Breaking: IL judge rules in favor of parental notification law

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgUDPATE, 2:30p: From press release by the Thomas More Society:

Today in Cook County Court, a judge dismissed the case challenging the constitutionality of the IL Parental Notice of Abortion Act, while imposing a stay of his decision for 60 days to allow the ACLU time to file an appeal....
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Clandestine minor abortions in Seattle: Why the shock?

I read a couple days ago about the Seattle, WA, 15-year-old who got a clandestine abortion with her school's help but without her mother knowing. Here's a Fox News recap for those who don't know about it:

ballard high school - komo news.jpg

Parents of school children in Seattle are learning a shocking lesson, when it comes to some very important decisions they don't have a say. The mother of a 15-year old girl recently discovered that Ballard High School helped her daughter get an abortion and never informed her....

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IL parental notification law again blocked

Read my previous posts for the backstory here and here.

illinois, parental notification, abortion, ACLU, larger.jpgThe other side's resolve for the completely unfettered right to kill babies knows no bounds. From the Chicago Sun-Times, November 4:

It has been 14 years and it will be at least a few more months before IL's long-mothballed parental notification law for teens seeking abortions takes effect....

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Breaking News: IL parental notification law goes into effect "immediately"

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgUPDATE, 2:30p: Well, it ain't quite over. From the Thomas More Society:

In a surprise move this morning, the doctors of the Medical Board - some saying that they are not "babysitters" for the IL Courts - refused to extend their "grace period" against enforcement of the Parental Notice of Abortion Act. Legal Counsel for the Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation had tried to convince the doctors to extend the "grace period" for another 180 days. The doctors unanimously refused that request....

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IL parental notification law delayed AGAIN... potential corruption uncovered

parental notification, illinois, abortion.JPGFrom 1 jaw-dropping roadblock to the next, IL's parental notification law has been stopped from going into effect for 14 long years, since it passed in 1995.

First, for over a decade, the IL Supreme Court simply refused to establish judicial-bypass rules.

After the Supremes finally wrote rules, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood sued. A federal court ruled against them 4 months ago....

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Breaking news: Court lifts injunction on IL parental notice law

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgFrom the Associated Press, an hour ago:

A federal appeals court has revived the fortunes of a decades-old IL law requiring teenage girls to notify their parents before getting abortions.

The U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Tuesday reversed a lower court's ruling that had barred enforcement of the measure.

Here's a press release from the legal victors, the team at Chicago's Thomas More Society (which also successfully represented Scheidler before the U.S. Supreme Court in NOW vs. Scheidler) ...

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The latest on interstate abortion trafficking legislation

A bill to stop nonparental adults from trafficking minor girls across state lines for abortion has been introduced in both the US Senate and House for a couple years but never passed. Such legislation is currently being blocked from even getting a hearing by Democrats in control.

This is common sense legislation that would protect underage girls from sexual perpetrators. Liberals say they care about rape and incest victims - but in reality only to get abortions.

Last week, Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) held a forum on HR 1063, the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act

In April and again in May, Rep. Franks sent a letter to Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), chairman of the Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties, requesting an official hearing on CIANA.

Both letters going unanswered, Rep. Franks held a public forum July 10 on CIANA. Pro-life members of the Subcommittee gave statements, heard testimony from witnesses, and asked questions in the same fashion they would a regular hearing.

Here is the forum's introduction by Rep. Franks, who was born with a cleft lip, btw, one reason mothers abort today. See more clips from the forum here

Thanks to such outlets as YouTube and CSPAN, pro-life members of Congress are breaking through liberal/MSM censorship of our message and attempts to help young sexual abuse victims as well as mothers in crisis pregnancies. Pro-lifers applaud these brave lawmakers.

Woman gets 1 year for illegally signing to abort grandchild

Good for the judge for giving the maximum sentence. Bad that the maximum sentence for illegally giving permission to kill a preborn is only 1 year. From the Atlanta Journal Constitution, today:

A Hall County woman is serving a year in jail for pretending to be a girl's mother when she signed off on the girl's abortion.

In reality, Cindi Cook was the mother of the girl's boyfriend, who also was 16 when she became pregnant in early 2007.

cindy cook.jpg

Displeased that the baby would ruin her son's chance of going to college, Cook, 44, pressured the 16-year-old girl to have the abortion in the spring of 2007, found a clinic that would do it without her present, and paid for the procedure....

Last week, a judge sentenced Cook to a year in jail - the maximum for a misdemeanor - for interfering with custody and violating a parental notification law....

James said his office is now investigating whether the facility - Northside Women's Clinic in Chamblee - broke a state law that required parental notification when a girl under the age of 18 has an abortion....

