On pba he said:

    health obama.jpg

    I have repeatedly said that I think it's entirely appropriate for states to restrict or even prohibit late-term abortions as long as there is a strict, well-defined exception for the health of the mother.

    Obama must have repeatedly said that only to the pandering pro-abort in the mirror, because stalwarts were taken aback. They considered Obama's comment a direct assault on partial birth abortion.

    Former Planned Parenthood CEO Gloria Feldt published a piece July 9 and 10 in both the Huffington Post and RH Reality Check explaining why she dissed a July 9 NY funder for Obama and voided her $4,600 donation check...

    Continue reading "Gloria Feldt: "Why I didn't write a check for Obama last night""

    Pro-life House members blast Planned Parenthood

    Last night I reported the Republican U.S. House leadership allowed its pro-life members use its Special Order hour to publicly expose Planned Parenthood as a racist organization, which also stands accused of committing multiple crimes across the country, and demand Congress defund it.

    You can view YouTube videos of clips of speeches by many stalwart and eloquent pro-life congresspersons here. One who particularly impressed me was Rep. Michelle Bachmann:

    I picked 3 from this heroic group, looked up their DC office phone numbers online, and simply called them today to leave a message of appreciation. You might consider the same. All the better if you find 1 from your state.

    Black pro-life leaders to challenge NAACP at convention

    naacp convention.jpg

    A group of black pro-life leaders will hold a press conference at the NAACP convention at the Hyatt Regency in Cincinnati July 14 to appeal to the NAACP to join in the call to Congress to defund Planned Parenthood for its documented affinity for killing black preborn children....

    Continue reading "Black pro-life leaders to challenge NAACP at convention"

    Planned Parenthood severs FL affiliate

    In March, I reported (here and here) that the Planned Parenthood anti-mothership had closed five mills belonging to its PP of South Palm Beach and Broward Counties affiliate to make "necessary service upgrades," according to a PP prepared statement.

    According to the Miami Herald, the necessary service upgrades involved trying to find $450k, which it did not. So, it has severed this limb, as reported July 1:

    row vw wade.jpg

    Planned Parenthood officially severed its ties Monday from five local clinics... whose top administrator has acknowledged a history of "terrible mismanagement and possibly fraud.''

    The disaffiliation allowed the national organization to wash its hands of the local chapter....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood severs FL affiliate"

    U.S. House Special Order tonight

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgWatch C-SPAN between 6-7p* EST tonight.

    When the U.S. House completes business, Rep. Chris Smith will host a 1-hour Pro-life Special Order in the House of Representatives.

    During this time House members will speak on the subject of taxpayer subsidies for the abortion industry and what their constituents are unknowingly supporting when millions of tax dollars are funneled to organizations like Planned Parenthood.

    What is Special Order?

    The first 2 hours at the end of legislative business each day are reserved for Republican and Democrat leadership for Special Order business. Tonight the Republican leadership has given its hour to Smith and others to speak for the unborn. It was kept quiet until now to ward off PP types from crashing the event.

    *The Special Order should start very soon after the last series of votes. The timing cannot be predicted exactly but will begin sometime between 6 and 7 pm.

    Mike Wallace interviews Margaret Sanger

    Holly Gatling of South Carolina Citizens for Life forwarded a link to the following archived 1957 Mike Wallace interview with Margaret Sanger. I'd never seen Sanger live. I'm not sure how long the interview lasted, 30-45 minutes, but I was spellbound. (Sanger was one itchy woman.)

    Sanger was clearly hostile to the Catholic Church. Her talking points were remarkably similar to her Planned Parenthood progeny. She saw pregnancy prevention and population control as the cure for problems such as world hunger. She disagreed that birth control would lead to promiscuity.

    The question is, 50 years later, where is any proof Sanger was right? Isn't there, rather, overwhelming proof she was wrong?

    The Philip Morris cigarette pitches... wow, now those dated this piece more than anything else. Click on graphic below to link to video:

    sanger wallace.jpg

    Interestingly, Sanger refused to call infidelity or murder sin but strongly condemned as sin bearing sick children or bringing children into problematic homes, i.e., eugenics. When Wallace asked Sanger if she believed in sin...

    Continue reading "Mike Wallace interviews Margaret Sanger"

    Denver Planned Parenthood "on budget"?

    My post earlier today about the newly opened Denver Planned Parenthood referred to PP CEO Leslie Durgin who stated the building was "on budget".

    Wait, not so fast, unless "on budget" means a 50% cost overrun.

    Projected budget when this story first broke last August:

    slide 1 ft know.JPG

    And two newspaper accounts within the last two weeks on the actual cost:

    slide 2 ft know.JPG

    slide 3 ft know.JPG

    [HT: Will Duffy]

    Denver "Fort Knox" Planned Parenthood opens; protests spread today called the newly opened Denver Planned Parenthood "Fort Knox," referring to its $300k security system. Of course, the real Fort Knox is tightly protected because of all the gold it stores, a fitting analogy to PP all the way around.

    Denver PP CEO Leslie Durgin said the new abortion big-box, at 50k sq. ft. -- more than double the previous U.S. PP big-box record holder in Aurora, IL, at 22k sq. ft. -- was completed three months ahead of schedule and within budget.

    Certainly, the schedule and budget were made generous, due to anticipated pro-life aggravators. Amplified by the added impetus for speedy construction to quell the pickets (which aren't going to stop, as promised) and negative PR, and that's not saying anything.

    Click on image below to link to video:


    Will Duffy and The Collaborators Project are to be commended for their tireless efforts in picketing PP construction aides like Weitz execs....

    Continue reading "Denver "Fort Knox" Planned Parenthood opens; protests spread"

    ARTL crashes NRLC's party

    Last year members of CO Right to Life openly challenged National Right to Life's support (among others) of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban by taking out newspaper ads and threatening a class action lawsuit.

    The disagreement culminated in CRTL hosting a hostile hospitality suite at the 2007 NRLC convention and being ousted as an affiliate.

    That led to the formation of American Right to Life, which is now focused on establishing personhood at conception through state and federal legislative efforts.

    At the just held NRLC convention, ARTL surprised everyone by hosting a hospitality suite at the Crystal City Hyatt where NRLC was meeting. This info comes from ARTL, reporting about its 1st day, July 3. The controversy didn't make Also didn't see any MSM coverage, although MSM surely had no clue what was going on....

    artl nrlc 4.jpg

    Scores of NRTL conventioneers are streaming into the ARTL suites to enjoy good food and drink, and to consider the moral argument for the personhood strategy toward ending "legalized" child killing....

    The Hyatt told ARTL that we could place a poster advertisement for our hospitality suite on a tripod in their lobby inviting folks to our Regency Suite to celebrate the "personhood amendment on CO's November ballot!" Four things happened immediately after Hyatt personnel placed our poster in their lobby....

    Continue reading "ARTL crashes NRLC's party"

    Pro-lifers protest NEA meetings nationwide

    nea great.gif The inexplicably pro-abortion National Education Association is holding its national conference in DC this week as our state affiliates across the country.

    (Who can forget infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller being invited to speak at a conference at NEA headquarters in March, which Students for Life caught on videotape?)

    Yesterday pro-lifers held protests not only at the DC annual meeting site but at NEA meetings across the country. The goal, according to a statement by Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, an organization of young people born after abortion was legalized on January 22, 1973: "to persuade the NEA... leadership to repeal its abortion-related resolutions and policies and to become neutral on abortion."

    Added Gingi Edmonds, Survivors spokesperson...

    Continue reading "Pro-lifers protest NEA meetings nationwide"

    The Alfred Kinsey cover-up

    kinsey 2.jpgSex researcher Alfred Kinsey is credited with "revolutionizing" American sexual thought and practices in the 1950s and 60s, including normalization of homosexuality, porn, pedophilia, and abortion.

    In reality, Kinsey was a pedophiliac homosexual sado-mashocist who likely died of self-inflicted wounds at age 62. His "ground-breaking" books, The Kinsey Reports contained data obtained from pedophiliacs, which he did not report.

    Dr. Judith Reisman has been at the forefront of exposing Kinsey for years. Yesterday she released a 2-part YouTube video, The Kinsey Coverup.

    [HT: Dr. Frank; photo courtesy of JAMD]

    Planned Parenthood: "The Lens Crafters of family planning"

    American Life League has issued its latest ALL Report. This one launches from the June 23 Wall Street Journal front page story, "Planned Parenthood hits suburbia," about PP's attempt to rebrand and sell upscale abortions.

    The report includes Chicago PP CEO Steve Trombley's most recent infamous line....

    Planned Parenthood subsidy stripped from War Supplemental bill

    prostitute food.jpgI've written before (here and here) about the Democrats' attempt to reinstate taxpayer subsidies of college and Planned Parenthood birth control pills in the War Supplemental Appropriations bill.

    Recall PP CEO Cecile Richards famously lamented that without this subsidy's restoration, college women would have to choose between sex and food, i.e., buy birth control pills or eat.

    Well, I guess now we'll see what their priority is. And maybe they'll get their free-sex partners to kick in a little to support the habit. Or would that make them feel too much like prostitutes?

    From Medical News Today, June 23...

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood subsidy stripped from War Supplemental bill"

    Eyewitness: Tiller abortionist Shelley Sella stabbed live baby to death

    sella.jpgDuring an interview about her place of work, former George Tiller employee Tina Davis described an alleged murder to Operation Rescue's Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger that was committed at the infamous late-term abortionist's mill by hired hand Shelley Sella.

    Click here to hear the 1:38 audiotape. Read the transcript here. An excerpt:

    Continue reading "Eyewitness: Tiller abortionist Shelley Sella stabbed live baby to death"

    WSJ blog continues the Planned Parenthood discussion; quotes Stanek

    This is Part III of a 3 part series on today's Wall Street Journal article, "Planned Parenthood hits suburbia."

    See Part I here and Part II here.

    Reporter Stephanie Simon accompanied her piece with a blog post at WSJ's Front Lines. In it she quoted me from a conversation we had on PP's expansion a couple months ago:

    After decades of quiet expansion through a network of small, often somewhat shabby clinics, PP is poised to make a splash.

    wsj pp aurora.jpg

    With annual revenues topping $1 billion last year, the nonprofit has gone on a building spree, laying out a network of upscale suburban clinics designed to feed into large regional health centers.

    PP's strategy for growth has emboldened its perennial foes in the antiabortion community. Rep. Mike Pence... plans to push legislation this summer to end federal funding of PP. Conservative activists are chiming in, arguing that the group has proved it can do fine without tax dollars.

    "They're a magnificent fundraising machine. They really are," said Jill Stanek, an antiabortion blogger. "I would think everyday people on the street would stop and think, "Why are we funding this group?'"...

    Continue reading "WSJ blog continues the Planned Parenthood discussion; quotes Stanek"

    Front page WSJ: Planned Parenthood charts

    This is Part II of a 3-part post on a front page Wall Street Journal article today entitled, "Planned Parenthood hits suburbia." (Read Part I here and Part III here.)

    Following are informative charts that accompanied the story. The source for all stats was PP. Click all charts to enlarge.

    It's true. PP is the Wal-Mart of the abortion industry, running out the mom and pop chop shops thanks to taxpayers, whose subsidies allow PP to unfairly undercut the competition....

    4 pp chart.JPG

    PP claims it is reaching out to higher class clientele, but the stats don't bear it out. It would help if PP would plop its mills in other than poor minority neighborhoods, as it is in Denver...

    Continue reading "Front page WSJ: Planned Parenthood charts"

    Front page WSJ: Planned Parenthood rebrands

    A front page story by Stephanie Simon in today's Wall Street Journal focused on Planned Parenthood's nationwide expansion strategy:

    Flush with cash, Planned Parenthood affiliates nationwide are aggressively expanding their reach, seeking to woo more affluent patients with a network of suburban clinics and huge new health centers that project a decidedly upscale image.

    pp next generation.jpgI've reported on this for awhile (here and here).

    The article also spotlighted PP's abortion feeders, its "Expresses":

    PP has also opened more than two dozen quick-service "express centers," many in suburban shopping malls. Some sell jewelry, candles, books and T-shirts, along with contraception.

    "It is indeed a new look...a new branding, if you will," said Leslie Durgin, a senior vice president at PP of the Rocky Mountains.

    View merchandise photo here.

    In the process, PP has changed its mission statement...

    Continue reading "Front page WSJ: Planned Parenthood rebrands"

    Abortion ship runs aground

    wow.jpgConfirming the phrase, "What goes around comes around," Women on Waves has endured much misery during its 9-year run.

    WoW hit on the idea in 1999 to hoist pregnant female passengers in ports of call where abortion was illegal, transport them out to international waters, abort them, and return the barren bonnies to their motherland.

    The craven crew hit their first snag in 2002 when the Dutch government refused to issue a permit to their converted fishing trawler over safety concerns....

    Continue reading "Abortion ship runs aground"

    NARAL's "balanced" poll on McCain/Obama

    From U.S. News & World Report yesterday:

    The nation's largest abortion-rights group today released a poll of likely women voters in 12 battleground states that suggests... John McCain could lose the support of significant numbers of independent and pro-choice Republican women - if they are educated about the AZ senator's antiabortion voting record.

    Ok, underlined are your first clues this article is biased, in fact, just a reworking of the NARAL press release.

    spin spin.jpgFor instance, the USN reporter merely reordered NARAL's "McCain's votes against birth control access" to "his votes to limit access to birth control," which is pure spin. McCain opposed forcing insurance companies, such as those owned by Catholics, to fund contraception against their moral beliefs. As usual, so much for choice....

    Continue reading "NARAL's "balanced" poll on McCain/Obama"

    EMILY's List has learned to laugh

    The pro-abortion women's PAC EMILY's List has learned through experience how to put on a happy face in the aftermath of huge losses.

    In 2002 17 of EMILY's 21 endorsed candidates lost in the national election.

    In 2004 10 of EMILY's 13 endorsed candidates lost in the national election.

    In 2006 16 of EMILY's 18 endorsed candidates lost in the national election.

    Now, the group's leadership has apparently gone hysterical after seeing its hard-fought presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lose to Barack Obama. Reported the Washington Independent on June 11:

    emily history.jpg

    Ellen Moran began to laugh. This wasn't a snicker or a snort, but a full-throttled laugh that caused Moran to jerk her head back toward the ceiling as she contemplated the question before her. It was the early afternoon of June 6 and the 42-year-old executive director of EMILY's List had just been asked whether she believed if the political group could have done anything differently during the presidential run of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, in which the political group played an integral part....

    Continue reading "EMILY's List has learned to laugh"

    ACLU fundraises $335 mil

    A friend sending me an article on the ACLU's $335 fundraising effort included this thought:

    In an Obama administration with a Democrat-controlled Congress, pro-life efforts would likely gravitate to "outside the beltway" activities, i.e., activities at the state level.

    Our enemies seem to have anticipated that. They are gearing up, as the article below documents. Are pro-life efforts and plans also gearing up at the state level?

    Here is the June 10 ACLU press release:

    aclu logo.gif

    The ACLU today announced the... largest fundraising campaign on behalf of civil rights and liberties in American history. The $335 million... unprecedented effort [is] to build the organization's infrastructure by increasing funding to key state affiliates nationwide....

    Continue reading "ACLU fundraises $335 mil"

    Breaking news: Phill Kline to run again

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgSure to send shock waves throughout KS, Johnson Co. District Attorney Phill Kline announced tonight he will seek re-election, just one day short of the filing deadline.

    Actually, Kline was appointed to his position by county Republicans in December 2006 and will run to retain his seat.

    The question whether Kline would seek to stay in office has been debated for months....

    Continue reading "Breaking news: Phill Kline to run again"

    Planned Parenthood's obscene profits

    Michelle Malkin's column yesterday, Planned Parenthood's obscene profits, began with this intro on her blog:

    My syndicated column this week turns the spotlight on the nefarious business practices of the government-funded, billion-dollar Planned Parenthood empire. Congress has interrogated banking, energy, tobacco, and oil execs-treating them like serial killers before the cameras. When will they go after a corrupt industry that has real blood on its hands?


    On a related front, pro-life groups are pushing Bush to de-fund the abortion industry. "Centrist" Republicans are balking. Conservative GOP Rep. Mike Pence, leading the effort to cut the abortion subsidies, is "befuddled" by the White House's reticence on the issue. Me, I'm no longer befuddled by Beltway GOP leaders unwillingness to lead on basic conservative issues. It's the fecklessness we deserve.

    Read Malkin's excellent column on page 2.

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood's obscene profits"

    Breaking news: Habitat for Humanity reverses support of Planned Parenthood

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgFrom an American Life League press release this morning:

    Jim Sedlak, vice president for ALL, issued the following statement about Habitat for Humanity of Sarasota, FL ending its cooperation with Planned Parenthood:

    "We received news this morning that the Board of Directors of Habitat For Humanity of Sarasota, Inc. voted last evening to disengage itself from Planned Parenthood and not go through with a planned land deal. We are extremely pleased that the Habitat board saw fit to take this action."

    Backdrop, from Family Research Council...

    Continue reading "Breaking news: Habitat for Humanity reverses support of Planned Parenthood"

    Sebelius reimbursed for Tiller party only 10 days ago

    tiller and sebelius.jpgI reported May 29 on a private party pro-abort KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius hosted for late-term abortionist George Tiller and staff on April 9, 2007.

    Whoops, the plot thickens, as it always does when involving KS and abortion.


    April 28, 2008: Operation Rescue requests receipts for the event via the Open Records Act.

    May 23, 2008: The Greater KS City Women's Political Caucus reimburses the state $848 for the event.

    May 23, 2008: Governor's office sends OR the receipts with a cover letter stating...

    Continue reading "Sebelius reimbursed for Tiller party only 10 days ago"

    How not to hold a Planned Parenthood fundraiser

    On May 28, Denver pro-abort millionaires Joris and Regina Brinkerhoff planned an extravagent $275-a-plate fundraiser for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains at their $5 million home at 1681 E. Cedar Ave., with its beautiful backyard view of the Denver Country Club.

    I'm told the night was gorgeous - as was the location - for pro-lifers to help the Brinkerhoffs educate and entertain their guests.

    Pro-lifers greeted guests to the mansion with "Baby" and "Killers" signs they were forced to drive between, large graphic photos of aborted babies, and even a bloody abortion doctor carrying bloody dolls thanking them for their help:

    brinker 2.jpg

    brinker 3.jpg

    If guests tried to play smart and bypass the main entrance for the back, pro-lifers were one step ahead, also there to greet them with a truth truck, more signs, and sidewalk art...

    Continue reading "How not to hold a Planned Parenthood fundraiser"

    Sebelius hosts Tiller and staff at guv's mansion

    On May 26, columnist Robert Novak wrote about "the leading prospect to become Barack Obama's running mate," pro-abort KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius.

    Novak quoted a disclaimer Sebelius wrote when vetoing a pro-life measure in 2006: "My Catholic faith teaches me that life is sacred. Personally, I believe abortion is wrong."

    sebelius tiller 1.JPGEarlier this month, KS Archbishop Joseph Naumann wrote an open letter to Sebelius asking her not to receive communion due to her pro-abortion stance. He stated Sebelius indicated she felt resigned to support abortion: "The governor has spoken to me on more than one occasion about her obligation to uphold state and federal laws and court decisions."

    Sebelius has an odd way of living out her personally-pro-life-but-obligated-to-be-pro-abort position.

    Yesterday Operation Rescue released photos taken at a party hosted by Sebelius on April 9, 2007, for infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller and staff at the governor's mansion. OR stated its source said the party was "exclusively in Tiller's honor."...

    Continue reading "Sebelius hosts Tiller and staff at guv's mansion"

    Breaking news: KS Planned Parenthood caught in 2 whoppers

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgA court brief made public today revealed actual evidence for the 1st time that Planned Parenthood in Olathe, KS, created false documents when Johnson Co. District Attorney Phill Kline began breathing down its slimy neck.

    Take a look. The 2 sets of documents below are supposed to be duplicates. Click to enlarge:

    slide 1 forgeries.JPG
    slide 2 forgeries.JPG

    To cover up a misdemeanor, PP apparently committed a felony....

    Continue reading "Breaking news: KS Planned Parenthood caught in 2 whoppers"

    Breaking news: Mother of 13-year-old suing DC Planned Parenthood for $50 mil: botched abortion; infertility

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgStudents for Life of America has discovered a $50 million lawsuit filed February 12 against Planned Parenthood Metropolitan in DC by the mother of a barely 14-year-old daughter whose abortion it botched, leaving the girl infertile.

    John Valente, attorney for Emma Jean Butler, mother of Shantese Butler, has given SFL the go-ahead to publicize the lawsuit, on pdf file here.

    Shantese's baby was conceived during a rape committed when she was 13....

    Continue reading "Breaking news: Mother of 13-year-old suing DC Planned Parenthood for $50 mil: botched abortion; infertility"

    Planned Parenthood exec joins children's museum

    Well, here's a major career 180 if I ever saw one. From

    Myra Williams has joined the Children's Museum of Naples [FL] as development director.

    Williams brings more than 11 years of fundraising experience to her new position and is responsible for planning, developing and maintaining a comprehensive fundraising program.

    For the past seven years, she served as the director of development for Planned Parenthood of Collier County Inc.

