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Pro-life blog buzz 6-12-15

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Wesley J. Smith discusses a man sentenced to life in prison in Tennessee who has asked to be euthanized so he can donate his organs to his parents. Smith points out that while this won’t happen for a variety of reasons yet in the U.S., Belgium is ahead of the game in coupling euthanasia with organ donation and in giving prisoners the option of euthanasia.
  • Priests for Life has been granted a temporary stay against the HHS contraceptive mandate:

    “Without the stay granted today, we would have been in the position of being fined for failing to comply with the mandate,” Father Pavone said. “But no matter what happens, we will not obey the mandate, nor will we pay fines to the government.”The stay will remain in effect while the Supreme Court considers the case.

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Pro-life protest of Speaker Boehner, Part 2


On March 25 I was one of eight people arrested outside Speaker Boehner’s office in Washington, DC, as we protested the House GOP’s failure to pass the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act two months after they had failed to pass it on the day they’d promised to pass it.

One of our two goals was to get movement on this 20-week abortion ban, when movement had otherwise stalled by all outward appearances (the other goal being to refocus attention back on the 20-week-plus preborn baby, who feels the excruciating pain of being torn limb from limb when aborted).

Once our protest was announced, we learned movement had indeed stalled. Several sources confirmed the hold-up was with amended language.

Amazingly, the bottleneck was unclogged just one week before our protest, when more than one solution was suddenly presented to interested GOP House members. They went from 0 to 200% in just a few short days.

Nonetheless, no vote was announced before our protest. Then, on March 30, the congressional Easter Break commenced, which will run through April 10.

We are hopeful GOP House leadership has not let the Easter Break interfere with reactivated plans to move the Pain Capable Act forward. We are hopeful there will be an announcement of a vote soon after representatives return to Washington.

But we are not waiting. The movement to press GOP House leadership to vote on this bill is growing, from three pro-life activist groups to 11. Last week this larger group announced plans to hold a protest at Speaker Boehner’s office on May 7, at 12:00 p.m., if by that time the House has not yet passed the Pain Capable Act. This group includes:

CEC For Life
Christian Defense Coalition
Citizens for a Pro-Life Society
Created Equal
Defend Life
Issues4Life Foundation
Operation Rescue
Maryland Coalition for Life
Pro-Life Action League
Pro-Life Action Ministries

Other groups are most certainly welcome. Please email me if interested. And if you live in the DC area, please make plans now to attend.

To be clear, the vote must have happened by May 7 for us to call off our protest. It won’t be enough to announce an upcoming vote date. Been there, done that, been burned.

Also, be sure to sign Concerned Women for America’s petition.

And Susan B. Anthony List has just launched a call drive.

Stanek weekend question: What is the boldest thing you’ve ever done to stop abortion?

Young woman sitting in a waiting room holding a magazineDr. Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society related a pretty incredible story, as posted on LifeNews.com:. It’s a heart-pounding but uplifting read. Excerpts…

Alicia had a terrible feeling that Maria intended to go through with the abortion. Alicia made a decision.  “I knew I had to go to the Planned Parenthood clinic myself and try and intercept Maria.” But Alicia did not know what Maria looked like.  Only Iris knew. 

After entering Alicia saw a reception window. She explains: “I was afraid some of the PP workers were going to ask me what I was there for.  And someone did. I quickly answered “I am just here to wait for someone.” I was allowed to go to the waiting room….

Iris kept a look-out to see if Maria would arrive. Just before 2:15 Maria drove into the PP lot.  Indeed, she had come for her scheduled abortion!

Iris immediately called Alicia.  “Maria just arrived – she’s walking into the clinic now. She’s wearing a blue jacket.”

A few moments later Maria entered the waiting room carrying a clip board with medical forms to fill out.  She sat down.  Alicia got up from her seat, walked across the room and took the seat next to Maria.  She turned to her and addressing her in Spanish said:  “Hello Maria – I am Alicia.”

Maria stared at Alicia completely stunned.  She could not believe that the woman who had tried to talk her out of killing her baby the day before [by telephone] was now sitting in the PP waiting room! It was obvious that Alicia had come to get her out.  Maria put down the clip board and said “Let’s get out of here now before I change my mind!”

What a great ending to a death-defying story. I don’t know if I could have done what Alicia did.

Yet, I think about standing up to the powers that be at Christ Hospital, and many people tell me they couldn’t have done that. But it was only last week that chicken me became bold enough to wear an anti-abortion t-shirt in public!

