Adult stem cell therapy cures AIDS


Even as Barack Obama prepares to reward his liberal university friends by opening public coffers to fund new labs fronted by futile and morally bereft human embryo experimentation comes this news from Germany, as reported by the Wall Street Journal and Reuters:

The startling case of an Aids patient who was cured after undergoing a bone marrow transplant to treat leukemia is stirring new hope that researchers might someday find a cure for Aids....
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New Stanek WND column, "Linking U.S. teen pregnancies and AIDS in Africa"


CNN reported July 11 that according to the National Institutes of Health, U.S. teen pregnancies in 2006 rose for the first time since 1991....

In the same article, CNN reported a "striking decrease" in the percentage of 8th graders smoking....

While federal health experts were at a loss to explain the spike in teen pregnancies, a CDC official said smoking abated due to "efforts convincing kids and adults not to smoke," according to CNN.

So teaching smoking abstinence works, reminiscent of last decade's "Just Say No" drug abstinence campaign....

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Weekend question

weekend question.jpgCNN reported yesterday, "Teen pregnancies rose in the U.S. for the first time since 1991, the National Institutes of Health reported," adding a shocking statistic, "1/3 of girls in the U.S. got pregnant before age 20."

At the same time, CNN reported a "striking decrease" in the percentage of 8th graders smoking, down from 10% in 1996 to 3% in 2007.

While "[f]ederal health experts said they don't know why the teen pregnancy numbers went up," reported CNN, a CDC official knew why smoking abated:

He attributed the downward trend to efforts convincing kids and adults not to smoke, as well as policies that restrict smoking in public places and tax cigarettes.

Meanwhile, Rev. Sam Ruteikara, co-chair of Uganda's National AIDS-Prevention Committee wrote a remarkable op ed, "Let my people go, AIDS profiteers," June 30 in The Washington Post that is well worth reading in its entirety (posted below). An excerpt...

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Better late than never: MSM worried about Gardasil

Last January, I began reporting on the first vaccine to prevent an STD: Gardasil by Merck, to fend off HPV, the human papillomavirus.

Living in IL, I smelled a rat when bills began simultaneously popping up in state legislatures across the U.S. to mandate the 3-shot Gardasil regimen to all 11- and 12-year-old girls. I, along with several others, started blogging against the liberal and MSM tide, even getting a mention in the New York Times. Was the vaccine safe? Was it smart? Was there quid pro quo?

After TX Gov. Rick Perry went so far as to sign an executive order forcing the vaccine, it came to light that Merck had financial ties to the poke pushers.

Perry's exec order was overturned, Merck called off its legislative whores, and pro-family proponents won the day, even while liberals and MSM grumbled at our ignorance.

Well MSM is grumbling no more. Our concerns about the safety of Gardasil were warranted. Reported Katie Couric at CBS News last night:

Also read CNN, ABC News, and U.S. News & World Report, to name a few.

Nothing in the New York Times, though.

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HIV/AIDS strategy "misplaced"

aids pandemic.jpgA June 8 article in The Independent is refreshingly politically incorrectly honest. A few good points from it:

1. The strategy by homosexuals and liberals to portray HIV/AIDS as an affliction on the general population has been proven wrong.

2. Abstinence and fidelity teaching prevent HIV/AIDS, a disease mostly of those engaging in high risk sexual behavior.

3. Circumcision works....

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Faithful condom users die

faithful condom2.jpg

Last week Human Life International got a "nuclear reaction" to 3 billboards it erected in the capital city of Tanzania in East Africa, where condoms are promoted to stave off the AIDS epidemic. (The title is rewritten in Swahili.) Reported HLI...

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"U.S. sets record in sexual disease cases"

stds2.jpgYou knew I'd get to this. From the Associated Press, November 13:

More than 1 million cases of chlamydia were reported in the United States last year - the most ever reported for a sexually transmitted disease, federal health officials said Tuesday.

"A new U.S. record," said Dr. John M. Douglas Jr. of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

More bad news: Gonorrhea rates are jumping again after hitting a record low, and an increasing number of cases are caused by a "superbug" version resistant to common antibiotics, federal officials said Tuesday.

