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Pro-life blog buzz 4-24-15

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Saynsumthn’s Blog writes of another 911 call from an abortion clinic – this time in Bakersfield, California. The abortionist on duty at the time was Karen Mann, who is also believed to have been the doctor on duty in March when a husband “was forced to call 911 to get help for his wife after her abortion at that facility.”
  • ProLifeBlogs features a post by the Family Research Council which reports that the city of Austin, Texas, is renting a building to Planned Parenthood for $1 per year:

    Planned Parenthood is being charged $1 per year for a city building that is worth $1.86 million and that should cost approximately $7,000 per month to rent.

    This is a fiscally irresponsible move on behalf of the city of Austin and certainly needs to be addressed. Austin could be using revenue from renting this city building to an honorable organization for the amount it is actually worth.


  • At Stand True, Marisa Kwaning posts the inspiring story about how three pro-life leaders in three different states turned their passion for the unborn into active pro-life prayer ministries simultaneously – without consulting each other. Some would call it a coincidence, while others would say it was a “God-incidence”:

    Ten years ago, a burning desire to be a voice for the unborn was ignited in three leaders – in Texas, Virginia and Colorado. Having known each other for years, they rarely see one another aside from national pro-life gatherings. What would happen if we started a dialogue together?

    For the first time, David Bereit of 40 Days for Life, Matt Lockett of Bound4Life and Bryan Kemper of Stand True [pictured left, with the author] share their common yet distinct experiences – and reveal a striking timeline of how public prayer advocacy has thrived in the grassroots pro-life movement.

  • Secular Pro-Life responds to the question, “When pro-lifers applaud mothers who go to their death refusing abortion, is this an indication that we value the baby more than the mother?”:

    I don’t think that necessarily follows. After all, society routinely applauds people who sacrifice their lives for others. Fallen police officers are an obvious example. Memorializing fallen police officers certainly doesn’t imply a judgment that police officers have less moral worth than the people they save.

  • Pro-Life NZ reports on a shocking statistic from the UK: At least 1,000 women aborted for severe morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum):

    Every year 1,000 women in the UK hit by the same pregnancy sickness that afflicted Kate Middleton are aborting their child because they fail to get any help, a study has claimed.

    About 10,000 women a year are affected by the debilitating hyperemesis gravidarum – a severe form of morning sickness which causes constant vomiting, crippling weakness and dehydration.

    A range of treatments are available for the condition, which Kate Middleton suffered from during both her pregnancies.

    But, according to researchers, GPs tend not to prescribe them following the thalidomide scandal 60 years ago. Thalidomide was prescribed for morning sickness, but led to birth defects.


  • Bound4Life has an update on the tremendous victory in Tennessee, where pro-lifers fought their way back from a disastrous TN Supreme Court decision in 2000, which threw out abortion regulations and imposed strict scrutiny on future regulations. This was the result of a lawsuit brought against the state by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. To correct this meant garnering enough support to pass an amendment to the state constitution:

    Amending the State Constitution is an arduous process. It must pass the General Assembly by a simple majority, followed by a super majority, appear on the ballot in a year that a Governor is elected and pass by at least 50 percent plus one (of the number of votes cast for Governor).

    It took 14 years of pro-life advocacy for this measure, Amendment 1, to be on the 2014 ballot. Along the way, it was essential for the pro-life issue to be front and center in elections – changing the political landscape dramatically. The battle to pass this state measure received national attention.

    The grassroots coalition “Yes on 1” was outspent 3 to 1, and all four major city newspapers endorsed the Planned Parenthood position. Funded by out-of-state pro-abortion interests, the “No on 1” campaign even produced what was named “the most dishonest TV ad of the 2014 election season.”

    November 4, 2014 was the moment of truth. The pro-life Amendment 1 relied upon a strong grassroots effort in all 95 counties to win 53% to 47% in Tennessee.