    At first I thought this must be a human natural history museum, preserving for posterity the memory these small endangered creatures. In some countries, like Russia, they're all but extinct.

    But no...

    chidlren's museum.jpg

    The facility isn't scheduled to open until Spring 2009, and it has hired the equivalent of a Nazi prison guard to raise funds for a Holocaust museum. Interesting that the exterior is Noah-themed, a reminder that only a few survive?

    The board has to be stocked with pro-aborts. Otherwise, there is just no way they would have hired Williams. So this is a liberal feel good endeavor to assuage guilt or build resumes. When it opens, watch for liberal doctrine spread throughout.

    But hey, they've picked a fundraiser who has learned from the best.

    "Birth control provision survives in Supplemental, upsetting some in GOP"

    democrats pp.jpg I reported May 20 that Congressional Democrats were trying to sink a birth control pill subsidy into the War Supplemental Appropriations bill.

    Here's the latest, from CQ Politics, today:

    A proposal that would restore government subsidies for birth control pills and devices at university health clinics and Planned Parenthood centers was retained in the Senate version of the war supplemental spending bill sent to the House on Thursday....
    Continue reading ""Birth control provision survives in Supplemental, upsetting some in GOP""

    KS Attorney General blinks

    blink.jpgThe investigation into illegal activity by a Planned Parenthood clinic in KS may be on the verge of breaking open. The other side is starting to blink.

    The first blink came earlier this month when the KS Supreme Court unsealed a lawsuit Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri filed against Johnson Co. District Attorney Phill Kline for criminally investigating it. Light of day, yes.

    Then yesterday saw a big blink, with KS Attorney General Steve Six retreating from a previous demand he had made of District Court Judge Richard Anderson to return potentially incriminating patient records to the AG so he could return them to the potential crook, PP....

    Continue reading "KS Attorney General blinks"

    NARAL's endorsement of Obama causes "uproar"

    nyt uproar.jpg

    I wrote in February that pro-aborts were raucously split in support of Clinton vs. Obama for president.

    Ideologues like NOW (feminists 1st, abortion zealots 2nd) support Clinton. Hillary is a woman, and the presidency is their grail.

    Pragmatics (abortion zeal and greed tied for 1st) support Obama. They expect him to do more to help the industry through government handouts, laws, and presidentially-overseen agencies.

    So the NARAL board's May 14 announcement to endorse Obama is no surprise. The abortion industry funds NARAL. It's no dummy.

    And the protest by feminist groups like EMILY's List is no surprise, nor defections of pocket NARAL affiliates, particularly NY, likely headed by rabid feminists.

    Reported the New York Times, today...

    Continue reading "NARAL's endorsement of Obama causes "uproar""

    Messianic Obama

    The Obama campaign is mailing out the flyer below (see backside on page 2) in front of next week's KY primary.

    To columnist David Broder's request for an explanation of its purpose, the Obama campaign responded via email (emphasis mine):

    These fliers are part of the Obama campaign's sincere effort to communicate the values of Senator Obama's own Christian faith and the hope that people of all faiths and moral backgrounds will come together to address the needs of the "least of these" in our nation and in our world....

    "Sincere"? "Values"? "Christian faith"? Obama's increasing gall is increasingly galling me.

    "Least of these"? I'd like Obama's definition. I have one. How about live aborted babies left to die in hospital soiled utility rooms? No, the campaign won't like that one. How about late-term babies getting stabbed in the back of the head and their brains sucked out? No, it won't like that one either. How about 11-year-old girls being raped by their step-fathers? Ixnay. Oh, I give up.

    And the line used to be "Faith, hope, and charity," btw. Now Obama's even trying to rewrite the Bible. Hide the 10 Commandments, quick.

    slide 1 least of these.jpg

    He claims to be "do[ing] the Lord's work"? The man has cajones, I'll give him that.

    [HT: Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America]

    Continue reading "Messianic Obama"

    Happy Mother's day from Planned Parenthood II

    On Friday Planned Parenthood used the Mother's Day holiday to once more carouse for cash, this time using mother and daughter pitchwomen Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow. See first appeal here.

    I really don't have words to decry PP's gall.

    But these 2 pathetic Hollywood liberals? It's beyond abnormal for a woman who is both mother and grandmother to promote mothers killing their own children while embracing a daughter spared from her own demise thanks only to timing and circumstance.

    Did Blythe kill any of Gwyneth's siblings? Did Gwyneth kill any of Blythe's grandchildren? No problem either way. Let's hug.

    I've highlighted the most bizarre statements.

    blythe 2.jpg

    [HT: John Jansen of Pro-Life Action League]

    Breaking news: Another MI abortionist trashes babies in dumpster

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgI think I've been away from the OR too long, because the video I just watched of what pro-lifers retrieved from the dumpster at the Women's Advisory Center abortion mill in Livonia, MI, made me queasy....

    Continue reading "Breaking news: Another MI abortionist trashes babies in dumpster"

    Happy Mother's Day from Planned Parenthood

    "Happy Mother's Day" greetings from Planned Parenthood are as grotesque as its "Choice on Earth" Christmas greetings.

    Today PP CEO Cecile Richards issued an email plea for $ under the guise of a Mother's Day greeting and using her dead mother and daughter as props.

    This pathetic woman is so psychologically and emotionally invested in abortion she has no semblance of a conscience left. If and when she has grandchildren, I'm sure she'll use them, too.

    Note the numerous purposeful times she - or, rather, PP's pr firm - invokes the words "mother," "daughter," and "grandmother."

    "Legacy"? What legacy? Pro-aborts can leave no legacy, another reason we can undoubtedly know our side will eventually win - through attrition.

    cecile mother's day.jpg

    [HT: John Jansen from Pro-Life Action League]

    Planned Parenthood to open new mill in Charleston, SC

    pp charleston 2.jpg South Carolina Citizens for Life spotted a bombshell in Planned Parenthood Health Systems' 2007 annual report: On the last day of the year it purchased a building in Charleston, SC, with plans to "provid[e] a full range of preventative services... later this year. Photos, right, courtesy of PPHS's annual report.

    Didn't mention the A-word.

    An ob/gyn named Armstead "Bert" Pruitt currently practices in the building.

    PP paid $1.25 million for it, according to the Charleston Co. Auditor via SCCL....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood to open new mill in Charleston, SC"

    Breaking news: KS Supreme Court unseals Planned Parenthood court docs against Kline

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgIt is unprecedented that an entity being prosecuted files a lawsuit against the prosecutor, but that's exactly what Planned Parenthood of Overland Park, KS, did in June 2007 against Johnson Co. DA Phill Kline.

    Kline had charged the clinic with aborting minor girls and not reporting the abortions to the state, and then falsifying medical documents to cover up.

    Then PP asked the KS Supreme Court to seal the documents case, which incredibly it did.

    Today, the Supremes unsealed them.

    Here is what the court docs prove, now being given the light of day...

    Continue reading "Breaking news: KS Supreme Court unseals Planned Parenthood court docs against Kline"

    Fox spotlights Planned Parenthood racism

    I just uploaded 2 recent segments to YouTube on Fox spotlighting Planned Parenthood's racism: accepting donations specifically to abort black babies.

    Laura Ingraham on The O'Reilly Factor, April 25, 2008...

    Brit Hume, April 24, 2008...

    Last week's press conference by black leaders against Planned Parenthood

    As an aside, Day Gardner, who you'll see speak in the video below and who is president of National Black Pro-Life Union, will appear tonight on Glenn Beck's t.v. show. He has invited her to discuss the Jeremiah Wright issue, and she's going to try to steer the conversation to Wright's promotion of abortion. Beck can be seen at 7p and 9p EST on Headline News.

    "We're here to talk about race, because Planned Parenthood has made abortion about race" ~ great line by Rev. Clenard Childress of at last week's press conference in D.C. by black leaders calling on Congress to defund Planned Parenthood.

    Surprisingly, the press conference got lots of good press. Great sign. Here are clips:


    "AuschWeitz," clever. That's what pro-lifers have nicknamed the upscale Anschutz residential/store building project in a Denver suburb being constructed by Weitz Company.

    You remember Weitz, the general contractor building Planned Parenthood's 50,000 sq. ft. mega-abortion mill in Denver.

    Pro-lifers warned Weitz in January to bail on the PP project or reap the consequences of management home and business picketing.

    Weitz didn't, so pro-lifers launched the Collaborators Project, which has proven so successful anti-1st Amendment lawmakers introduced legislation to limit home pickets that looks likely to pass.

    Meanwhile, the pickets go on, no matter the attempts to stifle. Now, the Anschutz project has covered Weitz's name, not good for PR:

    weitz coverup.jpg

    And the pickets have borne fruit. Will Duffy, head of the Collaborators Project, reported in an email update that pro-lifers in Portland, OR, have joined up to stop a PP mill from being built in the middle of a black neighborhood. And Precious Children of Portland just announced Walsh Construction has pulled from that project as general contractor. Good for Walsh.

    Meanwhile, back in CO, Will reported that the 2nd security firm PP hired quit after only 4 days on the job, thanks to a home picket.

    Hannity's America: Planned Parenthood's rape cover-up

    Sunday night Hannity's America ran another exposé on Planned Parenthood.

    The segment began by playing the 2nd of Lila Rose's audiotapes showing PP would accept money to abort black babies.

    But the bulk of the story was about an Ohio PP that aborted a 14-year-old girl who had been impregnated by her 21-year-old soccer coach.

    OH has a parental consent law, but PP never contacted this girl's parents, who were interviewed for the story. The girl, who said her rapist coerced her to abort, gave PP the man's phone number for consent.

    The family now has hired a high-powered attorney and are suing the PP in a case to be heard by the OH Supreme Court. PP is also being charged with failing to report suspected child abuse. PP is fighting release of the girl's medical records, of course.

    [HT: readers Kristina and JLM]

    National Right to Life clamps down

    nrlc.gifOn April 5 the National Right to Life Committee's board of directors passed this resolution in response to GA Right to Life's endorsement of Mike Huckabee for president rather than NRLC's choice, Fred Thompson, and Iowa RTL's decision to go neutral:

    BE IT RESOLVED that it is the policy and a goal and purpose of National Right to Life that no state affiliate, member or alternate of the National Right to Life Board of Directors endorse or support any candidate for President of the United States other than a candidate endorsed or supported by National Right to Life.

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that if National Right to Life supports or endorses a candidate for President of the United States, then it is the policy and a goal and purpose of National Right to Life that no state affiliate, member or alternate of the National Right to Life Board of Directors publicly oppose or voice neutrality or non-support for that candidate.

    NRLC does good work, to be sure. But I've noted before the same leaders have been in position far too long - decades - which IMO has led to a Beltway rather than grassroots mentality and a DC power rush that leads them to make some decisions not for the good of the organization or the pro-life movement but for the good of the ones in control.

    This was one of those decisions....

    Continue reading "National Right to Life clamps down"

    Rockford lawsuit for failure to protect pro-lifers

    I posted photos April 4 of hanging rubber chickens and such at the very creepy Northern Illinois Women's Center abortion mill in Rockford, IL.

    I said I would blog on a lawsuit pro-lifers have filed when they were able to post a video substantiating their case. That day has come.

    Pro-lifers are suing the City of Rockford for removing their pro-life message from a bus bench and also for failing to protect them as they protested at NIWC. Also included in the suit are Wayne Webster, the building's owner, and a neighbor, Keith Sterkeson.

    Here is video of Sterkeson repeatedly calling a pro-lifer the n-word, throwing in the f-bomb for good measure. He also bizarrely yells kudos to an admitted "mom" for aborting, adding, "You're doing the right thing, and God will honor you!" as if that comment would bring her comfort?

    Here's a photo Sterkeson pretending to take aim at pro-lifers during the same incident...

    Continue reading "Rockford lawsuit for failure to protect pro-lifers"

    Planned Parenthood claims pro-life view turns off women

    by Steven Ertelt

    Planned Parenthood continues to do everything possible to protect its abortion income -- including claiming a pro-life view is a turnoff for women voters.

    Yet polling data shows 64 percent of women voters don't want a candidate who voted against the partial-birth abortion ban; 68 percent don't want a candidate who supports taxpayer-funded abortion; and 73 percent don't want a candidate who opposes parental involvement.

    Who holds those kinds of radical pro-abortion positions? Oh yeah -- Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

    With data like that, it's no wonder Bush had a 9 percent advantage over Kerry among voters who said abortion was important and won single issue abortion voters 3-1.

    Obama and Clinton have a long way to go to prove to voters they're not the radicals they really are -- and with Obama's repeated attempts to block the "live birth abortion" bill in Illinois, he can't been seen as anything but an extremist.

    Why so many late-term abortions in Kansas?

    by Valerie Ryan

    Wichita late-term abortionist George Tiller is in the news again.

    Highlights from an article from the Kansas City Star:

    But according to attorneys representing the grand jury and the judges overseeing it, state law gives grand juries broad powers to seek whatever information they deem relevant. They said that Tiller can challenge any evidence if he faces a prosecution....
    Continue reading "Why so many late-term abortions in Kansas?"

    Fr. Frank Pavone explains suction and dismemberment abortions

    by Bethany Kerr

    I received an email today informing me of these two videos, explaining the processes of dismemberment abortion and suction abortion.

    Frank Pavone does a terrific job explaining the processes involved in these abortion processes, in a clear and straightforward manner I think everyone can understand.

    I hope that these videos will be beneficial to viewers. If you find them helpful, please forward them to your friends, and family.

    "This is a suction abortion"

    "This is a dismemberment abortion"

    Fence removed from vacant lot across from Planned Parenthood Aurora

    by Bethany Kerr:

    I was just notified by email that the chain link fence around the area of the vacant lot owned by Safeway/Dominicks (across from Planned Parenthood Aurora), has been removed.

    The fence went up in October, after PP launched a nationwide effort to harrass Dominicks with emails complaining about pro-life presence on their property.

    It was supposed to be removed on December 10, 2007, however, it was not until yesterday.

    We do not know whether they will be building a new permanent fence or whether they will leave the fence down... but what we do know is that the fence's presence did absolutely NOTHING to hinder pro-life efforts.

    See a few of Jill's previous articles on the chain link fence below:

    Dominick's has erected a fence

    "Planned Parenthood Aurora: Dominick's freaks, police check grocery lists"

    "Planned Parenthood Aurora targets neighborhood grocery store"

    [HT: Commenter JLM, andEric Schiedler]

    Saline abortions, obsolete?

    by Valerie Jane

    We've had many discussions on this blog about saline abortions. Abortion proponents claim saline abortions are not committed anymore, so our pictures of them are obsolete or faked.

    But according to the CDC in 2004, there were 4,574 saline abortions for 43 out of 52 reporting area's. Saline abortions took place in approximately 1% of abortions since 1989; 2% of abortions from 1983 - 1988; and that it has been taking place under 3% of all abortions since 1981.

    All of that sounds low, right?

    Take a look at this:

    1995 - 6,000 (approx) saline abortions
    2000 - 3,400 (approx) saline abortions
    2002 - 6,800 (approx) saline abortions
    2003 - 7,600 (approx) saline abortions
    2004 - 4,500 (approx) saline abortions

    When it is put in numbers it makes a bit of difference, doesn't it? Now let's break it down further.

    In 2004 there were:

    375 saline abortions every month
    87 saline abortions every week
    12 saline abortions every day

    That doesn't sound like something that is never done anymore does it?


    Note: The medical term for this procedure is "Intrauterine Instillation abortion" The chemicals used can be consisting of either saline, urea or prostaglandin.

    Mexico City may have seen 8 women die from legal abortions

    by Steven Ertelt

    It's no surprise when the American media fails to cover the deaths of women from legal abortions. Now, it appears the same thing is happening in Mexico.

    From the story:

    Jorge Serrano Limón of the Mexican National Pro-Life (Provida) Committee says he has information showing several deaths: "We have the information, dates, and hospitals where they died" even though "the authorities will only recognize the underage girl who died in Balbuena Hospital."

    Mexico City's leading newspaper already confirmed one death. How long will it take for them to report on the rest?

    Show me the money

    by Valerie Ryan

    A Miami Heraldstory is about abortionists being legally required to show a women an ultrasound picture if she wants to see it. It is not required otherwise:

    "Rep. Joyce Cusack, a Democrat... noted that not every abortion clinic has ultrasound equipment and those that do will have to charge patients more to offer the procedures.

    Opponents of the measure said the procedure could cost a woman as much as $700, while supporters said the cost would likely be less than $100."

    What I find interesting is that crisis pregnancy centers manage to do them for free.

    Another thought, how do these people verify gestational age, without the ultrasound, to make sure the safest procedure is being performed?

    No, it's not Halloween, it's an abortion mill

    What week would be complete these days without news of the latest abortion mill freak show?

    Today's featured mill is the Northern Illinois Women's Center, in Rockford.

    I'll have more to say on this chop shop when our side works out the technical glitches with a video they're trying to upload in conjunction with the lawsuit they just filed against the City of Rockford for discrimination and against the mill owners for harrassment, which the video shows.

    For now, enjoy these photos of the mill taken by pro-lifers.

    Let me introduce the photos by explaining why some of the brick and windows are different. This is a 2-building complex, an old school. I've taken a Google photo to provide context, courtesy of Google maps:

    mill 4.jpg

    And now, on with the slide show. Can you imagine any legitimate surgical center or doctor's office looking like this? See the rest on page 2. Click to enlarge...

    Rockford 1.jpg

    Continue reading "No, it's not Halloween, it's an abortion mill"

    A racist Planned Parenthood caught on tape to host "Karaoke and Condoms" fundraiser tonight

    Well, this is rich.

    karaoke.jpgThe very day The Advocate releases its 2nd in a series of video exposés showing another pair of Planned Parenthoods willing to take bucks to abort blacks, one of the twisted twins spotlighted, Planned Parenthood of Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma, is hosting a funder tonight, "Cocktails for the Cause: Karaoke and Condoms," according to Tulsa World....

    Continue reading "A racist Planned Parenthood caught on tape to host "Karaoke and Condoms" fundraiser tonight"

    Breaking News: UCLA student group releases 2nd video exposing Planned Parenthood's racism

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpg5 weeks ago the UCLA student group The Advocate released a blockbuster video exposing Planned Parenthoods in various states accepting bucks specifically to abort black babies.

    One of those PPs later issued a statement that acceptance of this $ was a 'serious mistake."

    Well here are several more "serious mistakes." Today The Advocate released a 2nd video (in what it called "a series") exposing more PPs of the same Sangeresque genocidal money lust. These videos are so well done. Take a look:

    Continue reading "Breaking News: UCLA student group releases 2nd video exposing Planned Parenthood's racism"

    Hannity's America tonight last night: Obama/Planned Parenthood

    hannity's america.jpgFYI, tonight Hannity's America will feature 2 segments of interest to pro-lifers: Obama's position on abortion and Planned Parenthood's willingness to accept bucks to kill blacks. For the latter it will play the calls secretly recorded by UCLA pro-lifers.

    UPDATE, 8a: Hannity combined an exposé on Barack Obama's radical support of abortion with an exposé on Planned Parenthood's willingness to take money to abort black babies, since Obama supports PP.

    The segment was very good except on one key issue...

    Continue reading "Hannity's America tonight last night: Obama/Planned Parenthood"

    Breaking News: Planned Parenthood made $1 BILLION 06-07

    breaking.jpgThis just out, Planned Parenthood's 2006-07 annual report, for the reporting period July 1, 2006, through June 30, 2007.

    I'm linking to it post-haste, fyi. The biggest news is PP for the 1st time made over $1 BILLION in 1 reporting year, $1,017,900,000 to be exact. Last year it made $902 million....

    Continue reading "Breaking News: Planned Parenthood made $1 BILLION 06-07"

    Planned Parenthood's biggest advo-Kate

    kate 3.jpgThis March 27 blurb from Family Research Council is so full of rich sidebars, I'm simply reposting it (including the title):

    Actress Kate Walsh isn't a doctor in real life, but apparently playing one on ABC's Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice qualifies her to talk about reproductive health on Capitol Hill.

    Yesterday, Walsh, who sits on Planned Parenthood's Board of Advisors, hosted a congressional forum sponsored by the nation's biggest abortion trafficker....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood's biggest advo-Kate"

    Hodari's babies

    We've talked much the last couple weeks about MI late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari, in the news for tossing aborted babies and medical records into his dumpsters. Read my Hodari archives here.

    But just what does an abortionist do with all the money s/he makes from aborting poor mothers in crisis?

    Pro-lifer Judy Papa has sidewalk counseled at Hodari's Flint, MI, pole barn abortion mill for years and sent photos of Hodari's hobby, classic car collecting. He even takes them to shows.

    Where does Hodari keep his babies? Inside the mill, at the service entrance.

    These first photos are of Hodari leaving the mill in his favorite car. He mentioned it during his infamous talk at Wayne State U last November...

    Thumbnail image for hodari car 1.jpg

    See more photos on page 2.

    Continue reading "Hodari's babies"

    Planned Parenthood to spend $10 mil on election? Puleeze

    Much has been made of Planned Parenthood's Big Annoucement that it plans to spend $10 million on the 2008 elections. ABC News has a story on it today:

    The Planned Parenthood Action Fund is promising to spend $10 million this election cycle - three times more than the organization has spent in any previous election.

