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Pro-life blog buzz 3-10-15

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Wesley J. Smith has been writing about the animal rights movement – which sets itself up as anti-human – for quite some time. Now, he says, the UK Green Party “has joined the war on humans”:

    The Party’s election platform calls for expanding the UN’s Declaration on Human Rights to all sentient life forms. From the Telegraph story: Article Five of the UN Declaration on Human Rights, banning “inhuman” treatment, is extended to all sentient life forms.

    The same prison sentences for the murder and kidnap of humans will apply to crimes involving elephants, monkeys and whales.


  • Secular Pro-Life says abortion advocates have again chosen to use sexually charged language when mislabeling pro-lifers as “fetus fetishists.” This messaging has been attached to recent pro-choice “glitter bombs” being sent to pro-life organizations:

    Do people who throw out the “fetus fetish” accusation actually believe it? Maybe, on occasion, an extreme abortion advocate will state that their motivation is primarily sexual… so perhaps that causes them to ascribe sexual motives to their opposition as well.

    But they’re a minority. I would bet that most people don’t really believe that there’s such a thing as a fetus fetishist. They merely want to accuse pro-lifers of being narrowly obsessed with the unborn (also false), and think that using the word “fetish” makes them edgy and clever.

  • Women’s Rights Without Frontiers chose not to celebrate International Day of the Woman on March 9th while China still practices its One-Child Policy with coerced and sex-selective abortions. Says Reggie Littlejohn:

    I find it impossible to celebrate any advancement of women’s rights anywhere on earth, when one out of five women in the world is subject to a regime that will strap them down to tables, thrust its hands into their wombs and rip their little ones out, as these women scream and plead for the lives of babies they desperately want. The women’s movement can claim no real victory so long as this scourge against women continues to blight the face of the earth. Chinese women cannot stand up against forced abortion without risking detention, for themselves and for their families. It is time for all women to rise up for our sisters in China and be a voice for the voiceless.

  • Got plans for this summer? Stand True is looking for summer interns for their pro-life advocacy programs. Check out the schedule and requirements.
  • Pro-Life Action League is offering kits for hosting a Way of the Cross on Good Friday in front of an abortion facility in your area. Check the locations tab and if you don’t see your city, take the initiative and host one!


  • Reflections of a Paralytic is concerned that too many pro-lifers are ignoring the whirlwind of genetic engineering and human cloning experiments happening around the world:

    I follow so many dedicated pro-life people across a broad spectrum of social media sites and the pro-life information they share is almost exclusively about abortion. Rarely do I see anything about cloning come across my feeds, and when I do it’s often with outdated arguments about embryonic vs. adult stem cells, etc….

    Perhaps it isn’t fair to judge public interest based solely on social media shares, and there are probably plenty of other reasons for the disparity — genetic engineering issues are newer, more scientific, harder to understand, etc…— but right now it does not seem like human cloning, three parent IVF and the like are major concerns even for dedicated pro-lifers. They’re just not being fought with the same intensity as abortion is.

  • Priests for Life’s Kevin Burke shares the heartwarming story of a post-abortive woman who decided to tell her parents about her past abortions after going through her own post-abortion healing. Grandparents need healing too:

    If you are a grandparent who has lost a grandchild to abortion, I urge you to attend a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat to find the love, support and healing that will bless your life. If your son or daughter has experienced abortion loss, please gently and lovingly share information about abortion healing programs and offer to participate in the retreat or attend the special services at the close of the retreat weekend with them. Abortion recovery programs like Rachel’s Vineyard can help heal families and repair years of damage.