I can’t explain what triggers courage and boldness in the moment.

Created Equal anti-abortion drop cardSometimes the moments are smaller than we think… like the first time I held a poster featuring the image of an aborted baby or left an anti-abortion dropcard in a women’s restroom stall. The first move is always the hardest.

Nevertheless, these simple actions are still more than most of the people who call themselves pro-life would take.

Have you had such a moment?

Pro-life blog buzz 5-30-14

by Kelli

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  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life says the World Health Assembly recently adopted a plan to “reduce high rates of neonatal mortality in large parts of the world”. Unfortunately, they left out something important:

    MCCL GO participated in the online consultation on a draft version of the “Every newborn” plan. [MCCL executive director Scott] Fischbach noted that while preterm birth is the leading cause of newborn mortality (and second leading cause of under-five deaths), the action plan fails to mention a significant risk factor for premature delivery. A wealth of worldwide research has shown that induced abortion substantially increases the risk of preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies.

    “The prevalence of abortion significantly contributes to the problem of neonatal mortality,” Fischbach observed. “The plan to end newborn deaths should have taken into consideration all of the known risk factors.”

  • At National Review, Michael New comments on the latest Gallup poll measuring pro-life and pro-choice sentiment.

Governor Mary Fallin

  • At Priests for Life, Fr. Frank Pavone applauds Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (pictured left) for signing a law that requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals and that requires abortion facilities to have emergency medical equipment on site.
  • In a letter to the editor of the Detroit News, Citizens for a Pro-life Society director Monica Migliorino Miller addresses the high abortion rate in Detroit, Michigan. She touches on something that can likely be said not just about aborting mothers in Detroit, but everywhere:

    Poverty is very real in Detroit, but we also need to honestly consider how non-marital sexual behavior and absentee fathers contribute to poverty — how these elements hold women back from jobs and educational opportunities. And throwing more birth control pills at women will not get at the real source of Detroit’s economic problems or tragic abortion rate either. Heal the family, call men to responsibility and you will do much to bring life back to the Motor City for the born and the innocent unborn.

  • Wesley J. Smith reveals the latest pro-death move of the assisted suicide/euthanasia crowd: starvation. He writes:

    First, it was removing feeding tubes from the cognitively disabled, slow killing excused as removing medical treatment. Do it to a dog and go to jail. Do it to Terri Schiavo and it’s merely “medical ethics.”

    Now, euthanasia types push VSED, e.g. voluntary stop eating and drinking. Not only that, they want nursing homes and hospitals to be forced to starve dementia patients to death who willingly eat….

    A lawsuit was filed to force a nursing home in Canada to starve a dementia patient to death. That lost and is on appeal.

  • Pro-life Action League asks whether or not the issue of abortion in society will ever be “settled” like so certain other human rights issues have been.
  • Secular Pro-Life encourages pro-lifers to join the “You are not alone” campaign in support of post-abortive women.
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin and Right to Life of Michigan both share a video from the ABC show, Extreme Weight Loss, in which competitor Charita admits her abortion regret to her parents (who had no idea she had an abortion):

[Photo via ok.gov]

Are some photos of abortion victims too gory?

Aborted baby's handMonica Miller, PhD, Director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society, has sparked conversation recently within pro-life activist circles, asking us to reevaluate which photos of abortion victims we display in their necessary role of helping end legalized abortion.

Miller is one of the few pro-lifers who has actually retrieved aborted babies from the trash and photographed their remains.

Many of Miller’s thoughts on this subject are taken from her September 2013 New Oxford Review article, available for $1.50 or by going CPL’s homepage. This post highlights some of Miller’s points with the goal to prompt discussion and new thinking on this important topic.

Be sure to take the poll at the end of this post.

1)  “Graphic Images” or “Abortion Victim Photos”? (Actual Pictures of Abortion Victims)

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve taken this first recommendation of Miller’s to heart. I now always use the term “abortion victim photos” or “photos of abortion victims.” I’ve abandoned “graphic abortion photos.”

Per Miller:

No longer should pictures of aborted babies be referred to as “graphic images.” The movement should drop that term entirely.  These images should be called “abortion victim photos” (AVPs for short) because that is what they are really all about and, moreover, not all photos of abortion victims, while disturbing, are necessarily graphic in nature.

