NARAL spent only 6.7% of the $10 million it promised during 2008 election cycle

The Politico article I posted on earlier today included some interesting financials on NARAL:

naral logo 2008 election.gif

Abortion rights groups have long lamented the challenge of conveying a sense of urgency to their supporters when their policy positions align with those of the ruling party. Shortly after Roe v. Wade... NARAL saw donations drop "'drastically' because supporters thought the battle was over," sociologist Suzanne Staggenborg writes....

Thus, President George W. Bush... did serve a purpose as a figure for abortion rights supporters to rally against and raise funds off of. NARAL's political action committee, for example, had its flushest years during reelection bids of Bush and the 1st President Bush, hauling in $4 million in the 1992 election cycle and $3.2 million in 2004, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics.

But with Bill Clinton in the White House, fundraising dropped to about $771,700 in 1994 and remained at similar levels throughout his two terms.

NARAL's PAC has raised just $526,431 to date in the 2010 election cycle.

"To be completely honest, it's really hard," said NARAL's political director, Elizabeth Shipp....

Actually, what's hard for NARAL is to be honest. Reading all that reminded me of a promise NARAL made several times to spend $10 million during the 2008 election cycle. For example, according to The Hill on September 5, 2008:

Hoping to drive a wedge between the pro-life GOP base and party centrists who favor abortion rights, NARAL Pro-Choice America plans to raise and spend $10 million to communicate to voters in 34 to 35 congressional districts and battleground states.

Today I wondered what those actuals were. And according to the Center for Responsive Politics, NARAL only spent a total of $672.1 thousand, or 6.7% of what it promised, on campaigns and candidates in 2008. Incredibly, NARAL spent about the same on administration and fundraising, or $663.2 thousand, as it spent on the election. That's pretty bad fundraising, if not shifty...

NARAL expenses 2008.png

Bottom line, always remember that killers are liars.


Wait wait, you're telling me that donations to the "National Association to Repeal Abortion Laws" dropped after abortion laws were repealed? Shocking!

(I know, I know, the name now stands for absolutely nothing, but my point stands! ;) )

Posted by: Lauren at July 30, 2010 4:41 PM

For all the money NARAL spends on political lobbying for abortion rights, as a so-called advocate of "Choice" and women's rights, they could of put some of that money into support programs for pregnant and parenting teens, women in careers, and women continuing their education, and domestic violence shelters and victim's advocate programs. If they're truly for "Choice" and not just abortion rights, let's see it!

Posted by: Rachael C. at July 31, 2010 6:14 PM

I'm just relaxing watching old movies on TV (This network) and a movie came on called: Things You Can Tell Just By Looking at Her starring Glen Close and Cameron Diaz. I haven't seen this movie before and didn't know it but Diaz's character is a business woman who has an abortion and Close's character is woman caring for her elderly mother and an ob/gyn at a busy health center who preforms the abortion. But that's just a part of the plot.
It's just interesting that I came across a movie with abortion as part of the theme.

Posted by: Rachael C. at July 31, 2010 7:12 PM

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