[Photo via secularprolife.org; image via crazygallery.info]

Pro-life blog buzz 12-23-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • ProLife365 has a humorous post on the benefits of having a large family.
  • Saynsumthn’s Blog reports on the pro-abortion Unitarian Church’s Alternative Gift List for 2014. Topping their list: Give to a center for abused children or perhaps donate to Planned Parenthood, the nation largest promoter and provider of abortions. Talk about the ultimate child abuse – death by dismemberment – and the ultimate in compartmentalization.
  • Right to Life of Michigan is deeply disappointed that a 20-hour, all night session to address over 100 bills in the state left two bills on coercive abortions to die without a vote being taken. They will have to be reintroduced next year.
  • Wesley J. Smith discusses two recent cases in which pregnant women – declared brain dead – are being kept artificially alive so they can deliver their babies by c-section. In one case in Milan, the family is in agreement to continue life support until the baby can be safely delivered, but in the other case in Ireland the family wants the pregnant woman and her child to be allowed to die. Smith writes:

    Why the dripping disdain? Anger at Ireland’s anti-abortion laws is the pretext.
    But is this case really about abortion?

    I understand the family can’t move on. That has got to be terribly painful.

    But how is the woman hurt in any way? Her life isn’t affected. She’s gone. Her body isn’t being harmed, but it is benefiting her child – just as she did before her brain failed.

    Would the same people think it wrong to try and save the baby in a mechanical incubator? I suspect so. Because, well, the baby should be dead.

Pro-life news brief 11-18-13

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Mollie Hemingway writes about Planned Parenthood’s abortion theater:

    So the question is obvious. If 97% of Planned Parenthood’s services aren’t abortion, why in the world would an abortion regulation cause a dozen Planned Parenthood clinics to close?

    Closing clinics make for great headlines and more dramatic court briefs. But a media mildly more skeptical of savvy public relations campaigns and well-scripted legal wrangling might serve the public a bit more.

  • The Toronto Star reports on declassified information from abortion debates within Prime Minister Mulroney’s cabinet in the late 80’s/early 90’s.
  • The UK’s Daily Mail has a story about a Chinese man who begged his girlfriend not to have an abortion:

    A Chinese man sunk to his knees in an abortion clinic and made a tearful plea to his girlfriend’s mother not to force her to have an abortion, it was reported in local media.

    The mother, Liu Rong, had deemed the man, called Zhang, as being unworthy of her daughter as his social standing was too low.

    Because Zhang worked in IT and was not from the civil servant class – the new ruling elite of China – she allegedly declared him to be ‘beneath’ her daughter’s status.


  • Slate’s L.V. Anderson thinks horrific abortion stories appearing in pro-choice media outlets are good for the pro-choice movement:

    It helps no one when women feel that their feelings about their own personal experiences with abortion and contraception are somehow “not okay.” Which is why it’s wonderful that New York and Elle are reclaiming these stories from religious conservatives.

    Some women are pressured into getting abortions, and not every abortion provider is skilled and compassionate. Some women get depressed when they take the pill, and some experience agony during their medication abortions. Abortion and contraception can be good or bad for the patient, depending on her biology, her socioeconomic circumstances, her provider. To acknowledge these realities is to treat reproductive healthcare like any other kind of medical care — and isn’t that what feminists have been fighting for all along?

    I doubt that NARAL and Planned Parenthood will be sharing horrific abortion stories (unless they are pre-legalization ones) anytime soon.

[Photo via thinkprogress.org]

A Planned Parenthood visit: Selling slaughter with a smile

BW-2-Anne[M]y partner and I began to discuss various scenarios. Adoption sounded good. After all, we barely knew each other’s family.

When we arrived at Planned Parenthood for our appointment, we were quickly sized up. “Adoption would not be a good course of action because more often than not, the girl becomes too attached to the baby by the time she’s given birth,” the counselor advised. She continued to remind us we hardly knew one another.

My partner then inquired if their clinic performed any “termination” procedures. In our heated debates, my partner revealed to me that he once took a friend to have an abortion, and she seemed to have no problems with it.

“Well, yes!” the counselor responded enthusiastically. “We can certainly do that for you, and in your situation it is probably best for the both of you,” she said with a grin.

