Easter Word: “They will make war with the Lamb, but the Lamb will conquer them”

They will make war with the Lamb, but the Lamb will conquer them, because he is Lord of lords and King of kings, and those accompanying the Lamb are the called, chosen, and faithful.

~ Revelation 17:14, known as the key verse of that book, New English Translation

Stanek weekend video: He has risen, indeed!

by Hans Johnson

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Archbishop calls Planned Parenthood a modern-day Judas


We do come here to judge the unconscionable greed behind the doctors, nurses and supporters of Planned Parenthood, who, for 30 pieces of silver, offer a quick fix to such women, rather than helping than helping them find a real solution to their problems.

~ St. Paul and Minneapolis Archbishop John Nienstedt, at the annual Good Friday prayerful protest at Planned Parenthood in St. Paul.

Stanek weekend question: Thoughts on Sebelius as she rides off into the sunset?

Kathleen-SebeliusI was in Ireland when news broke last week that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was resigning, but a reader wrote asking that I give you all an opportunity to talk about her.

Indeed, in the minds of pro-lifers, Kathleen Sebelius is a scandalous, abominable, corrupt abortion protector, going back to her days as governor of Kansas, and perhaps before that.

Now, as overseer of the Obamacare rollout, it seems just that her name will now and forever be tied to failure.

What are your thoughts of Sebelius, one of the highest ranking members of America’s abortion cartel?

Pro-life blog buzz 4-18-14

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN.

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  • Culture Campaign says Planned Parenthood is not happy about a new Arizona law allowing unannounced inspections of abortion facilities. (My hairdresser gets unannounced inspections and no one has ever died in her chair.) Why should the abortion industry be exempt? Josh Kredit, legal counsel of the Center for Arizona Policy remarked:

    It was brought to our attention that every health-care institution in the state is subject to unannounced inspections by [ADHS] if they have reasonable cause to believe something is going on inside, except for abortion clinics. We’re almost saying we value the women that go into abortion clinics less than everyone else.

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BREAKING: PA gov to investigate Planned Parenthood abortion clinic for compromising inspections

breakingThis is exciting news… and so fast!

Excerpt from a LifeNews.com story today by Micaiah Bilger:

Documents from an abortion center in Allentown have prompted state officials to investigate whether the center may be dodging unannounced state inspections.

A Planned Parenthood in Allentown allegedly rescheduled abortion procedures after finding out when the Pennsylvania Department of Health planned to inspect the facility, according to documents released to blogger Jill Stanek. The allegations that Planned Parenthood has inside information about inspections prompted speedy action by the Governor.

“Pro-life Governor Tom Corbett’s office is now looking into allegations that abortion giant Planned Parenthood may be getting preferential treatment when it comes to abortion center inspections,” said Maria Gallagher, legislative director of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, an affiliate of National Right to Life. “We commend the Governor for taking swift action to ensure the integrity of the inspection process.  The health and safety of women across the Commonwealth are at stake.”

Continuing reading about this awesome development at LifeNews.com.

Even if the DOH inspection was pre-announced, Planned Parenthood still compromised it by changing its schedule and adding staff.

Gospel videos of the day: Jesus paid it all

images-e1364640193360by LauraLoo

In commemoration of the greatest event in human history, we celebrate the victory of Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son, for defeating Satan and saving all sinners who turn to and trust in Jesus’ finished work at the cross for full forgiveness of sins.

And, being God, Jesus defeated death and rose from the dead – becoming the forerunner for all His children who likewise someday will also rise from the dead and be with Him for all eternity!

Different versions of the Gospel can be found here, here and here.

The Crucifixion Scene from The Passion of the Christ
Warning: Graphic (not suitable for children or very sensitive adults)

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How might Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy affect Hillary’s campaign?

chelsea-hillary-clinton-594by Kelli

On the one hand, the armchair thinking goes, having a grandchild may make the Iowa State Fair a less appealing place to spend the summer of 2015. Why beg donors for money at dozens of events a month when there’s a happy baby to spend time with in New York?

On the other hand, a grandchild could also heighten the pull of history for [Hillary] Clinton – the sense that she owes it to the daughters of future generations to walk the rest of the path toward becoming the most powerful woman in history….

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PA Planned Parenthood reschedules abortions to dodge inspectors

health-inspection-checklistsAn informant from the Planned Parenthood Keystone affiliate in Pennsylvania has slipped me some fascinating new documents.

Recall Pennsylvania is the home of infanticide abortionist Kermit Gosnell, convicted  in May 2013 of first degree murder in the deaths of three babies and involuntary manslaughter of a patient.

In reality, Gosnell likely “snipped” the spinal cords of hundreds if not thousands of babies he aborted alive over three decades but was never caught. The state simply stopped inspecting abortion clinics “for political reasons,” according to the Gosnell Grand Jury Report. Gosnell’s heinous crimes were only discovered by accident when the FBI raided his clinic for writing illegal drug prescriptions.

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett began righting the wrongs by firing negligent state workers and enacting annual state inspections and surprise random inspections.

So, either an annual state inspection was scheduled at the Planned Parenthood Allentown abortion clinic for Friday, March 21, or someone on the inside gave PP a heads up about an unannounced inspection, but here’s the memo PP distributed to staff:

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(Not so) pro-life vid of day: Comedian Tosh mocks abortion, pro-lifers

by Hans Johnson

Alleged comedian Daniel Tosh did a take-off of a commercial that showed a couple arriving at a clinic for an abortion. (His sister-in-law is the CEO of the Orlando Planned Parenthood.) The over-the-top depiction of demonstrators was seriously undercut by the couple’s cavalier attitude:

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by Kelli


What I have learned in the last 3 years is what to really expect when having a child with Down Syndrome. Someone once gave me a book about what to expect, I read a few chapters and threw it away. I hated it. Most books and pamphlets are so outdated the material is beyond depressing….

Some people still don’t see the beauty in a child like ours….

I have learned there is beauty in “imperfections”. I don’t believe Ollie is one bit imperfect but in the eyes of many she is. There is great beauty in all her God given pieces. Her crooked pinky fingers, the light spots in her eyes, the way she smiles…. Her tiny little heart beat that doesn’t beat quite as it should but it’s healthy – oh that heart beat is precious. The way she smiles with her whole body – I can truly see her smile from the back of her head she wears it so well!

I have learned that God’s plans are always best and in time they always make sense. I have learned that unanswered prayers are often answered – just not as you have requested. I have learned that having a sibling with Down Syndrome doesn’t limit your other children but makes them better, more compassionate, more understanding, more open hearted, more open to the world in general….

Fear is abolished, God has prevailed! Every day I thank the good Lord for that single extra chromosome that has made all the difference!

~ Annie Reid, discussing what she has learned from her daughter Ollie Faith, who was prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome and is now three years old, The House That Jade Built via NetworkedBlogs.com, April 23

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