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Pro-life blog buzz 5-15-15

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Wesley J. Smith responds to an article in The Atlantic, which blames one million missing Black voters on a higher mortality rate among the Black population. Smith reminds them of another reason:

    But if you really want to find the source of missing African-American voters, it is estimated that more than 10 million African-American babies weren’t born because of abortion. If you really want to find missing black voters, that’s where I think the finger should be pointed. Because of Roe v. Wade, and what some believe to be the targeting of African-Americans by the abortion industry, there are millions of black voters who never had a chance to cast a ballot.

  • New Feminism encourages pro-lifers to join the Stop Surrogacy Now movement, which launched this week and is meant to “bring[] together a worldwide, ethnically, religiously, and culturally diverse group opposed to the exploitation of women and the human trafficking of children through surrogacy.”


  • At Pro-Life Action League, John Jansen writes about the longtime woes of Albany Medical Surgical Center in Chicago, which was recently fined $50,000 for safety violations and had their license revoked. 41 years ago, the facility had similar trouble and was closed by the state. The difference, however, is that the state took quick action the first time these violations occurred. Today, the wheels of justice turn much more slowly for abortion businesses like Albany:

    There are two important takeaways from this story. The first is that there is nothing new about abortion clinics showing utter contempt for the law. It happened then, and it’s been happening ever since.

    But take note also of how swiftly authorities took action at that time once they learned that the Albany facility was operating outside the law. No second chances, no protracted appeals process. Just two options: close, or go to jail.

  • At ProWomanProLife, Faye Sonier writes an open letter to the pro-choice protester who decided to go topless at Canada’s March for Life in support of abortion. Sonia wonders what she thought she was accomplishing:

    Toplessness isn’t shocking anymore, and for a few reasons. First, probably more than half of the March participants are women. They have their own breasts. They aren’t surprised by another pair. Your bare breasts do nothing to persuade them to adopt a pro-choice position.

  • The Survivors discuss three popular reasons used to justify abortion, addressing the misperception that abortion is medical treatment.
  • At Secular Pro-Life, Kasey Jackson discusses the need for pro-life artists in our culture whose work will advance the pro-life movement similar to how Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book sparked the war to end slavery. She writes:

    … [O]ne day, there will be an Uncle Tom’s Cabin for this movement. It’s just too important of a cause for there to NOT be a piece of artwork that eventually inspires a huge paradigm shift….

    But don’t ever stop using your artistic gifts to inspire the change that you want to see in the world – even if the majority of those that agree with you pick apart your work and seem that they couldn’t care less about being inspired.

    For every revolution, there are artists that sparked flames in the hearts of the revolutionaries. And who’s to say that yours can’t be the voice to strike the match?

  • Reflections of a Paralytic features an interview between The Center for Bioethics and Culture president Jennifer Lahl, and Jessica Kern, born via surrogacy. Voices like Jessica’s need to be heard and are too often ignored over the wishes of the parents, with no consideration for how the child may feel in the future about his or her beginnings:

[Image via Pro-Life Action League]

Pro-life blog buzz 4-24-15

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Saynsumthn’s Blog writes of another 911 call from an abortion clinic – this time in Bakersfield, California. The abortionist on duty at the time was Karen Mann, who is also believed to have been the doctor on duty in March when a husband “was forced to call 911 to get help for his wife after her abortion at that facility.”
  • ProLifeBlogs features a post by the Family Research Council which reports that the city of Austin, Texas, is renting a building to Planned Parenthood for $1 per year:

    Planned Parenthood is being charged $1 per year for a city building that is worth $1.86 million and that should cost approximately $7,000 per month to rent.

    This is a fiscally irresponsible move on behalf of the city of Austin and certainly needs to be addressed. Austin could be using revenue from renting this city building to an honorable organization for the amount it is actually worth.