Syphilis is rising, too. The rate of congenital syphilis - which can deform or kill babies - rose for the first time in 15 years....

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Extra coverage needed


Cartoon by Mike Lester from

Debbie does Congress?

It is a very small world.

halvorson.jpgBack in February I wrote a post for Illinois Review entitled, "Debbie does...??" and a related WorldNetDaily column, "The link between HPV and lung cancer."

In large part about Democrat IL state Sen. Debbie Halvorson - who was pushing mandatory HPV vaccinations of preadolescent girls - this section of my post combined with my title made liberals crazy and got me mention in the New York Times...

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HPV linked to breast cancer and "raft" of others

cancer.jpgNo major news organization aside from UPI, which wrote a very short blurb that was run by only small outlets, has picked up on the June 10 story in London's The Independent, which disclosed:

HPV, a virus that can be transmitted by sex, may be implicated in breast and a raft of other cancers, according to a series of new research findings.

The virus, already implicated in most cervical cancers, may play a role in a number of other malignancies, and may be involved in a three-fold increase in tonsil cancer.

HPV, or human papilloma virus, has been linked to cancers of the larynx and skin, as well as malignancies of the vulva, vagina, penis, anus and mouth....

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3 HPV vaccine deaths reported since March 2007

Medical News Today reported May 24:

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released documents obtained from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, detailing 1,637 reports of adverse reactions to the vaccination for human papillomavirus, Gardasil. Three deaths were related to the vaccine. One physician's assistant reported that a female patient "died of a blood clot three hours after getting the Gardasil vaccine." Two other reports, on girls 12 and 19, reported deaths relating to heart problems and/or blood clotting.

As of May 11, 2007, the 1,637 adverse vaccination reactions reported to the FDA via the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System included 371 serious reactions. Of the 42 women who received the vaccine while pregnant, 18 experienced side effects ranging from spontaneous abortion to fetal abnormities....

[M]ore serious side effects reported include paralysis, Bells Palsy, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and seizures.

"The FDA adverse event reports on the HPV vaccine read like a catalog of horrors," stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. "Any state or local government now beset by Merck's lobbying campaigns to mandate this HPV vaccine for young girls ought to take a look at these adverse health reports. It looks as if an unproven vaccine with dangerous side effects is being pushed as a miracle drug."

Here are the three original copies of the VAER death reports, obtained from the Judicial Watch website. Click to see larger view:

Open your mouth and say ahhh-pv

From The Age, May 11:

A study of 100 women diagnosed with cancers at the back of the throat, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, has linked human papillomavirus with throat cancer....


The researchers from Johns Hopkins University also found a high lifetime number of oral sex or vaginal sex partners, engagement in casual sex, early age at first sexual encounter and infrequent use of condoms were associated with a strain of HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer. They conclude that the "widespread oral sexual practices among adolescents" may have contributed to a rise of this type of cancer in the US, and provide a rationale for HPV vaccination in both boys and girls....

"Everyone that gets infected by HPV won't go on to get throat cancer," [Cancer Council Australia chief exec. Ian Oliver] said. The findings did not mean people should change their behaviour. "It would be like saying stop having sex or you'll get cancer of the cervix. That doesn't apply."

Added Science A Go Go:

It appears that the association between the virus and throat cancer is extremely strong, with HPV 16 being present in the tumors of 72 percent of oropharyngeal (located in the tonsils, back of the tongue, and throat) cancer patients enrolled in the study.

This is where "I did not have sex with that woman" Clinton, 40 years of comprehensive sex ed, and liberal "no need to change behavior" idiot wonks have brought us.

Flawed HPV vaccine fizzles

A great source of excitement for me has been blogging on the pharma industry's lucrative idea earlier this year, which foolish legislators - almost all liberal - ran with, to mandate the HPV vaccine for all 11- and 12-year-old girls. The New York Times even disparaged one of my HPV posts, which is always a badge of honor.

fizzle.bmpWhen the red flags raised became too numerous to count, MSM quietly quit hyping the vaccine, as did those legislators, who it turns out were admitted tools of big pharma.

