Pregnant mom to be charged with killing her preborn baby if DUI

Of course, the inconsistencies in American law become glaring in tragedies like this. Say Jessica Bruce had been on her way to abort her baby. Killing her preborn child 15 minutes later under that circumstance would have been perfectly legal, while in this case Bruce faces up to 15 years in prison. Here we see a perfect example why it is only a matter of time before polar opposite laws re: the preborn become impossible to ignore.

According to ABC News, May 13:

car crash jessica bruce.png

A pregnant GA woman, who led police on a high speed chase, will likely be charged in the death of the 24-week-old baby she was carrying.

Police said Jessica Bruce, 21, refused to stop her car Wednesday night when they tried to pull her over for speeding. Bruce fled, struck a car, spun into oncoming traffic and was hit by another car, totaling her vehicle and killing the fetus, authorities said....

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Update: University of WI Health denies AG report it has abandoned plans to commit late-term abortions

Read previous post and background to this story here.

After yesterday's media reports that the WI Attorney General's office had stopped its investigation of the University of WI Madison Hospital after it stated it was abandoning plans to begin committing late-term abortions, UWM issued a statement saying not so fast:

uw health.jpg

There are reports in today's media that UW Health has abandoned its plans to provide second trimester pregnancy terminations. This is not true.

UW Health remains strongly committed to a comprehensive women's reproductive health service that includes this important procedure....

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UW Madison Hospital abandons plans to commit late-term abortions

I've written several times since February 2009 about the University of Wisconsin Madison Hospital's plans to begin committing late-term abortions after the city's lone late-term abortionist moved on.

Pro-lifers on both the inside and outside of the hospital pitched a fit. For instance, WI Right to Life ran 3 ads in the WI State Journal aimed at UW Madison's weak spots after getting hold of some of their inter-office emails. Here's 1 (click to enlarge):

WIRTL ad 2.jpg

Well, today the Alliance Defense Fund, which has been giving legal help to WI pro-lifers, issued this welcome statement...

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Merry Christmas, abortion style

gift my fox orlando.JPGWere abortion illegal, pro-aborts would be trumpeting the case below as evidence abortion should be legal. Otherwise desperate mothers are driven to dangerous acts, they'd say.

But abortion is legal. And its legality has only resulted in increased access to dangerous acts of abortion.

Because this abortion was committed at 7 months gestation, and all this mother did was take a medication stimulate premature delivery, chances are her baby was born alive. If so, will she be charged with murder? From

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Nationalized healthcare behind letting 22-week UK preemie die

jayden 1.jpgI wrote yesterday about a premature baby [Jayden Capewell, pictured right], who was left to die without being assessed by physicians for viability simply because at the gestational age of 21 weeks and 5 days he was born 2 days shy of the 22-week cut-off point.

I mentioned that I wondered if Britain's nationalized healthcare program played a part in this baby's death because of apparent rules cited in the article to withhold treatment of pregnant mothers in premature labor as well as very premature babies.

I've been doing more research on this. 1st, the Daily Mail story has been updated from yesterday. Its intro now reads...

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Terminating Kate

Steve Waldman of posted this video yesterday:

This isn't so far-fetched, recalling late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart's quote in the Washington Times only today:

"God gave that fetus a 'guardian ad litem' when he chose the mother that fetus is born with," he said. "That mother, I feel, has been charged by God to make the right choices for that child during its unborn and early born years."

Waldman described the video as "an effective way of challenging those who get late term abortions out of fear that the baby will be disabled or have Down Syndrome."...

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Media Matters: Obama's infanticide support? "Fevered dreams" of Stanek/Limbaugh


Barack Obama's venture one step beyond unencumbered and taxpayer-funded abortion support to radically support infanticide of abortion survivors was the straw that broke the camel's back for many pro-lifers....

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Texas bill would decriminalize infanticide

jessica ferrar pp award.jpgDemocrat pro-abortion Catholic state Rep. Jessica Ferrar has quite a resumé. There she is pictured right holding a Planned Parenthood Public Affairs Award she received last year "for her work on reproductive health issues," according to her website.

Ferrar opposes a bill currently before the legislature that would mandate abortionists offer mothers the option of viewing an ultrasound of their baby. She currently is sponsoring a bill that would force Catholic hospitals to dispense the morning-after pill. And Ferrar maintains a 100% approval rating from NARAL.

But disregard for prenatal life isn't enough for Ferrar, who is also sponsoring the first legislation of its kind in the nation, known as "The Infanticide Bill," HB 3318....

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Records won't be sealed in Hialeah abortion survivor murder case

Read my previous posts on this story here.

