Monday reads 11-16-09

good reads.jpgI'm not sure if this is a new feature, but I posted a "Sunday reads" segment yesterday, typically an off-blogging day, because there was just so much news I didn't want missed.

And I'm finding the same thing today. The debate over abortion in healthcare is much of the reason. There has also been an explosion of news dissemination on Twitter. So we'll see.

Anyway, here are news/editorial items pro-lifers should find of interest. I may add to the list throughout the day...

  • "Editorial: Justice for the unborn terror victim" ~ Washington Times... Francheska Velez would have been in Iraq, not Ft. Hood, were she not pregnant. [HT: Connie]...
  • "Abortion fight is excuse to kill reform, says Pelosi" ~ Politico [HT:]
  • Pro-aborts are unhappy with the New York Times piece, "In Congress, a Predicament for Abortion Supporters," because they say it misframes the debate over insurance coverage of abortion. I'm sure they also dislike the fact pro-abort Rep. Louise Slaughter refused to commit to oppose healthcare with Stupak/Pitts.

  • Comments:

    Ms. Pelosi has no clue that the USA cannot afford this monstrosity called a health insurance bill.

    "When Gergen asked if pro-abortion rights advocates were "right in saying [the Stupak Amendment] will actually diminish" access to abortions?" Pelosi shot back with "Yes, they are.""

    Access to abortion won't change. I'm not paying for anyone's abortion, tummy tuck or braces either with my Federal tax dollars. People don't realize that the Hyde Amendment must be voted on each year. It isn't set in stone, so restrictions on Federal Funding for abortion must appear in this bill to ensure restrictions will continue.

    Posted by: Janet at November 16, 2009 12:19 PM