  • At Stand True, Marisa Kwaning posts the inspiring story about how three pro-life leaders in three different states turned their passion for the unborn into active pro-life prayer ministries simultaneously – without consulting each other. Some would call it a coincidence, while others would say it was a “God-incidence”:

    Ten years ago, a burning desire to be a voice for the unborn was ignited in three leaders – in Texas, Virginia and Colorado. Having known each other for years, they rarely see one another aside from national pro-life gatherings. What would happen if we started a dialogue together?

    For the first time, David Bereit of 40 Days for Life, Matt Lockett of Bound4Life and Bryan Kemper of Stand True [pictured left, with the author] share their common yet distinct experiences – and reveal a striking timeline of how public prayer advocacy has thrived in the grassroots pro-life movement.

  • Secular Pro-Life responds to the question, “When pro-lifers applaud mothers who go to their death refusing abortion, is this an indication that we value the baby more than the mother?”:

    I don’t think that necessarily follows. After all, society routinely applauds people who sacrifice their lives for others. Fallen police officers are an obvious example. Memorializing fallen police officers certainly doesn’t imply a judgment that police officers have less moral worth than the people they save.

  • Pro-Life NZ reports on a shocking statistic from the UK: At least 1,000 women aborted for severe morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum):

    Every year 1,000 women in the UK hit by the same pregnancy sickness that afflicted Kate Middleton are aborting their child because they fail to get any help, a study has claimed.

    About 10,000 women a year are affected by the debilitating hyperemesis gravidarum – a severe form of morning sickness which causes constant vomiting, crippling weakness and dehydration.

    A range of treatments are available for the condition, which Kate Middleton suffered from during both her pregnancies.

    But, according to researchers, GPs tend not to prescribe them following the thalidomide scandal 60 years ago. Thalidomide was prescribed for morning sickness, but led to birth defects.


  • Bound4Life has an update on the tremendous victory in Tennessee, where pro-lifers fought their way back from a disastrous TN Supreme Court decision in 2000, which threw out abortion regulations and imposed strict scrutiny on future regulations. This was the result of a lawsuit brought against the state by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. To correct this meant garnering enough support to pass an amendment to the state constitution:

    Amending the State Constitution is an arduous process. It must pass the General Assembly by a simple majority, followed by a super majority, appear on the ballot in a year that a Governor is elected and pass by at least 50 percent plus one (of the number of votes cast for Governor).

    It took 14 years of pro-life advocacy for this measure, Amendment 1, to be on the 2014 ballot. Along the way, it was essential for the pro-life issue to be front and center in elections – changing the political landscape dramatically. The battle to pass this state measure received national attention.

    The grassroots coalition “Yes on 1” was outspent 3 to 1, and all four major city newspapers endorsed the Planned Parenthood position. Funded by out-of-state pro-abortion interests, the “No on 1” campaign even produced what was named “the most dishonest TV ad of the 2014 election season.”

    November 4, 2014 was the moment of truth. The pro-life Amendment 1 relied upon a strong grassroots effort in all 95 counties to win 53% to 47% in Tennessee.

    As a result of this amendment, three new regulations – informed consent, a 48-hour waiting period, and the licensure and inspection of abortion facilities – have passed and are expected to be signed into law by the Governor.

[Stand True photo via Josh M Shepherd; Yes on 1 photo via Yes on 1]

Stories of pro-life activists getting abortions don’t ring true

Emily-Yoffex400x300Guest post by Dr. Michael J. New

Emily Yoffe’s (pictured right) “Dear Prudence” advice column recently included a letter from a “pro-choice” woman who assisted her pro-life activist friend in obtaining an abortion.

The story sounds familiar. Very familiar. In fact, stories about pro-life activists getting abortions mysteriously pop up all the time in pro-abortion literature.

The narrative is always the same.

1) A loud, insensitive pro-life protester or sidewalk counselor gets pregnant and seeks an abortion.

2) She goes to the same clinic where she frequently protests.

3) The reaction from clinic staff ranges from puzzled to amused — but never openly hostile.

4) The abortion is performed and the clinic staff always agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the pro-lifer.

5) The pro-lifer resumes picketing or protesting.

These stories frankly fail to hold water for several reasons.