    As a result of this amendment, three new regulations – informed consent, a 48-hour waiting period, and the licensure and inspection of abortion facilities – have passed and are expected to be signed into law by the Governor.

[Stand True photo via Josh M Shepherd; Yes on 1 photo via Yes on 1]

ACLU to religious groups: Pay for illegal immigrants’ abortions, contraceptives

aclu_religionandbeliefby Kelli

… [T]he ACLU wants to force religious organizations to pay for abortions for illegal immigrants who have been raped and become pregnant.

The civil rights group also wants religious groups which receive federal funding to give out free or subsidized contraception, suggesting that such assistance is necessary “to meet the basic needs” of underage teen illegal immigrants.

The faith-based organizations “impose their religious beliefs on these teens by denying them access to contraception, emergency contraception, and abortion,” the ACLU argued….

As the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops gently explained in February, forcing a Catholic group or an evangelical group to pay for abortions or contraception creates “moral concerns.”

The new rule would leave faith-based groups with no choice but “to restrict their work,” which “could create an unmanageable backlog for services” for unaccompanied minor children.

“We believe that, through practical discussions, we can find a resolution that allows the government to fulfill its obligation to care for unaccompanied children, while also respecting the religious and moral beliefs of faith-based organization that, to date, have provided such critical care for this vulnerable population,” the bishops’ group said.

Six out of the nine national refugee resettlement groups in the United States are faith-based agencies….

~ Eric Owens, discussing the latest fang-baring against the Catholic Church, this time regarding the Church’s refusal to add abortion and contraception to the aid they provide illegal immigrants, The Daily Caller, April 6

[Image via prohuman.net]

Churches file federal complaint to stop CA from forcing abortion insurance coverage

Central-Baptist-HattiesburgDuring U.S. Supreme Court arguments on the Hobby Lobby case, liberals mocked Justice Kennedy for asking the Obama administration’s lawyer whether its contraception mandate could also force for-profit companies to cover abortions in their insurance policies.

Only five months later liberals have taken this to the unimaginable extreme: On August 22, the California Department of Managed Health Care announced that all employers offering health insurance – not just for-profit but also nonprofit, religious institutions, and churches – had to provide coverage for all elective abortions.

How it happened

Last fall the ACLU, working with pro-abortion employees at two Catholic universities in California, filed a complaint with DMHC demanding the schools offer abortion insurance. The employees won. DMHC suddenly decided abortion fell under under a 40-year-old California law requiring employers to cover “basic health care services.”

DMHC notified California insurance companies, which began notifying companies. Here is one such insurance letter sent to a church. Click to enlarge…

California demands churches cover abortion in insurance plans

In September, Life Legal Defense Foundation and Alliance Defending Freedom filed a federal complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on behalf of pro-life employees from those universities who oppose abortion coverage in their insurance plans.

Churches respond

Yesterday, the two pro-life organizations filed a new federal complaint with HHS on behalf of seven California churches that do not want to cover abortions in their employee insurance plans.

As letters from insurance companies roll out, more churches are sure to join this complaint, if necessary.

The action taken by DMHC directly violates the federal Weldon Amendment, which states no federal funds will be dispensed to any government agency that discriminates against any health care entity for not covering abortions.

California, of course, receives billions of dollars annually from the federal government, which should immediately shut off the funding spigot to the state for this gross violation.

HHS is responsible to enforce the Weldon Amendment.

There is no time table under which HHS is obligated to respond.

If HHS doesn’t stop DMHC in a timely manner, Casey Mattox of ADF told me in a phone interview today the churches will consider filing legal action.

Too crazy to be true – not

“What’s really frightening is that when you think of worst case scenarios, this goes beyond that,” said Mattox. “Progressives will always progress. Now they want churches to pay for abortions. Where will they go next? Nothing will satisfy them.”

