Abortion recovery group unveils billboard aimed at Interstate summer traffic

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SilentNoMore_416B_12x30Setup2 (3).jpg

Today Silent No More Minnesota, whose mission is to reach out to those
wounded by abortion, unveiled a new billboard, scheduled for launch July 1 for 3 months on I94 in Albertville, MN....

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"Please help: I convinced my wife to get an abortion, now she is crying screaming"

Bryan Kemper found this May 15 post at the Dumps website, where one apparently goes for advice:

crying girl.jpg

I do not want children and after a long debate and a lot of crying (she wants children), I convinced my wife to get an abortion by basically saying that everyone is doing it because the economy is making it a bad time to start a family However, now after the abortion all she has being doing is crying upstairs for the past three days. She has not even eaten, the door is lock and I can hear her scream. When I come up to the door and try to talk to her all she does is call me a pig, and how could I? Which I think is pretty stupid because I did not force her to get and abortion, she did it voluntarily. I never held a gun up to her head and forced her. How is it my fault please help me understand my wife. What should I do now?

I can't add much to Bryan's excellent response, except to answer his question: Prepare for divorce.

This poor girl.

[HT: moderator Carla; painting: "Crying girl," by Edvard Munch, circa 1907]

Chilli of group TLC describes post-abortion stress on VH1 reality show

On the May 9 episode of the VH1 reality show, What Chilli Wants, TLC hip hop girl group member Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas opened up about her abortion.

In the video Chilli described aborting at age 20, about 1991, for sadly common reasons, because she "didn't have the support" and "was so scared."...

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Egad, was this Salon article really intended to promote abortion?

UPDATE, 11:18a: One other point I forgot to mention, it seems to me the description of the preborn baby the abortion mill was forced to give by TX law was intended to invoke mental images of a little monster:

It was a man's prerecorded voice telling me that, "The lungs are beginning to form. Brain activity can be recorded. Eyes are present, but no eyelids yet. The heart is more developed and is beating. Early reflexes develop. The hands and feet have fingers and toes, but may still be webbed. The length is less than one quarter-inch."

9:45a: Susie Allen of Pro-Life in TN, who also authors our twice-weekly (Prolifer)ations post, sent me a link to the following April 13 article in Salon by Anonymous, entitled, "My abortion, their political ploy," with the by-line, "While Obama signed away women's rights, I recovered from the hardest decision I've had to make."

salon abortion.jpgSo the piece was apparently intended to show why, in real time, a healthcare bill sans public funding for abortion hurts pregnant mothers in crisis.

But IMO this was a terribly sad, painfully bleak article that inadvertently bode poorly for abortion as a supposedly great right. The picture painted was of a woman who engaged in casual sex out of loneliness and then felt strangely compelled to abort her baby, even though she wanted children and her partner was willing to parent his child. She then had to pay for the abortion herself, demonstrating how women are ultimately solely responsible for their crisis pregnancies. Abortion exploits women.

And the pain. Sheesh. Who would want to get an abortion after reading this?...

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Abortion Recovery Awareness Month

by Carla

ARAM logo without date.pngApril is Abortion Recovery Awareness Month. If you are struggling after an abortion, there is help, hope, and healing for you.

If you feel guilt or shame, anger, confusion, are depressed, have suicidal thoughts, nightmares, increased drinking or drug use, or trouble bonding with subsequent children, please know you are not alone.

There are people all over the country that are waiting to offer you abortion recovery services. Here are just a few of them...

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The saddest email I've ever received

Got it Saturday....

Hi Jill,

Just wanted to send you a few thoughts to encourage your efforts.

pregnant teen 1960s, abortion.JPG

When my oldest daughter became pregnant several times over a period of years, she aborted for a variety of reasons.

First time, she was only 16 years old, and I didn't want her to ruin her life. I was from the school of thought that was based in the 1950s and 1960s when a girl who got pregnant in high school literally disappeared. It was a shameful thing to have happen to a young girl and families tried their best to cover it up. When it happened to my daughter, the boy's mother was pretty quick to offer to pay for an abortion. She may have feared criminal charges and certainly feared a claim against their small fortune....

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Well, at least they have "45 Million Voices"

45 million voices, abortion.png

There's a novel new pro-abort website in town, 45 Million Voices.

Pro-lifers will recognize the irony of the site's name and purpose one millisecond after reading what it's about. I have a hard time imagining how those behind 45 Million Voices missed how sociopathic their premise is...

