Pro-life blogging tips

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I just finished speaking on the Ending Abortion webcast event and said I would post my 10 quick tips on pro-life blogging, so here they are. Also, if you have any tips, please add them as comments....

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Happy Father's Day!

We're showing this classic America's Funniest Videos montage at church this weekend, and it cracks me up every time.

We love you, Dads!

Josie Duggar update; Duggars to receive award from Family Research Council

duggars-320.jpgUPDATE, 8:20p: What a coincidence. Little did I know when I was posting an update on baby Josie earlier today that she was being released from the hospital. According to People magazine this evening:

Josie Brooklyn Duggar, the youngest child born to Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, returned to her AR home Thursday after her 2nd hospitalization in her brief life....

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Memorial Day salute: Armed Forces Medley

The National Symphony Orchestra performed the "Armed Forces Medley" during the 2007 Memorial Day Concert on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. Watch their stirring rendition, which originally aired live on PBS...

In memory of all who served our blessed country in the line of duty, to protect us and our freedom, but did not come home...

Bethany's bouncing baby boy makes his debut

bethanyandian.jpgYesterday at 5:38p, moderator Bethany posted on her Facebook profile, "Bethany... is in active labor!?!?! Why yes, yes she is!"

And last night at 6:32p: "Here he is."

Baby Ian was born weighing exactly 10 lbs..

Aren't he and Mommy both beautiful?

Congratulations to Bethany and husband James, and big siblings Caleb, Bonnie, and Noah!

He is risen!

he is risen.jpgHappy Easter!

Following are my 2 favorite Easter songs, both by Keith Green. There is no fancy video behind the stupendous audio because Keith died in a small plane accident in 1982 (at age 28, along with 2 of his 4 children), long before such things were devised commonplace.

But no video is needed to be uplifted by these inspiring words and music, bursting with the promise Jesus brought when rising from the dead on the 3rd day, today!...

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Site down, site up

It has been a frustrating few hours. I was receiving emails from you (thanks!) that you couldn't comment, yet I couldn't post either. I could only communicate via Facebook and Twitter. (All the more reason to sign up to be my Facebook friend or Twitter follower! Click on icons within my bio at right to sign up.)

Somehow during the process of moving ads around last night, something got screwed up.

But things appear fine now. Thanks for your patience.... :)

Dancing with the pro-life stars

Pro-life group One More Soul hosted a unique fund-raising event Saturday called Dancing with the Pro-Life Stars.

New Executive Director Jenn Giroux called on many of her pro-life friends to make an appearance, and we were glad to help. Read more about the event at Pro-Life Action League's blog. Here's a group shot (click to enlarge)...

Bobby Schindler, group, dancing with the pro-life stars.jpg

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My gig at

Thanks again to moderator Carder for encouraging me to blog at I'm also grateful to Andrew Breitbart, a staunch pro-lifer, for accepting me.

After just 3 weeks in the blogosphere, cracked the Technorati Top 100, making its debut at #95. This was an amazing feat.

Technorati top 100.png

I've had 2 posts published at Our deal is to let BigJ have the exclusive for 24 hours, and then I can crosspost.

The forum at BigJ provides pro-lifers a great opportunity to stake a solid foothold in the anti-MSM, mainstream conservative blogosphere.

And the more pro-lifers can point out MSM's shortcomings on our issue, the greater the pressure will be for MSM to conform. So if you spot any anti-life spin while reading or viewing MSM, please forward that information to me?


Michelle and Josie Duggar update II

UPDATE, 9:35a: Moderator Bethany spotted video of an interview with the Duggars yesterday by The Today Show's Meredith Viera...

6:14a: First, here's PETA's new anti-human ad campaign:

PETA Duggar ad campaign.jpg

I don't think the poster is at all cute; it's offensive. PETA is basically saying the Duggar kids shouldn't be here. And after learning of PETA's Houston campaign, I think its modus operande is clear. It designs provocative posters and billboards that get it lots of free press but that never get printed.

Second, as backdrop to this post, read details of Josie Duggar's December 10 premature birth here and my December 18 Update I here.

Third, TLC has announced it will air a special on January 31 about the events surrounding Josie's birth entitled, 19 Kids and Counting: Special Duggar Delivery. Here's a preview...

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Walk for Life San Francisco

san francisco walk for life 2.jpg

Rain threatened yesterday's March for Life in DC; it came through at today's Walk for Life in San Francisco.

san francisco walk for life, abortion 2.jpgBut just as weather has never dampened the spirits or resolve of pro-lifers who gather on the East Coast every January to mourn the anniversary of the US Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision, it hasn't deterred West Coast pro-lifers either.

Crowd size estimates ranged from "more than 10k" to 35k....

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Jill's March for Life photos

I focused on pro-life signs as my March for Life photo subjects but have sprinkled in a couple other standouts here. See more at my Facebook page...

March for Life 13.JPG

I particularly loved this one...

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First ever March for Life pro-life protest at the White House

White House rally, abortion, March for Life 2.JPG

UPDATE, 1/23, 9:41a: Well, I have to say the "mini-rally" lived up to its name. Disappointing turnout, maybe 200-300 people. It appears the decision by organizers to hush publicity for fear crowd size would eclipse the permit allowance of 3k prompted a self-fulfilling prophecy. Too bad. It would have been far better to have had the opposite problem.

Still, rallying for the sanctity of human life with the White House as the backdrop was a productive experience for me personally. I hope the March team does it again....

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March for Life events

Tune in here at 8:30a EST to watch the Blogs for Life conference, which I'll be emceeing. Great line-up of speakers. Get the embed code to watch it on your own site here.

You can Twitter questions to #blogs4life....

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Blogs for Life Conference

UPDATE, 1/21, 5:50a: Sorry to report Rep. Michelle Bachmann had to cancel. Speaker Pelosi decided to wrap things up today instead of tomorrow, so Bachmann is flying home to attend the MN March for Life.

But we're happy to report Rep. Todd Akin of MO has offered to stand in Bachmann's stead.

I'd like to think Pelosi thought it best to close up shop early to allow her pro-abort members to skedaddle and avoid pro-lifers attending the March for Life.

The schedule has shifted around a bit, so I've updated it. has posted an article on the event.

b4life logo gif.gif

1/20, 6:58a: The 5th annual Blogs for Life Conference will be this Friday from 8:30 to 11:30a EST, hosted by Family Research Council.

You can still register to attend in person. Or make plans to view online. Bloggers can live stream the conference on their sites. Get the embed code here.

Here is the tentative final schedule...

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The Dubliner

Where do pro-lifers spend their evenings while in DC for the March for Life? You'll often find them at The Dubliner Pub, near Union Station.

That's where the crowd is tonight. I snapped a few photos before returning to my hotel room, since I turn into a pumpkin at 9p. Yes, a couple are blurry, I know... likely the ale factor.

Abby Johnson...


Bro. Paul O'Donnell and Bobby Schindler...

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Gearing up for Roe v. Wade events

I got to DC yesterday and will be in an all-day meeting today. I'll try to blog if there's wireless service.

obama takes oath.jpegOne year ago tonight I flew to Washington for the March for Life and related events - the night of Barack Obama's inauguration.

My daughter's apartment was 2 blocks from the White House. I said we should walk over because it was an historical night. She refused, and she made the right call. Doing so would only have poured salt in the wound. A whole year later I still have trouble thinking about or looking at the WH. I drove by it yesterday and only got upset.

What a wild year it has been. You may recall I took last January off from blogging due to burnout (and probably slight depression) from the election.

Turns out I needed it for Obama's onslaughts to come. I'm more energized than ever. Anger can be a helpful emotion.

But I digress!

Students for Life of America has a schedule up of DC events the next few days.

virtual march for life.pngIf you can't be in DC, Americans United for Life has got just the suggestion for you. It is sponsoring a Virtual March for Life. Create your own avatar and join!

Haitian earthquake

UPDATE, 9:13a: Almost the entire leadership team from my son and DIL's church, Eastview Christian in Bloomington, IL, was on a missions trip to Haiti when the earthquake struck. All are apparently safe, and some made it home early today. (Updates on site for all who know this church.) But I am reminded there are likely many church mission teams in Haiti who also need our prayers.

8:43a: News reports today indicate yesterday's 7.0 earthquake in Haiti was utterly devastating.

Pro-lifers should help as they can. Samaritans Purse is one organization I would recommend giving to. Billy Graham's son Franklin is president and CEO of SP, and the organization has proven trustworthy through the years. You'll be taken directly to the Haitian relief donation web page here.

samaritans purse.png

If you know of other honorable organizations through which to help Haiti, please feel free to list them in the comments section.

And we must pray for these poor people, that through this devastation many will be brought to the Lord, particularly as Christians around the world shower them with compassionate help.

President and VP of American Right to Life resign

This incident happened almost 2 months ago, but I only learned of it this morning.

FYIs before reading the resignation letter: Brian Rohrbough was the president of American Right to Life, Steve Curtis was the VP, and Pastor Bob Enyart was the "key person" alluded to. Click to enlarge. Also read via pdf...

ARTL resignation letter.png

Since this morning I have either spoken to or exchanged emails with Brian, Steve, and Pastor Bob....

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Intern for!

Thumbnail image for intern.jpgAttention college students!

If you have a passion for the pro-life movement, here is the opportunity for you! (And we promise our work environment is not mean!)

There is no better way to become an expert on our topic than to research and write about it. is looking for 1 or 2 reliable students for the 2010 spring semester with good writing skills to assist with online research and blog compilation....

