Three ghosts haunt Obama

Michael Barone, a U.S. News & World Report columnist, had the following op ed published in several news outlets, including the Boston Herald, August 31:

Barack Obama... has 3 major vulnerabilities here as I see it. One is his 20-year relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright....

three ghosts.jpg

Another problem is Obama's relationship with the unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist bomber William Ayers....

Finally, there is Obama's 2003 vote against a bill, "virtually identical" as the Obama campaign admits, to one that passed the U.S. Senate 98-0, banning the killing of fetuses who have survived abortions....

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Obama ad slams McCain on abortion

UPDATE, 7:45p: Hear the ad.

Obama's got a lot of nerve, but what else can he do? He's attempting to pull himself out of defensive mode on abortion by going on the offense. From Politico, September 2:

Barack Obama has launched a broadside against John McCain's opposition to abortion rights and moved one of the most divisive issues in modern American politics to the airwaves on a large scale for the first time in this presidential campaign.

composite both.jpg

Obama's new radio ad, airing widely in at least 7 swing states, tells voters McCain "will make abortion illegal." It's airing as McCain courts female voters with the addition of the staunchly anti-abortion governor of AK, Sarah Palin, to his ticket.

Democrats had, until now, sought to appeal to women primarily on economic issues such as health care and workplace discrimination; abortion rights were hardly mentioned at the Democratic National Convention in Denver last week....
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McCain picks Palin!

UPDATE, 4:10p: According to, Palin is a member of Feminists for Life.

UPDATE, 1:40p: Americans United for Life has posted several of Palin's pro-life statements.

McCainPalinButton[1].jpgJohn McCain just hit a grand slam.

With McCain's announcement today that AK Gov. Sarah Palin will be his running mate, Barack Obama's abortion problem just got a whole lot bigger.

The McCain/Palin ticket offers a complete contrast to the Obama/Biden ticket on the pro-life issue.

Palin is a pro-lifer who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. Palin and her husband chose to deliver her fifth child, Trigg, earlier this year even though he was prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome. Her doctor recommended abortion but Palin and her family refused. Indeed, 90% of babies with Down syndrome are aborted in the U.S. today.

palin and baby.jpgBut Palin told the Anchorage Daily News in April, "We knew through early testing he would face special challenges, and we feel privileged that God would entrust us with this gift and allow us unspeakable joy as he entered our lives. We have faith that every baby is created for good purpose and has potential to make this world a better place. We are truly blessed."

Meanwhile, Barack Obama, actively opposed legislation as IL state senator to protect little babies with Down syndrome who had survived their abortions but were being shelved in a hospital soiled utility room to die....

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Breaking news: Departing Dem delegates to get final view of gigantic pro-life protest sign

Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgTonight, just as radical pro-abortion Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama begins his acceptance speech at Denver's Invesco Field, American Right To Life will display for the second and last time the world's largest protest sign.

The location for the final unfurling of the 353,000 square-foot sign (530x666 feet) is still secret but will maximize the likelihood Obama and thousands of delegates will see the sign with their own eyes.

dnc destroys.jpgOn August 26 ARTL spread this sign on a grassy mountainside public knoll:


Beginning tonight the sign will read:


... to expose Obama's repeated opposition as state senator to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, a bill to protect abortion survivors from being relegated to death. In fact, Obama took a leadership role in defeating the bill, the identical version of which passed overwhelmingly on the national level and was deemed not threatening to abortion by NARAL....

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Democrat National Convention: Day 3

It is into the wee hours of Day 4 actually, and I'm only now able to recap yesterday. It has taken awhile to edit and upload the video at the end of this post.

First, some popular booths spotted, including the Goodnight Bush booth, selling a parody of the classic Goodnight Moon (click to enlarge)...


Here's an excerpt (yes, I bought the book; it's really pretty funny):

Goodnight ballot box
Goodnight FOX
Goodnight towers
And goodnight balance of powers
Goodnight Constitution
And goodnight evolution...

You get the drift.

I attended a standing room only Democrats for Life press conference this afternoon. PA Senator Bob Casey, who gave a speech at last night's convention, was on hand, as was Congressman Heath Shuler of NC...

Continue reading "Democrat National Convention: Day 3" confirms Obama lied has confirmed Barack Obama voted against the identical version of Born Alive as IL state senator, as was passed overwhelmingly on the federal level and then misrepresented his vote:

Obama opposed the 2001 and 2002 "born alive" bills as backdoor attacks on a woman's legal right to abortion, but he says he would have been "fully in support" of a similar federal bill that President Bush had signed in 2002, because it contained protections for Roe v. Wade. logo.jpg

We find that, as the [National RIght to Life Committee] said in a recent statement, Obama voted in committee against the 2003 state bill that was nearly identical to the federal act he says he would have supported. Both contained identical clauses saying that nothing in the bills could be construed to affect legal rights of an unborn fetus, according to an undisputed summary written immediately after the committee's 2003 mark-up session....

