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Abortion ship to enter Muslim waters

10/3, 4:30p: Women on Waves has announced it will arrive in Smir, Morocco, on October 4 at 1a.

10/2, 11:14a: Because there is not enough social unrest in the Middle East, I agree it is the perfect time for the so-called “abortion ship” to stir the waters even more.

Women on Waves has announced it will anchor this week in a Muslim country for the first time ever: Morocco,  a country where 98.7% of the population identify as Muslims, and where the Islamic Justice and Development Party came to power in November 2011.

Women on Waves specializes in committing offshore abortions in countries where abortion is illegal.

Islam is a bit all over the map on abortion, but by and large the religion forbids it. In Morocco abortion is allowed for life or physical/mental health of the mother.

Women on Waves has decided to test the waters at an interesting time, right after Moroccan Islamists joined those in several other Muslim countries to protest the U.S. This CNBC photo, taken September 14, shows them burning an American flag outside a Moroccan mosque…

Were this a Christian missionary ship, our State Department and liberals would be demanding that it reverse course.

But since the goal of Women on Waves is to kill Moroccan children, our government will be fine with it. Who knows, we may send a war ship to protect it.

Women on Waves is a Dutch organization. Whether Moroccans will view it as an intrusion of Western influence into their culture remains to be seen. Women on Waves will release the place, date, and time of the ship’s arrival tomorrow.

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Stephen Colbert creates partial-birth abortion drinking game

For quite some time elements of the Left have been mocking that which they think the Right holds sacred, from burning the American flag to sticking a crucifix of Jesus in urine.

Lately the The Crass Ones have landed on abortion, laughing about aborted fetus cookies and abortion Christmas ornaments while tweeting  #abortionclinicplaylistsongs.

Worse, they try to personally hurt people in the worst way possible by going after their children, such as mocking Sarah Palin for not aborting her son Trig and also mocking Rick Santorum for allowing his surviving children to grieve their deceased baby brother Gabriel.

So last week comedian Stephen Colbert thought he would one-up Sarah Silverman’s abortion humor – on steroids – by making fun of partial-birth abortion, a heinous late-term abortion procedure Rick Santorum worked hard to ban when he was U.S. senator…

Congrats, Mr. Colbert, for shocking me, harder and harder to do these days.

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