I find it interesting that on Planned Parenthood’s website under “pregnancy options” it reads: “If you are pregnant, you have three options to think about — abortion, adoption, and parenting.”

Why is parenting last, I wonder?…

I look back and remember that we did not receive additional information that would support us in our adoption endeavor. The counselor went on to claim that the fetus doesn’t feel anything during an abortion procedure and not to feel ashamed or worried while stating, “We do this kind of thing all the time.”

… “You know,” she continued, ”You are getting really far along in the pregnancy, and we often don’t do abortions past eight weeks, but if we were to schedule something today we can take care of this quickly for you and you’ll be so glad you did it.” She said all this with a smile….

With one swipe of a credit card, about $400 would take care of it. And what if I changed my mind and decided to opt out?

I was told by a Planned Parenthood representative that regardless of whether or not I showed up for the appointment, the payment would be kept in full.

~ Anne Taylor (pictured), Live Action News, August 19

You can read Anne Taylor’s testimony at Live Action News, in a four-part series:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four (coming soon)

Using social media to save lives

Blue Facebook Logoby Lead Moderator Carla

I have been on Facebook for years and have added many pro-lifers to my friends list in an effort to stay current on pro-life issues. But I also try to educate the friends I have who do not know the truth about the abortion industry.

In at least four instances, I have been involved in helping stop forced abortions by simply responding to status updates or prayer requests on Facebook. These were women and teenage girls being coerced by boyfriends or parents. I responded with immediate practical help and advice to keep innocent lives from being destroyed. One of the ways I did this was to encourage them to contact The Center Against Forced Abortion, which is a project of The Justice Foundation.

My friend, attorney Allan Parker, is at JF to help women who are being forced into abortions. CAFA also provides several forms that can be downloaded, printed, and distributed to young women, their parents, or their significant others. These should be in the hands of every sidewalk counselor and should also be available at pregnancy resource centers.

In the cases where I have been involved, those who were trying to force an abortion were advised that their actions were illegal.

The Center Against Forced Abortion has this to say about coercion:

Problem –

  • Many teenage girls are being coerced into abortion by their parents
  • Pregnancy resource centers are generally unequipped to help legally defend these clients, and subsequently coerced abortions occur
  • Even under Roe v. Wade, the decision to keep the child is supposedly the woman’s alone, so these young women’s rights are being violated when they are coerced into abortion

Response –

  • The Justice Foundation has created a “Dear Parent Letter,” which (in a friendly, helpful, and serious manner) informs the teen mother’s parents that they could be guilty of illegal actions if they force their daughter to have an abortion
  • Combined with Life Dynamics’ Letter to Abortionists, which is a signed statement indicating the mother’s non-consent to an abortion, the two documents form a powerful legal defense that empowers the teen mother to stand for her child

Effectiveness –

  • Gives pregnancy centers a proven strategy to defend teens from parentally coerced abortions
  • Equips the teen mother with legal documents empowering her decision to keep her child
  • Trial distributions indicate the strategy is very effective (testimonies below)
  • If just one baby is saved at two out of every three pregnancy resource centers that receive the letter and training, then CAFA will facilitate the protection of 2,000 babies lives

logoThere have also been instances when abortion vulnerable and abortion minded mothers that have sent personal messages to me on Facebook seeking help. In those cases, I have been able to refer many to pregnancy resource centers, and others to post-abortion recovery programs if they were forced into abortions.

We don’t have to helplessly stand on the sidewalk when a young woman is crying out to us that she DOES NOT want an abortion, and we don’t have to merely post a sad face comment on social media in response. We can help to stop forced abortions!

Lives of mothers and their children have been saved through social media. Facebook has given us all an amazing opportunity to make a difference, and I, for one, will not squander it.

Pro-life news brief 7-17-13

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Governor Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island vetoed a Choose Life license plate bill because he claims it violates the separation of church and state:

    Chafee wrote to lawmakers in his veto message that the function of a license plate is “to register and identify a motor vehicle.”