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Good liberal reads on Obama's support of infanticide

A column by David Reinhard, associate editor of the liberal Oregonian:

obama holding baby 1.jpg

It's often said that it's not the crime, it's the coverup. Here, it's the crime and the coverup. Misrepresenting the reasons for a key vote is the coverup. Opposing efforts to help babies born alive in botched abortions is the crime - enabling infanticide....

At the risk of committing blasphemy, you have to ask: What's with this guy?...

A column by Joan Vennochi of the liberal Boston Globe...

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Black Republicans PAC takes on Obama's support of infanticide

The Black Republican PAC has a new ad running in OH, taking Barack Obama on for raising taxes, for his willingness to sit down with terrorist leaders - and because he would be "the first president to support infanticide for babies who survive late term abortions." Fabulous.

[HT: readers Neetul and Moving Sale Johnson]

McCain goes after Obama for Born Alive opposition in today's radio address

UDPATE, 6:50p: Here is the mp3 audio of the address.

I said the next time you'd hear from me would be from Denver, but a reader just sent this and I had to post it - John McCain's weekly radio address today, a large portion of which was spent spotlighting Obama's Born Alive vote and cover-up as well as other life issues.

From Time/CNN, August 23:

Good morning, this is John McCain, speaking to you at the end of an eventful week in the presidential campaign....

The week began with a debate of sorts between Senator Obama and me at Saddleback Church....

mccain leaning.jpg

In case you missed it, the discussion yielded the line of the week, and maybe even of the campaign, when Pastor Rick Warren asked my opponent a very serious question. He wanted to know at what point, in my opponent's view, does a baby have human rights? Senator Obama thought about it for a moment, and came back with the reply that the question was, quote, "above my pay grade."

Here was a candidate for the presidency of the United States, asked for his position on one of the central moral and legal questions of our time, and this was the best he could offer: It's above his pay grade. He went on to assure his interviewer that there is a, quote, "moral and ethical element to this issue." Americans expect more of their leaders....

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JivinJ's Life Links 8-22-08

web grab.jpgby JivinJ

  • Andrew McCarthy on "Why Obama really voted for infanticide?"

    The shocking extremism of that position - giving infanticide the nod over compassion and life - is profoundly embarrassing to him now.

    So he has lied about what he did. He has offered various conflicting explanations, ranging from the assertion that he didn't oppose the anti-infanticide legislation (he did), to the assertion that he opposed it because it didn't contain a superfluous clause reaffirming abortion rights (it did), to the assertion that it was unnecessary because IL law already protected the children of botched abortions (it didn't - and even if it arguably did, why oppose a clarification?).

    What Obama hasn't offered, however, is the rationalization he vigorously posited during the 2002 IL senate debate....

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  • Did IL abortion law protect babies aborted alive?

    Sean Hannity has done a fabulous job covering the Barack Obama/Born Alive scandal.

    For the past 2 nights his liberal counterpart, Alan Colmes, has proposed rationale far and away from Obama's original reason for opposing the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which he stated on the IL State Senate floor in 2001, at the genesis of this debate:

    I just want to suggest ... that this is probably not going to survive constitutional scrutiny....

    I mean, it - it would essentially bar abortions, because the equal protection clause does not allow somebody to kill a child, and if this is a child, then this would be an anti-abortion statute. For that purpose, I think it would probably be found unconstitutional.

    Colmes has maintained, quoting from last night's show, "there was already a law in place that said that in the unlikely case that an abortion would be - cause a live birth, a doctor should provide immediate medical care for any child born alive."

    Here are Hannity and Colmes segments from August 20 and August 21, debating Obama's opposition to Born Alive:

    Was there a law in place? As National Review Online's Ramesh Ponnuru explained in a column August 20...

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    RH Reality Unchecked

    The folks at RH (i.e., Reproductive Health) Reality Check need to stop wasting Ted Turner's money by hiring morons. Yesterday one of its finest, Scott Swenson, posted this:

    Jill firestorm.jpg

    Spare the respect, Scott. It's not mutual and you'll soon be taking it back, although maybe not since your Pulitzer Prize nominee, Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune emailed me yesterday, "He not only misunderstood what I wrote in the first place, but he misunderstood my confirmation to him." So Swenson's denseness apparently knows no bounds. To his credit, Zorn attempted to correct Swenson's gross misrepresentation of my comment....

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    Obama caught on tape arguing against giving medical attention to aborted babies

    The IL General Assembly destroys audiotapes of its floor debates after transcripts have been written. That is why there is precious little audio, if any, of Barack Obama as state senator making any speeches.

    But a pro-life sleuth has found a short audio clip on the Chicago Tribune website of Obama arguing on the IL Senate floor on April 4, 2002, against Senate Bill B1663, a companion bill to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act that would have required an abortionist to call a second physician to assess a baby aborted alive.

    Here is the Senate transcript to ensure the comment is heard in context....

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    Stanek on Hannity re: Obama/Born Alive

    Last night Sean Hannity interviewed me about my experience at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, IL, holding a baby who had been aborted alive for 45 minutes until he died.

    The interview extended to Barack Obama's leadership role in opposing the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act, to give abortion survivors legal rights.

