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Paul Ryan: HHS contraceptive mandate “will be gone” if Romney wins

Wisconsin congressman [and pro-life Catholic Paul Ryan] said if he and Mitt Romney win the election in November, the requirement [for] religious employers… to provide contraception, sterilization, and abortifacient drugs “will be gone, I can guarantee you that….

The Obama administration failed to recognize this mandate is in violation of our First Amendment right of religious freedom…. His decision disrespects not only the religious community, but it also disrespects the Constitution.”…

Joseph Koss at CatholicVote.org writes that… during the vice presidential debate between Ryan and Joe Biden on October 11… “we will most likely see two very different interpretations of Catholic teaching in action.”

~ Ben Johnson, Life Site News, September 24

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Today! Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rallies in 160+ cities

6/9, 8:40a: Fox News provided great coverage of the Rally for Religious Freedom in Washington, D.C.:

YouTube Preview Image

CatholicVote.org has photos from rallies around the country.

StandUpForReligiousFreedom.com is reporting crowd totals of 45,409 so far of 99 cities reporting.

The rally I attended in Chicago featured a jazz band, balloon trees, a flash mob, and confetti. It was awesome. Speakers on the dais included a Jewish rabbi, Muslim, Protestant pastor, and Catholic priest. The fight is not about contraception, as the Obama administration would have Americans believe. It is about religious freedom.

Eric Scheidler and his crew at Pro-Life Action League did a great job organizing all of these events.

6/8, 9:23a: Today, for the second time, pro-lifers in 164 cities from coast to coast will Stand Up for Religious Freedom to protest President Obama’s healthcare mandate, which will force religious entities to provide contraceptives, abortion drugs, and sterilization in their insurance plans. All rallies will start at noon local time.

I will be speaking at the rally in Chicago, which promises a delightful surprise!

Check out locations, all of which are at federal buildings across the country, and plan to attend the nearest rally now. These are historic times. Be a part of the resistance!

Gingrich must renounce his “life begins at implantation” comment – or it stands

Gingrich conception implantationUPDATE 4:12p: Josh at CatholicVote.org has written a great follow-up post.

10:56a: I’m sorry to say the good people at CatholicVote.org are apparently starstruck. Blogged Josh Mercer yesterday:

 The Gingrich campaign contacted me directly last night about the comments that he made to ABC News. The campaign sent me the following statement from Newt Gingrich. (Which is also on their website).

I am very glad that the Gingrich campaign was quick to respond to the fallout from the ABC News interview and that they came out with a strong pro-life statement which reaffirms the scientific fact that life begins at conception.

Really? A personal note is all it takes to move past Newt Gingrich’s unequivocal statement to ABC’s Jake Tapper on December 2, that “when a woman has [a]  fertilized egg and that’s been successfully implanted that now you’re dealing with life”?

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Pro-abortion terrorists slash tires at pro-life hero’s tribute; threaten more violence

I’d heard tires were slashed on cars bearing pro-life bumper stickers at the tribute to pro-life hero Joe Scheidler April 2 but couldn’t find any police reports or news stories so didn’t post on it. I never dreamed the perpetrators would be so stupid as to brag about their “attack” online, but one did. Click to enlarge…

I expect the FBI is involved, which is likely why the Scheidlers haven’t gone public yet. This is as overt a confession and threat as I’ve ever seen against pro-lifers.

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Pro-aborts fume: New anti-Planned Parenthood tv ad campaign features Abby Johnson

Need proof that the ground game to defund Planned Parenthood is effective? Within hours after a pro-life coalition announced the launch yesterday of a $90,000 television ad campaign targeting PP, liberal Huffington Post published a rebuttal.

The ad campaign, cosponsored by American Values, Catholic Advocate, CatholicVote.org, and Susan B. Anthony List, will run in the DC market March 29 through April 7 and features former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson.  Here ’tis:

YouTube Preview Image

The ad directs viewers to ExposePlannedParenthood.net for more info.

HuffPo’s Laura Bassett complained:

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Dueling pro-life/pro-death bus tours face off

I wrote yesterday that a desperate Planned Parenthood was trying to sabotage SBA List/Lila Rose’s “Women speak out: Defund Planned Parenthood” bus tour by replicating it with its own “Truth Tour” – holding rallies at 7 of SBA’s 11 stops 1/2 hour before SBA’s.

The first dueling buses meet-up was at Republican pro-life Congressman Randy Hultgren’s office in Geneva, IL, yesterday afternoon. Here’s one of several photos…

CatholicVote.org has more.

Word on the street was PP had to pick up employees from the PP in Aurora to fill in “supporters.”  This rumor was apparently borne out in a Beacon-News story from the scene that quoted a PP Aurora staffer speaking at its rally:

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Today! “Ask Them What They Mean By ‘Choice’” Blog Day

FINAL UPDATE, 1/24, 5:30a: I continued to receive requests to participate in our “Ask Them What They Mean By ‘Choice'” Blog Day from pro-lifers even as the day ended. I have updated the list to showcase the 111 pro-life bloggers who used January 21 to expose “choice” as the code word for killing preborn innocence children with only 2-1/2 days notice.

NARAL posted its list of 90 participants for its “Blog for Choice” Day that morning, fewer than ours with much more notice.

And, as previously discussed, we completely overwhelmed the pro-aborts on Twitter.

This was quite a positive learning experience for me, and I have used the example of what you accomplished by this endeavor many times the past couple days here in Washington when discussing online pro-life activism with friends and colleagues.

Perhaps liberals owned social media back in the day but no more, that’s for sure. I think this was definitely an indicator that pro-lifers have come into our own for online advocacy of the sanctity of preborn human life.

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New Earth Day ad celebrates nature’s great gift, children

by Carder and Jill
Click to enlarge…
earth day 2010.png
The ever-hip, ever-relevant CatholicVote.org once again socks it to the culture, this time with giant ads celebrating Earth Day, April 22….

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