I'm guessing posts on this blog and my WorldNetDailycom columns were included as reasons by the defense to keep evidence and photos secret. Of course the Miami Herald attorney would label these as "fairly obscure websites." Sniff, sniff. From the Miami Herald, today:

belkis gonzalez 5.jpg

The public has the right to view evidence in the case of a woman accused of illegally providing healthcare during a botched abortion at a Hialeah clinic, a judge ruled Thursday.

Lawyers for Belkis Gonzalez, 44, citing extensive media coverage and harsh commentary in Internet postings on anti-abortion websites, had asked that evidence be kept secret to ``assure a fair trial.''

Gonzalez fears ''physical and mental harm after receiving anonymous threats,'' said her lawyers, who also asked that prosecutors be barred from speaking to reporters about the case....

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Those risky toilet abortions

From Fox News today:

Peach County [GA] authorities say a newborn girl was found in the toilet of a jail cell.


According to Sheriff Terry Deese, 25-year-old Cornelia Kornegay of Roberta had the infant in a holding cell Wednesday morning and told jailers her baby was in the toilet.

Deese said deputies found the infant upside down submerged in water, but the toddler survived. He said jailers were unaware that Kornegay was pregnant.

Kornegay likely will face a charge of felony cruelty to children and other offenses. She was already being held at the facility for violating probation.

Deese said the infant, a 7 pound, 6-ounce girl was taken to a local hospital and was listed in good condition.


We see here simply an abortion gone awry. What is the difference between this and the April 2005 abortion at an Orlando abortion mill spotlighted in the movie 22Weeks?

There's a more detailed story here. I hope the baby is ok and doesn't suffer from lack of oxygen.

[HT: reader Susie A.; photo courtesy of The Sun News]

Statement by

BAT logo.jpg

Statement released November 5 by Jill Stanek, Executive Director of, upon the election of Barack Obama for president...

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Abortion survivor's funeral

On Oct. 14, little Shanice Osbourne was finally laid to rest 27 months after she was allegedly killed on the day she was aborted alive, July 20, 2006, by abortion clinic owner Belkis Gonzalez at A Gyn Diagnostics Center in Hialeah, FL.

Read the details of baby Shanice's death here.

Following is Miami's NBC6 news coverage of the funeral...

Obama caught on tape arguing against giving medical attention to aborted babies

The IL General Assembly destroys audiotapes of its floor debates after transcripts have been written. That is why there is precious little audio, if any, of Barack Obama as state senator making any speeches.

But a pro-life sleuth has found a short audio clip on the Chicago Tribune website of Obama arguing on the IL Senate floor on April 4, 2002, against Senate Bill B1663, a companion bill to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act that would have required an abortionist to call a second physician to assess a baby aborted alive.

Here is the Senate transcript to ensure the comment is heard in context....

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Obama: No survivors

This one can't wait until Sunday, by my favorite political cartoonist Glenn McCoy:

cartoon obama no survivors.gif

[HT: Troy Newman of Operation Rescue]

Mother starves newborn to death

indra book.jpgHere we see a segue between the abortion and euthanasia mentalities. There is no difference between a 9-month-old preborn and a 9-month, 2-day-old postborn except location and how she breathes, is hydrated, and is nourished.

Nor are the mental capabilities between a disabled person like Terri Schiavo and a newborn any different.

Yet in both cases it is legal to kill the former but illegal to kill the latter. Why? Why was this so bad? From WKBT, July 14:

The two people arrested on... July 11 for their role in the death of a young infant made their first appearance in court on Tuesday.

19-year-old Indra Book and 21-year-old Adam O'Connor have been arrested after an investigation by La Crosse police.

Police say during August of 2007, Book gave birth to an infant in her home in La Crosse. The infant died within a few days. Book and O'Connor allegedly tried to cover up the death....

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CNN: Obama's opposition to Born Alive Act

CNN's Carol Costello did a good deal of research and fairly reported Barack Obama's opposition to the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act when he was state senator.

Bill Bennett added important info in a follow-up debate against James Carville.

Costello's follow-up should be to answer the question she closed with: Did Barack Obama reject the opportunity to vote for a bill identical to the federal bill?

Americans want to talk gas, not infanticide

Wrote Mark Finkelstein at yesterday:

Who cares if Barack Obama won't protect a child who is born alive after an abortion? Gas is over $4/gallon!

So argued Donna Brazile when Bill Bennett pressed her on the matter today. The issue arose during a post-Obama press conference kibitzing session on CNN's Situation Room. Bennett was making the point that the complaisant media in attendance had failed to press the candidate on tough issues.

Here's the clip. (Thanks to Mark for being so kind as to post it on YouTube.)

Read transcript of Brazile/Bennett exchange on page 2.

