Woman uses emergency contraceptive to kill wrongly implanted babies

NBC reported June 28:

embryo nbc.jpg

A woman who sought help from a prominent CT fertility center last year received embryos, but they belonged to another woman with the same last name.

The mistake happened in April 2009 at the Center for Advanced Reproductive Services at the University of CT Health Center, which will pay a $3k fine.

A lab technician only checked the last name on the container with the embryos and pulled the wrong ones from frozen storage, according to the state Dept. of Public Health. Procedure is to check the medical record number and last 4 digits of the Social Security number.

That patient who received the embryos was informed of the error within an hour and decided to take the "morning after" pill to prevent the pregnancy, according to state records....

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40 yrs+ celebrity IVF pregnancies: Celine Dion and Kelly Preston

kelly preston john travolta.jpgThree weeks ago 47-yr-old actress Kelly Preston and 56-yr-old actor husband John Travolta announced they were expecting a baby. (Twins denied.)

Then a week ago 42-yr-old singer Céline Dion announced she and 68-yr-old husband René Angélil were expecting twins.

Both pregnancies were reportedly conceived via in vitro fertilization.

(And if these things do come in 3s, keep an eye on 40-yr-old singer Mariah Carey, whose 29-yr-old husband singer Nick Cannon didn't exactly quash rumors a few days ago that she's pregnant as well.)

Congrats to all. We're praying for healthy babies.

Even though we recently observed in 4443-yr-old Michelle Duggar that women over 40 do conceive naturally, pregnancy past 40 isn't the norm.

On May 31 OB/Gyn Dr. Jennifer Ashton described on CBS's The Early Show the staggering preborn death toll to achieve a successful 40+ pregnancy...

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J Lo: IVF a no-go

Jennifer Lopez Elle, in vitro fertilization, IVF.jpgFor any wondering (and I admit I was curious), Jennifer Lopez conceived her fraternal twins the old fashioned way - and wouldn't have had it any other way. Some recent comments of hers on that topic are making quite a stir. From US magazine, January 6:

Although many stars have turned to in vitro fertilization to conceive, Jennifer Lopez never considered it an option - and says she never will.

"When it comes to family and relationships, I'm quite traditional," the star, 40, tells the February issue of Elle magazine. "Just because of the way I was raised. And I also believe in God and I have a lot of faith in that, so I just felt like you don't mess with things like that."...

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"Jon & Kate Plus Eight" ends

My poor daughter. I do wonder what psychological damage reality tv has wrought. As a teen she love love loved Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. And we know how that ended.

jon and kate insider.jpegThen she love love loved Jon & Kate Plus Eight. And last night we saw its demise, thanks also to divorce.

I've written a couple times about the Gosselins (here and here), of particular interest to us because Kate conceived both sets of multiples through in vitro fertilization. So I thought it fitting to provide closure.

About the last show The Insider reported...

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Kate + 8 - Jon; Jon delays divorce

I agree with USA Today that the timing is "interesting," although I'll take it. Jon Gosselin wouldn't be the 1st rogue to sow wild oats only to find the grass isn't greener (bad mixed metaphor, sorry):

jon in shade.jpg

Only moments after TLC released the news this morning that Kate is moving on with without Jon, In Touch Weekly is reporting that Jon has submitted court papers to suspend his split with Kate for 90 days.

For whatever reason, I hope the 2 get back together for the sake of their kids. More from Pop Eater:

It's a busy day in Gosselin-ville. Jon Gosselin is trying to slow down - if not halt altogether - his divorce from Kate Gosselin, telling In Touch Weekly exclusively: "I regret my conduct since Kate and I separated.... I used poor judgment in publicly socializing with other women so soon." He's filed paperwork looking to stall the divorce for 90 days "to regain control over the future of our family."...

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Oldest mom dies, orphans toddlers; fertility treatment implicated

The boys are now here and blessings. But this is just another warning against defying one's biological clock as well as injecting oneself with large, prolonged doses of artificial female hormones to unnaturally procreate.

From The Times, today:

bousada twins 1.jpg

A pensioner who became the world's oldest mother at 66 through anonymous sperm and egg donations has died, leaving her twin sons orphaned and reigniting controversy over fertility treatment for older women....