    “It is my belief that state participation in the transmission of funds to this organization would violate the separation of church and state, one of the fundamental principles upon which our state was founded,” he wrote.

  • A man in Ireland is trying to prevent his girlfriend from going to Great Britain for an abortion. He claims she is being pressured by her family:

    He says his girlfriend’s family is of the view she will be ruined if she has a child with a non-white man. The couple are both foreign nationals.

    The man sought court orders to stop his girlfriend leaving Ireland until it can be established she is acting from her own free will.

    The orders were not granted but his girlfriend did come to court this afternoon.


  • A woman in Texas is making and selling voodoo dolls of Governor Rick Perry and donating the proceeds to Planned Parenthood:

    “I was inspired to make them because I wanted to figure out something I could make that would send a message and raise money for Planned Parenthood,” said [Michelle] Sinched. “What’s better than sticking pins in Gov. Goodhair or burning him at your own doll sized stake? I would probably best describe myself as pro-choice and pro-life. No one ever wants to face the abortion choice but it happens. I believe no one has the right to make that choice but the woman it affects.

  • Texas Senator Wendy Davis should really provide some evidence for this claim about post 20 week abortions:

    In nearly all of these cases, a family in tragic circumstances has had to make the difficult and private decision to let go of a much-wanted pregnancy because of a major medical concern.

    Also, notice how Davis brushes off the 20-week ban because post-20 week abortions are only 1% of abortions but then says the lack of a rape exception is “no small matter.” Rape is typically given as a reason for around 1% of all abortions and in all likelihood an even smaller percentage for women who have abortions after 20 weeks. Logic fail.

Radicals push for forced abortion of pregnant 11-yr-old Chilean rape victim

belenIf abortion were legal in the country of Chile, an 11-yr-old girl known as “Belén” would likely still be enduring rape by her mother’s 31-yr-old boyfriend.

Belén was recently discovered to be pregnant (now almost 15 weeks) when visiting her grandmother, who alerted authorities. The truth eventually tumbled out that the bf had been raping Belén since she was seven (some reports nine), threatening to kill her and her little brother if she told.

Belén’s mother “shocked Chileans… when she defended him saying his relationship was consensual,” quoting the Associated Press.

It stands to reason Belén’s mother would have seen to it that she got the abortion were it legal, if the bf hadn’t already taken care of it by threatening who knows what. With the evidence killed, the sexual abuse could have carried on unfettered, as it so often does, because abortion covers up rape and incest.

But that’s not what happened, since Chile is one of five Latin American countries that bans abortion under any circumstances, including rape. The perpetrator was caught. Belén’s baby saved her from further sexual abuse.

Upon hearing Belén’s story, abortion zealots went on the warpath, demanding the girl be given an abortion. What a great opportunity she presented to topple such an archaic religious mandate…

But Belén mangled their meme by saying she wanted her baby. With face obscured, Belén was interviewed on television (photo of her holding doll above right). Quoting ABC:

“It will be like having a doll in my arms,” she said, “but well, I am going to love it very much regardless of what it is, and regardless of whether it comes from that man who hurt me.”

Pro-life President Sebastian Pinera drew ire for praising Belén’s “depth and maturity.” This is because, while girls Belén’s age are apparently mature enough to get abortions, they are not mature enough to choose life. That kind of thinking is  “sick,” you know…

Others are pushing for Belen to be given an abortion against her will. More from the AP:

But experts say the girl’s life is at risk and that she is not prepared to make a decision about her pregnancy.

“At that age the girl doesn’t have a capacity of discernment, not even at age 14 would she have the mental and emotional capacity to discern this,” said Giorgio Agostini, a forensic psychologist who has worked on dozens of child sex abuse cases.