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The sex life of Obama's 12-year-old daughter

malia.jpgObama is talking freakier and freakier about the projected sex lives of his young daughters.

Everyone is familiar by now with Obama's infamous March 29 statement:

Look, I got two daughters - 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby. I don't want them punished with an STD at age 16, so it doesn't make sense to not give them information.

At the time I wanted to puke at Obama's suggestion he would not just condone but push to abort his own grandchildren since he considered teen pregnancies punishment.

But at last night's Compassion Forum in PA Obama lowered the threshhold his daughters might "make a mistake" and have sex from age 16 to "12 or 13." What kind of sicko is this guy? First came the question from Newsweek's Jon Meacham...

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Inside baseball: IL parental notification quagmire update

coar.jpgI wrote March 12 that the 17-year-old legal battle over IL's parental notification law was having more time added thanks to federal judge Judge David Coar (pictured right), who agreed with the IL ACLU on only 1 of 11 globs of mud it threw against the legal wall to try to stop this law from taking effect. But 1 is all it took.

Our side contended Coar made a mistake. But the IL attorney general defending the case, Lisa Madigan (pictured below left), is a rabid pro-abort. Would she ask Coar to reconsider, the easiest and quickest way to end this?...

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Illinois' zombie parental notice law

zombine2.jpgAccording to folklore, zombies are undead corpses, or living dead. Such is IL's parental notification law, and it needs cpr right now.

In 1995 - 13 years ago - the IL legislature passed a parental notice law.

All that was needed then was for the IL Supreme Court to write judicial bypass rules, i.e., provide a path through the courts for minors in abusive homes to abort around parents.

The Supremes, being liberal at the time, just said no.

But in 2006 the Supremes, now numbering more sound than unsound justices, issued rules.

By now, however, IL had a liberal attorney general, Lisa Madigan. (How liberal? She voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.)...

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Aurora Planned Parenthood triggers parental notice uprising

Thanks, Planned Parenthood, seriously.

Backdrop: The State of IL passed a parental notice bill in 1995 that laid dormant for over a decade because the then-liberal IL Supreme Court refused to enact rules so a minor girl in an abusive home could instead get permission from the courts.

lisa%202.jpgIn 2006 a constitutionally friendly Supreme Court wrote rules and instructed rabidly pro-abort Attorney General Lisa Madigan to enact the law, which, of course, she dragged her feet on throughout early 2007.

Finally in May 2007, Madigan completed her part, and since then the decision whether to enact the law has been in the hands of notoriously slow federal judge David Coar. The ACLU is disputing whether IL court systems are prepared.

Then Planned Parenthood Aurora reared its ugly head in late July and opened for business in early October, despite huge outcry from citizens.

With parental notice now necessary to protect Aurora families, last week by unanimous vote the Aurora City Council passed a resolution submitted by alderman Rick Lawrence calling on the state to do something....

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Homer Simpson could sanction underage abortions

Yesterday I discussed how the "clergy" loophole in parental notification legislation would allow hired abortion industry "clergy" to bless abortions or any liberal "clergy" member, or actually anyone at all who took five minutes to be ordained online.

Homer priest.jpgToday, I have another suggestion. Abortion mills could call Homer Simpson!

Readers may recall that in 2005 Homer was himself ordained  online after learning he could get $200 for marrying people.  This is about the going rate I imagine "clergy" hired by Planned Parenthood get for blessing abortions.

Following are audios of Homer performing the same duties as would some members of the liberal "clergy" who have no problem advising minor girls to abort:

Download homer_marries_sibs.mp3

Download homer_marries_julio_and_thad.mp3

Hat tip: Reader Edgar

Parental notification coincidences

The IL Supreme Court issued parental notification rules last September 20, instructing AG Lisa Madigan to tell a federal judge to lift the injunction on the 1995 law. 

I had a feeling Madigan was stalling to give Rep. John Fritchey's repeal bill time to work through the system.

So four months later - coincidentally - Fritchey introduced his repeal bill January 18, and Madigan announced January 19 she would indeed follow the Supremes' instructions, "ask[ing] the federal court to give the state's circuit courts time to train their staff to handle the new procedures," according to the Chicago Tribune.

fritchey2.jpgEnough time for Fritchey to keep the bloodgates open.   

The current law would ensure a little girl got help from the authorities if she turned up pregnant.  Fritchey's bill would allow her pedophile to get her an abortion before anyone was the wiser.

Should his bill pass, I hope Fritchey will be able to sleep at night, knowing some little girl somewhere isn't, thanks to him.

Cog in wheel, pebble in shoe: Update on parental notice bill

Hi from DC. Had preplanned a trip here for another reason; got involved in the fight over the interstate parental notification bill yesterday. And it has quickly escalated to an all-out Senate war, because the Child Custody Protection Act would have a major impact on abortion in the US. Read backdrop here.

