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Some of you know my story:

Thirteen years ago I was a registered nurse in the Labor & Delivery Department at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

I was on shift one night when to my surprise a doctor committed a late-term abortion. The method was called “induced labor abortion,”  and, as I was about to discover, in some cases babies survived this procedure and lived a short time outside of the womb.

I learned abortion survivors were placed in the department’s soiled utility room until they died, which once took an agonizing eight hours.

I was horrified, but it got worse. One night a nurse colleague told me she was planning to relegate a little abortion survivor with Down syndrome to the soiled utility room to die.  I could not let this baby die alone, so I held him for the 45 minutes of his short life.

That night changed my life. I instantly became committed – risking my career – to spreading the pro-life message.

What I wonder is, what is your story? And, what can I do to better support and inspire you?

I realize not everyone can just jump in feet first like I did.  So, I’ve decided to create some tools to help people like you get involved in whatever way is the best fit.

But before I compile any articles, videos, training materials, and other tools to become active in the pro-life movement, I want to make sure I find out from you just exactly what you want and need. I want to make sure my “activist training kit” can really be just the perfect thing to support whatever level and type of involvement you are comfortable with.

Can you please share your thoughts with me by taking just a couple of minutes to answer these quick questions – anonymously if you wish? Together, we can create materials people like you can use, in your own way, to educate yourself and to spread the pro-life message more simply, intelligently and powerfully than ever before.

My sincerest thanks,