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Comparing (not so different) confessions of a pro-life and a pro-choice post-abortive mom

OneNewsNow.com has reviewed the new book, Confessions of an ex-feminist. On her journey there and back author Lorraine Murray had an abortion:

Murray then movingly tells readers the story of the abortion she'd had years before. "No one," she writes, "had prepared me for the flashbacks, which began about a year after the 'procedure'.... I would relive the experience.... I started having upsetting reactions to babies.... A question started plaguing me: How old would my baby have been now?"

confessions of an ex-feminist.jpg

One night, her husband, Jef, encouraged her to attend an Advent penance service, where confessions would be heard. It had been years since she'd been to confession, but reluctantly, she went. With tears streaming down her face, this former feminist and long-time defender of abortion told the priest what she'd done. He explained that just as Jesus had said on the cross, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34), Jesus would forgive her, too.

Months later, however, Murray was still filled with self-
recrimination about her abortion....

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Requests for contributions to Carla's book

by moderator Carla

I am seeking submissions for a book - a book of letters and poems from mothers who have aborted to their lost children. The purpose of the book is to allow mothers to express their grief and love, and to demonstrate the very real pain and loss caused by abortion.

recovering post abortion.jpgI would gratefully welcome your contributions. The book will be made available worldwide through Amazon.com, and I have a commitment from a donor to distribute 1,000 copies to pregnancy resource centers and related organizations. Contributors will also receive a free copy of the book.

The target publication date is December 22, 2009. If you are interested in participating in this project, please observe the following guidelines...

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Confessions of a self-proclaimed (and pro-abortion) "abortion addict"

impossible motherhood.jpgIrene Vilar is no pro-lifer.

About her upcoming book, Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an abortion addict, which tells the story of her 16 abortions in 15 years, Vilar writes on her web page:

Impossible Motherhood is committed to eliminating the stigma of abortion by creating new ways to talk about abortion honestly and publicly. It understands the complex moral decision making surrounding a pregnancy decision and how devaluing to women's real experience is any bumper sticker approach to choice....

The aim is to celebrate the transformative power of pregnancy and envision a world in which abortion is understood as a moral decision without stigma.

But Vilar seemingly says the opposite in a book excerpt published online...

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New British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology "study of studies" says abortion causes future preterm births

bjog preemie.jpg

About this new study, Brent Rooney, MSc, director of the Reduce Preterm Risk Coalition emailed...

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Running the race for Aubrey

Aubrey Carla running.JPGby moderator Carla

My daughter Aubrey died in the Meadowbrook Clinic in Minneapolis on September 5, 1990.

Each year gets harder and harder for me, and I seek to do something that helps me grieve.

This Saturday, September 5, I will be participating in the St. Croix Valley Triathlon in Aubrey's memory. I will swim 1/3 of a mile, bike 10, and run 4.

I will run the race to bring awareness to others of the devastating "choice" that abortion is. To kill your own child solves nothing and leaves wounded women and men. I long for others to know of the amazing abortion recovery resources that are available to help and to heal those that regret their abortions....

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Aborting a family

Murder has such a tragic ripple effect. Blogger Abbas_Princess mourned the senseless killing of her niece of nephew in "Death in the family" June 30:

I've held off for a couple of days writing this, hoping that my thoughts and emotions would sort themselves out into something coherent. They haven't as yet, but I shall write anyway.

empty arms.jpg

It's not your usual death. However, it grieves me greatly. My life will forever be missing someone. Whenever I think of it, and the circumstances surrounding it, my chest constricts in a way I've never known, and I weep, not only for myself, but for Adam, for my children, for my parents.

But most of all, for my devastated dearest brother, who's first child was aborted by his ex-girlfriend at 11 weeks.

If I'm honest, and I'm so glad I can be here, I'm angry. Furious even. I loved that precious little life. I'd never met his girlfriend. But I adore my brother, and he was so overjoyed to become a father. It's all he's ever wanted. I'm angry because Rob didn't want her to. I'm angry because, as in his words, "But what could I do? She didn't want it."...

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What Obama should say tonight about abortion

When pro-lifers occupy the White House, we pro-lifers ponder what they should say during their State of Union addresses about our issue (and we're usually disappointed).

obama state of the union.jpgNow it is the other side's turn. President Obama isn't giving a State of the Union speech tonight, but it will look an awful lot like one. So pro-aborts are weighing in.

I frankly hope Obama says nothing about abortion. Whatever he might say would infuriate me, particularly if he sympathizes that this is a tough issue (why?), but he trusts women and doctors to make the right decision. In reality Obama is so hard-core cold and calculatingly pro-abortion he is pro-infanticide if letting abortion survivors live would get in abortion's way.