    One other point clarified during the interview: Obama denied for 4 years he voted for the identical language in IL that was passed overwhelmingly on the federal level, including a unanimous vote in the U.S. Senate. NARAL went neutral on the bill as well.

    Here's the transcript.

    UPDATE, 8/22, 4a: One of Hannity's producers emailed me yesterday: "Just so you know we got a jump of 100,000 people in demo (ppl btw 25-45) during your segment, which is fantastic."

    Washington Post article on Obama/Born Alive

    Still trying to spotlight all the major news articles published today on the new revelation that Barack Obama voted against identical Born Alive legislation as IL state senator that passed on the federal level overwhelmingly.

    Washington Post, today, front page:

    The narrative of the presidential campaign appeared to be set on the issue of abortion: Sen. Barack Obama was the abortion-rights candidate who was reaching out to foes, seeking common ground and making inroads. Sen. John McCain was the abortion opponent....

    obama mccain warren.jpg

    But both those impressions have been altered since the Rev. Rick Warren's Saddleback Civil Forum in CA ....

    Obama's hesitant statement at the forum that defining the beginning of life is "above my pay grade" took even some supporters by surprise. Since then, the National Right to Life Committee has challenged him on an obscure law that protects babies born alive after failed abortions, saying that his opposition to the measure in the IL state legislature proves he is an extremist....

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    New Stanek WND column, "Why Obama couldn't answer Warren's baby question"


    Barack Obama has painted himself into a corner by his vote against the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

    He made this evident at Pastor Rick Warren's Aug. 17 Saddleback Showdown.

    Warren asked both presidential candidates the same questions separately. Here was his best one: "At what point does a baby get human rights in your view?"

    Very simple. But Obama wouldn't answer it. His now infamous response: "Well, I think that whether you are looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade."

    The most adamant pro-abort will at least agree babies acquire human rights when they have completely delivered.

    But Barack Obama couldn't bring himself to say, "At birth." He wouldn't confer human rights to newborns....

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    Stanek on Hannity and Colmes TONIGHT

    h&c tonight.jpgLast night I taped a segment for Hannity's America that is going to air TONIGHT during Hannity and Colmes.

    The spot was originally scheduled to run this coming Sunday, but the Democrat National Convention got in the way.

    I'm glad. More viewers during the week than on weekends.

    I'm told The O'Reilly Factor is going to cover the Obama/Born Alive scandal tonight as well.

    Also, fyi, I'll be on Michael Reagan's radio show tonight at 7:30p EST.

    Finally, a little scoop. An insider tells me Obama's camp is going "ape sh**" over all this.

    New York Times article on Obama/Born Alive

    Read entire article on page 2. Note again, as I noted on the Associated Press article and in my talking points post, Obama surrogates are attempting to mash reasons - particularly Born Alive's companion bills - into his new excuse for not voting for Born Alive. But these were always separate bills with separate bill numbers and separate votes. One did not hinge upon the other's passage.

    New York Times, today:

    nyt title.jpg

    Abortion, a familiar issue in elections past, has again emerged in recent days as a focus of controversy. Senator Barack Obama is coming under intense fire from anti-abortion groups because of the position he took as an IL state senator on legislation regarding the status of fetuses that survive abortion procedures....
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    Associated Press story on Obama/Born Alive

    From the Associated Press, today:

    obama waving.jpg

    ... "For people to suggest that I and the IL Medical Society, so IL's doctors, were somehow in favor of withholding lifesaving support from an infant born alive is ridiculous," he recently told the Christian Broadcasting Network. "It defies common sense and it defies imagination."

    But as a state senator, Obama repeatedly voted against that requirement and other restrictions on what opponents label "born alive" abortions. Obama says he opposed it only because of technical language that might have interfered with a woman's right to choose....

    Abortion opponents say Obama's position amounts to an endorsement of killing babies, and that he has lied about it....

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    Stick to the Obama/Born Alive talking points

    I spent a great deal of time on the phone with 3 reporters from major news organizations the last 2 days, and each one became frustrated with me because I wouldn't allow them to take me down rabbit trails when discussing Barack Obama's opposition to the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

    talking points.jpgAll 3 times, I was the call they made...after the call they made to the Obama campaign, to Planned Parenthood or to the ACLU, so I was handed their talking points to rebut.

    The other side is trying to obfuscate Obama's opposition to Born Alive by saying: 1) it was part of a package of 3 bills with intolerable ramifications to abortion; and 2) although the verbiage of the federal and state bills was identical, the consequences to state law was not.

    But I refused to deviate from these 2 points:

    1. We now know Barack Obama as state senator voted against identical Born Alive Infants Protection Act legislation that was passed overwhelmingly on the federal level and accepted by even NARAL.

    2. For 4 years Barack Obama has misrepresented his vote and must answer for that.

    The exasperated New York Times reporter finally complained, "They're trying to broaden the discussion but you're trying to narrow it," as if I were the one to blame for that. I said of course they're trying to move eyes off the ball, and of course I'm trying to stay focused.

