Mark calendars for pro-life protest at NAACP convention, Ginsburg vs. Hallmark

Earlier this month the Los Angeles NAACP engaged in utter foolishness and time wastage, claiming a Hallmark graduation card that had been on the shelves for 3 years was racist because of "black holes" verbiage, when the theme of the card was clearly about the solar system, not "black whores"...

I'm sorry, but what idiots.

Meanwhile, the NAACP issued nary a peep when Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg made a shockingly racist remark to the New York Times in 2009. Ginsburg's statement will be featured at the upcoming 4th Annual Protest Against Abortion at the NAACP Convention. Click to enlarge....

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Haitian earthquake

UPDATE, 9:13a: Almost the entire leadership team from my son and DIL's church, Eastview Christian in Bloomington, IL, was on a missions trip to Haiti when the earthquake struck. All are apparently safe, and some made it home early today. (Updates on site for all who know this church.) But I am reminded there are likely many church mission teams in Haiti who also need our prayers.

8:43a: News reports today indicate yesterday's 7.0 earthquake in Haiti was utterly devastating.

Pro-lifers should help as they can. Samaritans Purse is one organization I would recommend giving to. Billy Graham's son Franklin is president and CEO of SP, and the organization has proven trustworthy through the years. You'll be taken directly to the Haitian relief donation web page here.

samaritans purse.png

If you know of other honorable organizations through which to help Haiti, please feel free to list them in the comments section.

And we must pray for these poor people, that through this devastation many will be brought to the Lord, particularly as Christians around the world shower them with compassionate help.

Parkview Christian Church worship band performs "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo"

This was the prelude to the 2009 Christmas Eve worship services at my home church, Parkview Christian. Performed by our worship band, it's the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's rendition of Christmas Eve/Sarajevo...

EPA/GE destroy remains of historical fort

This is off-topic, but this idiocy makes me SO MAD. From the Associated Press, August 14:

fort edward placement.gif

Crews dredging PCBs from the Hudson River on Friday ripped away remnants of what was once Britain's largest fort in Colonial America, a mistake that incensed local officials who had feared the cleanup project would damage such relics in the area....

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