Mattox said it’s time to wake up. “It’s not as if abortion zealots are going to look around one day and decide they have pushed their agenda far enough, Mattox said. “They ‘re going to keep pushing, and people who respect conscience and life have to fight back just as hard.”

Mattox noted that letters from insurance companies are trickling out, and some carriers may never notify a church about the new abortion normal, so many are still unaware.

“This is all so crazy it’s difficult to convince churches they’re now covering abortions,” noted Mattox. “But California churches must be proactive and call their insurance companies to confirm.”

If you represent a California church and would like to join the federal complaint, contact Mattox at www.alliancedefendingfreedom.org/legal-help  or 1-800-Tell-ADF, or LLDF’s Catherine Short at info@LLDF.org or 1-707-224-6675.

Help needed from pro-life/conscience legislators

Kevin McCarthy pls help stop California from forcing churches to provide abortion insurance!In addition, California state legislators and members of Congress need to step up to the plate to stop this gross violation of the First Amendment.

Republican Kevin McCarthy represents California’s 23rd District and was just elected Majority Leader of the House.

Legislators like McCarthy are urged to tell DMHC to stop the insanity, or tell the Executive Branch to enforce the Weldon Amendment.

Pro-life blog buzz 9-12-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Pro-Life Action League is promoting the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children tomorrow, Sept. 13:

    Of the 95 sites where memorial services will be held, 42 are actual gravesites of aborted children whose bodies were recovered from dumpsters and other improper resting places by pro-life activists.

    You can find the location of a memorial service near you by visiting the list of sites.

  • At The Catholic View for Women, Janet Morana thinks Wendy Davis‘ abortion revelation showed complications of post abortion grieving and the need for restoration and healing.

    The pro-abortion activity and public confession of her abortion also serve as a powerful outlet for the complicated grief, guilt and anger that needs to be continually repressed… but struggles to find expression. Anti-abortion activists and public political activity that highlights our nation’s contentious struggle with this issue, become a convenient target for anger and rage at one’s spouse, self, God and others involved in the abortion decision.

    Perhaps we can revisit the abortion filibuster of June 2013 and see in this very public action on behalf of abortion rights as being closely connected to her incomplete abortion healing. At great personal sacrifice she labors for hours on end, without food and water… to fight what she sees as draconian abortion restrictions. I would suggest that what was driving this display may be closely related to the abortion disrupting her body’s ability to go through the natural labor process… which she displaces onto a dramatic, lengthy and painful filibuster process.


  • Pro Life 365 supports the Catholic Church in opposing IVF. Writing, “Let us consider just how quickly using this technology can, and already has spun out of control,” the author cites the real life case of Cindy Close (pictured left) to show he is not exaggerating.

    Close was impregnated via IVF, with no biological connection to the twins she delivered.  She thought she was going to raise them with the sperm donor, Marvin McMurrey, in a platonic relationship, but the couple ended up in court when he said he wanted sole custody to raise the children with his gay lover.

  • Big Blue Wave remembers a fascinating court case in Tennessee 25 years ago that heard expert witness testimony from Dr.  Jerome Lejeune of France. The judge became the first in U.S. history to affirm that “life begins at conception based on that testimony.”
  • Pro Life in TN picks up the story on this groundbreaking case of a divorcing couple fighting over custody of frozen “pre-embryos.”  The fight went all the way to the Tennessee Supreme Court, which disregarded that expert testimony and granted custody to the husband, who wanted the embryos destroyed. The legal opinion in that finding inspired  the Tennessee ACLU and Planned Parenthood to sue the state to remove abortion statutes already in place.

    What started with this historic ruling will be resolved this November when the people will vote on  a constitutional amendment that would allow the General Assembly to once again place regulations around abortion. This battle is gaining national attention.