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Stanek's 10 most commented posts in 2009

ive got something to say.jpgLike my previous post, "Stanek's 10 most read posts in 2009," I've never checked this out before either.

Thanks once again to moderator Chris for figuring out how to find these stats.

FYI, comments to all the posts linked below are closed due to an automatic comment shut-off software feature that activates after several days to keep spammers at bay. All these posts were written in 2009.

If you read the comments you'll see they often end up way off topic. It may not be the post itself that triggers reader response. Rather it may be readers themselves who trigger extended conversations, particularly on #1...

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Stanek's 10 most read blog posts in 2009

UPDATE, 10:15a: To clarify, these were the most read posts in 2009, not necessarily from 2009 - one of the surprises.

6:44a: I've never done a year-end post ranking. While many of the most popular posts weren't surprising, some were. One was downright weird.

Thanks to moderator Chris for scouring for Google Analytics for stats. FYI, comments to all these posts are closed, an automatic blog shut-off software feature that triggers after several days to keep spammers at bay...

10. "Happy Halloween, pedophile-style," posted October 16, 2007. This post's ranking creeped me out. The only reason I can account for its popularity is that pedophiles are perusing it.

michael jackson's kids.jpg9. "Jackson kids potentially in custody contract quagmire," posted June 26, 2009.

8. "Stanek: 1 month vacation announcement," originally posted January 5, 2009. Chris's comment, "Think your readers are telling you something? hehe." I think the only reason this ranked so high was because it was the only post up for a month!

7. "One year anniversary of Barack Obama's FOCA fest," posted July 17, 2008

6. "World's youngest surviving baby born in Miami," posted February 20, 2007...

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Rush Limbaugh hospitalized with chest pain

UPDATE, 1/2/10, 10:18a: Good, Rush is ok.

rush limbaugh, hospitalized.png

12/31/09, 5:19a: (Click above to enlarge.) I pray our dear conservative friend Rush is ok. From the Associated Press, today...

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Welcome to the pro-life blogosphere, Gerard!

I feel like our blog has had a baby! A few weeks ago a pro-lifer named Gerard Nadal began posting compelling, articulate, educated comments here that many noted were just great.

Turns out Gerard has a Ph.D. and is a molecular biologist and microbiologist.

And, thanks in large part to the encouragement of moderator Bethany, Gerard has now launched a blog, Coming Home, putting his "science in service of the pro-life movement" to work. Yeah!


With his background, Gerard is obviously drawn to and an expert in the scientific aspect of the Life issue. He told me in email correspondence that contraception and the stem cell issue are also "big areas of interest." And Gerard's Catholic faith compels his concern for the plight of the preborn.

Here's a sampling of Gerard's excellent work, from a December 22 post entitled, "Great news!!"...

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Carla meets Sarah Palin

Palin.jpgModerator Carla met Sarah Palin at a Mall of America book signing in MN on December 7 and shared the experience on her blog:

I shook Sarah's hand as I got to her and asked if she would sign my shirt. She did! She signed my book and I handed her a precious feet pin and told her it was in memory of Tad (her baby lost to miscarriage). She got teary eyed and said, "That is just so precious! Thank you! God bless you! Todd, isn't that precious?" He nodded. I told her that I loved her and she said she loved me too. I shook Todd's hand and told him it was so nice to meet him....

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Register now for the 2010 Blogs for Life conference

blogs for life banner gif.gif

The 5th Annual Blogs for Life Conference will be held the morning of the March for Life at Family Research Council headquarters in DC.

Date: January 22, 2010
Time: 8:30a - 11:30a

We've had great speakers in the past, and this year promises to be no different. Confirmed so far...

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Pro-Life Blog Award winners!

Thumbnail image for 2010 blog awards.pngAmerican Life League has announced its 2010 pro-life blog award winners!

Drum roll, please!

First, the criteria, according to its site: "Pro-life Blog Awards exists to promote, encourage, impassion and reward pro-life bloggers. It also gives you access to the latest in pro-life news and information while supporting your favorite pro-life bloggers."

For the past several weeks ALL first took your nominations and then had you vote. Winners in the following categories were...

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Saturday reads 12-19-09

good reads.jpgAnother hot news weekend. Will add articles/commentary in descending order...

  • Harry Reid has released his manager's amendment to the healthcare bill. It is 383 pages long. GOP clerks are currently reading through it, which I'm told will take roughly 8 hours. You, too, can give it a go, here.

    Also, Reid has not yet released the CBO score on the healthcare bill. Will let you know when I know.

  • "Abortion opponents watching Nelson on health care" - Associated Press, December 19
  • "Health care bill snowed in by political shenanigans in Washington, DC" - New York Daily News, December 18. Mentions Franken's uncivil cut-off of Lieberman's Senate floor speech. If you missed it...

    Also read McCain's response at Huffington Post.

  • Republican senators have released a "call to action" video for those of us opposed to socialized healthcare. They've been putting forth a valiant effort to stop this bill with every procedural move at their disposal. Needed now is one big national tea party rally...

  • Down syndrome advocates will March for Life again in 2010

    KIDS logo.jpgFamilies of children with Down syndrome will walk together for the 2nd year in a row at the March for Life in D.C. on January 22, 2010.

    KIDS (Keep Infants with Down Syndrome) was formed by Eileen Haupt and Leticia Velasquez, parents of children with DS, for the purpose of gathering families to walk together in the March for Life, raise awareness of the tragically high abortion rate of DS babies, and to share the joys that their children bring into their lives....

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    Michelle and Josie Duggar update

    duggar 2009 family photo.jpg

    (Photo above is the Duggar 2009 family portrait via the Duggar family website.)

    I reported a week ago today that super mom Michelle Duggar had given birth prematurely, at 25 gestational weeks, to her 19th baby, Josie Brooklyn.

    Digital Spy reports today...

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    Brief baby break

    gift from god.jpgI'm happy to announce we have added a rookie to our Stanek basketball team!

    Grandson #5 arrived last night at 6:34p. Nathaniel Colt Austin weighed in at 7-4 and was 19-1/2" long.

    For those in the crowd who love hearing every detail of labor and deliveries (labors and delivery?), my daughter-in-law tends to dilate without going into labor, which was the case this time with her 4th boy....

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    Stop the Abortion Mandate's urgent webcast

    stop the abortion mandate call, healthcare, abortion, nelson, casey, hatch.jpg

    With the Senate's defeat of the Nelson-Hatch-Casey amendment, which would have blocked government funding of abortions in healthcare reform, the 70+ pro-life and pro-family organizations comprising the Stop the Abortion Mandate Coalition are joining together on a nationwide webcast on Tuesday, December 15, at 8p CST/9p EST....

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    Bethany meets Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee

    November 23 was a star-studded day for our talented and generous moderator Bethany, who met both Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee!

    sarahtee2.jpgBoth were at the same Birmingham mall for book signings, and Bethany was able to give both portraits she had sketched herself.

    About Palin Bethany blogged:

    When I got in the signing area, it was so exciting to see Sarah there signing the books. She was so beautiful, even more beautiful than she is in the pictures. She also was much smaller than I thought she was!

    As she was signing the books, she chatted away, asking us who we were, where we were from, and she even commented on the shirt. I told her that I had given one to her mother, and that I thought her mother was SO nice....

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    First Thanksgiving at Plymouth.jpg

    Proclamation of the 1st Thanksgiving by President George Washington, leaving no doubt of this holiday's original intention, thankfulness to God...

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    Announcing nominations for American Life League's 2010 Pro-Life Blog Awards

    2010 blog awards.pngFirst, to clear the air, I'm not a prospective nominee, so this post isn't a not-so-hidden attempt to get votes... :)

    I'm honored and excited American Life League asked me to emcee its 2010 Pro-Life Blog Awards ceremony in January, and furthermore ALL is being so kind as to give me a separate honorary award of some sort.

    So since I'm ineligible, I can post the following press release with a clear conscience! And the top prize is very nice! Can't wait to see who wins!...

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    Monday reads 11-16-09

    good reads.jpgI'm not sure if this is a new feature, but I posted a "Sunday reads" segment yesterday, typically an off-blogging day, because there was just so much news I didn't want missed.

    And I'm finding the same thing today. The debate over abortion in healthcare is much of the reason. There has also been an explosion of news dissemination on Twitter. So we'll see.

    Anyway, here are news/editorial items pro-lifers should find of interest. I may add to the list throughout the day...

  • "Editorial: Justice for the unborn terror victim" ~ Washington Times... Francheska Velez would have been in Iraq, not Ft. Hood, were she not pregnant. [HT: Connie]...
  • Continue reading "Monday reads 11-16-09"

    Sunday reads 11-15-09

    UPDATE, 1:15p: "Owens may have to be removed" ~ The Gouverneur Times

    [HT: Mary Q.]

    axelrod, cnn, obama, abortion, stupak, healthcare.jpg

  • "Axelrod signals Obama will try to strip abortion language from health care bill" ~ Fox News reporting on White House senior advisor David Axelrod's appearance on CNN this morning. ("I believe that there are discussions ongoing to how to adjust it accordingly.")
  • "Abortion exposes divisions among US Democrats" ~ Reuters
  • "Dems risk losing Catholics over abortion" ~ Politico
  • [HT for Fox article: Dougy, Matt Lewis, Greg Mueller; photo via CNN]

    Jill meets Abby

    Abby Johnson, Jill Stanek.jpg

    I spoke last night at the inaugural banquet of the Austin Coalition for Life. (Very impressive start with 350 in attendance!)