But here are we, conservative bloggers, continuing to drive nails in the HPV vaccine mandate's coffin by relaying news you'll only find in 9 pt. font in MSM newspapers....

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Fetus child fetus child II

As a p.s. to my previous post, I just remembered I wanted to include this excerpt from the MSNBC video:

Announcer: Mother and fetus had separate surgical teams. To save his life, doctors will have to operate on Garrett through his mother's womb, a place doctors once feared to go.

Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye: The womb has always been a protected - you know - sacred area that was beyond the reaches of man. To actually have access to the womb now, to be able to go in there and actually manipulate and intervene.... [voices trails off]

New meaning of monogamy

bed2.jpgThis quote from a March 15 Associated Press story on the ignorance about the sexually transmitted disease human papillomavirus (HPV) would be funny if it weren't so sad. Such pitiful, lost kids....

That was the case for one 24-year-old woman in San Francisco, who recently learned she has one of the high-risk types of HPV....

"I was scared, sad, disappointed and definitely ashamed. It seemed unfair that I should have it when I've had relatively few partners," says the young woman, who's been sexually active for eight years and had four monogamous sexual partners, including her current boyfriend of two years.

Monogamy used to mean, "the state or custom of being married to one person at a time." It now apparently means to have "relatively few partners," one at a time.

Hence, someone like the aforementioned can ignorantly claim it "unfair" that she has contracted HPV while also claiming to her ignorant, new, unmarried sex partner she is monogamous while bringing HPV to bed with them along with whatever else she has contracted from skin-to-skin sexual contact and exchange of blood and body fluids with three other men.

Even CA has caved on HPV vaccine mandate

The Sacramento Bee reported yesterday that California Democrat Assemblyman Ed Hernandez withdrew his HPV vaccine mandate bill from a health committee hearing "after lawmakers on both sides of the aisle expressed doubts."  He says he will reintroduce it later.

The bill's original sponsor, Democrat Sally Lieber, dropped it after her family was discovered to own Merck stock. Merck is one of two pharmaceutical companies making the vaccine.

Speaking of whiffs of corruption, it appears about the only legislators remaining in support of the mandate are coincidentally also members of Women in Government, a group Merck has admitted it channeled $$ through to promote it. GlaxoSmithKline, the other pharmaceutical making the vaccine, also gave $$ to WiG.

Even Planned Parenthood's Guttmacher Institute isn't crazy about itCBS reported Sunday that women's groups. anti-corporate groups, anti-big government groups, vaccine opponents, social conservatives, and parents' rights groups have all lined up on the other side.

Meanwhile, WiG, Merck, and GSK have all refused to tell me - or anyone - how much $$ Merck /GSK actually gave WiG to promote legislation forcing HPV vaccinations.

Against HPV vaccine mandate: Guttmacher and me?

cbs.jpgCBS News posted a column today entitled, "The unlikely antivaccine alliance," detailing the strange bedfellows in the fight against mandating the HPV vaccine: vaccine opponents, social conservatives, anti-corporate groups, anti-big government groups, and most surprisingly, women's groups.

The story quoted me:

The face of the undeserving ill, according to the moral conservatives, belongs to Illinois State Senator Debbie Halvorson, who, as co-sponsor of a bill to require the vaccine in her state, admitted that she herself had HPV and underwent a hysterectomy because of precancerous cells. Pro-abstinence bloggers and columnists see this as permission to grill her regarding her sexual history: "You would think she'd focus on her behavior that caused her to contract that sexually transmitted disease," Jill Stanek wrote in the online Illinois Review. "Halvorson could discuss the number of sex partners she has had in her lifetime and how each one increased the likelihood of contracting HPV...whether it was her husband who passed HPV on to her after sleeping with other women...[or] if Halvorson contracted HPV through rape, she could discuss ways to avoid rape."

It is untrue that social conservatives think HPV victims don't deserve help, but that characterization from MSM is not surprising.