    Look, making these Big Announcements to attract friends and scare enemies is PP's modus operandi. Words, words. It's all a scam. PP is just going for the media splash. That's its endgame here.

    PP doesn't expect anyone to check back after its media splashes. Well here's 1 person who does.

    Does the following sound familiar? In 2002, our old friend Steve Trombley and Planned Parenthood of Chicago promised to spend $1 million in the IL governor's race, as quoted by Crain's Chicago Business, June 24, 2002 (click to enlarge):

    PP spend 4.jpg

    And this is what PP actually spent, according to the IL State Board of Elections website...

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood to spend $10 mil on election? Puleeze"

    Update on FL Planned Parenthood closures

    embezzlement.jpgI reported March 25 that the Planned Parenthood Federation had closed 5 FL clinics apparently due to financial shenanigans by member(s) of their oversight affiliate.

    American Life League's Planned Parenthood watchdog arm STOPP added this in an email alert yesterday:

    There is much confusion about the status of Planned Parenthood clinics in Boca Raton, FL and the surrounding areas. According to various reports, PP is scrambling as the local affiliate, Planned Parenthood of South Palm Beach and Broward Counties, is having severe financial difficulties....
    Continue reading "Update on FL Planned Parenthood closures"

    VA to continue funding Planned Parenthood

    This update is overdue, but I want to close the loop on this topic for those who hadn't heard.

    On March 3 I reported the VA Senate narrowly voted to cut off state funding to Planned Parenthood. I warned at the time this would not likely survive pro-abort Gov. Timothy Kaine's line-item veto.

    close.jpgWell, it didn't get that far. Since the amendment was not in the House approved budget, it was up for debate in the secret General Assembly conference that wrangled out differences between the 2 chambers' approved budgets.

    The Richmond-Times Dispatch reported March 15 that PP funding ($200k) was restored in the final budget.

    On the bright side, our side at least tried. Good for them. Their effort can be added to the nationwide pressure mounting against PP. Maybe next year.

    My smear campaign to capsize Obama

    dana 2.jpgIn her RH Reality Check column, "When Obama voted 'no,'" Dana Goldstein wrote yesterday:

    ... Yes, Obama voted "present" instead of "no" [as state senator] on 7 bills that would have limited women's reproductive rights....

    But while the Democratic campaigns and women's organizations quibbled over which 100% pro-choice Senator, Obama or Hillary Clinton, would be... better... many choice advocates missed what was percolating under the radar... a conservative smear campaign against Obama's... support for reproductive freedom.

    The anti-choice anti-Obama strategy is based on Obama's clear "no" votes on the "IL Born Alive Infant Protection Act".... Leading anti-choice blogger Jill Stanek, who testified in the IL state Senate on behalf of the bill, has played a key role in disseminating this anti-Obama argument in the right-wing blogosphere.

    Finally, a little credit! Thank you, Dana.

    But from that splendid launch, Dana's column fizzled, sad to say....

    Continue reading "My smear campaign to capsize Obama"

    Planned Parenthood closes 5 FL clinics over $ shenanigans

    by Valerie Jane and Jill Stanek

    Thumbnail image for financial problems.jpgUsually MSM is all over any story having to do with shady financial shenigans within a large corporation. Enron anyone?

    But when it's Planned Parenthood, MSM's eyes avert.

    In this case, national PP shut down its FL Planned Parenthood of South Palm Beach and Broward Counties affiliate about 2-1/2 weeks ago, according to the March 21 Sun Sentinel.

    This meant closing 5 clinics in Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Oakland Park, Pembroke Pines, and Tamarac to make "necessary service upgrades," quoting a PP prepared statement provided to the SS.

    But former board members and a worker who has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit told SS of deeper problems...

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood closes 5 FL clinics over $ shenanigans"

    Church hosts "Pro-choice Lobby Day"

    Yesterday Denver's Central Presbyterian Church hosted the state capital's annual "Pro-choice Lobby Day."

    Pro-lifers from the Collaborator's Project, a group launched to stop Planned Parenthood from building a 50,000 sq. ft. mega-mill in the Mile High City, showed up to remind lobbyists exactly what they were supporting.

    Reported organizer Will Duffy in an email alert, "The front parking meter opened up as soon as the protest started. Perfect place for the truth truck, courtesy of The Weitz Company, of course."

    lobby 3.jpg

    Weitz is PP's general contractor. Duffy et al have been picketing homes of senior management for months.

    Duffy reported getting many signatures from passersby for CO's personhood ballot initiative, making double good use of valuable pro-life time.

    Duffy concluded that lobby day participants got the distinct message, "No child killing with tranquility!" Great work.

    Thumbnail image for lobby day 1.jpg

    A Hodari save born this week

    Thumbnail image for aubrey 3.jpgOn July 18, 2007, a mother named Taffiney entered late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari's Flint, MI, pole barn abortion mill (pictured right, with 1 of Hodari's classic cars on display; click to enlarge) to abort her 4th baby, about 6 weeks old. She told me last night, "It's a day I'll never forget."

    Taffiney and her husband were having a hard time making ends meet with 3 children and didn't think they could afford another. Neither had been involved in abortion before but thought there was no other way out of their bind.

    On A-Day they began washing clothes at a nearby laundromat, and then Taffiney went ahead of her husband to Hodari's mill to start the paperwork....

    Continue reading "A Hodari save born this week"

    Hodari parades new trash cans

    Detroit Free Press today updated us on late-term abortionist and trash freer Alberto Hodari.

    And the news is very exciting. I hope you're sitting down:

    The owner of a Lathrup Village clinic accused of improperly disposing of medical waste said Tuesday that he's putting biohazard bags in every examination room to ensure that materials don't end up in regular trash bins again....

    Thumbnail image for biohazard2.jpg

    At his clinic in Lathrup Village... Hodari showed off eight new trash cans with red biohazard bags for hazardous materials. He has also purchased shredders for documents with patient information.

    What, did he call a press conference?

    So before now there were not biohazard bags in every "examination room," i.e., operating room in which to toss "materials," i.e., aborted babies?

    What an idiot. The reporter, too....

    Continue reading "Hodari parades new trash cans"

    Convicted felon abortionist is Chicago Public School principal

    I received this email yesterday from an 8th grader at Lavizzo Elementary School in Chicago:

    Abortionist Dr. Arnold Bickham is our PRINCIPAL....

    I read your article on Dr. Bickham. Well our students including teachers aren't comfortable with being around him and we want help. If he has this kind of back ground he shouldn't be able to work in this type of organization because you'll never know what he will try to do.....


    We want to go on strike and have the news up at our school because this is very disturbing news.

    I followed up by speaking by phone with the student.

    Long story short: It's true. Abortionist and principal Arnold Bickham (pictured right from school website) are one and the same.

    Having "abortionist" on one's resumé isn't necessarily grounds for not hiring.

    But Bickham is also a twice convicted felon....

    Continue reading "Convicted felon abortionist is Chicago Public School principal"

    Tiller caught on tape


    Last weekend 2 Students for Life of America staff members infiltrated a Feminist Majority Conference held at the National Education Association headquarters in DC.

    I'll never understand how the NEA could possibly support aborting it's future paychecks, but that's an aside.

    Special guest? George Tiller, infamous KS late-term abortionist. And SFL got video....

    Continue reading "Tiller caught on tape"

    Drudge covers Planned Parenthood racism

    drudge2.jpgDrudge today has picked up the story of UCLA pro-lifers who set up a sting to investigate whether Planned Parenthood would take donations specifically to abort black babies.

    Although PPs in 7 states were willing to take the genocide $, focus now is on Planned Parenthood of Idaho, whose director of development Autumn Kersey said on tape "absolutely" such a donation could be earmarked and that she was "excited" by the request.

    UCLA's The Advocate has released an extended play video, posting their actor's entire conversation with Kersey (at 1:30 on on video) along with a follow-up call to Kersey (at 4:40) wherein she denied it ever happened....

    Continue reading "Drudge covers Planned Parenthood racism"

    Today's Hodari trash talk: "Victims"

    FYI, I have established a Hodari archive off all postings and documents.

    Turns out late-term MI abortionist Alberto Hodari threw everything in his dumpster but the kitchen sink, which he likely uses to "sterilize" instruments.

    Hodari's garbage today reveals a pregnant mother can be "victim of failed birth control" or "victim of no birth control." From a questionnaire pulled from his trash:


    Hodari aborts many victims of no birth control. Below I have snipped sections from every form I've seen when that question was answered. Shockingly, all but one aborting mom had sex with no protection. The lone victim of failed birth control used the fabulously successful condom.....

    Continue reading "Today's Hodari trash talk: "Victims""

    "Lord abortion"

    Here's a song just posted on YouTube, "Lord Abortion," by the band Cradle of Filth. Don't look up the lyrics unless you want to be shocked and repulsed. They're X-rated. I couldn't post this if the words were intelligible. (WARNING: Near the end, you can pick up a couple of profanities.)

    This could be a parody of the worst of the heavy metal bands. But perhaps the name of the song gave me a different take. The video is demonic. It is horrible. It provides a realistic visual and guttural sense of the depravity of abortion, very disturbing.

    Dr. "Parental Consent?" Hodari

    Michigan law requires a girl under 18 to bring written permission from 1 parent or written permission from the court to her abortionist.

    In the 200+ medical records pro-lifers recovered from late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari's trash over the course of 4 Saturdays at 3 of his 6 mills, there was not 1 permission waiver from either parent or judge.

    Did Hodari get permission before aborting this girl, who was procuring a 2nd trimester abortion from him and whose record was 1 of those found? (VTP means Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy; more on these loans soon.) Click to enlarge:

    UPDATE, 12p: I have created a "Hodari" archive link, which you can see scrolling down on the right side of the home page. All Hodari articles will be available there.

    Dr. "Confidential" Hodari

    Found in late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari's dumpster in the piles of 200+ patient records (click to enlarge)....

    Interestingly and as an aside, it looks by the price change on the form below as if Hodari cuts deals, like a used car salesman....

    Continue reading "Dr. "Confidential" Hodari"

    Video of abortionist Hodari's trash

    Dr. Monica Miller shot video of the trash as they were removing it from MI abortionist Alberto Hodari's dumpster, a story I have been chronicling for 3 days now (read here and here).

    This 6-minute video is very disturbing. The last 2-1/2 minutes show the babies.

    I am horrified that so-called medical professionals would throw needles, drugs, and bloody biohazardous waste in the neighborhood trash, never mind the poor mutilated babies. And careless disregard for medical records is a federal offense.

    These combined actions must certainly have been criminal. Hodari's mills should be immediately shut down, and he should be thrown in jail.

    Hodari investigation news video

    Click on the graphic below to link to last night's WDIV newscast, indicating authorities searched Hodari's clinic yesterday as well as the dumpster. Also see Monica Miller interviewed near the end:


    200+ medical records, baby parts found in abortionist's dumpster

    hodari%204.jpgYesterday the Detroit News broke a story that pro-lifers had recovered aborted babies, medical records, and "blood soaked medical waste" from a dumpster at WomanCare in Lathrup Village, MI, owned by late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari (left).

    Last night I spoke with Dr. Monica Miller, the pro-lifer who kept the evidence until notifying police. Monica faxed me her police report and copies of documents retrieved from Hodari's trash. She also detailed more of what they found. This morning she emailed me photos, one you see posted on page 1, the rest on page 2....

    Continue reading "200+ medical records, baby parts found in abortionist's dumpster"

    In Hodari's dumpster

    hodari%20upi.jpgEveryone certainly remembers Alberto Hodari, the MI abortionist caught on videotape at Wayne State University 4 months ago bragging that he lies to patients, yadda yadda.

    Well, Alberto is lying to authorities now.

    I spoke with Dr. Monica Miller within the hour, one of the pro-lifers mentioned in the following Detroit News story who has been scavenging a dumpster at one of Hodari's 6 mills for the past month.

    Monica said she would get me photos and a copy of her police report tomorrow.

    Monica has been a pro-life activist since the 80s and has recovered whole aborted babies from dumpsters. I can't believe an abortionist would still be so stupid....

    Continue reading "In Hodari's dumpster"

    More on CA Planned Parenthood bilking scandal

    pp%20plot2.jpgI reported last week on the recently unsealed lawsuit charging 9 CA Planned Parenthoods with bilking the state out of $180 million by overcharging for contraceptives.

    This allegedly occurred from the late 1990s to 2004 when the CA legislature incredibly changed refund rules to let PP overcharge the state legally.

    I attached an email to the bottom of my post providing what I thought was an unrelated example showing how PP cuts deals with pharmaceuticals and then charges an outrageous mark-up to consumers....

    Continue reading "More on CA Planned Parenthood bilking scandal"

    Planned Parenthood accused of overcharging CA for contraceptives

    money%202.jpgThe Los Angeles Times reported today a heretofore sealed and as yet undecided 2005 court case alleging CA Planned Parenthood fired P. Victor Gonzalez as vp of finance after alerting "illegal accounting, billing and donations practices" of contraceptives to bosses to the tune of $180 million:

    The alleged over-billings began in the late 1990s and continued until the state Legislature changed the law in 2004 to allow Planned Parenthood to bill at a higher rate for oral contraceptives, said Gonzalez's lawyer, Jack Schuler....
    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood accused of overcharging CA for contraceptives"

    Leap year abortions

    My former employer, Christ Hospital, called in news crews to showcase its party for babies born on Leap Year, February 29. These are special babies who will only get to celebrate their actual birthday once every 4 years.

    Christ Hospital execs say it aborts far fewer than back in the day when I worked there. But its policy still states it will abort for life or health of the mother, fatal fetal anomalies, rape or incest, and "selective reduction" in the case of multiples. So who really knows what is going on there until the hospital changes its policy to abortion for life of the mother only.

    Thus, it is entirely possible that while cameras focused on babies born at Christ Hospital on Leap Year, staff were quietly committing Leap Year abortions off-camera nearby.

    Click on the image below for link to video:


    [HT: proofreader Angela]

    Condom Man MIA

    unavailable%202.jpgI previously reported a UCLA pro-life student group named The Advocate had posted their Condom Man exposé on YouTube. It showed UCLA "health center" faculty enabling a planned boat orgy by stocking a student with enough condoms to raise the craft if it were sinking.

    John Jansen of Pro-Life Action League alerted me a little while ago that the video has been disabled.

    Sure enough, yes, which The Advocate's website confirmed.

    I called Lila Rose, The Advocate's leader, who explained, "We handed copies of our winter issue directly to the vice chancellor and other officials under the chancellor's office. My suspicion is they contacted YouTube because our video reflected very poorly on them."

    Lila said she wasn't sure yet how The Advocate would respond.

    But I know our young upstarts will. Stay tuned.

    WND headlines Planned Parenthood bucks for blacks story

    wnd%20headline2.jpg is currently featuring as its headline story UCLA The Advocate's revelation of the willingness by various Planned Parenthoods to take money to abort blacks, which I reported February 26. From WND...

    Continue reading "WND headlines Planned Parenthood bucks for blacks story"

    New Planned Parenthood slogans

    Moderator Bethany just forwarded me these Planned Parenthood slogans she found on the Victoria Taft blog.


    Bethany wondered if these were jokes. I quickly responded, "Oh, yeah," but on 2nd glance I wondered.

    These are jokes, right?

    UPDATE, 9:20a: Per The Dawn Patrol via Michelle Malkin, these are real! They have got to be kidding. Dawn posts more PP ads from around the world.

    Phill Kline slams Slowhand and Crackbrain

    slowhand4.jpgI said yesterday there may be rats scurrying about the grand jury investigating Planned Parenthood of KS and MO for multiple accusations of illegal activity.

    Those rats would be Democrat judge Kevin Moriarty and his appointed special counsel supposedly helping the grand jury, Larry McClain, hereafter known as Slowhand and Crackbrain.

    I said PP's game plan is to run out the grand jury's 90-day clock, which expires March 9, by stalling. Slowhand and Crackbrain have been enabling PP to that end. It took Slowhand 40 days, for instance, to respond to PP's complaint about an issued subpoena....

    Continue reading "Phill Kline slams Slowhand and Crackbrain"

    Planned Parenthood takes bucks to abort blacks

    I said earlier today UCLA pro-lifers would be releasing a blockbuster issue of their student newspaper, The Advocate. Lila Rose just called to say its live, and here 'tis. Click cover, right, to enlarge.

    Here's the story:

    Over the summer, The Advocate... [had] an actor call [Planned Parenthood] clinics across the country and pose as a donor. The actor... communicated... a very racist agenda, the one Margaret Sanger, PP's founder, envisioned.

    He... asked to donate money specifically for the abortions of African-American babies... to "lower the number of blacks in America." Despite his bigoted requests, no PP employee (or director of development, in one case) declined the tainted money.... In fact, some even went as far as agreeing with the antiblack agenda....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood takes bucks to abort blacks"

    "Personal choice vs. retail choice" and other gems

    NARAL2.jpgEarlier this month NARAL Pro-Choice Washington breathlessly reported 10% of Washington state pharmacies don't stock or refuse to dispense the morning-after pill, thereby creating a crisis.

    It is irrelevant but fun to note that, according to the Abortion in Washington blog, the Washington State Pharmacy Association, although pro-MAP, promptly released a statement that it was "appalled by [NARAL's] sloppy data collection process and inaccurate conclusions... littered with errors, out-of-date information and inaccuracies." These included marking 30 pharmacies as both stocking and not stocking the MAP, etc.

    But what could NARAL do about it anyway, even if the number was truly scary, say 12%? In November a district court judge enjoined a new rule that would have forced pharmacists to stock and dispense the MAP, in violation of their 1st Amendment rights.

    I said all that to get to this....

    Continue reading ""Personal choice vs. retail choice" and other gems"

    Pro-abort prof to develop balanced abortion curriculum?

    teresa.jpgOh, please.

    Pro-abort, pro-gay Drury University professor Teresa Hornsby has been handed a grant by the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion to develop a "historic" college teaching program on abortion "that takes into consideration many different viewpoints."

    Hornsby is an expert on the pro-abort viewpoint, that's for sure.

    She sits on the board of the Abortion Conversation Project, where they "envision a world in which abortion is affirmed as a moral decision without stigma."...

    Continue reading "Pro-abort prof to develop balanced abortion curriculum?"

    Planned Parenthood runs the investigation against itself


    You may have read a February 23 Associated Press story about Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Missouri's epiphany....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood runs the investigation against itself"

    New ALL video

    On the heels of its victory over YouTube censorship, American Life League today released a new video, "Planned Parenthood kills for profit." PP has energized its streamlined enterprise to become a more lean, mean, killing machine.

    YouTube unbans ALL video

    A month ago I posted American Life League's new video, which it had posted on YouTube, spotlighting Planned Parenthood's new "Mile High" ad as well as other PP best of's.

    On February 11, ALL got notice YouTube had yanked its video for its "inappropriate nature."

    But get this. YouTube did not yank PP's original "Mile High" ad.

    Now, thanks to the pro-life community's outrage about YouTube's obvious viewpoint discrimination, it reinstated ALL's video yesterday, apologizing in an email there had been a "technical malfunction."

    Not true. YouTube's guidelines state, "If we remove your video after reviewing it, you can assume that we removed it purposefully, and you should take our warning notification seriously."

    So YouTube was unfairly censoring and just got caught.

    And now, back by demands for fairness, ALL's Planned Parenthood Sells Sex video:

    Jane Fonda and C-Day


    Yesterday was supposed to celebrate V-Day, devised 10 years ago by activist Eve Ensler to combat violence against women.

    In that decade V-Day has raised over $50 million, according to Fundraising Success magazine, largely by allowing groups to produce Ensler's play, The Vagina Monologues, as a benefit. Groups must apply, and V-Day must approve donation plans as well as receive 10% of proceeds.

    ensler%20fonda2.jpgSometimes star power helps sell VM tickets. Enter Jane Fonda, who has performed the play and yesterday appeared with Ensler on The Today Show to promote V-Day.

    The ever judgment-challenged Fonda decided to utter a word on morning network television from the VM that will never be ready for prime time and is, in fact, the most despicably sexist word in the English language: the c-word....

    Continue reading "Jane Fonda and C-Day"

    The fat lady has not yet sung in Aurora

    by Mary Kay Hastings

    fat_lady_sings.jpgLast month the City of Aurora dismissed motions pro-life attorneys filed to reverse permit decisions allowing Planned Parenthood to build.

    Now, pro-life advocates have filed suit against officials for the City's inexplicable contention that PP's permit approvals did not violate City zoning rules.

    The plaintiffs, including residents and Fox Valley Families Against Planned Parenthood, say the clinic misrepresented itself to the city and to the public, using a fictitious name, the Gemini Office Development corporation, to hide behind during the zoning approval process....

    Continue reading "The fat lady has not yet sung in Aurora"

    Planned Parenthood consolidates: Regional box stores

    by Jill Stanek

    naperville2.jpgPlanned Parenthood Chicago Area recently announced it closed its Naperville PP Express due to the opening of its nearby mega-abortion mill in Aurora.

    And IL Family Institute linked to a January 1 State Journal-Register article reporting the PP family planning clinic in Logan, IL, has closed due to "flat" government funding of many years.

    Citizen reported yesterday PP also "recently closed four sites in Michigan and merged several in Ohio."