    I caught up with old friends like Shawn Carney, co-founder of 40 Days for Life, and a hero of mine, Chris Danze, the pro-life contractor who threw a big wrench into Planned Parenthood's building of an Austin, TX, mill in 2003 through construction owner and worker boycotts.

    But a real thrill for me was meeting Abby Johnson, an emerging pro-life heroine who quit her job as Bryan, TX, PP director 5 weeks ago.....

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    My computer has been hacked

    My computer has been hacked and my facebook account compromised. Don't answer any emails from me open any emails from me wanting you to view a video. Don't open any videos it looks like I sent you.

    INCREDIBLY, McAfee's server is down! They can't help me right now. "Call back in 2 hours." I cannot believe it.

    Stanek blogging at re: Obama, SEIU, and ACORN

    I'm honored Andrew Breitbart has invited me to join the blogging team at

    My specific area of interest is the symbiotic relationship between SEIU, ACORN, and Barack Obama.

    My 1st post went live a little while ago and is currently the featured story., Jill Stanek, SEIU, ACORN, Barack Obama.jpg

    Our autumn interns

    Please give a warm welcome to our autumn interns, who have graciously decided to remain on with us after finishing up their work as summer interns:

    Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for andy.jpg

    Andy M. hails from New Zealand and is active with Prolife NZ. He is studying political science.

    Heather B. is a college junior studying psychology and music. Her writings have been seen in various local and national publications.

    Thumbnail image for Heather Bartlett Headshot.jpg

    Andy and Heather have been with us since the spring, and will be taking care of our (Prolifer)ations posts twice weekly, with the occasional additional article here and there.

    We're so glad to have them!

    Sarah Palin: Going Rogue, Going Rouge, and price wars

    Sarah Palin, Going Rogue, Going Rouge.jpg

    I intended to write a post touting Sarah Palin's upcoming book, Going Rogue, anyway. Now, more the reason. What I was originally going to say...

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    Sad news: Doyle Chadwick has died

    doyle chadwick.jpgI'm heartbroken to announce the death of a frequent commenter and friend to this site, Doyle Chadwick. I've just received the following information in an email from a friend at TN RTL. Doyle was from Knoxville:

    He died in a rough plane landing today after taking a pro-life dad and two of this children for a ride. The 3 passengers are at home with little to no injuries - miraculous. Please pray for God's mercy because Doyle always described himself as an atheist or agnostic.

    The photo is from Doyle's Facebook page.

    This is so upsetting and just another reminder that man knows not his time.

    I extend our condolences and prayers to Doyle's family.

    Blog World Expo: Night 2

    We checked out the Las Vegas strip last night, starting with Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, where, of course, we had margaritas and "Cheeseburgers in Paradise." We sat on the 2nd floor balcony, with a great view...

    Jill Margaritaville.JPG

    We then strolled to Bellagio's to see the famous pool and fountain from the final scene in Ocean's Eleven. On the way we passed Caesar's Palace...

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    Stanek at Grand Traverse Area RTL banquet

    Last night I grandly kicked off my fall speaking schedule at the Grand Traverse Area Right to Life banquet in MI's beautiful upper peninsula. I must say I like this photo, by the Traverse City Record-Eagle. I'm describing the baby I held at Christ Hospital only 10 years ago, believe it or not. Seems like a lifetime ago...

    stanek at traverse.jpg

    Here's the Record-Eagle's related story....

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    Happy Grandparents Day!

    Celebrate grandparents and grandchildren today if you can!

    "Waking up is hard to do," by Neil Sedaka

    A chat with Neil about his grandchildren...

    Continue reading "Happy Grandparents Day!"

    Happy Labor Day!

    labor day 2009.gif

    Happy Labor Day! What are your plans?

    Welcome to our latest blog baby!

    its a boy.jpgAdministrative assistant Kelli had a baby boy on August 17!

    He weighed a quite respectable 8 lbs. 8 oz, and was 21 1/2 inches long. He was welcomed home by Mom, Dad, big sister, age 9, and big brother, age 7.

    The family has adjusted quite well during the last 2 weeks, with the exception that Kelli is sleep deprived. All moms in the audience will remember those days quite well.

    Congrats to Kelli! We miss her very much here (I'm falling apart, actually) but want Kelli to be well rested and enjoy the fleeting moments while her baby is still a sweet newborn before returning here to steady our ship.

    A fond farewell to intern Anne Marie

    annemariecrop-small.jpgSummer intern Anne Marie D., a Nursing and Business Management student, has been a joy to work with. Yesterday was Anne Marie's last day as she leaves us to continue her studies as a senior in college.

    We want to thank her for her diligence in preparing (Prolifer)ations every week, and for her work in writing other wonderful pro-life posts (here, here, and here) for us at

    We wish you God's greatest blessings in all your endeavors, Anne Marie! You will be missed!

    I'm baaack!


    My blog vacation is over! If you're one of my Facebook friends, you can see photos of the visit of the Stanek Grandsons Four. We love them dearly but also love being empty nesters again! Still picking up toys...

    Vacation July 27-31

    Thumbnail image for vacation.jpgMy 4 grandsons (8, 5, 2, and 2) are spending the next 5 days with us during our church's Vacation Bible School.

    So I'm taking this time off of blogging to spend with them.

    When I took time off this past January, the monthly stats were higher than December! So I know you'll carry on just fine without me. If you have any news to report or discussion items, just add them as a comment to this post.

    Meanwhile, stay on top of pro-life news at,, and

    The moderators, Kelli, and I will all be checking in from time to time, or more often than that. Email any of us for any reason.


    Vote for Bethany's photo!

    bethany's chik fila fans.jpg

    Moderator Bethany has entered the above photo of her 3 Chick-Fil-A fans in Chick-Fil-A's "Show us the cow" contest and has requested on her blog that we vote for her entry. Sure! Vote here. Grand prize is $1k savings bond, digital camera, 52 kids meals, a school party nuggets tray, Chick-Fil-A t-shirt, a "plush cow" AND a Pez candy dispenser, wow! Go, Bethany!

    New and improved site!

    smile.jpgOk, the renovated site is obviously live!

    Now we're looking for bugs to tweak, which we'll be working on over the weekend.

    For instance, Kelli and I agree the font size on the posts is too large. Etc., etc., etc.

    Let me know what you think!

    Stanek site to undergo major renovation today

    Thumbnail image for announcing.gifAfter months of planning, I'm excited to announce the blog is getting a major facelift today.

    Around 12p EST we will shut down for several hours while the transformation is made.

    If you have signed up to receive my newsletter, I'll send out a notice when work has been completed. Otherwise, give us at least 4 hours before checking back.

    Plan to see a much more streamlined site, to have the ability to make comments to quotes of the day (which will be archived), and to be able to check most popular and most commented posts. Gone will be the green as well. will have a whole new look!

    Thanks to moderator Chris and to my partner Tim at for the extra help they have been providing our web designer.

    Happy Father's Day!

    According to Wikipedia:

    The first modern Father's Day celebration was held on July 5, 1908, in Fairmont, WV....

    [I]t was first celebrated as a church service at Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South, now known as Central United Methodist Church. Grace Golden Clayton, who is believed to have suggested the service to the pastor, is believed to have been inspired to celebrate fathers after the deadly mine explosion in nearby Monongah the prior December. This explosion killed 361 men, many of them fathers and recent immigrants to the United States from Italy.

    Here is that story in video form, created by Patrick Ball for his father this Father's Day...

    Students for Life now hiring full-time Midwest campus leader

    studentsforlifelogo.jpgStudents for Life of America is seeking a responsible, hard-working pro-life campus leader and recent college graduate for the full-time position of Field Agent.

    This position will begin in August 2009 and is permanently located in the Midwest.

    Interested parties should read the job description and e-mail resumes to

    Hellos and goodbyes to interns

    Thumbnail image for annemariecrop.jpg

  • We want to welcome newest intern, Anne Marie D., to the team here at Anne Marie wrote her first (Prolifer)ations yesterday, and we're so glad to have her for the summer!

    Anne Marie is a junior in college, majoring in Nursing and minoring in Business Management. She has a heart for saving lives, especially of the unborn!

    She comes from a family of 7 children and is second in line, the oldest girl. In addition to this internship this summer, she is cleaning houses and mowing lawns with her brothers.

    When not working, you will probably find her playing ultimate frisbee or dancing.

  • In turn, we also want to bid a fond farewell to intern Bernadette P., who was so dedicated in working for us this spring writing (Prolifer)ations.

    A big "THANK YOU" to you, Bernadette. We appreciate you and wish you God's greatest blessings for your future.

  • IN RTL teen oratory winner: labor induced abortions

    Hayley Miller of IN won the state's Right to Life teen oratory contest in April this year, speaking on labor-induced abortions. Hayley's mother, Kathy, emailed me:

    Someone from our Parishioners for Life group heard your talk at St. Paul's in Valparaiso, IN and purchased one of your CD's. She then gave it to me to give to Hayley.

    Hayley was so inspired by your story at Christ Hospital that she wrote her speech based on your testimony.

    Here is the video of Hayley's winning speech:

    Congratulations, Hayley! You were poised and your delivery was professional (wow, the memorization!). Your speech was compelling, too. God speed as you compete on the national level!

    Jill Stanek: Cover story in this month's Celebrate Life by ALL

    Jillcover.jpgCelebrate Life Magazine, published by the American Life League, features Jill as the cover story for May/June 2009.

    The article, written by John Mallon, can be read in its entirety here.