The term “abortion victim photos” is terminology that also advocates for the subject of the photos – as these are abortion victims – and not merely graphic images – words that give the instant impression that the subject matter is simply gruesome or repulsive which is not the point of the photos. Using the term AVPs aids the cause for the unborn, as the subjects of the photos are victims of injustice and the language we use should be aimed at helping others make that connection.

2) Life is Short – Use Better Abortion Photos

Per Miller:

While every photo of an abortion victim may be a true depiction of the abortion procedure and what happened to the unborn child, this does not mean that every photo is equal in terms of its effectiveness in raising awareness of the injustice of abortion.  Pro-lifers need to begin to think more critically about the kinds of abortion victim photos they choose to display.  Pro-lifers often tend to think that the bloodier photos are the more effective photos. This is not necessarily true.

Whatever photos are selected, the subject of the photo, namely the abortion victim, should be easily recognized, the humanity of the unborn baby the central and immediate focus.

Thus, photos in which the blood and guts, visceral matter overwhelms, even submerges the abortion victim should be set aside in favor of photos in which the abused victim is easily recognized with whom the viewer can immediately identify – as opposed to emphasis on gruesome factors that are more likely to repel the viewer.

We really want the viewer to see the abortion victim and not just a “graphic image” of an abortion.  It should be realized that all that blood featured in some abortion victim photos is not the blood of the baby – it is the blood of the mother that attends the abortion procedure.  Even for this reason the visceral material in the photo should be secondary to the actual abortion victim.

The three photos below are examples of AVPs in which the subject of the photo is overwhelmed by, immersed in blood matter and uterine tissue.

abortion photo 1
abortion photo 2
abortion photo 3

While the next four photos are graphic, the aborted baby is clearly the focus of the image.  Blood and other matter are secondary to the subject.

abortion photo 4
abortion photo 5
abortion photo 6
abortion photo 7

3) Not All Abortion Victim Photos are Graphic Images

Per Miller:

This is a distinction that is not in any way sufficiently appreciated especially by those in the Pro-Life Movement who oppose the use of AVPs – and who certainly reject their public display. We need to begin to appreciate that AVPs represent a spectrum from very graphic to much less graphic images. Given that such a distinction exists, those who oppose their use have very little foundation upon which to do so.

Some images certainly and rightly demonstrate the violence of abortion in all its graphic horror – the shattered remnants of bodies torn apart.   Other images however, while still obviously depicting abortion victims, are truly less graphic in nature.

Thus, perhaps we can begin to move these arguments along that 1) AVPs, whether graphic or less so, are necessary to the success of the pro-life cause, and 2) Choosing less graphic images is an option, and 3) The use of AVPs is central to the pro-life cause and thus those who use AVPs are not the fringe element of the Movement but mainstream pro-lifers.

The photos below, while disturbing, are not overtly graphic – indeed, some may not be graphic at all.

abortion photo 8
abortion photo 9
abortion photo 10
abortion photo 12

4)  Responses to the most common objections to displaying AVPs

Per Miller:

a)  Children will see the AVPs

The crisis of legalized abortion that has claimed the lives of 56 million innocent human beings requires that the truth be publicly exposed. The magnitude of the injustice overrides the possibility that children will see the pictures. It simply makes no sense to forego the public exposure of a national slaughter that has sent tens of millions of children to their deaths for the sake of sparing children who might see the photos and be affected by them.   There is absolutely no proof that children who see such images suffer any lasting negative effects.

b)  Women who have had abortions will be disturbed by the AVPs

The primary victims of abortion are the millions of unborn children who perish under the law in a violent death, in a nation that at least tolerates, and at worst advocates, such killing. Again the enormity of the injustice requires that the public be awakened to the slaughter.

Furthermore, there simply is no one-size-fits-all response of post-abortive women to such images.  In addition, we should consider how AVPs actually prevent women from getting abortions in the first place thus sparing them a life of grief and regret.

c)  AVPs dishonor the abortion victims

For a pro-lifer to photograph an abortion victim and expose the injustice done to him is the highest possible respect, short of a humane burial, that can be shown to that aborted child. When a graphic image is displayed it is that child who speaks. The abortion photo is the definitive way that unwanted, discarded unborn children can prove that they lived, that their lives matter, that their all-too-brief lives can impact this world and change it.

The photos of abortion victims are the only tangible guarantee they have that their lives and even their murders were not in vain. Concentration camp survivor Elie Wiesel stated: “To forget murder victims is to kill them twice.”   The photos of abortion victims and their display ensure that this will not be done to them.


