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"God gave his people lots of babies; soon their numbers alarmed their foes." ~ Psalm 105:24

The movers and shakers within the Democrat Party and mainstream media have conceded they can no longer muster majorities for their candidates based on party affiliation.

When did they concede? When they unveiled the Mark Foley scandal.

While the Foley October Surprise was partially intended to persuade moderates to vote Democrat, it was more intended to dissuade conservatives from voting at all. This was evidenced by the instantaneously spun news stories forecasting our suppressed vote....

For pro-lifers, it comes down to this difference between parties: Last month 93 percent of Senate Republicans voted pro-life (for the Child Custody Protection Act), and 87 percent of Democrats voted pro-abortion (against CCPA).

That's the real clear bottom line....

"Make the most of every opportunity," said Paul in Colossians. If Republicans lose the House or Senate majority in November, it won't be the end of the world.

But if so, it will likely be due to conservative apathy, as if liberals slipped Quaaludes into our drinks or siphoned gas from our cars - while we watched....

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Dems not having as many children as republicans? Perhaps so.

However, the 'deficit' is not necesarrily due to dems having abortions. Where do you get that?

If truth were flushed...republicans (including so call 'christians' have abortion rates same as general population.

Sad, but hypocritically true.

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Sorry pleased :(
Wrong ctaegory..

will be carreeful

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