    Shortage of funding is a ruse, since PP is almost a $1 billion annual operation with $400 MILLION sitting in the bank, according to Life Decisions International.

    PP has also increased its market share of abortions from 5% to 20% over the last decade, reported of IL Right to Life, incidentally made easier by the fact it gets government funding so it can undercut the competition.

    I have previously reported it appears PP launched a new marketing plan in the early 2000's to increase its share even more. Part of that plan is obviously to create new regional box stores, such as Aurora (22k sq ft) and Denver (50k sq ft). Graphic design of the latter mill below (sans security fence) is courtesy of PP Rocky Mountains:


    This all leads to some great questions posed by reader Eileen in an email, which I'll paraphrase.

    Why is PP merging and building bigger regional box mills? If they complain about the shortage of abortion clinics around the country, and that close access is imperative to garnering abortions, what is the benefit to women by merging and building bigger? Wouldn't they want to market smaller stores in more places?

    CO pro-life Super Bowl tailgate party

    by Jill Stanek

    super%20bowl%201.jpgAmericans held thousands of Super Bowl parties last Sunday to watch the New York Giants spoil the New England Patriots' perfect record.

    But I'll bet none were quite like this one.

    Fifty pro-life activists enjoyed the Super Bowl while picketing in front of the home of Lakewood, CO, resident Gary Meggison, senior executive of The Weitz Company, general contractor of Planned Parenthood's new Denver mega-mill....

    Continue reading "CO pro-life Super Bowl tailgate party"

    Crossed cultures and botched abortion

    usman.jpgThis sad story is all over the British press.

    It appears the Muslim family of 22-year-old Sabia Walla forced her to get a late-term abortion in Pakistan at 5 months gestation after learning she was pregnant by British national Usman Gulzar, 24 and pictured right, who she married in secret on December 27 in Scotland, where both families live.

    Walla died January 23 following a botched abortion. She was apparently pregnant when married.

    Here's a story snip, from The Daily Record, January 30:

    Usman Gulzar was last night dealing with the shocking revelation that his pregnant wife died after a botched abortion....
    Continue reading "Crossed cultures and botched abortion"

    Tiller's late-term abortions on parade

    Kansas law only allows abortions after 22 weeks if two physicians who are not legally or financially affiliated agree "a continuation of the patient's pregnancy would cause a substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function." That's it.

    If you haven't been following the story, a grand jury investigating George Tiller's late-term abortions has issued 2 subpoenas: One, for all abortions Tiller committed after 21 weeks from July 1, 2003, to January 18, 2008; and one for all patients post-21 weeks who did not get one. The jury has specified that all identifiers be removed.

    Tiller attorneys say this amounts to 2,000 records, and they filed a motion yesterday to block the subpoenas.

    Troy Newman of Operation Rescue testified before the grand jury the week before they issued the subpoenas, providing 200 pages of evidence, including photos of obviously late-term mothers entering Tiller's mill, below. My guess is many of these moms were carrying babies who were diagnosed, in their 2nd trimester, with handicaps.

    To this day, Tiller advertises late term abortions for fetal handicaps, which is not an accepted exemption by KS law.

    The first photo is of a non-aborting 22-week pregnant mom, to provide context.


    See more photos on page 2.

    Continue reading "Tiller's late-term abortions on parade"

    The Parable of the Good Abortionist

    In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, two people pass by a man on the side of the road who has been robbed, beaten, and left for dead. But a noble 3rd passerby sees that the beaten man has a child and stops to kill the child to spare the man more angst.

    parker.jpgWait. That's not what happened.

    No, the 3rd person spots the beaten man, roughs him up for more money, and then kills the child.

    Yes, that's it.

    That is actually the Parable of the Good Abortionist, as told by abortionist Willie Parker at the Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health website....

    Continue reading "The Parable of the Good Abortionist"

    NOW skewers Kennedy

    My, it was only yesterday that I posted NARAL prez Nancy Keenan's plead for factions within the abortion cabal to stop verbally aborting one another.

    Now comes this whopper of a rant, verging on hysterical, which doesn't bode well for the group that tries so hard to be men, NOW.

    And, strange that NOW expresses surprise at Kennedy's abandonment of women. Leaving them to drown must not meet NOW's criteria.

    This really is a remarkable display of total loss of control, and Keenan saw it coming. Liberals, who always try so hard to put on a unified face, are fracturing. Click to enlarge:

    [HT: Nathan Sheets]

    Papaya abortions

    papaya.bmpWithin one day, the smart collegians at Yale Daily News last week yanked a garish article on a commemoration of the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade by the Reproductive Rights Action League at Yale and Yale Medical Students for Choice.

    Ah, but through the wonders of caching, the piece is still available in all its tawdry glory:

    Students who walked into WLH 119 on Tuesday night were greeted with models of the female pelvis complete with fallopian tubes, cervixes, vaginas - and papayas on which to perform mock abortions....

    [RALY and YMSC] demonstrated different abortion methods and techniques, answered questions students had about the procedures and encouraged... the assembled crowd of about 15 students... to be active in abortion-rights groups....

    Continue reading "Papaya abortions"

    Planned Parenthood tries to censor pro-life ads

    Yesterday, I spotlighted 1 of 2 pro-life ads sponsored by the Second Look Project running on radio stations in liberal cities including the worst, San Francisco.

    Dawn Eden of Dawn Patrol just sent me this email alert from Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, trying to censor the ads (click to enlarge):

    Interestingly, when I clicked on PP's link that it said would disprove the radio ad, I got this:

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood tries to censor pro-life ads"

    Demonic deathscorts

    These freaky videos were taken in front of a Vienna, Austria, abortion mill owned by inaptly named abortionist Christian Fiala. He pays "escorts" to taunt pro-lifers from Human Life International praying in front of his mill.

    Each video is described in English and is between 4-4:30 minutes long. (See 2nd video on page 2.) picked up the story yesterday:

    Continue reading "Demonic deathscorts"

    What the other side is thinking

    From the Los Angeles Times, January 22, a fairly candid op ed by Frances Kissling (pictured 1st), former president of Catholics for a Free Choice, and Kate Michelman (pictured 2nd), former president of NARAL. Am posting excerpts here. Read entire piece on page 2.

    Abortion's battle of messages
    It's not 1973. Pro-choice forces must adjust to regain the moral high ground.

    ... Since Roe, U.S. public opinion has been relatively stable and favorable to legal abortion. Early efforts to overturn Roe failed miserably. Given this reality, the anti-choice movement changed tactics. It no longer focused primarily on banning abortions but concentrated on restricting the circumstances under which abortion would be available. It succeeded in shifting public attention from broad support for legal abortion to strong support for restricting access. Twenty years ago, being pro-life was déclassé. Now it is a respectable point of view.


    How did this happen? Did the pro-choice movement fail? Or did those opposed to abortion simply respond more effectively to the changing science as well as the social shift from the rights rage of the '60s to the responsibility culture of the '90s?

    In the 1970s, the arguments were simple and polarized: Abortion was either murder or a woman's right to control her body. The fetus, however, stayed largely invisible. The pro-choice movement stayed on the message offensive, tactically shifting in 1989 from women's bodies to the "who decides" question posed by NARAL.... But this was rapidly parried by the anti-choice demand that we look at what was being decided, not just who was deciding....

    Continue reading "What the other side is thinking"

    Guttmacher report inaccurate

    I reported earlier in the week I was skeptical of The Guttmacher Institute's most recent report indicating that by 2005 abortion had dropped 25% from its all time high of 1.6 million in 1990 to 1.2 million. Guttmacher, after all, is the research arm of the head of the abortion cabal, Planned Parenthood. Why no one in the MSM was skeptical comes as no surprise.

    Now Guttmacher has been found way off its numbers in at least 1 state, Illinois. Kudos to Bill Beckman of IL Right to Life for uncovering this. According to the Chicago Tribune, January 17:

    Rachel Jones, lead author of the report, noted that abortion rates can differ... from one part of the country to another. "Some states, such as Connecticut, had increases in the abortion rate," Jones said. "But Illinois had a larger-than-average decline -- the rate came down 19% from 2000 to 2005."

    Beckman responded in a Trib letter to the editor, published January 18:

    ... I did not recall such a drop being consistent with the data published by Illinois Dept of Public Health. I checked the IDPH Web site. [See stats right; click to enlarge]....

    Abortions in 2000 were 45,884 and in 2005 43,409. That change is only a 5.4% drop, far lower than the stated 19% drop. In my mind, this raises questions about what data is being used in the Guttmacher Institute report... and what level of reliability it should be given. If such inconsistencies exist for Illinois, what about the data for other states?

    To further emphasize my point, IDPH data for 2006 shows 46,467 abortions in Illinois, higher than the total for 2000, so no decrease at all.

    Why would Guttmacher lie? Lots of reasons....

    Continue reading "Guttmacher report inaccurate"

    Planned Parenthood abortion mill "blessed"

    satanist3.jpgPlanned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson announced the blessing of its new 18k sq. ft. building, which includes a "surgical wing," by press release, "On Sacred Ground - Blessing of the Building by Schenectady Clergy," according to the Times Union blog.

    Someone snapped a couple of photos of the clergy, although, I didn't think images of these people showed up on pictures. Maybe I'm thinking of vampires.

    A vampire blessing would have been more fitting, but they don't come out during the day, even one as tempting as the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, January 22, when this blessing was held.

    Speaking of which, the Times Union eeked a 438 word article on the March for Life, with crowd estimates anywhere from 100-250k, while lavishing 804 words to the PP blessing with "about three dozen" attendees. Plus that 127 word blog announcement. But I'm just getting picky. Back to the blessing. Quoting the TU:


    [T]he Rev. Larry Phillips of Schenectady's Emmanuel-Friedens Church declared the ground "sacred and holy ... where women's voices and stories are welcomed, valued and affirmed; sacred ground where women are treated with dignity, supported in their role as moral decision-makers ... sacred ground where the violent voices of hatred and oppression are quelled."...

    The Rev. Abby Norton-Levering... [said], "We pray that you will make this a place of safety and give a sense of sanctuary."...

    The Rev. Bill Levering, senior pastor of First Reformed Church of Schenectady, said the right to privacy is endowed by God....

    "Even God respects the right of privacy. We make women into children when we say they cannot control their own bodies," Levering said.

    Phillips led everyone outside where they laid their hands on the brick and limestone as the minister declared, "This is sacred ground."

    "We make women into children when we say they cannot control their own bodies"? What?

    [HT: Dawn Patrol]

    Killing girls

    A 54-minute documentary called Killing Girls is supposed to be in production now for release in 2008. (I wrote the director, David Kinsella, for more info but have not yet received a response.)

    The film is about a Russion late term abortion "department" for teens who abort up to 8 months gestation. Abortion is epidemic in Russia, where they say mothers have 2-10 each, despite the availability of contraceptives.

    I watched the trailer a few days ago on YouTube and remain distressed about these killing girls.

    Abortion is fashionable

    Last week it was Vogue showing us partial birth abortion chic with a photo of a post-pba mother modeling the latest in fashion smiling at her wanted live child.

    This week it's Planned Parenthood of Hawaii's tacky "Choice is fashionable" fundraiser (click to enlarge):

    If "choice" is indeed fashionable, they've chosen the wrong "haute" color.

    Should be red.

    [HT: Rock for Life]

    Planned Parenthood boycott and portfolio

    baby%20money.jpgLast week, someone forwarded me a article listing Life Decisions International's updated partial boycott list of businesses and non-profit organizations that donate or are affiliated with Planned Parenthood.

    I spotted two companies our family does business with: Carlson Travel Agencies and Wachovia.

    In fact, we were in the process of planning a vacation through Carlson, and I called my agent and said the deal was off if Carlson did not refute. I told the same to our Wachovia rep. Neither was happy about news of the possible PP connection, and both immediately checked into it.

    Carlson's corporate response came the next day....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood boycott and portfolio"

    Who pays for Planned Parenthood's "sell sex" ads?

    We the taxpayers do. American Life League has just posted its latest video report spotlighting Planned Parenthood's new "Mile High" ad as well as favorite moments from other PP ads. Who could forget, for instance, the PP superhero who blasted pro-lifers to smithereens with a gun loaded with condoms?

    ALL makes the connection between selling sex, selling contraceptives, and selling abortion. Of course.

    In ALL's release announcing its latest video it noted that PP is starting to take notice of its ads in blogs and podcasts. Kudos!

    Planned Parenthood ♥s Barack Obama

    I'm flattered. The Truth About Margaret Sanger blog is calling Day Gardner and me "the other Obama girls." Day is president of the National Black Pro-Life Union and also has had plenty to say about Obama's radical pro-abortion position.

    But Obama girls like us won't be sending him any valentines this year. Not to worry, Obama's girls at Planned Parenthood are sending him plenty of love. This will be tricky since they're all heartless.


    Obama loves PP, too. Actually, they prostitute one another. PP helps elect Obama so he can turn around and appropriate tax money to it. He's trying to legislate PP an abortuary load of cash at the moment. PP explains why in its Obama love note....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood ♥s Barack Obama"

    Planned Parenthood Denver forgets it aborts

    Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains is now advertising its new mega-abortion mill, currently under construction (click to enlarge):

    Two probs with the ad....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood Denver forgets it aborts"

    ABC News, "The abortion vote the GOP is planning to use to bring down Obama"

    obama%20point.jpgBill and Hillary Clinton recently complained the press has not scrutinized Barack Obama's "poetry" and "fairy tales."

    Yesterday, several political pundits anticipated that any day now the MSM will begin knocking Obama off the pedestal upon which they have placed him, particularly in light of the Clintons' criticism and the embarrassment of their pollsters getting the NH primary so wrong.

    That day has arrived. Finally.

    From ABC News today, titled, "The abortion vote the GOP is planning to use to bring down Obama"...

    Continue reading "ABC News, "The abortion vote the GOP is planning to use to bring down Obama""

    Planned Parenthood's "Mile High" ad

    MK and Sara emailed me a link to this ad last week, and I just didn't see anything new to get worked up about. I think I'm jaded. But pro-life news orgs and friends have been spotlighting it, so I'll join the gang:

    The only part of the ad I think worth noting is Planned Parenthood's flagrant stereotyping of homosexuals. Were our side to make a comedic ad featuring a flaming lispy gay with bent wrists, the movement would beat us with rainbow flags.

    But the homosexual and abortion movements are best buds, as I often say, so they laugh and work together. They both have the same goal: illicit sex with no consequences.

    Perhaps you see something else in the ad to discuss...

    Planned Parenthood promotes NFP?

    Is this Planned Parenthood promoting Natural Family Planning? Not quite, but close.

    Cyclebeads are based on the new Standard Days Method developed in 1998 by the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University.

    The diff?...

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood promotes NFP?"

    Strike, please


    They'll show us. The New York Times reports today that abortion mills in Spain began a 5-day strike yesterday....

    Continue reading "Strike, please"

    What I did on my college break

    We've been chronicling the Denver Families Against Planned Parenthood protests of various executives helping build the Denver Planned Parenthood mega-abortion mill.

    On December 29, they were again protesting the home of Bill Hornaday, president of The Weitz Company Rocky Mountain division, the PP project's general contractor, when his son appeared, home from college. What a sterling example his father has set for him. Hope the big, fat bonus is worth it.

    At any rate, father and son packed up and left right after the group arrived, son shielding his face from the video camera with a newspaper. As Will Duffy, group organizer, said in an email to me, "Who would want to put up with this?" I agree. And they certainly don't have to.

    Here's a funny addendum. The Greenwood Village City Council, where Hornaday lives, recently passed ordinances trying to stifle pro-life protests, limiting length of stay, number of protesters, etc. So on New Year's Day, pro-lifers protested the home of Jerry Presley, ringleader of the city council First Amendment squash attempt. He promptly called the police, but the group was following the rules, so they couldn't be stopped....

    [More photos on page 2]

    Continue reading "What I did on my college break"

    Live blogging from the Aurora ZBA meeting

    attorneys.jpgGo to Families Against Planned Parenthood now.

    [HT: AB Laura]

    UPDATE, 8:05p: The Aurora Zoning Board of Appeals voted unanimously to dismiss our side's appeal. We're going to state court.

    [Photos of our side's attorneys courtesy of Families Against Planned Parenthood]

    Borat and the abortion turf wars

    I didn't know Borat had gotten into the abortion business, but clearly he wrote the tantalizing press release today about this big announcement (click to enlarge):

    Curious to learn more about abortion clinics in dire need as well as how the world of female medical problems could be revolutionized, I went to

    Continue reading "Borat and the abortion turf wars"

    Showdown at the Denver Planned Parenthood corral


    Protests. This is what executives of The Weitz Company, general contractor helping Planned Parenthood build its new mega-abortion mill in Denver, can expect for as long as the facility is open if they don't bail on the project by January 31. The aforementioned was taken at a New Year's picket January 1.

    The Denver Families Against Planned Parenthood has drawn a line in the sand by launching the Collaborator's Project:

    The deadline has been set. The Weitz Company has until January 31st to stop building America's largest child-killing facility or inherit permanent collaborator's status. Permanent collaborator's status includes home protests as long as they are killing little children in the facility they build.

    The group includes as collaborators....

    Continue reading "Showdown at the Denver Planned Parenthood corral"

    Planned Parenthood Aurora: financed under false pretenses

    In May 2007 Planned Parenthood Chicago Area requested and received a bond rating as a nonprofit organization ("501(c)3") from the IL Finance Authority that allowed it to borrow at a cheaper rate to build its Aurora abortion mill (click to enlarge):

    In an excellent article today, WorldNetDaily is raising that issue as well as recapping multiple zoning and ordinance violations by PP as well as city official apparent cover-ups....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood Aurora: financed under false pretenses"

    January 7: Big day in Aurora Planned Parenthood saga

    There will be an important Aurora Zoning Board of Appeals meeting this coming Monday, January 7, with 3 big issues on tap.


    Based on the 3 issues, the ZBA will either decide to close down Planned Parenthood for multiple ordinance and zoning violations, or not.

    If so great, the rule of law has prevailed. If not, our side will take the City of Aurora to court if the ZBA agrees with it on #1 to force the City to follow its own city laws, according to Thomas More Society attorney Peter Breen in an email to me.

    The 3 issues....

    Continue reading "January 7: Big day in Aurora Planned Parenthood saga"

    Empty manger appears at Planned Parenthood Aurora

    Recall that Dominick's/Safeway erected a now illegal temporary fence on its vacant lot across from Planned Parenthood after PP complained. (The fence is now illegal because its temporary permit expired a couple of weeks ago.)

    Well, Mary Lu at the Families Against Planned Parenthood blog posted a photo on Christmas morning of an empty manger spotted inside the fence (click to enlarge):

    That's the PP mill in the background. The roof of the manger was a two-sided sign....

    Continue reading "Empty manger appears at Planned Parenthood Aurora"

    Pro-life = Pro-forced abortion?

    Debs over at the Abortion is a Woman's Right blog has created what she is aptly calling the Pro-Choice Carnival.

    "This Carnival aims to highlight some of the best writing on the theme of a woman's right to choose," explained Debs, who then listed some winners, including an interesting January 2007 post from Jill at Feministe. I missed that one, although I'm often too busy to keep up with the pro-abort circus, I admit. But it's a new argument to me:

    I am pro-choice because I believe that if we outlaw a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy, there is no legal argument against forcing a woman to terminate a pregnancy, or disallowing certain people from reproducing.


    Love the logo, btw.

    What Jill means is if we outlaw a woman the right to say yes or no to abortion, the government can force her to abort....

    Continue reading "Pro-life = Pro-forced abortion?"

    The #1 most moronic story of 2007

    I'm so excited! According to blogger spatula at the left wing, the #1 Most Moronic Story of 2007 was (drumroll, please)...

    Had the other side not been damaged by the Aurora PP debacle, it would not even have been remembered to make the list, but #1! It even beat Iraq!

    And by the way, there is plenty of evidence of wrong-doing. But Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and city attorney Alayne Weingartz are going to moronic lengths to overlook the rule of law in their strange quest to enable PP. Meanwhile, pro-life investigations, lawsuits and subpoenas still abound. Stay tuned.

    And to all pro-lifers helping fueling the Aurora PP story, please take a bow.

    Pro-life video power

    2007 saw pro-lifers really begin to tap into the power of videos and YouTube to present our message. Who can forget the clips by seminarians at Institute for Priestly Formation in Omaha who spun Apple vs. Microsoft ads into witty NFP vs. contraception ads?

    And who knew abortion could be satired? Well, abortiondoc did....

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    White Weitz Christmas

    I reported December 23 that the pro-life group Families Against Planned Parenthood in Denver planned to picket the home of a Weitz Company official on Christmas morning. Weitz is the general contractor for PP's new mega-abortion mill.

    The picket recipient was Bill Hornaday, president of Weitz's Rocky Mountain outlet.

    A pro-abort commenter recently suggested that pro-aborts picket homes of pro-lifers. I responded that will never happen because pro-aborts have no drive or intestinal fortitude. You only see a sprinkling, if any, at a pro-life rally. Note, for instance, the Aurora PP protests, where pro-lifers consistently outnumber pro-aborts 1000:17 (or less). And forget it if the temperature drops below 70 or climbs above 80.

    The photos below demonstrate the utmost of pro-life resolve: Picketing during a blizzard on Christmas morning. Whether or not you agreed with their strategy, you must admire their dedication.

