Stanek on Mancow this morning

UPDATE, 12p: I really like Erich Mancow. He's such a nice guy and doesn't fit the political profile of the 30-something shockish jock: He's a conservative.

mancow 2.jpgToday I'll be in studio on Mancow's WLS radio show in Chicago between 10-11a CST discussing Barack Obama's impact on the abortion issue.

I was on Mancow's show last fall discussing Obama and the Born Alive scandal. Mancow leans pro-life and was horrified.

Stanek and Jessen on Dobson's radio show today

FOTF 2.jpgGianna Jessen and I taped an interview last week with Dr. James Dobson for a Focus on the Family radio broadcast.

That broadcast will air today. Click here to find stations and air times in your area.

Click here to listen to the broadcast online or download it.

The show is in part a discussion of our testimonies and in part a discussion of Barack Obama's radical support of the abortion to the point he opposed giving legal personhood status to abortion survivors.

Stanek on G. Gordon Liddy today

ggl.jpgFYI, I'm tentatively scheduled to be interviewed by G. Gordon Liddy today at 12:30p EST to discuss my column about the murdered abortion survivor in Hialeah, FL.

Stanek on Dennis Miller today

UPDATE, 1p:The interview has been rescheduled for this Wednesday, September 24, at 10:20a EST.

UPDATE, 10:18a: Miller is on remote in Las Vegas and has been having technical difficulties (can't hear in his headset). The show has had to go to a rerun and promises to reschedule me.

dennis miller 2.jpg

Jill will be on the Dennis Miller show this morning at 9:20a 11:20 EST (sorry, times zones confuse me). Find local station listings here.

Stanek a guest on Mancow tomorrow morning

mancow logo.jpg

Mancow Muller is a shock jock with a twist: he's a conservative.

Tomorrow Mancow will interview me about Obama and Born Alive in his Chicago studio at 9a CST.

Mancow is syndicated around the country. Find a station near you here.

Stanek on Ingraham this morning

laura i.jpgFYI, I'll be a guest on the Laura Ingraham Show this morning at 9:35a EST.

The issue will be Barack Obama's opposition to IL's Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

Stanek on Bennett

bennett mornings.jpgTo listen to my interview on Bill Bennett's radio show this morning discussing Barack Obama's opposition to IL's Born Alive Infants Protection Act click here.

Bill has also posted a link to the audio on his site.

Stanek on Bill Bennett, CNN tomorrow

announcing.gifThe date and time has changed 3x now, but I think tomorrow between 5-6p EST the CNN segment on Barack Obama and the Born Alive issue is finally going to air. This is what CNN interviewed me for last week.

Bill Bennett is appearing live on CNN's The Situation Room tomorrow during that time period and specifically requested that the segment await his ability to rebut and refute however Obama, his people, or CNN downplay Obama's actions against Born Alive. Recall the exchange between Bennett and Obama supporter Donna Brazile last week in which Brazile contended the topic of gas prices was more important than infanticide.

Meanwhile, Bill Bennett will interview me on his radio show tomorrow morning at 8:05a EST about same. Find station listings here.

Stanek on Across the Nation today

sirius3.jpgFYI, Bob Dunning of the Across the Nation radio program on SIRIUS Satellite Radio's The Catholic Channel will interview me at 2p CST today about my Dobson column.

Looks like the show can be heard online but only by signing up for a free trial.

Stanek on Adam McManus today

adam.jpgI'll be on Adam McManus's Take a Stand radio show at 4:30p CST today to discuss my Dobson column.

The show can be heard via Internet.

JLS on WMCA this afternoon

kevin.bmpFYI, I'll be on my friend Kevin McCullough's radio show on WMCA in New York sometime after 2:20p EST this afternoon, which can be heard live via the Internet if you don't live in the area.

We'll discuss the Aurora Planned Parenthood situation.

Kevin wrote a column on this yesterday, which was the most read on for the day.

Update, 12:40p: My segment will air at 3:20p and be available by podcast after 4p.

Sirius pro-life talk show host

bob dunning.jpg
Attention pro-lifers: There is now a live, three-hour, daily, national radio talk show that discusses the pro-life issue along with other topics of importance to us.

The show is Across the Nation with Bob Dunning. Bob had me on last week to discuss embryonic stem cell experimentation. Bob has had me on his show, The Bishops Hour, several times through the years.

Bob's new show is on Sirius Channel 159, 1-4 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. Tune in - and spread the word!

Listen to new pro-life show on Salem's AM 1160, WYLL, Chicago

WYLL.jpgBeginning this Saturday, June 17, at 4:30 p.m. CST, I will host a new, half-hour pro-life radio show called Pro-Life Pulse on Salem Broadcasting's WYLL, 1160 AM, in Chicago.

The show can be heard life via the Internet and will cover current events through news coverage, interviews, and commentary.

Tune in!

The major sponsor of the show is WomanCare Services of Berwyn, Illinois.

Also featured during the program will be pro-life educational commercials by Right to Life of Will County and Illinois Right to Life.

On WYLL today

WYLL.gifI'll be on Scott Thomas' show today on WYLL-AM from 3p-4p CST to discuss pro-life issues. The show can be heard via the Internet.

On the docket: The South Dakota abortion ban and Oglala Sioux president Cecilia Fire Thunder's threat to open a mill on her rez; Blagojevich's "Where's Waldo" embryonic stem cell funding attempts.

On tonight

I will be on Mark Levine's at 6:00 p.m. tonight discussing the over-the-counter status of Plan B, the morning-after pill. Other guest will be Dr. Susan Wood, who resigned from her post as Director of the FDA's Office of Women's Health to protest the FDA's "politicization" of Plan B.

In addition to radio stations in seven markets across the USA, folks can listen live on the Internet, at And an archive will be preserved here:

On WYLL today

WYLL.gifI'll be on Scott Thomas' show today on WYLL-AM from 4p-5p CST to discuss pro-life issues. The show can be heard via the Internet.

On WYLL today

WYLL.gifI'll be on Scott Thomas' show today on WYLL-AM from 3p-4p CST to discuss pro-life issues. Special guest will be pro-life hero Joe Scheidler, of Pro-Life Action League. The show can be heard via the Internet.

Joe is coming on to discuss Catholic teachings about contraception, while I present what I believe should be the Protestant view, according to Scripture.

Fall speaking schedule

Tuesday I kicked off my autumn speaking schedule at the annual fundraising banquet for the New Life Pregnancy Center in Decatur, IL, with over 500 people attending.

A reporter from the Decatur Herald & Review covered the event (reprinted on page 2).

Some pro-lifers are afraid to speak with the press. My experience is that reporters, particularly young ones, are not biased on our issue, just perhaps untaught. They really want to cover our issue fairly.

Some pro-lifers also obsess about being misquoted. But it is our responsibility to confine our words into soundbites and not ramble, and to keep repeating the message we want printed.

Continue reading "Fall speaking schedule"

On WYLL today

WYLL.gifFYI, I'll be on Scott Thomas' show today on WYLL-AM from 3p-4p CST to discuss pro-life issues. The show can be heard via the Internet.

Radio appearances today

FYI, I'll be on the Blanquita Cullom radio show this afternoon at 1:20p CST to discuss my "Fetus eater" column. The show can be heard live on the Internet.

Later I'll be visiting with Al Kresta of Ave Maria Radio in person at the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops conference in Chicago. I'll be on at 4:30p CST going over the Christ Hospital story. The show can be heard live on the Internet.

On Joseph Farah show today

FYI, I'll be on Joseph Farah's radio show discussing my "Fetus eaters" column today at 3:30p EST. The show can be heard via the Internet.