Church haunted house shows abortion

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MSM had a field day over the weekend with the 4th annual Halloween haunted house presented by The Door Christian Center in Chandler, AZ....

Lopsided news reports showed moms (anti-life drama queens, IMO - refused to give their last names even as they came on camera, duh) complaining that abortion was depicted as a scary thing, including video of aborted babies.

Showing Freddie-type blood and guts is acceptable; just don't dramatize the real deal.

Never mind no one under age 13 was allowed in, and the church website advertised this was not your father's haunted house:

Beware: Final Destination, in its 4th incarnation... is not a traditional haunted house. If you're looking for a fun and scary activity to work in between bouts of recreational drug use, promiscuous sex, and idol worship, this "haunted house-style attraction" run by evangelical Christians is not for you.

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Unless, that is, you're willing to watch a doctor hold down a screaming patient during a mock abortion before going back to your normal weekend routine of smoking up a hooker (using a Bible as rolling paper) while listening to Marilyn Manson.

Final Destination is, however, very well put together, with great acting, impressive production values, and passionate workers who'll do their best to save your soul. If you're a remorseless heathen who's Hell-bound anyway, or if you're maybe interested in getting saved, Final Destination makes for a pretty ***** entertaining night.

And never mind the loopholes in AZ's parental involvement laws would allow any of their daughters no matter what age to get the real deal. One mom complained that depicting abortion was "R-rated." Get real. A 10-year-old can get an abortion sans parental consent in AZ if shown the way by the abortion industry. If only the actual event were "R-rated."

Still, waa waa...



I can't speak to appropriateness of the haunted house's portrayal of abortion, since I didn't see it. But the concept of showing abortion as frightening and murderous to teens is certainly appropriate.

[Photo via Phoenix New Times]


What on earth does "smoking up a hooker" mean?

Posted by: len at November 2, 2009 10:28 AM

haha... and I thought I was the only oldie in the crowd... :)

Posted by: Jill Stanek Author Profile Page at November 2, 2009 10:33 AM


If you heathens are Hell-bound? Good grief! I mean, I hope that this opened eyes but surely they didn't portray this in the stereotypical way of "You sinnez!"


Posted by: Vannah at November 2, 2009 10:40 AM

I'm in my twenties and I have no idea what that meant either.

Posted by: A Woman at November 2, 2009 10:42 AM

...yes, if you cared to learn about the reality of your "choice", you'd learn that it's not much of a choice at all for many women.

Posted by: xalisae at November 2, 2009 11:45 AM

Depict the real thing.... A doctor holding down a screaming woman. Huh?????? Of course that's an affront to anyone who is ProCHOICE

Posted by: Minnow at November 2, 2009 11:24 AM

You're right, Minnow, it's unlikely the doctor is the one holding the women down, who's going to dismember the fetus, then? The ones holding her down are likely hired off the street help. Read Carol Everett's account (emphasis mine):

"I've seen sonograms with the baby pulling away from the instruments that are introduced into the vagina. And I've seen D & E through 32 weeks done without the mother being put to sleep. Yes, they are very painful to the baby. But, yes they are very, very painful to the woman. I've seen six people hold a woman on the table while they did the abortion."


Posted by: klynn73 at November 2, 2009 11:53 AM

See also: the book "Lime 5" by Mark Crutcher for a more detailed and thorough look at many aspects of the abortion industry itself, including a lot of information about women being held down during abortions and other misconduct perpetrated by abortion clinic staff. It's a very enlightening book.

Posted by: army_wife at November 2, 2009 12:03 PM

People are upset that teenagers can see real pictures of abortion and a dramatic and exaggerated abortion procedure? LMAO! Why is there no outrage to the movie Saw? What about outrage to haunted houses that show just as much or MORE gore and violence? No? No outrage? It was a choice that these teenagers went to the haunted house. Choice. Pro-choicers don't know much about that. Yikes.