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Parker/Broderick hire surrogate to carry twins

Don't know the details, but Sarah Jessica Parker , who successfully carried her 6-year-old son James to term, and husband Matthew Broderick have hired a surrogate to carry their twin daughters. According to the Associated Press yesterday:

parker broderick.jpg

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick will be taking on new roles: parents of twin girls.

The Sex and the City star and her actor-husband are expecting twins through a surrogate pregnancy, representatives for the couple said Tuesday.

Parker, 44, and Broderick, 47, "are happily anticipating the birth of their twin daughters later this summer with the generous help of a surrogate. The entire family is overjoyed," said a statement from the publicists....

Details about the surrogate or her pregnancy were unavailable, the publicists said.

Added EOnline...

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Ok to harvest dead son's sperm, says TX judge

According to the Associated Press, March 8:

A judge has granted a mother's request to have someone harvest sperm from her dead son's body, so she can have the option of carrying out his wish to have children.

nikolas colton evans.jpg

Nikolas Colton Evans, 21, died Sunday at a Brackenridge hospital after being punched and falling outside an Austin [TX] bar March 27.

His mother, Marissa Evans, [said]... he wanted to have 3 sons someday and had even picked out their names: Hunter, Tod and Van.

"I want him to live on. I want to keep a piece of him," she [said]....

Judge Guy Herman ruled Monday in an emergency hearing requested by the mother, because of the urgency of collecting the sperm intact....

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Stanek op ed in USA Today

USA Today requested an op ed from me on the topic of in vitro fertilization regulation, and I was grateful for the opportunity. It is published today. Here's a snip:

The sensational story of Nadya Suleman giving birth to octuplets after in vitro fertilization of multiple embryos has spotlighted the need to regulate this Wild West of women's reproductive care.

usa today logo 5.gif

Now is the time for pro-lifers to introduce legislation in their states regulating IVF and, with it, the creation and care of embryos....

A movement in this direction is gathering force. Louisiana has had a law since 1986 defining ex-utero embryos as human beings with inherent rights. Embryos cannot be destroyed for research. Court disputes over abandoned embryos must be decided in the best interest of the embryo. At least 5 other states are considering legislation defining an embryo as a person....

The Suleman case has exposed a need to regulate the IVF industry, the sooner the better. Currently sea turtles in the US enjoy more procreative protection than women and children.

And here is USA Today's editorial opposing IVF regulation.

TV star and "wife" switch embryos

From Strollerderby, the following is quite the twist on sexual and reproductive "freedom." Click to enlarge...


To answer the question, I think this is neither silly nor sweet. Doubting the odds that both women were infertile, I expect simple artificial insemination would have sufficed....

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Blagojevich's lesbian sister-in-law pushes mandatory infertility coverage

Former IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich's openly lesbian sister-in-law Deborah Mell (who I met once in Springfield when we were lobbying opposite sides of a bill - I forget which) was elected state rep in November.

Mell has the distinction of being the only House member to oppose his impeachment.

Mell is proposing mandatory infertility coverage with a twist...

deborah mell.jpg

HB4331 - Illinois

Home > Illinois > HB4331
Chief Sponsor: Deborah Mell

Latest Update: Monday, March, 02nd 2009


Amends the Illinois Insurance Code. Provides that no group policy of accident and health insurance providing coverage for more than 25 employees that provides pregnancy related benefits shall contain a provision that covers the diagnosis and treatment of infertility only if the individual was covered under the policy for at least one year. Deletes a definition for "infertility".

... So infertility would include a lack of desire to consummate.

[HT: Fran at Illinois Review]

OctoMom and Mom brawl on tape Part III: The house

UPDATE, 12p: I was in such a hurry to get out of here today I forgot to write I think Radaronline.com's sinister background music was way over the top. Thanks to commenter Lauren for reminding me of that thought.

In part III of Radaronline.com's video exposé of OctoMom Nadya Suleman arguing with her mother over her most recent decision to undergo IVF, which resulted in octuplets, we see the Suleman home.

It's not awful; I've seen worse. But it's not good either. Chaotic, cramped, cluttered, a tad white trashy.