  • Jason Jones (pictured right) at Catholic Vote has a strong, no holds barred message for self-identified Catholics and other Christians who embrace the pro-choice viewpoint or trivialize abortion by putting it on the same plane as other social/economic issues:

    As the father of a girl who was aborted against my will – and her mother’s will – one of millions of abortion’s unmentioned victims, I say: “No way.” I demand that my fellow Catholics who claim to be pro-life stop trivializing the legal execution of my preborn daughter by equating it with far-flung political issues that well-meaning people are free to argue about.

    There are many answers to addressing the plague of poverty, many of which don’t even involve the government. There is one answer to legalized mass murder, and it does involve the government. Just as civil rights could only be enforced by government action, so abortion can only be stopped when doctors who try to perform them end up in chain gangs. Anyone who tells you different really doesn’t care about ending abortion. And it’s time that we called them out on it.

anti-date-rape-nail-polish-will-not-work (1)

  • Secular Pro Life features an article by pro-life feminist Caitlin Fikes that compares the anti-rape nail polish remedy to the issue of abortion:

    However, many feminists and anti-rape activists have raised some very valid criticisms of the nail polish, its implications, and the kind of attention it’s getting. While the nail polish may indeed prevent some women from getting raped (and obviously, every rape avoided is a Good Thing), examining this invention in the context of rape culture still raises important concerns.

    For example, every precaution that places the onus on women to employ an ever-growing anti-rape checklist raises the possibility of victim-blaming: should this product become widespread, whenever a woman is drugged and raped there will invariably be voices saying, “This could have been avoided if only she was wearing her anti-roofie nail polish. How irresponsible.”

    What does this have to do with abortion, you ask? You may be surprised to find that there are many parallels between the criticisms feminists levy against this nail polish and the criticisms pro-life feminists raise about the prevalence of abortion.

Pro-life blog buzz 7-18-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • The Catholic View for Women says “CNN is reporting that, according to a study published in the journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system (LNG-IUS) or progesterone-releasing IUD, may be associated with a higher than expected incidence of breast cancer.” The jury still appears to be out on this one, but CVW wonders if women will be given this information of potential risk:

    What caught my eye, though, is that levonorgestrel, a hormone that regulates ovulation, is also the used in the Plan B contraceptive, better known as the morning after pill. Millions of American women are now going to receive the IUD and Plan B free, thanks to Obamacare, and most of them will have no idea they could be increasing their risk of breast cancer.

    Is it possible that most women are unaware of the health risks associated with hormonal contraception in general?


  • A Drop in the Ocean notes a growing anti-child mentality among Americans, citing articles like “I’m Not Prejudiced, I Just Don’t Like 25% of Humanity”? and “26 Important Reminders Why Birth Control Exists.” In a world that denounces prejudices of all kinds, it appears that being prejudiced against children is considered acceptable. Perhaps it is true, as the author says, that “[h]ating kids doesn’t say anything about them, but it says a lot about you.”

    It seems odd to hate a people group to which all of us once belonged.

  • At Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, Reggie Littlejohn says the tweaking of China’s One-Child Policy to occasionally allow a second child is a technical modification at best and does nothing to prevent sex trafficking:

    Allowing a relatively small number of families to have a second child will not end gendercide or sexual slavery in China. The selective abortion and abandonment of baby girls is most prevalent in the countryside, where couples already can have a second child if the first child is a girl. Even if the most recent modification were to improve gender ratios at birth, the impact on sexual slavery would not be felt for decades to come. What about all the women and girls who are being trafficked now? The TIP Report does not cite any effective new initiatives by the CCP to help current victims of sexual slavery.


