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Stanek weekend question II: Do you agree no one who worships the God of Abraham could possibly have voted for Obama?


Louie Verrecchio is one of Catholic News Agency’s longest running columnists. He wrote an oped this week, reposted by American Life League, that contained several strong statements and one profound one, underlined. Verrecchio was writing to Catholics but Protestants could certainly be included in much of his denouncement.

Cardinal Dolan accents Life and religious freedom more at DNC than RNC

Cardinal Dolan must have thought Democrats needed more prayer cover than Republicans. His closing prayer at the Republican National Convention was 544 words, while at the Democratic National Convention it was 700 words. (Text of both here.)

Dolan began his prayer at both conventions with either an intentional or unintentional slight of Islam: “Almighty God, father of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus…” but not Ishmael, Abraham’s firstborn son by his wife’s maidservant Hagar, considered Muhammad’s ancestor.

Not many people likely noticed that, but I did, and I’m sure Muslims in the room fumed. (Photo right is of a prayer gathering of 300 Muslims in Charlotte before the launch of the DNC.)

In other words, Cardinal Dolan made sure everyone in the audience – and God – knew he was praying not to some ambiguous deity, of which so many are worshiped in the Democratic Party, particularly earth. It was a quiet, brilliant stroke of loyalty and defiance, IMO.

But moving on.

Many words in both prayers were similar, if not identical.


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