That quote, in context, was taken from a post, "Debbie does...." A "Debbie does, II" followed, detailing Halvorson's involvement with the group Women in Government, which is financially backed by Merck, maker of the HPV vaccine. I also wrote a column.

Most enlightening is why women's groups like Planned Parenthood's Guttmacher Institute are not on board with this mandate....

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HPV vaccine's "limited usefulness"

According to Kaiser News today:

The "real" reason that "[t]oo many women still die of cervical cancer" is the "lack of access to preventive medical care for low-income women and not the lack of a vaccine," Wall Street Journal columnist and Illinois-based physician Benjamin Brewer writes in an opinion piece.

According to Brewer, the "decision to vaccinate a child" with a human papillomavirus vaccine, such as Merck's HPV vaccine Gardasil, "should be made by the patient, her parents and their doctor" and not states (Brewer, Wall Street Journal, 3/8)....

Brewer writes that Gardasil will not stop the need for annual Pap tests, adding that the "real usefulness" of the vaccine is its protection against genital warts.

Cervical cancer thus has become a "rare disease" in the U.S. in part because "newer versions of the [Pap] test have cut down on false positives and improved cancer screening," Brewer writes, adding, "There are not millions of women in the U.S. that we're going to save with a mass vaccination program. The developing world is another story."

He concludes, "[A]s a personal choice, spending $360 of disposable income on a vaccine is one thing. Mandating a vaccine with limited clinical usefulness at taxpayers' expense ... is another."

HPV vaccine targets wrong age group

From the Washington Times:

Lawmakers looking to force preteen girls to take Gardasil, a new vaccine against a virus that causes cervical cancer, are targeting the wrong age group, cancer data shows.

Middle-school girls inoculated with the breakthrough vaccine will be no older than 18 when they pass Gardasil's five-year window of proven effectiveness -- more than a decade before the typical cancer patient contracts the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV).

Infectious disease specialists and cancer pathologists say the incubation period for HPV becoming cancer is 10 to 15 years -- meaning the average cervical cancer patient, who is 47, contracted the virus in her 30s and would not be protected by Gardasil taken as a teen.

Most interesting exchange, IL Senate hearing, mandated HPV vaccine

Yesterday the Illinois Senate Human Services Committee voted 6-4 along party lines (Democrats for, Republicans against) for mandated HPV vaccines of all 11- and 12-year-old girls. The bill now goes before the full Senate. Here was the most interesting exchange of the hearing.

Question from unnamed state senator:

It is often said that although breast cancer is not hereditary, if there is a history of it in the family you are more likely to get it. Is that similar to cervical cancer also?

Answer from proponent, L. Stewart Massad, Associate Professor, Division of Gynecologic Oncology, at SIU in Springfield:

Not to the same degree. There's some minor link, but it's more that people who live from underprivileged backgrounds, people who smoke, people who have multiple partners, those characteristics tend to run in families....

CDC vaccine chairman opposes HPV vaccine mandate

From today's Washington Times:

The chairman of the federal panel that recommended the new cervical-cancer vaccine for pre-teen girls says lawmakers should not make the inoculation mandatory, as the District and more than 20 states, including Virginia, are considering.

Dr. Jon Abramson, chairman of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's advisory committee on immunization practices (ACIP), also said he and panel members told Merck & Co., the drug Gardasil's maker, not to lobby state lawmakers to require the vaccine for school attendance.

"I told Merck my personal opinion that it shouldn't be mandated," Dr. Abramson told The Washington Times. "And they heard it from other committee members."

Dr. Abramson said he opposes mandating Gardasil, which prevents the cervical-cancer-causing human papillomavirus (HPV), because the sexually transmitted HPV is not a contagious disease like measles and he is not sure states can afford to inoculate all students....

Mandate male circumcision?

circum.jpgA Feb. 23 article in the New York Times revealed:

Circumcision may provide even more protection against AIDS than was realized when two clinical trials in Africa were stopped two months ago because the results were so clear, according to studies being published today....

[T]he final data from the trials, to be published today in the British medical journal The Lancet, suggest that circumcision reduces a man's risk by as much as 65 percent....

