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Sunday funnies 12-26-10

Recapping a momentous week that heralded both the demise of the 111th Congress and birth of Jesus, here were my top 5 favorite cartoons. The irony of this 1st one by liberal Ted Rall is that President Obama compares much more closely to King Herod in another way (see Matthew 2:16)… Speaking of the 111th, […]

DROPPED: Amendment forcing military hospitals to commit abortions

UPDATE 12/18 9:35p: Here’s Nancy’s statement condemning the amendment’s exclusion. Read it and smile. 12/17, 4:52: The abortion industry will obviously lose influence in the 112th Congress, when pro-lifers dominate, particularly in the House. Just ask Nancy… But pro-aborts are also losing influence even yet in the 111th, when pro-abort Democrats still rule.  Just as […]

Weekend question I: What actions can and will the House/state pro-life majorities take?

Pro-abort Katha Pollitt gave a nice run-down November 10 in The Nation of the possibilities before a Congress that will soon have much more pro-life passion coursing through its veins: When the 112th Congress convenes in January it will have at least 53 additional antichoice Republicans in the House and 5 in the Senate…. Supporters […]


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