Posted by: segamon at November 2, 2009 12:11 PM

Common sense tells me the following things:

1.) Haunted Houses are supposed to be scary, gory and disturbing.
2.) No one younger than a teenager was allowed to attend, and it was made clear that the Haunted House was going to be more intense than the typical Haunted House.
3.) Church events that are open to the community are going to be aimed at conversion and/or exposure to specific spiritual opinions.

If I go to a church event that is barred to young children and has a content warning, then I am knowingly putting myself in a situation where I may be offended. I have been warned and am assuming that risk. I don't see what the problem is here.

Posted by: Janette at November 2, 2009 12:41 PM

Army are right. I think it was in "Lime 5" that the story of one teenage, pregnant by incestuous rape, said she did not want an abortion. the doctor began it anyway, and she tried to throw herself off the table so they STRAPPED HER DOWN and proceeded to rip her baby out of her body against her will.

Keep telling yourself it never happens. Denying cancer exists doesn't mean you won't get cancer. Denial doesn't protect you from anything.

Posted by: Sydney M. at November 2, 2009 2:50 PM

Are you joking? All the filth and sewage pumped into the living rooms of USA? the real problem here is we are so far away from God we don't even know what is offensive to him anymore. Lets be real we need to repent and get our hearts right w/God>

Posted by: mary jane at November 2, 2009 6:35 PM

I am so amazed by what upsets people today. Doesn't it upset you that you can't buy a halloween costume for you little girls that doesn't look like it belongs in a prostitutes closet? Doesn't it upset you that your daughter can get abortions without you ever knowing but has to have permission to get her ears pierced before the age of 18?? This world is crazy and right has become wrong and wrong has become right. Praise God a church is still willing to make a statement and stand for truth.

Posted by: melinda at November 2, 2009 6:56 PM

here's what i find funny; the writer talks about the "lopsided news reports" but then goes on to call these women "anti-life drama queens". they then go on to assume that if you are looking for a more typical haunted house that you have to fit it in between "recreational drug use, promiscuous sex,and idol worship" and that then you can "go back to your normal weekend routine of smoking up a hooker (using a Bible for rolling paper)while listening to marilyn manson". they then go on to say that "you're a remorseless heathen that's Hell-bound anyway". i'm only quoting here. who's views are "lopsided" here? a little hipocritical, no? i'm sure there are plenty of good Christian people out there who disagree with this way of displaying the churches views, not just drug addicts, whores, homosexuals, heathens, and Hell-bound remorseless people...

Posted by: amanda at November 2, 2009 7:20 PM

I went to this event it sucked i didnt know it was a church because you have to google "final destination haunted house az" and search at the bottom of the page to find out that its is really a church. It was noth worth ten bucks haha or the 2 hour long wait. Their website does not say anything about it being a church, it just states the address and quotes from newspaper articles. So i thought it was going to be really scary but its not. You just stand there and watch people do stuff its really boring. And its ghetto. for reals, dont start judging me, i know what im talking about, i went to trevor browne and live on the west side, next to desert sky mall, haha. yea so its ghetto compared to the west side and isn't it in chandler? yea the web site said it was all 3D and had special effects and was crazy good but it is none of those. All they did was put tarp on the floor and replace regular light bulbs with red light bulbs. It probably cost them maybe 30 bucks? It was not a fun night. I just hope they use my 10 bucks to do something godly like feed the homeless or help refugees or send funds or solar cookers and life straws to Darfur and Uganda.

Posted by: chloe at November 6, 2009 11:13 PM

all I can say is May God Bless your heart. You do not know of what you speak and you use hate speak to gt your point across. I am a Christian and I am PROCHOICE!! You just keep on judging folks....oh wait....God is the only one to judge....hmmmmm Are you God??? I didn't think so.

Posted by: tammy at November 8, 2009 1:41 PM

all I can say is May God Bless your heart. You do not know of what you speak and you use hate speak to get your point across. I am a Christian and I am PROCHOICE!! You just keep on judging folks....oh wait....God is the only one to judge....hmmmmm Are you God??? I didn't think so.

Posted by: tammy at November 8, 2009 1:41 PM