Site maintenance planned update

announcing.gifUPDATE, 7/15, 7:58p: A recurring theme of my nightmares since childhood has been to go slow motion in an emergency - unable to dial 911 correctly; unable to walk across the street, only crawl; etc.

The last 2 weeks my life on this blog have been my living nightmare. If the site hasn't been running properly, my computer has been malfunctioning. The site keeps slowing or shutting down as our web designer tries to move the archives to the new software site.

Meanwhile McAfee found 74 infections on my computer Monday (after spending 4 hours with me on the phone) and several more hidden infections today (ditto on the time).

All I can say is I'm really sorry. I so appreciate your patience and hope the improvements planned will make all this aggravation worthwhile....

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Don't touch that dial

We're undergoing site problems. Can't post.

UPDATE, 4:30p: Problem solved, which was that my site was out of disc space. Thanks for your patience.

Comments down

UPDATE, 6/22, 6a: Comments back up. Thanks for your patience.

Sorry all. The site has been compromised and you're unable to make comments right now. Working on it.

Comment prob

Moderator Bethany just informed me you are unable to comment. Have notified the server, and hopefully the prob will be fixed shortly. Sorry, and thanks for your patience.

UPDATE, 9:34a: It's fixed.