"If we had an AIDS vaccine that was performing as well as this, it would be the talk of the town"... [said Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases].

Speaking of vaccines, hasn't the HPV vaccine been reported to coincidentally stop about the same percentage (70) of cervical cancer? Hasn't this been why legislators around the country are promoting mandated HPV vaccines?

It seems to me legislators should also mandate male circumcision, to be fair.

[Hat tip: Cal Skinner]

[Photo, courtesy of, is of Australian Professor Roger Short holding a circumcision device.]

NYC's ruptured condom campaign

nyc condom.jpg

I alluded in my column today to the New York City campaign to distribute 26 million free condoms this year. I thought you might like to see the packaging, which is designed after NYC subway lines. The photo here is from blogger Gothamist's site.

This is related to the HPV vaccine fak in that its proponents want to educate about the vaccine, not the sexually destructive behavior that leads to the need for a vaccine.

NYC stats are shocking. According to the NYC Health Department:

York City has the highest AIDS case rate in the country, with more AIDS cases than Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and Washington DC combined. HIV is the 3rd leading cause of death below age 65 in New York City.....

Approximately 1 in 70 New Yorkers is infected with HIV...

1 in 40 African Americans.
1 in 25 men living in Manhattan.
1 in 12 black men age 40-49 years.
1 in 10 men who have sex with men.
1 in 8 injection drug users.
1 in 5 black men age 40-49 in Manhattan.
1 in 4 men who have sex with men in Chelsea.

Note here the "prevention" techniques Dr. Thomas Frieden, Commissioner of the NYC Health Dept., recommends for what he acknowledges is an "epidemic" that appallingly "is the leading cause of death for men age 25 to 44":

The Department has dramatically increased voluntary testing in the city's jails, sexually-transmitted disease clinics, and tuberculosis clinics... substantially increased HIV testing in public hospitals and clinics... awarded $2.5M in contracts for HIV testing and linkage to medical care to community organizations and medical providers, including those serving homeless populations... visited primary care physicians in high-prevalence neighborhoods to provide information and tools to promote testing... working with dozens of organizations around the city to provide assistance with implementing rapid HIV testing programs. Other prevention activities include providing over 1.5 million free condoms each month through DOHMH facilities and community organizations and expanding syringe exchange to areas of the city never previously served.

What is missing from that list? A discussion of the destructive behaviors leading to HIV infection. Incredible.

See below the You Tube video below showing a NYC worker distributing condoms during rush hour at a subway. Note the slick logo on his coat.

Not only are condoms woefully inadequate barriers against STDs and pregnancy, the social agenda behind their promotion as the "prevention" of same is an abject failure, based on an unwillingness to tell the truth.

Merck admits influencing legislators thru WiG and cash

Associated Press, this morning:

Merck & Co. has suspended its lobbying campaign to persuade state legislatures to mandate that adolescent girls get the company's new vaccine against cervical cancer as a requirement for school attendance, the company said Tuesday....

Last month, the AP reported that Merck was channeling money for its state-mandate campaign through Women in Government, an advocacy group made up of female state legislators across the country.

The New York Times, this morning....

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Merck suspends mandatory HPV vaccine campaign

Read story on page 2: Merck suspends campaign to make Gardasil vaccination mandatory, Wall Street Journal, 4:52 p.m. EST

[Hat tip: Dave Diersen]

Read story on page 2: Merck stops campaign to mandate gardasil vaccine use (update 3), Bloomberg, 5:27 EST

[Hat tip: Illinois Review]

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Why not mandate condoms for boys?

Lucky_boy_2 It has't seemed fair that liberal legislators are focusing solely on young girls in their attempts to mandate 3 vaccinations (well, maybe 6 or more, since they've only been proven to last 4 years) to stop 4 strains (of over 100) of one sexually transmitted disease, HPV.

So when The New York Post reported Feb. 16 that the City of New York launched a campaign last week to distribute 26 million condoms during rush hour in subway stations, I had an idea.

Why not mandate that every 11-year-old boy carry a condom in his pocket? 