    Stanek to attend George/Kmiec debate tomorrow tonight

    george kmiec glendon.jpgThanks to Professors Michael New and Robert George, I received clearance last week to attend a debate tomorrow from 5p to 6:30p EST at the National Press Club in DC between George and Catholic Obama apologist Doug Kmiec. I flew in yesterday.

    Entitled, "The Obama Administration and the Sanctity of Human Life: Is There a Common Ground on Life Issues? What is the Right Response by 'Pro-Life" Citizens?", the debate is an outcome of an online debate at US News & World Report.

    The debate will be moderated by Professor Mary Ann Glendon, of Harvard Law School.

    You'll recall Glendon declined Notre Dame's Laetare Medal upon ND's decision to honor Obama, as well.

    The event is being hosted by the Catholic University of America, which will videotape the event and make it available for viewing immediately after the debate.

    EWTN will also tape the debate for a later broadcast.

    I'm told there will be Internet access, so I plan to live-blog from the event. I also plan to Twitter/Facebook the goings on, which will become Plan A through my phone if I can't get online.

    So if you're not following me yet, please do. I'm registered as JillStanek at Twitter and Jill Stanek at Facebook.

    Details on upcoming National Right to Life convention


    Continue reading "Details on upcoming National Right to Life convention"

    Memorial Day 2009

    Memorial Day.jpgThe history of Memorial Day, according to Wikipedia:

    The official birthplace of Memorial Day is Waterloo, NY. The village was credited with being the place of origin because it observed the day on May 5, 1866, and each year thereafter.

    But Wiki includes a touching back story, which looks well documented:

    [T]he first memorial day was observed on May 1, 1865, by liberated slaves at the [old] Washington Race Course (today the location of Hampton Park) in Charleston, SC....
    Continue reading "Memorial Day 2009"

    Road trip overdrive

    Jill and Carla2.JPGI got home last night from a rather grueling 11-day road trip. I spent a lot of time plane-hopping to get to less populated places.

    I spoke at 3 fundraising banquets in MI, NC, and WI, squeezed in a stop in DC to see Daena, attend a meeting, and support pro-life stalwart Congressman Chris Smith at a fundraiser, and ended with 2-1/2 days covering the Notre Dame/Obama spectacle in South Bend.

    I had wonderful times but am glad to be home! I missed Rich, my boys (well, they're 26- and 32-year-old "boys"), and my grandsons, all of whom I hope to see over the Memorial Day weekend.

    One highlight of the trip was seeing moderator and friend Carla! She and a friend travelled some distance to attend a WI Right to Life fundraiser in Eau Claire.

    I so appreciate Kelli and the Mod Squad for keeping this operation running smoothly while I was so often in- and out-of-pocket!

    A new baby for Bambino!

    Yesterday, one of our mods, Bobby Bambino, and his wife, welcomed their 2nd daughter, Aniela Margaret!


    Aniela was a healthy 9 lbs and 21" long.

    Details of the birth from Bobby...

    Continue reading "A new baby for Bambino!"

    Bethany's mission: Memorial sketches

    debrababy.jpgby Bethany Kerr

    [JLS note: When I met Bethany and James a couple weeks ago and got a chance to know them better, I learned Bethany was deeply involved in a very special ministry. I asked her to tell you about it....]

    Those who know me here know I draw portraits for a hobby.

    But sometimes, it's more than just a hobby....

    Continue reading "Bethany's mission: Memorial sketches"

    Procession of Healing update


    I wrote on May 8 of the next day's 2nd annual Procession of Healing, expanded this year to 6 cities in 4 states with plans to grow the procession into a nationwide annual event.

    Organizer, Pastor Aaron Jones, sent us an update of all procession statuses of which he was aware and photos (all from the Knoxville, TN, procession)....

    Continue reading "Procession of Healing update"

    Still Tuesday mourning

    image003.jpgI've written before about the loss of pro-life friend Leslie Hanks' beloved granddaughter Tuesday, who died January 30 of cancer when she was a little over 2. Tuesday left twin sister Piper behind.

    The 2 are pictured together, right, after Tuesday was well into her chemo therapy. Tuesday is pictured on page 2 at the beginning of treatment.

    I know Mother's Day is hard for mothers and grandmothers who have suffered losses. This was Leslie's first without Tuesday.

    And even little children feel losses like this, sometimes shown in unexpected, tender ways.

    Late last week Piper, now 2-1/2, was in the car with her mother and the James Taylor song Fire and Rain came on the radio. The song was only halfway over when they reached their destination, but Piper asked mom to let the song finish. When asked why, Piper simply said, "Tuesday."...

    Just yesterday morning they let me know you were gone
    Susanne the plans they made put an end to you
    I walked out this morning and I wrote down this song
    I just can't remember who to send it to...
    Continue reading "Still Tuesday mourning"

    Procession of Healing TOMORROW

    pohmn-web-home-01_03_090413.gifI reported on last year's Procession of Healing in Knoxville, TN.

    This is simply a funeral procession to mourn the aborted dead. Organizers are trying to expand this into a nationwide event held on the same day. This year the event will be tomorrow, May 9 and is expected to double in size. 6 other cities in addition to Knoxville will hold processions: Franklin, NC; Johnson City, TN; Madisonville, TN; Miami, and Minneapolis.

    The procession's purpose is:

    ... to remember the babies lost to abortion... [and] an invitation for mothers and fathers to come and grieve over a decision they now regret. The Procession of Healing is a remnant of people who believe everyone has a right to live and everyone can be forgiven....

    Continue reading "Procession of Healing TOMORROW"

    Buses to board in Iowa for Notre Dame protest

    logo_dcrtl_med.jpgA third group will join Pro-Life Action League's buses (departing from Chicago/Aurora) and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society's buses (departing from Detroit) at Notre Dame in South Bend, IN.

    Dubuque Co. RTL is now also hosting buses to protest Obama at Notre Dame, leaving from Dubuque, IA, at 7a CST on May 17, returning at 10p the same day....

    Continue reading "Buses to board in Iowa for Notre Dame protest"

    White House poop

    I'm surprised Obama didn't order this baby killed.

    About the following photo, Reuters added this caption:

    A military usher suggests to a guest a better location than the crosshall of the White House to change a baby's diaper before an event in the East Room in Washington May 1.

    changing diaper in wh.jpg

    As someone who has visited the WH a few times, I'm amazed at this woman's lack of class. One gets almost a sense of reverence when inside. What was she thinking?

    There are no replicas of anything in the WH. The woman is sitting on a settée that once belonged to James Monroe, directly underneath the stairway going to the President's private quarters. Her baby was certainly in harm's way. I shudder to think what would have happened had President Abortion or First Lady Partial Birth Abortion seen this.

    [HT: Daena]

    Jill's spring travels

    I travelled a lot during April and took Rich with me a couple times (CA and OR) to expand speaking engagements into mini-vacations.

    A highlight had to be meeting moderator and friend Bethany when I spoke last week at the Heartland Crisis Pregnancy Center in Elizabethtown, KY. She and husband James drove over four hours one way to see me, which was so nice...

    jill and bethany.jpg

    I usually speak at banquets ranging in attendance from 200 to 1k people. This was one of the larger ones, 800. Bethany captured a photo of the room...

    Continue reading "Jill's spring travels"

    Weekly Life News round-up

    Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for news roundup.jpg

    Recent news headlines on Life issues by Bill Beckman of the IL Right to Life Committee

    April 24

  • Adult stem cells from fat tissue offer hope for MS treatment
  • Free speech concerns ignored as "hate crimes" bill passes fed. judiciary comm.

    April 23

  • The Pill makes exercise ineffectual: study
  • Bishops Zubik, Loverde, LeVoir make 46 bishops against ND scandal

    April 22...

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  • Introducing our new interns!

    Bernadette P.

    bern head shot.jpgBernadette has been working with us for 5 weeks already, doing a wonderful job with (Prolifer)ations . We're glad to have her on board! About herself, Bernadette writes:

    I have 2 awesome beagles: JoJo and Ella. They are my life! Everyone calls me the beagle mommy.

    I am studying psychology and sociology. I work as a volunteer for the Animal Defense League, Compassion International, and the National Runaway Switchboard. I am also addicted to Christian music: Hillsong United, BarlowGirl and Brooke Fraser are some of my faves!

    Andy M....

    Continue reading "Introducing our new interns!"

    Weekly Life news round-up

    Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for news roundup.jpg

    Recent news headlines on Life issues by Bill Beckman of the IL Right to Life Committee

    April 17

  • Obama admin releases proposed guidelines for ESCR funding

    April 16

  • Thomas More Society asks SCOTUS to allow IL Choose Life license plates
  • IN House passes bill requiring hospital admitting privileges for abortion docs
  • Abortion protesters win federal judgment in residential picketing case

    April 15...

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  • Intern for!

    Thumbnail image for intern.jpgAttention college students!

    If you have a passion for the pro-life movement, here may be the opportunity for you! (And we promise our work environment is not mean!)

    There is no better way to become an expert on our topic than to research and write about it. is looking for 1 or 2 reliable students with good writing skills, in addition to our wonderful Bernadette P., to assist with online research and blog compilation.

    Plan to allot 2-4 hours a week. Weekly projects will be determined jointly and under the supervision of administrative assistant Kelli and Jill Stanek.

    Make a difference in the exploding realm of pro-life education and activism: the new media! Official internship credit is available for this position.