    UPDATE, 2:45p: One of the pro-life protesters informed me they protested five executives altogether: Bill Hornaday, previously noted; Gary Meggison, Weitz senior vp; Don Gendol, Weitz executive; Reid Goodman, abortionist; and Ed Kubly of Big R Construction.


    See more photos on page 2.

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    Jamie and Juno alarm feminists

    Tell me again feminists are pro-"choice" and not pro-abortion. Tell me again they don't push abortion.

    Clearly the feminist community prefers mothers in unplanned or crisis pregnancies abort. What an odd turn of events if girls have decided to listen to only half their message: have sex like rabbits but not abort the bunnies?

    jamie%20smile.jpgIf this is indeed a cultural shift, eugenicist Margaret Sanger will turn over in her grave. Her scheme will have backfired.

    From The Star, December 20:

    Could something as unglamorous as an unplanned pregnancy be Hollywood's latest hot trend?

    Earlier this week, Jamie Lynn Spears, the 16-year-old sister of Britney Spears, said she was expecting and plans to keep the baby.

    She's hardly alone. Lily Allen, Nicole Richie, Bridget Moynahan and Keisha Castle-Hughes are among the young stars who have recently announced surprise babies.

    (Let's take a quiz. How many of the aforementioned were products of comprehensive sex ed vs. abstinence ed?)...

    Continue reading "Jamie and Juno alarm feminists"

    Just out, Planned Parenthood's newest "Choice on Earth" cards

    Earlier this month Planned Parenthood issued its 13th annual "Choice on Earth" anti-Christmas cards, as I reported here.

    Apparently, I overlooked a couple....



    Actually, these are just suggestions for PP from The Curt Jester, but I like them, I really like them. See more at Curt's site.

    [HT: moderator MK]

    "Asi se aborta en España"

    That means, "This is How Abortions are Done in Spain," a groundbreaking program showing abortions on Spanish national television for the first time last week. If only the American media were so honest.

    According to, a reporter posing as an abortionist seeking work at El Bosque de Madrid got the footage. The report is entirely in Spanish, a tad frustrating.

    Following is the exposé. The first of 2 abortions is shown at 9:12. They are induced labor abortions, such as I witnessed at Christ Hospital. The first mother in the video appears to have had an epidural because her legs are floppy. Not sure on the 2nd. The brown tube is a catheter into the bladder, inserted because pregnant mothers with epidurals have lost the urge to urinate, and an empty bladder also makes more room for the baby to come down.

    These mothers have had medication or laminaria (seaweed sticks) inserted into the birth canal to open the cervix, a process that can take 1 day to several days. The nurse has assessed they're ready to deliver. Little push, and the babies are out. The video states 1 of the babies, shown in the soiled utility room later, was 20-21 weeks old, or 5 months. LSN reported staff killed the baby beforehand by lethal injection. I wish someone would translate the video into English. LSN has done some transcribing, which I've excerpted on page 2.

    Continue reading ""Asi se aborta en España""

    Denver Planned Parenthood's layers of deception

    The owner of Lucht's Concrete Pumping in Denver is a Christian.

    So he was watching for any job proposals crossing his desk to help construct the new Denver Planned Parenthood abortion mill from PP's front company, Fuller 38 LLC, or PP's general contractor, Weitz Company.

    But he didn't know to watch for a proposal coming from JOB Concrete, Inc., owned by John O'Brien of Bloomfield, CO, hired by Weitz to hire a concrete pumping subcontractor.

    One of Lucht's workers was watching the following December 16 local Fox News broadcast about pro-life protests at the PP site as well as at the home last weekend of Ed Kubly of Big R Construction, a subcontractor who has agreed to work for PP's blood money, and realized the site at which they were working was PP's. Click on image to link:


    The morning after that broadcast, December 17, Lucht's pulled its equipment and workers off the site and donated the $1800 it had been paid to Keep Peace in Stapleton, the group organizing the PP protests.

    When Steve Lucht called O'Brien to ask why he didn't tell him he was being hired to build for PP, he said O'Brien's response was, "Just cover the logos on your vehicle and you should be fine."

    In October, Gary Meggison, Weitz senior vp, told Rocky Mountain News, "he... has been up front with subcontractors on the project about its controversial nature."

    Mr. Meggison, it appears quite the opposite. Why? Aren't you "pro-choice" on allowing your subcontractors and workers to decide whether they want to help build an abortion mill?

    Choice destroys peace

    I find it sadly ironic that the word Planned Parenthood chose (no pun intended) to replace the word "Choice" is "Peace" since that is exactly what is destroyed by the choice of abortion which they promote and carry out.... "The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion." ~ Mother Teresa

    ~ Blogger Reflections of a Paralytic, December 19

    Here is American Life League's take on Planned Parenthood's 2007 "Choice on Earth" cards, which I posted a couple of weeks ago. The ALL video also shows a blasphemous soft porn commercial by PP:

    In a press statement with release of the video, ALL's vp Jim Sedlak said, "By changing the word 'peace' to 'choice', Planned Parenthood is effectively implying that Mary should have considered aborting Jesus.... King Herod sent soldiers out to slaughter babies because he wanted to kill Jesus. Two thousand years later, Planned Parenthood is still doing all it can to kill babies. That is what their motto 'Choice on Earth' really means."

    [HT: moderator jasper and ALL's Michael Hichborn]

    UPDATE, 1:10p: Read "release [of] some atheist angst" over my post at The Huntress' Domain.

    Killing without consequences

    I received a call this afternoon from Eileen Smith, mother of Laura Hope Smith, who was killed by abortionist Rapin Osathanondh at Women's Health Center, 68 Camp St., Hyannis, MA, on September 13, 2007.

    Laura%20Hope%20%282%293.jpgLaura was 22 years old and 13 weeks pregnant. Her fiance, a soldier stationed in Iraq, left to her the "choice" whether their baby lived or died. Laura sadly chose death.

    Osathanondh, still in business, operates a one-man mill. He's the only medical professional on his premises with two sidekicks, a receptionist and a patient "hand holder".

    Incredibly, Osathanondh to this day administers general anesthesia by himself and then commits the abortion by himself. There is apparently no MA law against this.

    Laura died on Osathanondh's table. Details are unknown, but her toxicology report came back normal. Apparently, the anesthesia simply overcame her. Osathanondh may or may not have been in the room at the time. When he found her or realized she wasn't breathing, he yelled for his receptionist to call 911, but she had already left for the day. So the hand holder called. I think she was confused and thought she was ordering a pizza. Hear for yourself....

    Continue reading "Killing without consequences"

    Justice for moderator Mary Kay (MK)

    mk2.jpgA week or so ago I posted as quote of the day this comment by Des Plaines, IL, Police Chief James Prandini, taken from the Chicago Tribune, on the firing of Officer Dick Lalowski for harrassing pro-life sidewalk counselors at an abortion mill:

    "This was an important case for us. It sets the tone for our conduct. We can't have officers treat people like this."

    I didn't put 2 and 2 together until later that our own moderator Mary Kay (MK) was one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit that drew the termination! She told me about the lawsuit awhile back, but pro-lifers around the country are so busy suing police and cities for First Amendment violations, I at first considered this "just" another victory - because we do inevitably win.

    So, congrats, MK!

    Here is the story in brief, from the Daily Herald....

    Continue reading "Justice for moderator Mary Kay (MK)"

    Saturday: Aurora Officials Anarchy Day

    fence%203.bmpI've never known a city government to commit anarchy against itself, but now there's Aurora.

    City officials have ignored their own ordinances and zoning requirements to allow liar and thug Planned Parenthood to settle in after weaseling in, creating havoc and lowering property values. That was a great idea.

    fence%201.bmpSo when I found out Dominick/Safeway's temporary permit for its hideous temporary chain link ghetto fence expires tomorrow, I thought not to expect Aurora officials to suddenly become law-abiding and demand they tear down that see-through wall.

    Dominick's has owned a vacant lot across from the new PP mill for several years but suddenly erected the fence 9 days after PP's opening.

    But wait, there's more anarchy to behold, on a grander scale....

    Continue reading "Saturday: Aurora Officials Anarchy Day"

    Aurora prayer interrogation

    I previously posted about the Aurora police threatening to arrest a man for praying on a sidewalk while walking his baby across the street from Planned Parenthood.

    Well, J. T. Eschbach of ChicagoProLifeActivist shot video that day and has posted it on YouTube.

    The video demonstrates that the clear violation of Roger Earl's First Amendment rights was worse than thought. A female police officer actually dared to ask him what he was praying about. Incredible.

    Aurora bombshells: subpoenas, permits, and gag orders

    Well, well. Turns out the occupancy permits the City of Aurora issued Planned Parenthood on October 2 were only temporary, and the last of the three issued expires December 17.

    What will the City do? Neighborhood property owners filed an appeal moments before PP opened, which should have stopped it but didn't. Now? "It would be blatantly improper for the City to keep issuing permits while hearings are underway," Peter Breen told me, speaking on behalf of the Thomas More Society, the legal group leading the effort to shut down PP.

    weingartz.jpgMeanwhile, pro-PP (or anti-discovery of incompetence) Aurora counsel Alayne Weingartz, pictured left at last night's Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, has since November 15 been admitting without fanfare that all along PP's approval process city officials were going by the wrong ordinance. She now correctly refers to ordinance 093-124 in her written documents about PP rather than the incorrect 093-123.

    So what? 093-124 states the PP property is zoned BB (business boulevard), which flat out prohibits nonprofit health facilities from being built, and 093-123 doesn't.

    Aurora officials have now admitted they screwed up but are still asking the Zoning Board of Appeals to dismiss the appeal, i.e., to dismiss the rights of Aurora citizens. They are also trying to argue the ZBA has no jurisdiction anyway.

    As this goes on, it is becoming clear that Aurora officials, foremost Weingartz and Mayor Tom Weisner, are either grossly incompetent or covering up a scandal.

    Which leads to our side's request of the ZBA for permission to issue subpoenas. Weingartz has refused to hand over relevant documents.

    The ZBA slapped Weingartz at last night's ZBA meeting and ordered her to cough up several. But she's still fighting several, including emails and phone calls made to the supposed independent investigators who stated PP and its front company, Gemini Office Development, were slimy but not crooks for hiding until the last minute that the "medical building" GOD constructed was actually a PP abortion mill.


    It appears by their reports that two of the investigators made their decisions based on bad information: ordinance 093-123. So our side wants to deposition those two, along with city workers, to whom Weingartz has issued a gag order, threatening our attorneys with disbarment if they try to talk to any of them.

    Stay tuned until January 7, when the ZBA will decide whether it has authority to hear the appeal and whether it will allow Thomas More Society to issue subpoenas.

    Also see posts by Families Against Planned Parenthood and OpenlineBlog, and an article in today's Aurora Beacon.

    Folsom Street Fair

    WARNING: Explicit material follows....

    Continue reading "Folsom Street Fair"

    "America's most renown anti-abortion extremist" visits Denver

    I reported last week that Ann, Joe, and Eric Scheidler, and J. T. Eschbach were planning to travel to Denver this past weekend to rally the troops to fight Planned Parenthood building its new largest mill in the Mile High City.

    Keith Mason provided me with details of the action.


    The above photo is of nearly 300 people picketing outside the proposed abortuary Saturday morning. (That's Eric Scheidler speaking into the megaphone, with Joe's hat to his left.)

    As planned, the rally moved to the nearby Radisson. Fortunately, the hotel was under contract, because PP tried to shut the pro-life event down by calling the hotel and saying it would be hosting America's most renown anti-abortion extremist....

    (More photos on page 2.)

    Continue reading ""America's most renown anti-abortion extremist" visits Denver"

    Choice on earth

    Since 1994 Planned Parenthood has enjoyed poking Christians with sticks at Christmas, mocking the birth of Jesus with their unique holiday greeting cards. This year PP offers the same ole same ole "Choice on Earth" options along with a lie for good measure - pretending to like children.

    The creative geniuses at Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, who previously brought us "Superheroes for Choice," a cartoon depicting violence against pro-lifers that included decapitation, have designed their own Hanukkah styled card (last in row). Their festival of lights includes justice, safety, and prevention. We share the same goals but are just 180 degrees separated on how to meet them.

    In 2002, then-PP president Gloria Feldt said PP's supporters were "energized by the vicious criticism of our holiday card." But I'm not seeing much attention paid to PP's cards this year. They've apparently become blase.

    So as not to disappoint PP, I now present them for your vicious criticism (click to enlarge, except last):

    See 6 more festive holiday abortion cards on page 2.

    Continue reading "Choice on earth"

    Breaking news: New group challenges National Right to Life

    breaking.jpgI was given this news tip yesterday, but actually Time magazine broke the story November 21, which no one apparently picked up on, perhaps because it was only posted online:

    [B]ut what's clear is that the anti-abortion movement is fractured. Colorado Right to Life has a mailing list of 10,000 and a $100,000 budget but is no longer affiliated with the National Right to Life Committee - "kicked out," says [CRTL spokesman and Denver Christian radio talk show host Bob] Enyart. He explains that the NRLC has refused to back "personhood" for decades, citing the unlikelihood that it would pass muster with the U.S. Supreme Court....

    And this week in Washington, the same coalition, with representatives from 12 states, plans to announce a new national splinter group - American Right to Life - which will be headed by Brian Rohrbough, whose son Daniel died in the Columbine shootings and who has been an outspoken critic of the American "culture of death."

    Here's more of the scoop, provided by Leslie Hanks of CRTL and ARTL, who I called after getting the tip....

    Continue reading "Breaking news: New group challenges National Right to Life"

    Georgia RTL bucks National RTL on prez endorsement

    grtl.pngThe Georgia Right to Life PAC released a press release yesterday afternoon endorsing Mike Huckabee for president, snubbing National Right to Life's pick, Fred Thompson.

    The first paragraph is verrrry interesting....

    Continue reading "Georgia RTL bucks National RTL on prez endorsement"

    Status of Hialeah baby

    giuliani%20fl.jpgCNN featured a photo of Rudy Giuliani signing autographs in Hialeah, FL, yesterday, which prompted me to check on the status of the Hialeah baby abortion murder case.


    On the morning of July 20, 2006, an 18-year-old pregnant mother returned to A Gyn Diagnostics Center in Hialeah, now shut down, to abort her 23-week-old baby after having been given a medication to dilate her cervix the day before.

    She complained of abdominal pain all day with abortionist Frantz Basile nowhere to be found. Finally, between 2-2:30p, she delivered the baby alive with at least one clinic worker present. Both saw the baby gasping for air and moving.

    Clinic owner Belkis Gonzales allegedly came into the room, cut the cord, and put the living baby into a biohazard bag containing bleach....

    Continue reading "Status of Hialeah baby"

    Sex manual for kids

    it%27s%20perfectly%20normal.jpgAmerican Life League/Rock for Life are making good use of YouTube.

    They've just uploaded a video expose of, It's Perfectly Normal, a book supposedly for kids ages 9-12 that has been banned from at least one prison as pornographic.

    News to me, the book lists the anus as a sex organ, certainly not its original or ongoing purpose.

    And the decent among us have united. It's Perfectly Normal topped the American Library Association's list of "most frequently challenged books of 2005" for "homosexuality, nudity, sex education, religious viewpoint, abortion and being unsuited to age group," and ranked #15 in ALA's list of "100 most frequently challenged books 1990-2000" - even though it was published more than halfway through the decade, in 1996.

    Of course, Planned Parenthood endorses It's Perfectly Normal. Good for business. The book promotes abortion, of course.

    [HT: moderator Bethany]

    Aurora meets Denver

    Get ready, Planned Parenthood. Pro-Life Action League's Ann, Joe, and Eric Scheidler, along with J. T. Eschbach of ChicagoProLifeActivist fame, will travel to Denver Friday to launch two days of events, including a strategy meeting, a rally at the proposed Denver PP site, and a fundraiser.

    Click on page 1 of flyer to see enlarged pdf and page 2:


    Also see for up-to-date info.

    Aurora gestapo


    This makes sense. After an abortion business lies its way into a city and citizens overwhelmingly oppose it, city officials turn on the citizens.

    With no plan in sight to pour sidewalks so those citizens can safely protest according to their First Amendment rights, or even so the poor women of America can safely trudge barefoot and accidentally pregnant to Planned Parenthood's largest abortion mill in the U.S., Aurora city officials have instead erected nonsensical signs to nowhere banning pro-life presense from anywhere across the street from PP (click to enlarge)....

    Continue reading "Aurora gestapo"

    Happy Thanksgiving from Cecile Richards

    Click to enlarge....

    Know that a very expensive public relations firm designed this message and the message within the message, including the prominently pregnant worker and Cecile's "family" imagery. I always like to analyze how PP tries to portray itself and then, of course, why.

    Thought you also might be interested in this video I stumbled on of Cecile speaking at Planned Parenthood Aurora on October 10, about a week after it opened.

    "... some of the ugliest protesters we've seen in more than a decade.... we're on the blogosphere...."


    [HT for Cecile's Thanksgiving message: John Jansen at Pro-Life Action League]

    CO pro-life protest and BBQ

    les%204%20-%20bbq.jpgIn Chicago we have tailgate parties before Bears games. In Colorado pro-lifers have tailgate parties at protests. Major hoot.

    Here's the report from Leslie Hanks:

    On November 18, 30-40 Denver pro-life activists enjoyed hot dogs and hamburgers at a protest and BBQ in front of the Cherry Hills Village home of Weitz Construction executive, Bill Hornaday.

    Although it appeared that the Hornadays were not home, most of his neighbors saw the signs of aborted babies and "Abortion is always wrong" signs Planned Parenthood opponents carried. The youngest protester was a 5 day old baby boy....

    One forlorn young woman... sat in her front yard with a hand made sign indicating her family will donate to Planned Parenthood every time there is a protest of the new super death camp's construction company executive. Ironically, she told pro-lifers she was adopted, but she sadly championed a woman's right to "choose."

    See more photos, including that sign, on page 2.

    Continue reading "CO pro-life protest and BBQ"

    Hodari's "license to lie"

    I blogged here and here that Wayne State University's Medical Students for Choice invited late-term MI abortionist Alberto Hodari to speak November 9.

    Students for Life of America was there to catch the 50 minute speech on videotape with two cameras and will be releasing "best of" clips. The first is below.

    student2.jpgLet me preface the clip by giving a shout out to the WSU abortion apprentices who invited Hodari: Kia Jones, Jonathan Oakes, Katie O'Connell, and Cynthia Velting-Kidder. I'm not sure which one introduced Hodari, but there's her picture on the right.

    And we upset her, sorry to say. At the close of her intro she said, "I'm sure pretty much everyone here knows that this has been... there's been a lot of [unintelligible] surrounding this talk. One of our fellow students sent our flyer to the national pro-life people. We are now all blogged on their blogs, and you know, it's pretty upsetting that a fellow student would do that to us, brand us, so people know what kind of people we are. But we're here to stay and we're not intimidated by that and we really appreciate everyone coming out becuase it makes all that perhaps worth it."

    I'm not sure why we would be considered intimidating when the young woman was standing next to a man who has been accused of killing at least two women and maiming many more.

    And "brand"? Why would publicizing one's profession be considered "branding"? She should thank us. I'm hurt. And my dear, you don't need pro-life bloggers to broadcast what kind of people you are. You're doing fine broadcasting that on your own.

    At any rate, here is the first clip, and it will not disappoint After ridiculing aborting fathers who pass out while observing their child being sliced and diced, Hodari admits to lying to both father and patients about the procedure. Hodari's braggadocio is quite shocking, quite stupid, actually. What a guy. How long will abortion proponents try to say these quack abortionists are anomalies?

    Note this abortionist only lies less now thanks to public education about abortion, no thanks to the industry. This video clip should be shown at every legislative hearing on Women's Right to Know laws - which the industry always fights. It's no wonder.

    National Right to Life

    I'm not too happy with the National Right to Life Committee these days.

    The tipping point was learning on November 3 while attending a speech given by Hadley Arkes at Valparaiso University that NRLC originally opposed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which Hadley wrote and which I testified regarding. Hadley explained during his speech the Partial Birth Abortion Ban was coming to the fore about that time, and NRLC thought it more important and that BAIPA was too soft.

    castle.gifAdd to that, NRLC actively opposed the South Dakota Abortion Ban and is currently actively opposing the Georgia Human Life Amendment.

    There may be pragmatism and smart politics and all involved in these NRLC decisions, but when a pro-life organization takes the same position as pro-abortion organizations, something is wrong.

    There are other things, but that's enough of a backdrop.

    So about Fred Thompson.

    NRLC's endorsement might be the best decision. I just know he's not the best pro-life candidate. There is at least one other who is polling as well or stronger, and he's more pro-life, and that's Mike Huckabee. I'm not in Huckabee's camp, but when I compare the two, I just don't get NRLC's endorsement. I'm cynical.

    I'm wondering if the leadership of NRLC, which has been the same forever, has become too immersed in the DC culture. This would go a long way toward explaining support for Thompson (and his wife) over Huckabee. Also recall NRLC immediately jumped on board the Harriet Miers bandwagon.

    I'm wondering when pragmatism and smart politics become something else.