    Anyway, it wasn't we who narrowed the discussion. It was Barack Obama himself, who has repeatedly stated he would have voted for Born Alive in IL had it been the same as the federal bill. He focused on one point - one bill - and so are we.

    Obama's "fact sheet" changes

    On August 14 the Chicago Tribune's Eric Zorn published a refutation from the Obama campaign to the charge he did indeed oppose identical legislation as state senator to legislation passed overwhelmingly on the national level and deemed unobstrusive on abortion by NARAL.

    The Obama team's protest including a chart it stated showed the "FACT: There are MAJOR differences in state and federal bills, including the fact that the federal bill included a 'Neutrality Clause'":

    slide 1 fact sheet.JPG

    Yesterday the Obama campaign released a new "fact sheet" with a critical change in the chart, and an admission Obama opposed the amended Born Alive bill, which was now identical to the federal version.

    slide 2 fact sheet2.jpg

    One added point. Note the heading, "Language Clearly Threatening Roe."

    "Clearly threatening Roe"? Then explain this, Senator Obama. Even before the hyped "neutrality clause" was added, the U.S. House voted 380-15 in September 2000 for this version, you know, the one "clearly threatening Roe." Leading pro-abort Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) stated at the time, according to World magazine:

    The purpose of this bill is only to get the pro-choice members to vote against it so they can slander us and say we are for infanticide. That's why I voted for it in committee, and that's why we will vote for it on the floor.

    Obama just wasn't so smart.

    Hannity, Colmes, Coulter, panel debate Obama's Born Alive opposition

    On August 18, the exchange between sides became heated on Hannity and Colmes on the topic of Barack Obama's opposition as state senator to the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

    The argument centered on whether Obama opposed the identical language that 98 of his U.S. Senate colleagues supported and that even NARAL went neutral on.

    Colmes continued to assert the answer was no, even though there is proof the answer is yes. I had it confirmed last night that Colmes' people have been given the documentation. Let's see what he does with it.

    Ann Coulter was fabulous...

    Obama: No survivors

    This one can't wait until Sunday, by my favorite political cartoonist Glenn McCoy:

    cartoon obama no survivors.gif

    [HT: Troy Newman of Operation Rescue]

    NRO: Ramesh Ponnuru gets it right on Obama spin

    From National Review Online, August 20:

    Thumbnail image for ramesh.jpg

    Bereft of an argument, the Obama campaign is pounding the table.

    The recent attacks on Senator Obama that allege he would allow babies born alive to die are outrageous lies. The suggestion that Obama - the proud father of two little girls - and others who opposed these bills supported infanticide is deeply offensive and insulting.* There is no room for these kinds of distortions and lies in this campaign.

    Note, first, that Obama's comment about lies over the weekend referred to the National Right to Life Committee. Yet the campaign has not made a single specific allegation that any of the NRLC's statements are inaccurate, let alone dishonest. The campaign claims only that the NRLC has left out some context that exonerates Obama....

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    Breaking news: Obama campaign changes story, admits he misrepresented Born Alive vote

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgFrom the New York Sun, dated August 18:

    Indeed, Mr. Obama appeared to misstate his position in the CBN interview on Saturday when he said the federal version he supported "was not the bill that was presented at the state level."

    His campaign yesterday acknowledged that he had voted against an identical bill in the state Senate, and a spokesman, Hari Sevugan, said the senator and other lawmakers had concerns that even as worded, the legislation could have undermined existing Illinois abortion law. Those concerns did not exist for the federal bill, because there is no federal abortion law....

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    NRLC throws down gauntlet to Obama: Call your Born Alive votes forgeries

    obama mad.jpgThe following statement was just issued by National Right to Life Committee Legislative Director Douglas Johnson, in response to the David Brody interview with Barack Obama last night:

    Since 2004, Obama has been betting that the mainstream news media will lack the interest and attention span required to get a clear picture of his actual record regarding infants who are born alive during abortions, and so far that mostly has worked for him....
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    Obama continues to misrepresent Born Alive vote

    No Sunday funny today. There's nothing funny about Barack Obama's bold-faced lie to CBN's David Brody last night after the Saddleback Showdown, when he continued to maintain he did not vote against an identical bill as IL state senator to the federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act:

    Obama was obviously aware of the evidence provided last week by National Right to Life when making the statement. He not only continued to deny his vote in the face of 2 pieces of documentation showing otherwise but called the messenger a liar.

    Again, here is Obama's March 13, 2003, vote in the IL State Senate Health & Human Services Committee, which anyone could obtain from the IL General Assembly archive (click to enlarge):

    Thumbnail image for final vote.jpg

    "DP#1" means "Do Pass Amendment #1." "DPA" means "Do Pass as Amended."

    Here is the original bill. Here is Amendment #1. Here is the federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

    Obama first voted in favor of Amendment #1 and then voted against the Born Alive bill as amended. It couldn't be more clear. Furthermore, here is the Republican Senate Staff Analysis from that day, expressing the same understanding of the chain of events:

    Thumbnail image for committe report.jpg

    Senator Obama needs to show his own evidence that none of this is true.