Renegade employee transports minor for abortion in Catholic children’s services vehicle


On January 31, pro-life hero Cal Zastrow was standing vigil in the biting Michigan winter cold at the Women’s Center of Saginaw abortion clinic when an SUV bearing the insignia, “Holy Cross Children’s Services” pulled into the parking lot. According to Cal in an email update:

The passenger was clearly a minor, appearing perhaps 15-years-old. The driver was an African-American woman, about 5′ 2″, wearing pants, jacket, and a name badge. The woman scurried in while the girl walked slowly, looking very sad and frightened to go in. She stared at us while we offered help. Neither of them spoke.

Abortionist Roumell arrived after noon, hacked loudly, spat on the ground in our direction, and went in to commit multiple murders. There were a total of two moms that turned away without murdering, but five stayed in long enough to kill, including the woman and girl from this vehicle.


This was a heartrending tragedy, but what happened next was a noteworthy display of Christian leadership and humility on the part of Holy Cross, a large nonprofit Catholic network of children’s homes and services in Michigan.

Both the Diocese of Saginaw and Holy Cross Executive Director Br. Francis Boylan were chagrined when presented with Zastrow’s photos, and an investigation was immediately launched. Discovered, according to a February 19 follow-up letter from Br. Boylan to Most Reverend Allen Vigneron, Archbishop of Detroit-Metropolitan:

The person who transported our student to the clinic violated at least four established rules which would have brought the question of pregnancy termination to the attention of various supervisors. While it cannot be proven that the co-worker involved did so intentionally, all indications are that her actions were purposeful. Upon learning of her activity, she was immediately suspended without pay and has since been fired….

[W]e determined that not only had she acted contrary to the clear directives contained within our procedures, but that her values, as a person, were in serious conflict with our Mission, which is completely consistent with the Church. In addition, the investigation confirmed that this co-worker acted unilaterally without any corroboration with any other HCCS co-worker.

I received more of the backstory from Dr. Monica Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, who was involved in the discussions.

The girl was apparently already a mother of a young child, and both were residents at a Holy Cross facility for parenting teen moms who come from troubled or abusive homes.

At a court date with her mother, the girl acknowledged she was pregnant again. The judge asked if she wanted an abortion, she said yes, and her mother agreed. The Holy Cross employee drove the girl directly from court to the abortion clinic. More on that from a February 7 follow-up letter from the Saginaw Diocese, quoting another Holy Cross statement:

[A]s a citizen of the State of Michigan a Holy Cross coworker felt obligated to follow a court order and be incompliance [sic] with Federal laws regarding the care of minors therefore she felt she did not have to consult with leadership at Holy Cross to implement this court order.

Back to the Holy Cross letter:

In the future, if we are ordered by the Department of Human Services to deliver a student for abortion consultation outside of the Agency, we will only deliver our student to an Agency approved by the Church to give such counseling.

In addition, we will refuse to participate in anyway directly or indirectly with any direction by the Department of Human Services, or a Court for that matter, in the delivery of a student to a hospital, medical facility or clinic for pregnancy termination.  We will demand that the student be reassigned to another Agency.

It should be noted that, particularly in our women and baby programs, we deal with this issue on a regular basis. To our knowledge, in our entire history, there has been no instance where we have participated directly in the procurement of a pregnancy termination.

On the other hand, we have literally counseled hundreds of young women to keep their babies.  Our programs supply real time support and refuge to young women who finds themselves to be or soon to be young mothers. We provide a facility where they can live and nurture their child through and after their pregnancy.

We believe that our record of success in this area is unparalleled. Literally, because of our program and the continuing care we offer, hundreds of young women have found a refuge and learning center for the raising of their children and a place for continuing counseling after they leave our residential programs….

We now know a child’s life was taken.  While the individual responsible may have been acting within the law, it is apparent that she acted on her own, fully knowing that HCCS believes that taking someone’s life, under any circumstance, is an immoral and appalling act that cannot be tolerated in a Catholic Agency, regardless of civil law.  If anything good can come out of this terrible tragedy, what is clear is that everyone at HCCS is devastated that it happened to one of our own, and we are better prepared that it will not happen again.

It is because we recognize that, in spite of our long history when no such event has ever occurred before, a child has had its life terminated while in our care that we immediately developed the most stringent protocols we could to assure that this will not happen to any of our children again.

2014-03-06_1231Closing thoughts from Zastrow (pictured right):

The Diocese conducted an investigation, had the responsible person fired, admitted wrong, took steps to fix it, and has a more stringent policy they require all of the employees of HCCS to support.