Aspen Baker at RH Reality Check has made a pitch for Obama to address post-abortive mothers, which I find surprising. Baker thought Obama "should acknowledge the unique and legitimate moral and emotional experiences of women who have had abortions." In fact, Baker went so far as to write Obama's doing so could "reframe the whole debate...."

Baker listed suggestions to Obama from pro-abortion post-abortive women, a group she is apparently a member of....

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Hunter Michael

I've met mothers who didn't understand they were aborting their late-term sick babies. Medical staff coded language by calling it "early induction of labor," etc.

Here's a tragic story of a mother who went through the induced labor abortion procedure, and her baby survived for a time. This dear mother didn't understand what had happened until years later, when reading my testimony. She has given me permission to share her story...


In 1995 I was told just before my 6-month mark that my son had multi-cystic dysplastic kidneys. They said it was a terminal disease and that I needed to abort. I refused, and they said I could die if I didn't abort. I still refused, and I finally agreed to give birth normally if they promised to try and save him. They said I had to hurry because it would be illegal in 5 more days because I'd be over the term limit.

They said they would, and I gave birth...but it was horrible. I was 20, didn't know much...they didn't tell me what to expect. I was alone in the room, and felt like I needed to use the bathroom. While I was in there, my water finally broke. They had drugged me up pretty well and dismissed my concerns about what it would do to the baby....

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Raving Theist spotlights Carla and Aubrey

carla and family.jpgRaving Theist was not too long ago Raving Atheist. Great testimony.

RT has also been posting here for some time, first as a pro-life atheist, and now as a pro-life believer.

RT also has his own blog. A couple days ago he spotlighted dear moderator Carla, a post-abortive mom who is pictured right with her beautiful family, on one of his posts.

Check it out.

Commemorating her baby's abortion

Yesterday Susan e-mailed me:

My baby was aborted on this day years ago. I am unable to think of a better way to spend today other than attempting to end the slaughter.

Susan picketed the medical office of abortionist Frank Rodriguez in Palm Beach, FL with her friend Marilyn, below.


Many moms who have aborted feel getting involved in the abortion movement would be hypocritical. Susan demonstrates the opposite is true. She is now standing in the gap for babies, which is so helpful to the cause. How many people learned yesterday that Rodriguez is a baby killer thanks to Susan and Marilyn?

Doing nothing, partiularly when you personally know abortion hurts children and mothers, only helps the other side.

(Prolifer)ations 7-30-08

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Colleen W.

From the blogs and elsewhere today...

  • Dawn Eden comments on American Life League's report on Planned Parenthood's new site, takecaredownthere.org [JLS warning: vile], arguing it is important that people know just how disturbing and graphic this new kid-targeted website is. Dawn says:

    But, because TakeCareDownThere is a taxpayer-funded site that targets children, I believe it is important to have an idea of just what Planned Parenthood is promoting. The site's pro-promiscuity agenda is truly degrading to human beings in general and children in particular. It presents the pedophile's dream of an omnisexual kiddie "cuddle puddle" as though such activities were normative teen behavior.

  • Warren Throckmorton writes...

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  • Weekend question

    weekend question.jpgThe current issue of Precious Times, a black Christian women's magazine, features a cover story about The View's Sherri Shepherd, with this quote:

    Before I converted to Christianity, I was a Jehovah's Witness.

    In 1993, my mother was dying from diabetic complications. My sister was heavy into drugs, and we would have to go and get her from crack houses. I was in a very physically abusive relationship. I was sleeping with a lot of guys and had more abortions than I would like to count. I had very low self-esteem and just wanted to die. I felt if someone killed me, it wouldn't even make a difference.

    But God showed me that it would make a difference....

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    Seven abortions

    I've said before the UK press is much more willing to report and evaluate abortion honestly.

    angela simmons.jpgYesterday's Daily Mail had this story: "Emotional toll: A young mother tells of the devastating legacy of having seven abortions."

    You would never see such a story in the US MSM, even though such stories abound. This article spotlights that the American press is sabotaging an entire segment of the conversation about abortion.

    As you read the story makes points studies repeatedly demonstrate but liberals repeatedly shun or deny...

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    Times Online: "I've lost interest in sex after an abortion"

    I've often said the British press is far more honest and open about abortion than the American press. Here's another example. A reader wrote this question to doctors at The Times Online, May 2:

    I had an abortion recently, and though my boyfriend and I agreed it was the right thing to do, I feel guilty and I've gone off sex. Will these feelings pass?