  • Why would the pro-lifer obtain an abortion from the clinic she was protesting at? She would risk being noticed by the other sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors. She would also risk the clinic “outing” her. It would make far more sense to go to another clinic.
  • Why would the abortion clinic perform an abortion on an avowed pro-life activist? Wouldn’t they be concerned that the pro-lifer might be a spy? Wouldn’t they be concerned that it might be some kind of sting operation?
  • Why would the clinic be so eager to maintain the confidentiality of a clinic protestor?
  • And in the version that appeared in Dear Prudence, the pro-lifer goes to the clinic while wearing an elaborate disguise. I doubt anyone would want to undergo an invasive surgical procedure while in disguise. Furthermore, wouldn’t clinic staff, who would be in close contact with the woman, notice the disguise? Wouldn’t they be concerned
    about performing an abortion on someone who was clearly trying to conceal her identity?

In the end, Yoffe (who identifies as “pro-choice”) chose to publish this letter and encourage the the pro-choice writer to confront her pro-life friend about her apparent hypocrisy. She should have done more diligence.

[Photo of Emily Yoffe via advocate.com]

Pro-life blog buzz 4-3-15

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Right to Life of Michigan says Michigan abortionist Alberto Hodari, who is now retired and no longer licensed, “unlawfully left thousands of patient files unattended at [his] former abortion clinic in Flint.”
  • Pro-Life NZ believes New Zealand’s population decline can be attributed to the country’s legalized abortion rate:

    New Zealand is experiencing a demographic decline, which is a real problem confronting governments in Asia, Russia and Europe; an aging population and too few babies born to support them in the future.


  • Wesley J. Smith recalls the agonizing death of Terri Schindler Schiavo ten years ago. Terri was not in the process of dying naturally when her nutrition and hydration were removed, and Smith takes issue with those who try to say her death was peaceful, not painful.
  • At Stand True, Bryan Kemper also recalls Terri Schiavo’s death and the wide range of people affected by her plight:

    I talked to many of the behind-the-scenes media people who were obviously shaken by this tragedy. I saw people from all different walks of life and political and religious backgrounds taking a stand. There were many non-Christian people there in support of Terri, and dozens of handicapped people from a group called Not Dead Yet. I even spent time in prayer with the Rev. Jesse Jackson as he came to help the family and speak out for Terri. I never in a million years would have believed that I would sit in a room praying with Randall Terry, Jesse Jackson and Sean Hannity.

  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life reports that a bill is once again being introduced to prohibit taxpayer-funded abortions. After a similar bill passed in 2011, it was vetoed by Governor Mark Dayton:

    After 18 years of taxpayer-funded abortions, Minnesotans have funded more than 69,000 abortions at a cost of $21.5 million, according to a just-released report from the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). Taxpayer-funded abortions numbered almost 3,400 in Minnesota in 2013; nearly all of those abortions were elective….

    Polls continue to show that most Minnesotans and most Americans are opposed to taxpayer funded abortions, yet they continue to be forced to pay for them.


  • ProLifeBlogs links to Operation Rescue’s report on an ambulance call – the second one this year – to Family Planning Associates in Bakersfield, California.
  • Secular Pro-Life continues their series on abortion clinic websites, this time exposing The Downtown Women’s Center in Portland, Oregon, which appears to claim abortion is so safe that there has not been a single death from this procedure since it was legalized in 1973:

    Not a single death from abortion since it was legalized in 1973? That’s demonstrably false. Setting aside the deaths of the preborn, twelve women died from legal abortions in the U.S. in 2008 alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

    Perhaps Downtown Women’s Center’s ambiguous statement only meant to claim that there has never been a death due to legal abortion in Oregon. It didn’t take long for me to find one: Loretta Morton, a 16-year-old who died of an abortion-related pulmonary embolism in 1984. Although I’m unable to access her death certificate, she apparently died in Multnomah County, Oregon (which includes Portland). Several years later, her death was mentioned in a scholarly article in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

[Photos via people.com, lifenews.com]

Abortion pill “spa” aims to erase stigma with bathrobes and tea

by Kelli


At Carafem, staff members plan to greet clients with warm teas, comfortable robes and a matter-of-fact attitude.