    UPDATE, 10:10a: Email from "Washington insider," as s/he wants to be identified, on the question of NRLC's endorsement of Thompson:

    Don't really know what to make of it. It's a prudential judgment, obviously: the result of a no-doubt complicated calculation of who is most likely to win divided by the square of who is least objectionable on the issue times an estimate of what states they can make a difference for him in.... Like any early endorsement, it's a gamble: if he wins, they're in like Flynn. If he loses....

    Judge Judy to hear Tiller case?

    judy2.jpgBoth Judge Judy and Judge Roy Brown are vying to hear a small claims court case filed by KS pro-life activist Mark Gietzen against late-term Wichita abortionist George Tiller, who was served yesterday.

    Gietzen is requesting the maximum allowable, $4,000, for injuries he sustained after Tiller allegedly ran him over and then fled the scene outside his abortion mill last year.

    The details of the hit-and-run, according to an Operation Rescue press release:

    Gietzen says that as he and another man were measuring the driveway to insure that certain prayer activities were within the law, when Tiller accelerated his Jeep Grand Cherokee directly at them, even turning to continue to aim at them as they began to move out of the way. Tiller’s Jeep struck Gietzen as he attempted to move, bruising his arm and leg, and causing pain for several months.

    Tiller should definitely agree to let either Judge Judy or Roy hear this case. The shows pay the claim, so Tiller would get to keep a late-term abortion's worth of money rather than hand it over to a pro-lifer.

    See letters from both show producers on page 2.

    Continue reading "Judge Judy to hear Tiller case?"

    Abortionist Hodari protest at Wayne State today

    Citizens for a Pro-Life Society is planning a protest today of late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari's scheduled appearance at the behest of Wayne State University's Medical Students for Choice for an unappetizing "lunchtime seminar":


    Continue reading "Abortionist Hodari protest at Wayne State today"

    Senators call to abort Planned Parenthood funding

    brownback.jpgFollowing the lead of 60 pro-life/pro-family groups who on October 24 sent a letter to every US senator and congressman asking them to suspend federal funding of Planned Parenthood, US Sen. Sam Brownback and 12 other senators sent a letter Tuesday to chairmen of both the Senate and House Appropriations Committees. asking the same:

    We write to urge you to suspend funding... for organizations that promote abortion. While an amendment to this effect was not adopted in the U.S. Senate last month, we believe recent findings warrant such a suspension pending further investigation....
    Continue reading "Senators call to abort Planned Parenthood funding"

    Abortionist Alberto Hodari to speak at Wayne State Friday

    Hm. A late-term abortionist speaking at a "lunchtime seminar." Doesn't sound digestionally conducive to me.

    But of all who could stomach it, I expect it would be Medical Students for Choice, the group sponsoring abortionist Alberto Hodari Friday at Wayne State University:


    Continue reading "Abortionist Alberto Hodari to speak at Wayne State Friday"

    Aurora Planned Parenthood: Rats in the zone

    weisner.pngIn yesterday's autumn 2007 Aurora Borealis, the City of Aurora's quarterly newsletter, Mayor Tom Weisner rationalized allowing Planned Parenthood to lie its way into his city by saying he investigated PP from every angle for naught.

    But all along, pro-lifers smelled a rat, particularly since the mayor's current chief of staff, Bill Wiet, admitted knowing PP was coming to town beforehand.

    So while Weisner ramrodded an investigation of PP that ended with the verdict pro-lifers suspected Weisner wanted, pro-lifers called for an investigation of Weisner, which to date has not been conducted.

    Against that backdrop, OpenLineBlog today caught Clintonspeak in the mayor's newsletter....

    Continue reading "Aurora Planned Parenthood: Rats in the zone"

    Denver Planned Parenthood has front company; Weitz falsifies permit documents

    Does this sound like Aurora deja vu?

    On January 11, 2007, a corporation named Fuller 38 LLC bought the property at 7155 E. 38th Ave. in Denver from United Airlines for $1,350,000 according to this HomeInfoMaxReport.

    Fuller 38 LLC was created two weeks before, on December 27, 2006. See deed to property and Fuller 38 incorporation papers here (pages 3-5).

    On August 20, 2007, the Denver Post broke the story of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains' stealth purchase of the United Airlines Denver property with this map acknowledging the purchase was made "under a different name":


    So why as recently as October 3, 2007, did the Weitz Company, which I've previously documented is PP Denver's general contractor, apply for construct permits from the City of Denver listing United Airlines as the property owner? Click to see enlarged view:

    Continue reading "Denver Planned Parenthood has front company; Weitz falsifies permit documents"

    Halloween, Planned Parenthood style

    vox%20logo2.jpgPlanned Parenthood has only one thing on its mind: SEX.

    You would call PP perverted unless you understood the organization makes all its money off the unmerry-go-round of selling illicit sex and fixing the consequences of illicit sex.

    Case in point, the Voices for Planned Parenthood hook-up club* at Louisiana State University, aka Vox LSU.

    (*Comedian Chris Rock astutely noted during one of his routines (warning: explicit) that the best women to pick up are self-identified pro-aborts. "I love going to abortion rallies to pick up women, because you know they're f***... You ain't gonna find a bunch of virgins at at abortion rally.")

    On Halloween, Vox LSU members dressed as "their favorite form of birth control," i.e., walking advertisements for PP products, "to raise awareness about the need for prevention and contraception." Click all photos (more on page 2) to see enlarged view:

    Continue reading "Halloween, Planned Parenthood style"


    doula.jpgYou may be unfamiliar with the word, "doula." It is the term for women who offer professional labor support that may also encompass prenatal and postnatal/
    breastfeeding/newborn care support.

    Miriam Perez at RH Reality Check reported October 30 that feminists and the abortion industry are trying to establish abortion doulas....

    Continue reading "Ab-doulas"

    Planned Parenthood lies about lying


    It's the day after Halloween, and I'm still feeling spirited.

    The Planned Parenthood Aurora blog was complaining about pro-life pickets of the Weitz Company in Denver and homes of its leaders, which I've reported on extensively. Weitz has agreed to build PP's new largest abortion mill in the U.S. there, coming in at 50k sq. ft., more than double the size of the Aurora mill. Said blogger Marie...

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood lies about lying"

    Aurora Planned Parenthood's B-2 bomb

    shrubs.jpgI had lengthy conversations yesterday with pro-life IL attorneys Peter Breen and Vince Tessitore about the Aurora Planned Parenthood zoning appeal situation....

    Continue reading "Aurora Planned Parenthood's B-2 bomb"

    PP's big abortion picture

    I received the letter below a week ago from head of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists with the following preface:

    PLEASE READ THIS LETTER CAREFULLY. It concerns the world-level meeting in London to discuss improving women's healthcare on a worldwide basis, and especially in the undeveloped countries....

    The agenda for this meeting was not set up by flesh and blood, but by the rulers, the authorities, the powers of this dark world and by spiritual forces of evil in high places, to quote a well known writer. This is what we face on a world scale.

    Well, I did read the letter carefully. Our side wrote it in response to the recently held Women Deliver Global Conference, held under the guise of reducing infant and maternal mortality, as you would think by this graphic from its site as all others on this post:


    Continue reading "PP's big abortion picture"

    Planned Parenthood Chicago: Peyton Place

    peyton%20place.jpgIt never occurred to me before today that the shorthand we use for Planned Parenthood, "PP," could also stand for Peyton Place.

    Eric Scheidler has posted two juicy lawsuits against PP Chicago Area and its CEO Steve Trombley.

    First there's the one filed by former PPCA head abortionist Murray Pelta. According to the lawsuit, he started aborting for PPCA in 1992, was promoted to chief baby killer in 1997, and was fired by Trombley on February 28, 2007.

    Here's one bit of juice from the lawsuit, leading up to the reason for the complaint (click to enlarge; page break removed for flow)....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood Chicago: Peyton Place"

    Attend Aurora rally protesting Planned Parenthood tomorrow


    Continue reading "Attend Aurora rally protesting Planned Parenthood tomorrow"

    Planned Parenthood does not commit abortions?

    We've been tracking Denver Planned Parenthood's plans to build a 50,000 sq. ft. abortuary, in an apparent contest to earn the coveted title of PP's largest U.S. abortion mill, which Aurora Planned Parenthood currently holds at 22,000 st. ft.

    Weitz Construction is the Denver PP's intended builder, and pro-lifers have been picketing Weitz and homes of its vp's for a month now. (See here, here, here, and here.)

    weitz2.jpgNow word comes that a meeting held yesterday between pro-lifers and the CO head of the IA based company did not go well. Its president, Bill Hornaday, refused to reconsider building the mill.

    Meanwhile, Denver pro-lifer Will Duffy recorded a conversation with Sue Damos, wife of the IA Weitz CEO
    Craig Damos, wherein she said Planned Parenthood does not commit abortions. Listen:

    Sue Damos audio

    Seriously, how ignorant can a person be?

    Worse, the PP Denver mill will focus on killing black babies in the heart of a minority neighborhood, 1/2 block from Martin Luther King Jr. Park no less, standing true to its founder Margaret Sanger's eugenic plans.

    [HT: John Jansen, Lolita, Will]

    Bloody Kansas abortion wars unleash nationwide attack on Planned Parenthood

    bloody%20kansas.jpg150 years ago it became known as Bloody Kansas for violence erupting between pro-choice slavery supporters of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and anti-slavery abolitionists.

    Now the state known as the abortion capital of the world thanks to infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller is at the center of identical opposing ideologies, erupting in nationwide warfare against the US's largest preborn baby killer, Planned Parenthood.

    Columnist Robert Novak reported today....

    Continue reading "Bloody Kansas abortion wars unleash nationwide attack on Planned Parenthood"

    College day of service: Planned Parenthood

    rmu2.jpgThis past Saturday a student at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh learned something new: Planned Parenthood commits abortion. Duh to many of us, but not to that college freshman.

    RMU requires that first year students complete some form of community service throughout the year, and on Saturday's Day of Service, the Planned Parenthood of Western PA abortion mill in Pittsburgh was one of 14 options RMU offered. RMU representative Kyle Fisher told me this was PP's 2nd year on the list.

    dental%20dam.jpg10 students chose PP to volunteer to assemble "safer sex kits." Five calls to various PA PP's yielded ignorant staffers who had no idea what was in those kits. Nor did Ms. Fisher.

    But I found perusing the web the kits contain a male condom, female condom, flavored lubricant, latex glove, dental dam, and finger cot....

    Continue reading "College day of service: Planned Parenthood"

    Planned Parenthood's misleading math

    An expose on Planned Parenthood in the October 22 issue of The Weekly Standard explains how PP does the math to say with a straight face abortion accounts for only 3% of its services, as this pie chart from PP's 2005-06 report (click to enlarge) tries to show:

    Deciphers The Weekly Standard....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood's misleading math"

    Busy weekend for pro-life activists in Aurora, Denver

    On Saturday, pro-lifers displayed the truth of abortion with graphic signs to everyone driving into and by all entrances of the Aurora Dominick's shopping mall:


    Regretfully, Dominick's forced pro-lifers to spread out to all possible Planned Parenthood Aurora access points when it erected an urban ghetto chain link fence around its vacant lot across from PP late last week....

    Continue reading "Busy weekend for pro-life activists in Aurora, Denver"

    Aurora becomes Auschwitz

    Eric Scheidler just sent over photos of the striking fence Safeway/Dominick's erected around its vacant lot across from Planned Parenthood Aurora late last night.

    I'm sure neighbors will be pleased as Aurora begins to look more like Auschwitz by the day.

    Here, I'll show you. You won't know unless I explain, but Aurora PP is on the left and Auschwitz on the right:


    Again, PP Aurora on the left, Auschwitz on the right....

    Continue reading "Aurora becomes Auschwitz"

    How well do you know the candidates?


    NARAL has put together a fun little quiz on the pro-life/pro-abortion position of the major presidential candidates:

    I scored 8 out of 9, or 89% (missed #4).

    How well do you know their positions? I hope I'm not giving away any answers when noting this test underscores why the Democrat Party is known as the Party of Death.

    Dominick's has erected a fence

    breaking.jpgReceived information from reader Dennis that beginning at 10p last night and completed by 11:30p, a fencing company erected a fence around the perimeter of the vacant lot owned by Safeway/Dominicks across from Planned Parenthood Aurora.

    Just spoke with Eric Scheidler, who has also received the same information from numerous sources. He is going to the site to take pictures. Will post when up. The fence is apparently an 8-foot chain link.

    Also see:
    "Planned Parenthood Aurora: Dominick's freaks, police check grocery lists," October 7
    "Planned Parenthood Aurora targets neighborhood grocery store," October 5

    Aurora City Council meeting, October 9


    Pro-abort commenter Laura queried late last night, "How did the big council meeting go? Was anyone there? It's pretty hard to drum up a crowd once these things are a done deal..."

    Continue reading "Aurora City Council meeting, October 9"

    Planned Parenthood Aurora: protests and ponderances

    1. Attend city council meeting tonight

    Tonight will afford citizens their first opportunity to respond to the three investigative reports about the shady manner in which Planned Parenthood built its abortion mill in Aurora and Mayor Tom Weisner's hasty response.

    protest.jpgPreceding that will be picket heaven. Eric Scheidler has called for a pro-life rally at 5p. Also, police ("hundreds" according to OpenlineBlog) will be protesting against the Mayor because they are working without a contract, and the pink PP's will likely show for another of their adolescent abortion pep rallies....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood Aurora: protests and ponderances"

    Chris Danze strategizes with Denver pro-lifers

    I previously reported pro-lifer Chris Danze planned to travel from TX to CO to help Denver pro-lifers plot a boycott drive against Planned Parenthood's planned 50,000 sq. ft. mega-mill on one square city block in a minority neighborhood.

    Following is a photo of Chris' visit over the weekend, taken at PP's 29th and Vine mill location. Two more are on page 2. You can't see the building due to the great lengths PP went to erect a Berlinesque wall to evade democracy and protect its lies and bondage from truth and freedom. Click to enlarge.

    UPDATE, 11:10a:: To clarify, these aren't photos of the property PP is intending to build on. These are photos outside another established PP mill in Denver.

    Chris on left, pro-lifer on right

    Continue reading "Chris Danze strategizes with Denver pro-lifers"

    Planned Parenthood Aurora: Dominick's freaks, police check grocery lists

    dominick%27s.gifThe information on page 2 comes from an email sent by a Planned Parenthood Aurora sidewalk counselor yesterday, who took copious notes of the day's events.

    Apparently Safeway, the parent company of the Aurora Dominick's grocery store, which owns the vacant lot across from Planned Parenthood Aurora, would rather appease it than the pro-life community surrounding Dominick's....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood Aurora: Dominick's freaks, police check grocery lists"

    Aurora Planned Parenthood weekend catch-up

    1. Someone asked for the actual occupancy permit zoning appeal pro-lifers filed with the City of Aurora. Here 'tis:

    Appeal as filed with the City of Aurora Clerk's office
    Appeal as filed with the Aurora Zoning Board of Appeals

    Both are the same, just submitted to different City departments . Of note is they were dated and timed before Planned Parenthood's scheduled opening October 2 at 10a.

    2. Jeff at Chicago ProLife Activist attended Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner's hastily assembled October 1, 3p, press conference, to forego alerting, and certainly involving, the City Council in his unilateral decision to let PP open 19 hours later, the following morning at 10a.

    Of particular interest in Jeff's as usual well done and pithily cut video is the admission by the Mayor's office that it did apparently think to alert PP of his decision beforehand:

    3. NAUSEA ALERT: If you were looking not to get riled on this pleasant autumn Saturday, do not watch the following t.v. ad PP Aurora began airing this week, which contains not just misinformation but actual false advertising. Can you spot it? Click on this very nice graphic to go to the ad:


    [HT: reader Pat B.; moderator MK]

    4. INSANE MSM BIASED BLAME GAME ALERT: This Aurora Beacon editorial blames pro-lifers for the legal stir PP provoked by its deceptive and stealth entry into its fine city (read entire piece on page 2):

    Anti-abortion activists pushed for an investigation and got it, which cost the city thousands of dollars in legal fees. But now that they don't like the outcome, they want to fight another expensive court battle that will cost the city more tax dollars. They should accept the result of the independent review they influenced in the first place.

    [HT: OpenlineBlog]

    5. Eric Scheidler's October 5 email alert answers the question (read entire alert with plan and instructions on page 2):

    Last week I asked you to sign up to speak at the next City Council meeting, this Tuesday, October 9. Now that Planned Parenthood has opened (at least for now) people are asking whether we still need to go to the meeting.

    The answer is ABSOLUTELY. In fact, this is arguably the most important City Council meeting for us yet.

    Continue reading "Aurora Planned Parenthood weekend catch-up"

    News flash: Aurora Mayor Weisner cancels police protection

    security.jpgOpenlineBlog tells me Mayor Tom Weisner cancelled his police protection at 5p last night, which I mentioned yesterday he had initiated.

    The mayor likely feared an et tu Brutus scenario, since Aurora police are planning a protest before the Aurora City Council meeting this Tuesday over an ongoing labor dispute. OLB is calling for every contingent with any complaint against the mayor to pile on the protest, which sounds like fun.

    Meanwhile, OLB reports Alayne Weingartz has zoned out on our side's zoning appeal....

    Continue reading "News flash: Aurora Mayor Weisner cancels police protection"

    Planned Parenthood Aurora targets neighborhood grocery store


    For the previously naive, one enlightenment from the Aurora Planned Parenthood spectacle is it's a Chamber of Commerce's anti-Christ.

    Forcing its way into Aurora with brazen lies, PP broke every CC business conduct rule and I'm sure gave CC pause to consider new ones.

    Then, on the very day it opened, PP began executing its successful city sundering model on the neighborhood level, setting its sights on the nearby Dominick's grocery store, which owns the vacant lot across from PP's private drive. (Photo I took, above, looks south across the vacant lot to PP. PP's driveway and parking lot are just off the right side of the picture.)

    Reported the PP Aurora blog on October 3....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood Aurora targets neighborhood grocery store"

    Reverse spy games

    Here was the backdrop (click for enlarged pdf view):


    Playing a spy of the spy game, The Interim reporter Samantha Singson infiltrated the NOW event to hear about Bader's infiltration of the NRLC event....

    Continue reading "Reverse spy games"

    Planned Parenthood Aurora's occupany permit just appealed

    zone%202.jpgFrom Tom Brejcha, lead attorney at Thomas More Society, comes this news.

    At 9:54a this morning, right before Planned Parenthood Aurora was scheduled to open, attorney Peter Breen, on behalf of TMS, filed an appeal of the granting of the occupany permit with the Aurora Zoning Board of Appeals. He filed a copy of the appeal with the Aurora zoning administrator at 9:58a.

    Explained Brejcha in an email to me....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood Aurora's occupany permit just appealed"

    Items of interest from Aurora Planned Parenthood investigative reports has posted links to the three investigative reports that led Mayor Tom Weisner to declare yesterday Planned Parenthood Aurora could open for business.

    sherlock.jpgYou can access pdfs for the 18 supporting documents at OLB. Here are pdfs of the 3 reports:

    Barsanti's opinion
    Luetkehans report
    Martens report

    Neither the Luetkehans nor Martens reports, completed September 17 and 13 respectively, evaluated whether PP was required as a nonprofit entity to file for special use permits. Luetkehans did not address that issue at all, and Martens did only to say he did not have enough information (click to enlarge)....

    Continue reading "Items of interest from Aurora Planned Parenthood investigative reports"

    News coverage of Aurora's ok for Planned Parenthood to open

    Last night (this morning's coverage is on page 2):

    Fox News Chicago:

    Continue reading "News coverage of Aurora's ok for Planned Parenthood to open"

    Planned Parenthood Aurora says it's "now open!"

    pp%20logo.gifIt really does appear as if the fix was in between Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and Planned Parenthood.

    I cannot believe his audacity in thinking he can unilaterally make such a monumental decision with national eyes watching sans input from the City Council or the people of Aurora.

    Eric Scheidler wrote in an email a little while ago, "[I]t looks like Planned Parenthood was the first to learn about this decision - before the City Council, before the press, before the people."

    I just received this PP email from pro-lifer Brian Burch. The time on the email is odd, but here 'tis....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood Aurora says it's "now open!""

    Aurora will let Planned Parenthood open

    breaking.jpgBeing reported by the Associated Press via WBBM radio in Chicago:

    Aurora Gives Up Fight Against Planned Parenthood

    AURORA, Ill. (AP) -- City officials say they will allow a new Planned Parenthood clinic to open.

    [HT: reader Chicagoplow]

    Developing story....

    UPDATE, 4:03p: This report comes from Jeff of Chicago Pro-Life Activist, who just left the press conference....

    Continue reading "Aurora will let Planned Parenthood open"

    Libel lawsuit filed this morning against Planned Parenthood

    breaking.jpgSee press release on page 2.

    See also the Daily Herald, Associated Press, Aurora Beacon, and Chicago Tribune.

    Continue reading "Libel lawsuit filed this morning against Planned Parenthood"

    Reponses by both sides to Barsanti press release


    From Eric Scheidler, in an email alert, followed by Planned Parenthood Aurora from its blog....