    An excerpt from the response, which is worth reading in its entirety:

    no sex female.jpg

    Lack of interest in sex after an abortion is so common that it can almost be said to be expected. Before long your libido is likely to have returned, but both you and your partner have to bear in mind that even now having an abortion is a huge event in anyone's life. It is possible, but by no means inevitable, that the changes this will have wrought in the way you feel about a future together may have irretrievably undermined your relationship. If this happens, neither of you should assume blame or feel guilty....

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    Abortion unhinged

    According to the TimesOnline March 16:

    rc psych.gif

    Women may be at risk of mental health breakdowns if they have abortions, a medical royal college has warned. The Royal College of Psychiatrists says women should not be allowed to have an abortion until they are counselled on the possible risk to their mental health.

    This overturns the consensus that has stood for decades that the risk to mental health of continuing with an unwanted pregnancy outweighs the risks of living with the possible regrets of having an abortion....

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    Milgram vs. Roe vs. Wade: Are women being tested?

    PajamaMama is a relatively new poster on our site, a post-abortive mother. She has contributed the following fascinating post.

    milgram pic2.jpgThis one's not "hot off the presses" per the usual post here, but the oft-cited Milgram Experiment of 1963 at Yale has many possible correlations to the abortion debate.

    Why do mothers do it? How can they do it? Why do some mothers regret it? Why do some mothers not regret their abortions and instead choose to even more defensively scream about the "right to choose"?

    We all remember Psych 101 in school.

    In the Milgram Experiment, Professor Milgram placed subjects in a setup where they were "teachers" required to deliver electric shocks (fake) to unseen "students" (actors) who gave incorrect answers to various questions....

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    American Psychiatric Assoc. prez: lesbian pro-abort feminist

    slotman%201.gifNada Stotland, president-elect of the American Psychiatric Association, is a lesbian feminist who sits on the board of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health.

    An unbiased source to opine on post-abortive stress syndrome? Yeah, sure.

    I googled Stotland after reading her shockingly calloused comments belittling men and women who suffer psychiatric after-effects of abortion in a January 7 Los Angeles Times story on men and PASS.

    Stotland went so far as to say women who abort may be unstable. Yes, she said that, according to LAT....

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    A former RMU student relives her abortion

    cynthia.jpgMy post last week on Robert Morris University's Day of Service, which included an "opportunity" to help the local Planned Parenthood pack safer sex kits, yielded a comment from former RMU student Cynthia Collins, pictured right.

    Cynthia is now the Louisiana director of Operation Outcry, an organization of post-abortive mothers "'crying out' the truth that abortion hurts women, men, families, and the culture." She is also host of "Faces of Abortion" on the Sky Angel network.

    Cynthia was one of the first to get an abortion after it was legalized following the Roe v. Wade decision. That set her on a downward spiral. Abortion is still impacting Cynthia's life but now for good. You can read her complete testimony here. As for RMU's part, here was Cynthia's comment....

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    Penance II

    sad.jpgAmanda, who wrote the Penance email I posted September 7, wrote a response to all your comments that I don't think anyone saw because it slipped off the main page by the time she did. Here 'tis:

    September 10

    This is the Amanda that originally wrote the letter. (No, I do not know any of you.) I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and support. It means a lot to me....
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    sad.jpgI received this email today from Amanda:

    Dear Jill,

    I have decided it's time for me to face what I have done in the past. It isn't religion that has driven me here, but my own life and the life of my surviving child each day, mine under the shadow that follows me, my past....

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    What it's like

    Two weeks ago I received this email:

    Dear Jill,

    I recently reached your website and quickly became interested in the things you and your guests had to say.

    As a person who has had an abortion, I still remain neutral to the issue. I believe in a woman's right to choose. I understand people have a right to their own opinion but I don't believe in bashing other's decisions and being completely against something when so many people know nothing about it.

    Until I had mine, I didn't realize the pain, both physical and mental, that a person went through. Five months later, I still think about it everyday, and just to clear things up, I don't regret it. I know what was right for myself with my circumstances. I don't agree with people rubbing it in my face. I don't think I need anybody's help to remind me what I did. I don't think people should judge until they know what its like to be in someone else's shoes....

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    A little problem with abortion

    preemie2.jpgFrom column published in The Times Online, June 6:

    From the analysis of all published data on the subject, from the mid-1990s to last year, from France to Finland, Australia to Germany, we can say that abortion almost certainly produces a doubling in the premature delivery rate. We don't know why - maybe bacterial infection from a surgical intervention, maybe because of cervical trauma....

