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Wendy Davis reveals her late-term “quieting of the heart” abortion

Wendy Davis late-term abortion

One of the plot lines in a movie I watched over the weekend involved a pregnant mother. The film was set in the 1940s, and I thought how blissfully ignorant were the days before ultrasounds and prenatal diagnoses gave mothers carrying ill or handicapped children the choice to bear them when nature decided or kill them beforehand.

Had Texas state senator and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis been pregnant back then she would not have imagined the late-term baby girl doing flips inside her was “suffering.” Rather, Davis would have put her hand on her belly and smiled. Instead, quoting from Davis’ upcoming book, Forgetting to be Afraid, via the AP:

I could feel her little body tremble violently, as if someone were applying an electric shock to her, and I knew then what I needed to do,” Davis writes. “She was suffering.”

This was 1997. Davis and then husband had learned the brain of their preborn daughter “had developed in complete separation on the right and left sides” meaning the baby “would be deaf, blind and in a permanent vegetative state if she survived delivery.”

Wendy Davis ABC exclusive late-term abortionSo the couple decided “the most loving thing we could do for our daughter was to say good-bye,” as Davis explained in an “ABC Exclusive” that the Davis campaign scheduled to launch a book tour highlighting Davis’ abortion. “Say good-bye” in this case was code for “kill her,” which the Davises watched. Quoting MSNBC:

“In our doctor’s office, with tears flowing down both our faces, Jeff and I looked at our baby daughter’s beating heart on the sonogram screen for the last time,” Davis wrote. “And we watched as our doctor quieted it. It was over. She was gone. Our much-loved baby was gone.” She goes on to describe delivering the stillborn baby through cesarean section and how she and Jeff spent a day holding and mourning her.

Be still your heart

The Davises named their baby Tate Elise. “Quieting” little Tate’s heart in this case meant piercing it with a needle and injecting a drug, either Digoxin or potassium chloride, to cause a massive heart attack. Late-term abortionist George Tiller used the former. Quoting Matt Walsh:

Tiller said this was “painless” and “peaceful,” but why don’t you go and have a massive heart attack and then come back and tell us just how painless and peaceful it all was.

And quiet.

It is no wonder Davis then went into a funk, although I expect she’d say she was mourning and not suffering post-abortion guilt:

“An indescribable blackness followed. It was a deep, dark despair and grief, a heavy wave that crushed me, that made me wonder if I would ever surface … And when I finally did come through it, I emerged a different person. Changed. Forever changed,” Davis wrote.

6a0133f2e9fdbf970b0192ac0c0de2970dChange for the worst

“Forever changed” for Davis meant turning into a late-term abortion zealot. On June 25, 2013, Davis conducted an 11-hr filibuster against a 20-week abortion ban in Texas. This would have seemed a good time to mention her own late-term abortion (as well as an earlier ectopic pregnancy), but she didn’t. Quoting Fox:

At one point during the filibuster, Davis said she almost felt compelled to talk about her failed pregnancies.

“But knowing such an unexpected and dramatically personal confession would overshadow the events of the day, I knew the time wasn’t right,” she wrote.

I’m not so sure. The emotional tug behind such a revelation might have impacted the outcome.

Another good time for Davis to mention her abortion would have been when she announced her candidacy for governor – to inoculate herself from Abortion Barbie critiques.

A really good time to disclose her abortion would have been when a pro-lifer displayed “Abortion Barbie” posters in Los Angeles ahead of a celebrity fundraiser this past May. Knowing what we know now makes it pretty awful:

Abortion Barbie poster Wendy Davis

But Davis didn’t say anything then either.

Hail Mary pass

Now, with the election for governor less than two months away, and Davis losing in the polls to pro-life Republican Greg Abbott by double digits, Davis has decided to not only reveal her abortion but make it a large part of a book and her campaign. Quoting mysanantonio.com:Wendy Davis, "Forgetting to be afraid"

The story of her pregnancy with Tate, however, is a key part of her memoir. The book’s dedication begins, “For my daughters, Amber and Dru and Tate, who taught me a love deeper than I believed was possible.”

Amber is her daughter from her first marriage and Dru, from her second, to Jeff Davis….

Davis ends the book with a story of a time she felt Tate said good-bye to her, when she and her husband and friends were on a golf course and Davis was caught in a cylindrical swirl of leaves, lifted by the wind.

“And I felt her. I was sure of it. Tate. Moving through me, saying her good-byes to me. Letting me go,” Davis wrote.