    [HT: moderators Jasper and Carder and]

    Stanek on Hannity

    sean hannity radio.jpgThis afternoon I'll be discussing Barack Obama's opposition to the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act on Sean Hannity's radio show at 4:05p EST. You can listen live online.

    Last night Hannity announced on the Hannity and Colmes Fox cable news show I would appear on Hannity's America next Sunday night. Be warned, however, that no concrete plans have been set for the interview.

    Hannity made the announcement during a panel discussion on Obama's opposition to Born Alive. At least 2 panelists were previously unaware, and their response was interesting. Watch through to the end. The abortion/Born Alive issue keeps popping up.

    Obama's absent minded law professor

    Here's a good one.


    The 1,710 word book-column at looks impressive on the surface, written by Sherry Colb, "a Professor of Law and Charles Evans Hughes Scholar at Cornell Law School."

    Cornell, my.

    The only problem with Colb's attempt to clear Obama of his pro-infanticide position is she referenced the wrong bill. I couldn't believe it....

    Continue reading "Obama's absent minded law professor"

    Obama campaign continues to lie about his Born Alive vote

    This morning Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune posted a response from the Obama campaign to this week's revelation that Obama actually did vote against an identical version of the federal Born Alive while state senator, contrary to his repeated statements over the years otherwise.

    Here's what Zorn said the Obama campaign sent him:

    slide 1 obama response.JPGslide 2 obama response.JPGfailed.jpg

    Well, if that doesn't beat all. They're continuing to lie despite documentation. I expected many responses, but not that one.

    Below is the vote tally, from the IL General Assembly archives. Anyone can get this vote tally by contacting the ILGA. Click to enlarge....

    Continue reading "Obama campaign continues to lie about his Born Alive vote"

    Hannity, Colmes, Corsi: Behind on the news

    Jerome Corsi, author of the book, The Obama Nation, was a guest on Hannity and Colmes August 12.

    Both Hannity and Colmes spent time with Corsi discussing Obama's opposition to IL's Born Alive Infants Protection Act while state senator, legislation that would give newborn babies equal protection under the law even if aborted.

    Frustratingly, none of the 3 were aware of the latest development, revealed by National Right to Life August 11: While Obama has repeatedly said he would have voted for the state Born Alive had it been an exact duplicate of the federally passed bill, the fact is he did vote AGAINST an identical version on March 13, 2003.

    Note Colmes called aborted alive babies "fetuses born alive after botched abortions." These are not fetuses.

    Also note the name of a nurse you know popping up a couple times.

    Erick Erickson at has subsequently challenged Colmes to stop "parrot[ing] the Obama talking points on this issue, because those talking points are dead wrong".

    Barack Obama pro-infanticide media coverage II

    Conservative and new media are all over National Right to Life's August 11 revelation that, contrary to multiple statements otherwise, Barack Obama as state senator did indeed vote against identical legislation as the federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act, putting him to the left of NARAL and every other US senator.

    mums.jpgBut as Warner Todd Huston writes today on, MSM has gone "mum".

    I happen to know one of the big 3 network news organizations has been sitting on this since last Thursday, going so far as to pass up the chance to break the story.

    Meanwhile, The Weekly Standard has a piece on this today.

    And look for something by Wall Street Journal's John Fund tomorrow....

    Continue reading "Barack Obama pro-infanticide media coverage II"

    Barack Obama pro-infanticide media coverage

    UPDATE, 1:30p: Reader Charles wanted to learn how to pronounce the word "infanticide" on the web, and he was surprised to see the word's sponsor (click to enlarge):

    obama infanticide.jpg

    UPDATE, 12:10p: Reader HisMan just forwarded this (click to enlarge)...

    Continue reading "Barack Obama pro-infanticide media coverage"

    Breaking news: New documents show Obama cover-up on born-alive survivors bill

    Thumbnail image for breaking.jpg

    UPDATE, 4:30p: Ben Smith of The Politico has linked to this post.

    UPDATE, 4p: Concerned Women for America has audio of an interview with me on this here.

    UPDATE, 10:22a:Michelle Malkin has linked to this post.

    UPDATE, 9:50a: Kathryn Lopez of National Review Online is covering the story.

    Last week Doug Johnson of the National Right to Life Committee drew my attention to a previously unnoticed January 2008 article by Terence Jeffrey stating Barack Obama actually did vote against a version of the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act that was identical to the federal version, contrary to multiple public statements Obama or his surrogates have made to rationalize his opposition to the IL bill for the past 4 years.

    Since then we have found 2 separate documents proving Barack Obama has been misrepresenting facts.

    In fact, Barack Obama is more liberal than any U.S. senator, voting against identical language of a bill that body passed unanimously, 98-0. In fact, Barack Obama condones infanticide if it would otherwise interfere with abortion.

    Here is the statement with documentation released by NRLC this morning...