    Email resumes and questions to

    Weekly Life News round-up

    Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for news roundup.jpg

    Recent news headlines on Life issues by Bill Beckman of the IL Right to Life Committee

    April 8

  • Planned Parenthood annual report: abortions, government funding increase; more...
  • Poll: Americans want Obama to keep abortion conscience clause
  • 10 Holy Cross priests condemn Notre Dame Obama invite; more...
  • Pro-life pastor Hoye released from jail

    April 7...

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  • Send FRC's EZ email to NBC CEO protesting Leno's support of radical abortion group

    nbc logo.jpgFor backdrop, read my previous post on Jay and Mavis Leno's support of the Feminist Majority Foundation.

    FRC Action has made it easy.

    Fill in your name and zip code, click "send," and NBC's CEO Jeff Zucker will get an email from you protesting the Lenos' planned April 29 fundraiser for FMF, "a radical pro-abortion group that not only advocates for abortion on demand, but also for the closing of pro-life pregnancy centers," aptly explained FRC.

    Alabama Students for Life Conference 2009

    Pro-LifeAlabama.jpgby Kelli

    On Sunday, April 19, Alabama Students for Life will hold its first statewide collegiate conference at 8 am at the Bryant Conference Center in Tuscaloosa (near the U of A campus).

    All pro-lifers from the southeast are invited to attend.

    Many nationally acclaimed speakers will be presenting, including:

    Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention, Angela Lanfranchi of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, Rebecca Kiessling of Feminists for Life, Becky Banks of Students for Life of America, UA Professor Michael New, and syndicated columnist Don Feder

    To register, please see the website.

    Easter story

    Reminders from The Passion

    This weekend, we remember the greatest sacrifice ever made for mankind.

    "He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him."
    ~ 2 Corinthians 5:21 (NASB)

    We invite you to view the following video clips from The Passion of the Christ, set to music, in remembrance:

    My Immortal by Evanescence (presented from the perspective of the Virgin Mary)...

    The Reason by Hoobastank...

    Continue reading "Reminders from The Passion"

    Weekly Life News round-up

    Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for news roundup.jpg

    Recent news headlines on Life issues by Bill Beckman of the IL Right to Life Committee...

    April 3

  • IL version of FOCA defeated
  • Hate crime charge filed over racial slurs in Rockford abortion controversy
  • Senate rejects conscience protection rights for MDs
  • Pastor jailed for pro-life witness writes letter to "men of the cloth"
  • GA legislature passes nation's 1st embryo adoption law
  • UN Population Commission delegates say no to abortion

    April 2...

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  • Ohio Students for Life Conference 2009


    Pro-life organizations such as SFL (Franciscan Chapter), SFL of America, Susan B. Anthony List, Crossroads, Stand True Ministries, Justice for All, Democrats for Life and others will be in attendance.

    There will also be many nationally acclaimed speakers coming to the conference, including Steve Wagner, Bryan Kemper, Lynette Hawrot, Fr. Michael Scanlon, Kimberly Hahn, Becky Banks, and many more.

    Click the ad above for more information or contact Ohio SFL Conference.

    Stanek travelling


    I'll be travelling the next few days and will post sporadically at best until Saturday.

    Carry on with comments. The Mod Squad and Kelli will hold down the fort.

    You all kept me in my place in January when I took off the month for vacation. I had more unique visitors that month than in December! So I know you'll continue your conversations just fine without me... :)

    I'll be updating my status on Facebook and Twitter, so I hope you're my friend at one of those 2 places!

    Weekly Life News round-up

    Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for news roundup.jpg

    Recent news headlines on Life issues by Bill Beckman of the IL Right to Life Committee

    March 27

  • Jury finds Tiller not guilty- could still lose medical license

    March 26

  • MO Choose Life license plate gets favorable Appeals Court ruling
  • MO Gov. Nixon backs down on report putting pro-lifers in criminal profiling
  • HLI Prez Fr. Tom Euteneuer condemns Obama Notre Dame invite

    March 25

  • IL pro-life groups band together to stop state version of FOCA
  • China investigation re-confirms UNFPA assisted coercive one-child policy

    March 24
  • Judge demands FDA allow abortifacient morning after pill for minors
  • UT Governor signs 3 pro-life bills to limit abortions, law firm will help

    March 23

  • Pastor Walter Hoye begins serving 30-day jail sentence- outrageous details
  • MO group accuses Gov. Nixon of unfairly targeting pro-life advocates
  • U.K. gov't warns IVF children have higher risk of genetic defect


  • Taking on Goliath: Lila Rose against Planned Parenthood (Deal Hudson)
  • Tiller relied on disgraced abortionist to keep biz going (Kathy Ostrowski)

  • Weekly Life News round-up

    Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for news roundup.jpg

    Recent news headlines on Life issues by Bill Beckman of the IL Right to Life Committee

    (Thanks to administrative assistant Kelli, we can renew this great weekly post!)

    March 20

  • Obama administration reverses Bush ban on sending birth control to abortion biz

    March 19

  • ND Legislature sends governor bill to help stop forced abortions

    March 18...

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  • Be my friend?

    twitter facebook 2.jpgHey, I'm on Twitter and Facebook!

    Be my friend?

    Help wanted: Administrative Assistant for and

    UPDATE, 2/18, 7:50a: Thanks to all who have responded to our ad. If I haven't acknowledged receipt of your resume, please resend to We will accept applications until 12p CT today.

    Help Wanted

    Part-time Administrative Assistant sought to help manage and upcoming

    Skill set requirements:

  • Good communicator: enjoys interacting and helping/teaching others
  • Good grasp of grammar and punctuation
  • Proficient using Internet applications (MovableType or WordPress)
  • Journalism background a plus
  • Self-starter, independent
  • Passion for pro-life principles, envisioning New Media as a ministry through which to make a difference

    help wanted 2.jpgThis person will aid with blog post compilations, perform proof reading and error correction, help new bloggers register, and will manage an online ecommerce site. Since this is a new position, work load may shift as areas of needed focus or hot spots emerge. The position is ideal for an enthusiastic pro-life person with an eye for detail, an aptitude for new Internet technology, and an interest in social networking.

    Salary: $9,000 annual/no benefits

    Hours: 20 required, spread somewhat equally over 5-6 days, flexible with permanent schedule anticipated according to personal dictates

    Submit resume to

  • What I did on my January vacation

    327.JPGHi, I'm back and happy to be! I would ask if you missed me but see you carried on just fine in my absence - over 2k comments on my vacation announcement, lol!

    My vacation ended with a literal bang early Saturday morning....

    My family (mom and dad, husband Rich, daughter Daena, son and daughter-in-law Michael and Bernadine and their boys Gabe, Shane, and Raph) and I were preparing to drive and fly home from a house we rented in Ft. Myers Beach, FL when the kitchen lights flickered off, and the electrical box outside began popping loudly, spewing a fireworks display, and finally starting on fire....

    Continue reading "What I did on my January vacation"

    Congratulations Life Prizes Award Winner Jill Stanek!


    For your dedication and efforts in the defense of life.

    From the moderators, proofreaders and regulars at
    Continue reading "Congratulations Life Prizes Award Winner Jill Stanek!"

    Stanek: 1 month vacation announcement

    Thumbnail image for vacation.jpgUPDATE, 1/17, 8:30a: I've posted my Winter/Spring 2009 speaking schedule, fyi. Am I speaking near you? Support your local pro-life organization and let's meet!

    UPDATE, 1/15, 5:15p:...

    Continue reading "Stanek: 1 month vacation announcement"

    Merry Christmas!

    gabriel visits mary.jpgSeveral years ago I wrote The Embryonic Jesus Story. Andrew Tallman's discusses the same topic from a different angle with additional excellent observations...

    A Christmas view of abortion

    "The Bible says nothing directly about abortion." Have you ever heard this claim before? I know I have. And the uncomfortable truth is that, in a certain sense, it's accurate. The deliberate termination of a pregnancy is not directly addressed anywhere in scripture....

    Continue reading "Merry Christmas!"

    Christmas lights

    Yesterday we had a winter storm, today it's raining on the snow. It's Chicago. Need I say more?

    I've been up awhile, cooking in the kitchen. Gotta go back to work, and then we're going to my Mom's house later this afternoon. Tomorrow my sons and families will join Rich, Daena (who flew in Friday during the previous winter storm - had to wait 2 hours for her luggage after a 1.5 hour flight), and I for our first Christmas Day celebration here.

    Speaking of families, here's this year's Christmas photo of the grandsons...

    christmas boys 2009 2.jpg

    As you can tell, the two 2-year-olds, Jack (l) and Ralph (r), weren't thrilled to sit still. Ah, memories... :)

    As we set our minds on Jesus' sacrificial birth, I found this fun reminder of the reason. It's much better in HD. View it here for that (see lower right of screen)....

    Continue reading "Christmas lights"

    Thou Protesteth Too Much award

    UPDATE, 1p: Reader kbhvac has submitted the following for consideration for the Thou Protesteth Too Much award:


    Media Research Center has its award; I'm launching my own, the Thou Protesteth Too Much award. This year's winner, hands down, is IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich:

    "Ok. Thank you very much. I'm here to tell you right off the bat that I not not guilty of any criminal wrong doing, that I intend to stay on the job, and I will fight this thing every step of the way. I will fight. I will fight. I will fight - until I take my last breath. I have done nothing wrong."

    ~ IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich, December 18, 2008

    Retroactive award winners...

    Continue reading "Thou Protesteth Too Much award"

    Stanek a "career smear merchant" and "character assassin"

    "Character assassin." Ouch, doesn't sound very pro-life to me.

    misinformer of the year.jpg

    Wednesday liberal Media Matters named Sean Hannity as its Misinformer of the Year. Congrats, Sean.