From another mysanantonio.com article:

Republican consultant Matt Mackowiak said… he found it “really jarring and kind of amazing” that the Davis campaign was highlighting the book to try to “maximize the benefit of this revelation.”

Good Morning America is featuring a Davis appearance Monday, and ABC promoted a snippet of the interview Saturday after stories broke about the memoir.

Whether Davis’ abortion revelation might help her politically was the calloused topic of an MSNBC segment, with the determination being yes, it will “resonate with moderate women.”

Abortion sympathies

I utterly sympathize with parents who get devastating prenatal diagnoses such as that which the Davises received.

I even sympathize with mothers who decide to abort their babies in such cases. I know from viewing it firsthand the pressure placed upon them to abort while they are traumatized and vulnerable by a eugenic medical community that gives one-sided advice, either out of misplaced compassion or self-interest.

But I do not sympathize with a mother who bypasses less cynical opportunities to reveal her late-term abortion in lieu of a well-timed and financed book bombshell during the last weeks of a losing political campaign, and then to camouflage the reality of that abortion by calling it a “good-bye” done by “quiet[ing]” the heart.

And all the swooning by abortion sellers like Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards, who praised Davis for her “unwavering courage,” makes me sick.

[Top photo via Associated Press]

Pro-life blog buzz 5-30-14

by Kelli

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  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life says the World Health Assembly recently adopted a plan to “reduce high rates of neonatal mortality in large parts of the world”. Unfortunately, they left out something important:

    MCCL GO participated in the online consultation on a draft version of the “Every newborn” plan. [MCCL executive director Scott] Fischbach noted that while preterm birth is the leading cause of newborn mortality (and second leading cause of under-five deaths), the action plan fails to mention a significant risk factor for premature delivery. A wealth of worldwide research has shown that induced abortion substantially increases the risk of preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies.

    “The prevalence of abortion significantly contributes to the problem of neonatal mortality,” Fischbach observed. “The plan to end newborn deaths should have taken into consideration all of the known risk factors.”

  • At National Review, Michael New comments on the latest Gallup poll measuring pro-life and pro-choice sentiment.

Governor Mary Fallin

  • At Priests for Life, Fr. Frank Pavone applauds Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (pictured left) for signing a law that requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals and that requires abortion facilities to have emergency medical equipment on site.
  • In a letter to the editor of the Detroit News, Citizens for a Pro-life Society director Monica Migliorino Miller addresses the high abortion rate in Detroit, Michigan. She touches on something that can likely be said not just about aborting mothers in Detroit, but everywhere:

    Poverty is very real in Detroit, but we also need to honestly consider how non-marital sexual behavior and absentee fathers contribute to poverty — how these elements hold women back from jobs and educational opportunities. And throwing more birth control pills at women will not get at the real source of Detroit’s economic problems or tragic abortion rate either. Heal the family, call men to responsibility and you will do much to bring life back to the Motor City for the born and the innocent unborn.

  • Wesley J. Smith reveals the latest pro-death move of the assisted suicide/euthanasia crowd: starvation. He writes:

    First, it was removing feeding tubes from the cognitively disabled, slow killing excused as removing medical treatment. Do it to a dog and go to jail. Do it to Terri Schiavo and it’s merely “medical ethics.”

    Now, euthanasia types push VSED, e.g. voluntary stop eating and drinking. Not only that, they want nursing homes and hospitals to be forced to starve dementia patients to death who willingly eat….

    A lawsuit was filed to force a nursing home in Canada to starve a dementia patient to death. That lost and is on appeal.

  • Pro-life Action League asks whether or not the issue of abortion in society will ever be “settled” like so certain other human rights issues have been.
  • Secular Pro-Life encourages pro-lifers to join the “You are not alone” campaign in support of post-abortive women.
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin and Right to Life of Michigan both share a video from the ABC show, Extreme Weight Loss, in which competitor Charita admits her abortion regret to her parents (who had no idea she had an abortion):

[Photo via ok.gov]

Pro-life news brief 12-5-13

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Jorge Martin-Santana, a medical assistant at a Sacramento Planned Parenthood, has been charged with sexual battery for allegedly touching a patient inappropriately in October.
  • A Washington city may pull a grant from a family resource center which provides information directing women to abortion-referring clinics.
  • Notorious abortionist Steven Brigham is back in the news after New Jersey prosecutors revealed that Brigham lied under oath about whether he had malpractice insurance.:

    Now, as Brigham, 57, tries to regain his license, New Jersey prosecutors have submitted evidence that his sworn statement was yet another lie. They allege that not only did he stop carrying required liability insurance around 2006, but last month produced a phony insurance policy when forced to back up the statement.