Continued Mark...

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How far for "hope for the cure"?

According to the Washington Times today, religious and pro-life Brits are furious with Parliament's May 19 decision to allow creations of human-animal hybrids as well as "savior siblings". Both are perfectly legal in the US, btw:

Religious leaders and pro-life campaigners have angrily attacked the British government for its refusal to ban the creation of animal-human embryos and so-called "savior siblings" - research described by one Roman Catholic cardinal as a form of "Frankenstein" science....

embryo nyt.jpg

By a vote of 342-163, Parliament crushed one key amendment to Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Human Embryology and Fertilization Bill that was aimed at stopping the use of "hybrid" human-animal embryos in stem-cell research.

The Brown administration has accepted claims by many leading scientists that such "human admixed embryos" are vital to the quest for cures for diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, which the prime minister considers a key element of his embryo legislation....

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Mad World of Barack Obama

I received a heads up on the following video from CreativeMinority, its maker. He selected the perfect name for himself. His work is excellent... literally gave me chills.

In only 1:50 mins CM nailed Obama's depth of depravity in opposing the Born Alive Infant Protection Act along with providing tiny heartbreaking reminders of who Obama would let die for the sake of Roe v. Wade.

Sunday funny

by Glenn McCoy,


I can't help wondering...

By Mary Kay Hastings

Star Tribune, April 12, 2007:


"A 17-year-old Oakdale girl told police she gave birth on the laundry room floor early Monday, then panicked and stabbed the baby girl after seeing her move a finger.
The baby, found by investigators in a bloody garbage bag outside the teen's home, had 135 stab wounds, many in her tiny chest. The Ramsey County medical examiner's office said the baby was born alive and bled to death.
Nicole M. Beecroft was charged with first-degree premeditated murder Thursday in Washington County District Court.
County Attorney Douglas Johnson noted that state law allows mothers to leave infants at any hospital within 72 hours of birth with no legal consequences. "She could have walked away and the baby would have been adopted by a family that wanted it," he said. "Instead she destroys two lives: her own and the baby's."We don't know what motivated her," Johnson said."

Click here to read the rest of the story.

I can't help but wonder...... why should this woman be punished when she could have accomplished the exact same thing the day before her child was born, by going to an abortionist?

It would have cost her a few bucks, but she wouldn't have to spend any time in jail. And the abortionist could have done the job with a lot less blood and carnage. I mean 135 stab wounds seems like overkill to me...

So why is what Ms. Beecroft did punishable by law, but what George Tiller does on a daily basis condoned, even lauded?tillerthekiller.jpg

I just don't see it. Does one tiny breath really make all that much difference?

Maybe we should be able to kill our children up until the time they get their drivers licenses. Or can drink their first beer. I mean after that first "legal" sip of alcohol, they are truly adults, right.

And God knows, I've wanted to "kill" mine a few times around that age...

Someone tell me. Please. Why is Ms Beecroft a criminal, and George Tiller a hero? Cuz I just don't get it...

Dead baby found in FL abortion mill

This is horrible. I KNOW this stuff goes on every day in abortion mills. Finally, corroboration.

Dead Baby Found In Hialeah Abortion Clinic
Clinic Has Been Closed

Dave Malkoff

Jul 28, 2006, 11:06 p.m. EST

(CBS4 News) HIALEAH Hialeah Police Homicide Detectives are investigating the gruesome discovery of a dead baby’s body inside of an abortion clinic but conflicting stories may prove there's more to the discovery than meets the eye.

The body was found at “A Gynecologists Diagnostic Center,” 3671 West 16th Avenue in Hialeah [FL, near Miami].

Witnesses tell police that a young woman, whose identity has not been released, arrived at the clinic last Thursday at roughly 22 weeks pregnant for an abortion procedure.

Police say the woman arrived the next day after the procedure complaining of severe pain. Workers at the clinic explained to her that the doctor was not available and she'd have to wait.

The woman was taken into a recovery room and according to witnessess, gave birth in the clinic. An anonymous caller, who police believe to be a clinic worker, alerted officials that the baby was born alive and possibly killed. When officials arrived, however, there was no body to be found.

CBS4's Dave Malkoff reported that when police were called to the scene a second time Friday night, they found the body of a dead baby in a biohazard bag.

Detectives believe the abortion clinic tampered with the evidence. The fetus was reportedly 12 inches long and weighed 2-3 pounds.

Hialeah Police PIO, Frank Gonzalez, believe the baby was born premature and is unsure how the baby died.

The clinic's doors have been closed while the investigation continues.

Officials are awaiting the autopsy, scheduled for Saturday, to determine the exact cause of death.

No word yet if charges will be filed.

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