    But hey, then MM went on to implicate li'l ole me?...

    Continue reading "Stanek a "career smear merchant" and "character assassin""

    Weekly Life News round-up

    news roundup.jpgNews headlines on Life issues by Bill Beckman of the IL Right to Life Committee

    November 27

  • TX court ruling on murder case defines unborn child as "person"

    November 28

  • New study shows direct link between abortion and mental health problems

    November 30

  • CA Komen affiliate gives grant to Planned Parenthood
  • YWCA backs FOCA bill for unlimited abortions, overturning all pro-life laws
  • 2nd new study: mental health probs up 30% for women having abortions

    December 2

  • Black women have higher premature birth rates by having more abortions
  • Abortionist pleads no contest; faces up to 10 years in prison
  • TV show reveals the truth about abortion and sexual assault
  • Sen. Vitter will continue efforts to defund Planned Parenthood

    December 4

  • Researcher: Johns Hopkins paper biased on abortion-mental health Iisues


  • Organ donors beware! (Richard O'Connor - 2nd letter)
  • The power of a bold bishop (Deal Hudson)
  • Media/abortion advocates wrong to oppose conscience protections
    (Matt Bowman)
  • Overturning Roe v. Wade must remain a top pro-life goal (Steven Ertelt)

  • White House Christmas reception

    The White House kicked off its 25 Christmas receptions 2 days ago, and Rich and I were invited to last night's via the WH's social policies director. Daena said they're trying to invite as many people as possible to this year's receptions since this is President Bush's last. I will get to go again December 10 as Daena's guest for her staff reception. These are so lovely. I wish all could attend.

    lighting of tree.jpg(The photo at right, courtesy of the WH, is of the lighting of the WH Christmas tree, which immediately preceded our reception.)

    Funny story about our photo with President and Mrs. Bush. We were announced as "Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Jill Stanek" as we approached them. The photo line-up was me, President Bush, Laura, and Rich....

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    thanksgiving rockwell.jpgHappy Thanksgiving! I'm leaving in 30 minutes to pick daughter Daena up from O'Hare, who is flying in from DC. This year will be the first year all 3 kids, wives, and 4 grandsons will celebrate Thanksgiving at our home. My Mom and Dad will also be here. It is going to be a happy day, for which I am very thankful to God.

    Rich and I bought the boys matching Hawaiian outfits last February while on vacation, and they'll all wear them today when we take their Christmas photo for our card. Can't wait for that.

    Been up since 4a. Listening to a Kris Kristofferson cd as I set the tables. Man, can he write... Me and Bobby McGee, Loving her was easier, Why me Lord?

    But I digress. Thanksgiving, yes.

    Daena wrote this year's Presidential Thanksgiving Proclamation, interjecting a reminder to respect for the sanctity of life as often as she could. Happy Thanksgiving!...

    Continue reading "Happy Thanksgiving!"


    Wow. Moderator Chris and reader Bekah just alerted me to this film.

    Volition was 1 of 15 finalists from almost 300 entries in The Doorpost Film Project's 2008 inaugural film contest, winning $10k. The theme was "Hope, expectation of positive change." Volition makes quite a statement in less than 7 minutes. Very well done. Click on the graphic below to link to the film.


    Daena's departure photos

    Daughter Daena is a senior presidential writer.

    All White House staff get a departure photo with President Bush and are allowed to bring 4 family members. Daena's department got their photos taken October 22.

    I haven't seen the originals yet, but Daena posted scanned copies on Facebook.

    I don't remember much of anything; it was quite surreal. We stood in a long line in the West Wing's Roosevelt Room and were ushered in as a family for our 1 minute alone time with the President in the Oval Office. He was waiting to greet us by the couch as someone announced who Daena was. The President took an instant shine to 8-year-old grandson Gabriel. I remember he asked if Gabriel wanted to be called Gabriel or Gabe (doesn't matter), which is what you see going on here....

    president bush 2.jpg

    Then we had our official photo taken....

    Continue reading "Daena's departure photos"

    Stanek receives Life Prizes award

    I'm happy and honored! The bulk of my prize earnings will go toward a project ProLifeBlogs' Tim and I have been working on for months. Just needed the funding. Will keep you posted. I'll also use some of the proceeds to modernize the blog.

    Congrats to all other winners, and thanks to pro-life philanthropist Ray Ruddy and the judges.

    life prizes logo.jpg

    Press release, issued last night:

    $600,000 PRO-LIFE AWARD

    Inaugural Year of the Gerard Health Foundation Honor Awards
    Pro-Life Movement's Greatest Heroes

    Natick, MA - The Gerard Health Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of its inaugural Life Prizes award, granted to 6 individuals or groups that have made unsurpassed strides in preserving and upholding the sanctity of human life....
    Continue reading "Stanek receives Life Prizes award"

    Weekly Life News round-up

    news roundup.jpgNews headlines on Life issues by Bill Beckman of the IL Right to Life Committee

    November 6

  • United Nations expected to promote worldwide abortion right with Obama
  • Birth control the new attack strategy for abortion advocates against pro-lifers
  • Obama solidifies pro-abortion agenda with "attack dog" Rahm Emanuel for chief of staff

    November 7

  • Illinois doesn't have to issue Choose Life license plates, Appeals Court rules
  • Washington doctors, hospitals refuse to take part in new assisted suicide law

    November 11

  • Catholic Bishops urge huge anti-FOCA campaign to stop abortion expansion
  • New York subway riders respond to ad and share post-abortion grief, agony
  • Martin Luther King's Niece: Abortion means Obama doesn't fulfill dream

    November 12

  • US Bishops issue stark warning to Obama over abortion
  • March of Dimes gives US a "D" on premature birth but ignores abortion link

    November 13

  • Chemical attack on pro-lifers at abortion clinic sickens two
  • Uruguay President Vazquez vetoes bill legalizing abortions


  • Obama expected to join with UN in global abortion agenda (Austin Ruse)
  • Still a long way to go for equality (Ken Connor)

  • Live blogging the election

    UPDATE, 9:30p (CT): Ok, I'm retiring from reporting state calls for president, unless McCain picks up an unforeseen win.

    A couple more disappointments, the loss of Marty Ozinga (R) as my Congressman to replace Weller and also Melissa Hart (R-PA) in a rebid for Congress in OH. Losses of such good pro-lifers. But it looks like Michelle Bachmann is hanging on.

    General thoughts...

    A guy interviewing me on radio yesterday asked, "If Obama wins, you know he's coming after you, right?" That had never occurred to me. The concept is so presumptuous.

    Actually, the opposite had occurred to me, and that's how I responded: "No, if Obama wins, I'm coming after him."

    My thought has been in recent weeks when pondering the almost unthinkable that an Obama win might provide an opening I frankly couldn't find with the Bush administration or Republican held Congress. Obama has protested so strongly that he opposes infanticide of abortion survivors, it would seem a good time to propose enforcement penalties to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act....

    Continue reading "Live blogging the election"

    Stanek site update

    I came across a nice blog post over the weekend by Values Voter News that "has moved up into the top 7000 blogs according to Technorati!!!"

    technorati.jpgSure enough, I'm currently ranked at 6,816. I asked a couple web friends if 7k is an important miltestone to get excited about, and neither were aware.

    Nonetheless, the number of readers continues to grow rather than shrink, and this blog's worldwide ranking according to Alexa also shows steady growth.

    Thanks to all of you for reading this blog, commenting, telling friends, and linking to posts.

    This gives me a good opportunity I too rarely get to also thank moderators Bethany, Bobby, Carder, Carla, Chris, Jasper, and MK for overseeing half of the blog - commenting. Thanks to Angela and Laura Loo for making corrections. Thanks to Jasper for his quotes of the day. And thanks to Chris and Tim for improving the look and function of the site.

    We all have the same goals: to increase prominence of pro-life issues, community, and politicians; expose the falsehoods of the pro-abortion ideology, abortion industry, and politicians; and point out MSM's good, bad, and ugly coverage of pro-life/anti-life happenings.

    Stanek blog profiled in Washington Post today

    The Washington Post is profiling bloggers who attended the Democrat and Republican National Conventions. Am pleased today it chose this blog (click to enlarge)...

    slide 1 stanek washpost.JPG
    slide 2 stanek washpost.JPG

    Pray for Tuesday

    Leslie Hanks is a dear friend of mine and friend of this blog. She posts comments here using the moniker, "lesforlife." She is an integral part of American Right to Life and also runs the Passionate Prolifer blog.

    Leslie's family has recently received unfathomable news about one of her 22-month-3-year-old twin granddaughters, Tuesday. As her friend Judy explained in an email:


    Tuesday... has just been diagnosed with adrenal cancer and is sufffering through chemotherapy since the tumor is inoperable.

    Leslie came and ministered with us one day at Alternatives and soon afterward that killing kafe closed. Leslie boldly confronted Quennie DeHaan with her camera and asked him pointedly how he could do what he did. 85-year-old Quennie responded in a smart-a** manner but, it was apparent he had not been face to face with boldness like Les presented to this hired killer. I am convinced that it was just one more straw that caused this abortuary to close its doors and it remains that way to this day....

    Continue reading "Pray for Tuesday"

    Help needed from Gloucester parent

    gloucester school system.jpgI'm looking for information on the Gloucester school system's sex ed program, and so far neither the mayor, superintendent of schools, nor GHS principal have returned my call.