    The Bermuda-based company that purportedly issued his policy was itself a sham. It has not issued policies since 2006, when the company operator went to jail for insurance fraud and money laundering, according to legal papers filed Nov. 27 by New Jersey Deputy Attorney General Jeri L. Warhaftig.

    “Brigham also produced a fraudulent receipt for payment for a policy issued by” the sham company, Warhaftig wrote.

Chris Smith

  • ABC covered Rep. Chris Smith’s (pictured left) announcement that the vast majority of health plans offered to Congress and their staffers include abortion coverage:

    The disclosure Wednesday by abortion opponent Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., also highlights an emerging issue nationally: It may be hard for individual consumers to determine whether abortion is a covered benefit in plans offered through the new online insurance markets.

    For government insiders, there’s another twist: Lawmakers and their staffs now appear to be the only federal employees with access to abortion coverage through their government-supported health insurance plans.

    Smith said only nine of the 112 insurance plans offered to members of Congress and their staffs through the Washington, D.C., insurance market exclude abortion as a covered benefit.

[Photo via catholicfire.blogspot.com]

Handing out 12-wk preborn “squish alien” baby models at fair “weird, extreme, unsettling”

HT_precious_one_fetus_model_lpl_130725_4x3t_240[Rob] Port said this was the wrong way of spreading the anti-abortion message. He wrote a blog, “Dear Pro-Lifers: Can You Stop Being a Bunch of Weirdos?” on July 21: “Whatever group is out there trying to promote the pro-life message by handing out squish alien babies, stop. You’re doing more harm than good.”

Dina Butcher, a North Dakota resident who defines herself as a longtime pro-choice Republican, also blasted the group’s decision to distribute the toys in an op-ed in the Grand Forks Herald.

“Judging by the shaped plastic ‘fetuses’ that they threw to children watching the parade at the North Dakota State Fair,” she wrote, the anti-abortion activists “have definitely reached an all-time low in bad taste.”

In a statement to ABC News, Samantha Gordon, director of public affairs for NARAL Pro-Choice America, wrote, “Watching the anti-choice movement attempt to engage the public by using extreme and unsettling tactics is nothing new.”

~ Reaction to Minot Right to Life and North Dakota Right to Life distributing 12-wk-old preborn baby models at the state fair, as quoted by KMBZ, July 25. See a bizarre ABC report on the “stunt” at link.

Davis’s sneakers got 3x the coverage as Gosnell’s severed baby feet

Jivin J pointed to a New York Times article that fawned over “overnight sensation” Wendy Davis, a Democrat Texas state senator who is a big fan of late-term abortions.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg, according to Culture and Media Institute:

Remember the media blackout of the Gosnell trial? Earlier this year, Philadelphia late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell was convicted of three counts of murder – two of them delivering babies and then killing them in his filthy “house of horrors” clinic. He was also found guilty of more than 230 other felony and misdemeanor charges

Pundits and journalists excused the media neglect, saying late term abortion was just too uncomfortable, the descriptions of the clinic too lurid, or dismissing it as a “local” issue. That’s not how the broadcast networks have treated the pro-abortion crusade of Texas Democrat Wendy Davis….

In the 19 days since her June 25 filibuster, ABC, CBS and NBC have devoted 40 minutes, 48 seconds of their morning and evening news programs to stories including Davis. That’s more than three times the 13 minutes 30 seconds they gave Gosnell during the entire 58 days of the murder trial….

Unfortunately, when real evil reared its head in Philadelphia this spring, the networks were missing in action much of the time, and only grudgingly covered Gosnell’s horrific crimes. Nor have they been interested in the behavior of Davis’ most ardent supporters in Texas, who’ve chanted“Hail Satan!” and “F*** the Church” to drown out prolifers, and given little girls signs saying things like, “If I Wanted Government in my Womb, I Would F*** a Senator.”

But hey, they’re busy celebrating Wendy Davis and her rags-to-elegant-white-suit story.


MSM admitted after being called out by Kirsten Powers and the pro-life #Gosnell tweet fest that their pro-abortion bias blinded them on the abortion issue. But the mea culpa obviously hasn’t made a difference in their coverage of the issue.

We need to continue calling them out, although I doubt such examples as the above effect the bulk of them. I still do hold out hope for the rare authentic journalist or for the cumulative effect.

Nevertheless, despite the odds, we are winning in the court of public opinion.

I am only more strongly convicted to press on via new and social media. We are the balance.

Pro-life blog buzz 4-12-13

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email Susie@jillstanek.com.