I'm wondering more and more about Nadya's grasp on reality. Help for only one year? Envisioning moving to only a 3-4 bedroom home, because she likes close living arrangements? I think of the need for space at Jon and Kate plus Eight's home or the Duggar home in 17 Kids and Counting - which is a number not too far from Nadya's 14.

And I have decided I definitely don't like Nadya's mother. Very negative person, and why does she continually draw away from Nadya, as if she thinks Nadya is going to hit her?

New Stanek WND column, "Octomom's gift to the pro-life movement"

UPDATE, 3:55p: FYI, Americans United for Life also has model language for legislative consideration entitled, "Regulation of Assisted Reproductive Technologies."


I don't know why Nadya Suleman opted for single, poverty-stricken motherhood on steroids, pun intended, undergoing the in vitro fertilization procedure several times to produce 14 children since 2001. The last eight were born Jan. 26....

But in one fell swoop Suleman has spotlighted problems with unregulated IVF and turned public opinion against unregulated IVF....

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OctoMom and Mom brawl on tape Part II

In Part II of Radaronline.com's video of OctoMom Nadya Suleman and Mom Angela's spat, Angela accuses Nadya of lying about previous pregnancies, saying, "I have a tumor."

Find Part I here.

In this video, Nadya's mother aggravates me more than Nadya, the opposite reaction I had to video I. It comes clearer Nadya isn't the only one with issues. Angela disparages Nadya's every thought and idea with a skeptical look.

Not to say Nadya's thoughts aren't undeserving of skeptism, but Mom gives not one shred of support or encouragement. I'm guessing this is a lifelong family dynamic. And a mother shouldn't publicly accuse her child of having psychological problems like OCD.

OctoMom and Mom brawl on tape Part I

On February 23, 2009, Radaronline.com caught OctoMom Nadya Suleman and her mother Angela on video arguing about Nadya's decision to have so many embryos implanted.

The spat isn't pretty. Nadya is overbearing despite making solid pro-life arguments with a woman she should treat with much more respect: the grandmother caring for her 6 older children. Meanwhile that grandmother coldly argues the new babies shouldn't be here.

These women both have issues, the first being that they're foolish enough to air family disputes on camera, a la Jerry Springer.

Japanese woman implanted with wrong offspring

The title of the article incorrectly described the preborn human as an "egg," and the article itself did not do much better, calling him or her a"fertilized egg."

But I digress; the Associated Press is famous for such dehumanizing slips. Drudge is spotlighting this tragic story today, showing another problem with in vitro fertilization (click to enlarge):

japanese embryo.jpg

[HT: friend Kristina and son Tim]

Suleman octuplets III

Read previous posts here and here.

Nadya Suleman, mother of octuplets born January 26, gave her 1st interview today, to Today's Ann Curry.

Most notable is Suleman said her fertility doctor implanted 6 embryos, and 2 apparently split. About the number implanted Nadya gave the same pro-life response as had her mother: "I wanted them all transferred. Those are my children, and that's what was available and I used them. So, I took a risk. It's a gamble. It always is."

Curry said after the interview Suleman wants to return to school this autumn to pursue her Master's degree, relying on financial aid and child care for help. I didn't hear Suleman say that so am not sure if the paraphrase was accurate. If so, she's in denial. All her babies are preemies.

The Associated Press has written a detailed related article.

Suleman octuplets II

No matter what the circumstances of the Suleman octuplets' conception, my thought is pro-lifers must support their mother Nadya now. She responded with proper pro-life ethic on 2 counts, according to People:

angela suleman.jpg

Nadya's mother, Angela Suleman [pictured right, with husband Ed]... says Nadya had 8 leftover frozen embryos from a previous in-vitro session and had them all implanted because she didn't want them destroyed. Later, when given the option to abort some of the resulting fetuses, she refused, according to Angela's account.

I've been hearing increased speculation that Nadya did this for the $. That doesn't jive with 1st accounts, such as her mother's, which are usually most accurate. I'm concerned pro-lifers will abandon Suleman now, too, and then who does she have? For instance, I received this email:

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Suleman octuplets I

octuplets 1.jpgThis is a hard one.

I used to be fine with in vitro fertilization. I even gave a friend hormone shots several years back to mature several eggs at once for IVF.