    If you are a parent in the school district or know anything about the school's sex ed program, please email me.


    My friends the storm chasers

    Saturday evening we attended one of our more memorable weddings, not only because a dear friend got married.

    As Nancy and Cary exchanged vows on the canopied porch of a new local restaurant, the sirens went off, meaning a tornado had been spotted. We tracked the twisters in the bar as they hopscotched to the south and east of us.

    Meanwhile, we learned later, our friend Darryl and son Joel - we all attend the same church - did some storm chasing, as the local Fox affiliate profiled. Click on graphic to link to video:

    storm chasers.jpg

    Running over live wire... real smart, Darryl.

    Welcome new crew members

    announcing.gifThanks to all you readers who are contributing to the continued growth of Last month saw another record set of 94,000 unique visitors and 4.3 million hits. We've seen traffic increase by 1/3 just since January, when there were 60,000 visitors.

    Because of this, the site software experiences panic attacks every now and then, like last week.

    In an effort to keep our wonderful moderators from experiencing similar panic attacks, we're adding to the Mod Squad, as they're affectionately known.

    Thanks to Bobby Bambino, Carder, Carla, and Chris Arsenault for agreeing to help moderate this motley crew!...

    Continue reading "Welcome new crew members"

    Memorial Day

    While enjoying the day with family and friends, as I will be, take time out to commemorate those who have fallen to preserve your freedom.

    Arlington by Trace Adkins...

    Please, no bashing today. Am calling a truce to focus on the meaning of Memorial Day, as President Bush expressed in his Memorial Day proclamation (which actually my daughter wrote)...

    Continue reading "Memorial Day"

    My crazy ants

    crazy ants 2.jpgSaturday morning I worked on my computer comfortably located in my favorite recliner downstairs in the living room. When finished I placed the computer on the carpeted floor.

    Sunday afternoon I chose another cozy spot to work, lounging in bed while watching old movies. So I retrieved my computer, arranged my pillows just so, found just the right old movie (Mr. Holland's Opus), and settled in to catch up on emails and such.

    But as soon as my computer warmed up, what to my surprise should emerge but ants! Lots of them! And one of them even "jumped up and bit me," as Forrest Gump would say (although not in the buttocks).

    What a coincidence that the Associated Press posted a story yesterday about "crazy ants" taking over Houston, including computers. I'm in Chicago. Are they taking over America this quickly? From the story...

    Continue reading "My crazy ants"


    george.jpgI spent the last week in DC, so my ability to blog was spotty. Just got home and am happy be relieved of the angst over posts I've been missing. I had a great time, mixing pro-life business with friend/family pleasure; I was just torn.

    A high point came yesterday when I was able to touch the sacrophagus of George Washington in his tomb when we visited Mt. Vernon. There are 2 wreathing ceremonies every day, and I volunteered at 1 to help place the wreath inside the tomb.

    A short walk away lay several hundred unmarked graves of many of Washington's slaves. Although in his will he gave them their freedom upon Martha's death, and indeed the bulk of his will dealt with that and their care after emancipation, the fact is this great man enslaved people while fighting for our freedom, an almost inexplicable contraction unless one considers the culture of that time....

    Continue reading "Washington"

    What I'll do to see the President

    That's me, your humble correspondent, in the black and white coat on the left, helping bid von boyage to the President this morning as Marine I lifted off from the White House lawn to take him to Andrews Air Force Base. Rain + whirring helicopter blades = mini-hurricane. Needless to say, I had to buy a new umbrella. Click to enlarge...

    jill rain.jpg

    That's my bf Diane in the green coat - a professional photographer by trade - protecting her camera...

    Continue reading "What I'll do to see the President"

    Pro-life goes on

    vacation.jpgHi from a Starbucks in Ft. Lauderdale... :)

    While I have fun in the FL sun this week with husband and family, including a 1-year-old grandson who thinks ocean waves knocking him over are the coolest thing ever, I am pleased to report 2 guest bloggers will be filling in for me.

    Steve Ertelt, of, and JivinJehoshaphat, who has been authoring (Prolifer)ations here since last week, will be posting items for your interest and information. Moderator Bethany will act as cyber-roadie, handling all technotronics. I'll add posts as time permits.

    Thanks to them all, and thanks for your continued support. Last month's stats showed another personal blog best - 85k+ unique visitors and 3.35+ million hits.

    Stanek makes list of top 10 female bloggers

    Well, thanks!

    I've been informed I made Women's Voices Women Vote's list of top 10 female bloggers due to your votes!

    I mentioned earlier this month having received notice of the contest and that I'd sure like to see a pro-lifer make the list. Thanks!

    WVWV is now holding a run-off, although I'm seriously content just to have made the the top 10.

    It does appear by the bios and a scan of my competitions' blogs I'm not only the sole pro-life woman represented but also the sole conservative.

    And my oh my, at least one of my liberal sisters apparently can't handle the 9:1 ratio, in particular little ole me! Wrote Taylor Marsh...

    Continue reading "Stanek makes list of top 10 female bloggers"

    Ad advice needed

    I received the following email from a fellow named Drake Stillborn this morning:

    You are completely insane. And disgusting.

    I would like to advertise on your site, but I am not sure which of our products to promote to your readers.

    Perhaps torches and pitchforks. Our wholesale company carries many such products.

    Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for beast.jpg

    But business is business. Even your demographic needs products. Even though your writing should place you in an mental institution and perhaps jail, depending on whether or not you actually act on your words. (Free speech is great, even when hate speech is involved.) I doubt you do.

    But back to your demographic: Hypocrites. Atavistic rapine beasts. The sort of people who hopefully will get sued for their actions, just like one of your articles requests. I'm sure that's exactly what an old woman ought to spend her time doing. Suing mental cases, seriously ill people, instead of enjoying the last years of her life.

    So anyway, how much for ad space?

    Well, my hypocritical, atavistic rapine beast readers, what products would you suggest that Mr. Stillborn might post on this site? This old woman's mind is too befuddled to think this morning.

    Pro-life planet

    On the March 16 "Stanek site update" post, reader Patricia wondered from which countries do readers originate?

    Here are the percentages (click to enlarge):


    Stanek site update

    announcing.gifLast night and today as he can get to it, web guru Tim is upgrading and adding features to the site. This means at times you may not be able to comment.

    Traffic continues to increase. Tim and I were going over blog stats yesterday and learned more than half our visitors are from outside the U.S. Our strong stand against the culture of death resonates worldwide as pro-lifers on every continent fend it off.

    The term "Gospel of Life" took on new meaning to me yesterday. Nearly 5% of our visitors live in Middle Eastern countries, mostly Iran. Such a sense of responsibility I now feel, such a burden. In reality, this battle we wage is beyond abortion, euthanasia, and human embryo experimentation. In actuality it is about the One in whose image we are created....

    Continue reading "Stanek site update"

    Stanek site update

    announcing.gifYou are a bunch of troublemakers... :)

    You may have noticed a site slowdown at various times this week. My server tells me all the traffic and comments this site receives have created havoc for its entire system.

    (This month, we will experience another personal best - over 70,000 unique visitors and 2.5 million hits.)

    Tonight after 9p EST my server is transferring me to an isolated server. I don't understand much (any?) of this but want to give you a heads up. You may experience a few snags here tonight.

    BTW, I've been watching the comment accumulation. We're nearing 95,000 total comments for the past 2.5 years. When we get close to 100k, I'll let you know. I'll give a prize and accolades to the 100,000th commenter!

    Thank you all so much for reading and commenting on this blog. Special thanks to our moderators, Bethany, Jacque, Jasper, Lauren (currently "on leave"), MK, and Valerie, and proofreader Angela. These dear people devote untold hours here helping things run smoothly.


    mahalo.jpg"Mahalo" means "thank you" in Hawaiian. And that's what I'd like to say to my moderators for ably filling in the gap while Rich and I vacationed there.

    I enjoyed great peace of mind knowing Bethany, Jacque, Jasper, MK, and Valerie were at the blog helm.

    I'd like to particularly thank Bethany and MK for being the glue and primary contributors.

    Site stats didn't suffer in the least during the past 1.5 weeks, meaning everyone still tuned in during my absence for pro-life news and commentary. Mahalo to you readers and commenters for that as well.

    Rich and Jill get Lost in Hawaii

    We're on Day 3 of our Hawaiian vacation, and I thought I'd say aloha and show some photos.

    If you don't watch Lost, you won't understand our photo montage. You may not understand it anyway.

    It has been overcast and even rainy, but this development has merely spared us from having to make the tortured decision between bumming on the beach or seeing the sites. We've now travelled from top to bottom of the Big Island and today are scouting its interior. Tomorrow we head to the east side....

    Photo 1: Help! We got on the wrong airline, Oceanic, and our plane crashed on a strange island! (Actually this is Jill on the edge of the Kilauea Caldera ("big crater"....)


    Continue reading "Rich and Jill get Lost in Hawaii"


    rich%20and%20jill%20speakout%202008%202.jpgAloha from Hawaii! My husband Rich and I (pictured right at the annual IL pro-life conference this past Sunday) are celebrating our 25th anniversary 2 years late (i.e., 27th... :)

    We'll be gone until February 14. Meanwhile, the moderators will write posts. Bethany, bless her heart, will bear the brunt of my absence by taking over administrative responsibilities.

    I'll check in every day, unless we decide to become beach bums and live here forever.

    Meanwhile, I can't part without passing along this one, courtesy of Fran at Illinois Review, who also took our picture:


    DC II

    Blog friends Jacque, Jill, MK, and Sandy are together in DC to attend the March for Life. MK has blogged an activities update on DC I.