  • Clinic Quotes has a chilling reminder of the history that we should not forget. Did you know the company that manufactured the poison gas used in Nazi gas chambers is the same company that obtained the patent for chemical abortion drug RU-486?

babies-murdered-down-the-street (1)

  • Abolitionist Society of OK, though sometimes criticized for being judgmental of others in the pro-life movement, has graphics and messaging that speak to the abortion issue without apology. This poster (pictured left; click to enlarge) is no exception:

    A silent church that meets down the street from an abortion mill may have a number of true believers. But if those believers know about abortion and yet do nothing about it, then they are likely in sin and not practicing true Christianity. It is in this sense that one could say that it is merely a “church” – it may contain believers, but if it is not being salt and light in the world around it, then what is its purpose?

  • Abstinence Clearinghouse helps parents prepare their teen for prom season. Let’s not allow “buy the hot dress” and “here’s a condom” to be the only messages they hear.
  • Big Blue Wave exposes the combining of late term “therapeutic” abortions with stillbirth numbers in British Columbia, causing the numbers to increase by 137%. Of course, the mainstream media sees a plus side to this:

    The increase has had a concurrent effect as it has meant fewer births of babies with severe congenital anomalies, a B.C. study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal shows.

    Eugenic philosophy clearly hasn’t gone out of style.

  • Culture Campaign continues to hammer the media blackout of abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s trial:

    [The Media Research Center] reports that there has been no network coverage on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR or PBS, and just one brief mention on CNN.

before I formed you in the womb

  • Live Action promotes the compelling story of well-known Christian artist Ron DiCianni, who was reportedly “saved from abortion minutes before he was scheduled to die” and is now promoting a campaign to get one of his paintings (pictured right; click to enlarge) placed in pregnancy centers – and even in abortion clinics.
  • Bound4Life encourages prayer for Israel, particularly that their attitudes toward the preborn would be changed:

    … [W]omen are forced to serve in the Israeli army and that while they serve they get two free abortions, and most women take advantage of this “free service.” I have since learned that abortion is pushed by authority and preferred. It is almost a rite of passage or a badge of honor for women who serve in the IDF. It is becoming a part of the culture, just like keeping kosher. Women who conceive and choose to keep their child are immediately expelled from the army. They also perform abortions all the way up to 38 weeks, when the child could certainly survive on his or her own. The baby tragically has no rights and is not considered to be a person until the umbilical cord is cut.

    Pregnancy resource centers in Israel also need our prayers and support.

  • Down on the Pharm wonders how far MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry’s comments against “the private notion that children belong to their parents” actually go:

    Now that Planned Parenthood and Obama are Out of the Closet for Infanticide, will the community have anything to say about this?

    At what point of development does the baby become community property?

    Will you be allowed to conceive without village approval?

    Will the community direct when you should have an abortion?

  • The Guiding Star Project has a two-part post containing healing resources for victims of sexual assault:

    According to RAINN.org, young women ages 12-34 are the population at highest risk of becoming victims of sexual assault. What does this statistic tell us? It tells us that rape often occurs during a young woman’s formative years, and that there are a great deal of sexual assault survivors that grow up to be mothers.

[Photos via Abolitionist Society and Live Action]

Steyn: Media silence on abortion and infanticide reflects on America

In 2011, I wrote about mass murder at Kermit Gosnell’s abortion “clinic”:MarkSteyn1

… A man is killing actual living, gurgling, bouncing babies on an industrial scale – and it barely makes the papers.

Had he plunged his scissors into the spinal cord of a Democrat politician in Arizona, then The New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC and everyone else would be linking it to Sarah Palin’s uncivil call for dramatic cuts in government spending.

But “Doctor” Kermit Gosnell’s mound of corpses is apparently entirely unconnected to the broader culture.

And so it goes two years on, at “Doctor” Gosnell’s trial….

[T]he New York Times’ only story on the case is punctilious enough to refer to Gosnell’s victims as “viable fetuses,” and its early paragraphs emphasize the defense’s wearily predictable line that this is a “racist prosecution.” Instead of my Arizona comparison, what about Sandy Hook?

One solitary act of mass infanticide by a mentally-ill loner calls into question the constitutional right to guns, but a sustained conveyor belt of infanticide by an entire cadre of cold-blooded killers apparently has no implications for the constitutional right to abortion….

Gosnell’s murderous regime in Philadelphia reflects on him. The case’s all but total absence from the public discourse reflects on America.

~ Mark Steyn (pictured), National Review Online, March 20

[Photo via last.fm]