Then I found out the Catholic Church opposes IVF. And when the Catholic Church says something on the pro-life issue I listen. I read its reasons, and they made sense. I now oppose IVF, not only on moral grounds but also because it hurts and exploits women....

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Accidents won't happen

thomas.jpgMy husband and I watched the documentary Pregnant Man on Discovery Health last night.

It showed how "gender reassigned" Thomas Beatie got pregnant: by choosing sperm on the Internet whose donor had "wife" Nancy's coloring and was smart, mail-ordering it, receiving a canister with the sperm on dry ice, heating it to 90 degrees, and injecting it via needleless syringe.

The world sure has changed, and so quickly. It seems to me it is suddenly spinning out of control.

And I read this today on AOL Entertainment. Ellen DeGeneres was asked about having children with "wife" Portia de Rossi, and answered...

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Irish twins for "pregnant man"

pregnant man and barbara.jpgThe world's first so-called pregnant man, in actuality a half-sex changed woman, will appear tomorrow night on ABC's 20/20 with Barbara Walters. According to On Top:

The interview is the first [Thomas] Beatie and his wife [Nancy] have given since the birth of their daughter, Susan. The hour-long report promises an exclusive inside look at the Beatie family household and footage from inside the hospital during Susan's birth.

But there's more. Walters announced on The View this morning that Beatie is pregnant again. Susan was born June 29, 2008, and her sib is due June 12, 2009. Irish twins.

Here's a clip of the show tomorrow night...

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Human egg "donations"

What is wrong with the lead sentence in this July 30 Fox5News story:

Now more than ever, women are donating their eggs to make ends meet.

egg 4.JPGThe definition to "donate" is: "To present as a gift to a fund or cause; contribute."

That, of course, is not what is happening. Women are being paid for their eggs, and handsomely. Continued the story...

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Upcoming in the August 4 issue of Newsweek, available online now, an article on the proliferating field of oncofertility, assisted reproduction for women with cancer:

When Annie Dauer's oncologist told her she'd need a [adult!] stem-cell transplant to cure her non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, Dauer's first thought wasn't about death but about life.


"I asked what would happen to my fertility," she says. Her oncologist dismissed the question: " 'Honey, you're fighting for your life; forget the fertility at this point,' she told me."

But Dauer, then 30 and newly married, pressed the subject until the oncologist referred her to a fertility specialist. Since Dauer's chemotherapy regimen would most likely destroy her body's egg supply, the specialist, in an experimental procedure, removed one of her ovaries, froze it and reimplanted it when Dauer recovered....

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JivinJ's Life Links 7-29-08

web grab.jpgby JivinJ

  • Denny Burke highlights a recent exchange on the Albert Mohler Radio Program between guest host Russell Moore and Tony Campolo on the issue of abortion reduction vs. abortion elimination. Robert George was also a guest on the program.

    [JLS note: I'm so glad Denny and JivinJ spotted this. I received an email about this radio show but couldn't locate the source. Tony Campolo is a Democrat evangelical pastor. On this show he proposed a tax-and-spend strategy to reduce abortion by up to 50%, he thought. My email friend reported: "The moderator made a brilliant comparison. He asked if this strategy was similar to someone leading a group of white supremecists to reduce the number of lynchings of the slaves. Campolo became enraged at this. Truth hurts."]...

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  • IVF 30 years later

    louise brown.jpgThe 1st test tube baby, Louise Brown, will turn 30 in a week, on July 25. The July 17 issue of Nature takes a look at the next 30 years of IVF:

    Already, modern societies are entering an era of personalized genetics....

    True... no embryo will have the perfect genetic future. But these techniques could allow parents to create a top-5 wish-list of the characteristics they most want for their child - avoiding, for example, the Parkinson's disease that plagues the family - and choose the embryo most likely to meet those criteria.

    Or the parents may focus on non-health-related aspects such as intelligence and ambition....

    The magazine asked several researchers to speculate on the next 3 decades.

    Davor Solter, developmental biologist at the Institute of Medical Biology, Singapore...

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    First IVF twins turn 25

    Yesterday MSNBC interviewed the first "test tube" twins born in the US 25 years ago this month, Todd and Heather Tilton, and their mother, Nan:

    I struggle with the issue of in vitro fertilization. I'm not Catholic but turn to Catholic teaching on the Life issue and have always found it sound....