All big organizations/churches are going to have people that err from time to time. Good leadership doesn’t go nutso, throw the baby out with the bathwater, cover up internal hypocrisy, pretend that all of the good that they do neutralizes some bad, or is apathetic.

Also, cameras are so important to have while doing street-ministry.

Indeed, had Zastrow not been at the mill that day, and had he not had a camera, no one would have ever known about this tragedy.

Now, HCCS has gotten rid of a bad apple and is able to offer this young mother post-abortion counseling.

Nevertheless, the evil that is abortion has claimed the life of another innocent victim.

Pro-life blog buzz 11-12-13

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Secular Pro Life applauds abortion workers who outed the illegal operation of a notorious abortionist:

    Abortion workers in Philadelphia have done the right thing, likely saving the lives of unborn babies and, quite possibly, the lives of women as well.According to Operation Rescue, it was abortion workers who outed Steven Chase Brigham’s illegal operation of an abortion business in Philadelphia.

  • We are so used to celebrities being pro-abortion, but A Voice for Hope decided to list openly pro-life celebrities. She found 71. The list may surprise you. Did she miss anyone?
  • Stand for Life reports on anti-abortion “truth trucks” showing pictures of abortion victims in Albuquerque during early voting to ban late term abortions there. Voter turnout is high, according to reports. Local news covered reaction to the photos:

YouTube Preview Image

  • Wesley J. Smith comments about New Jersey nurses being told that they would be fired for refusing to assist with elective abortions.  Their own union backed the hospital’s threat to terminate for their refusal to participate. Alliance Defending Freedom lawyers were able to prevail in their lawsuit, but what it  took to do so causes deeper concerns:

    I am convinced that cases like this are the opening stanza of a coming symphony of pressure against Hippocratic medical professionals. Indeed, very powerful forces in politics, culture, and medicine want to conscript medical professionals to participate or be complicit in abortion – and eventually, assisted suicide/euthanasia. (Victoria, Australia, already has such a law for doctors regarding abortion and Quebec’s new euthanasia legislation would force doctor complicity.)


  • At Pro Life Action LeagueMonica Miller, Director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Societytells how chronicling a terrible finding saved another baby from abortion.  After a pro-life activist retrieved the remains of 17 aborted babies from a dumpster in LansingMichigan, as well as the names of the mothers who aborted them (talk about a HIPAA violation!), Monica painstakingly photographed the remains:

    One  of the photos was of a tiny arm and hand of a 7-week aborted baby, torn at the shoulder.

    This photo was printed in my book Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars.

    How that photo saved another life is a touching read. You just never know.

  • Bryan Kemper of Stand True shares an incredible story of a harsh beginning for a young man whose  family members thought should have been aborted. The story of this life is hard to read but has an ending that makes you smile and agree taking the life in the womb is never the answer despite the circumstances surrounding the conception and birth. This is Bryan’s own story and shows that God has a plan for each life.

Three reasons to host a memorial event for aborted children on Sept. 14


mass funeralIn September 1988, pro-lifers held a mass funeral in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for 1,200 aborted babies found on a medical laboratory loading dock in Northbrook, Illinois. See photo, right.

To mark the 25th anniversary of this solemn occasion, Citizens for a Pro-Life SocietyPriests for Life, and the Pro-Life Action League are co-sponsoring a National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children on Saturday, September 14, asking pro-lifers to hold memorial services at 39 grave sites of aborted babies across the country. In addition, services will be held at hundreds of memorial sites dedicated to aborted babies.Romeoville01

Along with Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Siegel of the Diocese of Joliet, I will be speaking at the service for aborted babies Patrick and Sarah at Resurrection Cemetery in Romeoville, Illinois. The photo, left, shows the hands of one of these two precious babies.

Please plan to attend one of these services.

Hosts are still needed for burial sites at:

  • Riverside, California
  • North Lauderdale, Florida
  • East Durham, New York
  • Snyder, Pennsylvania

Several of the memorial sites are in need of hosts as well.

Three reasons pro-life advocates should host a memorial service:memorials

  • Help make history as part of the inaugural National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children
  • Provide solidarity, as your memorial service will be one of dozens taking place simultaneously all over the country to highlight the humanity of these poor preborn babies
  • Draw attention and mourn the loss of children in your community and awaken the nation’s conscience to the injustice that has been done to them as well as 55 million preborn babies since abortion was legalized in 1973.