  • Wesley J. Smith reports that the ACLU is currently “trolling for clients to become litigants in lawsuits aimed at breaking the backs of people who withhold ‘medical’ services based on their religion”. Since the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is federal law, the ACLU has instead decided to take the battle to the states:

    [T]he ACLU intends to force religious objectors to participate in… Abortions; Information about Washington’s Death with Dignity Act; Referral to support organizations or cooperating providers to assist a patient in using Washington’s Death with Dignity Act; Allow medical providers to participate in Washington’s Death with Dignity Act… Palliative care/nursing support for patients who choose to stop eating and drinking to allow natural death[e.g., participation in suicide by starvation, not a natural death]. Pharmacy dispensary [e.g, forced dispensing of drugs used in assisted suicide, RU 486 abortions, etc.]…

    But the RFRA does not apply to state law! The ACLU troll for clients shows that we are about to see a concerted attack on religious freedom at the state level – with the intent to drive certain religious, pro life, and/or Hippocratic medical professionals out of medicine altogether, and break the spine of religious liberty in the name of reigning secular moral agendas imposed through the medical context.

[Cartoon via faithandthelaw.wordpress.com]

Pro-life blog buzz 7-4-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Right to Life of Michigan reminds Hillary Clinton – as she rambles incoherently about the Hobby Lobby decision that she opposes – that her own version of a 1994 healthcare bill included conscience protections:
    The 1994 legislation gave “any employer” an exemption from purchasing health care that covered “abortion or other services” if “the employer objects to such services on the basis of a religious belief or moral conviction.”


  • At Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, Reggie Littlejohn tells how a WRWF undercover field worker learned of the potential coercive abortion of a full-term baby girl. They were able to tell the mother of their “Save a Girl” program:
    Our fieldworker reassured her that we are helping other families keep their girls too because we believe that girls matter just as much as boys. We offered to give the family a monthly stipend for a year, to help them support their new daughter. With our help, Bao Yu’s mother was able to stand against the cultural tide of son-preference and give birth to precious baby Bao Yu [pictured left].
  • Real Choice recalls her history with journalist Diane Sawyer, who once labeled a bombshell of a story about an abortionist as a “non-story”:
    After the allegations of patient A.A. became public, a warrant was issued for [Dr. Lawson] Akpulonu’s arrest on charges of rape. He fled. His whereabouts are still unknown. He and his facility remain “a non-story,” very much like the way the “house of horrors” Kermit Gosnell was running in Pennsylvania was dismissed by Sawyer-caliber journalists as just “a local story” and not worth a second glance on their part.Diane Sawyer, if she’d had a shred of journalistic integrity, would have skulked off in vile disgrace after the Akpulonu story broke no thanks to her. Instead, she continued to pick and choose what the public should know about for decades. Her departure from the newsroom is a long overdue good riddance to bad rubbish.


  • Secular Pro-Life points out that the real war on women is happening with the help of Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, which are supporting two Wisconsin abortionists who can’t manage to obtain admitting privileges. Abortionists Dennis Christensen and Bernard Smith (both pictured) deserve to be poster-children for the necessity of abortion facility inspections:
    Christensen’s Rockford, Illinois… was inspected on September 15, 2011, when inspectors found that all three of the abortion rooms “failed to ensure a sanitary environment.” Surgical instruments were not sanitized, and “brown substances” were found on surgical equipment and gloves. Inspectors also discovered that Christensen had no hospital privileges and failed to have a registered nurse present during invasive procedures as required in that state. The Illinois Department of Public Health issued a closure order five days later….

[Smith] was involved in two medical emergencies on the same day in April, 2011. A previous complaint lodged in 2007 concerning other medical emergencies at AMS involving Smith went unheeded.

  • Students for Life comments on the shameless award Planned Parenthood gave their facility in Aurora, Colorado, for exceeding their abortion quota.
  • John Smeaton advertises three paid internships in London this summer, which will “provide[] an excellent induction for those seeking to ‘learn the ropes’ of a leading pro-life organisation. Many interns have gone on to work in the pro-life or political sphere.”


  • A Voice for Hope posts a sobering picture (left)with a thought provoking question: Are you like him?
  • Wesley J. Smith says a “new study reports that women who use donated eggs in IVF have a greater likelihood of dying”. It can also be dangerous for the donors themselves:
    Women who have IVF babies using donor eggs could be much more at risk for a common but potentially dangerous complication of pregnancy, warn researchers. A new study shows a threefold higher risk of hypertension – high blood pressure – and an even higher risk of pre-eclampsia.