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    New custody right: to kill

    I previously blogged on this here and here. On August 28, Kaiser Network reported:


    The Texas Supreme Court on Friday declined to consider the case of three frozen embryos of a Texas couple who divorced before the woman underwent in vitro fertilization, the AP/New York Times reports. Several hours before a woman named Augusta Roman was scheduled to undergo IVF, her husband at the time, Randy Roman, insisted that the procedure be canceled and that the embryos be frozen. The couple later began divorce proceedings.

    In the case, Augusta Roman is seeking to have the three embryos that survived the freezing process implanted, and Randy Roman is seeking to have them destroyed or to remain frozen indefinitely.


    A Houston trial court ordered the embryos turned over to Augusta Roman, but an appeals court ruled in favor of Randy Roman. The state Supreme Court did not issue an opinion in the case. According to the AP/Times, a "major piece of evidence" in the case was a consent form the Romans signed on March 27, 2002, that said the embryos would be discarded in the case of divorce.

    IVF babies more sickly

    ivf.jpgI know we have at least one young reader who was conceived via IVF. Am curious to know personal experiences.

    And I agree with this article's last statement. IVF should be regulated in the US, not only for the health of those born but to put a stop to those "leftover" embryos.

    From London's Daily Mail, July 23:

    A study of hundreds of seven-year-olds has revealed that they are admitted to hospital much more frequently than other youngsters of the same age.

    While many of their illnesses were common to all children, those born through fertility treatment suffered more fits and more conditions connected to the brain and immune system....

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    Fighting to kill embryos

    The April 30 issue of People magazine features stories of two women who have lost legal battles against estranged partners to keep the embryos they created together via in vitro fertilization.

    natallie3.jpgIn the case of formerly engaged UK couple Natallie Evans and Howard Johnston, the court ruled their embryos must be destroyed by May 8. In 2001, about to lose her ovaries after the discovery of precancerous cells, Evans underwent hormone therapy to mature several eggs and had them fertilized by Johnston's sperm, with his permission. After they broke up, Johnston changed his mind and has been waging a legal battle for five years to destroy their preborn children.

    Augusta and Randy Roman divorced a few months after they had three embryos created by IVF in 2002. Augusta, now 45 and with a biological clock ticking louder by the day, has been fighting Randy's wish to keep the embryos indefinitely frozen in storage. She says she didn't realize one of the papers she signed at the time of the fertilization stated the embryos would be destroyed in the event of a split. This case is now before the Texas Supreme Court.

    So many moral dilemmas. To name a few...

  • If these were born children, no judge would rule to kill them, at least not yet. Is it coincidental that in both these cases it is the fathers who are battling against parenthood? Couldn't they simply agree to give up their rights? Or is that not fair?

  • Should unmarried couples be allowed to utilize IVF?

  • The tiny percentage of embryos destined for death following IVF are also used as the excuse for human embryo experimentation. Is IVF worth the havoc it has created?

    The Scotsman carried an interesting quote by Evans:

    "Whilst a lot has been said about the rights of Mr Johnston, I was fighting for my right to be a mother and the rights of the embryos."

    [Photo of Evans and Johnston in happier times courtesy of BBC News]

  • Darker shade of pale

    petri.jpgWhoops. From the Associated Press, today:

    A New York couple is suing a fertility clinic that mistakenly used another man's sperm to artificially inseminate the woman's eggs. The couple is white and Hispanic....

    A couple can proceed with a lawsuit against a fertility clinic they filed after the wife gave birth to a daughter whose skin they thought was too dark to be their child, a judge has ruled....

    Three DNA tests... confirmed [the husband] was not the baby's biological father....

    That's bad enough, but the question should also be asked whether the child should remain in that home. The AP article continues:

    The couple says that they have been forced to raise a child who is "not even the same race, nationality, color & as they are," the judge said in the ruling....

    They say that "while we love Baby Jessica as our own, we are reminded of this terrible mistake each and every time we look at her; it is simply impossible to ignore," the judge's decision said.

    And finally, just how many of these guys are there in the world?

    The couple's lawyer, Howard J. Stern, did not immediately return a telephone call for comment.