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New AUL report on systemic Planned Parenthood malfeasance provides blueprint for Congressional hearings

The momentum for defunding Planned Parenthood at the state level is about to go national.

Today Americans United for Life is releasing the report, “The Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood,” which analyzes the scandal-ridden abortion provider that taxpayers support with over $363 million annually.

AUL’s report, following years of legal research of  more than 20 years of records, documents the known and alleged abuses by Planned Parenthood, including the misuse of federal health care and family planning funds, failure to report criminal child sexual abuse, failure to comply with parental involvement laws, assisting those in engaged in prostitution and/or sex trafficking, and dangerous misuse of the abortion drug RU-486.

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The Democrats’ “strange” fixation with Planned Parenthood

I wish I could find the exact quote, but on Mike Huckabee’s Fox News show over the weekend Democrat strategist Kirsten Powers used the word “strange” to describe Obama and the Democrats’ willingness to concede billions in budget concessions to Republicans, all just to keep Planned Parenthood funded for the small total (relatively speaking) of $300+ million.

Here’s how the New York Times described a key conversation:

At one crucial moment in the game of chicken over a looming shutdown of the United States government, President Obama and the House speaker, John Boehner, faced off in the Oval Office. Mr. Boehner, a Republican heavily outnumbered in the room by Democrats, was demanding a provision to restrict financing to Planned Parenthood and other groups that provide abortions. Mr. Obama would not budge.

“Nope. Zero,” the president said to the speaker. Mr. Boehner tried again. “Nope. Zero,” Mr. Obama repeated. “John, this is it.” A long silence followed, said one participant in the meeting. “It was just like an awkward, ‘O.K., well, what do you do now?’ ”

That meeting broke without an agreement.

We all now know that in the finals hours before a government shutdown loomed, an agreement was indeed reached. And even though Obama won on PP funding, he and Democrats made other major concessions on the pro-life issue.

About the “GOP’s winning streak,” Politico reported that on “broader trajectory of politics,” the “Republican – and, yes, the tea party – agenda is not only ascendant, it’s driving the debate over reshaping government at every level.”

This includes the pro-life issue, which clearly was front and center in the budget debate. Pro-lifers must continue working to keep it that way.

Another outcome of the Planned Parenthood budget fight is Obama is now officially married to PP, for better or worse. As Americans are increasingly educated about PP’s dastardly history, emphasis on abortion, $1 billion annual income, defrauding the government, and willingness to cover up child rape and sex trafficking, PP is now Obama’s to defend.

The reasons why Obama and Democrats so protect PP are obvious, money and votes.

The Washington Examiner reported April 10 that PP spent $1 million on the 2008 elections (although it promised to spend $10 million).

With Obama losing ACORN and union influence, he can’t afford to anger PP, likely his strongest political interest group. Don’t forget PP sided with Obama against feminist groups that were supporting Hillary back in the 2008 primary. Friday night showed exactly why.

[Top graphic via Huckabee; bottom graphic via Washington Examiner]

Planned Parenthood involved in sex trafficking cover-ups?

UPDATE 8:20a: Bryan Howard, btw, is the Planned Parenthood staffer who asked President Obama this question at that infamous 2007 PP fundraiser:

Bryan Howard: Senator Obama, thank you for being here today.

Senator Obama: Thank you, Bryan.

Bryan Howard: Um, you know that rights and access and rights and ability have to go hand in hand. Um, and we know that health care reform is an important part of your agenda. Could you talk – and  give us some specifics about how reproductive health care and women’s health care is going to fit into and be a part of primary care for women in your health care reform plans and how PP, as a safety net provider, will continue to be a part of the health care safety net for women and families across the country.

Bryan didn’t specify PP is apparently a “safety net provider” for child sex traffickers.

6:55a: Accompanying some very nice model portfolio shots of  Arizona Planned Parenthood CEO Bryan Howard came an Associated Press story last night, “AP Exclusive: Planned Parenthood seeks FBI probe.”

What apparently has happened is sex clean-up workers in various PP abortion mills around the country have realized after kibitzing about a patient that they’ve been stung again by Lila Rose and LiveAction.org, as recently as January 11-15, according to the AP.

What Lila and her team do is no different than what MSM investigative  teams or Ashton Kutcher do. Lila’s undercover work is totally legal. She only conducts it in states where the videotaping party does not have to notify the other party to smile for the camera.  Lila has never, in all these years, been accused of illegal activity.

PP knows this but is trying to preempt Lila this time by breaking the story first, and with its own spin.

And it’s very good spin. One has to read the story a couple times to understand PP didn’t call the FBI on Lila but rather in a belated attempt to appear on the up-and-up.

According to the AP story, the scenario this time involved “a man purporting to be a sex trafficker” who “requested information about health services for sex workers, including some who he said were minors and in the U.S. illegally.”

