Quote of the Day 1-11-10

4 anti-abortion protesters disrupted a a speech by Sen. Bob Casey today in the Capitol before they were removed by police.

Casey, a pro-life Democrat who emerged at the center of the fight over abortion funding in the federal health care bill, was in Harrisburg to open a photographic exhibit on hunger in America.

Casey had just thanked his wife, Theresa, for introducing him at the crowded event in the Capitol Rotunda when the protestors stood up one by one, shouting that he "voted to fund abortion."

During the 5-minute disruption, Casey stood and listened, responding as one shouted, "You say you're pro-life."

"I am," the senator said.

A spokesman for the Capitol police said the individuals were not arrested, but were asked to refrain from interrupting Casey. They did not go back into the building after being taken outside.

The protesters said they were with Washington, DC-based Insurrecta Nex, the group formerly known as Operation Rescue. Outside the Capitol building they accused Casey of selling out his constituents and his Catholic faith for supporting the health care bill and appropriations bills that they contended make funds available for abortions overseas.

~ Philadelphia Inquirer, January 11


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