    Continue reading "Breaking news: New documents show Obama cover-up on born-alive survivors bill"

    Obama's opposition to Born Alive goes International

    The Barack Obama/Born Alive issue made the UK's The Guardian today, called "smear." Oh brother on the title.

    obama baby killer.jpg

    The Chicago Tribune's Eric Zorn also tried in vain to bat the issue away once again today. Oh brother on the title of his piece, too....

    Continue reading "Obama's opposition to Born Alive goes International"

    Corsi drives libs nuts outting Obama for supporting infanticide

    Democrat strategist Bob Beckel duked it out with The Obama Nation author Dr. Jerome Corsi on Fox & Friends August 5.

    The spar is posted on YouTube. Scroll to 5:15 on the video and you'll see the conversation turned to Barack Obama's opposition to Born Alive. And "the nurse who is very famous out in Illinois" would be me....

    God bless Dr. Corsi. The left wing Media Matters has tracked at least three times Corsi has stated during interviews exactly how far Obama will go in his radical support of abortion: "even late term, induced abortions where the baby lives. Obama's on record as let's kill the baby if that's what the mother wants."...

    Continue reading "Corsi drives libs nuts outting Obama for supporting infanticide"

    New Stanek WND column, "Cold and calculating - that's Obama"


    On Nov. 8, 1994, Pastor Scott Willis and his wife, Janet, started the day by voting in Illinois' general election. One vote they cast was to re-elect Secretary of State George Ryan.

    They then commenced a road trip to Milwaukee with the youngest six of their nine children, ranging in age from 6 weeks to 13 years.

    On Interstate 94 a truck in front of them suddenly dropped what was later determined to be a 6-by-30 inch metal brace weighing 30 pounds.

    Having no time to swerve or stop, Scott ran over the brace, which hit the gas tank.

    willis van.jpg

    The van instantly exploded into an inferno. Scott recalled:

    It was just roaring flames coming up on both sides. I was yelling to get out of the car. Janet and I had to consciously put our hands into the flames to unbuckle the seat belts and reach for the door handles.

    Janet fell out the door while the car was still moving. Benny was in the midst of the burning; his clothes were mostly burned off by the time he got out. The five youngest children, who had been asleep, died instantly.

    Only they didn't die instantly....

    Continue reading "Cold and calculating - that's Obama" at

    Sunday funnies

    by Chuck Asay...

    cartoon 7-29b chuck asay.gif

    by Eric Allie...

    Continue reading "Sunday funnies"

    Weekend question

    weekend question.jpgTwo Catholics with supposedly opposing views on abortion are said to be on Barack Obama's VP short list: KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and VA Gov. Tim Kaine.

    Sebelius states she is personally pro-life but in all her actions is a flagrant pro-abort and has even been asked by her bishop to refrain from receiving communion.

    Kaine has more fooled. He professes to be pro-life and has many on the other side worried, but he is not pro-life. National Right to Life goes so far as to call Kaine "pro-abortion"....

    Continue reading "Weekend question"

    "The case against Barack Obama" will spotlight his opposition to Born Alive

    The book, The case against Barack Obama, will be released Monday, August 4, Barack Obama's birthday.

    The author, David Freddoso, came to Chicago and interviewed many of us involved in the Born Alive issue as it pertained to Obama. Freddoso dedicated an entire chapter to this. I haven't read it but someone who has proclaimed it "excellent."

    As you can see by the promo below, Obama's opposition to Born Alive is one of the major talking points.

    Thumbnail image for The case against Barack Obama.jpg

    Coming soon: "Hype: The Obama Effect"


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    Obama chatter 7-21

  • Thanks to Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review Online for watching my back.

  • I've engaged in an interesting little debate on the blog catholics and christians against john mccain 2008. The blogger describes himself this way:

    against john mccain.jpg

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  • Weekend question

    weekend question.jpgMen's apologist Mark Rudov wrote the following in an interesting July 19 Men News Daily column, "Obama's baby mamas," on the speech "misandrist" Barack Obama should have given on Mother's Day to balance his chastisement of absentee fathers on Father's Day:

    Unmarried mothers must stop complaining that sperm owners aren't committed fathers. Here's a rule of thumb for every unmarried woman: if you have no wedding ring on your finger, assume the man with whom you're having sex will not hang around post-childbirth. Let that sink in the next time you roll the dice with an innocent child's future.

    mark rudov.jpg

    Women have 20 methods of birth control from which to choose, according to Planned Parenthood.

    Women must stop passing the buck to men. Either men are equally responsible for pregnancy or they're not. If they are, give them an equal say in all decisions about abortion, adoption, and custody. Otherwise, all unwed mothers should be totally responsible - logistically and financially - for raising their children.

    Agree or disagree?

    Carville on CNN: "The nurse that brought up this thing was actually fired"

    That would be me.

    Last night on CNN's The Situation Room, Barack Obama's hostility toward IL's Born Alive Infants Protection Act came up again, this time in a discussion of his opposition to the Partial Birth Abortion Ban:

    This is the 2nd time James Carville has ducked discussion of Obama's opposition to Born Alive in favor of taking a swipe at me. Carville was obviously unprepared on June 30 for a debate on the merits of Born Alive, but almost 3 weeks later he still has had no time or an intern to do some really easy research?