    Continue reading "Reponses by both sides to Barsanti press release"

    Barsanti: Planned Parenthood commited no crimes

    breaking.jpgFrom the Naperville Sun, this morning:

    Kane County State's Attorney John Barsanti announced this morning that Planned Parenthood did not commit any crimes while gaining approval for its new Aurora clinic under a subsidiary name....
    Continue reading "Barsanti: Planned Parenthood commited no crimes"

    Planned Parenthood catches Joe Scheidler praying

    Ah, those sly devils at Planned Parenthood caught him in the act.

    Using a hidden video camera across the street from Chicago's near north Planned Parenthood, the PP techno-geeks managed to catch Joe Scheidler reading prayers!

    Veronica from PP Aurora blogged histrionically:

    With all the action happening over here in Aurora, you would think that the anti's would have other things to do with their free time. Nope. Joseph Scheidler has been spotted outside the Near North clinic in Chicago....
    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood catches Joe Scheidler praying"

    Denver Planned Parenthood security guard pulls double duty at pro-life protest

    IMG_2773%20%283%29.jpgThis past "glorious autumn" Saturday, pro-lifers picketed the Lakewood, CO, home of Gary Meggison, Senior VP of Weitz Construction.

    Weitz is the current general contractor for the proposed Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains' 50,000 sq. ft. abortuary to be built on one city block in a Denver minority neighborhood.

    CO Right to Life VP Leslie Hanks was on hand to file a report and take photos....

    Continue reading "Denver Planned Parenthood security guard pulls double duty at pro-life protest"

    Video of Aurora City Council September 25 meeting

    Jeff from Chicago Pro-Life Activist has boiled down 3 hours of testimony from the September 25 Aurora City Council meeting to a 4-minute "best of" video montage of the most shocking, profound, and comical statements (sometimes all by the same person) made about Planned Parenthood that night....

    Three delays

    Well, just because it's the weekend doesn't mean the news stops.

    delays2.jpgFirst, Eric Scheidler's delayed appearance from last week's Fox News Live will be TODAY, in less than an hour. It can come any time after 11a CST but is expected about 11:20a CST.

    Next, the pro-life libel suit against Planned Parenthood has been delayed, I hear, because additional plaintiffs are continually being added. Look for that to be filed early next week.

    Finally, here's the report of another sort of delay from the Aurora Beacon, today:

    Kane County State's Attorney John Barsanti will wait until next week to issue his much-anticipated decision on whether officials from Planned Parenthood broke the law in applying to build a women's health center in Aurora....

    Barsanti has been reviewing Planned Parenthood/Gemini Office Development's application, permitting and approval process for possible criminal fraud after anti-abortion activists raised concerns a couple of weeks ago. The state's attorney's office had been expected to release its report on Friday, but officials said the release has been put off to next week, noting "Monday is still viable."...

    Read entire story on page 2. This will likely make Chicago PP that much more antsy to file their second promised motion for an emergency injunction.

    Continue reading "Three delays"

    Close quarter

    If you are a pro-lifer with a residence or business within one-quarter mile of the Planned Parenthood Aurora site, please email me. Click to enlarge:

    First Weitz picket

    IMG_2762%20%282%29.jpgAs promised, CO Right to Life staged its first picket of Weitz Company Wednesday. Weitz is currently the general contractor for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains' planned 50,000 sq. ft. mega-mill in Denver.

    Pro-lifers held their picket during Weitz's lunch hour. It included graphic signs and a touring Truth Truck (sans the stolen Sanger sign)....

    Continue reading "First Weitz picket"

    The abortion clinic car wash pep rally

    Continue reading "The abortion clinic car wash pep rally"

    Yes, PP Aurora needed special use permit

    Click to enlarge:

    Continue reading "Yes, PP Aurora needed special use permit"

    Don't censor NARAL, don't censor us

    muzzle.jpgIn this case, I agree with NARAL. If Verizon censors pro-aborts on the topic of abortion, that means it will censor pro-lifers. A private company has that right, but this was a bad call.

    In any event, the decision has already been reversed.

    Backdrop, New York Times, this morning....

    Continue reading "Don't censor NARAL, don't censor us"

    PP Aurora needed no special use permit?

    inside.jpgFrom the Aurora Beacon today:

    Denying anti-abortion activists' assertions, city officials on Wednesday said it doesn't appear that Planned Parenthood officials needed a special-use permit before building a women's health center on the city's far East Side....
    Continue reading "PP Aurora needed no special use permit?"

    Aurora reneges, gives PP squatters' rights

    At the Aurora City Council meeting this past Tuesday night, Mayor Tom Weisner headed off citizen complaints about PP occupying the building with no occupancy permit by having a statement read:

    Continue reading "Aurora reneges, gives PP squatters' rights"

    Legal precedent to stop Planned Parenthood Aurora

    This legal precedent addresses the PP Aurora complaint that some aldermen opposing it are doing so because they oppose abortion. Nevertheless, the court concluded in the Collinsville case, the abortionist disguised his intent and lost constitutional standing. Click to enlarge:

    Continue reading "Legal precedent to stop Planned Parenthood Aurora"

    Announcing 3rd Annual Margaret Sanger at the KKK Rally Art Contest

    Read about contest on page 2. Here's a previous winner:


    Continue reading "Announcing 3rd Annual Margaret Sanger at the KKK Rally Art Contest"

    Adios to Alternatives

    garbage%20disposal.jpgI reported in July the New Jersey Health Department had closed the Alternatives abortion mill in Atlantic City for multiple health and safety violations, including this, lifted directly from the 116-page report, which I received:

    The soiled utility room... is equipped with a garbage disposal. Staff member #6 stated the garbage disposal was used for the "disposal of tissue"....

    Today came word the fetal garbage dump has disposed of itself. According to The Press of Atlantic City....

    Continue reading "Adios to Alternatives"

    Chris Danze to help Colorado Planned Parenthood boycott

    chris%20danze.jpgA pro-life hero and friend Chris Danze alerted me this morning he and his wife will travel to Colorado in 10 days to help "get a construction boycott off the ground" at the site of Planned Parenthood's 50,000 sq. ft. planned mega-mill in Denver.

    Little did Chris know in 2003 that his effort to block the construction of a Planned Parenthood mill in his home town of Austin, TX, would have such a long-lasting nationwide impact.

    It was Chris's boycott that PP has acknowledged caused it to go stealth with plans for future mills, including Aurora, Denver, and Portland, OR.

    You may not know what Chris accomplished. Here's a little history....

    Continue reading "Chris Danze to help Colorado Planned Parenthood boycott"

    I'm with stupid

    Video by Jeff at ChicagoProLifeActivist from last night's Aurora City Council meeting.

    Speaking is Gay Bruhn, vice president of communication for Illinois NOW, and a resident of Aurora:

    Whoops - Gemini: for-profit; Planned Parenthood: nonprofit

    breaking.jpgThis information came to me late this afternoon, and pro-lifers hammered on it over and over at the Aurora City Council meeting tonight, which finished about 11p.

    The deal is Planned Parenthood's created front company, Gemini Office Development, LLC, is a for-profit company, and PP is a nonprofit company.

    Eric Scheidler told me the Aurora Zoning Administrator corroborated that as a nonprofit organization, PP requires a "special use permit" to occupy and operate in its building.

    According to Aurora zoning ordinances, a special use permit requires public notice in a local paper and public hearings, and property owners nearby can raise objections to the use. If 20% object, a supermajority of the City Council (2/3) must approve the use....

    Continue reading "Whoops - Gemini: for-profit; Planned Parenthood: nonprofit"

    Denver Planned Parenthood: sky zero

    If the Aurora Planned Parenthood site in the IL prairielands is ground zero, then the Denver Planned Parenthood site in the Mile High City is sky zero.

    Last month, with a reporter in hot pursuit, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains was forced to come clean about its secret purchase of a city block of property and plans to break ground on a 50,000 square foot abortion mill this November

    PP has admitted to several news outlets it went stealth with plans to build in Denver, Aurora, and Portland, OR, to avoid such pro-life boycotts as were undertaken at the Austin, TX, PP mill in 2003, which delayed its opening several months.

    In Denver, pro-lifers are already realizing PP's fears. Two weeks ago they conducted a lit drop in the African-American neighborhood of the proposed PP. Here is what an RH Reality Check columnist called a "lie-packed brochure." Sorry, Jim, it was footnoted, although Jim is likely ticked because one of his inadvertently PP-damning columns is cited in it three times (click to enlarge):

    Continue reading "Denver Planned Parenthood: sky zero"

    Aurora: TLN, Pavone, and Brouhoho

    Jeff from ChicagoProLifeActivist has posted a 5-minute video of clips of pastors speaking at the September 15 Jerich March finale. It's just great. See Rev. Johnny Hunter and others - black, white, Catholic, Protestant, and even a biker pastor - speak with passion and cohesiveness.

    Other PP Aurora-related events...

    Continue reading "Aurora: TLN, Pavone, and Brouhoho"

    40 Days of freaking the abortion industry out

    The Lufkin Daily News yesterday called it "what may be the largest simultaneous anti-abortion protest in American history." Called 40 Days for Life, it starts this Wednesday in front of an abortion mill near you.

    Numbers in the Bible, like 7, 12, and 666, for example, hold meaning. The number 40's signficance offers the introduction to this 1 minute video about 40 Days for Life:

    Explained LDN:

    The 40 Days for Life event is a nationwide campaign in 90 cities across 33 states....

    The vigil is scheduled for Sept. 26 - Nov. 4.

    The campaign focuses on 40 days of prayer and fasting, calling for peaceful vigils outside clinics in combination with educational outreach, a campaign press release stated.

    super%20heroes2.jpgHeld once a year since 2004, 40 Days for Life has established a great track record, involving four components: prayer and fasting, peaceful vigils in front of abortion mills - around the clock if possible, and a neighborhood door-to-door flyer distribution education drive.

    Its success must be why the abortion industry is gearing up against it.

    Go to Planned Parenthood Houston's website and click on its Superheroes button warning that "extreme protesters are on the horizon!" and you'll open up this page of anti-40 Days for Life opportunities (click to enlarge)....

    Continue reading "40 Days of freaking the abortion industry out"

    SCOOP: $7.5 mil libel lawsuit against Planned Parenthood/Steve Trombley to be filed Tuesday

    breaking.jpgOn behalf of a number of Aurora citizens who took part in the 40 day prayer vigil, Tom Brejcha of the Thomas More Society will file a $7.5 million lawsuit against Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area and its CEO Steve Trombley Tuesday.

    The lawsuit is in response to Trombley's September 4 letter to Aurora aldermen, which he also sent to the Aurora Beacon....

    Continue reading "SCOOP: $7.5 mil libel lawsuit against Planned Parenthood/Steve Trombley to be filed Tuesday"

    Poll and party


    The Naperville Sun is currently running this poll question (right column): "Do you think a Planned Parenthood facility should go into operation on the Naperville-Aurora border?" The poll is running 60-39% in our favor. Go vote!

    UPDATE, 9/24, 7:50a: The poll is still open, and it is running 62-37% in our favor, with 5,225 votes cast so far.

    [HT: moderators MK and jasper]


    Jeff from ChicagoProLifeActivist reported on the celebration held last night for pray-ers and activists involved in the effort to stop Planned Parenthood Aurora....

    Continue reading "Poll and party"

    Will Aurora eject Planned Parenthood from the premises today?

    Planned Parenthood Aurora is conducting business at its Aurora address. Here is its contact info, lifted today from its website (click to enlarge):

    UPDATE, 9/24, 7:55a:: The PP Aurora website is still listing its Aurora address as its business contact....

    Continue reading "Will Aurora eject Planned Parenthood from the premises today?"

    New Planned Parenthood Aurora timeline

    court.jpgUPDATED post...

    In federal court today, Planned Parenthood Aurora lost its motion to force the City of Aurora to let it open. Judge Norgle allowed Aurora to complete its investigation into PP's alleged fraud first.

    So what is its timing? According to the Daily Herald, today...

    Continue reading "New Planned Parenthood Aurora timeline"

    Per Judge: Planned Parenthood Aurora CANNOT open

    breaking%20news.jpgPlanned Parenthood Aurora just lost its request in a Chicago federal court to open. More to follow.

    UPDATE, 12:39p: Per Aurora resident and attorney Vince Tessitore, who was present at the hearing: "Planned Parenthood lost. The judge will grant them leave to amend their complaint and try again. They can come back with an amended complaint, which I expect they will do. But for now they're not allowed to open. It's up to the City to let them open."...

    Continue reading "Per Judge: Planned Parenthood Aurora CANNOT open"

    Zorn: "In defense of Planned Parenthood's deceptions in Aurora"

    My pro-abort sparring friend, columnist Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune, has weighed in on the Aurora Planned Parenthood situation.

    And with a title like this, "In defense of Planned Parenthood's deceptions in Aurora: Sometimes the only way to get fairness will make your foes cry foul," you know madness is coming.

    In fact, when I read Eric's piece about 2a this morning, I found so much wrong with it, I knew I'd never get to sleep if I gave it too much thought. So I closed it up, like a surgeon who has found a body overridden with cancer.

    But I've already received two emails on Eric's column this morning from pro-life friends, so I can tell you're feeling feisty. In fact, John Jansen wrote me, "After reading it, I felt like the mosquito at the nudist colony: I simply don't know where to begin."

    Ok, have at it....

    Well of course Planned Parenthood representatives didn't tell the truth to Aurora city officials while they were building a new clinic in the western suburb....
    Continue reading "Zorn: "In defense of Planned Parenthood's deceptions in Aurora""

    Planned Parenthood's court papers for Thursday

    scales.bmpI posted the City of Aurora's court documents filed in opposition to Planned Parenthood's motion for a preliminary injunction to open despite Aurora's ongoing investigation into its deceptive practices.

    Now, here are Planned Parenthood's.

    The case will be heard today in federal court in Chicago before Judge Norgle at 10a.

    Steve Trombley supplemental declaration

    The last is most intriguing. It contains in Exhibit 2 (pages 7-18) a series of emails and a phone log for February 20-March 6 that seem to show contact was made between Steve Trombley and an Auroran official named Bill Wyatt. They also seem to show contact was made with Mayor Tom Weisner. It will be interesting to see this shake out.

    The emails also seem syrupy Eddie Haskell fake, but that's an aside.

    UPDATE, 7:27a: Bill Wyatt is Bill Wiet, Mayor Weisner's current chief of staff and then-community development director [HT:]

    Planned Parenthood investigation widens to criminal probe

    steve%20jail4.jpgFrom the Chicago Tribune, late tonight:

    Clinic battle intensifies in Aurora

    Mayor seeks criminal probe of permit process
    By James Kimberly | Tribune staff reporter
    10:41 PM CDT, September 19, 2007

    The Kane County state's attorney has been asked to see whether Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area committed any crimes in how it obtained a permit to build a clinic on the city's east side.

    The request came from the City of Aurora and escalates an already contentious battle over a planned abortion clinic from a mainly procedural and civil dispute into a potential criminal one.

    This would seem to me to impact the federal court hearing later this morning on PP's request to force Aurora to let it open.

    Read complete article on page 2.

    UPDATE, 11:58a: From an Auroran source: "[D]on't be excited about [the criminal review]. It could a ploy by Weisner to say there wasn't anything 'criminal' found, so case closed. The fact he is in favor of John Barsanti is very suspicious since Barsanti endorsed [City Council member Richard] Irvin for mayor. That would be more of a conflict than what Weisner complained about before."

    [Photo of Planned Parenthood Chicago CEO Steve Trombley courtesy of me]

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood investigation widens to criminal probe"

    Nationwide ramifications

    washington.jpgIn the middle of a left-slanted-but-hey-it's-publicity Washington Post article, today:

    In recent years, antiabortion groups have also raised permit or zoning issues or organized boycotts to try to stop clinics in New York, Ohio, Texas, New Hampshire and Iowa, according to Planned Parenthood.

    But the Aurora battle is the most contentious and involving one of the largest facilities yet. The result is likely to have ramifications for both sides' tactics nationwide.

    Read entire article on page 2.

    [Photo courtesy of the Washington Post]

    Continue reading "Nationwide ramifications"

    Selective enforcement

    Aurora attorney and resident Vince Tessitore received the following letter today in response to his letter to the City of Aurora yesterday demanding that it enforce ordinances against Planned Parenthood for unlawfully occupying its mill after its temporary occupancy permit expired Monday.

    Tessitore used the word "occupancy" twice, and "occupy," "occupying," and "occupation" each once. He couldn't have been more specific on what matter he wished addressed except had he added "occupied," "occupier," or "occupationality" perhaps.

    Yet Aurora corporation attorney Alayne Weingartz responded that she would check whether PP had opened for business, a poorly disguised blow-off.

    Meanwhile, Aurora police harrass pro-lifers if they sneeze on Planned Parenthood air space.

    Click to see enlarged pdf view:


    Why wasn't Planned Parenthood Aurora's nonopening party busted?

    Roger from took photos of Planned Parenthood Aurora's nonopening party last night, with, of course, pro-lifers were on hand to also celebrate.


    See more photos on page 2.

    Meanwhile, the Aurora Beacon reported today....

    Continue reading "Why wasn't Planned Parenthood Aurora's nonopening party busted?"

    Planned Parenthood Aurora's hot pink barbed wire

    Planned Parenthood Federation CEO Cecile Richards sent out an email alert late yesterday afternoon retreading soundbites from previous emails and asking again to donations for Aurora PP's hot pink ribbon campaign:


    But there were no hot pink ribbons to be seen anywhere at the mill when I attended the Jericho March protest Saturday.

    I asked Jeff from ChicagoProLifeActivist about it. He said PP displayed tiny hot pink ribbons on strings for awhile that actually made it look like the mill was fortressed by hot pink barbed wire, but PP took them down.

    Rats, I thought. Would have loved to see that.

    Well, I just spotted photos of the pink barbed wire on Planned Parenthood Aurora's website:

    pink%20ribbons%201.jpg ribbons2.jpg


    [HT: Brian Burch for the PP email and moderator MK for telling me about PP Aurora's website]

    Planned Parenthood's idea of public disclosure

    Jeff at ChicagoProLifeActivist did some sleuthing yesterday. Jeff created all graphics and photos on this post.

    Steve Trombley, Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area's CEO, has been saying lately that while PP admittedly hid its ownership of the Aurora abortion mill by creating a front advance company, still PP was forthcoming.

    Two examples of Trombley before:

    "Frankly, I'm surprised we were able to keep it a secret for so long," said Steve Trombley, president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area.... "We didn't want anything to interfere with the opening... and, at this point, I don't anticipate anything will stop that from happening." ~ Chicago Tribune, July 27
    [Trombley] said that Gemini, a limited liability partnership, was set up to mask Planned Parenthood's involvement to keep protesters away while the $7.5-million clinic was being built. "It should be evident... why we did that," Trombley said. "This land was zoned for medical services. The city didn't ask what type of medical services." ~ Los Angeles Times, August 31

    And Trombley after (click to enlarge):

    What about this "newspaper notification"and "public hearing" that "they made public"?

    Jeff discovered the newspaper notification was posted by the IL Finance Authority, not PP, and in the Chicago Sun-Times - a newspaper 40 miles from Aurora - on April 20 on page 74 with PP/Gemini's names buried....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood's idea of public disclosure"

    Aurora's court papers for Thursday

    scales.bmpHere are the papers Aurora attorneys filed today in opposition to Planned Parenthood's motion for preliminary injunction, to be heard Thursday before Judge Norgle in federal court at 10a.

    Defendant's response

    Affidavit, Alayne Wiengartz, Aurora corporate attorney

    Planned Parenthood vs. City of Manchester

    I'm interested in opinions on the strength of the response by legal eagles in the crowd.

    [HT: Tom Brejcha]

    Aurora Planned Parenthood plans "meet and greet" tonight

    An email alert from Planned Parenthood Federation that pro-lifer Brian Burch received last night (click to enlarge):

    I wonder what they'll serve. Baby back ribs? Kiddie cocktails?

    I'm sure pro-lifers can help PP devise a menu.

    Aurora: ground zero

    From the Chicago Tribune, today (read entire story on page 2):


    ... Seldom do opponents and supporters of abortion rights agree across one of the nation's most contentious political divides. But as Planned Parenthood fights to open a 22,000-square-foot clinic in Aurora this week, both sides concur that this city of 170,000 is a pivotal battleground on the national stage.

    "It is playing out very big across the country," said American Life League Vice President Jim Sedlak, who travels extensively, seeking ways to shut down abortion providers. "Aurora has shown the pro-life community that given the right set of circumstances, they can get thousands of people out, and now everyone wants to do that."...

    In a recent e-mail to supporters, Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood Federation of America president, highlighted the struggle in Aurora.

    "Something amazing is happening. Right now, this very moment," Richards wrote. "Ground zero in the fight for women's access to reproductive health care just landed in a town in the middle of America."...

    Eric Scheidler, an Aurora resident and spokesman for the Pro-Life Action League, says he has been inundated with calls for advice from allies in Georgia, Florida, New York, Oregon and throughout the Midwest.

    "I've never seen an issue that galvanized the pro-life community like this," Scheidler said. "Trying to get even 40 people to get out to an abortion picket is like pulling teeth. I'm getting 100, 200, 300 people, day after day."...

    [Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune]

    Continue reading "Aurora: ground zero"

    Aurora Beacon: "Former official knew Planned Parenthood was coming to city"

    weisner.jpgWhat I get from this story is that Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner had something to be nervous about, which may be why he at first to appoint an independent investigator into Gemini/Planned Parenthood fraud who was a "friendly."