    In other words, for a woman who has never had an abortion, the chances of having a baby before 34 weeks are about 3%; in women who have had an abortion in the past, the rate doubles to 6-12%....

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    "Choosing our life over your life meant your death"

    By Bethany Kerr:

    This video was an extremely emotional one (I cried).
    It was touching, beautiful, and honest, and candidly portrays how a father can be deeply affected by the decision to abort a child.

    "Happy Birthday" , Flipsyde

    From verse 1:

    Please accept my apologies, wonder what would have been
    Would you've been a little angel or an angel of sin?
    Tom-boy running around, hanging with all the guys.
    Or a little tough boy with beautiful brown eyes?
    I payed for the murder before they determined the sex
    Choosing our life over your life meant your death
    And you never got'a chance to even open your eyes
    Sometimes I wonder as a fetus if you faught for your life?
    Would you have been a little genius in love with math?
    Would you have played in your school clothes and made me mad?
    Would you have been a little rapper like your papa da Piper?
    Would you have made me quit smokin' by finding one of my lighters?
    I wonder about your skintone and shape of your nose?
    And the way you would have laughed and talked fast or slow?
    Think about it every year, so I picked up a pen
    Happy birthday, love you whoever you woulda been
    Happy birthday...

    From verse 2:

    I've got a millon excuses to why you died
    Bet the people got their own reasons for homicide
    Who's to say it woulda worked, and who's to say it wouldn't have?
    I was young and strugglin' but old enough to be your dad
    The fear of being my father has never disappeared
    Pondering frequently while I'm sippin' on my beer
    My vision of a family was artificial and fake
    So when it came time to create I made a mistake
    Now you've got a little brother maybe he's really you?
    Maybe you really forgave us knowin' we was confused?
    Maybe everytime that he smiles it's you proudly knowin' that your father's doin' the right thing now?
    I never tell a woman what to do with her body
    But if she don't love children then we can't party
    Think about it every year, so I picked up a pen
    Happy birthday, love you whoever you woulda been
    Happy birthday...

    Click here for full lyrics.

    Watch the video here (be patient, it takes a few seconds to start):

    Sunday confessional: I had an abortion and haven't told my fiance

    The pop website, Sugar.com, has a section entitled, "Sunday confessional." Yesterday's question was a good one.

    Dear Sugar

    sugar.gifI am engaged, and my wedding day is fast approaching. My husband to be couldn't be any more perfect for me, but I have not been 100% truthful with him and my guilt is starting to take a toll on me. My fiance is extremely Catholic and comes from a very religious family. I was raised Catholic as well, but my family never put much emphasis on religion. We have been together for almost 5 years and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have such an amazing partner. We just completed our marriage preparation courses and during our Foccus class, I withheld information about my past that I am afraid will haunt me forever.

    The first time I had sex, when I was 17; I got pregnant by my then boyfriend. Obviously this came as a total surprise, clearly neither one of us was educated on safe sex, and I decided, after much consideration, to have an abortion. I know I did the right thing and to this day stand by my decision, but I never told my fiance due to his strong religious beliefs. While I know he loves me and supports everything I do, I feel like if I tell him now, he will question my trust throughout our entire relationship. I love my future husband and don't want to jeopardize our relationship, but I feel horrible about starting our lives as husband and wife under false pretenses. Am I wrong to keep this to myself?

    There are certainly many subtopics to pick apart within the letter (and feel free to pick away), but I don't think the question itself is necessarily pro-life vs. pro-abortion. What do you think this young woman should do?

    [Graphic courtesy of Sugar.com]

    Colson on Rowan

    Am picking up on this one late: "Culture of Death - Baby Rowan's Story," by Chuck Colson on Breakpoint, June 9, 2005

    New Operation Outcry director

    Strong2.jpgPro-life journalist Matt Abbott spotlighted new Operation Outcry director Caron Strong (photo right) yesterday for RenewAmerica.us.

    Caron, who is post-abortive, said this in Matt's piece: "We are to love the woman considering abortion as well as the post-abortive woman. We are to love that woman even as she walks into the abortionist's door."

    Some pro-lifers believe that to support abortion clinic regulations is to condone abortion. I disagree. First, clinic regs are proven abortion mill door-shutters, since mills are all about $ and not about cleanliness and safety. Second, since we know the aforementioned, do we want the mothers to die along with their babies? What if we're talking about our teenage neighbor... or our sister?

    Abbott.jpgTo digress, Matt (photo left) deserves his own moment in the spotlight. He has been an activist in the movement for many years. Matt is known for getting more letters to the editor published than anyone I know. He does it by keeping his points pithy - one to two sentence zingers.