    We're staying at Jill's daughter Daena's apartment, wonderfully located just 2 blocks from the White House but miniscule. Life is full of trade-offs, right?

    So MK took photos of our "slumber party" last night - 5 chicks in a 425 sq. ft. space, 85 sq. ft. per person, not including luggage.

    5 girls blogging...

    (See more photos on page 2.)

    Continue reading "DC II"

    DC I


    Us at the White House West Wing (L to R): Sandy, MK, Jacqueline, Jill.


    Daena in White House Rose Garden with Oval Office over right shoulder.

    (More photos on page 2.)

    Continue reading "DC I"

    Snap: who we are


    Who are these people?

    Why, they are us, names you know well as participants in this blog, from left to right, starting with top row: Bethany, Amanda, Midnite, Doug, Rachael (and hubby), Will, Elizabeth (and daughter), and Carla!

    Moderator Bethany has created a snapshots page of us all, linked in the "discussions" box on the right side of the home page. Email your photo to Bethany today!


    goals.jpgPerhaps because I made a resolution last year and stuck to it, I'm high on resolutions.

    I committed last January, after the Blogs4Life conference, to focusing on my blog, which I did, and thanks to all of you, traffic increased by 650%!

    The blog also received nods from the Chicago Tribune and LA Times this year and more nyas than ever from pro-abort blogs.

    God brought 6 invaluable moderators to help with the comment load this year - Bethany, Jacqueline, Jasper, Lauren, MK, and Valerie - and very recently brought proofreader Angela! Jasper additionally finds the quote of the day, which is a huge help....

    Continue reading "Resolutions"

    Verse for 2008

    My friend Denise gave me a great idea. She emailed her verse for 2008, Proverbs 4:23:

    Above all else, guard your heart, for it affects everything you do.

    I had never considered choosing a verse of focus for the year but thought it was a great idea and picked II Peter 1:5-9, which is actually verses....

    Continue reading "Verse for 2008"

    Linked to Washington Times blog

    wt.gifJust got a note from the Washington Times that it linked to my Hodari post today.

    Thanks, WT!

    Site update

    traffic12.jpgThanks to you, October saw this blog's biggest gain ever in visitors, resulting in its most trafficked month ever. We came thisclose to having 60,000 unique visitors (59,978 to be exact) and had 2.24 million hits. That's all hard for me to comprehend, and I think I'll get rattled if I try....

    Continue reading "Site update"

    Shout out

    shoutout4.jpgI received this email today from Nicole:


    I saw your website from a link on another blog, which (of course) took your comment out of context.

    Anyway I'm glad it brought me to your site because I like the discussion that I saw in the comment section.... Unlike a lot of other sites where people insult others and pass judgment (I get very upset with people just revert to insults), I saw that most people on your site were respectful and intelligent in their comments, and it made me want to participate....

    Continue reading "Shout out"

    Mod squad

    mod%20squad.jpgI am pleased to announce the addition of three new moderators on the blog to work beside our experienced aces, Bethany and MK.

    You all know Jasper, Lauren, and Valerie. They have been loyal, reliable, and astute commenters for some time, and they have all agreed to come on board as moderators, for which I am very appreciative.

    It's not that the crowd has grown too rough for Bethany and MK to handle alone.

    It's that it has grown too big, a good problem. Traffic to the site has increased more than 300% since January, now over 30,000 unique visitors a month. And in August we reached a milestone of 1 million hits for the month.

    Thanks to all for your interest and participation in this blog. Your comments make it such an interesting and informative read.

    And thanks to Bethany, Jasper, Lauren, MK, and Valerie for moderating. It takes quite a bit of time and energy.

    In addition, Jasper has agreed to scout out each day's quote of the day, which will be a big help. Thanks to him for that, too.

    (Long) weekend question

    question mark 2.jpgThis question is for abortion proponents:

    Would you mind if an abortion clinic located in your neighborhood?

    Blog storm passing

    storm.jpgLast week was hit by 1 million spam attempts. Yes, 1 million.

    Well, this week it's our turn. You may have noticed the site was slow yesterday. A few of you even commented on it.

    I contacted my server, Hosting Matters, last night, and was told the attack on my site was actually causing problems for their entire system. The technical support agent said all we can do is "continue to hold things together until the storm dies down."

    So, thanks in advance for your patience. This comes with our territory. Know that ace moderators MK and Bethany are doing their best to delete your multiple posts, one of the consequences of the storm. It's not your fault, so no need to apologize. But we're also having trouble accessing the administrative end of things, so there may be a slight delay.

    Authentication OFF

    I posted August 2 I had to moderate comments, i.e., force people to sign in, due to a spike in spam comments I was receiving - 500 to 1,000 a day.

    Behind the scenes my server and moreso my kind and patient friend Tim from have been working to upgrade my site with software and stopgaps to halt the spam. (One interesting find: 155,000 spam comments my software had automatically saved as "junk" of which I was unaware. No wonder things were bogging down a bit.)

    Tim completed the additions and changes last night, so I have dumped that aggravating authentication process once again, which kept many willing commenters off due to its own glitches.

    All can once again post freely. Thanks for your patience.

    Authentication mode

    spam.jpgSpam comments to my site have gotten out of hand this week for some reason. They've been coming in at a faster and faster rate, but suddenly I'm getting 500-1,000 a day. Bless her heart, moderator Bethany is trying to delete them and can't physically keep up.

    I'm sorry to have to put the site in authentication mode, meaning you'll have to sign in before posting. When I do this, comments drop, and I hate that. That said, signing in should be a one time deal once every two weeks.

    If you run into trouble signing in, please email me at

    Thank you for your patience. Your comments, each and every one, are valuable. I appreciate your taking the extra time to publish your thoughts.

    Four day holiday hiatus

    I posted a month ago that our daughter Daena had graduated from college and was looking for a job in DC. (She majored in political science and French.) Well, she did get the job she was after, working for an undisclosed elected official. So we are moving her to DC this week, to an incredibly small apartment with incredibly high rent.

    washington.jpgWe're looking forward to watching the 4th of July fireworks from the slope of the Washington Monument in our nation's capital (!), and then Rich and I will return home Thursday.

    So I won't be posting anything until Friday, although I'll be checking in.

    I'm leaving comments open, and Bethany and Mary Kay (MK), the site moderators, are in charge. You can contact them at their email addresses in the right column, if you have any obnoxious comments (i.e., threatening, blasphemous, gutter) to report, etc.

    Have a great 4th!

    All systems go

    Turns out my site was out of space! This was actually a good problem, indicative of the jump in activity since the first of the year, due in large part to your participation, which has made this a much more interesting place to visit.

    I've upgraded with my server, rebuilt the site, and things look good! Yeah! Sorry again for the inconvenience. Thanks to Peter and Tim for dropping many things to help me yesterday.

    Website misbehaving

    Since 11:00 a.m. yesterday morning, my blog has been acting up. You can comment on all but the "Virgin challenge" post. I'm turning comments off this post, because if you tried to do so you'd get a blank white screen.

    I'm sorry about this. Two kind website-building friends, my server, and my software company are all involved in trying to get to the bottom of the problem. I'm pretty worthless on this sort of thing.

    Site update

    We (by that I mean my web guru, Peter) have been making improvements to the blog the last few weeks, most undetectable. We experimented with one poll type last week, and today we're trying another, which you'll see on the right, under the "quote of the day" box.

    Also, they're official! Bethany and Mary Kay (MK) have agreed to serve as my blog moderators. You'll also see them listed on the right under the poll box. If you spot an out-of-line comment or have questions, please email Bethany or MK by clicking on their names. I very much appreciate their help with this growing blog.


    October is a big banquet month for pro-life groups, and I appreciate your patience as I travelled extensively speaking last month and just couldn't do it all, which meant I had to forego blogging.

    I met hundreds of pro-lifers and spoke to thousands more. If pro-lifers only understood how vast our U.S. network is, we'd become more assertive in our demands to stop abortion.

    Of course, liberals and the mainstream media would have us believe we're in the minority, but I'd like to see them gather large groups of abortion supporters in literally every county, city, and town of America like pro-lifers do. They can't.

    The abortion strongholds are urban areas. But even those living in big cities aren't necessarily abortion proponents; they just abort more.

    This brings me to one of the higher points of my travels (and every stop last month was literally a memorable high point), and that was attending Michigan Right to Life's Urban Outreach Seminar.

    I have had a growing awareness that pro-lifers must focus on big cities. We will not only succeed in the point of it all: cutting down on the number of abortions in the places where most abortions are committed, we will also succeed in organically growing more pro-life legislators. Most liberal legislators come from big cities.

    MI RTL has created a compelling powerpoint presentation called, "The Life of a People," which outlines the destruction of the black community due to abortion. (51% of blacks live in urban areas, as opposed to 21% of whites.)

    You can view a cut from that presentation on MI RTL's website. MI RTL also has established an office in Detroit, which is where the Urban Outreach Seminar was held.

    Do you have a large city near you? Don't give up on it. It is a field white unto the harvest. Discuss with your pro-life group your responsibility to bring the truth about abortion to that city. Contact Kathy Crombie at MI RTL's Detroit office at 248-553-8800 or for ideas and to purchase "The Life of a People."

    P.S. Thanks for your concern and prayers for my mother-in-law. She is comfortable.


    Welcome to Day #1 of — an oft-updated blog dedicated to the latest pro-life scoops, tips, news, and analysis!