    That aside, this story further corroborates PP's deceptiveness. PP called a city official to express "interest[] in relocating their offices from Naperville to Aurora" - when PP already owned the office building in question, and it was near completion? If the story as outlined by the Beacon is true, this only strengthens Aurora's case that PP/Gemini practiced deception against it.

    In the Aurora Beacon, today....

    Continue reading "Aurora Beacon: "Former official knew Planned Parenthood was coming to city""

    #1 story Fox Chicago: Aurora Planned Parenthood

    Look quick. The Aurora Planned Parenthood saga is the lead story on the Fox News Chicago site right now. Eric Scheidler has something important to say. Go watch the news clip.

    You'll see in that clip PP CEO Steve Trombley has found another straw to grasp. Even though Gemini and PP deceived the City of Aurora about the intended occupant of its building, Steve says the City should have known by the looks of the plans.

    FNC is also asking this poll question: "Would you want a Planned Parenthood clinic in your neighborhood?" Go vote. On right side of home page.


    UPDATE, 9/18, 7:23a: Well, I told you to look quick. The Aurora PP saga is now rotating as top story (which is still good). It can be viewed here, where you can also still vote on the poll, which has been running 70-75% against PP. The story is actually very fair. I even think Trombley weakened PP's credibility even further via this story.

    Deconstructing Planned Parenthood/Gemini cover-up II: Lies about financing

    deconstruct.jpgThis one is easy but critical.

    From the Aurora Beacon, July 29:

    Trombley said those threats [of protests] won't affect progress on the $7.5 million project.... He said $5 million already has been raised for the project, with the remainder coming from donations as well.

    "The more protesters out in front, the faster we'll probably raise it," he said.

    Speaking was Steve Trombley, Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area's CEO.

    There's also this in the Chicago Tribune, July 27....

    Continue reading "Deconstructing Planned Parenthood/Gemini cover-up II: Lies about financing"

    Planned Parenthood's Day of Prayer

    A full page ad featuring 21 "religious leaders" called for a "Day of Prayer" yesterday in the Aurora Beacon, Chicago Tribune, and Daily Herald. The ad stated it was "Paid for by Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area."

    So we had dueling clergy in the newspaper yesterday, because 121 pro-life clergy from churches in the Aurora Planned Parenthood area also took out a full page ad in the Aurora Beacon and Naperville Sun.

    I scanned the entire ad in sections and pieced it together, but it's not clear. (Click to enlarge.)

    So following is the enlarged message and enlarged list of signers. (Click both to enlarge.)....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood's Day of Prayer"

    Time Magazine: "The Abortion Wars Hit Illinois"

    This was just published by Time Magazine an hour ago:


    In Illinois today, a federal judge is expected to hear an intriguing argument in the abortion debate. At issue: Is Aurora, Ill., a city of nearly 175,000 about an hour's drive west of Chicago, trying to stop Tuesday's scheduled opening of the nation's largest Planned Parenthood clinic because of political pressure from anti-abortion activists? Or was the clinic's true nature - that is, its Planned Parenthood genesis - not readily apparent to city officials when they originally approved permits for the building? Or is it a bit of both? The case is already one of the most heated in the nation's grassroots abortion wars, and protests in Aurora this past weekend drew hundreds of anti-abortion demonstrators....

    (Continue reading story on page 2.)

    UPDATE, 4p: On this point in the Time article, "The group [PP] says abortions accounted for 3% of its services nationally last year," here is this direct quote from PP Chicago CEO Steve Trombley, from the Aurora Beacon, July 29:

    "There's a need for this service," Trombley said, citing Aurora's population boom and burgeoning populations in Kane and surrounding counties. "Ninety percent of medical services are for preventative gynecological services. Only 10 percent of what we do relates to abortion services."
    Continue reading "Time Magazine: "The Abortion Wars Hit Illinois""

    Front page LATimes today: "For Kansas abortion doctor, pressure mounts"


    1. Tiller faces criminal misdemeanor charges on 19 illegal late-term abortions committed in 2003 not signed off by an unaffiliated physician. For this Tiller could lose his license and spend a year in jail for each convicted count.

    2. Tiller just lost his battle to block a grand jury from being convened to investigate illegal late-term abortions Tiller may have committed since 2003, with a petitioner request that Sedgwick County DA Nola Foulston and AG Paul Morrison, both with ties to Tiller, not be involved in this investigation.

    3. KS legislators conducted a 2-day hearing earlier this month investigating Tiller's late-term abortion practices to consider finding and strengthening loopholes in current late-term abortion laws. As part of this, one of Tiller's patients, Michelle Arnesto-Berg, testifed that when he aborted her in May 2003 she signed no consent form, was asked for no medical information, and was never diagnosed with any condition that met the legal requirement of "substantial and irreversible impairment" for abortions after 22 weeks. Only recently Michelle learned Tiller charted her baby as nonviable, which was news to her. Hear Michelle's testimony here.

    Here is the Los Angeles Times front page story, today. Tiller's quote at the very end of the story is most interesting....

    [HT: Operation Rescue; photo courtesy of LAT]

    Continue reading "Front page LATimes today: "For Kansas abortion doctor, pressure mounts""

    Judge denies Planned Parenthood Aurora's request to open tomorrow

    breaking.jpgThis information comes from pro-life attorney Tom Brejcha, who just left the hearing:

    U.S. District Judge Charles Norgle has denied Planned Parenthood's request for an order that Aurora allow it to open tomorrow.

    There is a very short schedule for the next hearing. Each side has 24 hours to file papers to respond. They will be back in court Thursday morning. This hearing will include witnesses if appropriate if either side brings them.

    U.S. District Judge Virginia Kendall refused to take the case. She said this wasn't related to the Pro-Life Action League case currently before her. Turns out PP wanted its case to go before Kendall, which was likely a tip-off she may lean in favor of abortion.

    This is great news.

    UPDATE, 1:20p: Eric Scheidler just emailed this additional information on today's hearing, which he attended:

    Planned Parenthood was asking Federal District Judge Charles Norgle to issue an injunction that would have required the City to let them open for business WITHOUT concluding the investigation into PP's dealings with the City.

    Judge Charles Norgle listened to arguments from PP and the City for an hour, and decided a full hearing was required.

    The hearing has been set for Thursday at 10 a.m. That means that Planned Parenthood will not open until Friday at the earliest.

    One important point to keep in mind:

    The question here is not whether PP can ever open. The question is whether their opening can be DELAYED while an investigation is concluded into the allegations raised into wether PP defrauded the City.

    That question may be settled Thursday after a full hearing.

    UPDATE, 1:47p: Here's the Chicago Tribune story on the hearing.

    UPDATE, 7:43p: Here's a CBS 2 news t.v. report, which includes Eric Scheidler [HT: Paul W.]

    Turn, turn turn - from the Aurora Planned Parenthood mill

    Here's another photo montage of Saturday's protest, formally called the Jericho March, at the Aurora Planned Parenthood abortion mill.

    This little video has a 60s psychodelic edge to it with well done graphics work. It appears the "new media" role pro-lifers have had to assume, since MSM supports abortion, is growing not just to encompass journalism but also to bump up against liberal Hollywood with our own creative documentaries. Starting small, but who knows? made this one:

    [HT: reader Mike]

    News coverage of September 15 protest

    Please alert me to other coverage in comments section.

    ABC 7 News (scroll to "Protesters march against opening of abortion clinic")
    Beacon News, which included the Steve Trombley Quote of the Day, "We believe people of good will can differ," never mind PP's lying, deception, and fraud.
    Chicago Tribune
    Daily Herald
    Fox News (featuring a shot of our own MK)

    [HT: moderator MK; OpenLineBlog]

    In addition, Fox Valley Clery for Life and Fox Valley Families Against Planned Parenthood took out two impressive, informative, and striking full page ads in two newspapers this morning, the Beacon News and the Naperville Sun. 121 local clergy members signed the first, as opposed to 9 nonlocal PP faux clergy - 1 an unacknowledged PP board member - who voiced support of PP earlier in the week. Click on ads to see enlarged view....

    Continue reading "News coverage of September 15 protest"

    Protest of Aurora Planned Parenthood, September 15

    Attend Aurora Planned Parenthood protest tomorrow

    Selma.jpgTomorrow morning at 9:00a is an important protest at the intended site of the Aurora Planned Parenthood abortion mill. We have to match or surpass our previous number of 1,200.

    The situation is now getting national traction. For the first time, as far as I know, the Associated Press covered the story today, as did many other media outlets. I'm sure many will show tomorrow....

    Continue reading "Attend Aurora Planned Parenthood protest tomorrow"

    Deconstructing Planned Parenthood/Gemini cover-up I

    deconstruct.jpgFrom today's Chicago Tribune:

    [Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area CEO Steve] Trombley conceded Planned Parenthood was coy during the application process because it did not want to tip off its opponents while the clinic was under construction. But Trombley denied Planned Parenthood ever defrauded or deceived the city. "In no way did we deviate from the letter of the law," he said....

    When Gemini told the city it was unsure who its tenant would be, that was technically true at the time because the decision had not yet been made as to because which entity related to Planned Parenthood would occupy the building, Trombley said.

    First, Trombley spoke as if Gemini were in charge (Gemini "owner," PP "tenant"), when in fact, it is the other way around. PP owns Gemini. Trombley told the LA Times August 31...

    ... Gemini, a limited liability partnership, was set up to mask Planned Parenthood's involvement to keep protesters away while the $7.5-million clinic was being built.

    "It should be evident... why we did that," Trombley said. "This land was zoned for medical services. The city didn't ask what type of medical services."

    Trombley can now try, but there's no avoiding boneheaded things he has said on the public record, the classic, of course, being, "Frankly, I'm surprised we were able to keep it a secret for so long."

    It's straightforward. PP created Gemini. Now, according to Trombley, that Aurora didn't connect the dots is its own fault for not investigating Gemini or scouring public notices in other cities' newspapers.

    Further, in court documents PP filed yesterday it called Gemini "a wholly owned affiliate."

    Also according to those court documents, "In 2002, PPCA began planning for a new medical facility to provide services in Chicago's western suburbs... Ultimately PPCA obtained a parcel of land... in Aurora."

    But PP didn't create Gemini until it was needed for concealment. See Gemini's incorporation papers here, filed with the state on April 24, 2006 (click to enlarge):

    According to FOIAd documents, Gemini's first construction permit was filed July 27, 2006 (click to enlarge):

    howard.jpg(Kathleen M. Howard, photo right, is a Perkins Coie attorney, PP's legal consultant per tax returns.)

    And what did Trombley mean by saying they didn't "technically" lie about the occupant because they weren't sure "which [PP] entity" that would be?

    PP only has two entities: expresses and mills. Expresses don't commit abortion and don't have surgical suites, and mills do commit abortions and do have surgical suites.

    And PP/Gemini were flummoxed about that throughout the process of constructing a medical building containing surgical suites? Give me a break.

    [HT: John Jansen of PLAL for Gemini incorporation papers]

    Outcome of this morning's Planned Parenthood/Aurora hearing

    lawsuit.jpgPosted by the Chicago Tribune:

    After a hearing this morning, Planned Parenthood and Aurora officials are waiting to hear which federal judge will hear their dispute over whether a Planned Parenthood clinic can open Tuesday as scheduled.

    Planned Parenthood filed suit Thursday seeking an emergency court order requiring the city to permit a new clinic to open, and the case was assigned randomly to U.S. District Judge Charles Norgle....

    Continue reading "Outcome of this morning's Planned Parenthood/Aurora hearing"

    Planned Parenthood court documents

    pp%20lies2.jpgPlanned Parenthood Chicago's motion for an emergency injunction will be heard this morning at 9:30a in U.S. District Court in Chicago. A pro-life attorney will observe and report.

    Here are the legal documents. Note PP and Gemini are now public BFFs:


    Like a bad neighbor, PP is there.

    First it lied so people could die.

    Now it has the gall to ask the federal court to grant it the occupancy permit Aurora is withholding pending an independent investigation into whether PP compromised the integrity of Aurora's permit process by shading the truth or outrightly lying in its communications through its alter ego Gemini Development....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood court documents"

    PP Fed CEO: "... most emboldened protest by the most radical anti-choice people... ever"

    An email from Planned Parenthood Federation CEO Cecile Richards this afternoon (click actual email to right to enlarge):

    Dear ,

    Planned Parenthood is under attack.

    To be absolutely clear: the largest anti-choice protest we've seen in a very long time is happening at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Aurora, Illinois, at this very moment.

    It's easy to ignore if you don't live there or aren't a woman trying to seek health care services at the clinic. But I hope you won't ignore it, because what's happening in Aurora is what's happening to all of us who care about choice in America.

    We are facing no less than the most emboldened protest by the most radical anti-choice people I've ever encountered. They've made our brand new health center in Aurora ground zero in their fight against women's access to health care. And they are determined to keep our clinic from ever opening.

    Continue reading "PP Fed CEO: "... most emboldened protest by the most radical anti-choice people... ever""

    Planned Parenthood just filed emergency injunction

    breaking.jpgNews alert from the Aurora Beacon:

    Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Chicago on Thursday afternoon seeking an emergency injunction to allow the Aurora women's health center to open next Tuesday as planned. The petition was filed in response to the city's indication that the controversial clinic likely will not be granted a final occupancy permit in time....
    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood just filed emergency injunction"

    Clergy is on Planned Parenthood board

    From pro-lifer Dan Gura via Republicans for Fair Media, today:

    On September 12, WLS-TV [local ABC affiliate] anchor Ron Magers introduced a... segment, Ministers Voice Support for New Clinic, with "There's new support for a controversial plan to open a Planned Parenthood clinic in Aurora. A group of ministers came out in support of the clinic Wednesday."...
    Only one was identified by name, Rev. Randall Doubet-King, who said, "Each year, Planned Parenthood provides tens of thousands of women and families in this region with services they need and deserve to make the choices they need to make."...

    I googled Doubet-King....

    I was not surprised to learn he was a retired Pastor with the United Church of Christ....

    [But also,] on April 23, 2004 Planned Parenthood sent out a press release which announced:

    Rev. Randall Doubet-King Receives Planned Parenthood Davis Award for Distinguished Service.... Rev. Randall Doubet-King is truly an outstanding clergyman and advocate for reproductive rights. His work with Planned Parenthood Chicago Area has enriched a variety of essential programs and projects and his frequent presence in the press as a pro-choice clergy voice has been an invaluable asset to our movement....

    It also lists his accomplishments:

    Rev. Doubet-King serves as board chair for Planned Parenthood Chicago Area and chair of their PPFA Vision for 2025 Stewardship Committee.

    For WLS-TV News to fail to mention that the "minister" whom they interviewed is not only a shill for Planned Parenthood, but a highly placed cog in their mill's wheel of death, is to do a grave disservice to the truth.

    It is such sloppy journalism to have missed that. Googling the name indeed immediately draws Doubet-King's connection to PP.

    And why wasn't the press conference in Aurora? Speaking of, how many of those "clergy" were from Aurora?

    Video clips from 9-11 Aurora City Council meeting

    Jeff from Chicago Pro-Life Activist has put together two video montages, 4-6 minutes each, of highlights from the Aurora City Council meeting on September 11 concerning Planned Parenthood's attempted sneak into the community.

    The montages include testimony from both pro-lifers and pro-aborts. In video II you'll start to hear chatter for and against a parental notification ordinance now being proposed in Aurora, a positive outcome of this mess.

    Jeff did a great job pulling from 3 hours of video. You will see that the pro-lifers testifying were articulate, sensible, respectful - and adamant.

    Planned Parenthood Chicago's tax returns

    (Click to enlarge)

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood Chicago's tax returns"

    Aurora City Council meeting last night

    First, my new friend Jeff at Chicago Pro-Life Activist is preparing a video/photo montage of last night he'll get to us asap. I'll post a few photos now to give you a sense.

    Eric Scheidler warned in email updates he had heard Planned Parenthood Chicago CEO Steve Trombley requested (ordered?) Chicago PP personnel to show for this meeting, and they did. Here is the scene that greeted us....

    Continue reading "Aurora City Council meeting last night"

    Planned Parenthood's full page ad in today's Beacon

    (Click to enlarge)

    The only entity likely happy about the Aurora Planned Parenthood battle is the Aurora Beacon, which is selling a lot of ad space these days.

    I was flabbergasted when hearing about the full page ad Planned Parenthood took out today with a large photo of a bombed abortion clinic and again accusing Joe Scheidler and Pro-Life Action League of violence. Steve Trombley obviously took Tom Brejcha's letter to cease and desist as a dare.

    Obviously, PP's goal is to turn public opinion away from who it considers ringleaders of the movement to keep PP out of Aurora.

    I'm biased, but it seems to me this is another colossal bad move on PP's part....

    Continue reading "Planned Parenthood's full page ad in today's Beacon"

    Abortion clinics protect child rapists

    predator.jpgWith the attention on Planned Parenthood of Chicago for attempting to slither into Aurora with what it brags will be its largest US abortion mill, the time seems perfect to post audiotapes of the undercover calls Life Dynamics made to Illinois abortion clinics in the spring of 2002.

    An LDI activist called over 800 Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation clinics nationwide, posing as a 13-year-old girl impregnated by her 22-year-old boyfriend.

    While this is considered statutory rape in all 50 states, over 90% of clinic employees taking the call nationwide offered to conceal the crime.

    In IL, all 21 clinics that were called - 100% - offered to aid and abet in the cover-up. Of those, 12 were Planned Parenthood facilities, including all 3 in Chicago.

    The calls were made in TX, where it is legal to record phone conversations without the other party knowing. Although these calls are inadmissable in court other than to prove perjury, they demonstrate intent and experience with the scenario.

    Listen to the calls for yourself....

    Continue reading "Abortion clinics protect child rapists"

    LA Times: Planned Parenthood's "mask"

    prayer.jpgPer Joe Scheidler's weekly hotline, an August 31 Los Angeles Times story was "[o]ne of the most comprehensive stories to come out of the battle against Planned Parenthood so far."

    Continued Scheidler....

    Continue reading "LA Times: Planned Parenthood's "mask""

    Hannity's Planned Parenthood segment

    Jeff from Chicago Pro-Life Activist has posted last night's Planned Parenthood segment from Hannity's America on YouTube:

    I thought the segment covered a lot of ground in six minutes: Planned Parenthood's fraudulent construction practices, its treatment of aborting mothers as cash cows, and its cover-up of minor rape/incest. Thoughts?

    "Planned Parenthood warned: retract lies or face suit"

    wnd8.jpg featured a story today on the latest development in the Aurora Planned Parenthood battle: its false accusations against Joe Scheidler and Pro-Life Action League as being violent, and their demand to retract or face a lawsuit.

    Included in the story are links to documents on this blog.

    Candlelight vigil at Planned Parenthood 9/7

    Jeff at Chicago Pro-Life Activist has produced a well-done video of Friday night's prayer vigil at the Aurora Planned Parenthood site.

    Per Families Against Planned Parenthood, 300-400 attended. FAPP has an account of the evening.

    [HT: Jeff at Chicago Pro-Life Activist]

    Hannity's America investigates Planned Parenthood tonight

    hannity1.pngTonight, Hannity's America on Fox News Channel will feature an investigation of Planned Parenthood. The show will air 8p CST and 11p CST.

    The program's impetus was the Aurora situation and the tremendous uprising against it. But also covered will be PP's other dubious activities. In fact, show producers asked pro-lifers providing background info to keep it quiet until a few days ago so they could do some digging of PP without it knowing.

    The segment is supposed to air about 8:30p CST. It will feature one or more of the Scheidlers, and we hear it will also feature Chicago's own Yvonne Florczak-Seeman, who had five abortions and is now pro-life.

    This is not Planned Parenthood's week.

    [HT: Tom Brejcha, Rock for Life, Eric Scheidler]

    Hardball in Aurora II: Pushback

    I knew it.

    Steve Trombley, CEO of Planned Parenthood Chicago, must retract the "false, libelous and malicious statements" in his letter or face "legal redress," this according to a letter just sent electronically to Trombley by Tom Brejcha, attorney for the Scheidlers and Pro-Life Action League. Brejcha successfully represented PLAL before the US Supreme Court.

    hepcat1.jpgThe entire letter is on page 2, but here is its bottom line:

    Should you not retract your false and libelous assertions against Eric Scheidler, or the Aurora protesters, or Fox Valley Families promptly by follow up letter, or by newspaper advertisement, or by public testimony at Aurora's next council meeting next Tuesday evening, we shall seek legal redress.

    Moreover, we shall press Aurora officials to seek redress for your false and misleading statements during the permit process when, as you were quoted in the Chicago Tribune, you took pains to keep your actual plans "secret" for as long as possible. As former Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis insisted, "the best disinfectant is sunlight." Those who try to confuse, deceive or mislead public officials must be held accountable.

    Note that if you were present at any of the protests, Tom is representing you as well.

    Continue reading "Hardball in Aurora II: Pushback"

    Hardball in Aurora

    hardball1.jpgFrom the Aurora Beacon, yesterday:

    Responding to criticism by anti-abortion activists and some Aurora aldermen, Planned Parenthood officials on Wednesday said they were truthf