World mag piece details pro-life Pastor Hoye's imprisonment

Lynn Vincent at World magazine has written a moving piece detailing the events leading up to pro-life Pastor Walter Hoye's imprisonment and the testimony of his 3 weeks in jail:

For 19 days in March and April, Walter Hoye was locked in a cell with 29 other prisoners at the Santa Rita jail near Oakland, CA. There were times when he wished he could have stayed longer.

hoye world.jpg

When the metal door first clanged shut behind him on March 20, Hoye, 52, decided the space was really more of a cage than a cell. A metal grid penning in prisoners. 15 bunks lining two walls. 2 toilets and a urinal for all 30 men, and a shower that inmates had gradually transformed into a pornographic shrine.

As Hoye made his way to an empty bunk, a few prisoners, mostly black and Latino, dogged his path. "You smuggle in any drugs, man?" one of them asked.

"No," Hoye said quietly.

Then the veteran inmates left him alone, he told me, except for "one of the brothers who was kind enough to help me make up my bed."

A few minutes later, another man walked over to Hoye's bunk and jabbed his finger at a newspaper he was holding. "This you?" he said, eyeing Hoye skeptically.

Hoye peered at the Oakland Tribune headline: "Anti-abortion pastor chooses jail."

"Yeah, that's me," he said.

In the next moment, the inmate was striding up and down the length of the cell, announcing, "Hey, he don't have to be here! He turned down probation! He doing straight time for what he believed in!"...

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Pakistani woman slated for "honor killing" given stay of deportation

roohi 2.jpgKelli reported last week that illegal alien Roohi Tabassum, who fled to Canada in 2001, was scheduled to be deported to Pakistan today to almost certain death at the hand of her husband.

I received word last night from several sources that Tabassum was given a stay of deportation yesterday. This buys her time but is not the final result desired. has the complete story. Thanks to all who made calls or wrote emails to help Roohi. This isn't over, but it's a start.

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Are you reachable?

By HisMan (as one totally sold out to Jesus Christ)

My words don't mean much so I'm just going to quote a few of God's words and let the Spirit touch your heart tonight. Will you let Him? My favorite is Psalm 139....

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Pro-Choice: Just Say "No" to Safe and Rare

By Valerie Jane

Pro-Choice advocates want abortion to be safe, legal and rare.

*At any time during a pregnancy it is legal for a woman to destroy a human fetus, so they have legal covered.

*What about safe? Metropolitan Medical Associates in New Jersey was temporarily closed by state health officials because of a complaint filed by a woman who was in a coma for 3 weeks after a botched abortion. During their inspection they found forceps that had "brownish blood-like residues," quarter-inch of dark red "dirt and debris" under an exam table, no infection control plan or an infection control specialist and sterilized items were not stored or handled correctly.

I didn't hear any kind of outcry from the politicians and feminist who scream 'safe', which this place was not.
Add abortionist like Dr. Tiller to this and I think the concept of safe is not a concern to them.

*How about rare? H.R. 1088 (Elizabeth Cady Stanton Pregnant and Parenting Student Services Act of 2007) is a bill in Congress that proposes a federal program for colleges to start and operate pregnant and parenting student service offices. Since college aged women have one of the highest abortion rates, this would help women obtain an education and not feel forced into abortion due to lack of resources on college campuses. Feminists for Life
has implemented this program in colleges and has seen up to a 30% decrease in abortion. Where's Planned Parenthood? Where's NOW? What about all the other abortion advocates? No letter writing campaigns. No calling the politician campaigns. No advertising of the bill.

Saying safe and rare sounds good, but if you don't do anything to support these ideas you're just wasting our time.

"Social justice" movement dangerous to Pro-life movement

Just read this disturbing commentary in Human Events, published January 8. Its thesis is this:

A significant factor in this election will be the left's effort to finally achieve a goal it has pursued for decades: convincing a majority of Americans that liberal "social justice" and traditional Christianity are one and the same.

Liberals have garnered success with some Christians by diverting their eyes from abortion/homosexuality to "social justice." This is a relief to Christians who don't like feeling conflicted about abortion. They can appease their consciences and put abortion on the back burner by becoming righteously indignant about other causes in Jesus' name. Some of these causes are even valid. Satan is expert at blending truth with lies.