This sounds like the PP parallel to James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles’ ACORN sting.

Imagine if workers at any of the 12 abortion mills PP claims Live Action punked indeed offered to help the trafficker get abortions, STD treatment, and/or contraceptives for his illegal, minor sex slaves.

Well, guess what, apparently they did. According to the AP Lila responded, “The story that speaks loudest will be in the evidence. I can’t comment until we release the visual evidence.”

Can’t wait. And guess what again, I’ve been told a little about the “visual evidence,” and it’s utterly appalling, Lila’s most explosive exposure yet of the filthy disgusting abortion biz that is Planned Parenthood.

In an attempt to put the toothpaste back in the tube, the AP reported that…

… Last week, Planned Parenthood… president Cecile Richards wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder summarizing the visits and requesting an FBI investigation. If the man’s assertions were true, she wrote, they would indicate possible violations of federal laws dealing with interstate sex trafficking of minors.

And what if PP workers were caught on video offering to aid and abet such a man? Wouldn’t they, too, be breaking federal laws?

It’s too bad Lila’s videos aren’t part of federal investigations but only citizen journalism.

All Lila does is expose PP to the world as filthy slime that exploits girls and women in the worst ways for filthy profits.

CNN documentary: James O’Keefe messed it up for everyone

UPDATE, 10/5, 2:10p: Politico yesterday, “James O’Keefe abandoned by powerful conservatives”

UPDATE, 10/4, 1:25p: James O’Keefe has written a response to CNN’s documentary here. In it he states he never planned to complete the “CNN caper” as outlined in the document and emails given to CNN – but never let his associate Izzy Santa know, even though she expressed misgivings before finally alerting CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau of the hoax as she came knocking at the door.

10/3, 10:05p: CNN aired a documentary featuring young conservative “guerrilla” journalists 4x this weekend.

One of the 4 spotlighted on “Right on the Edge” is pro-life activist Lila Rose, who singlehandedly shattered Planned Parenthood’s image with her undercover videos exposing the abortion behemoth as a pedophile protector and disinformation dispenser.

I thought CNN treated all 4 conservative young guns quite fairly. One complaint about Lila’s segment would be there wasn’t much discussion of her findings at PP.

We can thank James O’Keefe for that, who sucked at least one quarter of the hour away from the featured four with his incredibly stupid plan to punk CNN.

Not only did O’Keefe steal time, he undercut conservative credibility from a documentary that otherwise portrayed our young activists as savvy, intelligent, and serious about their cause.

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The arrest of James O’Keefe

UPDATE, 1/29, 12:46p: James O’Keefe has issued a statement with a great last line: “The public will judge whether reporters who can’t get their facts straight have the credibility to question my integrity as a journalist.”
UPDATE, 1/29, 7:20a: You gotta watch the explosive interview yesterday about James O’Keefe between MSNBC’s clearly biased reporter (as evidenced by his tweets) David Shuster and Big Journalism’s Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart shepherded O’Keefe on the release of his ACORN videos and hired him as well. Also at the link is Breitbart’s post, “How David Shuster lied to get me to appear on MSNBC.” (Video of interview comes at end of post.)
UPDATE, 1/28, 8:20a: Donald Douglas at the American Power blog has more info this morning.
james o'keefe mug shot.jpg1/27, 9:31p: I was shocked yesterday to read pro-life friend James O’Keefe had been apprehended as part of a ring apparently attempting a wiretap LA Senator Mary Landrieu’s New Orleans office.
The news was so surreal, indicating such stupidity, frankly, I had trouble believing it. I didn’t want to believe it.
And now as the dust begins to settle the 1st version of story appears to have been inaccurate. According to the Washington Post this afternoon…

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Stanek blogging at BigGovernment.com re: Obama, SEIU, and ACORN

I’m honored Andrew Breitbart has invited me to join the blogging team at BigGovernment.com.
My specific area of interest is the symbiotic relationship between SEIU, ACORN, and Barack Obama.
My 1st post went live a little while ago and is currently the featured story.
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Breaking News: Planned Parenthood recruits abortion volunteers thru Obama’s Serve.gov

Thumbnail image for Laura Ingraham show logo.jpgUPDATE, 10/20, 9:05a: At present, David Bereit, national director of 40 Days for Life, is scheduled to go on Laura’s show at 11:15a EST to discuss Planned Parenthood’s government sponsored attack on 40 Days.
UPDATE, 10/20, 12:30a: Laura Ingraham is going to cover this story on her radio show today.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgPresident Barack Obama spoke October 16 at a volunteerism forum hosted by former President George H. W. Bush at Texas A&M University.
During his remarks, Obama plugged his new government program, serve.gov:

And that’s the point I want to emphasize today: that service isn’t separate from our national priorities, or secondary to our national priorities – it’s integral to achieving our national priorities. It’s how we will meet the challenges of our time….

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