Pre-eclampsia is a severe disorder of high blood pressure in pregnancy that is potentially fatal for the mother and baby and the only cure is to deliver the baby surgically. The use of donor eggs in IVF (in vitro fertilisation) is increasingly common among older women trying for a baby who have no eggs of their own.

But French researchers say the pregnancies of egg donation patients are at a higher risk of disorders caused by high blood pressure, than the pregnancies of IVF patients using their own eggs. They found almost one in five pregnant women using a donated egg developed hypertension, compared with one in 20 women using their own eggs during IVF.

Altogether 11 per cent of women using donor eggs suffered pre-eclampsia, compared with less than three per cent of women using their own eggs.

[Abortionist photos via Illinois Review]

Urge Obama administration to act in release of Meriam Ibrahim and children

Meriam Ibrahim and Daniel WaniOn May 22 I wrote about then-eight months pregnant Dr. Meriam Ibrahim, who is facing death by hanging in a Sudanese prison because she refuses to renounce her Christian faith for Islam.

Ibrahim has been further sentenced to receive 100 lashes for marrying a Christian man, Daniel Wani (wedding photo right). Wani is a naturalized American citizen.

The couple’s 20-month-old son Martin is imprisoned with his mother.

On May 27, Ibrahim gave birth early to daughter Maya while still shackled, reportedly. I can’t imagine. Here are the first photos released…

article-0-1E52461A00000578-634_634x844 article-2643466-1E5542B700000578-322_634x417-1

While it is possible the Obama administration has been working behind the scenes to secure the release of Ibrahim and her newborn baby and toddler, there is no outward display of outrage. As Shadow.ForeignPolicy.com noted:

We could speculate that the Obama administration’s reluctance to more forcefully rebuke heinous acts like this have allowed this kind of barbarity to survive and grow, but that is an argument for another day….

So far, the Obama administration has done too little diplomatically while leaving it to NGOs like the American Center for Law and Justice and Amnesty International to do the heavy lifting. A cause like Ibrahim’s should be trumpeted regularly; Obama should make it his cause by noting the nationality of her husband and child. He should excoriate the persecutors in clear and forceful terms. But even more than that, the president should affirm that those who commit these atrocities will never have the friendship of the United States. They might hold seats at the U.N. and on its Human Rights Council, but they cannot be trusted to keep faith with the Declaration’s principles, and that we will seek to thwart them until they reform. This stance would embolden our staunchest allies and shame into action our reluctant allies.

There is no room in the world for people who torture and kill women. We have come a long way toward stamping out the Dark Age brutality that was once the hallmark of state power, but that work is still far from done. The case of Meriam Ibrahim is exactly the kind of injustice that the Obama administration should stand against and prove that it is as committed as ever to that mission.

Feminists would also seem like natural defenders of Ibrahim, particularly since the ACLU, along with pro-abortion groups NARAL and Planned Parenthood, have championed opposition to the shackling of pregnant mothers in U.S. prisons.

But a Google search of all three groups, plus the National Organization for Women, shows no results for “Meriam Ibrahim.”

Why the reticence on the part of feminists to use their bully pulpit to draw attention to the plight of Ibrahim and her children? I can think of no other explanation than the groups are averse to Christianity. Were Ibrahim a Muslim shackled in a U.S. jail, I’m sure we would hear them roar.

Fortunately, the Family Research Council and Congressman Trent Franks have taken up Meriam’s cause.

Khartoum prison where Meriam Ibrahim is shackledFRC has launched a petition drive at WhiteHouse.gov, and if 100,000 sign it, Obama will be forced to issue a response. The petition notes that “a 2008 U.N. document reported as having an infant mortality rate of one per day in the summer” in Ibrahim’s prison, pictured right.