    Two points...

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    World mag, Beckel: Born Alive is Obama's "most difficult" abortion problem

    I'd heard conservative commentator Cal Thomas had led Democrat strategist Bob Beckel to the Lord and have even observed Beckel's commentating style become less abrasive on Fox over the past year.

    In the July 26 issue of World magazine Marvin Olasky interviewed the pair, and my name came up in a discussion of Barack Obama. Read the World magazine piece in its entirety here. World has graciously enabled a link to the article for my readers. Following is the relevant excerpt:

    Beckel: Let me be purely pragmatic about this: In politics the reason common ground will work is that polarization is bad politics in the voting booth and common ground is good politics.... Barack Obama took the message and it has been with him throughout the Democratic nomination. That'll tell you something.

    thomas beckel.jpg

    World: But how will he actually pursue common ground? Let's look at one of the most difficult issues - abortion. Jill Stanek, the IL pediatric nurse, has written about appearing before Obama's committee (when he was in the IL senate) on infant born alive legislation: After a "failed" abortion when the baby is born alive, do you try to keep him alive or do you just let him die? Stanek has commented that, despite his public demeanor, Obama was heartless and callous. How is Obama going to find common ground on abortion when he doesn't even want to protect an infant already born alive?...

    Beckel: I was pro-choice all my life until I came to faith and now I find it very difficult to reconcile that in biblical terms. I've had to remove myself from a number of pro-choice groups; I was on their boards. In politics you pick your fights. It is the most difficult example you put forward on Obama. I don't know where he would come down, but my guess is you probably wouldn't be able to find common ground with Obama on that issue.

    Many people consider that the most pressing issue, and I understand that, but let's keep in mind here that the hard pro-life faction in this country who demand no abortions, versus the hard pro-choice faction who demand abortion at any time, are about 15% on either side. So you've got about 70% who look for some compromise. You can say, how do you compromise life? That's what we would say, but that's the reality of where the American people are. Part of common ground is approaching those issues that are doable.

    [Photo courtesy of World magazine]

    One year anniversary of Barack Obama's FOCA Fest

    It was one year ago today that Barack Obama spoke at a Planned Parenthood Action Fund event, uttering the now infamous line, "Well, the first thing I'd do as president is, is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. [Applause.] That's the first thing that I'd do."

    You can view the entire 24-minute speech here or watch this clip:

    Obama made his remark in response to a question from the audience...

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    CNN: Alveda King says Nobama due to pro-abortion position

    CNN interviewed Dr. Alveda King, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, niece, today as one African-American voter who does not support Barack Obama due to his pro-abortion position.

    Alveda is a formidable black spokesperson on the pro-life issue, and I'm glad this angle got CNN coverage. Alveda's interview comes 50 seconds in:

    CBS: "New Yorker Obama cover sparks uproar"

    The Los Angeles Times already considers it one of "10 magazine covers that shook the world."

    Don't know about that, but the July 21 New Yorker magazine cover is certainly the talk of the town today, along with over 1k news stories.

    Obviously satirical, it features a cariacture of Barack Obama dressed as a Muslim with Michelle dressed in military garb carrying an AK-47. In the background is a photo of Osama bin Laden with an American flag burning in the fireplace.

    new yorker obama 2.jpg

    Most are wound just a little too tight about the cover. Only Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune put it in context as "quite within the normal realms of journalism... just lampooning all the crazy ignorance out there," as quoted by CBS....

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    Will Sebelius' abortion stance abort her chance as Obama VP?

    On June 11 CBS News moved pro-abortion KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to the top of the list of Barack Obama's prospective running mates.

    vp hot sheet.jpg

    Pro-lifers await the day, as a Kansas City Star editorial columnist surprisingly got right on July 10. Recall Planned Parenthood bestowed its Maggie Award to the KCS in 2006 "for editorials supporting reproductive justice, family planning, and the right to confidential health care." So KCS is no friend, making this candid assessment of an Obama-Sebelius ticket remarkable....

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    Gloria Feldt: "Why I didn't write a check for Obama last night"

    Relevant magazine must certainly be enjoying its 15 minutes. The backlash continues re: statements Obama made in a July 1 interview with the liberal Christian publication. I've previously dissected his "mental distress" and "Born Alive" comments, but Obama touched on 2 other topics that has pro-aborts fuming: partial birth abortion and abstinence education. On pba he said:

    health obama.jpg

    I have repeatedly said that I think it's entirely appropriate for states to restrict or even prohibit late-term abortions as long as there is a strict, well-defined exception for the health of the mother.

    Obama must have repeatedly said that only to the pandering pro-abort in the mirror, because stalwarts were taken aback. They considered Obama's comment a direct assault on partial birth abortion.

    Former Planned Parenthood CEO Gloria Feldt published a piece July 9 and 10 in both the Huffington Post and RH Reality Check explaining why she dissed a July 9 NY funder for Obama and voided her $4,600 donation check...