“We don’t want to talk in hushed tones,” said Carafem president Christopher Purdy. “We use the A-word.”…

Because Carafem will offer only the abortion pill, not vacuum aspiration or other surgical procedures, prospective clients must be no more than 10 weeks pregnant….

After receiving counseling and some basic tests, Carafem clients will take an initial pill at the clinic. Purdy’s team expects to get them in and out quickly, within about 60 minutes. They will be sent home with a second set of pills to take the next day. The second dose induces the abortion, which resembles a miscarriage, typically within six hours.

By offering only pharmaceutical abortions, Purdy says, he can avoid purchasing expensive surgical equipment and keep prices low for clients. The average pharmaceutical abortion cost about $500 in the United States in 2011, Guttmacher figures show; Purdy plans to charge around $400.

Another striking aspect of the project is the design: The clinic will have wood floors and a natural wood tone on the walls that recalls high-end salons such as Aveda. Appointments, offered evenings and weekends, can be booked online or via a 24-hour hotline.

“It was important for us to try to present an upgraded, almost spa-like feel,” said Melissa S. Grant, vice president of health services for the clinic.

If the project is successful, Purdy says, he hopes to expand his model to other states.

“It’s fresh, it’s modern, it’s clean, it’s caring,” he said. “That’s the brand we’re trying to create.”

~ Sandhya Somashekhar, The Washington Post, March 30

[Photo via essence.com]

Pro-life blog buzz 3-17-15

pro-lifeby Kelli

  • Right to Life of Michigan reports that Democrats in the U.S. Senate “voted to block the Justice for Victims of Human Trafficking Act because it did not include abortion funding.”
  • At ProWomanProLife, Andrea Mrozek points out a “mistake pro-lifers frequently make” – assuming that a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy really cares about whether or not she is carrying another human being:

    If you ask counsellors who see a lot of women facing unplanned pregnancies, they will confirm that fetal development is not something women are asking about. I believe it would be wise to recognize this as the pro-life movement….

    A woman in this situation, she says, is most concerned about her own survival.


  • Survivors has a good post on how to answer the hard pro-life questions, like, “Would you force a woman to carry her rapist’s child?”

    The other day, I got into an hour-long conversation about abortion with a man and a woman. They seemed interested to get their questions answered and to find out my views and the team’s views on abortion and the hard questions. As we moved through our discussion, we came to the conclusion that since the fetus has human parents and is growing, it must be a living human being. Abortion, they agreed, is wrong since it would kill that living human being, but they had one major issue with our cause that was preventing us from moving further in our discussion. Their biggest issue was rape.

    “What about rape? Would you force a woman to carry her rapist’s child? What if the woman looks into her child’s eyes and sees her rapist? It’s hardly even a child to her, it’s a monster. Why can’t she get an abortion to be rid of the monster?”

    How would you answer this question?

  • Wesley J. Smith shares some shocking (but not altogether unpredictable) news out of Belgium:

    A study out of Flanders, published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that 18% of patients deaths come either from lethal injection/assisted suicide or from being put into a deep coma and left to die.

    “Recent Trends in Euthanasia and Other End-of-Life Practices in Belgium,” reports that 6.3% of Flanders’ deaths involved “physician-assisted death.”…

    If the same percentages were applied to the United States, it would mean that roughly 150,000 would die yearly from euthanasia/assisted suicide (6% of 2.5 million annual USA deaths) – and a whopping 450,000 when terminal sedation was included.


  • Secular Pro-Life has discovered that an abortion clinic may have actually violated a Disney trademarked service:

    For those of you who haven’t visited a Disney park, FastPass is a program that allows you to skip to the front of the line for rides. In essence, it saves your place in line while you do other things in the park. It’s a free service.

    That is not the description you’ll find on the South Wind Women’s Center website….