Congressman Franks has introduced H. R. 601, calling for Ibrahim’s release. Go here to send an email to your representative urging him or her to support this resolution.

[Photos of Ibrahim, her children, and the Khartoum prison all via The Daily Mail]

Pro-life blog buzz 2-21-14

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email Susie@jillstanek.com.

  • At New Wave Feminists, our latest blog addition, Destiny says that her son, for whom she chose life when she experienced an unplanned pregnancy as a teen, was “the best thing that ever happened” to her. Rather than ruining her life, he made her strong:

    Had I aborted him it would’ve been out of nothing but fear and panic. I would be living in bondage and regret to this day. Through bringing him into this world though I became a feminist, an activist, an advocate for women whose shoes I’ve traveled in. And because of that unplanned pregnancy I found out I was stronger than I ever knew I was. In my opinion, that’s what true feminism is all about.


  • At thirtyone8, guest blogger Lydia Mead notes why Christians in particular should not wait to feel “called” to do something about abortion:

    The other day… I was asked what I’d been doing before our child arrived. There was a hushed silence and the conversation moved quickly on to other topics when I explained how I’d worked in a crisis pregnancy centre, receiving calls from abortion seeking women and girls. When you mention the A-word amongst your good Christian friends or church folk, you’ve overstepped: there isn’t any place for a verbal exchange on the brutal reality of abortion amongst polite, Christian people. The gut feeling you get from your church is – if you’re going to go out and do something awkward and uncomfortable, then it should be evangelism. We’ll pray for you to go and do that in India or an African country; we’ll even send you some money now and then. But abortion’s too horrible to entertain as a thought, let alone to discuss or do anything about….

So, yeah, it’s hard. It’s not a fun topic. It’s not much fun being out in the cold, praying about abortion. To you pre-born advocates out there – keep working and fighting, and remember that God will give you more love and courage as you persevere.

And to everyone else: don’t wait until you feel ‘called to the ministry’ of fighting for the pre-born, or to ‘feel in your heart’ that you care about abortion. That day won’t come if you’re waiting for it. Get out there and get involved – the passion will come to you on the job.

  • Priests for Life’s Fr. Frank Pavone asks pro-lifers to sign a letter addressing the “troubling contraditions” in comments made by President Obama at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast. He intends to personally deliver the letter to the White House:

    Among the troubling aspects of the speech, Fr. Pavone points out that the President, while upholding consistently a policy of abortion on demand, states, “the killing of the innocent is the ultimate betrayal of God’s will.”And, while trying to force Americans to violate their faith through the HHS mandate, the President states in his speech, “Central to [human] dignity is freedom of religion — the right of every person to practice their faith how they choose.”


  • ProWomanProLife notices that even doctors are beginning to come out in opposition of using ultrasound to determine the sex of preborn children, due to gendercide:

    In a new joint policy statement, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada and the Canadian Association of Radiologists also say it could be considered unethical for private, commercial clinics to offer “entertainment” ultrasounds purely for the purpose of creating “keepsake” videos for expectant parents. The position statement comes amid mounting concerns that in Canada, people are using ultrasound to determine the sex of a fetus early in pregnancy and to have it aborted if it is a girl.

  • The Leading Edge points out how “[t]he circle of death is now almost complete in Belgium” beginning with the legalization of unfettered abortion and ending with the legalization of euthanasia for children – and New Zealand could be next.
  • Wesley J. Smith says a federal judge has blocked the use of a certain drug for lethal injection in one state, yet this is the same drug used in Oregon for assisted suicide. It makes one wonder how groups like the ACLU keep things straight. After all, they support abortion and assisted suicide but oppose capital punishment by lethal injection.
  • Stand for Life recommends The Discovery Institute’s documentary, The War on Humans, which “discusses the tremendous push for animal and plant legal rights while diminishing human exceptionalism”:
YouTube Preview Image