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    Obama, "feeling blue," FOCA, and gotcha

    Last week Barack Obama raised eyebrows on all sides by tampering with a foundational principle of legalized abortion, the Supreme Court's purposefully vague and all-encompassing "health" exception.

    abortion mental health.jpgAs defined in Roe v Wade's companion case Doe v Bolton, it is: "all factors - physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman's age - relevant to the well being of the patient" (with Chief Justice Warren Burger accentuating, "the term health in its broadest medical context.")

    The abortion industry has used this definition for 35 years to commit abortion throughout all 9 months of pregnancy for whatever reason, because whatever reason will fit into that "health" definition. Pro-aborts also try to add a "health exception" to any anti-abortion legislation presented so as to gut it.

    Then along came Obama on July 1, the self-described constitutional expert. According to the Associated Press...

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    Now who's racist, Obama or Jackson?

    obama jackson.jpgIn June, I reported on two points from Barack Obama's Fathers Day speech: his chastisement of black men for abandoning their paternal responsibilities, and, his enlightening statement that "responsibility does not end at conception."

    For that, Jill from Feministe accused me of being a "nutbag... total nutbag... [and] crazy racist", as did liberals on this blog in so many words.

    It's hard to keep the finger-pointing straight, but yesterday it came to light. Jesse Jackson was caught on a hot mic a few days ago complaining in derogatory terms that Obama was actually the racist for making those remarks. According to the Associated Press...

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    Exposing Obama's support of taxpayer funded abortions

    The Christian Defense Coalition has launched a campaign featuring this ad exposing one of Barack Obama's many far left abortion positions:

    abortion president.jpg

    Quoting a CBS News story on this today...

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    PLNews grab, 7-8-08

    web grab.jpgby JivinJ

  • John McCormack on Barack Obama's shifting abortion position:

    In a speech before Planned Parenthood last year, Barack Obama said that he was well-equipped to defend a right to abortion because "I put Roe at the center of my lesson plan on reproductive freedom when I taught Constitutional law." But during the past week, Obama has proven to be woefully ignorant of abortion law, or he has been deceiving voters about the legality of abortion, as well as his own position on the issue.

  • Jake Tapper asks a good question on the same subject...

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  • Obama Relevant magazine interview on Born Alive


    Many people have emailed me about Barack Obama's July 1 interview with Relevant magazine, in which he stated...

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    NRLC convention keynotes focus on Obama

    The National Right to Life Committee held its annual convention July 3-5 near DC. Most of its workshops were tightly controlled retreads led by centralized players, a real waste of the talents, ideas, thoughts, and accomplishments of state and local affiliates. (The inestimable question: Control at what cost?)

    Thumbnail image for karl rove nrlc.jpgBut its 2 keynote speakers, Fred Thompson and Karl Rove, scored points and made the news. MSM accentuated the negatives they said about Obama while burying McCain's positives.

    This I don't necessarily mind. Given McCain's baggage as well as reticence thus far to make a public case for himself and against Obama on the pro-life issue, our motivator in 2008 will have to be hate, not love. And all the better to garner the independent vote if mainstream articles lead off with examples of Obama's radical abortion support.

    Read ABC News, New York Times, and coverage of the Rove speech.

    Also read The New Republic's take on the convention, along with The Carpetbagger Report and Politico, which included a couple good lines by Thompson...

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    Sunday funny

    by Chuck Asay...

    cartoon 7-6 7-1.jpg

    Independence Day message: A vote for Obama is a vote for 724,628 more dead Americans

    fireworks 2.jpgby guest columnist Joseph Wildman

    On July 17, 2007, Senator Barack Obama spoke to President Cecile Richards, Steve Trombley, and other senior leaders at a Planned Parenthood Action Fund meeting.

    To this cheering...audience, Senator Obama promised, "The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act." These words inspired and rightfully energized the PP... leadership....

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    New report shows voters most interested in Obama's abortion position

    From today:

    A new report shows voters are interested in the position Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama takes on abortion. The Internet traffic monitoring firm HitWise indicates abortion is now the number one political issue voters are looking for when they conduct a search on Obama's campaign web site.

    Hitwise analyzed the top 200 U.S. search terms that sent visits to the presidential candidates' websites for the first half of 2008, revealing the types of content searched for the most among Internet users.

    Issues like education, the environment, health care and immigration are important to visitors on Obama's web site, but HitWise says abortion tops them all.

    hitwise 2.jpg

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    CNN: Obama's opposition to Born Alive Act

    CNN's Carol Costello did a good deal of research and fairly reported Barack Obama's opposition to the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act when he was state senator.

    Bill Bennett added important info in a follow-up debate against James Carville.

    Costello's follow-up should be to answer the question she closed with: Did Barack Obama reject the opportunity to vote for a bill identical to the federal bill?

    Sunday funny

    by Chuck Asay for MSNBC (click to enlarge)...

    cartoon 4-27 2.gif

    Sunday funny

    Syndicated cartoonist Glenn McCoy, courtesy of

    funny 2 4-6 glenn 2.gif

    Sunday funny

    by Glenn McCoy,