Senator Frist's bold move took everyone by surprise. But to our side it was a "yee, haw!" moment; to pro-aborts it was an "oh, no" moment (or something like that). So we organized much more quickly than they did. In fact, the other side is still reeling. God forgive me, I'm loving that.

That said, Democrat Senator Dick Durbin, ever earning his name, quickly became the Senate force behind stalling/stopping CCPA, throwing nails, glass, and even his pitchfork on the road to blow out CCPA's tires. Goal? Slow it down at least until Saturday, when senators may leave town for campaign events. CCPA needs 60 votes to overcome procedural roadblocks. Last time the Senate voted on CCPA, there were 65 ayes. And if senators don't leave town, Republicans will suffer more than Democrats for missing opportunities to get their message out at home.

So, our side's goal is to call CCPA for a vote THIS AFTERNOON. Therefore, calls are critical this morning. And make those calls to DC offices if possible, not in-state offices. If you called yesterday, call again today. The Capitol switchboard is 1-202/224-3121. I was proud to hear you ringing Senator Obama's phone off the hook while I was waiting to waste my time speaking to his staff yesterday afternoon. But I did it because someone told me the other day that while some people may seem impossible to convince, placing a pebble in their shoe at least makes it harder for them to walk.

Calls to 14 Democrats who previously voted for CCPA are top priority. If you live in those states, have everyone in your family call, even the dog. Then tell your friends and their dogs to call:

Mark Pryor (AR)
Ken Salazar (CO)
Thomas Carper (DE)
Bill Nelson (FL)
Daniel Inouye (HI)
Evan Bayh (IN)
Mary Landrieu (LA)
Ben Nelson (NE)
Harry Reid (NV)
Kent Conrad (ND)
Byron Dorgan (ND)
Tim Johnson (SD)
Robert Byrd (WV)
Herbert Kohl (WI)

I cannot overstate how important this bill is. More on that when the dust settles. Thanks.

Frist filed for cloture vote tonight on interstate parental notice bill

This just in from DC: "Senator Frist filed cloture on ccpa/ciana tonight, as soon as was possible. Cloture will ripen in 30 hours. Then we will vote. And we need to win."

Yes! Good for Senator Frist! A very real pro-life legislative drama is unfolding. Next, 60 senators must vote aye to stop a filibuster and get this important pro-life bill to the President's desk. Session ends Friday. We must all call our senators TOMORROW.

Clock ticking... Child Custody Protection Act update

Sen. Frist called for unanimous consent once again this morning to send the Child Custody Protection Act to conference (i.e., for Senate reps to meet with House reps to work out agreeable language, since they passed similar but not identical bills).

This time, supposedly pro-life Sen. Reid stood up and objected, rather than rabid pro-abort Sen. Durbin, heretofore the visible obstructor.

Reid and Durbin say they are objecting on behalf of Sen. Boxer, who submitted an amendment to take away parental rights of incest perpetrators. This is a surprisingly good pro-life amendment. The Senate approved it, but it wasn't in the House language . Frist has promised not to accept any language from conference that doesn't include this amendment, but Boxer says this promise isn't good enough. It's all a smoke-screen.

Reid reminded Frist he could go over Reid's head and call for a vote to send the bill to conference. This was either a taunt or an attempt to find a way out due to pressure. Sources suggest the former. Frist didn't bite. I'm not clear why. Seems to me he would want to get senators on record who might vote for the bill before they vote against it. Furthermore, since CCPA passed 65-34, it seems likely although not guaranteed that a motion by Frist to override Reid would pass.

If CCPA doesn't leave the Senate tomorrow, there won't be time to get all ducks in a row before its September 15 recess. It will become increasingly difficult to see CCPA become law after tomorrow.

IL Federation for the Right to Life launched an urgent nationwide on-line petition drive two days ago and has heard from all but two of 50 states, including one congressman. IFRL is faxing the names they have to Reid, Durbin, and Frist this afternoon but are still gathering names. Please sign this petition.

Or call them at 202-224-3121.

Alert: Sign on-line petition telling Senate Democrats to stop obstructing Child Custody Protection Act

Today the IL Federation for the Right to Life launched a nationwide on-line petition drive telling U.S. Senate Democrats to stop obstructing the Child Custody Protection Act.

This is an urgent matter. The Congressional Pro-life Caucus reported this morning the clock is ticking: "If we hope to see this important legislation signed into law this year, the Senate must act this week to send the bill to conference."

Please sign this petition now at and forward the link to pro-lifers and blogs.

Go here to read IFRL's press release.

Thank you.