    Front of the line for your abortion! Enjoy fond memories of your family summer vacation!

    Unsurprisingly, Disney has trademarked the FastPass name. It has a small army of intellectual property lawyers and takes this kind of thing very seriously. I have made them aware.

[Images via Survivors and Disney/Secular Pro-Life]

Inspections unfair, says owner of IL abortion clinic where patient died

rozanskyby Kelli

I tried to help women to get legal abortions.

If someone wants to work against that, there’s nothing I can do.

~ Abortion clinic owner Larisa Rozansky (pictured right), whose now-closed Women’s Aid Clinic owes (and has thus far refused to pay) $36,000 in fines for the death of patient Antonesha Ross, as well as for more than 15 other violations found by Illinois state health inspectors, as quoted by the Chicago Tribune, February 16

Rozansky has reopened under a new (but similar) name, thereby attempting to skirt the fines.

[Photo via Facebook]

Abortion proponents in uproar over pro-life handcuff mailer


The abortion lobby has taken note of Pro-Life Action League’s mailer project and doesn’t like it.

On January 22, the 42nd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision, the League sent a mailer to every abortion clinic in the U.S.

Inside was a pair of plastic handcuffs, a photo of Oklahoma City abortionist Naresh Patel being arrested last month, and a note asking, “Could you be next?”


The note encouraged abortion workers to get out of the business for their own good and included PLAL’s Eric Scheidler’s personal cell phone number.

The list of abortionists and workers who have been arrested in the past four decades since abortion was been legal and supposedly moved off the back alley is as long as the reasons: extortion, tax evasion, sex abuse, drug abuse, illegally prescribing and selling drugs, murder, negligence, on and on. criminality.

And it makes sense. Those in the business of killing babies for a living have already demonstrated rather gaping character flaws. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude they’ll commit other crimes.

But abortion proponents are up in arms. Quoting Planned Parenthood executive VP Dawn Laguens from a Cosmopolitan article devoted to the mailer:

“I think it reads like what it is: intimidation and harassment and a very implied threat,” she said. Abortion opponents “want to outlaw abortion and put women and doctors in jail. I think they’re sending about as clear a message as they can that that’s exactly what they want to do.”

How PLAL’s mailer could be construed as a threat to lock up women is a stretch, but Cosmo wasn’t alone. Kudos to BreitbartUnmasked.com for adding an illustration for flourish….


leftinalabama.com saw menace in the mailer as well, also accusing PLAL of supporting China’s one-child policy by buying Chinese-manufactured handcuffs – really.

I asked Scheidler, why all the attention? It’s not as if pro-life activists haven’t done similar mailings before.

“One reason is they think it makes us look like we’re trying to intimidate someone,” said Scheidler. “But if you think about it for more than a second – toy handcuffs and a signed letter including a personal cell number – a threat of what? If you’re committing crimes and I know about it, then I am going to turn you into the police; that’s not a threat.”

10390410_870043059709307_1527616349872351724_n (1)Eric noted the League gets pro-abortion counterparts – mailers with red coat hangers on them.

“We just laugh,” said Scheidler.

But PLAL’s mailer also hit close to home.

“I think they have a guilty conscience,” noted Scheidler. “Arrests like that of Naresh Patel put them in such a bad light. It exposes them for who they are. It has been really surprising to have two abortion providers actually call me as a result of the mailer – a pro-life activist – to try to justify what they’re doing.”

One, Anise Burrell from Summit Medical Center in Detroit, argued with Scheidler on the phone for 10 minutes.

“She kept repeating, ‘This is an ugly cruel world’ she was sparing children from being born into,” said Scheidler.

Abortion industry types know mailers such as PLAL’s may have the intended impact and prompt abortionists and workers to walk away. Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards tried to mitigate the damage in a tweet…

Scheidler has indeed received calls and texts from workers wanting out.

But there is a flip side.

“I’ve received countless crank calls and crank texts,” noted Scheidler, adding someone complained to Facebook about him yesterday, which led to his account being suspended for three hours.

Then there are real the real harassers.