I got this brainstorm because New York City officials offered the very same reasons for widespread condom distribution as liberals for mandated HPV vaccinations, as the article states....

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Former RNC deputy chair Jack Oliver is Merck lobbyist

jack oliver.bmp As reported yesterday in Illinois Review and today in, former Republican National Committee Deputy Chairman and National Finance Co-chairman Jack Oliver is a lobbyist for Merck, the manufacturer pressing state legislatures to make its $360 HPV vaccine mandatory.

Oliver was the highest fundraiser in RNC history.

Could Oliver's influence have been another reason Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed his executive order mandating HPV vaccinations for all adolescent girls?

[Photo of Jack Oliver courtesy of The Hill.]

HPV and lung cancer

Responding to a barrage of criticism for signing on executive order that will force adolescent girls to receive the HPV vaccine regimen, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is quoted in the Houston Chronicle today saying, "If the medical community developed a vaccine for lung cancer, would the same critics oppose it claiming it would encourage smoking?"

I have thought of that analogy myself.  It is perfect.  Lung cancer is predominantly caused by cigarette smoking, which is currently a politically incorrect behaviorChicago and Illinois lawmakers have increasingly sought to discourage this behavior by making it more difficult to carry out this behavior.

So to answer Perry's question, we would welcome a lung cancer vaccine but wouldn't turn around and say, "Great, let's all smoke!"  Because we know smoking causes a myriad of other cancers as well as health problems like emphysema and hardening of the arteries.  Furthermore, we know this behavior has secondary consequences of endangering the health of other people who come in contact with the smoker.

Debbie winokur.jpgSo when actress Marissa Jaret Winokur and IL state Sen. Debbie Halvorson admitted they had HPV and worried others might get it, you would think they'd focus on their behavior that caused them to contract that sexually transmitted disease.

Winokur and Halvorson would be most helpful by discussing the health consequences of pre- or extra-marital sex.  Here are some potential topics:

  • They could discuss the number of sex partners they have had throughout their lifetime and how each one increased the likelihood of contracting HPV. 
  • If they even had only one sex partner aside from their husbands, they could discuss how one can contract HPV from a sole encounter. 
  • They could discuss whether they realized at the time their sex partners carried HPV, which most trusting, vulnerable women don't. 
  • They could disclose whether it was their husbands who passed HPV on to them after sleeping with other women, demonstrating another reason for chaste behavior outside the marraige bedroom. 
  • More uncomfortably, if they contracted HPV through rape, they could discuss ways to avoid rape.

But neither one advocates avoiding a risky behavior that leads not only to HPV but to 20+ other STDs and their strains, along with unplanned pregnancy.  They merely advocate trying to avoid the consequences of risky behavior.  Shame on them.

People Magazine: Don't stop, get a shot

marissa2.jpgThe Feb. 5 issue of People magazine included a story about actress Marissa Jaret Winokur who, according to the teaser, "learned the cause of her cervical cancer and now makes sure other women know how to prevent it."

The sole cause of cervical cancer is human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease. Winokur contracted cervical cancer at age 27 due to previous sexual promiscuity, or to put it as ambiguously as possible, said Winokur, "I learned about a year ago that HPV, a common virus, causes cervical cancer. Now there is an HPV test that might have caught my precancerous cells earlier."

The "prevention," according to Winokur? No, not a chaste lifestyle. "There's a vaccine, which can be given to women before they're sexually active," she said in People. "It makes sense to take these precautions. I'll encourage my friends' teenage daughters to get vaccinated."

Aside from the fact Winokur has no business telling other people's children "precautions" to avoid the pitfalls of promiscuous sex, her advice stinks. Let's not address the real cause. Let's try to avoid the ramifications of the cause.

Now Winokur cannot have children because she had to have a hysterectomy. Not to worry. She plans to harvest eggs from her remaining ovaries. To do so she will have to inject megadoses of steroids into her body over a prolonged period of time. That should keep her on a healthy track - not. Winokur is currently looking for a surrogate.

Winokur and People only fuel the exploitation and health demise of women by refusing to acknowledge the only full proof way to avoid HPV or cervical cancer: abstinence.