“It’s very likely that she is saying that she wants to have the baby like a living doll. We’ve seen this in other investigations,” Agostini said. “So what the president is saying doesn’t get close to the psychological truth of an 11-year-old-girl. It’s a subjective view that is not based on any scientific reasoning to support it.”

Former president Michelle Bachelet, the frontrunner in the Nov. 17 presidential elections, favours legalizing abortion in cases of rape or risks to the health of the pregnant woman or the child. The pediatrician who spent the past several years heading the United Nations agency for women, also referred to the child’s case in a recent interview.

“She’s a girl who needs to be protected and therefore I think a therapeutic abortion, in this case because of rape, would be in order,” Bachelet told local Radio ADN.

Even though she doesn’t want it.

What kind of psychologist (forensic?) claims a little girl who wants her baby will be psychologically harmed but forcing her to kill her baby will be psychologically helped? What kind of pediatrician claims it is “protecting” a girl to kill her baby? These people are nuts.

Chloe at the pro-abortion blog Feministing was incensed that Belén compared her baby to a doll….


Chloe darkly concluded, “This is what is looks like when anti-choicers get their way. The most vulnerable people get hurt, and then hurt again, and sometimes, they die,” assuming, apparently Belen is going to die, despite the fact she’s getting the best medical care. And ignoring the fact that if Chloe had her way someone else would most certainly die.

Of course, the girl is 11 and not fully mature and speaking in little girl terms. At any rate, I know plenty of older teens and women who were rudely awakened when their baby turned out not to be a doll. It’s a rather universal naive maternal thought to think of dolls as babies and babies as dolls, shock to you, Feministing. It’s WHY little girls like playing with dolls. They instinctively want to be mommies, despite your best efforts to quash such instincts.

Pro-life news brief 3-21-13

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • A mother writes to Dear Abby, wondering why she has taken her daughter’s abortion so hard:

    Abby, I have taken this really hard. I have cried every day since she had the abortion, and I’m torturing myself thinking this is my fault because I went against everything I believe in when I supported her in her decision.

  • The Global Times has an article about sex-selection abortion in China and a group who illegally performed ultrasounds to identify the gender of the child:

    “Pregnant women would call them according to the number on the name card. The gang members would tell these women to meet them at a specific time and place. Then, they would dispatch a minivan to pick them up, drive them to remote areas in the countryside, and carry out the ultrasound tests or abortions,” Zhang Rongmin, a local judge who took charge of the case, told the Global Times.

    The business was lucrative, Zhang said. It cost around 60,000 yuan to buy the vehicles and ultrasound machines, but the gang charged 800 to 1,200 yuan for a gender test and 3,800 yuan for an induced abortion.


  • Yesterday, the Kermit Gosnell trial discussed why the abortionist saved dozens of feet (pictured left) from some of the children he killed:

    “Do you think there is any medical reason to save the foot of a baby?” Assistant District Attorney Edward Cameron asked.

    “In my practice, we would have no reason to save the foot, and I’ve never seen that done,” replied Daniel H. Conway, a physician and neonatologist at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children.

    Questioned by Gosnell attorney Jack McMahon, Conway acknowledged that the creases on the bottom of the foot are one factor sometimes used to determine the age of a stillborn or premature baby.

    But Conway maintained he had never heard of physicians or researchers preserving and saving severed fetal feet.

  • A man in India has been arrested along with his mother for allegedly forcing his wife to have an abortion:

    Sangrur resident Jyoti had complained to the police against her husband Naresh Bansal and other family members for forcing her to abort the 8 weeks old foetus at a private clinic. Sangrur DSP Gurmeet Singh Dhindsa said “Jyoti on Wednesday had complained to the police that her husband wanted to get rid of the child and forced to go in for the abortion. Working on her complaint the police has booked Naresh Bansal and his mother [for]… causing miscarriage without woman’s consent…. DSP said the
    role of private clinic is also being investigated.

[Photo via ProLifeAction.org]